Just Like Magic

Just Like Magic

by shalimar

She put on the slinky black dress she had bought earlier in the day after he told her that they were going to a fancy place for dinner. It seemed that all her sacrifices: the years of therapy, the hormones, the loss of some of her family when she told them, and finally the operation were coming to a happy ending. It would be symbolized by what she suspected he would do that night, but she kept her hopes in check as she finished getting ready for her date with him. Was it really only two weeks before she told him she was born with male parts?

When he rang her doorbell she was almost ready. She hurried out and opened the door where she put her arms around his neck and he put his around her waist as they kissed. She moved her body into his that created a small urgency for both of them. He hoped they would be able to complete that need later that night, but she knew they would because she had decided to share her body with him no matter what the reason for the fancy restaurant was.

“I’ll be right back,” she said after they broke the kiss. “I still have a few things to do before I’m ready.”

“Just like a woman,” he teased. “Never on time.”

She smiled at that remark, remembering her father saying those exact words. A few minutes later her mother would come out looking so beautiful. Those times she wanted to be just a pretty as her mother, but they only saw the boy. Now as she looked in the mirror she noticed how much she looked like her mother at the same age.

After getting over the shock, her mother finally accepted her as the young woman she had become. They often met and did different things, but never at her parents’ home because her father was too much a man to see her as a girl. He never forgave her for what she did. It still hurt her years later.

He took her to Tracy’s an elegant restaurant in the business district with chandeliers over the areas between the tables. A man in a tuxedo was playing a piano. Later a small band would create a dance atmosphere.

As they waited a few minutes for their table they talked about what they had done recently. He ordered a wine before they ordered dinner. In one of the glasses was an odd object. She looked at it before realizing what it was, an engagement ring. She fished it out before the wine was poured.

“Well?” he asked.

“It’s pretty.”

“You know what I mean or do you want me to go down on one knee?”

“If you wish,” she replied as her tears flowed. “But the answer will be the same.”

He went down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”

“Of course I will,” she answered as her hand urged him to get up. “Now hug me and kiss me before I ruin my makeup.”

He got up, slipped the ring on her finger then kissed her. As she kissed back they heard some “aww”s around them. When they ate and danced they talked about where and when they wanted to get married. Near the end of the evening she took off her shoe and moved her foot up his leg. His smile acknowledged her intention.

They walked from the restaurant to the car snuggling close to enjoy the warmth of each other’s body on that cool night. After helping her into the car he drove to her place. At the red lights they kissed. More than once they broke the kiss because the driver behind them honked.

When they arrived he was able to park in front of her home. He got out of the car and held his had to help her get out. When she stood up they kissed. The walked arms around each other’s waist for half the distance. The other half they held hands.

“We must have had similar thoughts about tonight because I was planning to share my body with you before we went to the restaurant,” she told him as she took out the key for her front door. “It just seemed the right time.”

He pulled her close, kissed her on the neck and rubbed her tummy as she tried to put the key in the door.

“Wait until we get inside,” she told him as her body moved him off. “I don’t want the neighbors to see.”

G_d she really needed him to continue.

“Will they hear?”

“I hope so,” she said as she opened the door.

They entered and gave each other a hug. As he hugging her he pulled her zipper down and her dress fell off leaving her wearing just her slip. She responded by wrapping her leg around his then taking off his tie and jacket which soon joined her dress on the floor. She then put her hand in his and led him to her bedroom as they both smiled. On the way to the bedroom she kicked off her pumps.

Just as they entered the room he pulled her towards him and they hungrily kissed each other ash he played with her breasts. They fell onto the bed before taking each other’s clothes off. She played with his chest hairs and he explored every curve she had.

He put her on her back a little rough but she liked it and encouraged him by playing with his rod. He expertly played with her where she needed him to: her lips, her neck, her breasts, her abdomen, her inner thighs and finally her vaginal lips. As his fingers went deeper and hit that special spot she had an absolute need for him to enter her.

Just when she felt she couldn’t take it anymore he entered her and she verbalized a small, “Oooh” before putting her arms around his back and her legs around his. As he pulled out that first time she instinctively tightened her inner thigh muscles to milk his penis.

She whispered, “Oooh yes,” on his second stroke.

Her “yes’s” grew louder and her milking grew stronger as he stroked deeper harder and faster. She was practically screaming in his ear. He came with a final rocking and warm explosion that filled her cavity putting her over the edge of her own shudder and waves of pleasure.

He lay on top of her as his penis gradually got smaller and they gulped for air. After their sexual high he kissed her starting from her lips and going down her body. She responded with her own kisses and hugs. They smiled as they felt the love between them. Finally he was out of her and rolled over although she tried to keep him on.

She kissed him then got out of bed and cleaned herself up before returning and discovering he was asleep. She lifted the covers and snuggled into to him waking him for a moment. He hugged her and kissed her before going back to sleep taking her with him to dreamland. The next morning as they ate breakfast they both realized that night had been just like magic.

I thank Holly Logan for her editing of this short story.

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