Halloween Spirit

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Halloween Spirit

I stood in the middle of the office floor, looking over the cubicles and office walls which had all been covered with Halloween decorations. The company of Danner, Dyson, and Dexler…or DDD as most people called it, had always supported holiday cheer, almost regardless of which holiday it was. But since Halloween was Mr. Dyson’s favorite holiday, it tended to get a little extra attention.

Today was Halloween but most of the employees were thinking more about tonight and the annual costume party that was going to be held on the third floor. A lot of the employees had brought their costumes to work and were wearing them already, though others would change after work so that they could show off at the party.

Then I noticed Bob Sheppard walking through the office with a box in his hands and a sad look on his face. Bob had just been fired for sexual harassment, though I knew for a fact that Bob was innocent. For one thing, Bob was too shy to even say hi to a woman much less say or do anything inappropriate. He was a good guy who worked hard and had loyally served the company for the last eight years. It almost broke my heart to watch him leaving like this, but unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing I could do.

“Goodbye Bob,” I said, though he didn’t hear me. “You deserve better than this.”

Once Bob was gone, I looked to the other end of the office where I saw a gorgeous and stacked redhead walking through. Mary wore a short skirt and blouse that revealed just a little too much leg and cleavage than was professional, and she had on the stiletto heeled shoes she was known for.

Though she might not look it, Mary was the manager of this department and the one who’d just fired Bob. She’d wanted to hire one of her friends, and since there were no openings, she’d decided to make one…at Bob’s expense.

“Mary Mary quite contrary,” I muttered to myself, “how does your paycheck grow? With lies and cheats and backstabbing…and however many guys you had to blow.”

As beautiful as Mary was, she was equally ambitious and scheming. She was actually quite intelligent, though she tended to focus that on how she could get promoted rather than on how she could do her job. And until last year, Mary had worked for me.

My name is…was Roger Davies and I was in my early forties with brown hair that was beginning to thin and a gut that was starting to spread. Last year at this time, I’d been the one in Mary’s position, the manager of this entire department. But now…now I was merely a ghost.

Mary had killed me, though admittedly that hadn’t been her intention at the time. She’d slipped a drug into my coffee before a big presentation, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do my job and that she could come in and save the whole presentation…making herself look like a hero. Afterwards, she’d give an ‘anonymous’ tip to HR, leading to me getting a ‘random’ drug test and firing. What she hadn’t planned on was that I’d have a bad reaction to the drug and had died at my desk.

After my death, they found drugs in my office, drugs that Mary had planted. Not only had she killed me but she’d ruined my reputation afterwards. Ever since then, I’ve been trapped here, haunting the building where I once worked.

I closed my eyes, thinking of my wife Sarah and my kids, Danny and Amy. I hadn’t seen them since my death, and thanks to Mary, I probably never would again. Admittedly, I hadn’t seen a lot of them before then either. I’d been a workaholic, focusing on my job more than my family. That probably contributed to my haunting this building just as much as the fact that I’d died here.

Just then, a voice announced, “Greeting Roger.”

I slowly turned to look at what appeared to be a ceramic face mask that was floating in the air in front of me. “Hello Wayland,” I greeted the spirit.

Wayland was a spirit, but not a human spirit. He wasn’t a ghost, though I wasn’t really sure what he actually was. What I did know was that the first time I’d met him, it had been right after my death when he appeared in front of me looking like a proper British butler and saying that he was my advisor in all matters relating to the afterlife. Every other time he’d appeared, he’d looked completely different. I had absolutely no idea of what his real appearance was, or if he even had one.

“Tonight is the night,” Wayland reminded me unnecessarily.

“I know,” I responded with a faint smile.

There was no way I could have forgotten this day and what it meant, not when I’d spent the last year waiting for it. On Halloween night, the boundaries between the living and the dead become thinner than at any other time of the year. It was the night when ghosts were at their strongest and most able to influence the physical world. It was the night I would finally have my chance at revenge, not only for what Mary had done to me but also for what she’d done to the company that had been such a part of my life.

“You’ve saved up your strength and energies,” Wayland stated. “You should be strong enough to do what you need. But remember the rules.”

I nodded at that, then told him, “I’m ready for this. All I have to do is wait for the right opportunity.”


The costume party was underway though it was still early in the evening. Most of the people who were present had only begun hitting the open bar and no one had gotten drunk quite yet.

After walking through the party and being completely ignored by several former co-workers who couldn’t even see me, I made my way to the bathrooms were a couple women were still changing into their costumes. In spite of what one might assume, being able to walk into the women’s bathroom without being seen wasn’t very exciting. I had yet to see anything in there that was particularly sexy, and the fact that I no longer had a body, hormones, or sex drive drained away what little excitement I might once have had.

Mary was in the bathroom, having just finished putting on her costume. She was dressed as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, or at least a sexy version of the character. She had a slinky red and black dress with a few hearts on it and a little golden crown on her head.

The other woman in the bathroom was Lisa, a girl who’d joined the company just a few months ago. I’d seen her around and thought that she seemed like a pretty nice person, but I didn’t really know much about her beyond that.

“Are you really wearing that?” Mary asked Lisa with a plastic smile.

“What’s wrong with this?” Lisa asked, looking at her witch costume in the mirror.

“Oh, nothing,” Mary added just a little too quickly. She watched Lisa’s self-doubt for a moment, then added, “Except that it really doesn’t flatter you at all...”

Mary made a few more comments, and a minute later, Lisa hurried out of the bathroom with her self-confidence shattered. Mary remained behind, smirking as she double checked her makeup in the mirror.

“You really are a bitch,” I commented, deciding that I wasn’t going to feel guilty about this in the least.

It was Halloween night and the sun had set. The barriers between the worlds of the living and dead were now weak enough to do what I had in mind. I took a quick look around the bathroom, already knowing that Mary and I were the only ones here, but still wanting to be sure. Then before Mary had a chance to leave, I made my move.

I stepped into Mary’s body with only a little resistance, and a moment later, I suddenly felt things. I felt the weight of Mary’s breasts on my chest, the texture of her dress against my skin, and even her long hair tickling my neck. I was awash in physical senses, things that I’d missed without even realizing how much I’d missed them until that moment.

“I can feel,” I whispered in Mary’s voice. “I can smell…” Then I paused, suddenly thankful that it was Mary’s perfume I was smelling rather than the bathroom.

As amazing as it was, I was now wearing Mary’s body like a suit. No, I was wearing her body as though it was my own. I was possessing Mary and was now in complete control of her body. And though I could still feel her in here with me, but she’d been pushed into the back seat for the time being.

For a moment, I just remained where I was, taking in the simple sensations of breathing and being alive. It didn’t matter that I was in the body of a woman, only that I could get another taste of living. After going for nearly a year without that, I wasn’t going to complain one little bit about suddenly being female. And if nothing else, this was about to be very interesting.

Then I felt my borrowed breasts and smiled faintly, knowing exactly the kind of effect they would have on the men in the party. In fact, Mary had dressed up specifically to draw attention to them.

“Now to take this body for a little spin,” I said before leaving the bathroom.

Back when I was alive, I’d never once worn high heels, nor had I been the least bit interested in doing so. However, I had absolutely no problem walking across the floor while wearing Mary’s heels. Being in Mary’s body meant that I also had her muscle memory and could move around in it just as easily as she could. I carefully added just a little extra sway to my step just because I could.

I immediately drew attention as I made my way through the party, the kind of attention that probably would have made me extremely embarrassed back when I’d been alive. But after being an invisible ghost, I rather enjoyed the novelty of being noticed for a change.

When I reached the bar, I said, “I’ll have a rum and Coke please.”

That got a raised eyebrow since I probably looked like someone who’d be drinking one of those fruity drinks, though at one time this had been my drink of choice. I took a sip of my drink and smiled. It had been a very long time since I’d had one of these.

I quickly downed my drink, then ordered another and began to circulate around the room. I found a woman who was one of the company gossips, then I struck up a conversation with another woman nearby, just close enough so we could be overheard.

“Did you see that woman in the ridiculous fairy costume?” I commented snidely. “Doesn’t she realize she’s just too fat for something like that?”

I felt a little bad about insulting Mrs. Dyson like that, but the company gossip mill was bound to get word to her husband about this. That would put Mary in trouble with one of the company owners, though to be honest, that was probably the least troublesome thing I was going to do for Mary tonight.

After having another drink, I was beginning to feel a little buzzed and decided that it was time to try something that I’d been curious about. I saw Paul Myers, a guy who had a reputation as a ladies man. I knew quite well that Mary would never lower herself to have anything to do with him, at least not since he couldn’t do anything for her career.

“Hello Paul,” I greeted him, immediately getting his full attention. I knew he had a thing for Mary. Just about every guy did. “Would you be interested in dancing?”

“Absolutely,” he responded, looking quite pleased with himself.

Of course, Paul didn’t notice anything odd about my asking him to dance, in spite of the fact that Mary would never do something like that. He was a bit full of himself and probably just assumed that she had secretly been lusting after him.

While we danced, I made sure to rub my breasts against him, getting him very turned on. I flirted quite outrageously and knew that several people had noticed this and were whispering about it.

Then Paul and I kissed, which was an odd experience for me. “Now, why don’t we find someplace to have a private conversation…?”

“You read my mind,” Paul responded with a confident grin.

We went to one of the empty offices, and before I knew it, Paul and I were kissing passionately. I’d never been interested in guys before, but it appeared that I was getting a bit of that from Mary’s body along with her muscle memory. I was really getting turned on by this.

Paul pushed me up onto the desk, lifted my dress, pulled down my panties, then went to work. I could barely believe that I was actually having sex with a guy, on top of a desk at that, or that I was really getting into this.

Getting pounded like that was a new experience, quite unlike sex had been as a guy. However, it definitely felt good too. Unfortunately, Paul got his rocks off pretty quickly while I hadn’t even had a chance to cum.

“Did you want to take some pictures?” I asked him, trying not to show how annoyed I was that I hadn’t had a chance to finish. “To remember this by?”

Paul stared at me in disbelief, then scrambled to pull out his cell phone. I posed for a few dirty pictures, then we both got dressed again and went back to the party. I had little doubt that those pictures would be making the rounds among Paul’s friends before very long.

“That was a lot more fun than I thought it would be,” I mused to myself, deciding that I definitely liked having sex as a woman. There was something about being able to avoid consequences that made me feel daring. “I’m going to have to try that again. And hopefully, next time I’ll be able to finish.”

But instead of immediately going out and finding someone else to have sex with, I went and had a few more drinks. I was definitely feeling the effects, but I was still perfectly able to function. I just wanted people to think I was drunker than I was for what I had in mind next.

I noticed an old friend of mine sitting at one of the tables and talking to a newer employee whom I’d only seen in passing. Jennifer had been about my own age and was someone I’d considered a friend. She was also one of the people I could trust to take advantage of what I was about to do.

I sat down at the table without an invitation, and then slurred, “That dumb bitch messed with me… Nobody messes with me…”

“And what is this about?” Jennifer asked with a forced smile. She’d never trusted Mary and had told me on several occasions that she was nothing but trouble. I just wish that I’d listened.

“That dumb whore said my costume made me look like a slut,” I mumbled, pretending to be drunk. “I’ll get her fired… Just wait… I’ll get her just like I got Bob Sheppard.”

“What was that about Bob Sheppard?” Jennifer asked sweetly. I noticed that she’d quietly grabbed her cell phone and was turning it on. It was all I could do not to grin at her cleverness.

“I got him fired,” I bragged, trying to be clear enough to be recorded while still seeming drunk. “I wanted Barbara to have his job…so I got rid of that loser so I could hire her…”

Jennifer nodded at that, seeming all polite and friendly. “I see…”

“And that’s nothing,” I added, pausing to give an exaggerated yawn. “You should have seen what I did to Roger…”

Jennifer’s eyes narrowed at that and she asked, “What about Roger?”

I leaned over, and in my best mock conspiratorial tone, I said, “I put something in his coffee to get him fired…” Then I giggled. “Ooops...I think I used too much.”

At this point, Jennifer was obviously furious and I could see that she was barely restraining herself. I realized that if I stayed here any longer, I was at risk of being attacked by my old friend, and I didn’t want to risk her going to jail because of me.

“I’ve gotta go,” I said. “Ladies room and all…”

“You’re no lady,” Jennifer spat out as I left.

“You have no idea,” I mused.

Now that I’d given Jennifer the means to clear not only my own reputation but Bob’s as well, I decided that it was time for me to have some more fun again. That meant finding another guy who wouldn’t mind taking advantage of a drunk woman.

It didn’t take me long to find someone, though he was a little drunk himself. Before long, we were in another office, making out on someone’s desk again. This time, I stripped my dress off so he could get to my breasts. After all, what was the point of having these things if I couldn’t enjoy them.

My new partner wasn’t as good looking as Paul, but he was definitely more skilled. He went slower and seemed to have more self-control. He was able to keep it up for almost half an hour, driving me to orgasm before he finally came himself.

“You have no idea how much that meant to me,” I told him before I cleaned up and got my clothes back on.

It had felt incredible, better than I could have hoped. Since I couldn’t experience the pleasures of the flesh like this as a ghost, I appreciated what I could get now all the more.

I went back to the party and played the role of rude and insulting drunk, getting several more people mad at me. I actually felt sorry for doing this to them since they didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. However, I also knew that Mary would be the one to deal with the consequences.

After I’d found a third guy to have sex with, I knew that I’d cemented Mary’s reputation as a slut even more. Of course, I had the time of my life and made sure that he did as well.

By this time, it was early morning and the party was pretty much over. Nearly everyone had left with many going to the hotel across the street or taking advantage of the taxi vouchers that DDD had been passing out. And unfortunately, I knew that my time was about up as well.

I made sure to down some more booze, just to make sure that Mary would wake up with quite the hangover. Then, I stepped out of her body just as easily as I’d entered it. Her body collapsed to the floor, passing out from all the alcohol in her system.

“I’m going to miss that body,” I admitted to myself. Mary had been gorgeous and her body had been incredible to play around with. However, I didn’t dare break the rules.

As Halloween ended, the barriers between the living and the dead would grow in strength again and I had to be back on my side of the wall before that happened. Wayland had said it was possible to hold onto a possession longer than that, to even keep a possessed body for a long time. However, he’d also pointed out that it was strictly against the rules and that I did NOT want to know what happened to those who broke the rules.

“I hope you get what you deserve,” I said, trying to kick Mary’s sleeping body.

From what Wayland had told me, Mary would have a vague memory of what I’d done in her body, though little more. She’d probably assume that she got drunk, maybe that someone had slipped something into her own drink, but she’d never guess that she’d been possessed by a ghost.

Tonight, I’d had a lot of fun being alive again, at least for a little while, but I’d done a lot more than that. With the way I’d behaved, I’d guaranteed that Mary wouldn’t be working for DDD much longer. And even more important than that, I’d given Jennifer a recorded ‘confession’ of Mary’s crimes, clearing my name and Bob’s, and hopefully leading to criminal charges.

“Are you happy with your revenge?” a voice asked from behind me.

I turned to see Wayland standing there, now looking like a teenage bellhop. He was watching me with a faint smile.

I thought about it for a moment and nodded. “Yeah. Yeah I am.”

Wayland smiled more deeply and then stated, “Then you have a choice to make.”

“What do you mean?” I asked him suspiciously.

Without saying a word, Wayland gestured to the side where I saw a glowing doorway appear in the air. I let out a gasp at the sight, knowing that this was the door to the other side…to what was supposed to come after my death.

“Roger,” Wayland said carefully. “You have haunted this place because it has haunted you. You can remain here, watching to see what becomes of the seeds you planted tonight, or you can move on to what comes next.”

I stared at the glowing portal for a moment, actually feeling a little afraid of it. “What’s on the other side?”

“Heaven. Hell. Reincarnation.” Wayland shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s different for every person.”

I looked back at Mary and smirked faintly. I actually wanted to stick around and see what happened to her…and to the company that I’d dedicated so much of my life to. But on the other hand, it had been extremely frustrating to stand around and do nothing but watch people for the last year. There had been so many things I’d wanted to help with, so many mistakes that I could have prevented.

After a moment, I let out a loud sigh and turned back to the glowing portal. “Reincarnation?” I asked Wayland. Then I grinned and asked, “Is there any chance I’d be able to come back as a beautiful woman?”

“I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for that,” Wayland admitted.

I took one more look down at Mary, who was no longer a threat to me or this company. Then I said, “What he hell,” and walked into the light.


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