The Wedding Night



The room was barely lit from scented candles when they crossed the threshold; her full white gown brushed softly against the door frame as the dimmed light still managed to glisten off the satin and silk. A moment later they lounged on the settee in front of the bed, hugging tentatively.

“I…” the Bride stammered; her face had darkened in embarrassment. Her new husband touched her cheek, wiping away shameful tears.

“You are so beautiful,” he exclaimed as he kissed her neck, sending a shudder down her spine. His hand moved to her ear as he circled his finger around a curl that had come undone from her updo.

“I’m not….” She sighed, turning her head. He caressed the back of her neck; the touch on the edge of her hair tingled and she shrugged nervously in response.

“You’re everything I’ve hoped for,” he said as he kissed her cheek, paying particular attention to nibble the cartilage on her ear. She shuddered again and began to cry softly.

“It…can’t work….” Her voice trailed off as she pulled away slightly, her head turning even further away from his kiss.

“It already has,” he said as his hand drew her face back to his waiting lips. She went to shake her head no, but his touch had already begun to convince her of the truth of their love. He pulled her gently into a soft kiss; his tears mingling with hers as he kissed the edge of her mouth and his teeth dragged slowly across her lower lip.

“I’m not…” she protested. The soft half-smile coupled quickly with a nod that disagreed gently.

“You’re everything I need….” He smiled, still subdued but convincing enough to evoke a sigh of relief as she fell into his arms, the skirt of her wedding gown draping his knees like a soft blanket. He kissed her again, the warmth of his breath filling her nostrils with strength and courage. She began to weep in relief as he reached under the edge of her bodice and caressed her breast.

“Oh…Elliot….Elliot….” The girl cried as his fingers softly danced across her nipple; tiny but still sensitive. His palm cupped her breast; small in his hand but still treasured by his touch.

“You are so beautiful…to me…” his voice trailed off as his other hand slipped under the great folds of her gown, paying heed to be careful. She shuddered once again before sighing a deep sigh. Her hands made their way to his chin; soft and bare but still strong in its own way. He kissed her hand and wrist.

“Everything…” he said softly as his hand reached further in; his short nails still sharp enough to provoke a surprised smile.

“Oh...…” he said, grabbing and holding and touching. She shuddered once again at the caress and moved her own hand downward. In a moment she reached in and touched him; a soft caress that dragged almost lazily across him, evoking a shudder of his own. His face grew red as she found the moistness and used it to probe.

She kissed his neck and he began to laugh from the tickle of her eyelash; the redness and heat growing in his face. Softly he sighed as her hand lightly touched the soft mound; a moment of mystery and wonder coming together as she knew that she indeed was everything to him even as he was everything to her….

You Are So Beautiful

Words and Music by
Dennis Wilson, Billy Preston
and Bruce Fisher
as performed by
Ola Santa

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