Patti's Princess Cousin Sam(antha)?

Sam, Cousin Patti and Sister Monika were very close growing up; often enjoying playing dress up in girl's clothing when they were together... This would have been normal if Sam were short for Samantha, but Samuel was his given name... Patti had often said that Sam would be Patti’s Princess come her wedding day. That time has come and gone... Samuel Conrad is now at a crossroads trying to decide if being Samantha is the direction he wants his life to take.

Does he have the courage to attempt it?

Patti’s Princess: Cousin Sam(antha)?
A New Trilogy

By Jessica C

Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.


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Conclusion from Patti’s Princess:
Patti sees me and comes over to say good-bye. She is happy I had the experience she hoped... “Patti, you said something about Carol knowing about me and being okay about it.” ...She reaches into her purse and takes out a card... “Carol said I can only give this to you if you asked about her.” ...It is a card with her new address and phone number and the following message.

“I told you, I didn’t want to be just another friend.
Sam Conrad, I believe, as Patti does, that you are a woman.
Who you are attracted to, is not so easily determined.

So just take your time, and be open.”


Chapter 1
I pack after Patti and Robert left for their Honeymoon and I wait for others to wake. Monika’s a good sleeper and not a morning person, so I am about done by the time she wakes. She is a little surprised that her little brother is still Samantha. “Does this mean you haven’t gotten around to changing or what?”

"I figured if I’m going to continue as Samantha, I might as well show up to my apartment so others get used to me.” Monika can see there are more and asks. “What’s up, Sam?”

“Patti said, Carol said, she knew about Samantha. This morning, when I asked some more, Patti gave me Carol’s information with a short note from her. I decided I will risk talking to my new employer as well calling Carol.”

“It sounds like my little Sister is going to stretch her wings and see where they carry her. I don’t live in the City, but if things don’t fall into place with your job, you have a place with me. I hope things work with Carol, but I think they have to work for you first.”

“Samantha, I won’t tell you what to do, but I can be serious as well as supportive when you want to talk.”

Mom and Dad call Monika about breakfast and she tells them she is with me, “Yes, Samantha.” So we are on our way down to have breakfast with them. Mom hands me a rose, “It is our olive branch. We aren’t making promises and we think you are still our Sam. However, with Monika’s encouragement, we’ll keep an open mind and support you.”

We order our breakfast and Mom gets up to go to the lady’s room. “Well am I going alone or do the two of you need an invitation?” I feel a tad uncomfortable going in the women’s room with my mother, but the earth doesn’t open to swallow me. By the time I am up to the sink checking myself I am natural for Samantha and Mom is enjoying watching her younger daughter.

My mother is an attractive woman, but she sees I don’t do things quite the same. “Would you mind if I give you some suggestions at times?”

“She’s quite an independent mother, you might want to ask Patti first.”

“Mother, I would like it, but I’d hope we could do something relaxing like shopping or lunch some time. Girl talk isn’t always easy for me and I want to be on my own.” Breakfast is good and our parents pick up the bill. I pay the tip. My parents are not happy that I am driving or going to my apartment dressed as Samantha. However, they don’t protest and they do wish me well as does Monika.

My sister tells me, “You better watch your heavy foot as you aren’t dressed for jail.”

“Do you think I am cute enough for just a warning?” Dad has a smile and looks like he wants to answer but he does not. I don’t ask but wonder what he until he says, "You visually pass for a girl until the officer checks your license and registration.”

Mother speaks up, “I suggest you look in the mirror and make sure the image and the voice agreed. You have impressed me with the consistency of Samantha’s voice. I can tell however that you and Sam are related. Your neighbors might think the same if they get to know both of you.”

Monika agrees, “I also suggest that Samantha get her own cell phone and use a different ringtone.”

Packing up was not hard, but leaving my family and the hotel is more emotional than I expect. I am ready to get onto the parkway but wondering if my makeup got messed. I do get some honks and waves from guys passing by. One car of two guys pass me and then slows up so I pass them. This happens twice until I pass them up and speed some more. Luckily they are blocked in as I hoped. I guess I look okay.

I go over to New York City from Jersey at Staten Island and the Verrazano Bridge into Brooklyn and over to lower Manhattan. Evidence of Hurricane Sandy is still very much in evidence. When I reach my apartment building on the East side, I am offered help on the street. I turn it down for now and go up to my apartment on the third floor.

It is nothing special though it costs more than I would like. It does have a second bedroom which would be nice for visitors or a person to share the apartment. Making my second trip up, I am met by Mary Court across the hall. “I thought someone said a guy has rented this apartment? My name is Mary and I will appreciate welcoming another woman to the floor.”

I am tempted to say ‘my brother Sam might be moving in’, but less said the better. She offers to help, “I have a couple of dresses on hangers; if you would help with those I’ll be very appreciative.” She smiles and locks her door before coming down with me. Upon seeing my car she asks, “Is this your car or a rental?”

I acknowledge, “That is a good question as off-street parking (five hundred a month) costs a lot even if it is said to be a good deal. My company is willing to cover half the costs as it makes me more versatile for them.”

“Woe, do you have to dress like this much?” Mary lifts my little white dress. I got it at the last minute it was all they had that was appropriate for my cousin’s wedding. I follow behind Mary with two modest size boxes.

“You certainly lucked out. Your cousin must have been a very pretty bride if she wasn’t afraid of you dressing in this hot number.” I smile in agreement. "I’m wondering if you might do me a favor, and stay up here in the apartment while I get the rest of my stuff?” She agrees; “I have one more request, that is you don’t try to help me by unpacking anything. I’m a bit private and would rather people don’t know all that I have?”

“Don’t worry, you don’t have a City accent but your attitude is good for living here.” I change into some flats and make about seven more trips up and down. Finally, I tell Mary, “I’m ready to take my car over to Giuseppe’s parking, so it will take me a bit before I am back. You are welcome to wait and we can do something for dinner or I can just thank you and ask what I owe you?”

Mary says, “What if I go with you and we walk back together. You look like a newbie and it is not the best idea for a woman to be walking alone. I suspect you don’t have pepper spray or have it in close reach.”

“I will appreciate your company and no, I am not carrying any.” “Let me get a light sweater and lock my apartment.” I lock up my apartment and were quickly on our way. It is just over a block from the apartment, and Mary knows where we’re going.

On the way back she pulls me into a small family-owned restaurant. “Hector and Maria, I want to introduce you to Samantha. She’s just moved in and lives across the hall from me. I want her comfortable to duck in here if needed and to know a good place to eat as well. …Samantha, Maria is the chief baker and runs the restaurant. Hector’s chief cook and does whatever his wife Maria asks. They own the business and their kids help as well. They must be busy because they’re not down here as usual.”

“Hello Samantha, I hope you are a good girl like Mary. If you’re hungry we can give you a good taste of things, what you like?”

I giggle and touch my waist. “I like not to put on anymore around my waist.”

Maria responds, “So, we talking a sandwich and salad or dinner?” “Do you like American Italian or Maria’s recipes; I take out the calories,” she giggled.”

Maria turns to Mary, “If you eat, I think she stays and eats too. We start with a salad then you decide. We have fresh spinach leaves and early strawberries with a vinaigrette dressing.” Maria brings me a cup of coffee, “You look tire so I bring coffee and water.”

The salad that comes has some egg slices, cheese, its aroma says the cheese is special. There is a plate of turkey, chicken, and salami to choose from. It would be sufficient for a meal but I am not sure I will get away with that. I just wonder what things will cost. It tastes very good which is nice but I suspect the prices are higher than I feared.

We are halfway through our salads and a waitress brings plates and a full set of silverware. Maria brings three dishes of vegetables and plates with stuffed pasta, others with flounder, roast pork and sirloin tips. I look to Mary with the realization they are giving me tastes of different entrees. I take a small portion of flounder, two stuffed shells and the sirloin tips with rice and fresh vegetables. I ask for a small glass of their house wine. I’ve taken a roll and even that could be a meal in itself.

A new waitress comes over and introduces herself as Samantha Perez. Maria comes behind her, “This is my Samantha.” She has many of her mother’s features long dark wavy hair, fine features, with a slender built. A smaller sister comes next to her ‘Sonia’ and a brother ‘Luis’. I am not sure which is older but soon find out Luis is older, his sister’s growth spurt has come early.

Sonia sits and stays with us as the dishes are removed. Maria brings a basket of bread, a plate of cheeses and refills our wine glasses. It is seven thirty by the time we leave; the clientele has turned over at least once. I seek to pay for both our meals to find out Hector says, “It is our treat tonight.”

It is eight when Mary follows into my apartment. “I need to ask a question, but please don’t be alarmed. There are some small men’s shoes in your kitchen, are they a brother’s, boyfriend or yours?”

I am tempted to ask, ‘How can they be mine?’ I sense she knows and feel I owe her the truth. “They are mine and I am sorry if I offend you.”

“The extra glass of wine and your truthfulness help my new experience. How long would you have gone before you told me?”

“I didn’t plan or think out what I’ve done.”

I explain how my cousin got married and wanted me as her “Princess” for the wedding. And how I have remained as Samantha to contact an old girlfriend and begin my new job.

“If this comes so natural to you, I think your cousin Patti knew what you are still waiting to see if it is true. You say Sam has trouble with his speech and keeping a conversation. I believe I am visiting with someone whom I think is more naturally a woman. I am not sure how I will think about you tomorrow or later this week.”

My phone rings and Monika is calling, “One of my neighbors, she is here in the apartment with me. I think it may now be Sam who would have trouble showing up here. …Yes, she figured it out but she indicates only small things would cause another woman to wonder. She’s shaking her head yes again. …I think she wants to talk to you, Sis.”

Mary “Her sister Monika yes? …Sorry but I only know Samantha. I just want some assurance that your brother/sister is not to be feared as being a crazy nut case. …I already told her I can’t promise about tomorrow or down the road. But I’d have no trouble seeing her in that white evening dress she had me carry up to her apartment. …Yes, even after a long day she puts many of us to shame. …Though I’m not sure why she’s shaking her head no. Oh, I could only hope that is true.”

“I have to be at work by eight thirty, but if she wants my opinion before I leave, yes I think I could do that. I should give you back to Samantha, but I hope to meet you sometime.” Nika and I talk a few minutes.

Nika and I talk a few more minutes, I end the call so I can thank Mary and say goodnight before she leaves. Mary, you have been a godsend thanks for helping me get settled in and meeting the Perez’s.”

“It was my pleasure, they really took a liking to you? I suggest you take off another ten to fifteen pounds and just be Samantha. You’re a good woman.” She sits back down, “Before I go tell me about Carroll or better yet call her and I will be here to support you.” I take out my phone but resist calling until Mary takes it out of my hand. She asks is Carroll Stone her name?” She’s now listening, “Hello Carroll Stone, I’m a neighbor of an old boyfriend and she’s too scared to call you.”

I can hear over the phone, “O my how does she look? No, I’m sorry…”

“I can’t tell exactly what Sam might look like, but Samantha is cute and either way, I think your friend is still in love with you.”

I take the phone and tell Carol I am sorry. “I am sorry, I didn’t know what to say, but I didn’t mean it to be this way.”

Carol says, “I’m sure you didn’t, but I am surprised you’re out to your neighbor. You must be a bit more confident. Are you in the city?” I tell her where I live and am ready to tell her about Cousin Patti when we lose connection. I’m trying to reconnect but if I get through the call disconnects as she picks up. I am frustrated and Mary is laughing thinking it is comical, but I am losing patience.

I finally get Carol on the phone and the dumb doorbell rings. But I don’t worry as it can’t be for me as no one knows I’m here. I say, "Carol" as does Mary as she pushes a button. I put a finger over my other ear and finally understand Carol to be saying, “Turn around Sam.” I do so to see Carol standing there looking at me.

Carol says, “O you’re precious Samantha; I am not disappointed to see you.” Carol is more beautiful than I remember. We quickly grab with both hands. I’m embarrassed and look down. Her hand gently touches my chin to raise my head. She gives me a kiss; the kiss does not last long but Carol’s passion catches me by surprise. She’s backing me up, she’s speaking to Mary, and Mary is soon gone.

“Don’t mind me Samantha but we’ll talk more in the morning.”

“But you just got here?” Finally, I realize she’s staying when my dress is about to fall off. After I step out of it, I feel her hands glide along my back and my bra comes undone. I begin to lift Carol’s top over her head. Carol helps me to roll open the sheets and we slide in together. The nicest thing is we don’t end up making out. She enjoys caressing me, “Sam, does Samantha love me too?”

The room is dark and I can see the light gently on her face, lips and her soft breasts. “I’m not sure you want to hear this but yes, I love you.”

“You tried on my clothes before too didn’t you?” It sounds more like a statement than an accusation. “I hope you won’t mind if I enjoy dressing you up some?” She gives me a light kiss as she is halfway over me, I feel her breath as she whispers. “I knew if I received you back into my life these moments would become part of it.

I tried once to move so I could take my gaff off and make love with her; neither Carol or Samantha is interested in that tonight. The night moves along and it is not until it begins to dawn that I finally awake from sleep. But I just roll over.

I hear in the morning Carol calling her work, “Catherine, I’m wondering if it’s not too busy if I could be late or even take the day off. Someone has come to town and I would like to take time with him... No, I’m not sure but we could drop by near the end of the afternoon if you insist. Yes, I would say she has changed. Yes, you heard me right, but seeing is believing, till later then.”

“So Sam, are you thinking of going to your new job as Samantha?” She stares at me waiting for my answer. “Where is work and what will you be doing?”

“I will be working for Kelsey Fashions and Designs, it is part of a larger group we work with retailers as well as high-end specialty stores in fashion and more. Yes, it is my intention to call the Vice-President and see if I could work as Samantha part of the time. I’d like to meet with her today so she’s not shocked and so I can transform if it wouldn’t work out.”

“Then you better call her and arrange a time this afternoon. I would be willing to help you to present yourself properly. Plus you and I need to visit.”

“But I thought you would like to visit with Sam.”

She smiles, “I already am visiting with Sam. The two you present different visions of the same Sam?” I am slow in responding,

“You are uncomfortable with me liking you as Samantha, aren't you?”

I seek to buy some time by calling Kelsey Fashions, finally while Carol looks in another direction I make the call. “Hello, may I speak to Ms. Jennifer Michaels?” Yes, that would be fine thank you?

“Hello, my office manager is gone at the moment, can I help you?”

“Yes, I would like to talk to Ms. Jennifer Michaels. She hired me for a position I am to start Friday and something has changed. I would like to talk to her about that”

“Yes, I have a person starting Friday, but your voice is different are you Sam Conrad?”

“Oh Ms. Michaels, Oh, I’m quite embarrassed.”

“You needn’t be. I have some time near the end of the day. I am excited about meeting you.”

“Yes, I could be there at three o’clock. I’m just not sure… mmm, thank you I will see you at 2:00 then, yes I’m anxious to see you too.” I am shaking and Carol has to take the phone out of my hand. Carol is giggling and I am having trouble seeing straight or anything as funny.

Carol has hung up or put away much of my clothes; “I like the few girl clothes you have. We need to get a bite of breakfast and then get you some more clothes, some clothes that will be appropriate for your meeting with Ms. Jennifer Michaels.”

“I take it, your Sister Monika knows what you are doing?”

“Yes, but why do you say that?”

Carol is patient with me, “Well, your cousin Patti should be on her honeymoon, so that would leave only your sister to fall back on. I don’t think you would have the nerve to anticipate me being there for you.”

“I’m sorry but I could do it on my own.”

She says, “That would be great and I hope it’s true. Getting the job and being good at it, very good would be no surprise. But knowing you are good enough to do it as Samantha that would show some growth; some real growth; I would be favorably impressed.”

I’m kind of offended, yet on the other hand, I’m kind of hearing Carol complimenting the person before her. I grab a cup of coffee and sit down. Carol is with me; she’s looking at me and smiling. “Samantha, I don’t mean to put you down and I see a spark in your eyes that use to be there.”

“Let’s not take a lot of time to fresh up; we need to find a place to eat.”

We were at Perez’s and Maria welcomes us. “Miss Samantha, it is good to see you and your friend, introduce me please.”

“Maria, meet Carol she’s a special friend. She has come to help me settle in. I think we would like some fruit and something you have baked for this morning.”

“Good, I like our friends to order what they want and not a number off the menu. Could I get you some coffee or juice?”

Carol speaks up, “Would you have any pineapple juice, I would like that and coffee.”

I say, “I will take some water and coffee, thank you.”

“Maria,” Carol asks, “Where are the young professional women going for something smart, not the run of the mill office skirt ensembles.”

Maria writes down two names of stores. She comes back; “I know Teresa is at this one she will be happy to help you.” Our fruit, croissants and breakfast cheeses are served. Maria leaves us alone visit.

“Sam, Samantha where did you pick up the mannerisms and speech?”

I frown, “I’m not sure, but I’m afraid I will wake up and I will be Sam flopping around dressed as a girl.”

Carol smiles and giggles, “That is good that you’re indicating this is not a put on act.”

“But what if it goes away?”

“Samantha, it would have been worse if it were an act. You would then be sure to goof it up. Do you know your sizes?”

“Like being a size eight in some clothes, eight in shoes or a 34B?” Carol looks around, “Yes that is very good, I didn’t expect my old boyfriend to know all that from memory already.” She’s giggling about something else and it is driving me crazy.

I ask, “Now what are you finding amusing?”

“I am not sure where to start, but right now I am finding the fact that you are not chomping down your food and already done.” She smiles, “You are also listening to my tips on shopping for skirts and dresses. I thought you would at least ask about a nice blue tweed pants suit.”

“When did you do your fingernails last,” she asks?

“I think maybe Mary did them yesterday, but I’m not sure.”

“Well if it was Mary, I am sure it was yesterday,” she smiles. “I hope you realize if you boss Ms. Michaels is comfortable with you as Samantha; she just might prefer you are Samantha all the time. Would you be comfortable with that?”

Carol is encouraging me, “Sam, when a Vice President usually hires a college grad, even with your master’s it means she wants you for something special. If not right now, she has good plans for you. You are still untested but she wants you in to figure if you are special enough or a risky flake.”

“Carol, should I be scared?”

“Unless you were very timid when she hired you. You are very good if you believe in something. You are as smart as you are pretty and this is a woman who has hired you so I expect she is also confident.”

“If you are finished, I will let you pay for the bill. Then we can get your wardrobe for work.”

To Be Continued...

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