Just another christmas story - part quatre

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Look I have all this cleaning I need to do..

I don't care if it's time again I need to...

Meh your not gonna drop this are you?


In our last episode Princess Nighty nigh... that's not it.. Hey Bat fans!... Nope definitely not.. OHH a new story by that awesome author Dottie!... oh wait.....

In our last episode Janice and Samantha have been asked to decorate the tree with Nancy and Susan. Our confused grandparents and parents have revealed that the missing member of the family was also once trans.

Janice, being the eldest, was hanging the highest glass ornaments as far as she could reach. Samantha and Nancy were behind her holding the next ornaments while Susan was busy trying to unravel the package of tinsel that had gotten all messed up with another package.

As was the usual the lower portion of the tree was heavy with ornaments while the top was neatly filled. The middle, far less than previous years, was still somewhat bare.

Under the tree was the red with white trim tree mat in velvet awaiting it's own decorations. Grandma Denise had been given the family heirloom Sears nativity set. The set, all in porcelean, had at one point been a cheap christmas decoration. However time had turned this once cheap set into something priceless as it was now onto it's third generation of children.

The girls, now finished with the ornaments and tinsel, hurried into the kitchen to retrieve their parents and grandmother, amid many squeals along the way. The squeals also notified the men that the girl's were done. Like all girls they were proud of their work and wanted praise for making the tree so pretty.

The adults all noted that the one missing boy, who was usually pretty glum at this point, was smiling just as much if not more than the other girls. Mary and Harold somehow came together to gaze upon the christmas tree and were both smiling proudly at there little bundles of joy.

Nancy, Janice, Samantha, and Susan were all vying to get grandma's attention showing the peices they placed, or helped place. Grandma Denise was in her element. Christmas was her time of the year. She also loved her granddaughers, all of them, so much as it made her feel younger just by being with them. This was easy for all to see as she smiled so much she glowed.

Grandpa Charlie came up behind his children and their spouses and opened his arms to put a shoulder, or arm, across each.

The four girls waited impatiently for Grandma to put her naviety set in place. This was also tradition for them as it was like watching an artist put each piece lovingly into place beside another. When grandma was done the girls approached the tree, carefully tucking their dresses so as to not crease them, and kneeled down on their knees sitting on their feet. Grandma carefully winded the music box and the first sounds of tiny christmas music was heard. Each of the girls hugged her Grandma.

"Merry Christmas Grandma." was said by each.

As Grandma was getting ready to leave the tree she picked up the box, tears in her eyes, she noticed that the box was not empty. Checking the tissue papers she searched for the rattling item and found a small angel.

The small angel, who you could not tell was either male or female, was something she didn't remember seeing before. With a shrug she put the angel into place on the top of the manger set were a tiny little nail was sticking out.

It was not till she was ready to walk away, with a groan for getting up, that she quickly turned around and looked at the angel carefully.

Along the sash of the porcelain angel was a simple Merry Christmas. However she could swear that the writing was that of her missing child. She said nothing but looked at her new granddaughter for a moment and wondered.

With the decorations done around the tree it was now Grandpa's turn, also tradition. He pulled out the old train set that he had gotten when he was young and set about setting it up. The girls each wanted to help grandpa and held out various track pieces. When it was set up Charlie sat back and looked on it with pride. The motors on the engine had long ago burnt out but the detail of the old electric train had been something that he had loved even as a child.

"Turn it on grandpa!"

"Yeah how come you never turn it on grandpa?"

"It doesn't work anymore girls"

"Really?" Little Janice reached for the simple knob that turned to start the old train. As she did so the once dead lights came on in the train and every so slowly the train started to move along it's bright copper track.

Charlie was shocked. While he occasionly turned it on before for the one or two lights to come on this was different. It was like someone had given the train of his youth new life. It had been almost forty years since he last saw this train move. And yet, here it was moving on it's own accord. Just like his wife he looked to his new granddaughter and wondered.

To be continued next christmas.

Merry Christmas to all!

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