The Human Cuckoo Trilogy - Book One

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Why do some men cross-dress? It's a question which confounds the experts, which even the cross-dressers themselves cannot answer, and to which many others will simply reply, "Because they're weirdoes." But maybe, the author suggests, the answer is analogous to questions such as why do we enjoy sex or why do birds build nests? The answer in both cases is, of course, to propagate our respective species.

This is Book One of the Human Cuckoo Trilogy, a standalone story reproduced in full. The entire trilogy of stories, along with discussion is available on Kindle.

Evolution has produced an incredible variation of animal species. Amongst humans, we see variation across races, as well as considerable deviation within a race. Is it possible that cross-dressing is simply another type of variation which, under certain circumstances, has given sufficient advantage over others to produce its own sub-species? That the driving will to cross-dress is simply a result of evolution?

Lin Dale has written this trilogy of short stories to suggest there are strong grounds for believing that is the case.

Book 1 - In the beginning... Just Adam and Eve it

(Adam and Eve: Believe - Cockney Rhyming Slang)

The roar of the sabre-tooth cat brought Adam out of his stupor like nothing else could. It was a roar which said, "I can smell you. I'm not far away. Just keep still and I'm coming to get you."

Adam knew that many forest animals would do exactly that; petrified to move, hoping the sabre-tooth would find something else to eat. But Adam was not any animal, he was a human - a being of a higher order. He knew the best way to avoid being eaten was to run like the wind. But which way?

The roar had come from downwind. The safety of his village lay in the opposite direction, but it was too far away as well as being upwind all the way. The sabre-tooth would easily follow his scent, until it could pounce on him and stab his body with its huge sabre-teeth, again and again until he was dead.

In the direction of the highest sun, the forest soon gave way to open grassland, and inevitable exposure; and in the direction of no sun, lay the Land of the Giant - a being even more feared than the sabre-tooth. The sabre-tooth roared again, and Adam changed his mind. The sabre-tooth was after him; the Giant was not. He ran as fast as he could towards the Land of the Giant.

Other males had told him that the threat of death concentrates the mind like nothing else; that your whole life flashes before you. They were right. Gone was the stupor he'd been in ever since his precious Eve had breathed her last. Instead, as he ran, he could remember the first time he'd ever seen her, the most beautiful female in the whole of the human race.

Every male had wanted her; they were all bigger, stronger and faster than he was, and expert hunters. They had pranced their stuff in front of Eve with a confidence that he'd never had. But Eve had seen something in him which he hadn't recognised in himself. She had taken him as her mate, and had brought out his real abilities. He couldn't throw a spear, but by watching others, he worked out how to make them fly straighter and further, and do more damage when they hit. He devised traps which caught animals without having to hunt them down.

It was catching the leopard in a trap which had gained him the respect of the village. The animal had occasionally been coming into the village and taking away a child. When his trap caught the leopard, he became the hero of every parent. They had all shared the meat of the leopard, but it was Adam who was awarded the skin and Eve who was so proud when he gave it to her. She made the skin fit her so tightly, she was even more attractive when wearing it than when she was naked, a feat which, everyone admitted, was impossible.

The seasons had come and gone, as had their seven children, five males and two females. Sadly, all the males had been killed whilst out hunting as he himself was about to be. He urged himself to run even faster, and hope the sabre-tooth had lost his scent, but his countless number of rainy seasons were against him.

When they had lowered the body of Eve into the hole in the ground, the villagers had wanted to bury her leopard skin with her, but he'd held onto it. He'd always been small for a man, and that evening he'd managed to squeeze his own body into it. Much to the disgust of the villagers, he'd taken to wearing the skin ever since. What did he care about them - it was comforting to wear something which had been so close to his beloved Eve.

As he ran, he wondered whether the other men in the village had played any part in his current position. He'd never been the greatest of hunters, and most villagers now took for granted the food regularly caught in his traps. But since Eve was taken from him, he hadn't the will to do the most basic of work, and they had almost forced him to come on this simple mission to lay more traps. Having problems in keeping up with their fast pace, it was they who had suggested he wait for them whilst they went to the furthest extremes. Had they known the sabre-tooth was in this area, and deliberately left him alone to rid the village of its liability?

The roar of the sabre-tooth was much closer, now. Clearly, his change of direction had not fooled the animal and it was right behind him. The sabre-tooth was going to kill him, unless the Giant got to him first, and killed him in an even more horrific way.

It was a ghastly death for any male found wandering in the Land of the Giant, whether by accident or, as many stupid, young males did, searching for the harem of the Giant, reputedly packed with many pretty females. Adam had helped to bury some of their bodies which the Giant would leave on the edges of his land, as a warning to others. In addition to the twisted limbs and bloody wounds, all had suffered the same final act - he had bitten off their manhood, tearing it from their bodies whilst they were still alive and screaming. The rumour was that eating it increased his own virility, but Adam and the other elders tried to quash this story, pointing out there was no indication of any young in the Land of the Giant, regardless of the number of females he took into his harem.

Some males had seen the Giant from afar whilst out hunting, and said he was more than a head taller than the tallest male in the village, with a hairy body and the ugliest face anyone could imagine. He could run as fast as a zebra, and was more powerful than a gorilla. Outside his own land, he was not known to have killed any human, but if any of the villagers realised they were tracking the same prey, they would retire from the hunt and look for another animal. Periodically, the Giant would snatch a young female from the village and take them back to his harem. Adam's own daughter, Dawn, had been taken, but no one believed he caused them harm. Besides, what could anyone do to prevent it?

When Adam came into the clearing and saw the Pond of Flowers, it was exactly as some males had described it, although Adam had never believed that any of them would be so stupid as to step this far inside the Land of the Giant. The pond was fed by a stream which meandered through an area full of wonderful flowers; the blooms fell into the stream, and collected in the pond. Adam lowered himself into the water, hoping that he would lose the scent being tracked by the sabre-tooth. He sank down into the water until only his face was breaking the surface. When the sabre-tooth came really close, he'd sink beneath the water and hold his breath for as long as he could.

It was only seconds before he saw the sabre-tooth enter the clearing, looking all around and clearly confused that its prey was not in sight. Before Adam could lower his face beneath the water, the sabre-tooth gave a horrific roar and raced towards the far side of the clearing. Adam couldn't help but jerk his head around to discover its new prey. There, standing at the edge of the clearing was the Giant, making no attempt to run away; for even giants should be afraid of the sabre-tooth.

Instead, when the sabre-tooth was just a leap away from the Giant, it shot upwards, rather than forwards, and was left suspended in the air, growling horribly, and slashing out with its claws. The Giant remained standing where he was, safely out of reach. It was a superb trap, Adam realised, similar to the one Adam had once used to trap the leopard, only more than twice the size. But the next action of the Giant took Adam totally by surprise.

"You!" he bawled, and pointed directly at Adam. He beckoned, and commanded, "Here."

Running away, Adam realised, apart from being totally useless, would make the Giant angry - not a wise action. In fact, the Giant looked remarkably pleased with himself, as well he might at trapping such a huge beast. Maybe the Giant had a nice side, and only needed the congratulations of a fellow trap-maker to let him off lightly. Adam pulled himself out the water and walked towards the Giant, a smile of congratulation on his face.

When he was close enough to be heard over the ferocious roaring of the sabre-tooth, he said slowly, carefully pronouncing each word so the Giant would understand, "Good - trap." He made a point of walking right up to the sabre-tooth, as close as he could without getting slashed by its claws. Adam pointed at himself. "I - make - traps," he said. "In - village." He pointed towards village.

The Giant actually looked impressed. "You make trap?" he repeated, pointing at Adam.

"Yes." Adam waved down at his leopard skin and added, "I - catch - leopard."

"Good." The Giant nodded, and his face distorted in something Adam thought was an attempt to smile. "We fuck here."

For an instant, Adam didn't understand what the Giant was saying. He repeated the words, "We - fuck - here?" and then realisation dawned. Not only had he come up smelling of roses, but the leopard skin he was wearing, which Eve had cut to exaggerate the curves of her own figure was doing just the same to Adam. The Giant thought he was a female. No wonder he was still alive.

What to do? Confess and suffer an imaginably cruel death; or leap into the jaws of the sabre-tooth and enjoy a quicker death. If his mind had been concentrated before, it was sharper than the tooth of the animal itself, now. The wonderful ways in which Eve had pleasured him came flashing through his mind - for she was as innovative as he was. But he had to say this carefully.

"You - want - good - fuck?" he asked, "or - cunt - fuck?"

The Giant looked puzzled. "Cunt fuck is good fuck."

Adam rolled his eyes and smiled as he shook his head. "I - show - you."

He sank to his knees, pulled aside the loin cloth of the Giant and put out his tongue.


"This, Eve," the Giant said to the many females in his harem. "She good fuck. She show you how fuck good." With that, he stepped back though the gap in the wooden barricade which encircled his village, and closed it behind him.

The barricade not only prevented the females from escaping, Adam realised, but also protected the village from wild animals. If he ever returned to his home, he thought, he could build such a barricade around his own village.

"Greetings, Eve. I am Hannah," said a short female with bigger breasts than any he'd ever seen before. "Nice leopard skin," she added, admiringly.

In fact, a quick glance around told him the rumours had been right about the collection of females in the harem of the Giant. Everyone was a stunner, especially the tall girl standing next to Hannah with the long, shapely legs. But something puzzled him and another quick glance confirmed his suspicion. The Giant had lived here collecting females for many, many rainy seasons, and yet all the females before him were young.

"Greetings, Hannah." He pointed to the skin and proudly said, "I catch leopard in trap," and added, "but why no females my age?

"They all make baby of Giant." Hannah pulled a horrible face. "Baby get too big inside. Cannot come out. Much pain, then female and baby breathe no more. Better not have baby, but it happen."

"Ugh!" Adam could remember the pain of Eve when she gave birth to their normal ones.

A familiar voice behind him said, "Da-d? Why you here? And why wear leopard skin of Mum?"

"Dawn." He turned to greet and hug his beloved child, then he let his face turn sad. "Mum get ill. She in much pain. She breathe no more."

"Oh no."

Adam hugged her, before Hannah said in a confused voice, "But Dawn, Eve is female - not dad. Giant tell us he fuck Eve."

"No," Adam said. "I am Adam. Eve die. I love her. I wear her skin. I tell Giant I am Eve. I fuck him with mouth."

"You - fuck - Giant - with - mouth! Ugh!" Hannah pulled a face. "You male? I not believe."

Adam released Dawn and started to wriggle out of his leopard skin. All the pretty females gathered around, fascinated. It took some time, since it was very, very tight. As he pulled the skin down his legs, something rose up between him and the females.

A little gasp went around them, and Hannah nodded and said, "You male." After a pause, she said, "You give me baby? You teach me fuck Giant with mouth? Then Giant not give me baby."

"Me to," the tallest female with long, shapely legs said, and then all the rest of the harem were joining in, clamouring for the same.

Adam looked around, a big smile on his face, the first for many days. "I do my best," he said, "even if it take all night."

"Dad! That disgusting," Dawn said, walking away.


It was many seasons later. The Giant looked contentedly around his harem. Almost all either had baby inside or baby in arms. Who would think, he thought, that humans make good baby through mouths? All babies look like mothers, but in each there was part of him. It was time, he realised, to stock his harem with many more pretty females. He would die a very happy Giant.



Did this event happen exactly as portrayed in this story? Probably not. But could similar events have occurred in the history of mankind? Certainly.

Even in recent history, powerful men have kept harems of females, and wherever such a collection of females exist, other men will attempt to mate with them, even if they do risk death in doing so. Appearing to be a female is a relatively simple way in which insignificant males could gain access to a harem, without use of force. Once inside, they have superb opportunity to propagate their own genes. It wasn't even necessary for them to escape afterwards, as long as their children survive.

Book One suggests just one reason why evolution may have favoured cross-dressers. Books Two and Three identify other reasons. The Human Cuckoo Trilogy is available on Kindle

Finally, it's worth adding that other readers, when considering my theorem, have replied by stating it doesn't explain other aspects of LGBT. That's certainly true, but then neither does it explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity; I leave those explanations to those who profess to know more about them than I do.

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An interesting take ...

... on an invented legend. I don't believe a word of it although the idea that cross-dressers had an evolutionary advantage at some stages in history is a delightful fiction with some merit. The real merit, of course, is in Lindale's imagination and the way the story is told - or typed (it's difficult to talk with a tongue in the cheek).



If not evolution, then what?

Dear Robi

Thanks for your comment.

But if the idea behind the story is as fictitious as the story itself, what explanation can anyone give for cross-dressing? I do believe that evolution is at play, just as much as in the colour of our hair or the height of our bodies. What I have tried to do in this trilogy is to show how evolution could give advantage to cross-dressers.


Ah but ...

... Adam had already given birth to seven children before he ended up wearing Eve's leopard skin hadn't he? :) None of this detracts from your story; it's still an enjoyable idea. I wonder what percentage of males have experimented with cross-dressing semi-seriously (ie not as a laugh for (say) charity etc).

Sexual orientation variations are still a mystery let alone TS/TV tendencies (male or female) so you may have a point.


Ah, but, but...

Adam had already lost all of his sons in a hostile world, and unless Adam can talk the Giant into releasing Eve, she doesn't have much future.

Having the protection of a Giant (or a powerful army in later times), would give much better chance of survival for the children of the cross-dressing intruder into a harem, than being simply one of the riff-raff.

Gay relationships can indeed

Gay relationships can indeed make evolutionary sense. It works for some varieties of swans. One male will seduce a female, then he and his partner will drive her from the nest once she's laid her eggs and they've hatched. With two males to protect them, the cygnets are much less vulnerable to predators.

Sexist but true.

Ban nothing. Question everything.

That's really interesting

Are there any other examples you know of from the animal world?

I know there are examples, particularly with fish where, in response to external factors, they can change sex in order to breed.