Why can't I be like the other girls

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"Josie tells how she meets the nearly teenage Rita who is very depressed at not yet having breasts like all the other girls. A solution is found."


The SisterDom is a group of wonderful women who know that it is important to help their men to access and release their inner girlhood. These women are willing to train and transition their new-girls using a variety of simple techniques, sometimes with a touch of ‘domination’ and strong encouragement. Characters do overlap from story to story.

Why can't I be like the other girls

The year I was seventeen, I was relaxing over at Madeleine's parents one slow summer day when I heard what sounded like elephants coming through the front door. It was Josie - and she was squealing with excitement and shouting for us to join her at once. She ran up the stairs shouting as she came, "You'll never guess what I've been doing. Come on you two. Hurry, Angie, you've just got to hear this !"

Once we had got her sat down and she was able to speak calmly, she went on.

"You know that now I'm saving for driving lessons, I've been doing evening jobs - helping with homework, delivering papers, looking after children, babysitting and so on. Well, I had to go over to Mrs. Stevens last night. It was the first time and she stayed on for a few minutes to give me instructions. First of all she told me that the elder boy, Richard, had been bad so had been punished. He was in bed already. The younger boy Jake was asleep and should be fine. The middle girl, Helen, was finishing her homework and might need some help. A few other things then she drove off."

"I had brought my own stuff with me, some sewing and so on. Anyway, after a while this girl came downstairs and asked if she could have a drink. She was wearing a pretty pink nightdress and her hair was in curlers. She looked about 12, so I was surprised at her using curlers already. She was quite pretty. I was just getting it when I heard a noise from the sitting-room. When I ran in to see what was happening - there were two girls there.

I stood there speechless for a moment, when the second one told me "Don't worry, miss." Then she turned to the other girl and snapped, "I'll just have to tell Mum when she gets back that you've been disobedient." The older girl wailed, "I didn't mean to be naughty, I just wanted a drink."

"I don't care and Mummy won't care. Now go back to bed." The tone of command was impossible to avoid. The snivelling 'girl' was obviously the Richard who was being punished. As I watched in wonder, she turned away and went upstairs.

The second, presumably the real daughter Helen, came over to me and pulled me to the sofa. "It's alright. Richard's been bad so Mummy told him to obey me. My name's Helen. Can we play a game or something?" She looked very like her brother. Her hair was the same, very dark, almost black with a very gentle curl. Her nightdress was the same design but, since she was noticeably smaller, it was obvious that Richard had been bought his own.

I hesitated for a moment. I was amazed at what I had seen. I definitely wanted to know more about this. I'd read an old story about a boy being hidden as a girl in order to avoid pirates - but that was pretend. This was real. A boy in the twenty-first century was being put into a dress as a punishment. I decided that I couldn't quiz a 12 year old girl that I had never met before about her family habits. But golly, I wanted to know more. Have you ever heard anything so strange?" Josie said excitedly.

Maddie and I looked at each other. We had never told Josie about my sister Annette or about Alice. I winked at Maddie, "No, I've never heard of anything quite like that. Did you find out any more before you left." I enjoyed phrasing it so that Josie didn't realize that I knew a lot of other stories about boys in dresses, but indeed I could be truthful when I said that I had never heard a story exactly like the one she was telling.

"Yes, well, I did eventually learn the whole thing, but not from Helen. It all came out when Mrs. Stevens came home. It wasn't really that late so Helen was still up. As soon as her mother came in, Helen burst out with, "Richard will have to be punished more. He came downstairs and met Josie. What will you do this time, Mummy."

Mrs. Stevens hushed the little sneak and told her to go to bed. As the lass ran upstairs, Mrs Stevens said that if she was going to do anything, Helen would be told at the same time as Richard. With that, she came across the room to me.

"I am sorry, Josie. I really wasn't expecting anything like this. Richard is usually much better behaved than that. The idea of him coming downstairs and flaunting himself to a visitor, even though you're also the babysitter. I'm really quite cross about this. I hope you didn't mind. Were you upset at all?"

"I wasn't really upset, but I was awfully surprised. What on earth had he done wrong to deserve such a punishment. Would you mind telling me about it."

She hesitated. "I don't know where you got the idea that he was wearing a nightdress as a punishment. That's not his punishment."

My jaw dropped. What was I being told.

"No, Richie wears one every night, he likes it more than pyjamas. No, his usual punishment is to take over his sister's jobs for the week. Sometimes, that means that he has to wear a dress too. However, on this occasion his punishment is also to obey Helen totally. Richie hates that. You're looking surprised, have you never had to deal with a boy like that."

"I am surprised. I thought that wearing the nightdress was the punishment. Do you mean that he wears a dress and so on every day?"

"Oh yes. He wears skirts, dresses, undies, whatever he wants. Do you want to hear how it started?"

Did I? Oh, absolutely yes. I was blushing with eagerness to find out about this unusual household.

"I suppose it began when he was about 7. I was working long hours so the children were beginning to do their share of household chores. I insisted that they do as much as possible, dusting, vacuuming, washing clothes and dishes and so on. One day, Richard was doing the dishes when he splashed himself all over. Helen was nearly 6 but she insisted that he take off his wet clothes. He did this and then found that Helen was putting an apron on him so that he could finish the washing-up."

"Just then I came home. I was amazed, there was my little boy wearing a pinafore-apron as if it was completely natural. I asked him why he was wearing an apron, didn't he feel silly. To my delight, he said his clothes were wet so he had to wear something. It didn't feel silly at all. I was doing a job that you wear an apron for - it's rather sensible really, he finished."

"I saw a wonderful opportunity. If he thought it was sensible to wear an apron for an apron job, then I could encourage him to wear a dress for other jobs. Helen was so much quieter and gentler around the house that I had become desperate to find ways to quieten my boisterous little boy. Perhaps, dressing in a more demure way would make him behave better. When I noticed that he was more helpful after doing his chores, I began to give him more to do. Now that he was so calm about wearing an apron, I saw the chance to make him even more suitable. If I treated him as a daughter, gave him dresses and so on, perhaps I would get the best possible solution. I had to try it.

My thinking wasn't very coherent at the time - but basically I decided to treat him as a girl and expect him to behave better while dresses that way. I've always believed that children will generally behave as expected. Boys behave as boys and girls behave as girls. I was quite excited at running a little private experiment to see if treating a boy as a girl would make a difference."

"It didn't need much effort. I decided to tell him to do some particularly dirty job first which got his clothes dirty too. When he came in, I was ironing. I saw the state he was in and told him to put his clothes in the wash at once. Once he did that, I said, you've got to do the dusting now and I don't have time to go and get any clothes for you. For the moment, put on this dress of Helen's that I've just ironed. That'll do you for the moment. He was shocked, but he's used to being told what to do - so he did it. He looked so sweet, that I had to grab him for a moment and put a ribbon in his hair to complete the look.

I could tell he was about to argue when I hushed him, "Now, you've got a job to do. I don't mind wearing dresses or shorts when the occasion requires, nor does Helen. Why should you be any different. I've told you before, everyone in this house is equal. You're no different. Today, you are doing a delicate job, so I've put you into delicate clothes. When you have a dirty job, you can wear dirty boy's clothes." I didn't mean to twist things so that dirt and boy were opposed to girl and nice - but I suppose that is what happened afterwards."

Over the next few weeks, the regime intensified. Sometimes Helen would remind him to wear a dress or an apron for doing what we soon called 'clean jobs', sometimes I would have to remind him. I felt it was important not to call them boy-jobs or girl-jobs. There was no point in being obvious about what I was doing. A little female cunning was doing nicely.

It wasn't more than a fortnight later that Richard actually got up and without any prompting put on a dress. He came down to breakfast and we both stared at him. "Well, I've got all those jobs to do and I'd have to wear the right things, so I put a dress on 'cos I didn't want to have to change." I grabbed the dear boy and kissed him. He never minded being kissed when he was in a skirt. It was one of the things that encouraged me to keep him in frills.

Helen giggled and asked if this meant that Richard was turning into a girl. I had decided that this wasn't what I wanted so this was a good opportunity to make clear what my plans were.

"Now, Helen, Richard is a boy. But he's an extra lucky boy who enjoys wearing dresses and being pretty some of the time and being a boy some of the time too. He isn't a girl and you shouldn't call him one. He's got the best of both worlds and that's all there is to it."

"But, Mummy. Won't some people tease him if they realize that Richard wears a dress."

"It's up to us. If we are completely natural about it, then no one is going to be able to tease him or us. We can teach him to be completely natural in both his costumes. He already knows how to be a boy, and we can help him to be as good a girl as possible when he's dressed as a girl. As far as I'm concerned we can have Richard and we can have his sister Richard too."

Richard and Helen looked at each other. Although they were only 7 and 6, they were both much more intelligent and grown up than many of their friends.

"That's all right then," said Richard. "That's going to be much easier. If I want to wear a dress then I will. If I want to wear shorts I will. Thank you, Mummy. I'm so happy that you've decided that I can be whatever I want. I don't want to be a girl all the time, though it's nice being able to wear a pretty skirt sometimes. I'll be the best son I can and I'll learn to be the best daughter too."

"Huh," said Helen. "I'm daughter number one. You've got too much to learn to be daughter number one."

"Yes," I laughed. "But if we do teach Richard properly, then he will be the number one because he's the eldest. However, I'll make a rule - if Richard misbehaves then he loses his number one status and Helen can tell him what to do. If he does well, then as the eldest he can tell Helen what to do. I don't want any fighting about this. It just feels like a neat way to get you both behaving as well as you can. It'll also encourage Richard's sister to learn extra fast."

"That was the beginning of it all. Richard still turns up for a few days but mostly she's in dresses and skirts. Certainly every night, and most evenings. I suppose that Richard's around about once a week. He's much better behaved in both his persona. I enjoy him more. I can see from your expression that this is a bit of a shock to you. What do you really think? Have I been cruel?"

"No, of course, you haven't been cruel. Not if he's so comfortable with it. If I was Helen, I'd think it's cute having a brother and sister in one package like that. Do you go out with Richard or his sister? How does he cope at school? " I had hundreds of questions.

"School isn't really a problem. Richard attends always as a boy. Although, I have insisted that he takes a few classes that are really more suitable for his sister. When he had to do a sewing and embroidery class was quite entertaining. The mistress wouldn't let him do anything different so he had to make his own skirt and pretend that he hated every moment. I think it was quite obvious that to the teacher that he wasn't as upset as he pretended. Then there was the dancing. There weren't enough girls so when the teacher asked for volunteers, I told Richard that he should. He was one of the smaller boys so it would be less embarrassing for him. Sometimes, I think that he's a bit too obviously 'not one of the ordinary boys' when I see his schoolmates. He spends much more time with the girls and they pretty much treat him as one of them rather than an interloper. I must say at our last home out West, I was beginning to hear some comments."

"We do go into town with both Richards — the boy and the girl. I'm not going to go to the shops and buy clothes and shoes without having the child with me. It would be silly and a great waste of time if anything didn't fit. No, we go with Richard and with Rita. That's what we call him when we are out in public. It became too tiresome calling him Richard when he was all prettied up. So we agreed that Rita was more sensible. It's a bit old-fashioned and it does sound a bit similar, but generally I do think that's rather convenient. Sometimes, it feels a bit obvious, but the poor dear has got so used to it now."

I told Mrs. Stevens that Rita was an awfully lucky child. I was a bit forward then because I actually volunteered to help if I possibly could. I could see her look at me strangely. I'd only met her that evening and I was offering to help her son be more of a girl.

After a little hesitation, she smiled and said, "I'm pleased at how sensible you're being about all this. If you really mean that you want to help - and you're not doing it in order to tease or embarrass my little Richard, I'd be glad to have your help. We're quite new in this town and I don't know anyone of your age to give me advice about clothes and so on. Helen is a bit too silly and too young to help with fashion and so on. For instance, Richard keeps asking about makeup and so on. I have no idea what young girls are doing these days. I need someone like you to give me a bit of a hand. Do you think there will be any problems. I suppose one thing that does concern me is his age.

After all, both our Richards are now 13. If he was a girl, he would be beginning to develop. I ask myself, I have helped him be a part-time girl for half his life, but do I want to help him be a girl all the time, and then to be a teenager and then, I suppose, a woman. I'm getting really concerned about it. Rita says that she would like to keep on as a boy and a girl, changing at will. I'm not sure what's best. I don't think it will be possible for her to change to and fro for much longer."

I was delighted. Here was a wonderful opportunity to help these lovely children and their generous mother. I calmed down and announced seriously, "I'd be so pleased if I could help. I've never had any brothers or sisters and I'd love to help out. I'd never do anything to upset or shame any of you. I'd be just as horrified as any of you."

She gave me a hug and told me to come back this afternoon. She told me to think about what I was offering to help with. She could see that I was excited - but in the morning I might not be so keen.

I had to come over as soon as I could and ask your advice. What have you got to say, Angie? What about you, Maddie? Come on, say something. Josie fell silent, and sat there breathing heavily. She was clearly still excited about this amazing situation.

I knew what my advice was. If Josie had the opportunity to learn about boys and how to cultivate girlhood within them, then she should grab it. We needed to help the poor creatures. They seemed to enjoy getting out of their coarse shirts and trousers and relaxing in soft, supple fabrics. Who were we to deny or delay the growth of decent deportment and behaviour in the local youth.

When I said as much to Josie, she squealed with pleasure and said that she was so happy that we thought the same as she did. Neither Maddie nor I dared tell her that we had been helping out such lucky boys for nearly 2 years.

Josie then went on, "What am I going to suggest about Rita's, er, growth. He's just beginning puberty," and all three of us smirked. "I barely know what happens in my own body, let alone what happens to a boy. How do I talk to her about a boy who enjoys being a girl?"

Once more, Maddie's eyes met mine. I decided to let one cat out of the bag. "There's a couple of things to do, Josie dear. Apparently it's all down to hormones and chemicals and stuff. If Rita gets a dose of the right chemicals, then her body will develop as a girl. If she doesn't, then in a few years, she'll be a hairy, muscular teenager looking very strange in a dress."

It was Josie's turn to look amazed. "How do you know so much about it?", she gasped.

"I found out that one of my friends at school was not exactly what I expected. Then I gradually learnt more about it. Apparently, there's several such boys in town. Some of them are going to become girls permanently, some just dress as girls all the time and some dress as girls some of the time. I'm not going to tell you any names - but, take it from me, Maddie and I can give your protégé quite a lot of help."

As I spoke, Josie's eyes went wider and wider. "You don't mean it. It can't possibly be true that there's girls at school who aren't real."

Maddie interrupted, "Don't say they're not real. They're totally girls - it's just that some of them aren't girls all the time or weren’t born as girls. They're absolutely genuine except for a few limitations. As for the hormones, some of them even have breasts of their own. So you couldn't possibly guess at which of our schoolmates aren't quite what they appear."

Josie giggled, "Wow, you say that we can give Richard breasts of his own. Real ones. I don't think his mum has thought of that. I can't wait to tell her."

"Slow down. You can't dive in there and say you've been talking to your friends and they say that Richard should go on hormones. She'd say that you can't be trusted to help. Slow down and we'll talk about it."

After a while, we decided that Josie would have learnt about the effect of hormones from a project at school. She could say she learnt some of it from her mother who worked at the chemist. Little did we know that her mother was already a key conspirator in the local SisterDom. She and one of the local doctors worked as a team in supervising the changeover of selected boys.

A few days later Josie went happily to her next session with Mrs. Stevens. She was eagerly welcomed and they sat at the kitchen table to discuss the disobedient Richard. Josie began by saying that she had not actually been given Richard's name so she didn't officially know whether he was a boy or a girl. Wouldn't it be a good twist to give the boy the chance to decide. Mrs. Stevens liked the idea. She went out of the room to talk to the boy. She came back a few minutes later with the child in tow. He was wearing a pretty pale pink frock with embroidered flowers along the lapel. His hair was brushing his neck.

"Say hello to Josie, Rita. Josie, this is my child Rita. I want you to get to know her better and help her learn about makeup and so on. I know that she's keen to learn from you." There was a lovely subtlety in her words. I knew that Richard was a boy, and we both knew that his willingness to be introduced as a girl was significant. Later, Mrs. Stevens said that it was the almost the first time that she had used the words 'she' and 'her' about her effeminate son.

I asked Rita what she wanted to learn about most. I noticed that she flicked a glance at her mum when I called her 'she'. I repeated my question, and then offered a few suggestions. Did she want to learn makeup or what. I went on for a while and then waited. The pretty little miss sat for a moment and then said she did have some makeup but wanted advice on how to look her best for her birthday party at the weekend. I said I thought it would be such fun making a pretty girl like her look even more attractive for a special event like that.

"How old will you be?"

She blushed and said, "I'll be 13. Mummy said that I could have an extra special party to celebrate becoming a teenager. I don't know that many people round here so there will only be a few of us. Can you come, please say you will come."

I found it almost impossible to accept that this sweet young thing wasn't as much of a girl as me. I said, "Let's go upstairs and see what we can do."

Mrs. Stevens called out for Helen to come downstairs and do some work. She whispered to me, "I'll keep her busy while you make Rita as pretty as you can."

We went upstairs. Rita pulling me by the hand. We went into her room and I could see nothing that wasn't suitable to a girl's room. I eased her onto the stool in front of the vanity mirror and knelt beside.

I told her to take off her dress so that it wouldn't get any makeup over it and she hesitated for a moment. "Come on," I said. After a moment, she stood up and slipped off her dress. She had a pretty little bra on - but nothing in it.

I smiled and said, "I was just like you. I demanded a bra even though I had almost nothing to put in it. Did you have to work hard to persuade your mother to buy you one?"

Rita hung her head and whispered, "I'm never going to have breasts."

I smiled again and said, "Don't be silly, they'll come along in a little while." I was enjoying this gentle teasing. I was also enjoying the knowledge that this was a pretty girl/boy I was teasing about breasts. I found I was excited about leading him/her into a more permanent girlhood.

She whispered something which I didn't hear. "What did you say?"

"I said, I'm never going to have breasts 'cos I'm not a real girl. Helen said that she told you last night that I was put in dresses as a punishment. So I knew you knew I was a boy. But when Mummy offered to let me be introduced to you as a girl - I knew I wanted to do it. And then you spoil it all by teasing me about wearing a bra." And she burst into tears.

I grabbed her and hugged her and shook her all at once. "I really didn't know that you were a boy. I never guessed from what Helen said. You look like a girl, you behave like a girl and you smell like a girl. If you hadn't told me I would have accepted that the pretty dark-haired beauty in front of me was absolutely and no doubt at all a genuine live girl. Just like I used to be, you're desperate to grow some breasts; just like me, you want to learn about makeup and hairstyles. I won't tell anyone that you're not a girl. And, if you promise to keep it secret, I can tell you something special."

She nodded her head, "I'll keep a secret for you. It's not anything dangerous or horrid is it?"

"No, it's not horrid at all. It's just that I've recently done this project at school," and I launched into the project story. I had meant to talk to Mrs. Stevens about this but the opportunity was too good to be missed. Rita sat there enthralled as she learnt a great deal of advanced biology and chemistry in a very short time.

"Oh golly, do you mean that I'll be able to grow my own breasts. That'd be mega. I don't mean I want mega-boobs like a filmstar, it's just slang."

"I know slang like that. Don't be silly. Now, if you really do want to grow into a real girl with real breasts, that is going to mean a big, big decision. If you look like a girl, you won't be able to do so many boyish things. You'll eventually have to go to a girl's school. It would be quite final. I daren't tell you any more until you've done a lot of thinking about it." We sat for a while.

"I've never really thought about that before. I've seen the other girls in the shops and seen how they've started getting lumps on their chests. They seemed so happy as they got bigger. Then Helen asked Mummy for a bra and I realized that I didn't need one, and that I never would. I begged until Mummy did buy me this pretty thing. It made me feel better, but if I could have a real one, I'd feel so much more secure."

I had noted the phrase 'other girls', this was clearly much less of a boy than I had been led to believe. This was much more of a girl trapped in a boy's body.

I went back to our previous conversation. "I truly think this is a giant step. If you want to become a full-time girl then you've got to persuade your mother. In a few months, if you do this, you won't be able to be a boy some of the time and a girl at other times. Your whole life will change. You'll have to wear dresses and skirts all the time. Your hair will have to grow, you'll have to learn to plait it and style it yourself. You've no idea how much time it takes making yourself beautiful. Although, with skin like yours, you've got a wonderful start. You won't need any makeup, except to enhance those gorgeous eyes." I was making a real effort to encourage her to choose girlhood. But I could see I wasn't getting through to her. Her mind was ablaze with the sudden realization that her cups could be full - I liked the biblical image.

She suddenly woke up. "Oh, sorry, I wasn't listening."

"I know. I could tell. What were you doing? Imagining yourself with a lovely pair of bosoms - or whatever word you use? Were you seeing yourself in a low-cut dress parading down the street like most of the other girls your age try to do."

She smiled. "Well, yes, I was. I was trying to feel what it would be like to not have to pretend so much. Now that I'm used to it, I enjoy being in dresses much more than when I have to put on trousers or overalls. I didn't like it at first, well, not all the time. But I'm used to it. I like walking along with my skirts billowing in the breeze. I enjoy wearing stockings when Mummy lets me. I suppose since I wear dresses more than not, I guess that means I want to be more of a girl than a boy."

"I agree. It's not as if anyone is 100% boy or 100% girl. The scientists have proved that beyond all doubt," I lied only a little. I kept on with my determined effort to keep this pretty boy in skirts. "If you are lucky enough to have discovered that there is a lot of girl inside that body, I think you're extremely fortunate. From the outside, you're an absolutely gorgeous girl. I can't wait to see you in a proper dress showing off your figure."

"Please can we go downstairs and talk to Mummy. I can't wait to start finding out if she'll let me be a real girl."

I stopped her short. "No, no way. She mustn't know that you've admitted to me that you're not a girl. I'll dress you up and do your makeup as a practice for the party. Then we go downstairs and I'll talk to her about how much you feel different from the other girls. How jealous you are of Helen now that her breasts are growing and yours' aren't. If she doesn't see how determined you are to have a set of your own, then we'll do some more planning afterwards."

It didn't take long to get my pretty assistant looking glamorous. Okay, she was just a few days short of her 13th birthday, but nevertheless she looked really good. I had curled her hair around the side of her face and put quite a lot of eye-shadow and mascara on. Her eyes had been good before, but now they were stunning. We had found a dress that showed a little more neck and I lent her my necklace. The effect was charming.

We went downstairs. Mrs. Stevens was delighted. She hugged Rita and kissed everyone, including Helen so that she didn't feel left out. "I can't believe it. You look gorgeous, dear. Oh, Josie, I'm so grateful, I couldn't have done anything that effective. He looks absolutely lovely."

Rita took his chance. "Oh, but Mummy, I'm so unhappy."

Her eyes widened and she held him tight as he sobbed. "I feel so pretty and then you remind me that I'm just a boy. I'm growing up and soon I won't be able to be a boy and a girl whenever I want. I see the other girls and how they are growing. Even Helen has to wear a bra now and I've only got this pretend one. I hate it not being the same as the other girls. Please can't you do something. Isn't there some way I can continue as a girl and as a boy."

She held him close as his tirade came to a halt. "Now, Rita, I thought you were happy with everything as it was. I could see that there were going to be problems ahead but I had no idea how worried you were. What brought this on. I thought you were going to be a girl for Josie. You agreed that you were going to be Rita while she was here - now you've spoilt it all."

Rita sobbed, "That's what did spoil it. When I tried to be a girl for real and she told me not to worry that I would eventually grow into my bra, I knew as soon as she said it that that was what I wanted. Please Mummy. Please can't you do something. I want so much to be a girl. If I can't be a boy and a girl, then I want to be a girl all day, every day. Please," and once more she fell silent and sobbed.

Mrs. Stevens looked over Rita's head at me. I shrugged my shoulders as if I had nothing to do with this outburst.

During the evening, Mrs Stevens spent a long time just sitting and watching her two daughters as they squabbled and giggled over their games. I heard a soft murmur once 'I really can't see any trace of Richard. What am I supposed to do.'

At the end of the evening, I helped Rita get ready for bed. She insisted on wearing a sleep-bra as it made her feel more girlish. She carefully took off the little makeup which she had been allowed to use and gave me a lovely gentle almost lady-like kiss when I tucked her in. I knew he was really a boy but there was no trace evident to me of that typical teenage macho grubbiness.

"Well, team. What d'you think. What should I do next?.' Josie sat there grinning and avid for our comments. What would she think when she realized that we had been down this route already - more than once.

As for Maddie and me, we just sat there, flabbergasted at what was happening. Another family to join SisterDom. Another boy eager to become a new-girl. Another girl eager to become a teacher.

So Angela, Annette and Maddie have more opportunities to teach the boys and young men of the town about their inner femininity.

Main Characters
Josie Potter babysitter for
Richard/Rita Stevens
Helen Stevens
Angela - aged 17- & *Annette from #2 schoolfriend of Josie
Madeleine schoolfriend of Josie

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