Blossom Manor - School for Gurls

Mother, sister and Aunty convert Andrew into a simpering schoolgirl. They denied him 'everything essential to being a boy'.

I could add this into the SisterDom stories but it would need a rewrite or a large extra chunk. Maybe. Alys P

Mother called to Andrew as he opened the door to his bedroom upon returning home from school, “Andrew, I would like to speak to you". He entered her room and was surprised to see his Aunt Alice sitting on the edge of his mother's bed. He had not seen his Aunt Alice for over five years.

Mother, his older sister Deborah, and he had visited Aunty when he was eight years old. Andrew has never liked her and he knew she did not like Andrew as she had made it quite clear she did not like boys. She had a beautiful two-story home located on a large estate.

His sister Deborah had spent every summer since their initial visit, at Aunty’s. Andrew had been just that once.

Aunt Alice was a woman of 40, a bit overweight, tall, and very attractive. She had never been married and had at one time been the executive of a fashion advertising firm and had been very successful, this had followed a career of modeling. She had always bestowed many gifts upon Deborah, and Deborah would tease Andrew at times, saying, "If you were a girl you could go to Aunty’s for the summer and you would get lots of presents." When Deborah would leave for Aunty’s there were times when Andrew would feel jealous, but he knew that if he had gone with her, Aunty would have made him miserable with constant corrections.

Deborah was two years older than Andrew--tall, attractive, and possessed a very pretty figure. At 15, she was in her third year in high school. She was always on the honor roll in school, although she worked after school at a women's clothes store as a salesgirl and also modeled, Mother was very proud of her. Aunty had been instrumental in Deborah obtaining her job as Aunty was one of the owners of the women's apparel store.

Andrew was just 13 and quite the opposite of his sister. They were physically similar, as he was tall and quite slender for a boy, but the similarity ended there. Andrew's record in school had always been wanting for improvement. He did not like to study and was constantly getting into trouble with his teachers for teasing the girls and just plain unruly behavior. This pattern of behavior was also evident at home.

Andrew's father had passed away when he was four years old and Mother had raised Deborah and Andrew from that day to the present. Mother was in her late 30s and similar to Aunty in looks and physical make-up.

Andrew had a good idea why mother had called him to her room, as he had been severely reprimanded by both the principal of the school and his teacher. They had made it quite clear that since there were only six weeks to the end of the school year he would not be expelled but Mother would be called and told of his disrespectful attitude and continued bad behavior.

Mother confirmed his suspicions. As she scolded him, she was interrupted by Aunty. Aunt Alice said, "What are we going to do with you? You apparently have no respect for women nor do you have any respect for yourself.

"Your mother and I have discussed several avenues of punishment and have arrived at one that we feel will teach you respect for women, teach you discipline and crush your boyish arrogance," she said. "Tomorrow is Friday and we are going to keep you home from school. When you awaken in the morning you will begin your punishment period. It will last through Saturday, Sunday, and thru to Monday morning. I will also warn you that should you not cooperate during this period and should your mother receive any more reports of disagreeable activities from school, this punishment will be repeated each weekend and if necessary you will be invited to spend the summer at my estate with your sister.
"Your punishment will deny to you everything essential to being a boy," she concluded.

As Andrew left the room and went to his own, Aunt Alice's words were repeating in his mind. "Your punishment will deny to you everything essential to being a boy."

Once Andrew had left, Mother turned to Aunt Alice. "You're certain the program your friend Wanda has given us will work?"

"Absolutely," Aunty replied. "It's well tested by the staff at Blossom Manor - and the pupils." she smirked. "They send it out as part of their student recruitment system. While the same kind of hypnotic suggestion could be used to simply control the boy, they've found more lasting success in a series of subtle shifts in his personality, all tied to the clothing he wears and the way he looks. Believe me, after just one night with these special tapes and one day in the right girl’s clothes, Andrew will be experiencing strange new feelings...and enjoying them."

Mother called Andrew again and again he entered her room. Aunty directed him to strip down to his underwear. Being afraid of her, Andrew did as he was told.

Mother and Aunty both began taking measurements. When they were through, they told Andrew to dress. As he left the room, Mother said that she and Aunty were going shopping and would be home later. When they returned later, they had Deborah with them, as they had picked her up from work.

Deborah said, "We really have a surprise for you, but you have to wait till tomorrow morning."

As he climbed into bed the things Aunty and Deborah said really bothered Andrew. 'Oh, well, I can handle anything, I'm a big boy,' is what he thought.

Before Mother tucked Andrew into bed he was handed his two pills. Told they were vitamins, he took them. In reality, the pills were a mild sedative with hypnotic properties, guaranteed to put him to sleep quickly and in the proper frame of mind for tonight's "instructions".

Mother dropped a CD into his stereo. "What's that?" Andrew asked.

"I can tell you're all upset about not knowing what's going to happen tomorrow...and you'll never get to sleep, you're so wound up," she answered. "This is special 'new age' music like we have at the salon. It helps to soothe your mind and help you sleep."

Mother pressed the play button and soft, quiet, strings and chimes floated from the speakers. She stepped out of the room. Within a few minutes, Andrew felt himself drifting off to sleep, but despite the sensation that something more than just music was coming from the tape he could not really hear anything else. Part of the success of the technique was that the need to hear the murmurs hidden on the tape actually made the listener concentrate harder on the message.

The subliminal sleep suggestions gradually switched over to more hypnotic suggestions and then came to dominate the sound--and Andrew's subconscious mind took in every word.

“You are changing. You are beginning to realize how very unattractive it is to be dirty, to smell of sweat. You love to shower every morning. You love to use soft, perfumed soap. You love to wash your hair. You want your hair to be long, to be beautiful. ……

You long to be praised instead of criticised. You see how much your mother and your aunt love Deborah.

You are jealous of Deborah. You wonder why she is so much more popular. Why other people like her. You want to have gifts and presents like she does ……..

You need to realize that she has lovely soft skin, that the dust of eyeshadow makes her eyes even lovelier. You are jealous and you want to be more like her. You are eager to try lipstick. You want to be taught how to have gorgeous eyes. ………………….

You want to learn about soft, swishy, sensuous materials. You love to touch the satin and silk that your sister wears. You love the sound of the taffeta ……

The CD went on for hours – looping, repetitively on and on and on – filling Andrew’s brain with new ideas about the delights of being less masculine, the compensating pleasures of being effeminate.

"When you see your nails painted red, you will feel a stirring in your cock," the tape told him. "You will not recognize what is making you excited, but you will want more of it. Wearing high heels, especially sexy sandals, will have a similar effect. You will also enjoy the sight of your wrists with feminine bracelets on them...and you will think of the bracelets not only as adornments but as slave ornaments, enslaving you to a feminine future.

"You will think of these experiences as 'strange and unusual new feelings but you won’t think they are wrong – they’re just unusual,' and they will be stronger every time you see yourself in these feminine things. These feelings will excite you, entice you, make you realize the joy of being soft, gentle, girly, effeminate. You are so sorry that you are unkind to Deborah, and you know that you are unkind because you want to wear lovely slinky dresses like she does, you love the smell of her perfume. You want long hair fluffing around your ears and shoulders, brushing your skin like delicate feathers. You want to be like your sister – soft, feminine and pretty."

The CD repeated eight or nine times through the night and then shifted back to the "new age" music to let Andrew drift into a normal sleep until morning.

Andrew was awakened by his Aunt's voice, saying, "Wake up young lady, your bubble bath awaits you."

He sat up with a start and stared at the three figures standing around his bed--Aunty, Mother, and Deborah were all smiling down at him.

Had he heard Aunt Alice right; had she said, "Wake up young lady"?

Deborah answered his question, as she said, "Get up, Andrea, you're so lucky--you're going to get to wear my sandals, dresses, wigs, and everything necessary to transform you into a girl for the next three days. As you were told ‘we are going to deny you everything essential to being a boy. So, since you have to wear clothes when we go out later, you won’t be able to wear boy’s clothes. You tell me what the alternative is, hey.”

Andrew moved quickly from the bed and toward his pants and shirt hanging on the chair. They were gone. Clad only in his pyjamas, he attempted to run towards the hall door. He felt Aunty's hand grip around his wrist. He tried to break free, but immediately Mother grasped his other arm. The three of them moved Andrew into the bathroom and to the waiting bubble bath.

Andrew's pyjamas were removed. He stood before the three emasculators. Aunty motioned for him to step into the hot bubbly bath water. It was also heavily perfumed. Deborah giggled as she handed him a razor and said, "Get busy, Andrea!

He was horrified.

Aunty said, "Yes, Andrea, you are to shave your legs, even though they’re only covered with fuzz. We want you to enjoy the thrill of silky smooth legs. Now start shaving, young lady, before I invite you to stay with me for the summer."

With that threat, Andrew lathered his legs and began shaving, after Aunty had shown him how. Soon both of his legs were satin smooth. It was a strange feeling – but somehow his brain said ‘not strange, just unusual, you might even like it’ . After he had scrubbed all over, Aunty washed and rinsed his hair.
Mother stood with a towel as Andrew emerged from the bath tub. He was thoroughly dried off. Next he was told to put out his wrists as Deborah sprayed a sweet smelling perfume on them, then behind his knees and ears, and on his neck.

He was covered with bath powder by Mother. Aunty reappeared from Deborah's bedroom carrying some feminine items of apparel.

Mother took one and motioned Andrew to step into the openings. She said it was a padded girdle and would give him the feminine lines he lacked. As it was tugged into place, his penis and testicles were pressed up into his body by Aunty. Once the girdle was on, all traces of Andrew's boyishness were erased.

By now Andrew was red with embarrassment and he again tried to beg Aunty not to continue to make him into a girl. He told her he would mind out and wouldn't get into trouble in school again. “And as if we would, you’re not being made into a girl. You’re just being shown what MIGHT happen if you keep on being such a complete twonk of a boy. Behave better and you’ll get no trouble from us.”

Aunty smiled and said, "The damage had been done." It wasn’t a kind smile.

They were soon standing in Deborah's bedroom. Aunty told Andrew to sit down on the bed. Deborah approached carrying a bottle of nail polish. As she knelt down at his feet she giggled, "I can hardly wait to tell my girlfriends that I got to enamel my pretty girlish brother’s toenails and fingernails."

Aunty corrected Deborah. "She is not your girlish brother—for the next few days she is your younger sister, Andrea. And don’t be so ugly as to gloat or tell tales. You can get your own version of this punishment too, little girl.”

The polish was bright red and as she painted Andrew's toenails, he knew he could not escape this horrible punishment. While Deborah painted his toenails, Mother manicured Andrew's fingernails. He had not trimmed them for awhile and they were quite long. She filed them into slender claws.

Aunty then shocked Andrew as she told him to lay back on the bed, while she plucked his eyebrows. As she plucked them, tears came to his eyes.

After a little over an hour, Andrew was told to sit up. He looked down at his feet and hands and felt crushed. His nails glistened with femininity. Andrew couldn't help staring at the shiny red shapes on the ends of his fingers and toes. The sight both troubled and excited him--it seemed that he should hate seeing his nails so scarlet and feminine, but instead he felt an odd sense of completion, as though this was what he needed to make himself "real."

The polish was now dry and Andrew was handed a pair of nylons. Mother said that they were sandal-foot, and would allow his enameled toenails to be completely exposed. As Andrew slid the nylons up his legs an unfamiliar, but exciting, feeling came over him. The last garter was attached, and he was handed a shoe box. Aunty indicated that she had selected them especially for Andrew, for she knew how much he would enjoy wearing them.

Opening the box, Andrew cried out, "High-heeled girl's shoes!"

Deborah teasingly said, "High-heeled barefoot platform sandals, silly!" Knowing the additional punishment for disobeying, Andrew meekly removed these red patent-leather barefoot emasculators from the white tissue that had hidden them.

His foot slid down the smooth patent leather into the waiting straps. Andrew pulled the straps through the buckles, Aunty directing him to strap them as tightly as possible. Both sandals were presently strapped tightly to his feet. When he stood up, Andrew almost fell on his face--the 3-inch heels thrust him up higher than he had ever been.

When he regained his balance, Andrew again felt an involuntary wave of pleasure as he felt the change in posture the skyscraper heels forced upon him. He looked down at his legs, smoothly bound by the nylon stockings, and further down to his feet, with the red nails matching the red patent leather of his sandals, both shining and reflecting the light of his room. He felt his cock twitch--and a further sense of having another piece of himself completed. The CD was working its electronic magic.

Mother handed Andrew another box. This was a very small one. When he opened it, his eyes fastened on a very feminine bracelet wristwatch in gold. Mother removed it from the box and before Andrew could say anything she had clasped the band of gold about his wrist. With his enamelled nails and his slender wrist femininely enslaved with a girl's bracelet wristwatch, Aunty led Andrew to the wall mirror. As he walked to the mirror, Andrew felt the light metallic touch of the bracelet watch on his wrist--and suddenly realized that obeying his mother and aunt seemed right and proper, making him, again, more complete than ever before.

"Look at yourself, my pretty niece." Even without long hair, make-up, breasts, and a dress, Andrew already looked very much like a young slightly frightened girl.

Mother smiled and said, "My dear Andrea, with long beautiful legs like those, you should wear nylons and skyscraper-heeled strap sandals all the time."

He was hypnotized by the reflection in the mirror (and by the secret instructions he'd received through the long hours of the night). The look of his legs in the spindly sandals, with his toenails flashing red, made his cock grow even larger. Deborah broke the spell by saying, "Come now, Andrea, we have lots more surprises for my pretty sister. You've done very well." And, as it was planned, the praise reinforced Andrew's confusion and desire to please.

Andrew was numb with shock as they led him over to the bed. Aunty told him to lay down on his back. He did as he was told and Deborah said, "The most exciting surprise of all is coming".

Aunty had left the room, but quickly returned carrying a package. “Remember that all girls have breasts," she explained. “Now, you will too – because special boys are allowed to have breasts as well. It’s part of making them get in touch with and then releasing their feminine side.”

Aunty bent over Andrew and with a swab applied a sticky substance to his chest area. Next, to Andrew's horror, she produced a perfectly-shaped set of latex rubber sissy breasts. They were just the size a girl Andrew's age would possess. Mother said, "Now you have small pink-nippled breasts – just like any girl your age."

The soft masses were pressed onto his chest, Aunty smoothing the feathered edges. They were small, but definitely gave Andrew's body a feminine shape. A powder make-up was applied, erasing all lines. They blended smoothly into his chest.

Andrew stood up and as he did, his new-girl sissy breasts jiggled. Mother said, "Now, Andrea, you will need this," as she handed Andrew a teen form bra. Being very slender, he did not need a corset, but Aunty stated that, in the near future, he would be trained to wear a wasp-waist corset at all times, to ensure that he developed and maintained a tiny waist.

Next Andrew slid a nylon tricot petticoat on. It really tickled as he slid it into place. Three crinolines followed.

Deborah came forth with a gingham full-skirted party dress with puff sleeves. They slid it over Andrew's head and arms and soon he was enveloped in satin. Mother buttoned it up the back.

As he sat down at the dressing table, it was apparent that everything masculine was to be removed. Andrew's lips were painted with a deep red shade of sweet lipstick. Then the attention was turned to his eyes. His eyebrows had been plucked into very thin feminine lines and were penciled to bring them out. False eyelashes were applied, liner, light shadow, and mascara. His nose was powdered as the finishing touch.

Deborah brought forth a shoulder-length pageboy blond wig. His hair, being quite long for a boy, was curled with hair pins to keep it up. The wig was adjusted to fit and was placed on Andrew's head. Before he stood up, Mother clasped a charm bracelet on his other wrist and draped a locket about his neck.

"Come, Andrea, let us look again at the beautiful girl that you have become," Mother said.

Again Andrew stood in front of the mirror. The image that appeared opposite him was a complete girl. His toenails glistened, as did his sandals. Even walking in the skyscrapers was actually easy.
In this short time the three women had succeeded in instilling in him new strange feelings. He no longer felt that the clothes, the sandals, the bracelets, the painted nails were "wrong"; rather, he was excited by them sexually, and wanted to wear them constantly. Of course, he couldn't admit that to his mother and aunt--at least not yet.

"Well," Aunty said, "I believe Andrea actually enjoys her new role in life. Don't you, Andrea?" Andrew couldn't admit these new strange feelings that had come over him, and he immediately denied any such feelings. "I don't want to be a girl and after Monday I won't wear any dresses!"

Aunty laughed, saying, "I know better. All boys that spend three days completely transformed into girls develop strange new feelings."

"Well," Andrew said, "I won't, you can't make me."

Aunty again laughed, "I am not making you have strange feelings. The taste of lipstick, the feel of the stockings on your shaved legs and the barefoot sandals, the swish of the petticoats and your skirt and, of course, the knowledge that you have pretty pink-nippled sissy breasts cupped by your teen-form bra are bringing about these changes in you .” And she knew that she was lying – because the CD was doing so much of the work in the quiet hours of darkness.

“Come... let us go downstairs and we can help you develop feminine graces, and remember, you must act, talk, and think like a girl until Monday morning. Oh, and tomorrow all four of us are going to the beauty salon. You will have your blond wig removed and undergo a permanent wave. Also your ears will be pierced. Then we are going shopping. I know you will want some new dresses, panties, bras, and, of course, lots of nude strappy play sandals."

Andrew spent the remainder of the day swishing about. He didn’t want to – but he did as he was told. He didn’t want to enjoy any single moment – but his brain had been mesmerized by the CD. He was made to model, turning this way and that. He found that the sandals, even with the skyscraper heels, were very cool and comfortable because of their nudeness. Eventually, he sat down on the couch so that Aunty could administer an additional coat of nail polish to his fingernails.

He tucked his legs up on the couch so that his sandaled feet were exposed. Strangely, this sight excited him: the red patent-leather straps criss-crossing about his feet, the buckles winking at him, and his toenails in matching red twinkling. The image, and the soft caress of his aunt's hands on his fingers, as well as the quiet cadence of her voice, all reinforced the secret training from the hypnotic CD.

Aunty Alice enameled each nail very carefully, and talked as she did. "Do you know, Andrea, you should have been born a girl. You are truly beautiful, and really, I am so glad we decided that transforming you into a girl would be your punishment. In just this first day that you have entered into the world of girls, I noticed a distinct and pleasing change coming over you. You seem more subdued, actually nicer. With this success in crushing your masculine arrogance and replacing it with a kinder feminine personality, I am going to suggest that your Mother continue to dress you as a girl every weekend and that you come to spend the summer with me."

"Oh, no! Please don't tell Mother that," Andrew said. "I'll mind, but not that, don't make me live as a girl!"

That evening the three feminizers helped in preparing Andrew for bed. All the clothes were removed. He was made to don a pair of nylon satin panties in bright red and an open-nippled night bra, a babydoll top, and capri bottoms, both in bright red satin. He was handed another pair of sandals. These were black patent-leather T-strap barefoot platform sandals.

His makeup was removed and Aunty applied a new coat of creamy red lipstick.

Now he was to sleep in the extra twin bed in Deborah's room. Again, before Mother tucked Andrew into bed he was handed his two pills. He swallowed them easily – and he would never realize how they would accumulate to destroy his masculinity.

Deborah's bed sheets were satin and the beds were four-poster French Provincial fairy princess beds. He was made to sleep with his T-strap sandals on. Aunty said that was to make him feel thoroughly emasculated.

Andrew slid down into the sheets--the feeling was wonderful. He did not try to remove his bracelet wristwatch or charm bracelet. Was Aunty making him want to be a girl?.

Deborah soon came to bed and after she teased him a little, Andrew fell asleep in perfumed bliss. Once again, the new age music played in the room, and then shifted over to the soft, soothing, entrancing voice: "Remember all the feelings you experienced today, remember how they made you excited. Now think about how your breasts looked, small and rounded and pink-nippled. Those are not just rubber glued to your chest; they are *your* breasts: When they are touched, especially when the nipples are played with, you will feel a stirring in your cock, a stirring as strong as that you feel when you play with your cock itself."

"Tomorrow, you will go to a beauty parlor for the first time," the feminizing voice continued. "The looks and smells of the beauty parlor will fascinate you and excite you, just as the look and feel of your breasts, your sandals, nails, and bracelets do. The feel of having your hair colored, cut, permed and combed will entrance you: You will want it done at least once a week."

“Dream on about how much you have enjoyed today. You loved seeing yourself in the mirror. You loved the feelings as your fingers and toes were transformed by the polish. You loved the feeling as those slinky sheer stockings were rolled up your legs. You enjoyed the smooooth feeling as you sat down and your satin panties stroked your bottom. The taste of lipstick was so lovely and, best of all, you enjoyed being treated as a girl and realizing that, as a girl, you got compliments that you never deserved as a boy.”

With that the voice faded back into the music.

When Andrew awoke in the morning, the first thing he saw were his enameled nails and the bracelets on his wrists. He reached down and touched his sandaled feet, then his hand moved to the little mounds on his chest, and he wondered what it would be like to have full breasts like Deborah's.

Strangely, as he touched the nipples of his false breasts and tweaked them with his red-painted nails, he ceased to think of the little mounds as plastic – they were his own breasts, soft and lovely-to-fondle. The sensation stirred his cock and he realized that he needed desperately to come. Andrew was alone in the bedroom. His sister was already up and had evidently gone downstairs. As he lay in bed different thoughts went through his mind. The feeling of being a girl was really exciting. His hands moved to his panties and Andrew lapsed into a world of effeminate ecstasy.

His sister had waited outside, listening hard. As Andrew spurted hot sperm into his panties, she came back in to the room. She knew her cue. “Oh, Andrea, you naughty girl. You shouldn’t play with your titties like that – and you really shouldn’t do squirties in your pretty panties.

Andrea writhed in agony as her sister tormented her – but the reaction was exactly what the CD had been written to teach the gurl.

The early morning message was so delightfully complex –

It was lovely to squirt while fondling her nipples – and it was oh so wrong to squirt without permission – and it was oh so wonderful to squirt into the sleek, shiny panties – and it was oh so revolting to make them sticky with man-juice and bad …. and good …. and bad ……. and bad and good ……… and the ecstasy of that squirt of semen into his own girly panties.

Exactly as the system forecast, Andrea’s mind was being washed of old, male attitudes into the soft world of the gurl.


The experience at the beauty salon was thrilling but embarrassing. Everyone was told that Andrew was a girlish-boy who really loved wearing dresses and sandals. Wanda, the hair stylist, removed his wig and began her feminizing activities.

She began by shampooing his hair, gently massaging his scalp as she did so. Andrew felt himself slowly getting relaxed and even a little sleepy as the hairstylist worked on his head. She spoke quietly to him, in an almost whispered drone: "You love this, Andrea. You love having your hair done, seeing the amazing differences a hairstyle can make in your appearance. Soon you'll want it done as often as possible, at least once a week. I'm going to change your haircolor, too," she said. "What color would you like it to be? Black?" No reaction. "Blonde?" Again, no reaction. "Red?" Andrew squirmed in his chair and Wanda noticed a stirring at his crotch. "Red it will be, then, Andrea. You'll be a beautiful redhead, I know...especially after our Charlotte finishes with your makeup. You just love makeup, too, don't you, Andrea?"

Andrew, mildly entranced by Wanda's words and actions, could only smile dreamily. Wanda proceeded to apply the dye to his hair, then to cut and perm it. While the perm set, a tall, well-built young woman with waist-length chestnut hair came to Andrew's chair. "I'm Charlotte, Wanda's daughter," she introduced herself. "I'll be doing your makeover." She set to work with her paints and brushes and pencils, refusing to let the transformed boy see himself until the entire process was complete.

In a short time, Andrew found himself sitting under a dryer, as more soothing "new age" music filled his ears. Behind the soft tones, a voice spoke to him, "When you see yourself next, you will fall in love with the girl you have become. Your cock will become harder than you can ever remember it being. Your nipples will be hard, erect, and tingly. When you hear your name, 'Andrea,' you will come."

Wanda soon removed the dryer and walked Andrew back to the styling chair, carefully keeping him from seeing his reflection in the mirror. She began to brush out his hair.

As she did this she complimented him. "You should have been born a girl. It's good that your mother and aunt are correcting the mistake. I had a son with a similar problem, but I sent him to Blossom Manor, a private school for girls. They make exceptions at times and boys are permitted to attend. My son attended Blossom Manor for four years, and has undergone a complete transformation. Whenever boys attend Blossom Manor, Miss Blossom specializes in transforming them into girls."

With that, she quickly whipped the styling chair around so that Andrew faced the mirror. He gasped. In the mirror was an absolute angel, with softly waved coppery hair falling to just below her ears. Her bright blue eyes were framed with long, dark lashes and soft shades of blue and purple on the lids. Her cheeks were highlighted with what seemed a natural blush, her lips a soft coral red, waiting to be kissed. It was him--it was Andrea! "There she is," Wanda announced. "There's Andrea!"

His nipples ached with their excitement, his cock swelled in its girdled and pantied confines and, not caring who knew or saw, Andrea came! The CD and the additional instruction from Wanda made his stupid male genitals do exactly what was required.

Wanda turned to his aunt and mother and smiled secretively.

As they drove home, Aunty brought up the subject of Andrew attending a private school.

She explained that, a few years back, she had recommended to Wanda that she send her boy Charles to Blossom Manor. "Charles was always in trouble and lacked respect for his mother and just about everything," she said. "The boys at Blossom Manor are, of course, required to wear the same uniforms as the girls. The boys are forced to live as girls for the four years they attend. During those years, all masculinity is removed. Through the use of female hormones, being constantly dressed as a girl, treated as a girl, and receiving a girlish education, the girlish-boys return emasculated. Some undergo a complete sex change, others are slaves to femininity. After four years in the dominant hands of Miss Charteris, Charles returned home a girl--Charlotte Elaine--yes, the same Charlotte who did your makeup, Andrea. Her measurements are 38C-24-35."

Mother broke in. "Do you think Miss Charteris would accept Andrea as a student?"

Hearing all this, even though the thrill of wearing girl’s clothes had enveloped his mind, Andrew still did not care for the idea of living as a girl. "I will not go to any private school, especially a private girl’s school!"

A cruel look came over Aunty's face, as she said, "So you won't wear girl's clothes, huh, and you won't attend a girls school." She turned to Mother and continued, "I believe Andrea needs to be continually reminded that she is being punished by being denied everything boyish – for the moment she is a girl and should be behaving as a girl. Since that outburst rather proves how she is failing at her task, I suggest that Andrea be dressed in girl's clothes every weekend and when summer comes that she come to my estate. She and Deborah will have lots of fun. I can erase this male rebellion and arrogance for good and when the fall semester begins at Blossom Manor, both Deborah and Andrea can attend.

“I am sure by now Andrea is changing her mind about doing anything as rash as disobedience. I think that our pretty Andrea will tell us she really wants to wear dresses and barefoot sandals all the time, don't you my pretty transvestite?"

Andrew begged his mother not to do what Aunty had said.

Mother said that she was thrilled with the idea, and Deborah chimed in with approval. "Isn't it exciting, Andrea, when summer comes you will be able to wear feminine clothes all the time!"

There was nothing more Andrew could say, they just ignored his protests.

Once home they all ate dinner. Andrew was again dressed in ultra-feminine night clothes, but these were hot pink nylon satin with a pair of hot pink patent-leather ankle strap sandals. Mother tucked him into bed. Again he took the pills and again a tape was played as he fell asleep.

The hypnotic voice began by reinforcing the lessons of the past two nights and days and then spoke of tomorrow's events. "When your ears are pierced and the tiny gold balls are attached to your ears, they will serve as the final marks of your new self. When you see yourself so adorned, you will cease to struggle against your change into a beautiful girl. Indeed, you will now revel in each successive change, you will even get an erotic thrill when teased about your sissified state. You will strive to be more girlish than the most feminine of natural girls."

The next morning Andrew was dressed in a shirtwaist-dress and high-heeled sling sandals. Aunty proceeded to pierce his earlobes. He fought with all three of them over this, but it was no use--they were too strong. But once he felt the needle prick his earlobes, and once he saw the shiny gold balls that filled those holes, all resistance fled from Andrew's mind. He was now willing to be as girlish as they wanted him to be...and maybe more girlish than they could possibly imagine!

When Aunty was through she said, "Now, with your plucked eyebrows, pierced ear lobes, and such pretty long fingernails, everyone will know you are a pretty fem!"

Three days. Andrea had a fading memory that she had been told that it would only take three days of being continuously dressed and treated as a girl for her pathetic ambition to remain as the man in an otherwise female household had evaporated.

Finally school was out and Andrea and Deborah left for Aunty's. There was little trace of boy-ness in the sleek, well-dressed girl stood beside her taller sister as they climbed into the shiny car. Both of them were pretty, if not actually beautiful. They wore similar but not identical clothes. The tall girl wore pale blue while the younger wore a simple dress in pale yellow. Both wore stockings. If you knew them well enough you might discover the quality of their underwear – smooth, sensual satin panties; crisp petticoats, accurately fitted brassieres, slidy lipstick, pretty makeup, newly pierced ears, waxed eyebrows, tinkling bracelets, - the works. And indeed, the works were working.
(You know what they were wearing because it was exactly the right stuff for that moment and that situation. And it was ALL in accordance with the CD that had been supplied.)

As Deborah and Andrea walked through Aunty's front door, SHe knew SHe had left hers masculine life behind. SHe knew hers world was now made up of wigs, sandals, dresses, and perfume. It was strange... part of herm now wanted to attend Blossom Manor.

Yes, Aunty Alice and those abominably clever CDs had changed Andrew into a gurl.

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