Sense and Teasability....

Now on DVD and Lilac Ray….

The director’s debut of Martin Scorcese’s second cousin Mitzi Calabrese, a new adaptation of that beloved classic by Jane Austen-Healy, Sense and Teasability….

Written for the screen by Alison Murdoch, Sense and Teasability is true to the original but in Ms. Murdoch’s inimitable style. The women of Dashboard Manor have decided to find themselves suitable mates. Owing to a desire to conceive and bear children, but with a decided taste for all things soft and smooth, the ladies find young men that they can ‘mold’ into the perfect spouses.

Of course this leads to all sorts of machinations and manipulations, as you can see by the following scenes.

The eldest of the Dashboard sisters, Miriam, finds it easier to persuade future husband Phillipe le Fille by appealing to his sense of hygiene.

Miriam and Phillipe.jpg

On the other hand, Donald de Moreorles, Claire’s betrothed, needs no persuasion at all.

Good Morning_0.jpg

Marie isn’t very forceful, but then James du Rose isn’t very resistant either.

Marie and James_0.jpg

Margaret has discovered that Dennis Delicat has a one track…. mind….


Conversely, Stella resorts to a bit of teasing and a great deal of subterfuge for fiancé Roger Madschen.

Stella's tease.jpg

Meanwhile, Miriam continues to slowly work on eroding Philippe’s resistance.

Getting Ready_0.jpg

To the point where she has him pretty much exactly where she wants him.


Giancarlo Ragazza is so eager to please Louisa that he’s willing to do most anything.

fair trade_0.jpg

And of course the rewards at the end of the day make up for any teasing on all of their parts. It’s all in good fun, and oh so much more.

at the end of the day..._0.jpg

Sense and Teasability; Produced by Roland/DiMaggio Films, Joanne Barbarella, Executive Producer; adapted from the novel by Jane Austen-Healy of the same name by Alison Murdoch. Musical Score by Bobbie Cabot with original songs by Zoe and Ashley. Art Direction by Portia Bennett, and Costumes by House of Diana. Directed by Mitzi Calabrese.

Sense and Teasability, also available on NetChicks and LavenderBox.

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