Looking Back...


by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Jim Anderson’s girl Betty I wanted to be.
And My Little Margie was a model for me.
Samantha Stevens and even Donna Reed
I Dreamt of Jeannie...another idol, indeed
Rhoda Morgenstern and of course my dear Mary
Tish Addams too, she wasn’t so scary
Cinnamon Carter, spy extraordinaire
And April Dancer, an agent so fair
Jamie Sommers and Ensign Ro
I wanted to be Dr. Crusher don’t you know?

All of these women called out to me then
That desire to be just like them way back when
And now it’s Olivia Benson, ‘tis true
I’d love to be Ziva David, wouldn’t you?
I never knew why or just how much I felt
Ashamed and embarrassed over what fate had dealt
To leave a boy to grow up so afraid
Wondering why it was as me I was made
So sad and conflicted over something so small
But realizing now it wasn’t little at all

These women were examples of my dreams, you see
And how much just like them I had hoped to be
But now real women for me; a sister or friend
Give me reason to hope I’ll be like them in the end.
So don’t give up on your dreams
Let them unfold and unfurl
Cause deep down inside
You know you’re a girl…

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