Vulpine Impersonation

Vulpine Impersonation

By Paul Calhoun

For an anonymous supporter, the first in my list of $5 per 1000 word concepts. Not as long as I would have liked to make it, but that just means I had a challenge of getting everything in.

A house sitter takes delivery of a pair of fox costumes and is confronted with the possibility of going out with the owner's boyfriend after he puts the female one on.

Irina, Luke thought, was a very strange woman. She would go out with her girlfriends on these long holidays, but was so forgetful that she’d end up having to call Luke to make sure her doors were locked and everyone knew she was gone. The length of a relationship seemed to be the key to her memory, which explained why it was Luke waiting for the package she’d ended up having delivered midweek rather than her boyfriend Andy. Luke had known Irina since grade school, though they’d never been more than good friends over the years. Luke preferred a woman who would get up in the morning, look him in the eye and remember who he was. Not that Irina was dumb, he thought virtuously to himself. She was. And quirky, and a fun person to be around. But had a memory like a sieve that had rusted through in places.

The delivery man was red faced when he left the box on the stoop, and no wonder. It was as big as a refrigerator box and according to the label weighed over fifteen pounds. Luke had no clue whether UPS carriers were allowed to take tips and the guy was gone before he thought to ask. He dragged it into the dining room and drummed his fingers on the top. Irina hadn’t said he couldn’t look, but that didn’t mean he ought to. On the other hand, she wasn’t paying him to hang out in her house and answer the door, so he couldn’t feel too guilty if he took his remuneration in the satisfaction of his curiosity. He cut the tape and opened it.

The bundle of red fluff almost exploded out of the cardboard interior and Luke was struck by its softness as he buried his hands in the thick fur to try to force it back in. His brain caught up with him a moment later, pointing out to his instincts that he had no idea what he was pressing against and there was not much point in shoving the mass back in until he’d achieved his original objective of finding out what the heck had just burst out from the package. He probed at it with his hands, finding that there were two furry bundles in sections separated by a wall of cardboard. He lifted one out and found it to be some kind of long sleeved shirt with black furry gloves with pads and claws attached. The white chest fur was wide at the top and narrowed halfway down, widening again to suggest an hourglass figure. He set it aside and fished out a pair of pants with a white tipped tail swinging freely from just above a pair of detailed butt cheeks, the slender legs running down to black fur that started at mid calf and continued over the feet. The toes were detailed and stuffed with tiny claws at the end.

There was a mask underneath with a wig of black hair styled similarly to how Irina had hers done, but Luke didn’t take that out. A quick look at the other compartment’s contents confirmed that the costume still neatly folded inside was the male counterpart. Irina had found her match in Andy. There was no telling which of them would have brought up the idea of matching fox costumes, but he knew that once it was broached, the topic would have been seized on by the other with enthusiasm.

It was both that open-mindedness that had led Luke to ask her about helping him with his burgeoning interest in crossdressing. It was no surprise that Irina liked to have the absolute latest in fashion, so she gladly gave him both practical help and barley used hand-me-downs. Luke had a closet full of her clothes that he had taken a liking to and was sure that the vixen costume would join the throng within two years. One thing that frustrated him, however, was that he was never satisfied with his appearance as a female. He had a decent body – though he couldn’t afford more than a body shaper, a gaff and the pair of hip pads that Irina had given him for his birthday - and Irina had taught him well in matters of movement and poise, but no matter what kind of makeup he used, the face that looked back at him in the mirror seemed to scream man. Not only that, but he didn’t like his skin. He always forgot to use the creams Irina had suggested and so he didn’t feel very feminine. He was also afraid to shave since he didn’t want to have to explain it to anyone else.

He brushed the fur on vixen’s leggings, knowing why his thoughts had turned to Irina’s crossdressing tips. He knew that with a costume like this one, he could finally feel girly from top to bottom. The idea sent a thrill through his body, capturing his imagination. His heart raced at the guilt of putting the costume on before Irina. Luke wanted to put the bottoms down, but was instead furiously thinking about how he’d check it afterwards and how Irina would never know. He knew the struggle was futile; he’d be putting it on soon. The inner argument was more to satisfy his own conscience than to try to convince himself to abandon the idea. He put the bottoms down and jogged back to his house to get what little he had to work with. Irina would be back from her trip in three days and he wouldn’t have everything he needed ready before the next morning.

He laid out the pads and shapewear next to the costume parts. When he’d looked more closely at the bottoms, he’d found that the tail continued into the suit, turning into an anal insert. He played with it, noting how the tiniest movement seemed to move through the tail in a way that suggested that it had some sort of powered spine. That would require a great deal of cleaning before and after, he thought, almost abandoning the idea. He made a firm commitment to himself to thoroughly cleanse it when he was done and went to Irina’s kitchen. He’d heard of a trick that seemed to work well for making inexpensive temporary breast forms out of water balloons and Jello. They smelled nice, the tied off ends looked reasonably like nipples under clothes, and the water balloons held up remarkably well, even when placed in a bra and bounced around. They took a night to set, however, so Luke would have to wait to try the costume on. Remembering something Irina had said a long time before, he went up to her attic and rooted around in her crates of clothes she’d forgotten to take to the charity. Finding it, he took the corset from Irina’s Victorian outfit down to the guest bedroom he’d been making his preparations in and laid it down over the body shaper.

The next day, the balloon forms had set and Luke was ready to try on Irina’s vixen suit. He’d put on the gaff before leaving his house so that he’d be under control through the whole process. His penis was uncomfortably attempting to become tumescent before he’d even reached her house. Everything was sitting out where he’d left it and he was soon sliding his hip pads into the waistband of his gaff. Bunching the legs, he worked his feet into the costume’s paws, letting out a quick burst of delighted laughter at how the big stuffed toes wiggled with his own. His legs were constricted uncomfortably by the tight leggings, though what he truly dreaded came after the laborious process of smoothing the calves and thighs up to just below his rear. He spread a small amount of lubricant over the anal insert and pulled the thong out from between his cheeks. His penis twitched and then shriveled as he positioned the insert and drove it into himself. Shaking his head, he tugged and jumped in place to pull the bottom half up as far as it would go, his tail standing straight out in a brush and then slowly sinking back to swing lazily when he relaxed. He bent with his hands on his knees and watched in the mirror as he flexed his butt and the tail waved. It was beautiful and also hid how his rear wasn’t quite round enough to fill the top of fox legs. He straightened, his erection restored and experimented a little more, finally wrapping his tail around his body so he could hug it to his face. Holding the tail up, he looked again at his legs and rear, enjoying how the slimming effect the leggings had and how even without further padding, the hips and costume gave him a nice looking behind. He let go and put a hand between his legs, wishing he could do better than the smooth curve of satin peeking out from the opening.

His tail thrashed as he worked the body shaper down over his chest and belly, relaxing as he meticulously tucked the little bulges of flesh between the costume and the shaper in. It stood straight out as he pulled on the corset ties. The last thing he wanted, however, was to pop the seams on the costume top. His Jell-o forms settled comfortably into the corset’s cups, bouncing nicely in their supportive enclosures. Luke started on the top by getting his head in, finding that the top had a turtleneck of red fur. It was long work inching his hands up into the gloves, though satisfying when he could flex slenderizing black paws and claws. He rolled the chest and belly down like he’d rolled the legs up and the hem of the top continued a tiny bit past that of the bottom, producing a seamless combination. He raised one delicate paw into the air and arced the other over his head to touch the opposite elbow. He spun, laughing as he focused on his body in the mirror. A shapely body made even more so by the flattering curves of the white fur and the fluffy tail that made him seem petite in comparison. He stopped, one paw now out to his side and the other on his popped hip, his tail arcing over his shoulder, the white tip tickling his cheek. He couldn’t wait to put on the mask and complete the image of the adorably sexy vixen!

Luke had a paw to his false and unfeeling chest and the other between his legs, savoring the anticipation when the phone rang. For a moment his heart raced, then he laughed and dashed to the phone, his tail streaming out in an undulating curve behind him. “Hi, Irina!” He said, mischief bubbling in his stomach and threatening to burst out in giggles at the thought of talking to her while wearing the vixen suit.

“Hey, Luke!” Irina said. “I’m glad to hear you’re not too upset at having to wait for my stuff.”

“It’s fine.” Luke said, his tail swaying lazily as he relaxed. “The box arrived yesterday.”

“That’s great!” Irina hummed softly, a sure sign something was on her mind. “I know it’s a lot, but could you hang out a little more? I sort of kinda forgot to tell Andy I was going out of town and we had a date tonight.”

“Oh?” Luke asked.

“Yeah, I’m totally mortified!” Irina said. “That’s what the box was for. It had some new outfits we were going to go out in. He’s going to be so mad at having to wait. Oh…” Luke could hear her sniffling. “Can you … can you find a way to tell him I can’t come without letting him know I’m gone? I’d call him, but he knows me too well. He’d lie, but he’d know.”

“Uh…” Luke was hesitant. “I don’t know. I mean, anything I say will sound strange coming from me.”

“Please?” Irina said. “You’re so good at this. You can say I’m having you house sit because I had to stay at work an extra night or something. I’ll be back by the next night so he’ll hardly notice.”

Luke’s gaff could barely contain him as he thought of the perfect way to keep Andy from knowing. “All right, Irina. I think I can fix this.”

“He’ll be there at six! You’re so great! I owe you!” She hung up.

Luke cleared his throat and began his vocal exercises. Lucky for him that his feminine speech coach had been Irina.

Luke’s day was a mixture of anticipation and inappropriately stimulating tedium. Making lunch, watching TV, walking around Irina’s house. All of it was titillating when he did it in the vixen costume while talking to himself in Irina’s voice. Luke was relaxed by late afternoon and used to his shapewear and speaking naturally in a different voice. It was time for the pleasure he’d deferred for the better part of the day.

The mask came away when he picked it up, the furry face and wig separating from the latticework it had rested on and which had given it shape. The floppy cover in his paw wouldn’t fit a human head, so he guessed that he was supposed to put the lattice on first. It was much heavier than he’d expected and wasn’t plainly more than just a base for the fox mask. There was a tongue and teeth in the muzzle, and deep blue eyes in the sockets. The back had a spring catch which made it much easier to get the many invasive-looking devices inside to settle right. The most obvious was a pair of lips with a hollow tongue behind them. There was also a tiny camera pointed at where his eyes would be and pair of earbuds dangling down from the foam and plastic fox ears. Luke was relieved when the tongue only went up about half way and didn’t impede his movements too much. His ‘Irina’ voice was a little harder to do, but Andy wouldn’t expect her to sound perfect once he saw his own mask. Luke pushed the halves of the frame back together, pushing his mouth up against the lips. Something seemed to register that he was inside, since once the latch clicked, his vixen ears flicked and when he opened his mouth, the muzzle opened as well. He looked at his reflection and saw that the tongue was twitching. He opened the muzzle and stuck it out, the tongue first peeking out between the front canines and then lapping up to touch the vixen’s nose. Her eyes crossed to look down at it as her ears moved forward with curiosity. Now even more excited, she pulled the fur cover onto the frame, hooked a fastener to the back and fluffed out her wig so that the back of the support structure was no longer visible. She twined her tail around herself and cast the mirror her best attempt at a sultry stare. A vixen looked back, her muzzle a little open and her eyes long and cozening. She looked at herself, drinking in how there was no trace of masculinity in the beautiful vulpine, then her eyes became wide and artless as a child and her muzzle opened wide in laughter. She launched into a hip-gyrating dance, raising her arms and swinging her tail in time with the motion of her body. “I am a foxy lady!” She said, hanging her tongue out of her muzzle. Suggestively licking her lips and looking over her shoulder, she continued. “Don’t you think so, Andy? I bet you can’t wait to become my cuddly man and get a piece of this.” She bent, raising her tail and rubbing her butt. “Uh-huh. I know you will because I wish I could!”

When she took the last costume part out, she’d seen that it had come with an outfit. A pair of high heeled sandals with a strap that went between her squishy big toe along with a black dress with a bodice that was little more than a silk ribbon that crossed over her chest and around her neck, and a skirt that fell to mid-thigh. This proved tricky to get into since it couldn’t go over her vixen face and could only take one foot through at a time. She shimmied into the skirt, having to brush her fur back down as it went over her legs. She had to duck her muzzle low to get the loop of silk over her head and felt a sense of great accomplishment at not having to take off her vixen mask to do so. The backless – and mostly frontless – dress gave her tail full freedom of movement. The vixen was now not just beautiful, but elegantly so, the black dress complimenting the red and white fur pattern. She had no more than a few minutes to admire herself when Andy knocked and she turned her muzzle towards the door with an almost dog-like expression of wide-eyed anticipatory glee.

Andy took a step back when the vixen answered the door. “Whoa!”

“Like it?” Luke twirled. He could tell Andy did. She lent against the door frame, one arm up and the other held out invitingly, her breasts high and firm and her skirt blowing in the light breeze. She tossed her head, her eyes half-lidded. “So?”

“Words fail me.” Andy replied. “It really brings out your inner … you. You look really natural in it.”

Luke giggled and pulled Andy in. “Sorry for starting without you, but I thought this would be easier. That and I wanted to see how you’d react when I appeared looking like this.” She wrapped her tail around him and licked his cheek. “It’s not easy kissing you in this.”

Andy snuggled into her body and let her continue lapping at his face. “It’s amazing what you can do in that.”

“It’s not so hard. You’ll see.” Luke danced back and took his hand in her paw, nearly running with him to the box of costume parts. “I didn’t unpack your half because I wanted us to share that surprise.” It was a very pleasant surprise for Luke to see that the male bottoms had just as luxuriant a tail as the female. While Andy laid things out, Luke playfully undressed him, Andy submitting as she tugged on his pants and grunted with annoyance as her vixen claws tried hold on to his buttons. He was naked by the time the whole costume was lying on the bed.

“Hmm.” Luke held up the fox bottoms, squeezing the sheath. “I bet this will look nice when it’s full.” She knelt and put the feet on his. “Though it will go in easier if it’s a bit bigger.” Her muzzle engulfed him, her energetic tongue lapping around and achieving the desired growth. She had to laugh at how hard Andy was breathing – and she hadn’t even reached his knees. She had to let his penis flop out of her mouth and stand up to get the fox bottoms up the rest of the way. He was just as happy to have his cock in her paw and he massaged her boobs in an unfortunately unsuccessful attempt to return the sexual favor. She reached behind him and pushed the anal insert in, looking at him with soulful, apologetic eyes as his erection shrank away. “Sorry, hon.” She said, flicking her ears. “It was a little hard on me too.” She knelt again and lapped at his now fur ensconced crotch until his flame began to burn brighter again. He pet her head and said, “Why are you apologizing? That was great. I wish you’d taken your time is all.”

“Oh!” Luke was blushing under the mask. He hadn’t known that about Andy. “I forgot. Next time!” She said brightly, standing and helping him with the top. She opened the muzzle and put her tongue in, steadying the frame while Andy put it on. Her tongue danced with its mate the moment it woke up. As Andy put the fur cover on, she held the short sleeved evening jacket out for him to put his arms in, returning to the kiss as he put the modesty maintaining short black slacks on.

“It’s a lot easier to kiss you now.” Andy murmured.

“Mhmmm.” Luke moaned, too distracted by Andy’s deep muzzle kiss to reply. They stood with their paws clasped and their orange eyelids heavy for several eternities before they separated. “We should go.” Luke said, looking coyly at Andy.

“Yeah, reservations.”

Luke squeezed his pants. “I’ll finish what I started later. Now it’s time a totally different kind of fun!”

“Not totally, I hope.” Andy replied, letting her lead him out. “Do you know where we’re going?”

“Of course not!” Luke laughed.

“I love you, Irina. Even when you don’t know what you had for breakfast.”

“I love you too, Andy.” It felt weird to say it, a transgression somehow beyond fellating Irina’s boyfriend while pretending to be her.

Despite being warned beforehand, the cab driver kept sneaking looks whenever he thought the two love-foxes in the back were too busy with each other to notice him. Luke might have been annoyed if it hadn’t helped him to further immerse himself in Irina’s identity with the reminder that she’d have to keep her legs firmly together. Not only was he not wearing anything between his skirt and his fur, but he also didn’t want Andy to catch a glimpse of what was between fur and skin. She might not have noticed the position of his legs otherwise since she was so distracted by trying to find a way to sit that didn’t press her tail further into his body.

Andy stroked Luke’s hair and Luke rested her muzzle on his chest. “I meant it about your costume.” Andy murmured. “It really looks like you just turned into a vixen one morning.”

“One or every?” Luke teased.

“Well, I can’t say for mornings I’m not there…”

Luke nipped him on the neck. “Flatterer. I think. You look pretty hot yourself.”

“I wasn’t expecting to like the whole animal thing so much, but it feels nice.” He burrowed his nose into Luke’s hair. “Are you as soft as I am?” He nuzzled her ear. “Though I’m pretty hard in one place.” He whispered.

“Not too much!” Luke laughed. “We still have to make it through dinner.”

At the restaurant, Luke had his first experience of having someone unhesitatingly help him out of a car – also his first time needing it – and hold a door for him since childhood. She thanked Andy by momentarily running her tail over Andy’s nose as he passed. She made a point of swishing her tail in time with her hip-swinging walk as her heels clicked down the paved entryway to their destination. She looked up while waiting for Andy to get the door. The sign read ‘Fuzzy Navel’ spelled out in letters made of various kinds of tails. The hostess was fully costumed as a cat and Luke saw that the bartender was a raccoon with an abbreviated muzzle. “Wow. I wouldn’t have imagined a place like this would be in our town.” Luke said after they’d been seated.

“I know!” Andy replied. “When I heard about it, I knew we had to try this out. You’re not too warm, are you?”

“No. This suit’s great.” Luke said. “You?”

“I’m only hot for you, babe.”

Luke laughed. “Charmer. How are we supposed to eat, if you’re so smooth?”

“I don’t think we do.” Andy replied. “They appear to have a very long list of blended entrees.”

“That will be … interesting.” Luke said.

“No more than it’s been so far.”

“That’s true enough!” Luke said, waving her tail.

“I wish I was as good with mine as you are with yours.” Andy said, his tail twitching but not moving with as much fluidity as Luke’s.

“I’m glad to be better at something,” Luke said playfully, wrapping her tail around her body.

Andy reached across the table and took her paws in his. “You’re better than me at a lot of things.”

Luke squeezed Andy’s paws, her electronically projected eyes soft. She leaned forward and rubbed her nose against his. He tipped his muzzle up and their artificial tongues met for a moment before they broke contact.

“It’s much easier to kiss you over a table in this.” Andy commented. “You didn’t even knock over the salt.”

“Thanks.” Luke replied sardonically. “I was so afraid that the mood wouldn’t break on its own. Which one of us always smears their food on their nose?” She shot forward and licked Andy on the hard black nose of his costume head. “I have to do that so often it’s almost stopped being romantic.”

“Maybe to you.” Andy said. “I stick my nose in my food on purpose to get you to do that.”

“Do not!” Luke crossed her arms under her breasts. “Really?”

“Maybe.” Andy said. “Maybe I wish I did.”

Their waitress – a woman whose blonde hair was accented with floppy tan dog ears and with a curled tail clipped to her waistband – took their order and their conversation turned to how well they were eating in their fox masks. Both had to be careful to keep the straws in their liquid dinners deep enough in their muzzles that their artificial tongues wouldn’t end up with food on them. This limited conversation, though both of them exchanged meaningful looks the entire time, especially when Luke started ostentatiously licking her muzzle. They left the restaurant paw-in-paw and with their tails entwined. On the ride home, they agreed that they wanted to do it again. “Though I’m looking forward to our next date less than what we’re going to do when we get home,” Luke said, resting a paw on Andy’s leg.

“Me too.” Andy replied, his muzzle slightly open as he took deep breaths to steady himself. Luke’s was open as well and when they exited the cab, Andy scooped Luke into his arms and carried her into Irina’s house. “I love you so much,” he said as she rubbed his muzzle. “You look so hot in that.”

“I can’t wait either,” Luke breathed, latching her muzzle onto his and kissing him so deeply that their false tongues touched each other’s true tongues. She floated, secure in Andy’s arms, until he placed her on her bed. She opened her eyes languidly and stretched, intentionally spreading her legs so that he could get a quick glimpse of her unclad furry body beneath the short black skirt. She hooked her foot claws onto Andy’s waistband and tugged ineffectually.

“You’re so lazy!” Andy laughed, pushing the pants down to his feet and stepping out of them.

“Not when I see my prize.” Luke said, her tongue traveling around her muzzle. She sat up and applied it to the furry sheath, drawing forth her prize. Andy closed his eyes and growled in satisfaction, eliciting a giggle from Luke.

“I feel like I ought to be doing something for you,” Andy said, petting Luke’s head as she skillfully continued giving him pleasure without producing a climax.

“Well, sweetie.” Luke said, injecting some of Irina’s trademark embarrassment into his tone. “I sort of, well…” She spread her legs and showed the smooth blackness of the ‘panties’ that lay between the fur and flesh. “I didn’t mean to, but I forgot I was wearing them!”

“Oh. Well, you can always take it off-“

“No!” Luke bounced up to her knees and pressed her cheek to his chest. “I don’t want to stop.”

“Let’s at least get you out of that dress.” Andy replied, reaching around her. He hugged her to him. “Now where is that zipper?”

“You just want me to do this.” Luke took Andy in her muzzle again.

“No, seriously.” Andy panted.

Luke laughed and in a swift movement pulled the dress over her head. “There. Happy?”

Andy’s eyes traveled over her soft, curved, furry body. “Very.” Andy grasped her shoulders and gently pushed her down, lying down next to her and massaging her arms. “I don’t mind just lying here.” He moved his hands to her chest, his muzzle deep in her fur.

Luke didn’t have to pretend to enjoy Andy’s contact despite the area he was focusing on being almost entirely padding. “This is nice.” She sighed, reaching between her legs to enfold Andy’s sheath in one paw while she rested her other on his as it continued to circle her fake left breast.

Andy’s movements became more urgent and despite not being able to experience direct contact with him, Luke was getting hotter as well. She rolled over and ground against him straddling his hip with one leg.

“Are you sure you don’t want to take it off for a moment?” Andy asked, pulling away.

Luke cast about for an excuse, then remembered Andy’s reaction from earlier in the evening. “You know, hon.” She lay on her chest and swished her tail. “I bet you could fit in along with my tail plug. I’m sure it will be the tightest you’ve ever had me.” She hoped Andy hadn’t heard the click of her claws as she crossed her fingers.

“You don’t have to.”

Luke swung her tail up to run along the bottom of Andy’s muzzle. “I want to see if you can.” She said, her voice dripping with desire.

Andy’s muzzle hung open, but words failed to come. Instead, he got to his knees, took his girlfriend by the hips and rested his penis between her buttocks, the head just touching the base of her tail. “Hadn’t we better get some … uh …”

“Oh!” Luke fumbled around on the nightstand until she found the jar. “I suppose this is one of the best times for it.”

She reached back and spread the lube along Andy’s twitching shaft. He lost no time in gingerly sliding it in underneath the tail insert. When he was certain he would fit, his motion became more urgent and Luke started to slide back and forth to help him along. Their amorous cries mingled until Andy climaxed and then fell exhausted off of Luke’s back. She rolled over on her side and gave him a few licks on the muzzle.

“So was that good?” She asked.

“The best.” Andy said, breathing hard.

“Maybe you’d better take that off.”

Andy gulped. “Yeah.”

Luke gently pulled the fur cover off the mask base and then unclasped that. In the same slow, solicitous way she worked the top off of him and then the bottom. He lay naked next to her and she curled up around him.

“Don’t you want to take yours off?”

Luke shook her head. “Just think of me as your sexy teddy bear.”

Andy cuddled her. “I will.” Luke fell asleep with only a little more squeezing and rubbing. When he woke up, he found that Andy had left. There was a note on the nightstand, a single rose lying on top of it. ‘Sorry to have to run, honey, but I have work this morning. Last night was … I can’t even describe it. Thank you so much. Looking forward to doing it again with absolutely all my heart. Not tonight, though. I don’t think my body could take it ;p.’ His costume was hung up in the closet.

Luke hugged the note to her chest, then stretched and got out of bed. Her fur was all over the place and she hummed happily to herself as she carefully brushed herself and spot cleaned her fur. Looking at the note, she thought of how she was going to explain this to Irina – she wouldn’t.

Before she took the costume off, however, Luke wanted to take some pictures. She set up a camera and started nude, then put on the previous evening’s outfit. Looking at herself, she had an idea and ran around the house gathering what she needed, almost knocking several books over with her tail as she passed a shelf. Her photo shoot became ‘vixen down the ages’ as she started with the Victorian dress she’d borrowed the corset from, standing in profile, her muzzle facing the camera and her ears up straight. In that dress, only her paws and head showed that she was anything but a lady out for a constitutional. Then she found a pencil skirt and blouse, though not the right hat for a flapper, taking the photo with her ears slightly back, her tail twined around her body and her knees bowed inward. Skipping forward – a poodle skirt amongst other things had eluded her search – she posed with two claws up in a V sign in a brightly colored sun dress and plaited the rose into her hair, her muzzle open and her ears forward. She was surprised to find ankle boots and a miniskirt, but the seventies were on, the vixen facing the camera with her paw on her hip. Getting tired, she decided not to look around for cargo pants to try for the nineties and instead put everything away. She wouldn’t have much longer in the costume and what she wanted most was to lay back and relive every moment of the previous evening. Not only would she enjoy it, but she needed to if she planned on hiding her activities from Irina.

“Hey, Irina.” Luke said, the costume neatly tucked back into the box how he’d found it. “Yeah, I let Andy down without telling him.” Luke’s voice fell into a conspiratorial whisper. “Don’t let him know I told you, but he had a look at the costumes and will be waiting for you when you get back. Try to act surprised.” Luke hung up, sure that Irina would most definitely look appropriately surprised when she found her boyfriend already dressed from the waist up in his fox costume. Below the waist, well, Luke had to make sure that tonight went almost exactly as the previous one had. A few differences in recollection would be put down to Irina’s flightiness, but there was no way it could begin with anything but a muzzle job to help her boyfriend get his costume on.

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