A Very Different Mother’s Day

A Very Different Mother’s Day

By JessicaC

Janelle and Terry have been trying four years to have their second child and everyone except Terry has been telling Jan just to relax. While Terry wasn’t pressing his family, parents and others on his side want a boy to carry on the family name. Neither Janelle or Terry knew their daughter’s wish yesterday, when little Karen blew out the four candles on her birthday cake. She was told if she told it wouldn’t come true.

Despite the storm that was creeping ever closer Jan and Terry were taking a shower together before making love tonight. Actually Terry was getting a lecture, “Terry, I wish you we’re on the receiving end. Then it might be more like making love again. I would like to see how you liked someone storming the entrance to your castle.”

Terry’s laughter was not helpful in reply. He was trying to force a kiss upon her when they heard a clap of thunder and the lights went out.

What happened can’t be explained by the thunder or the lights going out. It was more likely the swirl of lighted sparkles that encircled and showered them. Jan who had been fighting the kiss now embraces it, and realizes everything is turned around. Jan is the first to notice as her voice is now deeper and the horny feeling is strangely different. “O’ I think I’m going to enjoy this." She grabs his hand and runs to the bed telling him, "Lie down, relax and enjoy this. I’m sure I will.”

Terry does not perceive this to be Jan talking but his own thoughts and he’s only too happy to agree. When two hands encourage the spreading of his legs, he thinks it’s just foreplay before the big event. The hands finding his sweet spot are a little different and the body coming down upon him is definitely different and larger. He wants to yell, but yell what?

The body coming down on him is bigger than him as are the lips that give a warm soft kiss. The sparks are there again. Strangely, his going into her is more beautiful than ever, though he hadn’t realized he was already very big and hard. He can feel himself going in deeper and deeper. He’s thinking ‘She has to enjoy this I am being so gentle even I enjoy it more.’ He can feel her legs wrap around him and the thrust and rhythm of the two sends the sensations deeper and hotter than he can remember.” He hears himself whispering sweet things in her ear and the expressions of love are more like what she usually says but he knows his own voice.

It is the moans and sounds of the enjoyment he’s feeling expressed by Jan’s voice that things start registering. Instead of panic though, he thinks it is like a dream come true. “Jan, I have your voice.” He expects her to be surprised as well, but she’s not.

“That and more honey, let’s just enjoy the moment.” He’s sensing that his body is about to explode inside Jan’s and that he is on the receiving end. The intensity Jan is feeling is out of control and she is now taking to intensify the force with which she/he is thrusting. He is reacting like Jan and just trying to help him to enjoy the explosion. He feels the warmth of what is inside and relaxes to think how neat it is to be the woman.

Jan enjoyed the next half hour helping Terry to come to an orgasm. “Wow, I’ve never felt anything like that as a guy,” he tells her.

Jan says to her husband, now the woman, “Well, let’s try this again doing things my way; we both should experience things even more joy.” She had waited a half hour for her male body to regain it's juices and strength.

Terry likes the experience and is making mental note how to please his wife. Jan likes the feeling of being a man but is not sure if the joy she is experiencing is different from the normal guy. It is much better that than a half hour before.”

Jan as Terry is taking his time and the new Jan is having the experience of a life time. Jan knows from the reaction that Jan is experiencing her first orgasm, but his wife id not letting up and things are out of control as the second orgasm hits as Terry’s body is building in excitement. “Help me hold your body’s enjoyment by pushing against me when I pull back.

He’s not sure how to do that but he must be doing it right. He never heard himself like that. They are both experiencing a orgasm now, his first and her body’s third. She breaks into laughter, “Just my luck a multiple orgasm and I’m in your body.” The height of their pleasure holds for a good while, till Terry’s body finally rolls off.

Outside the door comes Karen’s voice, “Did my wish come true?”

Terry speaks but its Jan’s voice, “What was your wish dear?”

Karen was tickled as she realized it wasn’t really her mom talking to her. She calls back, “Happy Mother’s Day Daddy!”

“The Angel said you’ll get to enjoy being the new baby’s Mommy for four years.”

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