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By Jennifer Sue

Part 1

The job was thankless and often boring, but at least upper management recognized it's importance because the salary was double what similar positions paid. Lydia Templin was quite efficient as the research/reference librarian for a major pharmaceutical company. In this position she was responsible for indexing articles in scientific and research journals so that if one of the researchers in the company wanted information, she would be able to promptly obtain it. In addition, she was responsible for filing and cross referencing all research documents produced by the company.

When upper management decided to try to find a drug to control the unbridled sex drive of child-molesters and rapists, a request came in from R & D for information on drugs that reduced sex drive in males. Lydia pulled up every listing of drugs that had references of reduced sex drive and then set about to dutifully cull every reference. One drug, TTX, seemed to repeatedly pop up but none of the clinical studies showed any consistent results. Lydia's sent all the information on to R & D.

Curious about TTX, over the next few months whenever she had a bit of free time Lydia pulled up all the information available on the drug. She discovered research done independently by several universities in which TTX had been tried as a means to wean drug addicts from narcotics. As in the clinical results of the sex drive reduction, all the reports indicated tremendous discrepancies in the results within the test groups. In the sex drive reduction of sex offender studies and the studies to end drug addiction TTX had achieved every goal in some patients while others patients met not even a single goal. Repeated tests with all types of controls resulted in the same extremes. At no time in any of the studies was there any middle of the road response. TTX had either done exactly what the researchers desired or it did nothing. None of the researchers had been able to find a clue as to why TTX worked or didn't work. Several researchers offered the opinion the positive results were because the test patient WANTED the drug to work and attributed the success to a placebo effect. Since the researchers in all of the studies could not find a reason for the discrepancies they had abandoned the research on TTX and moved on to other more promising prospects.

This contraindicative results made Lydia even more curious. Not being a professional researcher but having the where-with-all to do some skilled research, Lydia began combing the reports on TTX. The only common factor she could find was the summation of most reports concluded the effectiveness of TTX had been due to a placebo effect. The frustration of not finding a clue in the many reports as to why TTX had such extreme results ate at Lydia. TTX kept popping into her mind as she mentally rehashed the research. Lydia assumed the researchers were simply not thinking outside the box. However she couldn’t find an answer either.

A few months later she received an e-mail about a YouTube video that showed a hypnotist putting a group of college students under and having them react to his suggestions. The video was entertaining and humorous, but she didn’t really see what was so great that it had been e-mailed to her.

A week later she was again pondering the TTX dilemma when she recalled the video. What if TTX induced some type of hypnotic effect that caused the patient to mentally correct the problem? What if those who responded to TTX received VERBAL encouragement while those who did not respond received no verbal encouragement? Was TTX somehow opening the mind of the recipient and going to the basic depths of a person's mentality? Was it making them suggestible? Did it let the mind of the recipient unconsciously react to the suggestions and create the desired results? If so, what was the window of suggestibility? The answer seemed be that the drug was obviously psychotropic in it's effects. Somehow it opened the mind of the person taking the drug to suggestions!

When Lydia brought her insights to the researchers, they had chuckled and been quite condescending to her. After that, she vowed to keep her conclusions and suspicions to her self. But the idea that she was right ate at her until she felt compelled to prove herself right just to rub it in the faces of the arrogant scientists.

Part of Lydia's job involved going to the research labs at least once a week to drop off and collect reports. Thus, she was not an unusual sight in the labs. With daring, she managed to secure a supply of TTX. From her reading she knew the drug could be taken orally and with a bit of digging was able to determine a safe dosage as well as ascertain a probable window during which suggestions would be effective. All she needed was a suitable subject.

It didn't take much thought to think of a candidate. Allen, her lazy philandering husband, would certainly benefit from a good shot of suggestibility. Taking the TTX home, Lydia slipped some into her husband's coffee on Saturday morning, then waited twenty minutes for the drug to take effect.

"Allen," Lydia asked sweetly. "I'd really like you to stay home instead of going golfing. It has been so long since we spent some time together."

As in the past, Allen smiled, kissed her on the cheek, and hugged her. "The other guys are waiting and I have to go but I promise to make arrangements to stay home next Saturday."

Lydia thought her experiment failed and was near tears of frustration and anger since she wanted her man to stay home. As she forlornly watched her man prepare to leave she was surprised. Instead of grabbing his golf clubs and heading out the door as she had expected, Allen stopped cold in his tracks. It was plain to see that he wanted to pick up the golf clubs and go, but something was making him hold back. It became clear that Allen was growing angry and concerned with his inability to pick up his golf clubs.

"Allen, please call the guys and tell them you can't make it," Lydia once more stated as she left her seat and hugged him warmly hoping against hope that the drug was working.

Allen shivered and it was plain to see a terrible internal war was raging. With a grunt he flicked her hands off his arms and struggled forward one step. The blood vessels in his temples were standing out due to the effort he was exerting.

"Allen, call your buddies and tell them you will not be golfing today," Lydia ordered in a firm voice. "You want nothing more in the world than to stay home with me. It will make you happy to make me happy. In fact, your main goal in life from now on will be to make me happy and do whatever I want you to do."

Allen shivered and shook as he fought to do as he wanted until finally he gasped, doubled over, then slowly stood straight. "Honey, I'm sorry," he apologized. "Please forgive me for being so selfish. Of course I'll call the guys and cancel our game."

Lydia was delighted as he dialed the phone. Then a worry hit her. What if the guys grew suspicious about his sudden change in attitude? She had to be more discreet. "Darling, instead of canceling, why not go today. Just invite the guys over here for a drink after the round is over. We can tell them then that you won't be playing golf anymore."

Lydia was anxious for next few hours as she waited for the round of golf to be completed. It was quite a relief to see Allen arrive home with his golf buddies pulling in behind him. Allen played a great game and the guys were more than willing to return to his home for free beer. What they didn't know was that Lydia had spiked their beer with TTX. Without comment she made them sandwiches and kept smiling while waiting on them.

When she felt enough time had passed for the drug to take effect, she began speaking in a loud firm voice. "May I please have your attention.”

“I want to tell you that your days of selfish indulgence are over," she proclaimed when they all looked at her while she was boldly hoping they were under the spell of the TTX. "From now on the number one pleasure and relaxation in your lives will be making your wife and children happy. In addition, you will begin going to church as often as possible. You will become active in church affairs. You will never again use profanity or rude gestures. Even hearing profanity or seeing rude gestures will make you uncomfortable. Smoking will be something you despise and object to quite strenuously. Consumption of alcohol will be for social or taste purposes, not to become inebriated. You will be mindful of how much you consume so that you do not become drunk. Never will you use illegal drugs. Your hygiene will improve. You will shave every day. You will endeavor to remain as clean as your job allows. You will help with the housework. You will complete, as best you are able, home improvement projects that need doing. If Allen or I call and ask you to come over and have a drink, you will do so as soon as you can without destroying your other obligations. You will NOT remember that I told you these things. All you will recall is that you came here with Allen to have a few beers, that I served you sandwiches, and that you had a good time. You may resume your conversation as if I never disrupted you."

The men shook their heads and began to talk. Lydia relaxed, her fear that they were not under the spell of the TTX was erased. Much to her delight, all the men snuffed out their cigarettes vowing to quit starting that instant. Profanity, which had been a trademark of their conversation, simply vanished from their vocabulary. In sixteen minutes, all had left to return to their families whom they dearly missed.

***** ***** *****

Lydia waited patiently to see what would happen. During the next month Allen became a real go-getter about the home, finishing every project he had ever started plus some that needed to be started. Every Sunday they went to church. He became a model husband and perfect role model for their seven year old son, Stephan. The same was true of the other members of the golfing foursome. Their families were delighted with the sudden changes in the men. They had no idea what sparked the changes, but they were not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Once she was sure there was no back-sliding and no ill effects among the men, Lydia used TTX on her son to improve his manners, obedience, and deportment. During the next month his grades soared to straight A's and his messy room was meticulously maintained. He helped with the chores, never spoke back, and never used profanity. In fact, he became an ideal son and student which made him quite unpopular with the boys in his class. Lydia made sure he did not buckle under the peer pressure but continued with his new habits.

All during this time she secretly used the drug to influence her husband and son whenever she wanted to instill a new desire or habit in them or to eliminate a behavior or habit she did not like. By keeping track of her suggestions, she realized that each dose of TTX took effect about twenty minutes after consumption and the window of suggestibility was open for about fifteen minutes. In addition it appeared as if the person would accept all suggestions, even if it went against their desires and beliefs. Once suggested, the desired alteration took effect and no additional doses were required. With further experimentation she found she could cancel any previously suggested changes. She also discovered that the person under the drug's influence is open to audio suggestion by anyone, including television or radio commercials. This was revealed when Allen brought home ten cases of Rice-A-Roni because it was the best! Lydia was quite bewildered at his actions until she realized that a commercial for Rice-A-Roni had been on the television while she had been making a suggestion. After that, she administered drug only when she was certain nothing and no one but her would make suggestions and then took the added precaution of first instructing the person to respond only to her suggestions and orders. She also realized she had used TTX to virtually but kindly enslave her husband.

Lydia also slipped TTX into the coffee she served to her bosses and co-workers at the pharmaceutical company to make her working conditions better, to get good evaluations and raises, to get a better budget, and to get unlimited access to TTX. With doses to the researchers, she made them forget about her earlier suggestion that TTX had hypnotic qualities. She also ensured that the idea would not occur to them. Doses also ensured that the missing TTX was listed as being as used in experiments, as out of code, or as contaminated.

During the next year life for Lydia became almost idyllic. Thanks to the never failing effects of the TTX, whatever she liked, Allen and Stephan liked. Whatever she disliked, Allen and Stephan disliked. There was no rancor or argument in their home. Allen's new drive and positive attitude, combined with inviting his bosses home for dinner where Lydia served everyone TTX, earned him promotions that tripled his salary. Since Lydia was an honest person she made sure the promotions and work Allen received and did were worth the increased salary. Since Allen's earnings alone were now more than enough to meet the needs of the family Lydia suggested to the powers that be at the pharmaceutical company, after giving them a dose of TTX, that they hire a librarian clerk. This clerk would handle the day to day drudgery of Lydia's job so that Lydia could go to part-time status while maintaining the position of librarian. By working an average of one day a week, she could oversee the continued efficient operation of the library while saving the company several thousand dollars. Naturally, they bought her plan. Lydia interviewed and hired the clerk. The first day she gave the clerk a dose of TTX. With the training done under the influence of TTX, the clerk had only to be shown something once to have the skill mastered. Within a week the clerk was up to speed, found her job to be the most satisfying job she ever had, and was totally loyal to Lydia. Lydia dropped to part-time status at a quarter of her previous salary while maintaining all benefits and perks.

All was not a bed a roses. Allen's worthless brother, George, and girlfriend, Hilda, on an all too regular basis, called begging for help to pay their rent or some other expense. Then came the day they were busted for drugs. They needed money for bail and a place to crash since they’d been evicted. Lydia had always disliked the alcohol and drug addicted couple and so was inclined to tell them to get lost. Allen begged her to give the destitute pair a chance to get their act together, especially since their minds were so burned out they could barely function. Lydia smiled as a plan began to form. She agreed to bail them out and bring them home. The grateful couple instantly came under the influence of TTX.

Lydia used TTX to purge them of any desires other than to serve Lydia, Allen, and Stephan. The Templin home soon began to sparkle as an alcohol and drug-free George and Hilda took on the roles of butler/gardener and cook/maid. This created two problems. The first was that their suburban home was now crowded. The second was that George and Hilda's friends kept dropping by to either freeload or to attempt to entice the pair back into the world of drugs.

Another draw-back to having George and Hilda as butler/gardener and cook/maid was that the two were constantly exhausted and often ill due to their frail health from the deprivations of their previous drug use. Lydia decided to experiment, to see if the effects of TTX could reach so far into the depths of a person's mind as to influence the body.

First she made sure she would be undisturbed while once more putting George and Hilda under TTX. Once their minds were open, she began to instill her orders into the deepest recesses of their minds, into the very core of their base instincts and impulses. George was instructed to grow eight inches and bulk up to be a handsome Arnold Swartzeneger-like muscle man. For an emaciated, sickly 110 pound five feet six inch man, this would be a major challenge. Hilda was instructed to grow eight inches and bulk up to be a muscular and athletic yet very curvaceous and beautiful female. For a scrawny, sickly, 90 pound five feet three inch Olive Oyl-like woman, this would be a major challenge. Both were also instructed to be in perfect health, speak precise and proper English with a noticeable German accent, to have perfect manners which would include bowing and curtseying, and to act like body guards for the Templin family. The changes would slowly occur over a six month period.

Some of the changes began almost at once. Within a week both spoke precise proper English with a heavy German accent and bowed or curtseyed as appropriate for a formal butler and maid. Their food consumption soared as their bodies grew and bulked up. Their health problems disappeared. It took the full six months for all of Lydia's deep seated orders to be fulfilled. Fortunately, George and Hilda still looked like George and Hilda, just larger and definitely more robust.

Naturally, Lydia was delighted with this new application for TTX. Looking at Allen, she decided that she'd like him to be taller, stronger, have blue eyes instead of grey, and to grow a thick wavy mane of dark hair on his bald head. These suggestions were soon in place also with a six month completion time so that the changes would be subtle. Again, the changes began almost at once.

The week after Lydia began her experiment with the TTX on George and Hilda she had George contact some of his degenerate friends and invited about a dozen over for a party. Naturally, the prostitutes, thieves, drug-disabled welfare recipients and other assorted creeps assumed it was going to be a blow out so eagerly came with several others. Twenty people arrived. They eagerly accepted the TTX laced beer George handed out. Once all were in the TTX window, Lydia stepped forth. In short order, there were twenty drug and alcohol free people who were fanatically grateful to the Templin family. Upon leaving the Templin home each cleaned up their act and found steady employment. Each week they would check in with Lydia often bringing addicted companions who quickly joined the ranks of the drug-free. At each meeting Lydia questioned the former addicts and, with TTX to make things compulsory, offered guidance on how to be a better person. Once she saw the physical changes that were possible with the TTX, Lydia used the TTX to restore the health and minds of the ex-drug addicts. Each ex-drug addict was also implanted with the desire to voluntarily pay one percent of their annual income to the Templin family as repayment for getting the drug monkey off their back. To make the changes seem less fantastic, Lydia attributed things to religion and accordingly instilled in each ex-drug addict a deep faith in God and a need to worship and praise the Lord for their miraculous cure. By the fourth and last visit, the former drug addicts were well on their way to becoming healthy, happy, productive, upright, church-going, tolerant people. They would, after their first year of being clean, begin to donate one tenth of their income to the church they attended.

Lydia could not rest on her accomplishments. For each drug addict she cured, at least five more came to her to receive the cure. As a good person, she could not refuse to help them. To this end she formed a small consulting business to handle the growing influx of drug addicts. Each signed a contract pledging to pay Lydia one percent of their income per one year as long as they remained drug free. With her growing expertise in curing the addicts and setting them on the right path, she was able to do the cure in one sitting. She also expanded her cures from drugs and alcohol to gambling, smoking, food, sex, even pedophilia. Of course, she made up a check-list of unhealthy habits to eliminate and good habits to instill. As her fame spread, people came from all over to receive her one day cure.

Lydia answered all inquiries about the miraculous success of her technique by stating that it was due to her faith in God. The way she actually did the cures was to bring a group of up to a hundred people into a rented church or temple sanctuary. She had two props, one a large spinning pinwheel for inducing a semi hypnotic state and the other a large water cooler with a five gallon water bottle laced with TTX. Classical music played softly in background. Once everyone was seated she began her cure session.

“You are here because you want to be cured of your addiction. I charge no up front fee for this session. You have not signed any commitment. The only thing I ask of you is that when your addiction is cured, you voluntarily give one percent of your income to Faith Cure for however long your addiction stays cured. You can and will be cured during this single session, but only if you trust in God. It does not matter if you’re a Jew, Moslem, Christian, Hindi, Buddhist or any other faith, even Wicca. All beliefs have a powerful divinity and that is who will help you beat your addition. All faiths require a purification ritual. We will now conduct a symbolic purification. Please come forward, take a cup and fill it with water from this cooler. Then step in front of me and drink it. Drinking it will symbolically clean your body of it’s addition. There is a trash can to toss the empty cup as you return to your seat.”

Once everyone had returned to their seat she continued. “Now that you’ve completed the rite of purification I’ll give you simple instructions that may sound ridiculous but they will be what makes the cure stick. Your lives will change. The desire for drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, sex, food, or whatever your personal addiction will no longer have any power over you. You will abandon all actions that lead to evil. This means you will no longer use foul and uncouth language. You will dislike to even hear foul or uncouth language. You will refrain from using obscene gestures. You will strive to be the best person you can be. To do this you must stay healthy. This means your diet must be healthy, balanced, and not overindulge. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy treats, it means you will enjoy them more because they won’t be overindulged. You will also strive to maintain a healthy weight. Exercise will be a part of your daily routine. Joining a gym is not necessary but you will find a daily exercise routine with which you are comfortable to get into shape and stay there. Because your addiction will be gone, you will be thankful to your divinity and become a devoted adherent. Every day you will set aside time to commune with your God. If practical you will endeavor to attend organized worship at least once a week. Part of being thankful for your addiction cure will mean you will donate one tenth of your income to your faith or other suitable charity. Family will be a vital part of your new lives. Love is a two way street. You will only receive love if you freely share your love. This means you will also care about your fellow humans. All your actions will be honest which will bring you honor and respect. In all you do you will do the best you can do under whatever circumstances exist. Do all these things and your lives will be happy and you will feel content and fulfilled.”

Lydia’s words were timed to fall within the fifteen minute window of suggestibility that TTX engendered. At that point she would point out the large multi-colored spiral that slowly began to spin. "Look at the spiral," she would command. "Watch it spin. Sink into it's depths. Let all your inhibitions and fears go. Open yourselves up to your divinity. You are falling into a powerful hypnotic trance. You will hear nothing but my voice. You will obey my voice and no other. You will remember all I have said concerning the changes you will make. If you truly want to be cured, if you truly want to make the changes in you life which I explained earlier, through the power and love of your divinity, those things are now a part of you and can never be changed. When you awaken from the trance, you will immediately feel the changes. Your addiction will be gone. The cravings will be gone. You will love the new you. This is all possible by the grace of your divinity. Honor and worship your God. BY YOUR FAITH YOU ARE CURED! SHOUT HALLELUJAH!”

Those in attendance shouted “HALLELUJAH!”

“You may now awake,” Lydia declared. “Each of you can already feel the difference in yourself! Remember what you’ve experienced here toady. Stay faithful to your divinity. You may depart in peace.”

That was it. Short, simple, and to the point. Lydia explained it as spiritual hypnotism. As to why she was so successful when others could not duplicate her success, she merely shrugged her shoulders and said her results were due to her faith and trust in God.

Twice a week, four times on each day, Lydia held her cure sessions. She hired a small but totally loyal staff of cured addicts to clean, prepare, and schedule the supplicants. Naturally, they were unable to reveal anything about TTX since they knew nothing about the drug and had mental blocks imposed to make them blind to anything that might make them suspicious that a drug might be used or to doubt that what Lydia stated was the absolute truth. The sessions were held withing a two hundred fifty mile radius of her home in eastern Pennsylvania so she covered a great deal of the Northeast. What surprised everyone was that there was no up front fee for the cures. All they had to agree to is if the cure was successful they would send one percent of their income to the consulting business as long as they remained drug free.

This business resulted in a steady influx of money from the reformed drug addicts who came from all social classes and backgrounds. In fact, the earnings of the business quickly went into millions of dollars a year. Lydia made sure that twenty five percent of the profit went to deserving charities. Fifty percent of the profit went into loans at five percent interest to the cured so they could set themselves up in businesses or at least get a home to live and a vehicle to go to work. The remaining twenty five percent became Lydia's personal funds.

Two years after beginning the drug addiction cures, Lydia decided it would be nice if the family moved to the country. Accordingly they located an five hundred acre dairy farm and moved. George and Hilda remained as butler/gardener and cook/maid while two ex-farm boy and two ex-farm girl druggies were tapped to work the farm. These four were reshaped into robust, hard-working, quiet, compatible, loving, married couples, Harry and Debbie Strong and James and Janet Greth. Just before the start of the new school year the move to the farm was made.

By November, the income from DRUGCURE had soared to the point where Allen was able to quit his job. The original farm buildings were remodeled into a modern manor estate. The huge old stone farmhouse was completely refurbished with every conceivable amenity. Every one of the eight large bedrooms had a walk-in closet and private bath. There was a big family room, a large game room with a pool table and a ping pong table, a grand formal living room, a large library/office, a formal dining room, a huge eat in kitchen, a large well stocked pantry, and a laundry. Several large storage rooms came off the well lighted and ventilated underground tunnel that connected the house to the old stone barn which was remodeled to include an indoor swimming pool in the basement, an indoor tennis court on the first floor, a gym, spa, and sauna on the third floor, and a craft area in the attic loft. A five car garage which held all their vehicles was attached to the barn above the tunnel. George and Hilda lived in comfort as part of the family but still had to continue their duties as cook/maid and butler/gardener. The entire complex used a large geothermal heat pimp to centrally heat and air-condition the complex.

The farm itself was modernized. The two farm couples, the Strongs and the Greths, built and lived in rustic kit-built log cabins with all modern amenities. A huge heated modern barn was built to house all the equipment and animals. The couples worked the land earning more than enough to pay all the mortgage plus the farm upkeep, expenses, and taxes from the farm earnings, keeping whatever extra they earned. Harry and James worked the dairy farm. They also raised steers for beef, a few chickens for meat and eggs, and a few hogs for meat. A stream through the farm was dammed to provide a small hydroelectric plant. A small fresh-water fish farm was established in the pond behind the damn. They planted grains and corn in the fields to feed the animals and for human consumption. In addition they had a large vegetable garden and orchard. Debbie and Janet canned and froze fruits and vegetables, made preserves and jellies, and baked homemade breads and pastries.

All these efforts provided more than enough food to feed everyone who lived on the farm. It took two years for all the rebuilding and modernization to be completed. It was only then that Lydia removed the infertility command she had placed upon Janet and Debbie and replaced it with instructions to simultaneously become pregnant with boys and three months after the births of their sons to become pregnant with girls. In addition, they were instructed to be devoted mothers. Both women quickly and happily became pregnant.

In all that Lydia did during the years since she discovered TTX, she was very conscientious to make sure the changes she instituted became a part of the person's revised personality. Everyone was motivated to be the best they could be but at the same time made to be content and happy with their lot in life. In every case the people were far better off than they had been before encountering Lydia and TTX.

With things settling into place during the fourth year after Lydia's discovery of TTX, she began to ease off her hectic pace. The farmer couples, the Strongs and the Greths, both had a healthy baby boys, Harry Jr and James Jr, and three months later were pregnant once more. Lydia took the time to enjoy the better things in life such as shows, plays, concerts, the ballet, museums and numerous other such enlightened activities. Naturally, Allen and Stephan accompanied her. Despite all this happiness and luxury, Lydia felt that something was missing from her life but could never seem to put her finger on exactly what was out of kilter.

One night while attending a performance of the NUTCRACKER BALLET, a cute girl in a fancy dress caught Lydia's eye. The obviously polite, well-bred girl was a pleasure to behold. The parents, especially the proud mother, were beaming with pride over their darling daughter. This incident struck a cord of longing for a pretty daughter to pamper. Suddenly Lydia realized what had been missing from her life. She desperately wanted a daughter who was sweet, loving, and well-behaved! She wanted a sugar and spice girl of her own!

This greatly saddened Lydia since after having a hysterectomy it was impossible for her to have any more children. With great longing and sadness she looked at Stephan, wishing that he had been a girl instead of a boy. This was aggravated by the squeals and giggles of the Strong and Greth babies, as well as by the advancing second pregnancies of Debbie and Janet. With a sigh Lydia tried to give up the thoughts of ever having a daughter as hopeless, bemoaning the fact that even her ever faithful TTX could not give her the daughter she wanted even though she was sure TTX could enable her to repair her reproductive system.

The reason for this was simply that Lydia did not trust anyone enough to allow herself to be dosed with TTX and receive instructions. In desperation, she decided to record a message for herself. After all, she reasoned, if a commercial could influence a person, so could a tape recording. Accordingly she made a tape. On the tape she gave instructions to go into a deep trance. Then she told her base self to have her body replace the missing portions of her reproductive system. She also instructed herself for perfect health, perfect speech, hairless body and delicately arched eyebrows, blue eyes, flawless fair easily tanned skin, long straight fine blonde hair, and to have her body and face assume twenty year old Christie Brinkley-like beauty while maintaining her own image. All the changes were to take six months to become complete. She made sure to wake herself from the deep trance and insured that she would remember all that transpired.

Several times Lydia anxiously listened to the tape to insure all was as she wanted and that nothing would place an undesired habit into her being. After instructing everyone to leave her alone in her room for three hours, she dosed herself with TTX. Twenty minutes later she turned on the tape. Much to her relief, no one disturbed her and all went well.

The tape worked to perfection and the changes began. Lydia looked forward to becoming pregnant and finally having the daughter she wanted. While she waited, she spent a great deal of time with the Strong and Greth babies. She was four months into the changes when Debbie Strong and Janet Greth went into labor. Watching the pain these women endured gave Lydia second thoughts about becoming pregnant. As she thought back over the last stages of their pregnancies, she recalled her own discomfort and awkwardness when she had been pregnant.

Serious doubts about the wisdom of her desire to become pregnant with a daughter rose. This is not to say Lydia did not still want a daughter. It was just that she had become so comfortable in her life of relative luxury that she didn't want to return to the agonies of pregnancy and child birth. Still, Lydia persevered. While Debbie and Janet were in the hospital Lydia took care of Harry Jr. and James Jr. When newborns Darla Strong and Jeanne Greth came home with their mothers, Lydia also took care of them. She marveled at how physically similar children were before puberty influenced them to become masculine or feminine.

***** ***** *****

It was also during this time that Stephan was beginning to prove troublesome. While still a studious, polite, and well-behaved boy, he was twelve and entering puberty. This meant that he became a bit trying at times. His former ability to ignore peer pressure was seriously weakened by his need to prove his manhood. The shit hit the fan when Lydia returned home from a day watching the two toddlers and the two newborns to discover Stephan in his room jerking off while reading Playboy.

Lydia flipped out. The magazine went in the trash and she angrily demanded that he tell her where he obtained the filthy thing. To the best of his tamed ability, Stephan met fire with fire and refused to tell her. Finally, Lydia ordered him to bed without supper.

Allen was no help, since he merely chuckled when Lydia told him what she had discovered. His "boys will be boys" answer infuriated her. Once more she wished that her only child had been a sweet adorable daughter instead of an irascible son. After several hours stewing, Lydia decided to solve her problem the only way she knew.

After dosing George, Hilda, Allen and Stephan with TTX, Lydia began to question her husband and son. She was a bit relieved to discover that Allen had not gotten the magazine for the boy but was still angry since he had known Stephan had it. Stephan was forced to reveal that he had obtained the magazine from classmates at school. Lydia was furious with both males and recalled Allen’s philandering ways before she dosed him with TTX. In a snit she decided both needed to be punished.

As she thought about a punishment, she also found herself lamenting about the agonies of childbirth and pregnancy. Then inspiration struck. With a wicked smile she turned to George, Hilda, Allen and Stephan. In the past she had always instructed them to forget any changes she instituted in anyone. This time she decided to let them remember and understand the power she wielded.

"I have something to confess," Lydia stated with a menacing voice. "I discovered a new use for a drug called TTX. It opens a person's mind to the very depths of their being. Once administered, the person will do whatever I tell them to do, up to and including actual physical alteration of their body. I've been using it to make you and everyone else behave like decent human beings, to cure the drug addictions, and to make the physical changes that were necessary. Up to now I have been blanking this out of everyone's mind. As punishment for the smut, I am going to allow you to remember what I do and what I can do. As of this moment you can remember everything about you that I've used TTX to change. While I do not revoke any of the changes I've made in you physically or any of the mental demands that made you change habits and behaviors, I do revoke the instructions that you LIKE the changes I have made. You can never use TTX nor can you even communicate your knowledge of TTX. You can never do anything against me in any way. You are and always will be totally devoted and loyal to me. In fact, if necessary you will die to protect me. You can never discuss my actions with anyone but me, and then only when we are in private and I give you permission."

George, Hilda, Allen and Stephan sat still on the couch, sweating profusely as they nervously listened to Lydia. All the hidden memories flashed into their minds. For the first time they realized that she had been using the TTX to put them into trances to not only make them do whatever she wanted them to do, but to actually change them physically. Even worse was the fact that she made them like all the changes. They also now understood that Lydia was responsible for all the drug addicts being cured and for how everyone had been physically changed.

"George and Hilda," Lydia began. "I will not release you from your servitude or the changes I have made in you. I feel I saved your lives and made you better people. You have many comforts and freedoms, more than you would have ever achieved on your own. In fact, you would probably be dead or in jail by now if I had not changed you. I want you to think about what I
ve done to help you while I punish Allen and Stephan. When I dismiss them, I will give you the opportunity to request that I again erase your memory of TTX and it's effects. If you decide to retain the knowledge, I will allow you to request having me make you totally happy with the changes I have made."

"Allen, you know how I feel about smut and yet you allowed Stephan to have that trash," Lydia stated as she turned to her husband. "Also your cavalier attitude about the porn tells me that while TTX has stopped you from having any more affairs, it has not stopped your licentious attitudes. For that, I will punish you. You will no longer be my husband. Starting tomorrow, you will happily tell everyone that you and Stephan will be leaving shortly to fulfill a dream you've both had your entire lives. That is to move into the wilds of Canada to build a rustic cabin in the wilderness and live off the land. Your reality is that as of this moment, your penis will no longer become hard unless I command it to do so. Your prized manhood and testicles will begin to withdraw into your body. Your entire male reproduction system will transform into a complete female reproductive system. In fact, your entire body will genetically transform into a female. You will look like a wide eyed innocent yet provocative girl. You will be a sixteen year old version of Hillary Duff from her latter Lizzie Maguire years with straight blonde hair to your shoulders and your name will be Alicia. However, your mind will not change. You will still be Mr. Macho Allen with a man's thoughts, feelings, and desires. I want you to experience sex as a girl with a boy. You will act like a bubble headed blonde teenager, especially whenever you are around boys. The transition will be completed well before the upcoming school year and you should have your first period in about five weeks. As a sixteen year old girl, you will return to high school as a tenth grader. You will become a provocative, teasing cheerleader and a straight A honor student who excels in all her classes. If a boy looks at you, you will flirt. If he asks you for a date, you will, within reason, accept. If he wants to have sex with you, any type of sex, you will allow yourself to be seduced. You will experience multiple orgasms and be compelled to milk the boy dry. All the time you are doing these things, you will remember that you are really a man. If you become pregnant your child will be girl whom I’ll raise as the daughter I always wanted. I may at some point decide to return you to being a man, but that will be solely up to me so I would not count on it happening!"

Allen shrank in his seat as he listened to his fate. All that Lydia had done with TTX was now laid bare for him to see and fear. With the removal of the compelled like of the behavioral and habit alterations Lydia had instilled in him, he grew disgusted with the sissy wimps he and Stephan had been forced to become. At the same time came the knowledge that he remained helpless and hopeless to undo those unwanted alterations. Even worse were the changes Lydia was now forcing upon him. To be forced to become a sexy, alluring teenage Lolita, forced to flirt with horny teenage boys, to accept dates with horny teenage boys, and to allow himself to be seduced by horny teenage boys was simply horrible. The thought of becoming pregnant by one of the boys was too terrible to even contemplate. Tears of frustration trickled down his cheeks as he fruitlessly tried to overcome the onus of becoming a flirty teenage Lizzie Maguire clone.

"Stephan, you too will be punished," Lydia stated as she turned to her terrified son. "I will not accept a bratty son abusing himself while looking at women who have demeaned themselves by posing for such vulgarity. You too will change. You will no longer be my son. Starting tomorrow, you will happily tell everyone that you and your father will be leaving shortly to fulfill a dream you've both had your entire lives. That is to move into the wilds of Canada to build a rustic cabin in the wilderness and live off the land. Your reality is that as of this moment, instead of being a horny preteen boy you will become an angelic nine year old girly girl. No longer will you be Stephan Andrew, you will be Stephanie Ann. Well before the new school year begins, you will be fifty four inches tall and weigh a petite seventy pounds. Your skin will be unable to tan and totally resistant to sunburn yet be fair and blemish free. Your sparkling baby blue eyes will be large with doe-like innocence. You will have a cute little upturned button nose with a light sprinkling of cute freckles across your rosy cheeks. Your lips will be full and quite kissable. Your hair will be soft, straight, fine yet full, reaching to your waist, and be a luscious ash blonde. Your nails will be strong to resist breaking and cracking. You will live by the following guidelines. You will always endeavor to live up to the obligations of prissy sugar and spice girlhood. You will make your femininity flourish like a spring flower. It will be your mission in life to bring beauty and grace to the world around you. Being sweet, gentle, and compassionate are virtues you will cultivate. Through your courteous comportment and dainty dress you will be a credit to the feminine gender. Ruffles and lace and ribbons and bows will be your emblems. You will revel with true delight in the myriad joys of being a sugar and spice girl. To be the embodiment of dainty girlishness will fill your soul with gladness. You will remember all that has happened and all that you have been up to this moment. Unlike your father, I will allow you to assimilate your past into your future. Once you are a girl, you will be able to adapt to being a girl. You will be able to grow to like being a pretty girl. Eventually, you should be able to prefer being a girl. But it will take time and you will have to make the transition on your own. I will not use the TTX to make everything right as I have done in the past."

Poor Stephan almost wet himself as he listened to his sentence. To go from a horny preteen boy to a prissy sugar and spice little girl was simply horrible. To remember all that had been and all that he was losing was horrendous. Tears of disgust filled his eyes as he thought about how she expected him to eventually adjust to being a prissy girl and even like it! It just wasn't fair!

"All right," Lydia proclaimed. "I'll give you one week to wrap up your male affairs. You will tell everyone that you'll be leaving for Canada at the end of the week. For the next two weeks you will remain in your bedrooms while your bodies change into the new feminine you. You will sleep most of the time, awakening only to eat and relieve yourselves and even then you will be like robots, doing as you are told without thinking. By the end of the two weeks, you will be the pretty girls I have described. At that point, we will begin your training in feminine deportment so that you are ready for the start of the school year. I will tolerate no questions or arguments. We will speak nothing of this until after your changes are completed. Now go."

Allen and Stephan arose and slowly walked from the room. Neither could speak of their grief or distress. All they could do was go out and tell their friends of their impending departure to Canada.

George and Hilda had listened with awe to Lydia as she passed sentence on Allen and Stephan. With great apprehension and fear they held hands in an effort to comfort each other. All she had told them about their lives and fates had been true. While they listened, they also searched their souls.

"Well, what have you decided," Lydia asked.

"I think I speak for both of us when I say that we want to remember all that has happened and all about TTX," George stated softly. "You were right to change us. You have not been unkind to anyone until today with Allen and Stephan. Your anger has betrayed your goodness. I think it may help if you have us to talk to about TTX and the changes you wish to make. We cannot use or communicate our knowledge of TTX, but you need help to shoulder the burden. We can give you that help, if you talk to us."

"I think we'd also like to be able to be totally happy with all the changes you made in us," Hilda added. "We'd like you to put that back on us."

"Very well," Lydia stated. "You will once more love all the changes I have made in you. I also think you are right about my need to share the knowledge of TTX yet keep it a secure treatment. As for Alicia and Stephanie, I will not change them back into males. I may make them happy with the changes, but they will stay girls. Now, we need to redecorate two of the bedrooms. One for a perky teenage girl and one for a sugar and spice little girl."

During the next week, the tale of Allen's and Stephan's departure for Canada spread. Also spread was the story of the impending arrival of Alicia and Stephanie, supposedly cousins of Stephan and nieces of Allen. The girls would be arriving two weeks after Allen and Stephan left for their trip.

The two weeks of the transitions were hectic. George and Hilda were kept busy nursing Allen and Stephan through the drastic changes. Both males lost weight and height as they changed into dainty, feminine girls. They sweated and otherwise excreted the excess body material that had to be shed. Naturally, the smell and mess was not very pleasant. But in the end, the changes were completed.

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Identity death?

If the husband was so repulsed by what his wife intended, why didn't he consider ending his life? The monster Lydia became had protected herself from anyone hurting her, but I didn't see where she gave the same injunction to her victims against hurting themselves.

I wonder if losing the husband and son that she once loved would have changed her behavior.

Power corrupts

Jezzi Stewart's picture

It's a very short step from benevolent despot to evil sadistic tyrant.

There was no provision made about not hurting themselves, so I would think suicide would be a distinct possibility for father and son.

BE a lady!


Such a long lead up to a crash ending... is this just the prologue?