Playing the Piper

Playing the Piper

By Paul Calhoun

Paid for by Demuto up to a point. Then I went crazy and just kept running with it until I was done.

The cats of Bad Munder have heard about the goings on in Hamlin. The Pig Piper, the rat suit, and how they might be out of a job soon. So the president of the Society of Mousers comes up with his own rodent costume, one meant to trap the mice rather than fool the government.
Soon word of the seductive giant mouse has reached the rodent Syndicate and when they find out the truth, they send three operatives in a cat costume to trap the trap.
After that, a sexy scene I wanted to do and an only partly connected political plot involving the mice, their cat suit, skunks, wolf suits and interesting times.
One of the rare times in which I do vore because it's cats eating mice so how can I NOT do vore?


STEP RIGHT UP. We got suits, we got sexy, we got skunks, vore (yes vore!), elections, romance, excitement, murder, hate, revenge! It's not a story about a boy and his dog! It's the Pied Piper's Sequel!

Pandemonium had broken out at the Society of Mousers in Bad Münder as news arrived of the Pig Piper’s utter destruction of all rats in Hameln and the failure of the local president of the Society to discredit the Piper using a rat costume. Whispers were already breaking out, questions being raised as to why the president of the Society of Mousers in Hameln had a rat suit. The noise redoubled when a cat ran in saying that one of the candidates to lead Bad Münder’s corporation as mayor next year was promising to call on the Piper when elected and to rid the town of rodents. The hall echoed with doubts, concerns, theories and wild ideas to keep the Piper out of their town. The pressure of the sound hurt their sensitive ears and yet they raised their voices more and more to try to be heard above the din.

Suddenly their conversation was drowned out by the sound of a huge bronze bell that had been dragged in to the hall and rung by the president of the Bad Münder Society. “Queens and Toms!” He called. “Pipe down!” The president, an orange and brown striped tom in a tall tiered hat waved his paws to call for further silence. “There’s nothing to worry about.”

“That’s easy for you to say!” An unidentified cat called.

“Don’t interrupt your betters.” The president snarled. “As I was saying, you have nothing to worry about.” He cleared his throat, sending a small bone sailing over the heads of the audience, then began to speak in his ‘public’ voice. “The president of the Society of Cats in Hameln is a good tom and I would never cast aspersions on his honesty, personal preferences or intelligence.”

“Sure he wouldn’t.” A cat whispered.

“Nevertheless,” the president continued as if no one had spoken, “the Society in Hameln is far less civilized than our own. They meet in a junkyard and hunt mice in filthy streets. We are far better off.”

“Yeah, and look how many mice we catch.”

“Do you want to be in charge? Huh?” The president said. “No? Then shut your yob and listen to me. Echem. Hameln let the Piper pipe. They waited until all the rats were gone and then tried to discredit the piper to get the reward for themselves. They got greedy, my friends.” He spread his paws. “All we want, toms and queens, is a job. Security. We need to keep the Piper out entirely. I will say this. Hameln went about the wrong thing in almost the right way. What would happen, kitties, if Bad Münder’s rodent problem suddenly went away? If we caught so many mice that the corporation decided it wasn’t worth the money to hire the Pig Piper? Then what?”

“It’d be a blessed miracle, that’s what!”

A toothy smile spread across the president’s face. “Then call me a miracle worker.” He reached into a sack.

“Holy moly! Don’t tell us that you’ve got a rat costume too?”

“Better!” The president held up a gray mass that he let unroll to the floor. It was evidently a mouse costume. A gray one with auburn hair done in a short sweep, wide cheeks and full lips on the end of a short muzzle. The mouse’s body was already padded into a svelte but obvious hourglass and her hairless tail pooled on the floor, ending in a white tuft. “We’ll seduce those mice right into the open and bam! “ He slapped his palm. “We get ‘em!”

“Oh, come on!” A different onlooker said. “It’d be like being seduced by a sexy clock tower! Their basketball players don’t even come to a foot and a half!”

“Yeah, and where did that come from anyway?” A queen asked. “Do you just happen to have female mouse suits lying around?”

“I had this idea the moment I heard the news from Hameln two days ago.” The president said.

“How come you heard and we didn’t?”

“And how did you get that made in two days?”

“Listen,” the president said, “do you want to talk all day or catch some mice?”

“This is absurd! No mouse in their right mind is going to be fooled by that.”

“Resign!” The call was taken up from all corners.

“Oh, so that’s it, is it? Fine!” The president jammed the mouse mask over his head, his pointed ears settling easily into her rounded ones, though his canines had difficulty fitting inside the large curved rodent teeth that creased her bottom lip when she smiled. The long-lashed gray eyelids blinked and the president took a deep breath through the wide nostrils. He bent and pulled a whalebone corset out of the sack. “I’ll wear it and show all of you how a real cat catches mice!”

“In lacy underwear?” A catcall came.

“Yeah, you ought to get some hose to go with that!” Another shouted.

“Laugh it up!” The president gasped, having found a willing assistant to lace him in. His furry ginger feet were swallowed by the pink hairless ones of the costume and short gray fur covered brown stripes as the long, slender legs slid up his with agonizing slowness. The president allowed none of the soreness this caused to betray itself on his pretty mouse face, continuing on as if his legs were not being painfully compressed by doing the same to his sinuous tail, uncomfortably stuffing it into the hairless mouse tail against the lie of the fur. The tuft lifted off the ground and twitched back and forth as the president tested the fit. He pulled the costume up further and the mouse face looked up in sudden surprise at the outbreak of giggles. She looked down and then crossed her cat paws over the protrusion from between her legs. Turning away, she worked her obvious tom part back into the folds it was sticking out from and arranged it so it wouldn’t fall out again. Retreating behind a screen, the president of the Society of Mousers allowed himself a grimace as he roughly – and still against the lie – put his arms into the costume’s and with delicate pink fingers pulled the zipper up under her chin.

She fit a pair of opaque black lenses into the eye sockets of the costume, decreasing her ability to see but giving her the appearance of huge mouse eyes. She wrapped a black garter belt around her hips and rolled stockings over her legs to clip to it. A figure hugging black dress followed, its straight skirt ending at above mid thigh and its simple top wrapping around her chest just above the nipple of her gray furred breasts. The zipper track started just above her tail, leaving a small opening through which it passed and which gave a brief view of the top of her crack if she wasn’t careful. She shifted from one foot to the other, wiggling her rear and feeling the dress shift back and forth over her body.

The first thing the cats knew of their leader finishing changing into a sexy mouse costume was the extending of a sheer stockinged leg out from behind the screen, the foot ending in a black shiny sandal on a pink foot. The leg was followed by the rest of the mouse, moving her hips back and forth in an exaggerated wiggle accentuated by the soft flick of her tail. She rested a paw on her flat belly and the other slid down her side as she turned to show off her curved backside to the cats. She trailed her tail tuft over the jaw of a cat in the front row and then looked over her shoulder to wink.

“You’re still way too tall!” A cat called weakly.

“I like to think of it as having legs that go on forever,” she purred.

“You don’t sound like any mouse I ever heard.”

“Yeah, and they’ll be listening to my voice.” The president said normally. “Gimme a break. Now do you want to watch me work or do you want to watch me work?” She let one paw rest on her skirt suggestively. Swishing down the stairs and out the door in a way that made the other cats suspicious that this wasn’t their president’s first time dolled up, the mouse girl went down the street, flexing her glutes so that her buttocks outlined against the fabric of her skirt with each step. Waving at the cats to stay hidden, she turned down a lane known for a severe infestation and slowed even further, swinging her hip as far as it would go every time she put one heeled foot directly in front of the other. She flipped her hair back and looked over her shoulder as the first scrabbles began. “Oh!” She said, bending down to present a literally cavernous cleavage to the brown mouse that had exited a crack in the house she’d just passed. “Aren’t you a cutie!”

At first some of the mice made a mistake of scale, seeing her after she’d passed and thinking she was a normal member of their species close by rather than a long way away. Word spread, though, about the enormous babe and much of the crowd that appeared was curious at first, then more and more aroused despite themselves. Especially when one spotted field mouse ran between her legs and started drooling at the sight of her uncovered vagina. At least half the throng was more interested in the contest to get a peek down her top or up the skirt than in the mouse woman herself, though she shook them off with the ease of her size when they started the scurry up her leg to get a closer ‘look.’

She giggled and ran her tail around to brush the tuft against their heads. “I never expected such a welcome, boys!” She winked. “I hope you have fun.” The – mostly male – group of mice began to breathe hard at the tantalizing promise and even more when she bent low again and her skirt rode way up, only stopping because her tail was in the way. She looked back, put a dainty paw to her muzzle though they all knew she was only pretending to be embarrassed and then shaped her long tail into a heart. “I don’t know if I can handle all of you,” she simpered, “but I’ll try.” They had to make way to keep from being crushed by her sandals as she turned and walked away and the mice followed. She turned a corner and they were set upon by more cats than they’d ever seen in one place. All of them were grabbed and swallowed and a very unlucky few caught sight of their seductress kicking off her high heeled sandals and diving in to pounce on and devour her share. The mouse girl tipped her muzzle back, swallowed the last of the mice and pulled the mask back to show a grinning cat. “So?”

The cats all voiced their praises of the president. The mouse girl slid the mask back on, slipped into her high heeled sandals and looked down demurely as the cheering continued. She put her hand on her hip, wrapped her tail around her body so the white fluff of fur at the end waved in front of her nose and smiled evilly. “So, same time tomorrow?” She said. As the cheers came, she snapped playfully at the tuft with her wide herbivore teeth.

“I’m telling you,” Nunzio said, “they all disappeared after going with some dame.”

“Kid, that’s ridiculous.” Giovanni replied, his dark pelt reflecting the light of the small bulb. He was the only mouse in the neighborhood with an electric light in his place behind the walls of a Corporation Councilor. “Over a hundred mice have gone missing. What is this lady doing?”

“I don’t know, boss. I’m just tellin’ you want I saw.” Nunzio said sullenly.

Giovanni got up from his seat, a carved wooden throne from a child’s playset. “You’ve seen this woman then?”

“From far away, yeah. She was a real peach. Though I could have sworn she was over five feet tall.”

Giovanni sighed. Some days it didn’t seem worth it to run an operation in Germany. Between the pigs claiming they had magic flutes and attacks of building sized women, he yearned for the simple times before he’d heard of all the wonderful opportunities to be made in Germany. The food, they’d told him, was huge and plentiful. Apparently so were the females. He put his arm around Nunzio, “Listen, kid. Do you have any leads on where this giant peach is supposed to show up next?”

“I made a map of where she’s been.” Nunzio laid out what must have once been a bus map. “See? She’s going west. I bet she’ll be right here tonight.”

“Good. Take Arnold and Neil with you. The three of you are to keep your distance,” his grip tightened, the pink paw digging into Nunzio’s shoulder. “I don’t care if she’s the ripest Teutonic tomato you’ve ever seen. You’re to stay far away and keep an eye on her. Nothing else. Clear?”

“Yes, boss.”

“Good. Don’t let me detain you.”

“Why do there have to be three of us?” Neil groused. “And why do we have to use these binoculars from a building two blocks away rather than go down and see for ourselves?”

“Because you’re here to watch the broad, not mess around.” Nunzio told him. “Now pay attention, she’s coming!”

“Oh, wow.” Arnold sighed. Nunzio was in no place to reprimand him as his own eyes were glued to the vision prancing down the street. The gray mouse girl had done for a long, wavy black hairstyle, her rounded ears peeking out from the black mass. She was wearing a pink and red party dress with several alternating colors of frilly, fluffy skirt that formed a pink and red cloud around her legs. The entire mass moved as one and the mice on the roof could almost hear the rustle of them as she pressed her hands to her knees and bent to greet the swiftly growing group of male mice. They could also actually hear the click of her Mary Jane shoes on the pavement, her legs covered in knee socks that left a large portion of bare fur between knee and skirt. She stood for a moment with her paws to her chest looking out at the sea of smaller rodents, then stooped to talk to them.

Neil swallowed hard when she bent lower, her back to them, and her skirt flipped up so that they could see she was wearing nothing underneath. Her audience evidently was expecting this and many had placed themselves to watch. Her tail flicked around and the watchers all wished that the delicate lick of fluff was touching them. Her bosom heaved, obviously unrestrained beneath the light taffeta of her bodice. Every movement was a hypnotic ripple across her body. Her nose almost touched the nearest mouse as she spoke, her pure black eyes wide with artful innocence. Whatever she was saying was heightening the effect, since all the male mice followed her dreamily as she minced back the way she’d come.

“She’s on the move!” Nunzio said, shaking his head to rid himself of the effects of watching the huge but sensual mouse woman strutting her stuff.

“Right, boss!” The other two said.

“You know, it’s weird that she’s such a hot piece.” Neil said as they slid down the drainpipe.

“Why?” Arnold replied.

“Well, think about it. You try to put your hand on that and you get way too much. How would you take her to bed? I could climb all the way inside her cooter with room to spare!”

“That’s enough,” Nunzio said. “Come on!” They scurried up another building in time to see the mouse girl going into a part of town mice avoided. It was filled with cats and other carnivores who enjoyed a mouse if one showed up on their plate. The mice had learned early on to stick to herbivore and large omnivore neighborhoods if they wanted a halfway decent chance at a living. Cat territory was bad news. With a commanding glare that brooked no argument, Nunzio made it clear that they were following the mouse woman wherever she went.

She flounced along, her skirts dancing and her chest bouncing, letting her tail play along the heads of the obedient parade behind her until she turned down a narrow lane. The mice followed and were surrounded swiftly by what looked like every cat in town.

“What’s she doin’?” Neil whispered. “She’s no-“

“Shhh!” Nunzio hissed. “Look!”

The mouse woman was gleefully pouncing on the mice herself now, paying little heed to how her boobs popped out of their confinement or her skirt rode up so that when she fell on a mouse there was nothing to hide her naked backside. What followed was the most erotically terrifying thing the watchers had ever seen. After sampling a mouse or two, the lady mouse spread her legs wide and stuffed a mouse up into her vagina, closing her legs and daintily pulling her top back up over her chest. A dreamy smile spread across her face, her eyelids lowering in ecstasy over at the stimulation of having a mouse struggling for his life inside her, unwittingly massaging her walls with his scrabbling to escape. The wide black pools peeked out from under the heavy gray lids, fully revealing themselves sporadically at the occasional motion inside that made her take a sudden squeaking breath. Forced to hold herself tightly, she placed one foot as close in front of the other as possible, a sexy stroll towards another mouse being held down. She picked him up and dropped him into her bodice, then started massaging her breasts, crushing the mouse in her cleavage. She bent over and raised her tail, pushing the skirt well up and displaying her weakly pulsing vulva and boobs jiggling with the motion of the captive rodent inside.

Two cat men took places in front and behind, kneeling. One buried his face in her chest and stuck his tongue as far as he could into the giggling mouse girl’s cleavage, questing for the mouse held within. The other cat did the same on his end, spreading her labia with his own lips and sticking his tongue in as far as it would go. They both had to move skillfully to maintain contact with the mouse girl, who was twitching and moaning at the frenzied licking. The two cats found and devoured their prizes within moments of one another and a third grasped the mouse woman’s hips, delivering the final thrust that took her over the edge into an ear splitting climax.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Neil said. Nunzio couldn’t argue. It was a terrible thing to watch a macabre orgy with his own species as the main dish and the star attraction, turning cannibalism into foreplay. Despite their revulsion, they were even more determined – and far less likely to be affected. When the mouse woman got up, they followed her to the Society of Mouser’s meeting hall. Who else? They thought. The mouse woman went in and seemingly oblivious of the crowd of happy, well fed cats, disrobed casually. None of the cats batted an eye when she removed her face, but the mice watching through the window almost fainted at the sight of the ginger and black face of the president of the society. “That murderous perv!” Neil said.

“Shhh!” Nunzio cautioned. The president was removing the disguise with obvious practice. “So now we know.” He said quietly. “Let’s get back to the big boss and tell him the dame’s a dude and the president of cats at that. He’ll know what to do.”

“Hey,” Neil joked weakly, “it could be worse.”

“How?” Nunzio sighed.

“We could be dealing with a carnivorous dame three times our size who hangs out with cats.”

“You mean rather than a cat pretending to be one?”


Nunzio thought. “Eh, I have to agree. I wouldn’t want to go near either, but it’s better not to have huge mouse-eating girls palling around with cats.”

“It was bad,” Giovanni said, seeing Nunzio’s flat ears and lifeless tail.

“Terrible, boss.” Nunzio said.

“It had better be something we can deal with, kid. I’ve had just about every rodent with any clout or money at my door begging for a solution. If we can sew this one up, it’ll be the biggest payout we’ve ever seen.” He sat with his paws steeped as Nunzio described what they’d seen. His tail thrashed at the revelation that the mouse woman was the president of the Mousers. “I see.” He said at length. “If this continues much longer we may as well throw ourselves to the Piper. At least he brings a swift and somewhat dignified death. Tell me, why do you think those unfortunate men followed this siren? A cat is over three times taller than most of us. Surely this must be something they think of.”

“Boss, that’s cats for you,” Nunzio said. “Kick me in the ass if I ever say this to another mouse, but even their heavies move like our daintiest dames. Stick one in a dress and make him look like one of our broads and it don’t matter if he’s the size of a skyscraper to us. My boys were breathing heavy until they saw what was really happening to those palookas and I can’t say as I wasn’t too. That cat had all the moves and that counts for a lot. Sure, I guess the guys down there couldn’t have thought she was a mouse like they was, but they wouldn’t have thought that she was a cat neither, much less a male one. It didn’t occur to us and we was watching her eating them.”

“I see.” Giovanni stood up. “There are many dangerously creative mice in this town. It seems that I will have to speak with them to come up with a solution.” His jaw tightened. “Don’t tell anyone. If their scheme ceases to work, they’ll try a new one. I believe that we can stop them here, but there will be losses.” He shrugged his broad shoulders. “Then again, that will only make those who are left pay more, and perhaps their widows will want revenge. We’re not running a charity here.”

“You wanted to see me, boss?” Nunzio asked.

“That’s usually why I call you,” Giovanni said drily. “You’re getting leadership roles now, kid, so you can stop the whole ‘henchman’ act.”

“Aw, boss!”

“The argument is over.” Giovanni said. “Let me ask you something. Are you willing to stay on the project?”

“You mean that cat what’s dressing up like a dame?”

“If you must put it that way to feel like you are still a member of this organization.” Giovanni replied.

“Yeah, sure. You mean you’ve got something to help stop ‘em?”

“That very much depends on you and your associates.” Giovanni replied. “Follow.”

Giovanni took him to a dusty warehouse and through a partition into a section that had been walled off and forgotten about by the builders. They passed stacks of unmarked crates twice as tall as Nunzio before emerging into a clear space. Nunzio’s heart raced and only the calmness of Giovanni kept him from turning and running at what he saw. “Jesus, Mary and Holy Saint Joseph, boss! Warn a fellow, will you?”

Giovanni absently pinched Nunzio’s ear until he squeaked. “For blasphemy.”

In the center of the clearing, surrounded by mice on scaffolds was a cat with velvety, tawny fur. Despite himself, Nunzio felt a rise in his trousers at the large breasts, wide hips, very narrow waist and generous bottom topped with a long, sinuous tail. Her claws on both feet and paws were painted red. A thick collar of longer, lighter colored fur sat on her shoulders, crossing down into the valley between her boobs and across her back. Her face contrasted with her figure, cute with a short, wide muzzle and an upturned nose, wide golden eyes and fluffy cheek fur. A head of hair a darker brown than her fur fell in soft waves to mix with her collar and ended just above her tail. As Nunzio took in the curvy cat lady, her tail twitched and a mouse head poked out from between her buttocks. “How did that look?”

“Still not much motion.”

“Bugger!” The mouse head disappeared into the cat lady’s rear and the tail started moving again.

“A cat suit, boss?” Nunzio asked.

“Can you think of anything better?” Giovanni asked. “We need to get that cat alone to deal with him and his disguise. The president of the Mousers won’t go anywhere as himself without an entourage and rarely out of predator town unless he’s hunting with his pals.” Giovanni made a face. “Not that he does that anymore and now we know why. We need a lure and this,“ he gestured at the enormous leonine female being swarmed over by worker mice, “is our best bet. Now, as to why I wanted to make sure you were still committed to the job.”

“Uh, boss,” Nunzio hesitated. “You can’t be saying you want me to get into that and vamp it up with one of the meanest cats in Germany all by myself?”

“Of course not.”

“Thanks, boss.”

“That would be absurd. There’s no way we’d be able to get that costume to work with one operator. Neil and Arnold will be with you. As I said, you and your associates.”

“Aw, boss!” Nunzio complained.

“You were willing to work when you thought it meant sneaking in and somehow assaulting the president of the Mousers while surrounded by his cronies. Is this really a worse prospect?” At that moment the cat lady’s head fell off and several of the workers swore loudly. “I’m sure these little troubles will be dealt with in good time. Right?” He called to the mice.

“Sure, boss!” They shouted back.

“See? You have nothing to worry about.” Giovanni said. “Do as I tell you and you’ll have a very large cut of what we get for this.”

“So why aren’t we asking some of the gals to get into it?” Neil asked when Nunzio explained.

“We ain’t makin’ our ladies prance around in a cat costume, shaking their tails for some carnivore fink!” Nunzio said. “If them cats ain’t sinking to the level of making their women do the seducing, then we ain’t either. It’s not decent.”

“Are you ready to test it?” Tony, the mouse in charge of the lab asked.

“Sure, sure! Give us the whole spiel.”

“As you can see, we’ve given her very long legs relative to average.”

“Yeah, she’s got gams.” Nunzio agreed.

“Achem. Since there was no way of one of us getting our entire leg into a cat’s, it seemed like a good opportunity to increase her appeal. Plus after going over our designs for the stilts, we felt that less was more in terms of how much the legs were filled by the operator. We couldn’t do the same with the arms, of course. Long legs are attractive, but not arms. The operator on the legs will have his feet around here,” he tapped the cat’s mid thigh on a diagram. The arms’ operator will have his paws here,” he struck a point near her elbow. Your approximate arrangement inside looks like this.” Three mousy silhouettes appeared in the middle of the body, one with his feet in the legs, the next up sitting on his shoulders with his arms and paws in the costume’s, and finally a third mouse on his shoulders in the costume’s shoulders and head. “There are several things that are best shown once you are inside, but as you can see you will be surrounded by a large quantity of support and padding except here,” he showed where the waist narrowed and the furred skin almost touched the middle mouse’s leg and bottom’s head. “We felt the aesthetic of a very narrow waist was worth it, and it allows the mouse doing the walking to see clearly out of the belly.”

“So what about the arm mouse?” Nunzio asked.

“He’ll have the narrowest view out from between the breasts.” Tony told them. “But we felt that he also had the lowest priority, being neither the one talking nor walking. Now, let’s get started.”

“Naturally I’m on top,” Nunzio said.

“Awww.” Niel moaned.

“I’m in charge, I do the talking.”

“And you get to breathe real air instead of the stuffy stuff in that broad suit.”

“Suck it up. You’re on the bottom.” Nunzio told him.

“Really, boss?” Neil complained.

“You’re more expressive than Arnold, so we need you to make sure she shakes her tail right. Arnold’s got quick fingers, so I’m betting that’ll make him better with her hands. How do we get in?”

They had to swarm up a ladder to a catwalk that crossed the cat lady’s lower back. Tony spread the fur and opened a door in her spine thick with padding. “The leg guy gets in here.” Grumbling, Neil squeezed through the small opening and into the darkness inside. “You should feel shoes in there. Slip your feet in.” The scaffolding shook as the cat lady shifted and her toes wiggled. “That’s right. Move your legs as little as possible until we’re ready. There’s also some straps that you need to pull over your shoulders.” They could tell when Neil did this because they were almost knocked off of the platform by the cat lady’s tail going by. “Not so much! We’ll work on swinging the tail later. So are you OK in there?”

“It’s not so bad,” Neil called back.

“Great.” Tony closed the door, locked it with a tiny key and smoothed the fur down until it disappeared. They went to her upper back and Arnold vanished through a similar opening, Neil complaining about how heavy he was as he settled down in place. The cat lady’s paw flexed, but Arnold kept her arms at her sides. Finally her hair was swept out of the way so Nunzio could squirm through a hole between her shoulders and poke his head through into hers. He felt some resistance against his face and the cat lady opened her mouth, blinked and moved her eyes. “That’s right!” Tony said, running around to the front. “We had a hard time with this bit, but it seems to be working out. You should have a very strange view.”

“That’s the truth and no mistake,” Nunzio said, the cat lady’s wide mouth in snyc with the words. “It’s like I can see through her eyes. Everything’s so small and I can see so much,” she crossed her eyes to look at her nose, which wiggled. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. “This feels really weird.”

“You’ll get used to it.” Tony slid down the ladder and they moved the scaffolds out so the cat lady could move.

Giovanni had been watching and said, “Can’t you do something about her voice?”

“Right.” Tony pressed a button on a remote. “Now try saying something.”

“Like what?” The cat lady said in a deep purr.

“Hey, kid! You still talk like a hood.”

“Would you prefer a more refined diction?” The cat lady asked in a flowing English accent. “I picked this up off the BBC.”

“I knew you were faking it.” Giovanni said. “That’s much better. You sound like a foreigner, so the cats won’t ask so many questions.”

“Everything will take a lot of getting used to,” Tony warned them. “Your arms and legs are going to be much stronger than you expect. We couldn’t have you weaker than a kitten after all.”

There was an almost inaudibly muffled sound from the cat lady’s belly and she said, “Neil wants to know if it’s time to go someplace.”

“Just a moment!” The worker mice were sliding mattresses in. They got them as far as the cat lady and Tony said, “Lift your foot.”

She did and immediately began to sway. Her arms windmilled, but Arnold was out of sync with Neil’s loss of balance and her body bent several places as the three mice inside all fell in different directions. Her hips gyrated, then moved forwards and back as her paws tried to grab on to something. The worker mice scattered as she fell backward onto the mattresses, her paws missing them and leaving her flat on he back with the paws outstretched and her legs splayed. She raised her head, her muzzle sitting between her boobs. “Ugh.”

“And that’s why we brought those in.” Tony said as the workers pushed the mattresses together the rest of the way, taking the cat lady with them.

“This is actually good.” Tony told Giovanni. “If they can get up, they’ll be a long way to getting used to it.”

“Come on!” Giovanni called to the three cat-suited mice. “On your feet!”

The padding of the cat costume meant that Arnold and Neil could quietly consult without being heard. There wasn’t much for Nunzio to do except try to throw the weight of her head correctly as she rolled over, put her paws on the mattress and got her knees under her. Her claws dug into the mattress as she straightened her arms and drew one foot up and flat against the mattress. There was a mechanical whine as she straightened up and put the other foot down and her left knee started smoking.

“Oh damn! Don’t move!” Tony and the others were already leaning a ladder against her leg.

“The boys say easier said than done.” The cat lady reported, swaying. “This mattress is not particularly conducive to good balance.”

“That’s right, keep practicing that Britishness.” Giovanni said.

After a frenzy of tools and adjustments, the workers closed the knee and removed the ladder. The cat lady took a tiny step, her hands out at her sides ready to adjust her balance or catch herself if something went wrong. A couple more and she lengthened her stride from a shuffle until she was taking steps the length of her own feet. “Neil says it’s hard when he can’t even see them,” the cat lady said.

“Tony!” Giovanni said.

“On it, boss.”

The workers rolled tall mirrors in and surrounded the cat lady’s padded floor space with them. She whistled. “Aren’t we a looker, even stumbling around? Sorry, I mean we make a very lovely sight despite our present difficulties. Yes, I know you’re getting better.” She kneaded the soft mattresses with her clawed feet. “That looks good. Remember to do that if we’re ever on grass or the mark has us walking on him.” She continued to move in wide circles around the room. “Feet in one in front of the other, Neil. Swing your shoulders a little, Arnold. There, now we’re looking like we mean it.” The cat lady said.

“Catch!” Tony shouted and the workers heaved a ball sized for the cat lady into the air. Her top half lunged for it as her legs continued their measured walking practice and she ended up falling forward. She got up faster than before, but the next throw had her lean back too far and topple, though she caught herself well enough to land on her rear with her paws under her for balance and so was up again quickly. “You have to learn to work together.” Tony said.

“They say they’re trying but it isn’t exactly like they can talk that fast to each other,” the cat lady said.

“Then you’ll all have to watch out and figure out signals.” Tony told them. The next fifty or so throws had the cat lady either miss, almost trip, fall over completely, or overbalance. She started catching them after that, keeping her balance after little hops and pounces, leaning back and even at one point jumping up and when her hand missed she managed to grab it in her mouth. She spat it into her hand and tossed it back. “Are you happy with our reflexes?”

“Getting there.” Tony told her. “Let’s see how well you work with sudden changes.” They set out a row of high heeled shoes of varying heights. “Each circuit you have to put on a different pair. None of them have buckles or anything, just slips ons for now.”

This added further complexity to her balance issues and Nunzio was starting to get bored. “I don’t have much of a part in this,” the cat lady yawned.

“Then start working on ear motion. Forward for interested, back for annoyed or scared, sides for curious.” Tony said. “Then head tosses and work with Arnold to flick out your hair in a convincing way, stroke it, make gestures with hands and face at the same time.”

“Do we have to do the shoes too?”

“Of course. Most women can do more than one thing at a time. Arnold had the hardest place, so he’d better be good.”

This proved the most difficult since Nunzio had to use verbal cues in natural conversation to suggest what he needed Arnold to do. They eventually settled on having a general strategy and if one of the three did something, the others would try their best to keep up. By this point her hair and fur were frizzy and untidy so Tony had them practice advanced coordination with a hairbrush, going from the relatively easy head tips to do her hair to difficult tricks like bending to do her legs. She was coming along nicely, so Tony left her to keep up her walking around, talking and gesturing while he conferred with Giovanni.

“All right,” Tony said at length. “Time for something new.”

The cat lady showed her coordination by stopping, turning to look at him, smiling with her big sharp teeth and bending a little to rest her paws on her knees and get closer to his level. She even bent her knees a little and twitched her tail in anticipation. “I hope it’s something fun!” She said brightly, her eyes wide with anticipation.

“First I think you ought to get dressed.”

“Oh!” She clapped and bounced in place, though she had to fix her balance when the movement of her chest took her by surprise.

“That’s some good perky. How about doing a little sultry while you put these on.”

“I see you like a girl with a little something interesting going on underneath.” She purred when she saw what they were laying out. They gave her a chair and she surprised everyone including the mice inside by sitting normally on the first try, keeping her legs together and angling them underneath her. This was more for the practice of it than anything since she had to get up again once her legs were in the white cotton pantiies with a tiny embroidered fish on the front. She pulled them up slowly, both for the seductive quality and because she wasn’t yet too sure about swiftly straightening up. She used one paw to brush her fur back down after the panties had passed and pulled them up to her crotch, seeing in the mirror rather than feeling how tight they were. They left nothing to the imagination but the color of her vulva, and not even that when Tony told Neil to test squeezing a bulb he’d been told to ignore earlier and they grew damp, the now moist vagina beneath showing clearly through.

“You guys think of everything,” she said. “I bet you had fun with that idea. I see you’re letting the girls-“ Arnold took the cue and she put her paws on her boobs, having to adjust her grip when she almost missed them, “-sit free.”

“We don’t want that cat to have any trouble with hooks.”

“Not to mention us, huh, boss. I mean,” she tipped her head back and closed her eyes. “The better to feel what’s coming.”

She stepped into the shiny, stretchy miniskirt, earning a compliment from her head. It clung to her, a crease showing up in the back where it squeezed between her buttocks. She added to that a clingy spandex halter top that showed off her midriff, underboob and pushed her breasts together to produce a generous cleavage.

“Can you still walk all right?” Tony asked.

The cat lady started moving around again. “Fine, but I need to take even smaller steps.”

“That’s fine. It’ll look good when you’re going the full vamp.”

“That’s for sure.” They gave her a pair of the high heels she’d been practicing with and the outfit left her taking tiny, hip swinging steps. “I need to move my tail with – there,” Neil had picked up on Nunzio’s idea and her tail swayed with the rolling gait she’d picked up. She stopped, put her hip out and with almost no delay put a paw on it, holding the other out daintily as she tossed her head and tipped it up. She pulled her shoulders back and approached Tony, bending down to give him a peek at what he’d seen all of already. “Are we ready?”

“Eat me.”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s a test. Put me in your mouth and swallow me.”

“Uh, okay.” She groped around, having difficulty getting a grip. Tony jumped away. “You have to get me the first time.” When she did, she straightened up and shoved him in her mouth. He went down her throat and she looked down, slightly cross-eyed at her chest. Her right boob was moving up and down. She jumped a little and the two breasts bounced, one going up and falling down further. She grabbed them to keep the one from shaking and Arnold felt Tony moving around inside. The feeling went lower to her belly and around until he jumped out from her butt.

“Good.” Tony said. “If they offer you a mouse, swallow him and make sure he doesn’t give things away.”

“That was weird,” she said, her tail thrashing and her ears pulling back.

“Good reaction. Now off the pads and let’s see if you can still go.”

She stepped daintily down, holding on to the wall for a moment as she got used to a solid surface. The cat lady threw her shoulders back again and looked out confidently as she went to the cat-sized door. It was easy to maintain eye contact and look straight forward when the mouse behind her eyes wasn’t responsible for where she put her feet. Her claws clicked against the knob and she looked back as she opened the door. “Do I look ready?”

“Just a moment.” Tony ran up with a purse. He handed it up and the cat lady slung it over her shoulder. “I know we’re running late, but if you find yourself with a moment, there’s some makeup in there. You don’t need it, but it can’t hurt.”

“Except if I miss my face.” She joked.

“And a little something in case things don’t go to plan.” She looked inside and saw the taser sticking up. “Stick it in a tender spot.”

“I’m sure if things are going badly, I’ll have plenty of choices there. Are we good then, boss?”

Giovanni nodded. “Go get him, tiger.”

She growled and then left, anything Nunzio might have to say lost when her legs took her away.

Night was falling quickly and she hurried along. “I need a name. I think Magda sounds good.” They knew they were being watched by a large team of mice who worked for Giovanni, but in truth they might as well have been alone. When they found the president of the Mousers, they’d have to deal with him themselves until the very end of the plan. Nuzio was very aware of the clicking of her heels on the stones and the occasional pitch and sway as her heel caught on something and the two mice below had to shift her weight to compensate. Still she kept up a swift pace and even – with great care – applied a small amount of eyeshadow and lipstick before slowing to a ‘sexy’ speed at the edge of the area they knew the giant mouse woman would be visiting next. When she heard the sound of another person in heels approaching, all three mice took a deep breath, she checked her stance to make sure she was showing off as best as she could and then she continued with as much swing to her hips and bounce to her bosom as she could produce, brushing her hair so that some of it fell over one almond shaped eye and preparing a pouty expression for when her quarry appeared.

They were not disappointed. The mouse woman had changed to a red cocktail dress - though they were sure she was still commando – matching gloves and a black wig that fell to her mid back. Magda stopped and looked her over once while the mouse woman almost leapt into the air, one of the black lenses falling out as she stared pop-eyed at the long-legged bombshell between her and that night’s dinner. “Wow!” She squeaked.

“Wow indeed.” Magda replied, looking critically at the mouse woman. “If I’d known rodents grew to such sizes here on the continent, I’d have emigrated years ago.”

“No! I mean, I’m not – want to go somewhere for a drink to get to know each other.” The mouse woman stammered.

“Much as I like to play with my food,” Magda said suggestively, licking her lips, “I’m not really into rodents that way. No matter how big.” She unsheathed her claws and waved them in front of her belly. Neil caught on and she took a threatening step towards the mouse woman. Nunzio had to make something up. “Mice are to be tasted, not heard.”

“Really, I’m not.” The mouse woman looked around nervously. “I’m not a mouse.” She whispered. “You’re new in town so you wouldn’t know.” She looked around again and then guiltily tugged at her neck. “I’m a tom cat.” The president explained, still watching out for mice in case he’d have to put the mask back on quickly.

“Do tom cats around here make a habit of dressing like that?” Magda asked. She took another step closer and Arnold decided that meant it was time to step it up. She curiously touched the president’s dress and then hefted once of his breasts.

“Not usually. It’s part of a plan to keep the Pig Piper away. If we take care of some of the mice, the corporation won’t call him.”

“That makes sense,” Nunzio filed that thought away. They didn’t want the Pig Piper either. Magda continued to play with the president’s body, running her paws along his taut belly and squeezing his mouse paw.

“So how about we – uh oh!” The president jammed the mask back on, stuck the lenses in and looked imploringly at Magda with big liquid eyes. “Hide, please!”

Even knowing she was a fake, the imploring look struck a chord with Nunzio. He nodded, relying on the motion of the fur collar to communicate the gesture to Arnold who’d tell Neil. Magda knelt behind a fence, holding on so Arnold wouldn’t slip off of Neil’s shoulders. She peeked out and saw the mouse woman tickling a mouse’s face with her tail. She grabbed him and Magda got back up. “Can I have that one? I haven’t eaten since I got into town.”

“Delighted,” the mouse lady handed him over. Magda crammed the mouse into her mouth and smiled. “Delicious. Speaking of which,” she nibbled on the president’s mask’s rounded ear. “You look pretty yummy yourself. I know a private place we can go.” She started to reach into the president’s skirt, but Neil hadn’t noticed and turned to lead the president away, so again Nunzio had to think fast. “I can barely wait to see what I find beneath all that femininity.”

Inside, Arnold explained the situation to the poor mouse who’d just ended up in a very tight spot and as Magda took the president’s grey furred arm and pressed up close to his mouse girl body, the one she’d eaten stealthily escaped and ran to tell his friends, though he took a moment to hang on to the inside of her skirt and get a good look at the still slightly wet panties and what was obviously beneath.

The president pinched Magda’s rear and when she didn’t react, he started to squeeze and grope, moving up her back. By the time she noticed, the mouse filled cat lady had no choice but to help escalate. They were all happy that their gestalt seductress had convinced the president to keep the disguise on and so they at least had something pleasant to look at as Magda giggled, nuzzled and groped in return. She ground up against him and he got so tight a grip that she had to hold on to a lamppost once Neil pushed away to keep from stumbling down into the street. Nunzio was terrified of an unexpected curb. The president took the opportune stop to push her against the lamppost and get in a kiss. While Nunzio didn’t mind kissing that lovely mouse face, he was finding that the Magda mask was coming loose again. He held on tightly, still trying to concentrate on giving a convincing kiss, but the mask was slowly being pulled off. Luckily the president came up for breath just as Nunzio’s legs began to show and the mask plopped back into place. Nunzio was out of breath, but the other two had caught theirs and she was off and walking again before the mouse suited tom could go in for another kiss.

“So where are we going?” The president asked. Nunzio managed to communicate to Arnold that he needed to make sure her head was on solidly and the president turned as she was tucking the edge into the collar of long fur around her shoulders.

“I told you. Somewhere very private.” Magda said, brushing her hair and pretending nothing was wrong while her legs kept going without any hint of mirroring gestures like what she was doing above.

“Is there something wrong?” He asked the big black mouse eyes on her costume peering at Magda’s neck.

“No, silly!” Magda giggled and her legs kept taking her along despite Nunzio wishing they could stop to reassure the doubtful looking giant mouse who was beginning to slow down. “You just messed up my fur is all.”

“I thought I saw-“

Finally Arnold kicked Neil hard enough to stop them and Magda played with the president’s mouse tail. “Nothing is wrong.” She put the tail in her mouth and began to lick it. “Maybe you need more convincing.” She reached under the president’s skirt and into the mouse woman’s vagina. For once nothing went wrong and she pulled out his cat part without crushing it. The mouse woman was breathing hard as Magda stroked the penis and then turned, keeping a grip on it as she led him by the small parts where she needed to go.

“It looks like we’re going further into mouse territory.”

“Then it’s a good thing you’ve got that on so you can get us through any problems.” Magda teased, tweaking the penis. “Though this would be hard to explain.” She pushed it back into the skirt and the president winced, taking over hiding his maleness rather than risk her injuring it.
“Not that a pair of deadly predators like us need to worry. Especially you,” she bit his neck.

“Don’t hurt the costume,” he warned her.

She purred. “Then we’d better get it off of you soon.” Nunzio hoped that the hard-on the Mouser president had was as uncomfortable as it looked, remaining completely hidden despite Magda’s actions. The mice had no such problem; there was plenty of space in the suit and despite themselves they were getting hot in more ways than one.

“This looks like it belongs to the Syndicate.” The president said doubtfully as Magda opened the door of the warehouse she’d recently left.

“Don’t worry. They never come here,” she said. Luckily her quiet, sensual promising tone had erased from his mind the fact that she was supposed to be new in town. “Look how comfortable it is,” she pointed to the mattress covered floor. “Besides, what’s a few mice to you?” She playfully twined her tail around his and tugged at his mouse nose. “With this face, you could talk your way out and when their guard is down,” she snapped her jaws loudly and grinned. “A mouse dinner.”

She’d said the right things and the president scooped her up in his arms to carry her to the mattresses. Unfortunately despite a heroic attempt by Arnold to use his legs to try to straighten up, the cat lady didn’t have the musculature to bend upwards in his grip and instead flopped limp in his arms. Arnold thought fast and when the cat lady put her arm to her brow, Nunzio caught on quickly enough that the pause was only a little awkward before she said, “You’re so strong.” Neil wasn’t sure what was happening and kicked her legs by instinct. The president thought that meant she wanted to be put down and he set her on her feet on the mattress. She lost her balance, bending forward uncontrollably as Arnold lost his seat and ending up with her rear high in the air and her head bent back to look up at the president. She smiled reassuringly and winked. “Sorry, I couldn’t help wanting another peek.”

The president lifted the cocktail dress’s skirt and reached inside the mouse vagina until he found his grip and pulled out his still very erect cathood. As he pulled the mask off, Magda got to her knees and crawled over to him. When she put her arms around him, Nunzio had no choice but to open her mouth and start licking. Arnold and Neil had done well to maneuver him into doing the hard – and disgusting work. Luckily for him, the president was only enjoying himself while he unzipped the costume, letting it fall around his hips before gently pushing Magda away and wiggling the rest of the way out. Though the arm mechanisms gave her a normal cat’s strength, she had no leverage and so could only mew encouragement and praise as she remained on paws and knees and allowed him to pad around and thrust his way inside her. Neil had squeezed the bulb and the tom cat took a long sniff of her underwear before pulling them down to her ankles.

Nunzio now had little to do but gasp, coo and moan convincingly while Arnold kept Magda balanced and Neil pushed back against the president. One very hard shove sent Magda’s chest to the floor and Arnold couldn’t get her back up before the next knocked her again. Nunzio felt close to being catapulted through her mouth and wouldn’t that be a sight! The cat had stamina and showed no sign of slowing down after a remarkable length of time. They should have expected that after what they’d seen before. There was also no sign of the rest of the plan coming together. Nunzio had a vision of being carried unable to resist back to the Mouser hall, or one of the others getting heatstroke and having the whole feline seductress go limp. Or worse the force of the president slipping one mouse above the other and having her compact into herself. They needed a distraction and when Nunzio saw Tony watching and making no sign that he was doing more than enjoying the view, she said, “Oh, a snack!”

The president looked up and saw Tony. “I could use some food.”

Magda looked over her shoulder and bit her lip. “Please can I have this one more?”

The president shrugged. “All right, then I’ll give you something else to swallow.” So much for a lucky escape, thought Nunzio. She sprang at Tony, who was forced to let her catch him and swallow him in one gulp. “You really are hungry the way you bolt them down.” The president said, impressed.

Magda put a dainty tawny paw to her mouth and burped in a ladylike way. “I am.”

Tony was less stealthy than the other mouse and she had to start pretending to pleasure herself, one paw on her boob and the other between her legs. “I’m ready to start again if you are. Here.” It took a long moment for Arnold to catch on, but the president was faster and soon his cat member was between Magda’s breasts and was being rubbed as she squeezed them. Nunzio enjoyed the thought of Tony being jostled and squeezed inside and increased the volume and frequency of Magda’s exhalations to spur Arnold to make it even harder on Tony. She finally pulled the president down on top of her in something that was as much a bite as a kiss and heaved an attractive sigh of relief when a net fell over both of them. “Oh!” She cried pitifully. “What’s going on?” Her ‘helpless’ act ended abruptly when Giovanni personally brought a sandbag down on the president’s head.

Magda pushed him off and rolled over, smiling brightly at Giovanni. “Good, boss?”


Magda got up and Nunzio whispered something. She started getting dressed, paying less attention to the little things like how her arms and legs moved in obviously independent ways or how she didn’t even look at what she was putting on. “Well then, boss, we have an idea to make even more money. But first what do we do with him?” She jerked her head at the president.

“I say we throw him in the Weser.” Tony said grumpily, falling to the floor in a thoroughly disheveled state.

“Is it right to be doing that? Cats kill mice, not the other way around. It’s not natural.” Giovanni said.

“We could stick him back in the costume and let all the mice in Bad Münder have their way.”

“No, we want that.” Magda said, now fully clothed and lounging in the chair they’d brought in. She winked and crossed her legs. “It’s a good idea, boss.”

“Ransom.” Giovanni said. “We don’t tell them how we know or what we did. Just tie him up and force them to do was we say. They can all try their luck somewhere else or with the birds for all I care, but they won’t hunt another rodent if they want their man back in one piece.” He nodded to some big mice who started tying the cat up. “Now, what’s this idea you three have that’s going to make me money?”

A very long, gray leg extended from stage left and when the first mouse whistled, the mouse woman strutted across the stage and down to the edge, her tight leather short shorts well squeaking slightly and shining in the spotlight. She took off her leather wrap around top and threw it to the only mouse brave enough to take the front row. The show she was putting on was well known for what happened to mice in front and most just wanted to watch as she bent and flicked her tail fluff around to reward him for his guts with a tickle. Her long blonde hair flashed around her as she turned leaned against one of the poles, her bottom half already rubbing up and down against it. None of the mice minded when she held on and her bottom half kept gyrating as if it were still in contact as she rubbed her top half on the pole, nor how she spun away from it just as she had her tongue out to lick. She giggled at how ‘clumsy’ she was and playfully swatted her bottom for breaking it off with the pole so soon. Her legs returned her to it and she showed how coordinated she could be by wrapping her arms around, and without looking climbing up, swinging around so that it ran between her leather clad cheeks on the way down. She put a pink digit into the waistband and slowly worked the leather bottom down until she kicked it into the audience. Undressed, she took the microphone, dancing and swaying as she went back to the pole, a second one rising up next to her. As her bottom half ground against it, her top half and head faced the audience, acting as if her rear and legs were doing the same. She spoke in a breathy voice.
“It’s not easy being me.” She said. Her bottom continued its dance as her hands spread to the audience in a plea for sympathy. “Look at me.” Her hands went to the pole across from her and began running up and down it and pressing it between her boobs in a completely different cadence to the motion of her rear while she continued to face the audience, speaking to them with no apparent awareness of what the rest of her body was doing. “Where does a girl like me fit in to society? I’m just so big and where can I find a mouse to satisfy me? I guess what I’m asking is not so much where do I fit into society but,” she smiled, “who in society will fit in me?”
“You know, I have a little secret and it makes me feel so,” she licked her lips, “deliciously naughty.” She left the pole, her body now back in a semblance of synchronicity and sat. She did a split to show off her perfect body. “Could you guess it? I’ll give you a hint. It makes you seem delicious too. Do you want to get inside me? You’d fit. Too bad because,” she pulled at her neck and removed the mouse mask, revealing Magda, “I already have someone there.” She purred in a deeper, more seductive voice. She got up, having to get to her hands and knees first. She put her fingers in her mouth. “I’m so tasty.” Her bottom half had forgotten that part and was gyrating as if she was taking the costume off. Catching up she removed the rest of the mouse suit and kicked it aside, fluffing out the black and red music hall dress she’d been wearing under the mouse suit and tossing her head to better arrange the long brown tresses.

She put on a pair of high heeled boots that had been waiting and gave a high kick, yelping as she almost fell over backwards. Winking and shaking her hips she said, “You know, this makes me so hot! And when I’m hot!, I’m hungry.” She bent, her breasts brushing the mouse in front. “You’ll do.” She picked him up and cradled him to her chest, letting him rub his face in her fluffy collar and down her top before lifting him into the air, smiling at the audience and dropping him into her open mouth. She grinned and said, “You know, these things go right to my-“ as if on cue, her right breast bounced. “There. So, does anyone want to make a matching pair of jigglers? No?” She swished her skirt. “Then let’s get on with the show.” She sang, danced, and laughed with the audience when the mouse inside finally fell out of her skirts. “Now who did I go to bed with to get this cute little guy?” She cooed, picking him up again and putting him down her top so his head stuck out from between her boobs. “I guess he can’t stay there.” She lamented. “Though maybe.” The top had an elastic band, letting her shimmy out of the whole dress while pressing her chest to keep the mouse in place. “Someone can think of somewhere else for him to go?” He hung on as she put her hand on her hip and put a delicate claw where the audience was already calling for her to put him. “If you think so, folks.”

The mouse was all too glad to explore her vaginal cavity and she giggled and lowered her eyelids in appreciation, pretending she could feel anything there. “My new friend and I need some time alone to get to know each other.” She blew the audience a kiss and left, hips and tail swaying as the applause came. She returned to the stage with a shy smile and the mouse on her shoulder. He jumped down as she bowed, her head falling to the floor with Nunzio’s legs sticking out and kicking. Her body bent in half and her paws went searching – apparently blindly for her head – which tipped over and then went running on mouse legs towards her. As she started to straighten up, her head ran up her arm and settled back down on her shoulders in time to blow another kiss and take a real bow this time. She brushed her hair back, tucked her mask back into the convenient fur collar and with a final wave went backstage.

“How much in tips tonight, boss?” She asked Giovanni, sitting on the only chair they had sized for her and crossing her legs.

“More than last night which was more than the night before.” He answered. “At this rate we’ll be the richest mice in Europe.”

Magda put her paws on her knees and smiled with delight, her ears forward. “That’s great!” She frowned. “What about the corporation calling in the Pig Piper?”

“Tony says he knows a guy who heard something about that.” Giovanni said. “I’ll be seeing the rat tomorrow.”

“Can I come?” Magda asked.

“Of course, but please not as a cat. No matter how alluring you are, you’ll just alarm him. Though if we need him to talk, I’m sure a trip down your throat will loosen his tongue.”

“Just give the word,” Magda purred. “I love a good squealer.”

“Let’s go over the particulars,” Giovanni said, meeting with Nunzio after the interview with the rat. “Our friend lives in the walls of an apartment belonging to a skunk lady.”

“Yeah, boss.”

“This skunk is in the political office of a badger who is dead against the Pig Piper and says the cats and terriers and so on are doing a good job.” Giovanni puffed his cigar. “Although our contributions to her campaign help.”

“Right, boss.”

“So on the other side, we’ve got this otter who wants to bring in the Piper. The skunk has an idea to give him bad press and I think I can come up with something to do some good for our girl. How do you feel about Magda going over to this skunk lady – he looked at his notes – Doris’s place to help out?”

“No problem, boss.”

“She’s got a daughter called Thea. Nice looking girl. I think Magda needs a kid too. When you go over, you’ll have one so Thea can play with someone while you two talk business. It’ll keep her out of our hair and maybe plays into our plan even more.”

Doris laid out the gray furred garment on her bed and couldn’t help but giggle. Working for a corporation candidate was never a dull job and this would be fun! She didn’t know where her boss had gotten the idea, but it was a good one. She picked it up and put her black paw into the larger gray one, enjoying how it squeezed as she pulled it up and put her arms in. Her big skunk tail was compressed into the shaggy, curved one of the costume she’d been sent and she laughed at how her small black and white paws were turned into big, clawed gray ones. The claws were pink, of course. She was still a woman no matter what species. She pulled the zipper up and admired her wolf body in the mirror. It was a nice change to be trim and lethal looking. “Thea!” She called. She didn’t want to scare her daughter by appearing as a full wolf in the house.

“Yes, mommy.” Thea toddled in and looked up at her slimmed, wolf bodied mother. “You look good, mommy.”

“Thanks, honey!” She laughed.

“You always look good, but now you look all tough like that lady on TV who helps fight crime.” Thea climbed onto the bed. “Your face doesn’t match,” she said at last.

Doris picked up the wolf mask with its long blonde hair, long muzzle and big teeth. “Do I need to wear this?”

“Uh-huh!” Thea nodded.

“Promise not to be scared when mommy puts it on?”

Thea shook her head. “I won’t. I know it’s you.”

Doris stretched the mask over her face, smoothing the hair down and making sure it melded with her gray furred body. “So?”

“You look awesome, mommy!” Thea said. She hugged her mom, now fully a wolf. “You could go out and take down bad guys.”

Doris looked at the trim predator in the mirror and opened her mouth in an imitation of a canine pant. “Thanks, honey.” She thought she looked good herself and wondered what else she could do in this outfit. She knelt. “How would you like to be a tough little wolf yourself?”

“I’d love it, mommy!”

“Then let mommy get ready and you can have a costume like this too. Now go and play.” Thea skipped out and Doris looked back at herself. “Though what I need right now is something to wear.” She’d furtively shopped at a predator store to get herself some underwear and a dress to fit her new look. The dress was simple as befitted a single mom, purple with a long loose skirt. The doorbell rang. The people from the office she’d been expecting. She took the mask off and went to the door.

“I can’t believe Giovanni made me wear this,” Tony griped, pinching his pink frilly skirt in gray and black striped paws. His long gray and black tail thrashed behind him. It was so long in fact that they’d had to put supports in it to keep it from trailing on the ground behind him.

“Put your mask back on and use your girl voice,” Magda told him.

“Sorry, mom.” ‘Eve’ said in the high pitched, slightly echoey voice of a little girl. She put on the cat mask and brushed a strand of black hair out of her eyes as she looked up at Magda. “Better?”

“Yes, honey. Now shush while mommy talks to this lady.” Thankfully Doris had been a long time answering the door. It would have been unfortunate if she’d opened up while Tony was getting his disguise on. Nunzio hoped he’d not break character again.

“Magda! And this must be Eve.” Doris said. “Excuse the … uh.” She blushed. “I wanted to get my kit on early. Thea hasn’t gotten hers yet, but she’s a quick dresser and she really wants to do it.”

“That’s great.” Magda looked down at Eve. “Go play with Thea, dear, and let mommy talk to Miss Doris.”

“All right.” Eve skipped in and sat down with Thea. The little skunk girl seemed content to play with the kitten and that left the cat and skunk to sit down together.

“I’m looking forward to today.” Doris admitted. “I must seem weird to you.”

“Not hardly,” Magda said, only barely sweeping her skirt before sitting down. The only thing that had saved them was Neil feeling Arnold’s paw under his bum. “You want to help our woman win and you’ll do what you have to.” She winked. “I bet it’s fun being a sleek predator girl for a change. I wouldn’t mind trying the skunk life for a day myself.”

“I’m so glad you understand.” Doris put her paw on Magda’s. “So you’ll do to our candidate’s rally and I’ll deal with the opposition? You know what to do?”

“Uh-huh.” Magda grinned. “It’ll be a lot of fun.”

“I’m with you there, sister.” Doris got up. “I’d better get Thea dressed. Thea!” The todder came up to them. “Do you want to put your wolf costume on now?”

“Yeah!” Thea cheered. Doris took Thea to her bedroom. She helped the little skunk girl into the overlarge feet and pulled it up, checking under her tail to make sure that the hole beneath was large enough. The similarly large and padded paws went on and Thea insisted on zipping the costume up herself and putting the mask on. Doris put her in a velvet dress with plenty of room for her new tail to move freely and carried her out of the bedroom in her arms.

“Rawr!” Thea half growled half shouted.

“You make a great little wolf.” Magda said, petting her head.

“I was scared.” Eve agreed. She looked up at Magda and put out her arms. “Pick me up too, mommy!” Only Magda could see the mischief in her eye. Magda almost folded in half picking her up and her knees knocked. She could barely stand up straight after that, Arnold having to stealthily grab at a chair. A mouse was one thing, but one in a heavily padded kitten suit was another. She put her daughter down. “Aww.” Eve said.

“You’re a big girl,” Magda told her. “You can walk on your own.” She took her daughter’s hand and they left the apartment with Doris.

They parted ways down the street and Doris smiled at how well she and the cat had gotten along. She’d never been so friendly with a pure carnivore before. They had a fun, elegant quality to them. Maybe she’d keep the wolf suit and hang out with more. The rally was in full swing when she arrived and she and her daughter stood in line to meet the opposing candidate. “You know what to do, honey?” She asked Thea yet again.

“Yes, mommy.” Thea’s tail twitched in anticipation, looking as if she was wagging it with the happiness her face reflected. Doris made a note to start doing the same. A wolf who didn’t express all her emotions in her tail was an oddball. She slowly waved hers back and forth.

“And no telling people we’re skunks. What are we?”

“Wolves! Rawr!”

“Good girl.” They reached the front and the otter picked Thea up. “What a cute little – argh!” He said as Thea lifted her fake wolf tail and let loose with her youthful but still potent scent.

“What did you do to my daughter?” Doris screeched. “What’s that smell?” She snatched Thea away and marched off, suppressing a grin and a cheer at the image in her mind of tomorrow’s paper showing the candidate looking disgusted at a cherubic little wolf pup and then at the outraged mother taking her away. She ducked the press questions and escaped unseen in the crowd. On their way back, she said, “You did really well, honey.’

“Thanks, mommy. That was fun. But what about the poor man?”

“Don’t worry. He’ll be fine. How about we go for ice cream to celebrate?” Doris wagged her tail, still wanting to stay in character as a wolf while they were out in public.


“But we’d better get that costume off first. We don’t want it sticky.”

“I’d rather have the costume than ice cream.” Thea said.

“I know how you feel. You can keep it, though. Just so it isn’t sticky.”

“OK, mommy.”

At the landing before their floor, Doris saw Marge and her son Hugh. “Doesn’t that boy bully you at preschool?”

“Yeah, mommy.”

“And that cow’s always so snooty.” Doris felt her sharp wolf teeth and bared them in a grin. “How about we give them a little scare to get back?”

“That’d be fun!” Thea giggled and Doris shushed her. They padded up behind the two as Marge was locking the door and Doris growled, “Going somewhere?”

At the same time, Thea outright jumped on Hugh and knocked him down. “I hear tell you’re the tough guy in this building!” She said. “Well, I’m tougher and if I see you messing with anyone around here, I’ll show you!”

“Tell that horrible child to get off of my Hugh.” Marge said shrilly.

“Or what?” Doris asked. “Maybe he deserves it. I just moved here a week ago, but I’ve seen you acting pretty high and mighty for prey. The same goes for him.” She licked her lips. “I could go for some beef. I hear that putting on airs improves the taste.”

Hugh squirmed out from under Thea and ran down the stairs. Thea knew not to leave her mother, so she let him go. Marge followed, looking over her shoulder at Doris, who waved. “Nice to meet you, neighbor. I’m sure we’ll get along just fine as long as you know your place.”

The two skunks retrained themselves until they were inside, then fell to the floor. Doris grabbed Thea and rolled around with her, tickling her belly. “So was that fun?”

“Really fun! He won’t bother me anymore or –“ she made an attempt at a growl “- my new wolf friend will get him!”

“All right, honey. Do you want ice cream or to stay in the costume?”

“Ice cream!”

“Then put that away nice and neat while mommy takes hers off.” Thea ran to her room, still growling and pretending to bite at things. Doris took a last look at her wolf self. She did a little strip tease for herself – not too long because her daughter was already running around the house in her normal clothes – and put it away, thinking about what she might do as a wolf later on.

Eve skipped down the street, her dress floating around her feet. She turned and called, “Mommy, come on or we’ll miss it!”

“Coming, dear.” Inside the two lower mice were grumbling. Magda was meant to be seen and not rushed. It was hard enough putting one foot in front of the other and watching for cracks without having a troublesome, rambunctious fake daughter to pretend to look after and keep up with. Finally she lost her patience and Nunzio caught what she meant immediately when Arnold put her hands on her hips. “Young lady, you are to come back here and hold mommy’s hand!”

“Aww, mom!” But Eve skipped back and held Magda’s hand the rest of the way, though Nunzio was sure that she was looking up as often as she could to watch her mother’s bosom lift and fall with each step. She had to look professional so she’d worn heels and all three inside wished she hadn’t. A stray breeze lifted her skirt and she was sure that half the men on the street had seen her black lace panties before she looked down, Nunzio kicked Arnold and she put her hands on her skirt. Eve pretended not to be looking but Nunzio knew she was.

She confirmed his suspicions when she said, “Mommy, when can I wear pretty panties.”

“When you’re older, dear.”

“How much older.”

“You’ll know when you’re older.”

“How much-“

“Honey! Not now.”

“When-“ Tony had gotten enough of a rise. Magda scooped Eve up, having to put her paw on a wall to steady herself. When she was secure, she held her daughter up to her face. “Not not, honey.” She said firmly, and again almost fell to pieces setting her down. Many more like that and everyone would be able to tell something was up.

Eve kept quiet, but looked smug as they entered the badger’s rally. Luckily they’d come in time for the prearranged signal. “And,” the badger was saying, “why do we need some foreign piebald with magic pipe and costume piebald? Are our cats not brilliant at the catch and none can be found to be their match. Look upon the hunters here and think of treasure we’d pay so dear, to have a piper blow and send rats hence, then call on us for too much recompense.”

At that moment one of Giovanni’s mice ran through the legs of the onlookers, brushing them intentionally to draw their gaze. People started to call that there were mice even in the rally but before they could laugh at the badger’s misfortune, Eve called, “Mommy! Mommy! A mouse!” And pounced at the perfect moment to make it look natural when she caught him. She shoved him in her mouth and swallowed him, looking happily around despite her now somewhat distended belly.

“Good girl!” Magda was forced at that point to pick her up since Tony wasn’t going anywhere fast in the kitten suit now it had two mice inside. She pet Eve’s head and smiled for the cameras. “I’d better take my girl home to bed now. She’s had a big meal.” Everyone laughed and the badger’s reputation was doubled by the opportune show of how even a kitten barely out of her mother’s arms could catch mice. She walked unsteadily out of the building, shrugging off queries about whether she was feeling all right. It was agony even for Nunzio since he had to help navigate after Neil started seeing stars. Magda was finally able to find a secluded spot to put Eve down. Her kitten waddled a few steps and then disgorged the mouse.

“Did I do good?” He asked.

“Great.” Tony said.

“Eve!” Magda remonstrated.

“There’s no one around. Mommy.”

“Ew. Use your girl voice when you call me that.” Magda said, disgusted.

Eve skipped over to her. “That was fun, mommy!” She said.

They got back to Doris’ apartment to find the skunks both changed and eating ice cream. Eve complained, but Magda told her to shush and the two exchanged stories. “All in all, a good day for our party.” Doris said.

“Call again if you ever need help. It was a blast,” Magda replied. On their way down the stairs – Eve holding Magda’s paw tightly and Magda’s other paw clutching the railing – Eve said, “This outfit would make a great way to get in on what the cats are up to. You know, to make sure they keep their end.”

“Are you saying you like being a kitten?”

“Let’s just say that I think it’d be fun to tweak a couple of tom kittens and a stripper needs to go out with her family and meet a nice man sometime.”

“I hate to say it, but the boss might agree.” Magda said.

“Mommy, if you meet a nice man, will you marry him?” Eve asked.

“Maybe, honey. If he’s the right one.”

Doris stood, admiring how the wolf costume turned her fluff and roundness into straight lines. She felt powerful in this body. She felt beautiful. She was a pretty skunk, but a strong and dangerous wolf. She slipped on the mask and followed with a long, sleeveless black dress with embroidered wolves in mid leap. She slid a pair of black elastic sleeves up her arms, leaving them bare from shoulder to halfway to her elbow and from halfway from elbow to wrist. A pair of black boots with shiny metal buckles followed, and finally a pewter necklace. She’d never been one of the dark and cool looking girls in school and it felt good to do it now. The predators were the in crowd and even if she’d never been one, she knew how to dress the part. It made her heart pound to look at herself and see a woman who belonged in these clothes. A wolf woman with lambent yellow eyes, sharp white teeth and the look like she could run down a deer in full flight. She snarled and tipped her lengthened muzzle back in a silent howl of delight.

She stuck her head in to Thea’s bedroom. The little skunk kit was snuggled up to the wolf suit, which Doris had put a squishy stuffed mannequin into so that her daughter could use it as a plushie when she wasn’t wearing the costume. Her muzzle was buried so deep in the fur that it was invisible. Doris padded out, feeling even more like a predator as she silently left the apartment and went to the nearest predator bar. Her euphoria grew as she wasn’t even sitting before someone bought her a drink.

“I haven’t seen you before,” the wolf said. “I’m Dirk.”

“Do – Dorthinia.” Doris said. “I’m new around here.”

“I can tell. You’re not with any pack.” Dirk sat down next to her. “Why don’t you join me and my friends.” A group of wolves at a pool table waved.

“You seem nice, but I don’t want to pick a pack so early.” Doris demurred.

“Who said anything about pack picking. We’re just here for fun. If you want run for a night or two, that’s fine with us.”

Doris joined them, feeling warm and remembering just in time to wag her tail as the introductions were made. It was amazing to just belong. To stand and laugh easily at inside jokes. To feel no awkwardness when Dirk led her a little way away and to know that none of the others would even bat an eyelash when he put his arm around her. When she pressed him against the wall and their muzzles mingled. She thought of Thea and pulled back, squeezing Dirk’s paw gently. “I only came for a quick drink. My daughter’s at home and I don’t have a sitter.”

“That’s fine.” Dirk said. Doris wanted to kiss him again. Belonging and not being judged was so new and wonderful. She forced herself to say her regretful goodbyes and dashed back to her apartment, aware more than usual of the night air and how it made her fur stream in the wind. She took the mask off in her room and kissed the nose. Next time she’d have someone to watch Thea. But what would they think when a skunk woman left as a wolf? She smiled a secret smile. Thea wouldn’t mind playing a little trick and fooling the sitter into thinking she was a wolf cub. Doris was sure she would even love to sleep in the costume and growl if she felt like people weren’t taking her seriously. No, Doris thought, Thea wouldn’t mind at all and Doris wouldn’t mind stepping out in a wolf costume and running with a pack again.

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