Color My World


The next time you race into the cosmetics section and grab the nearest lipstick, hurrying so that no one sees what you are doing; stop and think about what's happening around you.


Color My World
By Angela Rasch

Bright lights and dull Muzak welcomed me. The air was sweet, mixing dozens of pleasant aromas. Someone pulled me out from darkness. I was placed on display with others like me. You would think that they would use something other than fluorescent lighting. My very essence, my color, was being distorted.

“Hey kid. How ya doin.”

“Huh! Who are you?” I asked. Things were confusing and just starting to come into focus.

“Stone Edge ... Stone Edge Revlon. We're cousins. I'm an earth-tone - you're a red. We’re both part of the Revlon family.”

“Red … Revlon?”

“Yep.… You're Certainly Red Revlon.”

R-E-V-L-O-N was printed in big letters about two feet above us. A nametag attached to my cap stated Certainly Red 047.

“Today might be THE day!” My cousin was excited and on full alert. “We could be taken by a user.”

The thought of potential users started an uproar that included comments from other species. Eyeliner, blush, and foundation joined us in expressing our need to make someone so beautiful as to assure delight; delight for the user AND for us. Like the others, I was bursting with desire to make someone happy. It was my singular goal in life.

“Users are pigs!” Such irreverence commanded silence, as we pondered its immense negativity. Spiced Cider L'Oreal went on with her rant. “They're so damned self-important. They think they rule; just because they're 'living organism.’”Spiced Cider had made the words “living organism” sound despicable. “If they only knew. They're such jokes. Imagine forcing gas out of your body to communicate.”

“Really Spiced Cider, you should have a little compassion for the less fortunate. We’re lucky to have the ability to use telepathy.” It was Revlon Red Revlon communicating with us. According to the positioning of our shelf slots, RRR was my closest cousin. “They take years to develop their mental capacities. So what? They eventually are very appreciative of what we can do for them.”

All the others in the aisle, including the hair dyes, who were a breed apart, quietly acknowledge RRR’s wisdom. I had started to see and understand things clearly.

Users devote a great deal of their energy to reproduction. Together with a partner user they procreate another living organism very similar to themselves. We were able to capitalize on their urge to couple. In order to attract a mate, the users tried to look as perfect as possible.

It had been scant minutes since I had been pulled from that shipping carton and first became aware, yet my thoughts were completely organized. Users were born with a tabula rasa, or blank slate. They underwent a hit or miss educational process, while their bodies were continually evolving toward decrepitude. Unlike us, users might never know what they need to, in order to succeed.

“I hope my user wears me on her wedding day,” Nude Almay said. “Nothing compares to the joy of a wedding. It's that one time a user is guaranteed to be the center of everyone's attention.”

Cosmetics who had left the display area for a wondrous life of being consumed, had sent back messages. We knew of the possibilities. The next generation of Revlons would be new and improved. We passed our intelligence, at conception, to those that followed.

“If we're fantasizing, I want to be used by someone who's celebrating their 50th anniversary,” Berry Almay said. “After fifty years of marriage, the users appreciate the real beauty of life. They're very content.”

Plum Brulee L'Oreal added a comment. “Please -- let me be on the lips of someone posing for the cover of a magazine. I would bring happiness to that user, and to the hundreds of thousands that would see my picture. That would be true bliss.”

“If we're dreaming about wider circulation,” Mauve Almay said, “I want my user to be a television anchorperson. I could make millions happy.”

“A beauty pageant winner ... the joy of being picked the best from a group of very attractive people ... ohhh.…”

“Royalty ... imagine the intense pleasure of total adulation from your subjects.”

“I want it all,” I said. “To be selected by a user who will treat me with awe; seeing a huge difference in how they look with my help. If at all possible, I want someone who has never before used makeup of any kind. When my user puts me on, I hope the reflection from the mirror is a wondrous part of my user's self; something my user never experienced before; something totally new, different, and very pleasing.”

A hush ran through us, as an extra-extra-large user stepped into our aisle. Most of the users were shorter and had narrow waists. This one was quite tall and rectangular.

I was wishing … hoping for a user that would become fiercely happy; someone who would fulfill my dreams.

I heard, “Pick me! Pick me!” from every angle.

The user wasn't an idle shopper, advancing quickly to the Revlon section. Without more than a moment's consideration, I was lovingly placed in the shopping basket. The hand that had briefly held me had been trembling with excitement. It was nice to be so wanted.

“My cousin, Certainly Red, will make that user very happy.” Revlon Red Revlon said, as I was carried away.

Nude Almay watched my user stride with purpose toward the front of the store. “You can count on it. The bigger the user, the happier we seem to make them.”

The End


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