Patriot Games - Chapter 11 - A Little Discipline Never Hurt Anyone


This is a fictional chronicle of a normal hardworking guy named Jack. The federal government made him an offer he couldn't refuse. All they asked was for Jack to go undercover to help the U.S. Government ensnare a terrorist.

Any resemblance of the characters depicted in the story to actual individuals is coincidental. All events are the sole responsibility of the author. None of the scenes in this story depict minors engaged in any sexual encounter.

This story has been previously posted on other sites. It is being posted here with a strong rewrite; some new chapters have been added. I had my BFF Monica Rose edit the material so it should be more readable. Marina

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Chapter 11 - A Little Discipline Never Hurt Anyone

"Tired mothers find that spanking takes less time, than reasoning and penetrates sooner to the seat of the memory."

Steve lay on Fred's couch that first night back from the emergency room. His mind just would not turn off. He was depressed and still felt dirty, even after several showers. He relived those terrible few minutes over and over in his head; he felt pain, anger, loneliness and an overwhelming sense of shame.

For the first time in his life, he was dealing with confusion over his masculinity. For years, he had enjoyed an occasional session of dressing as a woman. His wife was open-minded and said she understood his unconventional hobby, if not accepted it. Now...he began to wonder if perhaps he was more than a cross dresser. The shame of his deflowerment wouldn't go away. It had changed him in more than a physical way. He couldn't look himself in the mirror without feeling humiliated, even debased. He would never be the same person, that much he knew.

The demons of self-doubt came most often when Steve was left alone to recuperate while Fred was at work, Steve turned to drink to numb the pain, sometimes in the mornings after Fred had left for the office; but most certainly in the evenings.

Unable to hide any longer, he had to return to work and to his wife. What could he possibly tell her? The morning of the fourth day, Steve got up and forced himself to go into work and face his boss. Fred, the asshole, greeted Steve as he entered the office with a bottle Midol. Steve swore to get even but thought what the hell and gulped two tablets down without the aid of water. He gingerly made it to his desk and stood debating what to do next, when the chief walked by the open door. His bulbous carcass filled the entryway and blocked the daylight like a full solar eclipse.

"Good, you're back," he barked. "Garibaldi, in my office now! I want a full report on how our operation is going."

"Yes Sir, let me get a cup of coffee and I'll be right there."

"Fuck the coffee! I'll get my girl to get us both cups. Come on, walk with me."

Steve fell in behind his boss and, despite the pain, was able to just keep up with the man.

Director Hampton assumed his normal position behind his desk. He loosened his tie and motioned for Steve to have a seat. Steve declined, "No thanks boss. I'd rather stand if it's alright with you."

"No skin off my back. What's the matter with you? You walk like you've got a potato stuffed up your butt."

Steve had prepared for this moment, "It's kind of embarrassing. The reason for my time off involves hemorrhoids. They flared up; I'll be alright in a few days."

Being his normal sensitive manager, Hampton went on, "That's too much information. I don't care about your asshole. Tell me how we are progressing on turning our volunteer into a first class fairy."

"Things are progressing. They are just moving a little slower that I would like. I have a date... I mean a meeting with the wife tonight. I'll see what I can do to move things along a little faster."

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Meanwhile at the office, Jack had just put down a copy of Cosmopolitan magazine, bewildered at the article he had just finished. Jack had never considered giving a female employee a compliment on her looks as harassment, but, confusedly, Cosmopolitan disagreed. Jack stood at the elevator waiting for an empty car to take him to his meeting with Mike, when a man standing next to Jack commented as a plain looking, but well endowed secretary walked by. Under his breath, just loud enough for the woman to hear, he commented, "Hubba hubba baby, nice set of hooters you got there."

The woman walked on and simply ignored the degrading comment. Suddenly Jack was furious. "Buddy, I don't know who you are but that was uncalled for."

"What's your problem, you gay or something? I'm just letting her know I like her assets. If someone told me I had a big, beautiful penis, I would take is as a form of flattery. I'd know they were lying, but I'd know they were trying to flatter me nonetheless. I don't think there is an honest man who would say that he doesn't want to be told he has a big beautiful penis. That's how prostitutes make half their money, after all. But complement a woman on her breasts, and suddenly she's offended, give me a break. Dames, even plain ones like her, need to know we are appreciative of their efforts to be attractive."

The stranger's skewed philosophy was incredibly offensive to Jack. He felt like he was shaking as he cut into this jerk.

"A prostitute does not compliment your penis over dinner or in the hallway on the way to the copy room. No, she does it in a private, rather intimate setting. If you compliment a woman's breasts in a similar setting, it is perfectly acceptable. Friend, women go to a lot of trouble to look attractive, that doesn't give you the right to objectify them."

The man was speechless, unsure if the guy he was talking to was a real man.

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Rose met with Steve at a dimly lit out-of-the-way bar. Rather than their customary table, Steve insisted they stand at the bar for their discussion. This suited Rose just fine, she could only stay a few minutes as she had a date with Mike and a new client for happy hour at their favorite hangout, a little pub near the office.

Steve was rather insistent that Rose accelerate her husband's reeducation. He explained he was under immense pressure from work to speed up Jack's conversion into a passable, submissive transvestite.

Rose listened politely, more amused at Steve's predicament than sympathetic. She sipped on her drink and stared at the cocky chauvinist in front of her, she could tell that there was something different about him. His eyes contained a sadness that hadn't been there before. She let Steve vent and finished her cocktail, placed it back on the bar and gave Steve her best schoolmarm glare, "Listen to me Mr. Government man, I'm doing this as fast as I can. There is just so much Jack has to learn – it takes time."

"Well we're running out of time. If you can't do the job, we'll snatch him up and find someone who can."

"Don't bullshit me Steve. We both know that wouldn't work. I'll do it my way! When Jack is ready to be exposed as a sissified man, you'll be the first to know. Now unless you have something else, I have an appointment. Be sure and leave the barmaid a nice tip. I'm off. Ta Ta for now."

Rose almost missed her exit on the drive home because she was so lost in thought. She reviewed her training program with Jack and could find nowhere she could speed things up. She didn't want Jake to end up as a brainless broken caricature of a drag queen. She wanted her husband back, albeit a softer more feminine version. The very thought of him totally feminized sent lightning bolts of thrills through her body.

It was late when Rose finally arrived home, a little drunk and very irritable. She stormed into the living room in a huff.

First that fool Steve had confronted her in the bar. How dare he challenge her judgment! He had accused her of going easy on Jack, well by god she'd show him! Because of her impromptu meeting and followed by happy hour with Mike, the damn client never showed so she spent the night fending off her boss' advances. She hadn't time to get a refill of Midol, and was therefore totally out of her pain meds. How she hated this time of the month!

Rose stormed into the living room to find Jack had completed his bath and was waiting on her. He had the audacity to have borrowed Rose's LBD, and anxiously awaited her arrival. Hormones and PMS combined with copious amounts of alcohol can be a toxic combination as poor Jack was about to find out.

Jack stood as Rose entered the house and assumed his sissy pose for her. One hand on his hip, the other extended to the side with a limp wrist.

Even with all of her discomfort, Rose as still civil. "I'm sorry I'm late, I met up with Mike and only planned on having one maybe two drinks, then head home. But I got hung up."

Daisy surprised the hell out of Rose when he turned on her with a vengeance, "You are not sorry! Please don't pretend you are! I've about had enough of your callous attitude towards my feelings!"

Rose's control precarious control of her emotions gave up the ghost. "God damn you Daisy, you are such a slut and that is with a capital S! Don't you ever speak to me again in that tone of voice!"

She herself a water glass of Scotch. She was really pissed now, first Steve had challenged her and now Daisy tried to stand up to her. That was not going to happen. Rose nonchalantly excused her delinquency on the fact that Mike had invited her out for a drink, or two, or three after work to celebrate a new contract. She explained, she had stayed a lot longer than planned, but Mike can be really persuasive when he puts his mind to it. She explained that work took precedence over Jack's hurt feelings, he needed to man up and except that fact. Jack stood silent before her, shame covering him like a cloak.

"So...Since we're getting a late start, you are going to have to work twice as hard to make up for lost time."

For the next hour, Rose sat perched in her chair sipping her Scotch. She arrogantly surveyed her submissive vassal with constant denigrating comments.

"Stand Up straight. Heel-toe, heel-toe. Watch your posture, hold your chin up, suck in your stomach, straighten and elongate your spine, keep your weight forward, on your toes, do not lean like the Tower of Pisa, whatever you do don't let your legs spread open, swivel your hips, don't bob your head, remember to flow, make every movement smooth, take smaller steps, keep your legs close together, limp wrist you idiot. Damn it Jack, can't you do anything right?"

An infuriated Rose positioned herself at one end of the room.

"You are a dumb blonde airhead. Let me go over the fundamentals one more time. Try and pay attention this time. One foot in front of the other, short steps, elbows in, forearms parallel to the floor, wrists limp with your fingers pointed out, wiggle the hips. Mince down the line like a ballerina. Don't clump, move smoothly. Okay, now I want to see how you do it and finish by gracefully sitting in that chair. We have done this 100 times; let's see if just once you can get it right."

She pointed to the easy chair and said, "Show me what you have learned. Now cross to the chair gracefully and sit down like a lady. Remember to smooth the skirt under you. Then swivel into position, and cross your legs at the thighs, remember good upper body posture at all times. Keep your hands folded demurely in your lap. Once you have accomplished that simple task, stand and walk to the other side of the room. Make a runway turn, like we practiced and then repeat the process back to the chair!"

Unhappy with his first few attempts, Rose had Jack get up and walk across the room time and time again. After an hour, Jack had failed to meet Rose's exacting standards.

Jack, in exasperation, collapsed in a chair in a very un-lady like manner. Jack sternly told his wife, "Rose, I'm exhausted! Could we take a break?"

"Daisy, do you think a true woman gets to call a timeout? When we have our period and are bloated and have stomach cramps, can we hit the pause button? I think not. You'll do this until it becomes second nature. Now get up, walk across the room and lower yourself in that chair like a lady."

Jack audaciously responded, "Then I quit!"

With determination in his voice he said, "I've changed my mind. I thought this might be fun, even a little kinky, spending all this extra time with you, dressed like this. I'm tired of being nothing but the scullery maid on the weekends, and your dress up doll during the week. I never signed on to be worked like a slave, besides my feet are killing me in these heels."

Rose was not accustomed to being challenged, certainly not by her husband. Her temper just snapped, her face became beet red, the veins in her neck throbbed, it appeared she was about to have a stroke. She sucked air through her clutched teeth and said, "My, my, aren't we feisty tonight. I'll strip you naked and have you tethered to a post in the front yard if I want. I seem to have a revolt on my hands. Let's knock off all this macho hypocrisy, you like all the silky underwear and makeup. You just aren't man enough to come out and say it. You quit my ass!

"Well, 'Mr. I Quit' let me tell you something. You are only a spoiled and selfish bitch! I thought the man I married was made of sterner stuff than that. What happened to him? I guess I don't know the real you? My father and my brother gave their lives for this country, and you whine that you're tired and your feet hurt. How about I give you something to take your mind off your feet? You relax and stay there I will be right back and we'll discuss your decision to give up. While I'm gone take your girlie panties off you haven't earned the right to wear them."

Several minutes later, Rose staggered back from the den obviously still under the influence; she wasn't going to be passing any sobriety tests in the near future. Unsteady on her feet, she leaned against the sofa for support. Rose with her hands hidden behind her back had a devilish smirk on her face. Jack could see her temper brewing like a witch's caldron, just beneath the surface of her smiling face. The disturbing glint in her eyes sent a chill down Jack's spine.

Rose declared in a menacing manner, "Honey, come stand here! History has taught us there are two ways to handle revolts. The first is through negotiations and compromise. The second is through the use of overwhelming force to ensure total capitulation. Which course of action do you think I have settled on?

"This overseer is going to show her field hand how these things were handled in the good old days. I don't have a bullwhip however this will just have to do for now."

Producing a ping pong paddle from behind her back, Rose grabbed Jack's wrist with a surprising amount of force and dragged her husband over her knee. Jack, in high heels and tightly corseted, was unsteady and unable, even unwilling, to resist a determined Rose. Besides poor naive Jack viewed this as a prelude to some sort of sex game.

Hiking up his skirt exposed his plump derriere, Rose told Jack, "Well, 'Mister, I quit', before I am finished, you will be begging me to take high heels to work so you can practice over lunch."

She started to spank Jack with the paddle. Her first few attempts were so pitiful Jack playfully kicked his legs, actually laughing nervously and found being manhandled by his wife slightly erotic. That was to prove to be a gigantic mistake.

"Think this is funny do we? Well let's see what my dainty damsel thinks about this. I'm going to do some serious tenderizing on your ass."

Forcing Jack's head down with one hand, she put all her strength behind her efforts. Drawing the paddle back well over her head she administered a couple of quick swats. To Jack's consternation, it started to hurt. Jack's slight erection had rapidly disappeared as this no longer seemed like a game.

Jack held back the tears and tried to slip into a state of angry resentment. "Oh for heaven's sake Rose, stop this right now! You told me I could quit anytime I wanted."

Now it was Rose's turn to laugh. "Oh grow up you naive sissy, I have promised you a lot of things that I had no intention of following through on. That pledge was made wholly to get you to cooperate with me. Tonight's entertainment has just begun. It seems one of us is in for a very long night. It's certainly not going to be me. Just remember sweetheart, this is going to hurt you a lot more than me!"

Rose now put every ounce of her strength into each swing. So far, Rose had focused all her efforts on one buttock. As the cheek turned bright red, she paused to ask, "Jackie, have you read the bible?"

Jack replied "Of course!"

Rose countered with, "So have I. Do you know my favorite passage? It's the one about turning the other cheek, let me show you how that works!"

Her future efforts now were evenly divided between both fleshy targets.

The hard slaps quickly reddened the alabaster flesh. Rose found she loved the swish of the paddle just before the sharp report of it smacking flesh. The control over her husband had a sexual component for Rose. She settled into a steady cadence, much like the rhythm of intercourse. She would pause at the apex of her swing just to increase Jack's anticipation. She adored the way he tensed in expectation of the blow landing and lurched forward as each stoke impacted. Moreover, she immensely enjoyed the guttural groan he would emit as she abused his ass. Most of all, she found herself elated at his total helplessness and her absolute dominance over her husband. The spectacle of his legs spread; with his balls dangling between his red and pink thighs got her pussy wet. Reinvigorated with this sexual rush Rose resumed her assault on the quivering buttocks. Jack eventually began to plead, although Rose was unaffected by his petitions for clemency.

She had no doubt that his cries of anguish were genuine and that his pleas for mercy were sincere. She was just as convinced that, on a deeper level; he enjoyed the physical pain and basked in the humiliation inspired by that pain. At heart, she was certain; all men were pussies, compared to her father and brother. She was punishing Jack for not being man enough to be a soldier like her brother.

Rose, in her alcohol enhanced state was lost in the rapture of empowered femininity. Her previous steady rhythm as long since lost as she found herself transported into that Norse warrior's trance-like fury state of berserker. The paddle rose and fell in a flurry of strokes, striking first one cheek and then the other, alternating back and forth so that neither buttock was favored nor spared.

Pausing to catch her breath, Rose looked down and admired her handiwork. She thought, 'Red, white, and blue how patriotic of him'. In the silence of their living room, the cracks of wood against flesh sounded like gunshots. She paused to catch her breath and Jack had the audacity to ask, "How could you do this to me?"

"It's for your own good! As a guy, I think it was Jim Rohn said, 'We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.' I have no intentions of coming out of this ordeal with any regrets."

Rose returned to the task at hand with the slightest of misgivings. Her husband lurched, cajoled, whimpered and implored every deity he could think of for assistance. Each of his cries and petitions were but music to her ears. 'This cringing weakling deserves to be punished – it will only toughen him up for the hard times to come,' thought Rose. His petitions did not elicit clemency from Rose. Quite the contrary, she only intensified her efforts as she rained a quick succession of forceful blows on the unfortunate man who was held captive across her lap.

His cock that was once stiff had withered under the pummeling that his buttocks were receiving. Rose found she was bewildered by the conflicting emotions passing through her. She loved her husband and realized this incident would forever transform their relationship. The passion, lust, and exhilaration of dominance penetrated and marinated her very soul.

On some level, deeper than that of physical pain, Rose thought her husband was enjoying his plight as he certainly deserved it. She smiled at his early erection, which was proof positive of his enjoyment of his status as a mere thing subject to her will. Feeling his initial erection withering, Rose taunted her husband; "Well dear it appears your Arrow of Love has been temporarily de-feathered."

In trepidation, Jack realized for the first time that he was actually afraid. In point of fact, terrified of this woman, his wife! The next stroke of the paddle brought a blinding flash of searing pain. Jack screamed so loud, Rose was concerned the neighbors would become curious and attempt to intervene.

Her exertion produced perspiration that made her hair glisten, as if she had been caught in a rain shower. It was liberally dripping down her face onto the tenderized ass, the moisture adding to the overall effect. Rose was so lost in her frenzy, she was frothing at the mouth, as spittle flew from her clenched teeth and augmented the perspiration pooling on Jack's ass.

Jack was now unashamedly bawling like a baby and pleading for mercy. Rose wouldn't even acknowledge his sniveling. Rose kept flailing until finally, miraculously for Jack, the paddle handle broke.

Thankful at the interruption, Rose lowered her bawling husband off her lap and onto the floor. She stood to retrieve another paddle and felt a trickle on her thigh. Rose realized she was so aroused she'd soaked through her panties. At least she hoped it was it was arousal and not her menstrual discharge running down her leg.

Jack groveled on the floor and grabbed her ankle and groaned in the midst of a flurry of supplicating tears, "Rose have pity, I spoke out of frustration. I freely admit I deserved your punishment; although I'm begging you let me take the shoes to work so I can practice, just please don't hurt me anymore."

Neither said another word, Rose stood and locked eyes with her husband. His eyes were awash in tears, which fell like a monsoon rainstorm. Hers contained a frenzied almost demented glee. Jack tried to maintain eye contact, hoping to unearth the real message in her eyes but couldn't hold her glare any more than he could stare at the sun.

This brief encounter seemed to create a mutual understanding there had been a titanic shift in their relationship. Jack was filled with shame and regret. He felt he had lost his dignity and self-respect. Somehow he knew this was entirely his fault. There must be some character flaw in his personality that generated this response from his wife. He was determined to try harder to please Rose. As Rose regained her composure, a somber Rose began to recognize that she had gone a bridge too far. An old saying jumped into her head. 'Never discipline a child when you are angry.' Rose regretted her overreaction and prayed she could find some way to mend the rift she had just torn in their love.

As a first step in the direction of reconciliation, Rose stepped toward Jack and reached out to lovingly touch his face. He flinched at this gesture, which nearly broke her heart. She hadn't meant to hurt him only strengthen him for what was to come. His crying had left little mascara trails down his face. That disturbed Rose more than she wanted to admit. Standing there Rose was suddenly racked by a massive menstrual cramp. Taking that as a sign from Mother Nature, she dismissed her uncertainties. Rose was determined not to waste the message she had worked so hard on dispensing. Rose callously responded, "Sure, you big pansy, you can carry them in your briefcase, unless you would rather wear them in to work."

Rose knelt beside her husband and said, "During your lunch period, instead of sitting, which I imagine you would be reluctant to do anyway. You can walk back and forth in your heels while you are studying your daily assignment."

With a Machiavellian smirk, Rose added, "I am glad we have gotten this issue behind us."

As Jack squirmed on the floor, Rose announced, "Daisy Bell, I expect a much more accommodating attitude from you from this point on. Now Jack, don't try and play the poor abused spouse card and lose those sad puppy dog eyes, the sooner you realize this was entirely your fault the happier we will be. All I have done is attempt to reform your flawed character. I own you bitch, get used to it. Now tell me how sorry you are! Make it convincing or else!"

Jack sobbed inconsolably and looked up at Rose with a scared hangdog look, "You're right Rose, and I'm terribly sorry. I don't deserve someone like you. Please give me another chance. I swear I'll try harder in the future. Cross my heart." Then he made the gesture with his manicured hands.

This apology garnered a wily grin from Rose. She countered with, "Daisy you are one dumb bitch and a pantywaist sissy, but I'll give you a chance to make it up to me. Now get up, walk across the room and sit down like a lady. The last thing we want around here is a hulking drag queen. Your appearance and demeanor reflect on me. It must be perfect and 100% ladylike, if you embarrass me, you'll never feel like sitting again! Remember I'm being this tough for your own good!"

Plopping down was now out of the question. A defeated Jack stood, pulled his skirt down and sashayed across the room and daintily positioned his ass over the chair and ever so slowing lowered it on the cushion, then warily crossed his legs. After that performance, Rose mocked Jack by applauding and said, "Congratulations my fair lady. By George, I think she's got it."

At bedtime, it was a sober and remorseful Rose who decided to try to show her sorrow, however Jack was having none of it and ignored her small gestures of reconciliation. For the first night since his training had begun, Rose removed the corset from Jack's waist. While Rose was in the toilet, Jack crawled onto the bed, crying and pounding the pillows in frustration. Eventually he controlled his breathing, and lay in the darken room trying to envision what life would be like without Rose.

Even in the dark, Rode could see tears welling up in Jack’s eyes. With a voice filled with sorrow, she said, "I'm so fucking sorry, I got carried away, okay?"

He didn't respond merely wiped away the tear that was running down his cheek.

Rose had a sleepless night, laying there listening to her husband's distress. She felt every one of his sobs like a stab in the heart. She was totally conflicted. The dominance over her husband was extremely empowering and pleasurable, yet she loved that man with her whole heart and wanted to maintain a loving and supportive relationship. Rose was always a control freak, but never thought she wanted to be a dominate partner over a subservient spouse.

She spent the night trying to understand what had just happened. She was intuitive enough to realize that her poor husband was her Judas goat for her resentment to all those so called men who have not answered their nation's call after 9/11. Most disturbing was her enjoyment at Jack's plight. She had smiled at his initial erection, which was proof positive of his instinctive and emotional enjoyment of his new status as a submissive minion to her authority. Just as important she realized that his shame, helplessness, and vulnerability produced a lust in her soul.

Rose acknowledged that having total control over her loving husband was an immense aphrodisiac! The eroticism of the moment was something she would always remember. She had never felt so alive, so stimulated in her life. As the euphoria of her conquest faded, she sadly realized the moonlight and magnolia aspect of turning her husband into an instrument of her revenge wasn't going to be the glorious patriotic accomplishment she had first envisioned. There would be no bands playing no flags waving, only a man with a broken spirit.

She tossed and turned all night wondering if she could ever give up that powerful and potentially addictive drug, would those urges resurface later in their marriage...would there even be a later? Before she could solve this conundrum morning came. Being Friday, she got up and called into the office informing them Jack was ill and they wouldn't be in today. She planned to stay home and minister to her ailing husband.

Rose knew she had to do something to patch the pothole in their relationship. Mid-morning, she brought a tray with breakfast for Jack. Kneeling on the floor, she lovingly hand fed him his meal. Then, taking some cooling lotion, she tenderly rubbed his black-and-blue behind. When she finished, in a magnanimous gesture of reconciliation Rose surprised Jack by rising and tenderly kissing Jack on both ass cheeks.

The symbolism of the action was lost on Jack. He spent the day in bed trying to will away the shame and pain. At bed time, Rose returned to the bedroom wearing nothing but a flirtatious smile. She asked Jack if he could stand. Struggling to his feet, a cowering Jack wondered what devilish thing Rose had planned now.

Reading the skepticism in his face, and feeling extremely sassy, Rose coyly dropped to her knees in front of her husband with his penis at her face level. Rose was, for the first time in their married life, about to give her husband oral sex. Rose had always been taught there were some things a good girl just didn't do. Sucking on a man's pee pipe was right there at the very top of the 'do not do list.'

From her position on the floor, Rose grabbed his ass cheeks and gave them a gentle squeeze. Her husband winced in pain and Rose immediately recognized her mistake. Jack was extremely tense. The only part of his body that wasn't stiff was his cock. Rose moved her hands from the still tender ass and clapped Jack around his legs. She started licking the inside of his thighs, and worked her way to his scrotum. Rose noticed some movement in his manhood so she licked his balls. That got his cock a little firmer. Taking the next obvious step, Rose took the ball sack into her mouth and sucked very tenderly. Even in this submissive position, her need for control was overriding, so she ever so lightly bit down on one of his testes. This produced an immediate reaction as Jack's prick instantly deflated.

Rose watched her husband's face through her heavily massacred eyelashes. Rose, in a sultry voice purred, "Things were looking up from this position for awhile, what happened dear?" Returning to the task at hand Rose licked the head a few times, then took it between lips and concentrated her tongue on the spot just below the head. As the prick swelled Rose playfully began exerting just the slightest pressure with her upper and lower front teeth on the head, trying to stimulate, not injure her husband.

Jack whimpered, "Oh Rose, please don't hurt me again."

Rose felt a strong sense of supremacy. She might be degrading herself on her knees, but she was still in command. Reversing directions again, Rose bathed his prick in saliva. She licked his member from the root to the tip. Satisfied, it was properly lubricated Rose gobbled up the head. She sucked and slurped on her husband's cock. Almost as an afterthought, Rose reached for his small unobtrusive balls. Rose gently manipulated them as they bunched tightly in their wrinkled sack. Even with yesterday's drama, Rose was rewarded for her efforts. Jack's member slowly stiffened. Jack stood there with a befuddled expression. Despite the pleasure radiating from his groin, Jack was still sure Rose was up to no good. He questioned her motives but was unable to resist the delicious pleasure radiating through his body. Previously, Rose had always maintained that she thought it dirty and demeaning for any woman to do that to a man. Inexplicitly, she openly admitted that having Jack perform cunnilingus on her was just part of a husband's expected duties. For a novice, Rose's performance produced an enthusiastic response from her husband. Rose took the petite prick all the way into her mouth. With her nose resting against his clean shaven pubic bone, Rose sucked as hard as she could and ran her tongue all over his diminutive member. His man sausage swelled to its maximum, 'Almost a mouth full' thought Rose. She enthusiastically continued her ministrations of her husband's joy stick. Rose thought 'This isn't as bad as I had thought.'

Jack placed his hands on the sides of Rose's head and attempted to guide her as he thrust his hips. Noting the attempt at control, Rose lightly bit down with her teeth again and looked up at her husband. Jack sensing his mistake, immediately jerked his hands to his sides. Rose smiled on the inside and took up where she had left off. Jack's breathing became more erratic. Finally, a low moan escaped his lips. Followed by his legs trembling and his balls tightening, his eyes started to cross and roll back in his head. This quickly turned into a series of gasps, "y-y-yes." Eventually, Jack muttered a full throated, "Oh God yes!" Jacked climaxed and filled her mouth with an amazingly small amount of fluid. Rose kept sucking hard on his cock until it became soft and slipped from her mouth.

As Jack was recovering from his cataclysmic organism, he simply said, "Sweet Jeezus, Rose that was phenomenal, thank you!"

Rose made a major production of swilling his elixir of life around in her mouth. With a contented sigh, she gulped the gelatinous fluid. Licking her lips clean, searching for any missed residue, Rose stood and said "Yummy in the tummy."

She stared directly in the eyes of her astonished husband. With a quivering voice she said, "Jack, I'm so sorry for my actions yesterday. I won't attempt to justify what I did. However there were some extenuating circumstances. I had run out of my Midol and didn't have a chance to get a refill. You know I have a terrible Irish temper, especially when I drink. We both know I have control issues. I may have let it all get away from me; please don't despise me for it. Can you ever forgive me and learn to trust me again?"

Chewing on his lower lip so hard it actually produced a droplet of blood; Jack pondered the question over in his mind and stepped back creating additional space between the two. As the seconds ticked by, Rose was becoming concerned. Gathering as much dignity as he could muster, he backed up farther to create even greater space between them. His tender ass eventually touched the wall. Unsure of his wife's reactions, Jack braced himself and continued in a wavering voice. "Rose you can never un-ring a bell! On the floor yesterday looking in your face, I couldn't find any sign of love, only a cruel and vindictive woman. I admit that I was at fault and my actions were the catalyst for your anger. I'm heartily sorry for disappointing you. However I am not sure what will happen if that nasty woman were to ever return.

"Rose, I don't hate you even though I feel I should. On our wedding day, I stood in front of the minister. I took a vow and pledged to love you until the day I die. You are still my wife. Nothing has changed that. I have drunk too deeply from the cup of love. I still love you and will continue to love you. I believe love without trust is like religion without faith, neither will survive. I have already forgiven you. Nevertheless I must warn you, I'll never be able to forget what happened. I'm sorry but that's the best I can do. In the future I will try not to upset you again. So I'm asking for your forgiveness."

A remorseful Rose threw herself face down at his feet sobbing, "Jack, you are the best husband any woman could ever have. I'm the one that needs to apologize. I'm so sorry."

Rose then bathed his feet in tears until Jack became uncomfortable with the adulation and told her to rise.

Rose walked to their closet and returned with full length silk chemise and slipped it over her husband's head. The cool material sliding over his body made Jack shiver. Resting on his behind it brought some temporary relief to his throbbing ass. Having established a fragile armistice the two returned to bed, however the pillow wall remained.

For the remainder of the weekend every time Rose approached her husband, he involuntarily flinched. Once when the wind blow a door shut with a bang, poor Jack actually piddled himself. Mindful of these reactions, Rose was determined to rebuild her husband's trust.

Over the weekend, she got up early every morning and used the time to reevaluate what she was doing. The need for revenge still burned brightly in her bosom. Someone needed to pay for what happened to her brother. The government had given her the opportunity to wreak justice on at least one terrorist. She was going to get her vengeance. She just knew in the bottom of her heart at the conclusion of the operation the amalgamation of Jack - Daisy would come home to her, as a strong self-assured female. Daisy would be a better soul mate than the weak effeminate man Jack currently was. Jack may resent her now, but would thank her one day for what she is doing to and for him.

Monday morning found Jack gingerly exercising in their family room. His early enthusiasm for training had turned to a grim determination. That morning, Rose laced Jack into a new waist cincher, and had him wear a pair of turquoise satin panties that soothed his bruised hind end.

The couple left the elevator at work and Rose handed Jack his briefcase. Without thinking, she gave Jack a playful pat on the ass. To emphasize her point, she commented, "Your heels and reading material are in the case; remember to practice for the full hour. See you later princess."

Then she blew him an insulting little kiss. Jack turned his back on Rose so she wouldn't see the tear running down his cheek. As he made his way to his office, what he failed to notice were the tears in Rose's eyes.

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