Season of Change - Chapter 23

Season of Change


There were only a few things in Harry Potter's life that never changed, he was the son of Lily and James Potter and that he was born a male. What happens when he discovers the truth.


Disclaimer: I own nothing, all of it belong to J.K Rowling, I am just playing in her sandbox for a while.

Authors Note: AU: Its not my first fanfic but its my first Harry Potter, so I hope you enjoy it. The story starts at the end of the 5th Book.

Language Note: "I'm speaking a different language"

Black family Etiquette : Note as someone pointed out in the Black family tree (I have a lovely copy of it) how technically Narcissa and Andromeda are not Alya's Aunts, you are correct. However, in many families including my own, it is common to call older cousins, usually those near our parents age Aunt and Uncle. Members of the Black family do the same.

Chapter 23

"So, how does the warpaint look?" Alya spun around on her small dressing chair. Strangely enough, the makeup and her beautiful forest green dress robes prepared her for battle as much as the Basilisk armor she often wore.

When an invitation to the St Mungo's Charity Ball arrived early one morning, Alya was surprised to learn it was a yearly tradition. Then again, why should she have been, as it seemed that for all her life certain people had been trying hard for her not to know anything.

Even with that, she didn't plan on attending, especially after the disaster called the TriWizards Yule Ball. However, after much discussion, she finally conceded that such events were important to the war effort as much as successful raids on a Death Eater's mansions.

"Beautiful. Every male and many females will be watching you tonight." Tonks couldn't help but grin.

"Brill." Alya rolled her eyes playfully as she spun back around on the chair to slip an emerald earring into each ear. "Whatever, I can't believe you lot are going to make me dance."

When Andromeda found out about the Ball, it didn't take much to convince Alya to attend; convincing her that she needed to learn how to dance was entirely a different matter. At least Fleur was an excellent teacher and in truth, Alya had fun dancing with Fleur's father. However, dancing with Tonks while she wore Alya's old shape as Harry Potter most definitely weirded her out.

"Well, at least, you look handsome." Alya snickered.

Upon returning from Bulgaria, Tonks, Hermione and Remus had planned for 'Harry' to travel to Italy. However, she decided that the Charity Ball would provide an excellent opportunity for the Boy-Who-Lived to support the current Minister of Magic. Moreover, if Alya was being forced to go, Tonks was going to attend as well.

"I can't believe you and my mother talked me into this."

As the Metamorphmagus looked down at her male body, a sad thought drifted through her mind, remembering how handsome Harry appeared over the winter holidays.

Alya shrugged. "It's necessary, especially since Harry and Alya Black will be seen in the same room together."

"Still, you sure you don't want to take my place?" Tonks cringed, feeling bad as soon as she said it.

Alya didn't bother to reply, reaching up to fix the bow tie around the faux-Harry's neck. "Sit still. Anyway, tonight might be fun." Grudgingly, the raven-haired beauty admitted that it wasn't a bad thing.

Trying to change the subject, Tonks gave her cousin a leer. "So you and Alistair?"

"Oh please." Alya scoffed. "He's just escorting me. Although, I'm sure Aunt Capella wouldn't mind if it turned into something more." Although she wasn't happy about the matchmaking, at least with Narcissa and Andromeda remining in France with the newly revived Bellatrix, Alya wouldn't lack support from the rest of the family tonight.

"And if it did?" Tonks gave her a thoughtful eye.

Alya just sighed. "As I told you before, not interested. I would much prefer it to be Fleur or Luna."

"What about me?"

Alya couldn't help herself as she started to giggle. "Sorry 'Oh Chosen One', I'm sure we can find some willing fan girl for you."

"Bullocks, you do know you owe me a dance, maybe two or three." Tonks grumbled.

Alya waved her hand as she left the room. "As you wish."


For Susan Bones the summer had drifted between normalcy and nightmare. Unlike many at Hogwarts, she always believed that Harry Potter had spoken the truth about Voldemort. Her convictions had been strong enough to push a number of her friends to join the DA last year. However, it became all too real when Death Eaters attacked her home.

Afterwards she felt stupid. That spending days at the pool or shopping with her friends meant anything. So when the invitation to the Charity Ball arrived at their home, she didn't give it a second thought. However, her Aunt had other ideas.

For the Bones women, it would be a celebration of life. Normally, Amelia would make a brief appearance at such events, wearing her Auror robes. However, this time both of them would dress up and enjoy the night to show those who wish them harm that they were not afraid. That they would not hide away in fear in their homes.

"Harry doesn't seem like he's having a lot of fun." A blond haired boy, sitting next to Susan at the dinner, laughed.

The redhead smiled at his actions. She and Ernest Macmillan had been friends since she was eleven. The two even dated during their fourth year and although they had broken up, they remained friends.

Susan now felt a little better about dragging him to the Ball. He had been rather despondent most of the summer since losing his favorite uncle in a Death Eater raid.

"You know how much he hates being the center of attention." Ernie watched as his friend shook the hand of another wizard.

He hadn't gotten along with Harry at first, especially with the Heir of Slytherin thing. However, since then, even though the insanity of the last two years they had become friends.

"Wonder how he's doing." Susan frowned remembering how devastated Harry looked on his way home from Hogwarts. She had been saddened to hear from her Aunt that the young man who she admired had once again lost someone close to him.

"Didn't he come here with the two of you?" Ernie asked his friend Justin Finch-Fletchley and his date Hannah Abbott.

Pushing her blonde hair out of her face, Hannah shrugged. "We only got to speak to him for a second; my mum sort of pulled him away as soon as we Flooed here."

"I heard he's been traveling around Europe this summer."

Justin nodded, taking a sip of water from a glass in front of him. "I read that he's been visiting Viktor Krum."

"Wonder if he is going to start up the DA again this year." Susan murmured as she watched as a new group of people approach the Minister of Magic and Harry Potter. Since the start of the evening, he and the minister had been greeting guests.

"Who's the dish? Ouch!" Justin turned to Hannah who was making an unhappy face.

"No ogling." Hannah too noticed the young woman who smiled as the Boy Who Lived kissed her hand.

Ernie snickered at his Justin's idiocy. "She seems to know Harry rather well."

"That's Alya Black." Susan grinned. "We met her briefly when Hannah's dad took office."

"Really." Ernie sat back on his chair, impressed.

"What does that mean?" Hannah gave her boyfriend one last look before turning towards her best friend's date.

"I heard an interesting rumor the other day."

Susan reached over and poked Ernie in the ribs. "Don't be so mysterious what did you hear."

Leaning forward, he whispered. "OK, I heard from a reliable source that the two of them are a couple."

"What?" Hannah whispered excitedly. "When did you hear that and from whom?"

"Weasley Twins, me and my brother spent the better part of the day at their new shop last week."

Hannah laughed. "Those jokers."

"Ron also grumbled something about it."

The four then watched in surprise as Harry took Alya Black by the hand and escorted her to the dance floor.

Across the hall, another group of witches and wizards were watching the same couple before one stood up growling. "I'm done."


"No Ems." Hestia Jones looked around the able making sure she wasn't leaving anything behind. She was angry after paying for both a new dress and an invitation and for what, to convince a young man to return to relatives that seemed to despise him.

"I should have listened to Tonks, hell, Megan has been complaining about it for years."

Dedalus Diggle look concerned. "What do you mean?"

Hestia angrily sat back down on her chair. "You saw how he was living at that house Dig. Tonks mentioned that it might be even worse than we feared."

The older wizard sat back. "Merlin's beard but Albus would have done something."

Hestia just scoffed. "Worst of all, according to my sister, the prats at school treated him like shite all of last year and the year before. And the professors did absolutely nothing to stop it."

"Megan said that?" Emmeline Vance just shook her head. "I can't believe that. Neither Minerva nor Albus would just sit back and let the poor boy be abused."

"Believe what you will. I will believe people who I trust and I'm truly sad to say that Dumbledore is no longer one of them." With that, Hestia stood up and started to walk out of the hall.


"Crikey, I don't think I have ever seen her that mad before." Tonks said as the two moved around the dance floor.

"Something going on with the Order I imagine." Alya peeked over the faux-Harry's shoulder to get a better look. From what she could tell, a concerned looking Emmeline Vance was now chasing the very angry Hestia Jones.

"I'm surprised Dumbledore hasn't made an appearance." Tonks stepped back then grinned as she dipped Alya. Admittedly they made a fine couple, of course a lot had to do with the young woman in her arms who apparently also inherited the Black family's womanly grace on the dance floor.

"He is persona non grata right now, so I'm not." Alya said while trying not to squeal as she slipped towards the ground.

"However, if he does make an appearance?"

"You need to leave." Alya smiled as Tonks brought her back up and the song ended. Dumbledore probably wouldn't see through Tonk's transformation but better to be safe than sorry.

"May I have this dance?" A familiar male voice said from behind them.

"Oh there you are, Alistair." Alya gave him a quick smile before turning back to Tonks. Leaning down, she whispered. "Why don't you ask Hestia for a dance?"

"Good idea" The faux-Harry said before stepping away. "Sinclair."

"Potter." As Alistair watched the famous Gryffindor cross to the other side of the ballroom, he said. "You're up to something?"

Alya replied with a laugh. "Am I that transparent?"

Alistair looked over at the young man disapprovingly. "He didn't wait long."

"You mean asking me to dance. Well I sort of owed him one since he made a donation in my father's name."

"Which you then doubled the amount."

"True." Alya said as she kept an eye on the Tonks and the two members of the Order of the Phoenix. "Come, let's find our table. I'd like something to drink before I dance again."


If Alistair thought he would have exclusive rights to Alya, he was mistaken. While dancing with a number of men, some allies, others not, she found that some wanted to pass a quick word or note to the Head of House Black. Thankfully, her Aunt Capella stayed by her side as she worked the room, filling in names and other important bits of information.

As soon as Alya finished dancing with the heir of a large shipping House, she found herself approached by an old friend from Hogwarts.

"Milady Black may I have this dance?" Ernie Macmillan gave a slight bow, obviously well practiced.

Alya looked at her friend for a moment deciding that if she couldn't fool Ernie, there was no chance she would be able to fool Albus Dumbledore.

"Thank you, Phillip." She turned back to the young man she had been dancing with before. "Please tell your mother I would be more than happy to join her for tea sometime next week."

As the other man left the dance floor, Ernie, nervously took Alya by the hand before placing his hand on her waist and leading her onto the dance floor. After a several uncomfortable minutes, Alya gave a friendly jibe. "You know, I don't bite."

The blonde haired Hufflepuff tried not to grimace. "Sorry, a little nervous."

"Your are doing fine." Alya tried to give her friend a comforting smile. "At least you haven't stomped on my toes unlike some others in the room."

Ernie gave a small laugh as he looked back at his friends, who gave him thumbs up. Feeling a little better, he asked. "I heard that – Ahh you're going to be joining us at Hogwarts's this year."

"Yes, it's something my father wanted." Alya raised an eyebrow obviously, the Hufflepuff planned on asking her something else.

Ernie nodded, and then frowned. "I'm sorry to hear of his death. There were a number of rumors going around Sirius Black during our third year. I also heard that he was Harry Potter's godfather."

"Thank you and yes, Harry was my father's godson."

"So that's where you know him from." he continued. "We were all wondering."

"We?" Alya turned her head to see the group of Hufflepuffs watching the two of them dance with great interest. "Oh I see."

The two continued to dance in silence but as the song ended, he asked. "Would you like to come to our table?"

"I don't see why not, I'd love to get off my feet for a little while." Alya was amused as Hannah pantomimed for Ernie to offer his arm.

"So, Milady Black" Ernie smiled as they moved towards his friends. "I want to ask. You see we have these things called Hogsmeade weekends-"

"Shite, he is going to ask me on a date." Alya thought to herself but was saved when Justin stepped forward giving a bow.

"Good evening Milady, my name is Justin Finch-Fletchley. " He waved his hands towards the others at the table. "I believe you already know my girlfriend Hannah Abbott and her best friend Susan Bones."

"Finch-Fletchley." Alya gave a nod before turning her head to smile at the girls. "Nice to see the two of you again."

"Please join us." Hannah appeared to be almost jumping up and down while pointing to an empty chair.

Looking over the room, Alya thought she had met with most of the people on her list, so decided she could spare a little free time to herself. She also wondered if her grandfather experienced the same thing at such functions and after watching the Minister cornered by one person or another all night, she figured it to be true.

Funny, as Harry, she would have despised all the attention but as Alya, it was just something she had to deal with if she wanted to get things done.

"Sounds good, it will be nice to get off my feet for a few."

Susan nodded with approval as Ernie pulled back the chair for Alya to sit down.

The group mostly talked about school, which she actually found comforting. They gave her inside information on the different houses, classes and teachers. Alya found it interesting to get a Hufflepuff viewpoint on Hogwarts.

"So what house do you think you will be in, I assume Slytherin?" Justin asked, as they already discovered that Alya would be attending Hogwarts this year. She was also surprised that the lack of real venom in his voice, which she would have expected if she sat at a table of Gryffindors.

Alya shrugged. "Although most believe that House Black only sorts into Slytherin, that's not totally true. My father ended up in Gryffindor and a number of my aunts have been in Ravenclaw. Nymphadora Tonks, who is one of my cousins, was in your house. So we shall see."

"I hope all of you are having a good time."

"Hi Mum." Hannah said as Charlotte Abbott approached the table. "We were just telling Alya about Hogwarts."

"I heard from Andi that you did very well on your OWLs, Alya, mostly 'O's." The older witch said approvingly.

"I should hope so after taking them twice." Alya thought to herself. Even with that, she still only managed to get an Exceeds Expectation in Herbology. She also managed to beat Harry's scores, which were embarrassingly below what should have been expected.

Susan raised an eyebrow thinking the young woman might end up in Ravenclaw. "What electives did you end up taking tests for?"

"Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and Care for Magical Creatures." She didn't bother with Divination OWL this time finding the whole thing a waste. Not for the first time did she wish she had taken Hermione's advice on what electives to take and not Ron.

"Oh, so that means you will be in my Ancient Runes class this year." Hannah said.

"As a teacher, perhaps." Charlotte said.

Alya grimaced. "Goddess I hope not. I imagine I will be helping Professor Babbling grade papers and help with the NEWT projects."

Since she was working at her mastery, the professor for Ancient Runes and Headmistress McGonagall were contacted by Wadi'ah. Since part of her responsibilities lay in teaching, it would be good experience for her new apprentice.

"I got my NEWTs in both Ancient Runes and Arithmancy this summer." She explained to the confused group.


"Oh, so you're working towards a Mastery in both?" Ernie said obviously impressed.

"Hopefully." Alya smiled, she was really looking forward to it, which really surprised her. She used to have a love of learning but it had slowly been beaten out of her. It also didn't help that learning was an anathema to one of her friends.

"Isn't that Professor Moody." Justin suddenly said as the group watched a group of blue robed men and women cross the room heading towards Amelia Bones and Richard Abbott.

The war decided at that moment to make itself known as a half a dozen Aurors marched into the ballroom. Quickly the news ran throughout the room, Azkaban had been attacked.


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