New Meaning: Sugar and Spice -03-


New Meaning:

Sugar and Spice

Three ~ Demonstration

By Jo Dora Webster

Does a bath in sweet smelling scents, a cute new girl's haircut and new girl's clothing make the difference for Antonia?

I went to Momma's bedroom and found laid out on the bed a girl's outfit. Inside the bathroom was girl's underclothes and a girl's robe. Laid out on the table in the bathroom was Dove shampoo and conditioner, shower gel and bubble bath, Facial and body cream moisturizer. They all had that cucumber melon wonderful smell that I adored.

Along beside the products were hand written instructions to a girl named Betty about how and when to use each product. I was perplexed by that so I went out of the bathroom and out of Momma's room to find her sitting in a rocking chair reading in the hall right outside her door.

" Momma, Everything is wonderful that you provided. Thank you. May I ask a question?"

"You just did and you may ask another one as well."

I rolled my eyes at her. "Momma! I'd like to ask who Betty is to whom you wrote the instructions."

"We didn't get that far in our talk, Antonia. As a boy you were given the name Anthony Robert but if you had been born a girl you would have been named, Beatrice Antonia in honor of my great aunt."

"Momma, I hadn't realized that Antonia was part of my name had I been born a girl. It's kinda nice to be named for my great aunt. Does the nickname Betty come from Beatrice?"

"Yes, Sweetie and Betty was your great aunt's nickname too. We have been calling you Antonia which sounds just enough different from Anthony that it's clear that we are speaking to a girl. However being called Antonia all the time is rather formal and shortening it to Toni sounds like your boy nickname so that could be confusing. By using Betty for your nickname, it's still clear that we are speaking to a girl."

"That makes sense. Thank you Momma. It will take a bit getting used to but I think I can answer to Betty."

"Thank You, Betty. This way Toni is still a nickname for you, too. if one of us messes up and calls you Tony, we can pretend that it really was Toni that we called you."

"I guess it's about time that I quit smelling like a icky boy. Thank you again for everything you provided for me."

"You are welcome, Betty. You can call me if you need my help in there."

"Thanks, Momma!"

I went into Momma's room, closing the door behind me and into the bathroom. Momma's written instructions were very precise and I followed them to the letter. I had a very fun time with the tub filled with water with the bubbles and wonderful smell of the bubble bath. I had a princess bath thingie that I lathered up with the shower gel and was able to wash everywhere.

I followed Momma's instructions on washing and conditioning my hair. She even had diagrams on how to wrap one towel around my head like a turban and the other around my body. Since I was a girl now, I had to keep my nipples covered like every other girl does. That was strange but it felt right for me now.

When I was dry, I put on the moisturizer on my body and face. I smelled good from head to toe and now I smelled like a girl! I followed Momma's instructions on putting on the 2 pairs of panties to hide what was down there and the vest.

I put on my robe and decided that coping with girl's clothes by myself even with instructions was a bit too much for me. I went out the door to my mother's bedroom and found her still reading in the hall.

"Oh! Who smells so good?"

"It's me, Betty! Can you help with the clothes? I followed the instructions with my bathing but my brain is on overload for all this new stuff."

"Betty, why don't we go down to the kitchen first and let me cut your hair. You should be warm enough with the cape I'll put over you to keep any of the hair that I cut off of you."

"Sweet, Momma. After you are through, my hair will not only smell like girl's hair but look like girl's hair too."

Momma took off the towel and ran her fingers thru the still damp hair on my head.

"That new shampoo and conditioner did wonders for your hair. After I've cut and styled and dried your hair, I'll see if you need any hair products to make up for the abuse your hair took not being taken care of."

"I'll be sure to use the shampoo and conditioner when I bathe like you instructed to take care of my hair now, Momma."

"Betty, it will be your responsibility to brush and comb your hair out in the morning and check your appearance during the day to make sure it is still in place. I'll teach you how to use barrettes and other hair thingies to manage your hair so that it stays put when you are really active."

"Momma, I'll be glad to do that too."

I sat in the chair the way that I had seen Jenny do and Momma put the cape over me. She sectioned off my hair with clips and began to cut it. Momma had placed a mirror on the counter so I could see what she was doing just like she did for Jenny when she cut her hair. As Momma cut my hair we continued to talk.

"Momma, I want to be a girl that you can be proud of."

"I am proud of you, Betty. You are being a good sister to Jenny to help her with selling the girl scout cookies. I like that you are taking this seriously and without complaining."

"It was the reward that convinced me to help Momma. But once I decided I would do it, it just made sense to give it my all the way I do anything else. I really want to help Jenny and doing this half way or complaining wouldn't really help. It wouldn't help either to make myself miserable and both you and Jenny in the process. Do you think I am getting caught up being 'one of the girls' and cooperating more now?"

"Could be. Learning cooperation is a good skill no matter what gender you are but it is very important for girls. "

Momma called upstairs, "Jenny, could you come down to the Kitchen, I'm cutting your sister's hair and we have some more things to talk about."

"Coming Momma!"

Jenny glided down the stairs traveling almost as quickly as I might have as a boy without the bounding and the noise.

"Antonia, you smell wonderful."

"Thanks, Sis. You can call me Betty for short. My name now is Beatrice Antonia just like it would have been if I had been born a girl."

"Okay, Betty! Momma is doing a wonderful job on your hair. She's just got a lot of work since it's been so unruly for so long."

"Girls, we need to be clear on our story now that we have Betty staying with us instead of Tony. Instead of being sisters, you girls are going to be half sisters for our cover story. You see for our cover story Tony has a different father than you do, Jenny"

"And Tony and Betty are twins separated at birth just like in Disney's 'The Parent Trap'! Right, Momma?"

Very good, Jenny. That's right and when I divorced Betty's Father, he got custody of Betty in the Divorce decree and I got custody of Tony."

" I guess Momma that I found out about having a brother and a Mother over the internet and got my Daddy to swap me for Tony temporarily so I could learn about my mother and Tony could learn about his father."

"Right again, Betty. And the reason why you are such a tomboy, is that you were raised by your father without a mother. As of right now the swap is made, Betty so you'll be here staying with your half sister, Jenny and I until you get swapped back with your brother, Tony"

I was so involved in the conversation that I had hardly noticed that as Momma was talking, she also was cutting my hair very professionally for the shag cut that both Jenny and I now shared. Momma held the mirror up for me so I could see all sides of my head.

I began getting really full of energy because there was no doubt that the face looking back at me in the mirror was that of a girl. There was a real resemblance now that could not be denied between me and my sister.

"Now that you have admired yourself in the mirror, what do you think of your haircut, Betty?"

"I love it, Momma. I can't wait to get dressed in the clothes that you have laid out for me upstairs."

"Why don't you go ahead and get started and I will join you upstairs in a moment after this is tidied up."

Jenny took the cape off of me and folded it up to place in the laundry hamper while Momma put up her hair cutting tools and helps. I carefully got up and picked my way out of the kitchen as to not track anything and went up the stair and into my mother's bedroom.

The instructions suggested that I take off my robe and put it in the laundry hamper in Momma's room. Next I was to put on some white knee socks by gathering each sock together before putting it on my toes so that I could cover my legs with them without just pulling them up by the ends. It was kinda like rolling them up my feet and legs.

I had some shoes to put on which were patent leather black with a buckle that Momma called "'Mary Jane's". I was getting ready to put on the pink dress which Momma said was an A-line, when Momma came in."

"I see I am just in time to help you with your dress, Betty."

"Yes, Momma"

"Just raise your arms to the sky and stand tall and I will drop the dress over you."

"Okay!" The dress dropped over my head and my arms went into the sleeves. Momma tugged it down till it was nice and snug resting on my shoulders as it hung down around me.

"Before we go to the mirror, I have some accessories for you, First is your new patent leather purse which matches your shoes down to an identical buckle. Your new girl's wallet, brush, comb, and hair thingies are inside it. Around your neck, I am placing upon you a silver locket for you with a picture of me inside when I was a girl."

Momma placed the locket around my neck and fastened it and I let my purse hang by it's strap on my shoulder and end up by my side about waist high.

"Thank you Momma! I'll treasure this locket always."

"Last I have a bit of Cucumber Mellon Scent for you. Just spray a puff of it into the air in front of you and step through the mist to let it get on you without overwhelming you."

I did as I was told and it was such fun to be engulfed by the sweet scent.

"Betty, put on the cap and you can put it in your purse for later. Remember a little goes a long way and you don't ever want to get so much on you that you stink instead of smell nice."

"Thank you, Momma"

Momma borrowed my brush and brushed out my hair in it's new style one last time then took me by the hand and led me to the mirror.

"Momma, is this a fake mirror. I see you in there but I don't see me. There is a cute girl standing beside you instead of me."

"Betty, the cute girl in the mirror is you!"

"Wow! There is no doubt that I look like a girl now. That is if I don't give it all away by walking, talking or acting like a boy."

"Bright girl! Betty, that's why we didn't wait for Friday to let you become Betty for the first time. Jenny and I will have the chance to teach you how to walk and talk and act like a girl before Friday. If you can learn all that then the crash course on Girl Scouting will be a breeze for you."

"I really hope so Momma."

'Let's show your sister Jenny how you turned out, Betty!"

"What if Jenny laughs at me, Momma?"

"Betty, if she does then I'll end it now. More likely she will find something to laugh with you about. It seems that pretty girls like you and Jenny are always giggling about something. You'll see!"

"I feel proud to be your daughter, Momma. I hope that I learn the rest of what I need to know to do a good job for the girl scouts and for our family."

"As long as you do your best, Betty, that's all that I ask."

So hand in hand, my mother and I went gracefully down the stairs. I heard a gasp as we came into view of my sister, Jenny.

"Oh Betty! You're so pretty! You have proven that you are a sister that I can be very proud of. Thank you so much for coming here to help me! I love you, Sis!

My heart filled with joy over the praise and love that my sister had given me.

"I love you too, Sis!"

The three of us gathered in front of the full length mirror with Jenny and I each with our arm around the other's waist in front and Momma behind us. I felt so much a part of them seeing the new girl in the mirror, me as Betty, than I ever had before.

"Momma, now I feel a real part of the family as though I really belong!"

"Sweetheart, you are always part of the family whether you look like Tony or Betty. You are loved unconditionally, darling!"

Thank you, Momma. I love you too."

"For always, Betty! It's just that as Betty, you've become part of something more. There is a link between Mother's and daughters and between sisters that is something special in the universe. It is a special part of the sisterhood that all women share."

"I'm glad to be part of the sisterhood now, Momma and Jenny!"

"Betty, the bond of family is special and you can enjoy that just as much as Tony as you can as Betty."

"I think I can understand now, Momma. I know that as Tony, I had a relationship on top of the family relationship being a son to you and being a brother to Jenny. I just didn't put the enthusiasm into those relationships then that I am doing now with my new relationships as Betty. When this is over and Tony comes back, I'm going to be the best Tony I can be too. A good son and brother so that even if it is not the same as what I have as Betty, it can be special in its own way too."

Instead of saying a word, Momma and Jenny wrapped me up in a big group hug. I would look from Momma to Jenny to the reflection of the three of us in the mirror. I had never felt as loved as I did that very moment.

I felt so happy, I could bust. In fact I did burst out crying in a way that I had never done before. These were tears of joy! I'd seen them on Momma's and Jenny's cheeks, in fact something about me tearing up brought tears out in each of them. This was a perfect moment and I wanted to stay in it forever!

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