Sale person wanted

Sale person wanted

90% of the people I knew were out of a job
for years I was one of them
I applied for job after job but always got the same answer
until that one time.

The store needed a new sale person
as it was a kind of fetish store no one appeared willing to work there
I guess they were ecstatic when I applied for the job
the asked a bunch of questions and looked me all over.

They basically wanted a sales person as well as someone who would demonstrate
the products on sale.

They asked me if I ever done bondage – NO
did I ever wore female clothes – NO, but with four sisters I knew enough
to help others make a good choice
they asked if I was dominant or submissive – well that was a tough one to answer
WELL, she asked in a firm tone
I was taken back by the sound of her voice and I cringed
by what she saw she knew enough.

After almost an hour they were satisfied with my answers
they had a contract for me to sign
what I liked(at that time) that they would supply my work clothes
so I signed the contract.

The next day a package arrived at my place
I instantly knew who send it to me
I signed for the package and eagerly opened the it
what I saw inside the box shocked me
because inside the box was a complete woman’s outfit.

But not just any outfit, every piece of clothing was made out of latex
with shaking hands I pulled out the first item, a pale blue latex blouse
then out came a short latex skirt, a latex suspender belt, latex stockings,
a pair of high heeled pumps.

Next came an ivory box, within the box were several items
first a make-up kit, the an envelope witch held a letter and a small box.

As all items lay on my bed I missed something
there were no panties present
I searched the box again but couldn't find any
I focused on the items spread out all over my bed
first the blouse, it appeared the cuffs and collar were locked in place one's I wore it
the skirt was pretty similar, it locked around my waist but on the inside was some sort of contraption which puzzled me.

After some investigative work I found it was a chastity belt build in the skirt
they weren't serious were they
the stockings, suspender belt were pretty standard but the heels were
just as the blouse and skirt locked in place one's the were on my feet.

I decided to read the letter
the letter started with Stephanie..
that seemed odd, but OK...
most of the stuff I read I figured out myself but then the letter suggested
no, ordered me to pierce my ears and place the earrings supplied in my ears
I opened the little box and I didn't like what I saw
in the box were some earrings.

in the ring of the earring hung a plate with the words slut on it
wearing the clothes was one thing, but the earrings went to far for my taste
luckily I had the phone number of the store, so I called and asked why it was necessary
to degrade myself.

If they wanted a slave they should advertize for one
the woman calmly explained I start at the bottom and work my way up
and learn at the same time what the customers needs were
If I was to decline the job there was an amercement and I would had to pay for the
clothes send to me.

Reluctantly I agreed and after I hung up the phone and examined the clothes
first I undressed and took a shower, I didn't need a shave for I didn't have
any body hair
after I dried myself I put on the blouse, it was a loose fit
on chest height there were some straps
it had a build in bra, I placed the straps on my chest.

it had a build in pump so I pumped up the bra giving me the illusion of having breasts
I buttoned up the blouse and locked the wrist and neck collar
the skirt took some effort especially the chastity device
but soon that to was locked on me.

I lifted the hem of the dress and looked down and saw the device locked
my balls but not my shaft
It was a tight fit and it took some time to adjust to
next I placed the suspender belt around my waits and placed the stockings on my feet.

The shoes were a different story, i never worn high heels before
so I tried to walk with the straps hanging loose, I couldn't
so I locked the heels on my feet and tried again.

Lucky for me, I was close to a wall so I got hold of the wall helping me balance on the heels
I don't know how long I practiced but finally I was able to walk in the heels
I also notice my trapped balls were killing me so I returned to the bed to unlock the clothes
and so and take of the device trapping my balls.

I searched in the box for the keys, I couldn't find them
next I searched in the small ivory box, they weren't there to.

What the heck I said, they can't expect me to sleep in them for two days
I decided to go to the shop so they could give me the keys
as I walked to the front door I passed the mirror and saw I couldn't go out like this
I walked back to the bedroom where i(this I could do) put some make-up on my face
reluctantly I pierced my ears with the kit supplied and instead of the training studs
I replaced them with the hoop earrings.

I wiped away the little blood that dripped from my ears
I put on a pair of shorts to cover my member
but the pressure on my balls was go painful so I took them off again
as I stood again for the mirror it was evident my member could be seen swaying from
left to right as I walked, but it was a small prize to pay if it got me out of my prison so to speak.

I was almost half way the store it dawned to me I could have used my raincoat
to cover me up somewhat but that was to late now
when I entered the shop it was almost if they were waiting for me
I was taken to the back of the store by two women
they placed me on a platform which had wheels on it
on the platform was a steel pole they locked the chastity device to the pole
now I wasn't going anywhere.

They left me there for a while and as I stood there I noticed it was quit chilly
after about ten minutes they were back and without many explanation they placed
something over my upper body.

To late I realized they placed a straitjacket on me
I tried with all my might to get out but to no avail
the thick latex straitjacket was formed on me like a second skin
next a rubber hood was forced over my head with a build in gag.

The gag was some sort of tube which held my mouth wide open
with my tongue trapped between the tube I couldn't make any understandable words
what they did next I never saw coming
they forced a large dildo up my ass
the dildo was placed on a pole so I was effectively sitting on the dildo
my feet were shackled to the platform and was wheeled to the store window.

As I was on display something was placed at my feet
the rest of the day and the following one I was the focus of attention
unknown to me my trapped member was clearly visible for all to see
as many people stopped to look at me and down to my feet.

Unknown to me at that point the text on the sign stated I was for sale
being an untrained sissy slave.
The third day a woman entered the shop and after some smalltalk she walked
up to where I stood and started probing every part of my body
she squeezed my balls to which I reacted violently.

I felt sick in my stomach and as a result I threw up right there on display
the woman obviously liked what she saw as I was taken from the display
I was released from my prison the dildo in my ass stayed as it secured with a strap harness
a leash was attached to the chastity device and I was led out the store to a waiting van where the leash was secured to the floor.

As we drove off the store owner place a card in the window
sale person wanted.

I fought my new owner hard and rigorously but in the end i admitted defeat
I now live as whatever my mistress want me to be.

if I only read the card right I might not be in this situation.


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