Survival: Chapter 6 of 9

Whateley: “Survival”

[A Whately Universe FanFic]

By Zapper


Chapter Six


The late afternoon sun, hitting Kate on the face, caused her to slowly crack her eyes open. Her drowsy mind was contentedly riding air currents high above a frozen mountain range and couldn’t reconcile the sunlight upon her face. Then she caught a whiff of wood smoke and freshly baked bread. Slowly she pushed herself up onto one elbow and felt a strange stiffness from groin. Kate glanced down and saw an alien bulge in her sweat pants.

Cautiously she reached down and poked it with a finger. The feelings were intense. Kate looked around and, seeing that she was alone, pulled open her waist band and looked down at the offending organ. Feeling like she was being naughty, Kate gripped her new appendage and gasped at the sensations. The damn thing was amazingly sensitive!

For a second Kate thought about exploring further but then the smell of fresh baked bread intruded and her stomach rumbled. Kate threw back the blanket and climbed out of bed. She descended the narrow staircase returning to the kitchen in time to see Molly stirring a vegetable stew before returning it to the stone oven.

“Dinner will be ready soon.” Molly said looking over at Kate.

“It smells great!”

“That’s probably the bread. It won’t be anything fancy, a vegetable stew and fresh baked bread. But it will fill you up.”

“Uhm, where’s the bathroom?”

Molly pointed toward the back door, “Go out back and look to the left away from the well. There’s an outhouse you can use.”

Kate nodded and headed out. It took her a minute to find the outhouse, and when she did she realized why she’d missed it during her earlier inspection. It was just beyond the clothes line partially hidden by a pair of trees. When Kate opened the door she was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t smell like every outhouse she’d used. Instead, it smelled like fresh flowers. Then she spotted a rune carved into the wood above the toilet and figured it must be magic.

Curious, Kate reacted on instinct, reached out with a part of her mind and felt the energy tied to the rune. Grinning at having solved the mystery Kate pulled her sweat pants down and paused in the act of sitting. A life time of training caused her to want to sit to relieve herself, but one looked at her rigid member told her that this approach wouldn’t work. The urge to pee was now intense, but getting the damn thing pointed in the right direction was impossible!

Frustrated and amused at her inability to do a very basic bodily function, Kate left the outhouse planning to wait it out, and then inspiration struck. She walked a few steps into the trees and pulled her cock out and after a few experimental squeezes managed to start pissing, even if it was up and out instead of down. Once she got it going Kate discovered that all she had to do was relax and allow her body to do what came natural. When Kate was done she returned to the cabin to find that Molly had set out a pair of wooden plates, bowls, and utensils. The stone stew pot was on the table along with a loaf of fresh bread on a wooden platter.

“I hope you’re hungry.”

“Starving!” Kat responded, with sudden enthusiasm.

“Good, then wash up and we can eat.” Molly nodded toward a basin and towel to one side.

Once seated Kate started wolfing down the food and Molly couldn’t help smiling at the masculine gusto. She had to resist an urge to reach out and stroke Kate’s powerful bicep, amazed at the masculinity Kate exuded. Molly nibbled at her food while watching Kate. After Kate finished her second bowl she started to slow down. And then, abruptly aware of Molly’s gaze, she looked up sheepishly.

“I don’t know why I’m eating so much.”

“Your body just went through a tremendous change and you haven’t been able to feed it properly. I made a very large stew for that reason. Please eat all you can. There’s another loaf of bread if you need it.”

Kate took her at her word and returned to eating. This time she ate more slowly and after a mouth full asked, “Earlier, you called yourself an Elf. I thought you were a mutant?”

Molly’s smile lit up the room, “I’m both Aes Sidhe and Mutant.”

At Kate’s confused look, Molly laughed, “Today we have so many labels for what fate has decreed. For you and me, we are of the Sidhe, or more commonly known today as Elves.”

“I don’t think I’m . . .”

“I know it’s confusing,” Molly interrupted. “The modern world wants to call us all mutants and then establish a category for each of us, like Exemplar and Wizard. But those of us trained in the ways of the ‘old’ world seldom concern ourselves with these kinds of labels. Instead we looked at the nature of a person. I can feel you’re connection to the natural world and the wild, untamed, core of magic inside you. You’re nature is of the Aes Sidhe.”

Kate looked down wanting to argue but not wanting to insult Molly. “What do you mean by the ‘old’ world?”

At this Molly looked thoughtfully at Kate and Kate knew she was trying to choose her words carefully. “When I say the ‘old’ world I’m talking about a time before the rise of Men. When the Aes Sidhe ruled in the West and all manner of mythological beings walked the land. It was an age of Legends, an age of Power, of Song, and Sorrow. The world was young and heroes stood against to forces of chaos and darkness.” Molly’s voice had taken on an odd, melodious, quality and she was now looking off into the distance, as if seeing things Kate couldn’t see.

After Molly trailed off Kate cleared her throat. “I thought you said you were born in Ireland around 1890s? What you’re talking about sounds much older.”

Molly nodded, “It is, my master, the Wizard who trained me, passed down the tradition and the stories to me.”

Feeling a sense of urgency, and wanting to change the subject, Kate said, “Did you get word to my dad?”

At this Molly blinked and focused on Kate and then for a second she looked a little embarrassed. “Ah . . . no. You see I don’t have a phone, or this internet thing everyone is talking about. I talked to a friend and she is trying to reach your parents.”

Kate stopped eating for a minute and then returned to her food. “Do you have a way to get back to civilization?” Kate asked, speaking between mouthfuls, “I’ve got their cell numbers, so all I need is a phone.”

Molly reached out and touched Kate’s hand feeling the rough texture of her masculine skin. “I know you’re worried. I haven’t been sitting around knitting while you were sleeping. I’ve found out a few things.”

Kate felt a thrill course through her male body at Molly’s touch and a corresponding twitch from her groin. Ignoring her body Kate looked at Molly expectantly.

“I scried the old Stuart farm and spotted three mutants who, I think, match the description you gave me of your kidnappers.”

“Did they have my father?”

Molly shook her head, “No, they were meeting with their . . . employer, a Mage they called Allura. Do you know anything about her?”

“No,” Kate replied, and then paused to think as a vague memory tickled the back of her mind. “I remember overhearing the brothers talking, I think they might have said something about an Allura.”

“I think that Allura wants you’re father to help her find something . . . a cave, I think. She was trying to use you as leverage to make him comply. Does any of this sound familiar to you?”

“My father . . . well he tries to keep his work at work.” Kate said, not wanting to discuss her family.

“What does he do for a living?”

“I . . . uh . . . don’t know for sure. He works as a Special Security Consultant for the International Executive Security Corporation. But I . . . don’t really know what that means.”

Molly looked at Kate for a few seconds, “Does he work for the Government?”

“No, the company isn’t part of the government. I think most of his work is out of country, mostly down south. South and Central America, I think.”

“Did anything unusual happen recently?”

“He came home a few weeks early from his last trip. That happens sometimes, but he normally calls a few days ahead of time to let us know. This time he was just, home.”

Molly nodded and Kate let out a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding. After a second she returned to eating and Molly fixed herself another cup of tea. When Kate was almost finished Molly put her cup down.

“So, why don’t you tell me something about yourself, like your original name and how you decided on Dux’Primus for your new name?”

“I’d really rather not,” Kate said. “It’s kinda embarrassing.”

“Perhaps I can help.” Molly replied. “You used to be a girl named Kathrine Henderson. Your mutation changed you into a boy as well as an Elf.”

Kate felt stunned. Then she realized she was sitting there with her mouth open and snapped it shut. “How did you know? And if you knew why did you ask me?” Kate barked. A surge of anger swept through her and she leapt to her feet. Kate felt the cold power within her surge up in response to her emotions.

“Sit down and be still!” The words were spoken softly but they reverberated within the kitchen. Kate found herself sitting before she knew she’d moved. Molly gave Kate a strange look and Kate released the power she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. ‘What’s wrong with me,’ Kate thought at the wild surge of anger that had almost overwhelmed her.

After a second Molly spoke, “I asked my friend to look for stories on a missing and a murdered teenager. The father’s name was Carl Henderson. She said she found several ‘hits,’ whatever that means, for a missing Kathrine Henderson of Astoria Oregon. That’s up the coast from here and the surname fit. So I guessed that the reason you didn’t tell me your original name was because you were hiding the fact that your mutation gave you a sex change. Am I right?”

Kate nodded, her eyes glued to the floor her face bright red.

“See,” Molly said patting Kate’s hand, “that wasn’t so hard. So now I know you were Kathrine Henderson. Why don’t you tell me why you’re calling yourself Dux’Primus?”

Kate shrugged, “I couldn’t give you my original name. I didn’t know if I could trust you. Dux’Tueor gave me my new name and . . . it just felt right.”

“You’ll have to tell me who this, Dux’Tueor is, but since you gave me your True-name I’ll give you mine. I’m called Eawren Lanethial, my master thought I needed a Sidhe name.”

Kate nodded, and wanting to change the subject said, “How did you come to live out here?”

Molly chuckled, “That my dear is another story. One that will take an hour or two to share.” Molly said, with a wave of her hand, and then not to be deterred, “Now how did you come by your, other, name and who is Dux’Tueor?”

“I . . . don’t really know who Dux’Tueor is . . . when they took . . . when they cut off my finger I screamed . . . I’ve never been so angry.” Kate could feel tears running down her cheeks but she ignored them. “All I could think of was how much I wanted to kill them for hurting me. I’ve never been so angry in my life and then in my mind I felt . . . a response.” Kate looked up from the stew she’d been staring at, lost in thought. “Ever since then, when I dream, I’m with him in my dreams. He calls me Dux’Primus and he’s been . . . mentoring me.”

Molly looked thoughtfully at Kate, “Hmmm . . . can you talk to Dux’Tueor when you’re awake?”

“No . . . well . . . I’ve never tried.”

Molly nodded absently, “I wonder . . . be . . . well to use the modern label, an Avatar in addition to being a Sidhe Wizard.”

“Look, Mistress Lanethial . . . I’m very grateful for your help. But I need to talk to my parents. Can you help me get to a phone?”

Molly looked over at Kate and nodded, “Yes, but please call me Molly. My true name feels a bit . . . formal.”

“Alright, Molly.”

At this Molly stood up and led Kate to her basement sanctum. “This is where I do some of my workings.” Molly said, as Kate looked around in awe.

“I’ve never seen a Wizard’s lab.”

“I prefer to call it a sanctum.” Molly replied, with a smile. “Come.”

Kate followed Molly over to a corner of the sanctum where an eight foot tall arch, that vaguely reminded Kate of the one in St. Louis, stood. There were seven glyphs carved into the arch and Molly reached up and touched one. As she did Kate felt a surge of power from inside, as though something within her recognized whatever it was that Molly had just done.

“What did you do?”

“I activated the Gate, now watch.”

The rune Molly had just touched started glowing with a soft green light and then the air within the ach shimmered in response looking like heat waves off the road on a hot summer day. But the effect continued until the air within the arch was completely obscured.

“Come.” Molly said, and then stepped into the shimmering air she vanished.

Kate took a deep breath, “Do I trust her?” Then realizing that she really didn’t have any other choice Kate followed Molly.


Kate blinked several times and then looked around. She was standing in a sunlit grove. When she looked over her shoulder she saw a pair of trees that bent together forming an arch and between them the air shimmered. Molly waved a hand toward the trees and Kate felt another surge of energy move past and the distortion between the trees vanished.

“Where are we?”

“North and west of Hillsboro. This is the closest I can bring us to Astoria.”

Kate looked around and spotted a barn through the trees. Seeing where Kate was looking Molly nodded. “I own this land and that barn. Come on.”

Kate followed Molly between the trees and they soon arrived at the barn. It was made of wood and Kate spotted a crushed gravel driveway extending from the barn into the trees. Molly had moved around to the front of the barn and after muttering an enchantment under her breath opened the wooden sliding door. Kate’s breath caught when she saw the barn held several vehicles.

“Just because I choose to live away from civilization doesn’t mean I’m totally cut off.” Molly said, with a satisfied smirk.

Kate climbed into the old, but well maintained Ford F150. “I don’t have a phone, but we can be in Astoria in about an hour and a half.”

Kate sat quietly for several minutes watching the trees go by and then glanced at Molly as she focused on driving. It was obviously a skill she didn’t use too often. Then as if sensing Kate’s anxiety Molly asked her what she knew of magic.

“Not much really. My mom’s an Exemplar and my dad’s a Shifter.”

“Then let me go over some of the basics.” With that Molly launched into a lecture about ley-lines, magical energy, and the ways to manipulate it. Despite her worry about her parents Kate couldn’t help becoming more and more interested in Molly’s impromptu lecture. It wasn’t until she glanced out the window spotting the familiar streets of her home town that Kate realized they were in Astoria.

“Turn left at the next street.” she said, pointing. “We live outside of town.”

Molly followed Kate’s directions and about twenty minutes later a modern looking ranch style house came into view. It sat back from the road and there weren’t any neighbors too close. Kate was out almost before Molly had stopped the truck. She raced to the front door and when she found it locked, rang the bell. It was a few minutes before the door opened and a short thin man looked up at Kate. By this time Molly had joined her on the porch.

“Can I help you?” The man asked, coldly.

“Yeah, . . . Devon. It’s me Kate.” Kate said, recognizing one of her dad’s friends. Kate had known Devon for most of her life and seeing him now caused her to feel a surge of relief. “Where are Mom and Dad?”

“Who are you exactly? And how do you know my name?” Devon responded his amber colored eyes starting to glow.

“I already told you . . . I know your name because you’ve been over, like, a hundred times! I’m Kate. I’ve . . . changed since you saw me last.”

Devon’s mouth dropped open in surprise. “Little, Cat?” Then he scowled, “No way, I saw Cat two months ago and you aren’t her. Carl would have told me if you’d mutated.

Kate nodded looking down at Devon, “Not so little anymore.” she muttered, then added louder, “When they cut off my pinky it sortta kick started my change.”

When Devon didn’t move Kate grunted, she felt a flash of anger and was tempted to push him to one side, but knew that wouldn’t work. Devon’s TK was pretty strong so she wouldn’t get anywhere trying to push him around. She let out a breath, “You came and visited us last summer. I had my learners permit and pestered you until you let me drive your Mustang. I thought you were going to have a heart attack when I got it over 120, but instead you just started laughing.”

Devon looked at Kate the surprise clearly written on his face and then he stepped to one side. “Tell me everything.”

Kate thought she would have felt safe once inside her house but her missing parents made her nervous. She also noticed, in a preoccupied kind of way, that the house felt kinda small. Like the size of everything was wrong. Doors and furniture were too small and when she picked something up she discovered it was much lighter than she’d thought it would be.

Kate turned to Devon and quickly outlined what had happened to her and then demanded, “Where are my parents?”

“Calm down,” Devon said. “Once you’d been taken, you’re dad made a few phone calls. By the time the video, and package were delivered, he was ready. He was supposed to meet them an hour ago. The agreement was they’d release you to your mother if your dad agreed to go with them and help them.”

Kate looked confused, “But I escaped last night! And why aren’t you with my dad!”

“The kidnappers failed to mention that detail!” Devon said, with a frown. “The plan was to wait until you and Maria were safe. Then Trish and I would follow and look for a chance to help Carl take them down.”

“How can they make a trade if they don’t have me?”

Devon shrugged, “I don’t know, but you’re mother went with your father. Trish is here as over watch.” At Kate’s confused look Devon grinned, “That’s right, you’ve never met Trish. She works with us at IESC. She’s a very talented agent, and right now she’s using Astral-Projection to follow along. So after the trade we’ll know where they take your father and what to do.” Then he grinned, evilly, “That is, where to go to clean up. Your father was a little upset with the kidnappers. There aren’t very many people who’ve angered your father and lived to tell about it.”

Molly cleared her throat, “How much experience does your team have with powerful magic users?”

Devon looked at her and shrugged, “Not much really. Trish’s ability to use Astral-Projection, is the closest we’ve got to that. I’m a telekinetic and
usually back up Menace. And not to be rude, but who are you?”

I’m Eawren Lanethial, of the Aes Sidhe. Kate here stumbled over my cabin after he escaped. I couldn’t turn away a newly transformed Sidhe, so I offered to help. Oh, I also happen to be a Mage.” Then before Devon could say anything Molly looked over at Kate, “They’ll probably put a glamor on one of the brothers to make him look like you. Then during the trade they’ll ambush them. I imagine they plan to hold your mother hostage against your father’s good behavior.”

Devon shook his head, “I’d like to see them try. Menace is very good at this and Maria, even though she’s not an operator, is no slouch.”


The shout came from the family room. Kate followed Devon who had turned around with remarkable speed and darted away. A small oriental woman was sitting up from her position on the couch. Her eyes were wide and she looked at Devon in alarm.

“They’ve been taken!”

“What, how!?”

“It was all as set up. Menace took out the Terrakinetic, but Kate betrayed them! Kate took them out!”

“Are they hurt?” Kate blurted out in alarm.

The woman looked at Kate in confusion, “Menace is unconscious, but Maria . . . I don’t know. How could she do that? Their own daughter?”

“It wasn’t me!” Kate said tears starting to leak from her eyes. Molly moved up to put a hand on her shoulder but Kate angrily shrugged it off. In the back of her mind she could hear a roaring, a roaring that almost drowned out Molly’s words.

“It was Allura.”

Continued in Chapter Seven

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