Butterfly Curse

.Butterfly Curse

Written by Dauphin
Be careful when you visit a Chinese shop to see TV in piece, and if you get thirsty, remember that one bottle can be the Butterfly Curse
"A Sad story that sees a happy boy ruined and with no hope" Diana
"Sometimes its hard to see justice in the world, i wanted to write about that" Dauphin

Butterfly Curse

I always hated my name! Why do parents call their children strange names? Do they not realise that these names stick with children all their life? I am 11 and I also want to change my name. My mother called me Harper and I am a boy. Besides me hating my name, I had a perfect life. I had a good mother that was not an evil bitch or worried too much about us. She gave us freedom and never really got mad at us. It was only me and my sister that was 10. She was born nearly a year after me. When she was born, my father left us, so I don’t really remember him or even miss him.

So I lived in a small but happy family. My mother came from a rich family, so she had a lot of money so she could dedicate her life to us. It was also an excuse that she could have fun. As I said, she never got mad at us, but maybe that’s because when she said something, we knew that she meant it. While I was a quiet boy, my sister was a bit noisier. She was not afraid of anything, especially saying what she thinks. She was a typical girl. You know she liked everything that was pink and she liked dolls and toys like that. I must admit that she was growing out of them. People thought that we were twins, as we were the same size. There was a year between us. This meant she was not considered the little sister, but the same as me.

One thing that annoyed me was when I wanted to watch sports on TV. It was very hard when your sister and mother couldn’t keep quiet. I found a solution. I visited an old man who came from China. We lived in a small town and I always wondered who bought the strange medicine that he sold. The shop was an old dark dusty shop that was one big mess. But he didn’t speak and bother me when we looked at football.

It was one of these days when I visited him. There was an important football game and both Mom and my sister were home. I cycled to his shop and we soon were staring at the game. After the first goal, we shouted it was our favourite team that scored. I was suddenly thirsty and I tried to stay quiet, as I knew that the Chinese man hated when I interrupted. I don’t know if you ever tried to concentrate on something, and you couldn’t because something was in your head. I was like this for 15 minutes, but then I asked him did he have a drink? He scowled at me and said there were some Chinese bottles behind me and I can take the one that said spring drink. I looked at the brown bottles, but the writing was in Chinese. I was about to ask him, but I could see that he was already irritated. I took the bottle with a butterfly on it and took a drink of it. It was like it exploded in my mouth. I continued to drink it, while the Chinese man stood up as there was about to be another goal. I couldn’t see the TV, as everything around me became pink. I felt dizzy as I was on a cloud, and then I felt pains in my chest. While the man went wild over a goal, I collapsed on the bed. I knew that it must have been poison, but I didn’t cry. I never cried! I felt my eyes become heavy, as I seen the Chinese man standing over me, saying “What did you do? You will never be the same again”

There seemed to be blackness, and I couldn’t open my eyes. I heard voices. I heard my mother and sister cry. I heard my mother ask someone when will I wake up as it was 4 days. I heard my sister ask if I was going to die? I struggled to open my eyes and I couldn’t. I thought I must have been in a hospital. This blackness continued for a bit when I could see some light in my eyelids. With all my strength I opened my eyes. My mother, sister, a Chinese man and a doctor was standing above me. I was alive. The Doctor said I should get some rest and everyone should leave. The Chinese man said he would sit with me.

The others left and the Chinese man pulled down my sheets, and then pulled down my pyjamas. I knew it. I was 11; old enough that he wanted to molest me. That must be why he had no wife. I wanted to scream but was too weak to. I looked down and seen my body. Then I felt anxiety and weak. I must have fainted because everything went black again. When I woke up, I asked him where my body was.

The Chinese man explained, “The bottle you have drunk was a special medicine that costs a lot of money. It is to make old people young again. Only 3 bottles exist in the world and you drunk a half of a bottle. As you are already young, the magic in the bottle did not know what to do, so it changed your body to a girl’s body. You now have the body of a girl”
“Well give me more so I am a boy again”
“You nearly died from this, and we do not know if there are any side effects. If you drank more, it will most certainly kill you.”
“What side effect. I am no longer a boy. What else can go wrong?”
“You have the body of a girl but the mind you always had, the mind of a boy. The medicine was supposed to make you younger, so your body can act like its younger still or what’s worse, people will think you are younger”
“Mum will be so mad when she finds out I am a girl”
“She thinks you are a boy now as does everyone else. That is because she has not seen your body. You can continue as a boy and living as a boy, as long as people does not see what is below your underpants. If they do, the magic will affect them that they will think you always have been a girl and just are a tomboy. There is one exception to this, you can say this to one person and they will know the truth. But if two or more sees you naked, the whole world will think you have deceived them or hid the fact that you were actually a girl”
“I don’t understand a word of this. All I understand is that your stupid medicine made me a girl and now I feel like a freak! I hate you!
“The best is that no one ever sees your body, and then you can be a boy”

I got mad at him and told him to leave and I never wanted to see him again. He left and I laid there looking at the ceiling. It was his fault as he had the potion where I could see it. He could have helped me pick the right drink. I felt a few tears come to my face and before I knew it, I was crying!

The next morning, I woke up and decided I had the mind of the boy. The fact that my body was the body of a girl did not bother me. I was going to be a boy. I put on some underwear and a t-shirt and cargo pants. Somehow they felt a bit course. I didn’t understand this, but I didn’t care. I had to get past my mother that thought I was still dying. I convinced her that I needed fresh air and I needed to see my friends. She allowed me as long as I did not overdo it

I went to the local park, where my friends were playing football. I didn’t really take an easy. I had a lot of energy and played as I didn’t play in a week or so, which was true. My friends were happy to see me after the hearing I was very sick. I didn’t have much time as it was time to play! I sprang around the football field and even managed to get a few goals. I forgot the curse of what happened to my body until one boy said that he could not believe I was so sick, as I was prancing around the field like a ballet dancer. I wondered did he know. I felt like crying, but I managed to keep the tears back. After the game, we sat down and talked about how great summer holidays were. There were some girls there. They never spoke to me before, but the prettiest of them all started whispering to me. Her name was Sabrina and was so hot. The others could not hear what she was saying, and I suppose that was good, as she was telling me I did look like a dancer because I was so flexible. She also liked that my hair was now long. I didn’t notice it, but my hair did grow a lot. I didn’t care, as it was Sabrina, the hottest girl in the class that was now speaking with me,

The next few days were heaven during the day when I was with my friends. I would play football and hang around with friends. I was like my old self. Sabrina and I were the best of friends, and some people even said that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. The only time I was sad was when I was home. I was forced to sit on the toilet when I peed, and when I took a bath, I was reminded that I was now a girl, or had a girl’s body. When I looked in the mirror, I could see what was missing and my hair was growing very fast. It was now half ways down to my shoulders. I suppose this was just the girl genes in the body wanting to make me look more like a girl. I asked my mother if I should get a haircut. She said my hair looked cute long. It brought out the rebel side of me. I didn’t argue with her. At night, when I was in bed, I would think about Sabrina. Every day that went by meant that she was my girlfriend. Was it fair that I didn’t tell her that I had a girl’s body?

It was a few weeks after I drank the potion. My hair was now down to my shoulders, but thankfully it was growing less and less. Everyone noticed that it was long now and they joked by saying what fertiliser did I use? They also knew that Sabrina was my girlfriend.

I woke up one morning and was smiling. Yes, the potion destroyed my body, but no one knew this and I was happy. However, something was a bit strange this morning. I had a strange feeling and I started to think what it was. It felt like I was in the middle of a lake. I looked at the sheets and found out that I was wet. I could not believe it! I was wet! I peed the bed. I started to panic, thinking the Chinese man said that my body could lose its functions, as it was acting like it was younger. I started to cry. I could not believe that I was crying. I never cried. I got control of myself and then I quickly got washed and changed the bed. I took the sheets down to the hamper. My mother saw them and she just sighed and said I was a bit too old to be wetting the bed. Then she just gave me a hug and said that it must be the warm nights.
I went outside and went to the park as usual. Mum was right, it was very hot. We didn’t wait and chat much as we started kicking the ball around. After 20 minutes, we were all feeling like we were in an oven. The other boys started taking off their t-shirts. I just looked impatiently as I wanted to continue kicking the ball. They looked at me, and asked why I was not afraid to take off mine. I begged that we just continue playing, as I was fine. They wouldn’t stop and even asked if I am hiding boobs. It was now that I remembered the body I was hiding. I think that I went white and started to panic a bit. I looked at Sabrina, and I could not see any bumps in her tight t-shirt. That made me happy remembering most girls do not enter puberty when they are 11. I slowly take off the t-shirt so I was now bare on the top. I looked at the football and was about to kick it until a boy said that I had boobs. I looked down and noticed that there were two small bumps. I then felt them and it was true. My chest was beginning to grow. I wished the world would swallow me as I thought that I always looked down below, not my chest in the mirror. I looked down and this time, I was sure after looking twice. I did have some bumps. The boys teased and called me boob boy and everything else they could think about. One boy was reaching out towards it, and I ran away before he could touch them. I sat below a tree and noticed that tears were coming down my eyes. It then just it me, that I was crying. I have been crying when they teased me. More tears fell from my eyes as I felt sorry for myself. I was ashamed that I was crying once again, I was so sad. My life was now destroyed over some potion. I was crying my eyes out when Sabrina came to me and then put her arm around me. She was explaining that some boys had bumps; it was just something that happened during puberty. She knew this was just a phase that he was going through. I was crying louder, it was the first time that she said she loved me. I cried more. I wanted to pull my shorts down and show her that I had the same body as her. I bet she wouldn’t love me then. I ran home.

The next few days, I stayed home. Sabrina tried to send me text messages and ask why I wasn’t playing football, and I should at least try to be friends with the other again, as they forgot about it. I also knew that the probably have forgotten about it, but that was not the problem. I had two major problems that I had to figure out. The most important problem I had was that I was wetting my bed. I couldn’t understand why. The first few days, Mum said that it was just because I was stressed or had a problem. After a few days, I could see that she was now getting worried and was telling us that she would be ringing the doctor. I didn’t pay any notice to this. I just was worried about getting up, and cleaning up before mum could see. I was afraid she would she would see me when I was getting changed. That is also why I didn’t go out so much, what would happen if I wet myself while I was out with friends? Another reason is that I was very emotional. I cried over every little thing. This was confusing as I was always strong. I noticed sometimes that I had to put a thumb in my mouth, and then I would calm down. I could not let the others see me in a crying fit, and ending up with a thumb in my mouth. Until now only Sabrina saw me cry and that was enough

It was like my life was turned upside down. I now had a girl’s body and then starting to wet the bed every day and crying like a girl. I felt so alone. I didn’t want to talk with the Chinese man as he was the one that gave me this curse. I had to tell someone. So one evening, I asked my sister to come to my room and told her that I had a secret. She starting saying that she knew about the bedwetting, but I told her to hush. I took a deep breath and told her that I was a girl. Her reaction was that she burst out laughing. I then pulled down my shorts and shown her my privates. I could see that she went white in the face and was trying to ask why. I told her everything and then said she will remember that I was a boy because I told her. But if others found out, they will think that I was always a girl. She was very understanding about it and said I was lucky because being a girl was better than being a boy. She promised that she would tell no one. After that, we played with her dolls.

It was like a sudden burden was lifted from my shoulders. The next day I was once again playing with the friends and they teased, but I did not mind that much. They asked me how my boy boobs were and did I want to be a girl with my long hair. I just smiled and continued to kick the ball. If they only knew the whole truth. Still, I was happy, as when I was playing football, I could forget about the things that were happening to me. I could forget and concentrate on kicking a ball.

After a day of playing football, I came in the door and mum asked me if how I could get so dirty. I noticed that she has been shopping. She told me to go to the bathroom and take a bath. I just nodded as she often said this when I came home. I went in and took a bath. I must have been there for a while because Mum asked several times if I was finished. I got out of the tub and walked to my bedroom. I nearly fainted when my mother was standing there, with a towel on the bed. I could feel my face go white. I told my mother that I can put on my own night clothes. Before I knew it, Mum took my arm and I was on the bed. I don’t know how I managed to do it, but I got up and rushed to the door. My mother came and scooped me up and threw me on the bed. I was so embarrassed that she could lift me. I was small and thin, but I never expected this. I shouted that I can get my own clothes on; however, the woman was too strong. Despite I was crying and screaming and kicking, she managed to remove the towel. She must have seen my girl’s parts because she suddenly froze. The only sound was me crying and a sudden thunder sound outside.

It was like as if she went white and then I could see her staring at my privates. Then she froze again and looked straight ahead of her. She has a blank look on her face, and then she was back to herself. Then it was like and she snapped back to herself. “Listen, princess, you have been wetting the bed for the last week. I don’t know why it is, and I just want to stop. I think it’s time to stop acting like a tomboy playing boy games and looking like a boy. From now on you will be more ladylike. I am throwing all these boy clothes out and I will buy you clothes that a girl your age should wear. Until then you are to wear your sister’s clothes. She is the same size as you. After supper every night, you are to wear diapers. Let’s hope that the bed stays dry”

She called me a princess, and then she said that I was to stop being a tomboy. The Chinese man was right; she will think I have always been a girl. I tried telling her that I didn’t want to wear my sister’s clothes. I knew it was a waste of time telling her that I am a boy. She could see my body, and it was not a boy’s body. I begged her to let me wear boys clothes as well as not wear the bulky diapers. She just put a mad look on her face and said I should be lucky I was not wearing diapers all day and toddler dresses. I mumbled something and let the tears run out.

Needless to say, my sister teased and laughed at me. She was saying that she was now the older sister. I wanted to throw a pillow at her, but it seems like my body wanted to cry. Once again I started to cry as my sister just sat there. I think I understood her. She knew I was a boy that and here I was wearing a diaper and a white nightgown that went to my knees. I think I cried myself to sleep, as my clothes were put in boxes and my sister's old clothes were put in their place.

I woke up the next morning; I put on some panties and white leggings that went just below my knees. Then I found a yellow t-shirt with a crown on it. I realized that the others would still think I was a boy. I did not want to go out and play, but I did not hang around home so my mum would drag me out shopping for girl clothes. I slowly went out towards the park. I wanted to strip the clothes off, as it felt they felt like they were clinging to me. Plus they were so girlish. I didn’t jump into playing football; I just sat in a corner looking at them. It didn’t stop them from stopping the game and then came over to me. They stared at my clothes, and then one said that he always knew I was a sissy, as why I had hair to my shoulders. Then they started laughing and teasing and calling me names such as girly, sissy and even gay! I ran home and hid in my room until my mother came to put a diaper on me. Then I cried that night.

The next day, I figured that they would be over it. I wore some black leggings that looked like tights and a tank top that was white with a tiara on it. The only difference in my hair was that it’s in a ponytail. I wondered why my sister ever wore clothes like that. As I came close to the football field, I could hear that they once again starting to call names. I just walked away as I knew what they wanted to call me. I went to my hiding place by the lake. I just sat down with a few tears flowing down my cheeks. I no longer got mad at myself when I cried. I was getting used to it. I would have loved to play football, but now I just sat here thinking of how my life sucked, just because I had a girl’s body. Then I heard Sabrina’s voice. She sat beside me and then gave me a hug. I looked at her and noticed she was wearing the same leggings. This made me want the earth to swallow me. She put her arm around me and told me she always knew I was special. She started giving a lecture that it was OK being a sissy. She explained that I looked more like a girl than a boy, and I was cute. She told me how brave I was showing the world that I was a sissy, and didn’t mind girl clothes. I was trying to get a word in edgeways but I couldn’t. Then she told me she considered me her boyfriend and she was deep in love with me. I looked at her and said I had to tell her the truth. I didn’t get a chance to; as we heard the boys come

Sabrina and I stood up. I was thinking that the boys would tease us that we were now boyfriend and girlfriend. They started saying that we had the same leggings on and then the oldest boy said they were so tight, and yet he could not see any tent in mine. Then they started discussing if I was a sissy or really a girl. Then the oldest boy told me to pull down my leggings and prove it. I knew why he wanted me to do it. He wanted to embarrass me in front of Sabrina. I just stood there and refused to. I wanted to run away, but there was a lake on one side of me. I knew they were serious and it didn’t help that Sabrina went into a panic, telling me to run. I also knew this was the only way out. I looked at the boys and started to run as fast as I could towards the weakest one. A few months ago, I could have taken him down. However, I had a different body now and managed to slowly push him away. However, it was too slow and the other boys ganged up on me. All I could see was hands all over the place. I could feel the leggings being pulled down. I fought as much as I could but I could slowly feel them being pulled down and then it was my panties turn. I could hear them laughing when they saw the panties, and then everything went quiet when the panties were pulled down. Then they just stopped and had a blank look on their face. I heard the thunder sound again and then the boys stood back. They had wide eyes and after a few minutes, in which I managed to pull up the leggings and see normal, they said, “Why did we always think you were a boy? You are a girl! You just pretended to be a boy to play football. I always thought you were too pretty to be a boy.” The boys were in shock and just walked away. Sabrina stood there with tears in her eyes. She didn’t say anything but slapped my face and walked off.

The next week I was at home. I didn’t dare go out as now everyone considered me a girl. The boys were hardly going to let a girl play football, and how stupid is that? Sabrina also hated me now. I just stayed at home and watched TV. There was nothing good on at daytime except children’s cartoons and other shows where taught you how to count or what colour was what. The thing is after a few days, I became engrossed in these. I would stare at the child’s programs all day, despite my sister teasing and my mother asking if I had anything better to do. I was subdued in a way; I no longer cared what happened. When I was getting my diaper on, mum always asked me if I was depressed.

One day Mum said we had to go out and get some help. I wondered what help she meant. She put me in a denim dress and we went downtown. She went towards the Chinese man and was going to walk in. She was holding my hand and I tried to pull away – I did not want to see that man again. He was the one that caused all my problems. Mum just pulled me in and we were suddenly in a little tea room at the back. The man said it’s a long time since he saw me, and I just scowled at him. My Mum was speaking to him how I would not accept I was a girl. She told him I was depressed since she started telling me to wear diapers and girl clothes. I was confident and smiling. At least the Chinese man would tell her the truth of how I became like this, and give me some potion. But he started telling her what he thinks about children and said the best way to cure my condition was a regression. I didn’t even know what this meant. I tried to say it but could not even pronounce it. I went out to the shop while they continued talking what the word meant. I had a better idea. I went into the shop and tried looking for the same bottle with a potion. I searched the whole store and I could not find it. Then he came out and I told him that he ruined my life, He touched the ponytail and told me that things would get far worse than they will get better. It would have helped if I just accepted I was a girl. I told him I hated him.

When we got home, Mum was on the phone and paying for things over the internet. I just sat and seen the children’s shows. Mum told me that she is glad she told the man that I saw those, as he said it shows that rejuvenation is the right way. I just scowled and said that the man is crazy. Mum came towards me and put a pacifier in my mouth. I should have to spit it out but just sucked it,

Two days later I woke up to a lot of noise. My mother came in and told me to go down to the sitting room as there were some men that were working in the house. I pointed towards the wet diaper I was wearing and mum sighed and told me to lie on the bed. I thought that was strange as I just usually ripped them off. I was shocked when she put another diaper on me. I never wore them a day. I tried to protest that there were men here. My mother just puts a pacifier in my mouth telling me not to take it out. I walked out just wearing a diaper with a pacifier in my mouth. The men gave me strange looks. I wanted to stick my finger up at them but walked into and seen Teletubbies. It was hard to see with all the noise but I managed, despite my sister asking if I am not embarrassed I was 11 and laying on the floor with just a diaper on and pacifier in my mouth. She also laughed when a workman came with a bottle of milk. I looked at it. It was a baby’s bottle. I should have got mad. I should have at least screwed the top off. But I just replaced my pacifier with it.

Finally, the men went and I could hear the show in peace and quiet. My Mum said I could come now and see what the men did. I struggled into my room. Mum said if it was hard walking, I could crawl. I got on my hands and knees and crawled in. I couldn’t believe it; she changed my room into a girl’s nursery. There were a crib and changing table. All my sisters’ clothes were replaced by small girl clothes that only toddlers would wear. The whole room was pink and white, with cute animals on the wall dancing on a rainbow, behind the crib was a drawing of the care bears. I smiled. I liked that. But a crib? Mom picked me up and asked why I was not protesting. She said that it seemed like I didn’t care anymore. She said that was I had to get used to now. I was starting life again and this time I would be happy. I just sucked my pacifier.

The next few weeks, I was being treated like a baby. It was a slow process. But as every day went, I was acting more and more like a baby. Mum was also giving me some potion that the Chinese man gave her. After a few weeks I would wake up, and then cry until someone got me out of the crib. Then I would get my diaper changed and some short toddler dress on. I loved when I got tights on. They felt so nice against my skin. Then I would be put in a high chair and given some food. After that, I would play in the playpen or see a toddler program. The pacifier never left my mouth, unless there was a bottle of juice or milk. I loved when Mum put me in the stroller and took me around town or the park. It was so fun to play on the swings. I didn’t even mind when the bigger boys laughed at me. At night time, I would put on a nightdress and sleep in my crib.

At the end of summer, I was a baby girl now for a few months. I no longer remembered the Chinese man or anything that I did before. If you told me that I was 11, I would laugh. If you told me that I once had a boy’s body, I would have laughed. I was a girl! I was also excited because I was about to start at Miss Mandy’s nursery the next day. There was another boy called Jack there and a girl. Mum said they were a bit slow in the head. I did not care

The night before, I went to the new nursery. We were being babysat. This pretty girl came in and she looked a bit shocked. Mum went and she played some games with us. Her name was Sabrina and she was very nice. She told me she forgave me and asked what has happened to me. I just smiled as I did not have a clue what she was talking about. In the end, Mum came home and told us that she would babysit us again.

The next day, I started at the new nursery. It was great fun. I liked the other children and I loved every part of it, especially when Miss Mandy read us a story. We took a nap. When I opened my eyes, I could see Sabrina; she was there with a woman. The woman was the principal of Sabrina’s school. Sabrina sat me up and showed me a picture, “I need you to listen.” She started as she showed me a picture of a boy swimming in a lake, “I forgive you. When I found out you were a girl, I was confused, because I was in love with you. I knew I was not a lesbian. I tried to forget you, but could not, because there was a hole in my heart. Then when I babysat you, I knew there was a problem. You are now like a baby girl. I went home and cried while looking through my old pictures. I found this one. It is your swimming last year. Look at it! You are wearing Speedos. You can also see the tent in them that proves that you were a boy. Something strange has happened.”

The Principal looked at Sabrina, “Sabrina, that is enough, I told you that she has started here because she has experienced a mental problem, where she considers herself a baby. Something has happened to her so she is regressed. Miss Mandy will help her. I promised to follow you here to show you that she is being taken care of. That picture is someone that looks like her. If you see the school record that I have taken with me, you can see that it says right here that she is a ….. Wait….. What?.... I can’t believe it…. It says here that she is a boy!”

The end

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