Golden Locks And The Three Bear Sisters

Golden Locks And The Three Bear Sisters
Formally known as Goldilocks and The Three Bears


Players: Chuck, nicknamed Golden Locks for his curly blond hair; Sam, Chuck’s best friend; Paula Bear, Mona Bear and Brenda Bear also known in wrestling as the Bear Sisters.

Synopsis: Chuck is a huge fan of the huge sisters that wrestle as a tag team known as the Bear Sisters. A big enough fan to throw caution to the wind when he discovers they live near by. He missed a chance one night to get the top Brenda was wearing and tossed into the audience. He had another shot at getting one of those tops and took it. As it happens he also got her bottoms, shoes, socks and a pictures of him wearing them.


"Hey, Golden Locks! Check this out!" Sam said running up to Chuck.

"Told you not to call me that! What have you got?" Chuck said dropping his leg off the wall he was leaning against. It was warm, boring, and anything, even something Sam had, was more interesting than watching the sun go across the sky.

"Nothing much! Just a personally signed autograph from the Bear Sisters!" Sam said.

"What? No you don’t!" Chuck said instantly excited. Excited enough to forget to belt his friend over that nickname he carried since his was old enough to hate it. The Bear Sisters? Not possible!

The Bear Sisters were one of Chuck’s favorites on the female side of wrestling tag teams. Mona Bear, Paula Bear and Brenda Bear were legions in wrestling. He snapped the photo from Sam.

"Hey, easy, the inks still wet!" Sam said grabbing it back or at least trying to.

"Where did you get this?" Chuck said instantly envious.

"From the Bear Sisters! I’m serious!!! Helped my uncle today. Moved them into that large house up at the end of tenth. Can you believe that? Actually moved the Bear Sisters into their new house. Had a sandwich with them, and got that picture besides." Sam said jumping around Chuck like a puppy.

"Damn. You always come out smelling like a rose!" Chuck said with genuine envy.

"Know what else?" Sam asked as Chuck dwelled over the photo of his deepest and darkest desires.

"What?" Chuck asked.

"You know those jerseys they take off and toss to the audience?" Sam asked.

"Yea! As if!" Chuck said remembering sadly how he’d missed one. It was Mona’s and she’d tossed it right towards him at a match. Some yahoo, larger than he was, had it before Chuck even knew it was gone. He’d missed that toss by an inch, if that.

"They’ve got boxes of them. I carried about ten of them into their garage." Sam said and added: "Do you have any idea what those would be worth? I mean think about it? Ten bucks apiece, maybe even twenty at the stadium. Say a hundred of them?" Sam said.

"I’d settle for one!" Chuck said before he realized he was sounding love struck and quickly added: "So what?"

"Yea, well, if you want, you can come over to my house and look at this any time you want. I got to go. Mom’s going over to the rest home and we’ve got to go or else." Sam said taking the picture Chuck was holding. Chuck watched his friend run off.

"Damn!" He said to himself but out loud. Tenth street. He knew which house it was. He also knew that the edge of the park bordered on that house and the rest.

It was nearly eight by the time he’d made his way across Stutters creek and onto that small concrete edge that kept the creek from eroding those dozen or so properties. It was hard enough walking this in daylight. One of those tops was all he wanted as he climbed the chain link fence.

He sat there in the bushes for nearly two hours. Thirty minutes past when the last light went off. His pocket knife was enough to jimmy the garage window and get him inside. It wasn’t a full moon but it was a clear night and saw the shadowy forms of those boxes Sam had mentioned.

It took a moment more to adjust enough so he could at least see the boxes individually. The first opened with a light slice over the tape. It took another moment to take his shirt of and a second past that to slip the jersey on. His logic was to wear it under his shirt and home. His heart raced as it went over his head.

The Bear Sisters wore their jersey’s onto the ring circling like three cats as they taunted the crowds. That pink satin trimmed in lace shimmering under the lights. It gave Chuck goose bumps thinking about it as the Jersey fell over his bare chest.

Too big! Way too big! Had to Paula Bears. "Damn!" He whispered as he slipped it off. He moved to the next stack in the darkness taking another slice over the first box. He kept his fingers cross as he lifted the next out and let it unfold. That too went over his head.

Still too big. Not as big as the first but big enough. Mona Bears most likely which meant that Brenda Bears was in those last boxes. Another neat slice, another trial, and this time it was almost just right as it fell over him. "Perfect!" He said to himself as he moved his hand over the shimmering satin.

It wasn’t so much the sound although he was sure he’d heard what he thought was a footstep in his panic. It was a breeze... almost a whisper of one on the back of his exposed neck that caught his attention. He thought he heard a buzzing sound just before he stiffened.

"It’s just a kid?" A girl’s voice said in the brightness of his thoughts.

"What the hell is he doing in our garage?" Another voice said. Deeper but still female.

"And why is he wearing one of our tops?" A third voice asked.

"Well, never mind that now. Let’s at least get him into the house before he starts thawing out." That first voice said.

"Never saw one of those work before! Awesome!" That younger voice said as Chuck felt himself being lifted.

"Stun gun. Used one like it on my first date. Just touched his forearm a second on this guy getting way to forward. Damn near wet myself when he flopped over like a dead fish." That deeper voice said.

"His eyes are open!" The younger voice said as the ceiling moved past Chuck’s vision.

"Damn, he’s wet!" One of the other voices said.

"Read that on the warning sheet that came with the gun! Everything that’s automatic still works, like breathing and your heart and stuff but nothing else does. Including the bladder." One of the girls said.

"So now what?" That younger voice said in panic as she added: "What if he’s going to do the other?"

"Quick Brenda, run ahead of us and throw your changing pad on your bed. We can put him into one of your night diapers and plastic pants." That third voice said.

"But what if he sees them! He’ll know?" That young voice they called Brenda said.

"What’s he going to know? That he’s wearing a diaper and a pair of plastic panties? You think he’s going to run around town blabbing that. Now go do as I said." The huskier voice said.

"Right on! OK!" Brenda's voice said.

"Hold that pad still and then go get us a wash cloth while we strip him." That older sounding voice said.

Chuck struggled, yelled, screamed and swore till he was almost horse and not a sound came out of his mouth but this odd muffling. His arms and legs never moved no matter how hard he fought. Nothing worked as Mona herself began to undo his pants.

"All I’m saying is, I don’t think he was robbing us as much as trying to take one of our jerseys. He didn’t do any thing but try all three of them on. Bet he’s a fan and found out we were here!" Paula said in that husky voice of hers as she twisted open the baby powder.

Brenda walked over with a very large, very white diaper as Mona lifted Chuck by both lags while Brenda slid the diaper under him. His struggles still going on with all of his might but nothing moved. Mona eased him down over the diaper then took each leg to spread them.

"Well, he still broke in!" Mona said, as she began using the wash clothe on him. A moment later she took the baby powder from Paula. Chuck watched in horror as she held it over him and began sprinkling powder over him. It grew less horrifying and more at the same time she rubbed it in.

The diaper was Brenda’s and fit over Chuck with more than enough room before Mona gathered one side and closed it with a diaper pin. He was drooling as Mona pinned the diaper closed. Brenda used a tissue to wipe his cheek and smiled down at him as she did so.

The second side of his diaper closed the same way. Tiny bunnies in pink stood out on either side of the diaper. He screamed as loudly as he could when Brenda brought over the pink baby pants and gave those to Mona. Screaming in his mind mostly because only that mumbling came out. Paula and Mona worked together putting those over his feet.

In Chuck’s horror there was still that fan watching two of his favorites working like a tag team as they eased the baby pants over his diaper. It wasn’t as unpleasant as it had been until Mona asked: "Are we calling the police?"

"What for? Kid breaks in and doesn’t take anything but Brenda’s top? They slap his wrist, take him home to his mother and that’s that. No, I think I’ve got a better idea!" Paula said.

"What?" The two other sisters said at the same time.

"Brenda! Where’s that little outfit that you wore in Philly a couple of years ago?" Paula asked.

"Which?" Brenda asked.

"That Bo Peep thing you had made! For Halloween?" Paula said.

"It’s in that wardrobe box. That one there by the closet!" Mona said.

"Why do you want that?" Brenda said moving over to the box.

"Pictures!" Paula said and added: "I’m thinking we take a few shots with our fan here. He’s wearing your top so I’m guessing he’s one of those guys that likes girl’s clothes anyway. We take pictures and he’s less likely to try this again! Right?" Paula said as Brenda moved over with a white dress bag.

"Got it!" Mona said as she watched Brenda unzip the bag.

"It’s kind of frilly?" Brenda said sounding worried over that.

"And your point?" Paula asked.

"Oh? Oh, I’ve got it!" Brenda said tugging the dress out before the slip as she added: "Might be a little big on him?"

"I don’t think he’s going to mind. Here, Mona help me get that top off and that slip on!" Paula said.

Mona and Paula took of the satiny pink top Chuck was still wearing with the diaper and baby pants. Both sisters held him in a sitting position as Brenda gathered the pink, lavender and white Little Bo Peep dress she’d had made for Halloween and Chuck’s struggles began anew.

The slip as short as the dress felt the same as Brenda’s top as it came over and better when the satiny dress fell over it. They took it slowly and carefully before lifting him together to ease him against the wall.

Brenda added the bonnet tying a perfect bow with the wide pink satin straps as her sister Mona added his lace socks and Mary Jane shoes. The shoes were a size too big but didn’t look it when he saw them on his feet. So too the dress he wore.

He was being arranged on the bed as they fussed with the ruffled wide skirts and slips under it. Brenda gathering her most favorite stuffed animals to place around Chuck as Mona fussed with his skirts. Paula left and returned with their camera.

"Wipe his chin first!" Paula said as she stood at the foot of Brenda's bed aiming the camera at Chuck. Brenda used another tissue before the flash went off. There were ten shots and a few with the skirts and slips arranged so his diapers showed.

And a finger moved. Chuck was gaining back the use of his body for all the good that it would do. Although when he tried an elbow Mona noticed and asked: "Can you talk yet?"

"Yethhhh!" Chuck said with a noticeable lisp.

"We’re going to let you go after this. Your clothes are in the drier. Figure you’ve earned that top so you can take it home with you. We’ve got those pictures and your address from your wallet. We figure that you’d get two hundred hours of community service, and probation, even if you didn’t have a record." Paula said.

"So!" Mona said after Paula stopped: "So, you’ve got that much time to do. You can help Brenda when she does stuff at the senior citizens center, and us when we are doing stuff for the kids! Understood?"

Chuck nodded. Another ten minutes passed before he could talk without a lips, and he was moving about enough to dress himself. He wore Brenda’s top under his shirt they fetched from the garage. Chuck agreed quickly to their terms and their promise that those pictures would never be shown.

He had said that he was a huge fan of theirs. He was also extremely apologetic about breaking in explaining that night at ring side, when he’d missed getting one of Brenda’s tops. They walked him to the front door with his promise never to tell a soul, for obvious reasons, that Brenda still wet her bed.

Sam couldn’t believe it when he saw that top on a white poster board hanging above Chuck’s bed. Chuck had said he’d gone over and asked right after seeing Sam’s photo. He also told Sam he was doing volunteering with Brenda herself.

That volunteer work and his association with the Bear Sisters made Chuck a local celebrity around school after it got out. It also got him teased a little over his nick name Golden Locks and that he had Sam to blame for. Although now it was most often Golden Locks and the Three Bear Sisters.


Post Scrip:

Most of the guys Chuck hung with were now helping Brenda do volunteer work at the senior citizen center. Fans mostly and glad to be near the famous Bear Sisters for any reason. Chuck most of all.

That last, of course, no one knew about. Nor did Chuck realize how much he did like Brenda. That too occurred to him slowly and it really wasn’t till that afternoon when she teased him back into one of her diapers and plastic panties. That second time he wore her Little Bo Peep outfit not nearly as frightening as that first.

There were a number of outfits by the time his community service with the Bear Sisters ended, but by then he hardly cared. Dating a girl strong enough to lift you over her head has a lot of advantages when she’s in the mood to play with her doll.

The End
Mary Beth

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