My DVD Remakes - Collection

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My DVD Remakes - Collection

Movies! What if we could direct the directors and make movies that fit our world? What sort of movies might they be? Given our taste for variety they most likely will be just about anything and that's what I'll put here. I've titled this: My DVD Collection (From 2004)

1) DVD: Matrix 4 - Transformed

Cast: Mark Scale, Shelly Eastman, More
Director: Buddy Adders
Category: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Running Time: 1 hour 50 minutes
Language: English, Spanish, French
DVD Release: 10/16/2004

Special Features:
Stunt man Gary Holden's transformation from adult male to little girl!
Designing the set and dresses for the castle scene.

Synopsis: Peace between Zion and the machine has become a reality. However, Agent Smith has gotten inside of the matrix and is no longer under the control of the machine. Even worse, his powers are growing quickly beyond even Neo's. Only the Oracle can know what to do but Agent Smith has trapped her within a girl child's fantasy doll world.

Neo must find a way to get to Oracle unlock the secret that gives Agent Smith power above the rest and destroy him before he destroys the peace. It's the machine that comes to Zion's rescue and all Neo has to do now is plug in and trust the machine's wisdom.

The program, written by the machine, is called S&G or Sugar and Spice. After a month under constant care while laying in diapers and plastic pants Neo can no longer remember what it was like to be the most powerful force on Earth. A force second only to the machine.

Neo is trapped in a baby's world on the outside, and a little girl's world and the trap is transforming him but if he's to get past the Agent Smith he must appear in all ways as a little girl. Only Trinity will be able to release him from his satin prison once his task succeeds, until then it's up to Trinity to keep Neo clean and dry while he learns how to curtsey.

Matrix 4 - Transformed
DVD - Directors Cut

Opening scene: : Neo stands quietly while Trinity fluffs his skirts. A little girl, he muses, looking down at the satiny white of his dress. It's been nearly a month of practice, as a little girl, for Neo to appear convincingly when he steps into the fantasy world of little girls and their dolls.

Scene changes and a cloud like landscape opens with a large pastel pink and lavender castle siting in the middle of it. Neo, covered in white satin and nylon, skips through a field of daffodils to the castle gates and just beyond.

He's made it inside, the disguise is working....

"Ah, how sweet! It's my precious prissy little Ms. Anderson!" Agent Smith says in perfectly formed words before stepping into view.

2) DVD: Shirley Temple's Stunt Double

Cast: Robert Carter , Robert Carter Jr., More
Director: Rose Masterson
Category: Documentary
Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Language: English
DVD Release: 10/16/2004

Synopsis: Robert Carter Jr., with the help of his mother and sister, has the honor of playing his father in this documentary of a young boy who became a stunt man and ends up becoming Shirley Temple's Stunt Double.

Opening scene: : "Since I could walk I've been a very rough and tumble boy. Very daring and bold and always willing to do what other boys wouldn't dare. As my mother once said, becoming a stunt man was cleary my calling and by the age of eight I was doing a lot of the stunts for a dozen boy actors.

Ironically my sister talked me into dressing as a little girl only because a dress she had worn at five was nearly new and fit me. Not only did I dress as a girl for the party but mom insisted on curling my hair that day. I'd never noticed how I look, few boys do, but on that day I was truly amazed.

It is only slightly irnoic that neither mom, sis nor I noticed how much I looked like Shirley Temple and some of it because of the satiny dress I wore not too unlike the ones she often wore. That was what caught a studio mogals attention and a call was made and two hours after I'm at this party I'm in an office.

That call was to a studio coordinator who hired and managed a half dozen little girls that they used for Shirley Temple look-alikes. What was missing was someone that could do Shirley Temple's stunts and that was me. I started working for that particular studio within the week and like it or not I had more dresses and things to wear with them than my sister."

3) DVD: Legally Blonde 2 Red, White and Blond

Cast: Ress Weatherspoon, Mark Westhoff, More
Director: Clark Tanner
Category: comedy
Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Language: English
DVD Release: 10/17/2004

Synopsis: Carl Ward, played by Mark Westhoff, didn't even cross dress let alone harbor a desire to be a girl, yet there he was on the capital steps doing both. He was there protesting the plight of young transsexuals in America with his girlfriend and he was dressed as a girl. Actually he was dressed as his girlfriend's brother because he couldn't be there.

Mark was dressed as a little girl and, because the bus carrying sixty more young transsexuals was late, he was the only boy dressed as a girl on those capital steps. It was Congresswoman Black, played by Ress Weatherspoon, who made him suddenly famous when she came from her office to stand with the brave soul and, of course, leverage the publicity.

As it happens, it was that on this day that Mark Westhoff, thanks to twenty reporters and their cameras, was suddenly out. Out and famous for being the only boy willing to stand up and take on the world. Take on the world as a little girl, in a little pink dress with a cute little dog name prissy.

Opening scene: : Mark is arguing one last time that he can't do this. He's wearing his sister's clothes which, because she was so much bigger then he was growing up, fit nearly perfectly.

"Where is everybody?" Mark asked in a panic as they reach the capital steps.

"Carol just called, bus is having mechanical trouble. They're bringing another one but it's not going to get here on time." Mark's girlfriend says sharing his panic.

"I'm it?" Mark says loudly as a crowd of reporters appears at the top of the steps. Congresswoman Black has left the building to meet with the group of young transsexuals only it's just Mark.

"OK, don't panic! She's just coming out to get her picture taken and make the five o'clock news." Mark's girlfriend says.

"Don't panic? Do you know what you are saying? That Congresswoman is getting her picture taken with me!" Mark says almost in tears.

"Hold the back of your dress down or they're libel to see the disposable." Mark's girlfriend says as she grabs the hem of his skirt. Mark wore the diaper only because he wasn't about to use a girl's bathroom and most definitely not the boys.

4) DVD: Home Alone 4

Cast: Blair Adems, Mike Stevens, More
Director: Carol Sparks
Category: comedy
Running Time: 2 hour 10 minutes
Language: English
DVD Release: 10/18/2004

Synopsis: Brad is home alone expecting his parents early the next day. It's bed time. Brad shares a bathroom with his sister and decides, on a lark, to take his first bubble bath. He's alone and isn't expecting anyone but a noise interrupts his soak and a moment later, when he peeks into his room, and the source of that noise, he discovers a man with his face covered by a nylon.

It's a burglar Brad realizes, and his only source of clothing now blocked. He moves quietly to his sister's room, grabs a robe on her bed to make his way out and to the neighbors. He's about to do just that when the burglar hears the front door open and girl's voices. That burglar makes a hasty retreat through a window and drives off in his van leaving Brad believing he's still there.

Brad's sister, not expecting anyone home, guides the two girls to her room to drop off their bags for the weekend stay with her family. Brad, still believing it's that burglar, slips into his sister's closet to hide only to be discovered a moment later when his sister opens her closet door. Smelling of Jasmine and in her pink satin robe Brad tries to explain what has happened.

Brad's sister isn't buying it and neither are the two girls with her. Both girls giggle, and one says he's just like her brother explaining one of the ways she successfully kept him out of her clothes. Brad's sister laughs and all three head for the attic and the clothes she once wore as a little girl. Brad, knowing he's not going to convince his sister he's not cross dressing has little choice but to cooperate to keep this secret from his parents.

Meanwhile, Brad's parents are now trapped at his aunt's house and won't be home till Monday when the snow storm passes. It's Friday and the rest of the movie is Brad's fate under the control of his sister and her two friends. Before long Brad finds himself in the living room learning to curtsey in a light lavender pageant dress of his sister's, chosen mostly for the matching bloomer style panties and a very large hair bow.

Scene fades as the credits end and opens to a bright winter morning. Camera position is out front and zooms slowly toward the front of a large suburban house reaching the front door as it opens. Girl's voices and laughter mix as three collage age students exit with a little girl. It's Brad and his first day as a girl begins with a planned trip to the mall so his sister can shop for Christmas.

5) DVD: Parent Trap

Cast: John Miller, Susan Banks, More
Director: Roger Stamens
Category: comedy
Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Language: English
DVD Release: 10/18/2004

Synopsis: Steven and Susan are twins separated when their parents divorced. Steven went with their mother to New York, and Susan their father to California. They meet yearly at camp. Unfortunately their father is about to remarry and she's an evil woman. Worse, the marriage is going to make it impossible for the twins to get their parents back together again.

Seven is sure that if he can get to his father to talk with him he can convince him not to marry. The only way to do that is go to California and the only way he's going to be able to do that is if he travels there as his sister.

Fortunately Steven can pass easily as a girl and with a little help from his mother and sister does just that before his flight. Unfortunately his step mother had listened in on their phone conversation almost two months ago and knows of the children's plans.

With the help of her father who is also her soon to be husband's boss, she has managed to send the children's father off on business. A week at the least leaving her time with Steven when he arrives. She knows Steven will arrive as Susan and she's planned for it. Steven doesn't know it yet but he's going to be Susan for a lot longer than he planned.

Airport, day. A very pretty and very young girl steps off the plane and is greeted warmly by a woman of obvious means. They hug affectionately and unnoticed as people deplane and hurry past.

"How was camp?" The woman says as she takes the girl's hand.

"Fun!" The girls says with only a slight but noticeable change in her voice.

The woman smiles as they walk hand in hand to the airport's baggage area.

"Well, I'll bet your ready to get back in touch with your femininity!" The woman says happily.

"Oh yes." The girls says forcing a smile on her face.

"Excellent. So first things first! Home, bubble bath, the beauty parlor and perhaps a couple of new dresses before we have brunch. Something sweet and girlish! Sweetheart, by the time I get you home for dinner tonight, you'll feel like a girl again!" The woman says almost laughing.

Steven hesitates only slightly trying desperately to figure out a way not to do what she's planning on doing. Steven had hoped that he'd arrive at the airport, get to the house, change and get to his father before the sun went down.

"Is father going to be there?" Steven asks in a girlish voice very close to his sister's but obviously not.

"I'm afraid not precious. He's away on business for the next few days, but that's OK, we both thought it would give us a chance to get to know each other. It will be good for us. Besides, I've always wanted a girl to dress up. Do you like pink and frilly?" The woman says as a large lemo pulls up.

"Oh yes." Steven says fighting the panic welling up inside.

"Excellent. Then you are simply going to love this little boutique I found." The woman says as she enters the car.

Meanwhile, in New York....

Late afternoon, kitchen table, girl and woman sitting sipping tea.

"I wonder how Steven's doing?" Susan says as she stirs her tea.

"I'm guessing he's changed already and glad to be out of your clothes!" Steven's mother says as she looks up at the clock on the wall and adds: "He's also most likely shocked your father right to the soles of his shoes."

Steven was beside himself wondering first if he was at risk of being discovered and next what he was going to do about what was ahead of him. He wasn't sure what he'd gotten himself into thinking it couldn't get worse... And did....

"Honey?" His future mother-in-law asked with a decidedly softer voice.

"Yes?" Steve said.

"Have you thought about your little problem any more?" She asked.

"Sort of?" Steve said without a clue what to say.

"And are you comfortable with doing what I've suggested?" She asked.

"I guess?" Steve said still in the dark.

"Wonderful. Honestly, it's not going to be nearly as difficult as it might seem and I'm sure, after no time at all this is all going to be behind us. Tell you what, before we head home, why don't we stop and take a look at what's available and then that's out of the way. OK?" She said.

"Sure." Steve said feeling a little bit better that he'd gotten past whatever it was she was talking about.

"Excellent. Let's do that now then." She said.

Steve nodded and continued looking ahead and to the right hoping he was doing what his sister would be doing. They drove in silence for another fifteen minutes before she pulled into a pharmacy.

"We're here!" She said pulling into a spot near the front.

Steve got out with her, followed slightly to her left trying desperately to at least walk the way his sister had suggested and made it into the pharmacy. He had remembered to slip the strap of his bag over his right shoulder and keep his steps short.

"Incontinent supplies?" His step mother asked of a sales person.

"Isle 8." The girl said pointing down towards the middle.

"Incontinent?" Steve said mimicking his sister's voice almost flawlessly.

"That's the polite term for bed wetting honey. Ah, here we are. Now then, let's see if they've got the cloth diapers and water proof pants. If it's all the same to you I'd rather wash your diapers than toss them. Hate what they do to the environment." His step mother said as she walked down the isle. A few steps later she said: "And here we are."

Steve was beside himself. His sister was wetting the bed? He didn't know that. Of course why would he. He wouldn't tell her. Poor thing he mused then suddenly it struck him. Oh no! She's talking about it as if I was my sister and it's me that's going to wear those things. What have I done to myself?" Steve said almost loud enough to be overheard.

"What precious?" His step mother asked.

"Nothing. I was just wondering if they have pull-ups." Steve said in a decidedly girlish voice.

His step mother was impressed. So far his pending trip to the beauty parlor and dress shopping hadn't shocked him and now this. This she mused to herself was inspirational. Diapers of all things and plastic pants. This was becoming too much fun she decided.

"Pull-ups? Good heavens no, not for a girl your age. Tell you what, tonight, when you're getting ready for bed I'll talk you into these from the other side of the door. Get a couple of packages of diapers and those panties there.... The pink ones. I'll get the diaper pins and baby powder." His step mother said happily. Camera fades...

Fade in to a dark house, night, late. A phone off in the distance is ringing...

"Hello?" Steve's sister Susan answers just as her mother rushes to the hall clutching her robe.

"Sis! It's me! I'm trapped her! Look, why didn't you tell me you wet the bed!" Steve said.

"What? What are you talking about?" Susan ask

"You decided to start wearing diapers to bed for your bed wetting! Well, guess what? I'm wearing those damn diapers!" Steve said.

"Steve, are you nuts? I don't wet the bed and I don't know who you've been talking to but I'm certainly not going to be wearing diapers even if I did." Susan said.

"You don't wet the bed?" Steve asked.

"No? No bed wetting and no diapers! So why are you wearing diapers?" Susan asked.

"I've been had, that's why! Our soon to be step mother knows about us? She knows I'm not you! That's got to be it!" Steve said.

"We'll tell her!" Susan said.

"I'm going to!" Steve said and added: "Oh, and you've got four new dresses, a couple of slips and a package of day of the week panties only missing the Friday pair."

Camera fades as Susan starts laughing in front of her mother.

6) DVD: Dawn Of The Diapered

Cast: Mark Miller, Susan Hanson, More
Director: Roger Patterson
Category: Horror
Running Time: 1 hour 90 minutes
Language: English
DVD Release: 10/19/2004

Synopsis: The survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing breast hungry sissy babies out of adult males , take refuge in a mega shopping mall.

Night, nearing Fall, A lone police car cruses behind a group of stores slowly. The radio clicks....

"Sims? What's your twenty? Over." Claire asked over the radio.

Sims picks up the mike, keys it and says: "South end of town behind Hamsteds. Over."

"We've got a 415 disturbance, possible 10-66 suspicious person. North end of the cemetery by the old potters plots." Claire said.

"10-9?" Sims asked using the repeat number, not sure he'd heard what he'd just heard.

"Looks like another DOT-D. Suspect is wearing a pink baby's bonnet, pink top and pink baby pants. Woman reports that the suspect looked dazed." Claire added with a snicker.

"10-4 on that 415 rolling code 2. Show me 10-17 to that location at 0315." Sims said as he bent to flip the switch that gave him lights but no siren.

DOT-D wasn't part of the 10-codes but a new one to cover what has become the oddest disturbance of the peace calls since Sims started on patrol. DOT-D or Dawn Of The Diapered reports were coming at least twice a month. It was always a young man, collage age, so far all students. Grown men wondering around in the cemetery striped, dazed and dressed as baby girls.

The boys don't know how they got there, where their clothes were or how it was they came to be diapered but they were always the same and the outfits, except for sizes, were identical to what baby girls wore right down to the pink tipped diaper pins.

"Base, I'm 10-23 right now, I've got our suspect! He's near the gate. I'm leaving the car." Sims said.

"Don't forget to frisk him!" Claire said with the laugh starting as the radio went dead.

"OK son, over here!" Sims said as he rested his left hand on the butt of his pistal.

The boy lowered his hands from his face taking the pacifier with them, looking confused, dazed and suddenly worried. It was the officer's smile that brought on his worry. No one was going to believe this.

Fade out.

Fade in, scene night same date and time, across town.

Four girls climb out of a white van laughing, two carry bags towards a large house. There are girls standing at the door waiting for the four.

"How did it go?" One girl says from the door as the group enters.

"Worked perfectly - again. I think we've got enough field studies to turn this stuff loose." The girl says dropping the bag right after entering the house.

"Imagine a world without men running it?" One of the girls says smiling.

"I am!" Another says as she too drops her bag.

"Took six seconds for this one to become a sniveling little baby and when I started dressing him as a sissy little baby girl you would have thought it was the best thing that every happened to him. Gosh, this is going to be one cute plague!" A girl holding a stainless steel canister says.

"OK, so it's on for Friday!" A large woman says coming into the living room.

"Friday then!" The girls repete as they start giving each other high fives.

"Sissy Zombies!" A girl says wistfully.

"Men who crave nothing but a woman's breast and will do anything to have it!" Another says clutching her own happily.

"And it all starts on Friday. OK, so what's our tagline again?" Another says as she starts lifting diapers from her bag.

"When there is no more room left for men, men will become sissies!" Another says.

The girls start laughing.

7) DVD: In The Mouth Of Madness

Cast: Mark Miller, Susan Hanson, More
Director: Roger Patterson
Category: Horror
Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes
Language: English
DVD Release: 10/19/2004

Synopsis: John Trent (Sam Neill), an insurance investigator recently fitted for a straightjacket, tells his story to a psychiatrist. Hired to track down the missing pop-horror phenomena Sutter Cane, a Stephen King-like author whose fans are literally made for his books, Reality isn't what it used to be," deadpans one zombie like towns person. In fact, it is how Cane writes it--but is she Devil, dark oracle, or simply a preacher in the service of an evil that grows stronger with every soul her books convert? The next character in her book is John Trent and she's decided John is going to be a toddler girl in her next story. That night John wakes wearing a diaper, baby pants and a baby dress. Five days later he's found walking dressed as a little girl and mumbling to himself.


Bright sunlight shining into an institute of some sort. A doctor on one chair, holding a clip board, faces what appears to be a little girl until the camera draws closer. It's a man, a small man in a little girl's party dress. He's frightened, shaking his head no. Camera slips behind the doctor facing the little girl/man... The girl/man looks up...

John Trent looks around feverishly, fearfully and leans forward towards Dr. Carol Swan in a look of anguish as he says: "I can't! Don't you see that? Haven't you heard any of what I've said? I don't dare! They're mad as hatters, the whole town has gone made, and if they know I'm not a little girl they'll come for me!"

"OK John, it's OK. We'll continue letting you dress as a little girl for now!" Dr. Swan says as she jots notes on her clip board.

"And the diapers! I have to have the diapers so they can't tell I'm a man!" John says feeling slightly better.

"And the diapers! Yes, John, we'll continue diapering you. Now tell me about your mother and why you think it was her?" Dr. Swan says.

"It was my mother! I'm telling you it was. She wasn't a dream, she was real! As real as you and I are now. That's when I knew this wasn't all just make believe. OK, look, if I'm just imagining this where did those diapers and baby pants come from? This dress and slip? These shoes? They all fit me perfectly! Why?" John says and adds: "Look at me! Do I look like the kind of guy that would dress like this?"

"And these other boys, the boys in the playground? Did they change their clothes as well?" Dr. Swan asks.

"NO! I'm telling you they were transformed. They were transformed right there at the park. I watched it all! They were screaming and suddenly instead of pants there were in dresses. Some tried ripping them off but as soon as one came off another appeared. They were in diapers as well. That too was obvious. The whole baseball team, both teams changed in an instant!" John said throwing his hands around in agitation.

"And all of this because a woman wrote it down in a book?" Dr. Swan said as she wrote a note and asked: "What's the name of the town again?"

"Hobbs End!" John says sitting back while he fixes the hem of his dress. He hates the dress he's wearing and more the diaper but he knows the woman is looking for him as a man. Then suddenly he stops fidgeting and looks hard at the doctor.

She's changing, She's growing larger and older and John's heart skips a beat as his mother appears and says: "You've been naughty John! You should have stayed in town honey! Now you must be punished.

John starts to scream! Orderlies down the hall jump up at the sound of a man's voice in utter panic. That voice changes growing more feminine, younger, it's the sound of a little girl screaming when the orderlies get the door unlocked. A little girl on the floor has fainted and the doctor is hovering over her. Both Orderlies move quickly to the little girl's side and lift her.

"Thought this was a guy earlier!" One of the orderlies notes as he helps the other lift the child into his arms.

"You've got to get more rest man! This look like a guy to you?" The larger orderly says as both start to stand.

"No! I'm just saying... Oh hell, never mind, go get a gurney!" The first man says as he hefts the little girl so she's laying comfortably in his arms.

"She's going to be OK, just fainted. Let's get her to her room!" Dr. Swan says as she picks up the clip board she's dropped. The orderly doesn't see the wicked smile on her face. The reporter would simply turn up missing and the little girl that he now was would find a nice home somewhere once he got use to the idea of being a little girl.

Camera fades out and opens again to a well appointed study and a woman sitting at her keyboard and computer. She's typing for a few minutes before she stops. Camera zooms in for a close up of the screen and the text begins to show and the last line reads: "John, an adult male just seconds ago, is now a little girl, age five!"

Camera fades, credits begin rolling up.

8) DVD: Uptown Girls II

Cast: Martin Sanford, Susan Hudson, More
Director: Demise Johnson
Category: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes
Language: English
DVD Release: 10/20/2004

Synopsis: Josh was spoiled and there was no one that didn't know that. Most of all the seven Nannies he'd gone through this year. His mother knew it as well and over tea told her best friend she was at her wits end. That's when a woman stepped up, apologized for interrupting and then explained why. She was a professional dominatrix and, as it happens, had some limited success with unruly boys. Josh met his new Nanny that night. Josh executed a nearly perfect curtsey two weeks later when his mother came home.


A young man, naked and still sobbing from a liberal application of a large hair brush walks cautiously towards an ornate bathtub filling with bubbles. A woman looks on sternly as he passes out of arms reach to step gingerly into the frothing water.

"You can't be a prince until you've stopped acting like a spoiled princess young man. Now since you find being treated like a little princess so appealing then perhaps a little time as one will help you decide on what you'd rather be." The woman says as she lays the hair brush on the counter.

Josh, still smarting from his spanking, is quietly obedient as the water soothes his painful bottom. A moment later he watches his new nanny lay down a diaper, diaper pins and a semi clear pair of pink plastic panties. Those he'll be wearing under his new nightgown now hanging at the back of the large door.

Josh was going to be sleeping with her for the next couple of days till the paint in his room has had a chance to dry. His room was now a light bubble gum pink and matched nicely the accents on his new French bed room set. That girlish room was what set him off when he arrived home from camp after being expelled again.

Since he would be sharing her bed she insisted he take precautions and those precautions happened to be a neatly folded cloth diaper and that pair of plastic panties. His status as a princess she said was the reason for the nightgown.

His spanking came a moment after he laughed and said no. His yes came on the count of six with that hair brush. She stopped at the count of eight for good measure and Josh stopped complaining from that moment on. The dress, a very formal peach and white organdy and satin over a very full set of slips was for tomorrow.

Josh and Helen would be attending the wedding of one of Helen's friends in the afternoon right after he had his hair and nails done. Meanwhile, while still in the bathtub, he was given a pink razor and instructions on how to shave his legs as she made ready the baby powder now resting in her hands.

Camera fades...

Morning, next day, Josh is laying in a Barbie nightgown that has climbed up during the night exposing his diaper and baby pants. He's alone in the bed but Helen appears and says: "Josh, get up honey, it's time for breakfast. Oh, and bring your baby bottle to the kitchen so I can wash it. Come on and be quick about it, we've got a big day ahead of us. We're going to be uptown girls today.

9) DVD: Princess Diaries

Cast: Chuck Spensor, Julie Anderson, More
Director: Mark Hammer
Category: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Language: English
DVD Release: 10/20/2004

Synopsis: He would be a prince as the son of the king and rightful heir as ruler of Benbovia, his grandmother said, after the shock of meeting her. He not only had a grandmother, but she was once the queen before his father was crowned and his second shock was discovering he had a father. A father he'd never known until now. Only that wasn't all of it because his father wasn't crowned King and he wasn't a prince. His father actually had ruled Benbovia as Queen Monica which, according to the laws of that country, now made him their Princess.

Chris listened to his grandmother explain, nodded and then walked quietly to his room holding onto the staircase rail as if it was the only solid thing in his life. How can a guy become a queen and how can the son of that guy become a princess?

Fair questions he'd asked after meeting his grandmother and hearing he was the successor to the throne of Benbovia following the death of his father. Or rather his mother because his father was the queen, who wasn't the same as the woman who had raised him. Chris was dizzy for some time after this news and he had every right to be confused his grandmother noted sympathetically as he walked off.

The story unfolded slowly that following morning. His mother and father met in Europe. Collage students then and they fell in love, but it wasn't to be because his father was promised to another in his country. His mother returned to America and he was born seven months later never knowing who his father was or the circumstances of his birthright. Meanwhile the young Prince, his father, married and a few years later, still childless, was divorced by his wife after she discovered her prince wished, more than anything, to become a princess.

Chris's father was a transsexual and a man wishing to become a woman in any country is complicated enough but when that man is His Majesty Monty, soon to be King of Benbovia, it gets very sticky. Benbovia's parliament, a progressive group of people by any ones standards, ordered by decree that hereinafter, and for all time, transsexuals will be what they were intended to be. Thus King Monty, with all the pomp and circumstance afforded such things, became Her Majesty the Queen on the day she took the throne. Queen Monica of Benbovia making Chris, the son of a transsexual and by Benbovia law, now a princess and also by Benbovia law rightful heir to the throne. IF!

If, that is, if Chris accepted the throne, and to accept his rightful place and his crown he would have to accept Benbovia law and do so by also accepting his status as a princess. A princess until his coronation as Queen. It took some time to get this all down for Chris and while he was still slightly dazed over it he'd caught on. Of course there was no way that Chris was going to become a princess and definitely not a queen since he already knew about queens having been raised in America.

Only there was this other thing that Chris needed to think about and that too his grandmother shared as she went through an album of his country and what being a princess would mean. Most of it, of course, was Money. Benbovia was the very hub of European and rich Americans play and their casinos were some of the richest in the world. Sheiks, kings, barons and presidents left a small part of their fortunes in Benbovia. Some of those fortunes were very large and twenty five percent of those profits went to the royal house.

Chris, in his last year of high school, was facing city collage and a fast food restaurant in the very near future. However, as his grandmother noted, and by accepting his role as Princess of Benbovia, Chris could attend any collage in the world and his income, till age twenty five at least would be twenty two thousand dollars a month give or take. That was the budget set aside for a princess which didn't include an allowance for cars, clothes and some of the basics.

All his, his grandmother noted. His if he was willing to become a she.

Music reaches it's peak as camera zooms into the window of a castle. Day

Large stately little girl's room within that castile overlooking acres of landscape. A young and very pretty girl sits at a French writing table with a leather bound book opened in front of her. She is wearing a chiffon tea length gown, bridal slips and white flats. Her fingernails are long and colored in a light pink pearl On her head is a jeweled headdress she reached up and touches before putting pen to paper.

"Dear diary;

I've returned from shopping and Mary has helped me change for tea with my grandmother and chancellors. I'm wearing a semi formal gown in a pink chiffon that Susan, my old girlfriend, would die for. One of many I own. I now have more dresses, panties, slips, shoes and a whole lot of other stuff - more than all of the girls in my class.

I change clothes at least two or three times a day sometimes four. I wear my uniform skirt and blouse for school, something casual after school then dress for dinner. It's really weird but I've been told by the woman teaching me how to be a girl that I'll get use to it. She says I'm actually a little better than my father was.

Well, got to go, will write more after dinner. Oh, and I've just been told by my grandmother that some of the guys and Susan can spend the Summer here. Hope the guys don't get too wigged out by me as a girl. Anyway, more later...."

10) DVD: Freaky Friday

Cast: Mark Hansen, Claire Boyle, More
Director: Carl Ward
Category: Comedy
Running Time: 96 minutes
Language: English
DVD Release: 10/21/2004

Synopsis: Chuck and his sister Cindy are your typical teenagers neither understanding the other and clashing regularly. Cindy, a girl, and chuck, a boy, believe they have nothing in common and that would be true were it not for a magic potion their aunt, a witch, adds during her last visit. All that's needed for it to work are the words and both utter their wish one morning when Chuck, standing outside of the bathroom says: "I wish my sister was me for a day!" That was said at the exact same moment that his sister says: "I wish my brother was me for a day!" There is a blinding flash and suddenly Chuck is in the bathroom only he's holding a tube of pink lipstick and looking at his sister's face in the mirror.

Studio Interview with Stanley Olden who played Mark Hansen.

"So what was it like dressing and acting as a girl?"

"Weird at first, very weird because in a couple of the scenes I had to wear panties with a pageant dress. It was very short so the studio put me into a sort of padded panty with ruffles."

"That pink one that you've been teased over? What's the name you've been given? Little Miss Priss?"

"That's the one and that name was given to me by the girls in wardrobe."

"I've heard that they enjoyed dressing you up as a little girl?"

"Too much! I'd get to wardrobe early for makeup and clothes and spend an hour being put into several dresses after the lingerie only to discover that they were just putting me into those dresses for the sake of dressing me."

"Must have been hard going through most of that?"


11) DVD: The Exorcist II

Cast: John Howard, Jennifer Loprez, More
Director: Mike Daily
Category: Comedy
Running Time: 96 minutes
Language: English
DVD Release: 10/22/2004

Synopsis: His sister found him not too long after coming home from school. She'd heard him talking but it sounded like a little girl she noted. It was her brother and he was talking to her old dolls, but it didn't sound like him. He was also dressed as a little girl. Her best dress, she noted. The dress she wore when she was seven or so.

As strange as that was it got stranger because he didn't bat an eye when she asked what he was doing. No panic, no embarrassment, nothing. Nothing but a smile at her and then back to talking and playing with her dolls. He was that way when his mother came home. It was as if he'd been a girl playing with dolls forever. It was as if he was possessed his mother said to his sister.

That's how it began...

When it was time for dinner he got up, went into the bathroom, washed his hands and then came to the table with one of the dolls like nothing was out of the ordinary. He would talk about normal things but it was like talking to a girl. He loved baseball and now hated it. He didn't like boys because they were too rough. Girls were better to play with he said and then helped clean the kitchen. Before this he never helped with the kitchen.

However, it was his cross dressing that was the most disturbing yet not. It wasn't simply because he seemed so at ease with it. The doctor advised caution and perhaps a phase. Stress maybe and observation was prescribed. Two weeks later a child psychologist was brought in to give an opinion and she too suggested observation although she suggested Transsexualism as a possibility.

Only there was something else and that something else were the changes his mother observed during his bath. He had the beginnings of breast and she was sure his penis had grown smaller. Not positive given the changes but almost. A few weeks later the doctor ordered a full physical and with that exam there was medical confirmation. What struck the doctor was those physical changes given that there was no medical reference to such changes.

A team of doctors were organized and with the exception of simply observing none of them could offer up an explanation. He was, according the best of them but with confusion in their voices, becoming a girl and no one knew why. It was as if he was possessed by a little girl who was adapting him to her. Impossible of course.

The last professional to join the group was also a doctor but a priest as well and his suggestion made them laugh. Few rational men believed in possession so the suggestion could only be laughable. However, in the absence of an rational explanation then the obvious irrational explanation was worthy of a second look. It was that priest who finally broke through and found a reason.

Josh, fearing eternal damnation for lying confessed readily to the priest knowing full well that their conversation was privileged. He was in fact a transsexual but he also knew the reaction of those around him if he confessed to such a thing. So he began taking vast amounts of hormones and decided to at least act possessed. His mother and sister, as religious as he, would believe that as easily as they would deny that he might be transsexual.

It worked. It worked so well that the doctor was fooled at first then the doctors colleagues. So to the priest at first but that changed. Only it actually didn't and this idea came from the priest himself. He and Josh would continue with that possession story until he was old enough to transition legally. Of course the doctors were thrilled to be released from any further studies and only the priest was left at the end.

Given that this was obviously a "divine intervention" his mother, sister and most everyone in the family agreed he was gifted. Gifted and ordained to become what he was becoming. Even the neighbors began believing that and Josh now Julie was revered before long. On the day he was legally allowed to have surgery it was a given that she was already a she.

The conversation with the Bishop was lively a few days later when the priest was called in to justify his actions. Ultimately the review of the priest's actions was blessed since all of the evidence presented suggested that most boys, those boys diagnosed transsexual at least, are for the most part possessed. The laughter, heard at the end of the meeting, came when the Bishop noted that the exorcism that the priest performed hadn't actually worked. It hadn't worked since the boy, in spite of the church's best efforts, had become a girl anyway.

The priest nodded his understanding then shrugged with a smile as he said: "Some things are obviously meant to be!"

12) DVD: Dr. Who

Cast: Timothy Hawks, Sandy Brent, More
Director: Mark Carter
Category: Science Fiction
Running Time: 96 minutes
Special Features: Timothy's Transformations
Language: English
DVD Release: 11/09/2004

Synopsis: Dr. Who is a Time lord, a renegade member of that ancient, time-traveling alien race, who just happens to think that his people should be out in the universe fighting Evil, instead of home on Gallifrey watching Eternity decay. His time ship, the TARDIS, was stolen from Gallifrey eons ago by the rebellious Doctor, and is a creaking but lovable mess. The ship's "Chameleon circuit" is damaged, so the ship that was once built to blend innocently into the local environment of whatever planet it lands on is now forever frozen into the shape of a 1960's British Police call box.

Episodes 110 - 125 finds Dr. Who, as a young man (played by Timothy Hawks), traveling through the America's on a historical quest to find a woman named Tricalidar who is collaborating with his arch enemies the Daleks. Daleks are travel machines housing a race called the Thals who have mutated from eons of war from the planet Skaro.

Unfortunately our young Doctor Who has one other very important reason in finding Tricalidar since his last encounter resulted in a time merge which has left him now female. Travel with Timothy Hawks as the young Dr. Who begins his, or rather her, journey in Episode 110 "Taffeta Twist". Timothy, now posing as a young colonial America female, finds himself suddenly a debutante on this first of his strangest quest of all.

13) DVD: Our Gang Follies

Cast: Our Gang
Director: Hal Roach
Category: Comedy
Running Time: 60 minutes
Special Features: Out takes
Language: English
DVD Release: 11/25/2004

Synopsis: Alfalfa finds himself learning to dance with Darla but as a girl since the other girl Darla was to dance with has a broken leg. Alfalfa is only doing it because he can be near the girl of his dreams and if it's in her clothes, so be it. Darla promises him a wig when it comes time to perform in the school follies and with a little makeup no one will ever know. Only it doesn't turn out that way in this Digital remastered Blockbuster Release of: Our Gang Follies

14) DVD: Million Dollar Baby - Shirley Temple's Got Competition and it's a Boy


Cast: Ray Walker, Arline Judge, Jimmy Fay
Director: Joseph Santley, 1935
Category: comedy
Running Time: 67 minutes
Language: English
DVD Release: 2/17/2005

Synopsis: Terry Sweeney (played by Ray Walker) and Grace Sweeney (played by Arline Judge) are a husband and wife vaudeville team who dress their son, Pat Sweeney (played by Jimmy Fay), like Shirley Temple to enter the poor kid in a contest. Fay, as Pat, wins the contest and finds himself on a train in his Shirley outfit heading for Hollywood. Fearing what awaits him, he jumps off the train. He meets a helpful hobo and a gang of bank robbers who see financial possibilities in the young boy. Things get even more outlandish from there.

Opening scene: Pat Sweeney has danced and sang his way past the competition and to every ones surprise has won. Which isn't nearly as surprising when Pat finds out his mother has signed him to a contract in Hollywood. All he needs now, his mother says, is a few more dresses!

15) The League of Extraordinarily Little Girls

Cast: Sean Conn, Shale East, Stuart Township, More
Director: Steve Nightingale
Category: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Running Time: 1 hour 50 minutes
Language: English, Spanish, French
DVD Release: 12/16/2003

Based on the comic book miniseries by Alan Lessor, The League of Extraordinary Little Girls takes place in an alternate universe where the characters of several countries exist. Characters who are brought together in a remarkable way to battle against global domination by an evil woman who has vowed to remove every male from their seats of power. The task set before these little heroines is to find, seize and destroy a biological agent that can render an adult male into a whimpering baby within seconds.

Fortunately there is an antidote but only enough for twelve men and it only works on men. Unfortunately that evil chemical agent is being housed within the basement of the Cody Cutter School For Young Ladies and no men are allowed even beyond those formidable gates let alone within it's walls. The solution is simple and a call goes out quietly to the world's governments for twelve very special men. Twelve men small enough and brave enough to pass as little girls long enough to get within those walls. Twelve very extraordinary men who, when their transformations are complete, will join together to become: The League of Extraordinary Little Girls.

Opening scene: Two men in black suits and bowlers step into the large Wringling Brothers circus tent. Clowns nearby are tossing a very small baby clad in a diaper, bonnet and little dress into the air using an oversize baby's blanket. The antics end and the clowns run off to make way for the Ring Master.

The agents find the baby sitting at a vanity wiping white off his face.

"What can I do for you gents?" Martin Sanford says as unties the pink satin bow of his bonnet.

"Martin Sanford? Your country needs you!" The man on the left says.

Mary Beth

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