Tamara's Debut - Chapter 10

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Tamara's Début - A Tommy & Tamara Story
Tamara's Début


Part Ten


by Shiraz


Tuesday 25th November

Tammy was awake before seven on Tuesday and feeling considerably better, she virtually danced into the shower and was ready for the day well before eight. She made her way downstairs and was invited to take breakfast immediately. Tammy decided she needed energy and asked if the cook could make her a traditional cooked breakfast, she nibbled on a slice of toast while it was being cooked. Gradually the others appeared at the table, Michael was first.

"Good morning Tammy, how are you today?"

"I feel fine today, thanks for asking. What are your plans for the day?"

"College this morning then a free afternoon, do you fancy a run into town?"

"I don't know, I'll let you know after lunch." Tammy blushed slightly.

This little exchange was not missed by Elsie who had arrived in the doorway. They all concentrated on their breakfasts, Tammy felt she should have had something smaller but she had cleared her plate anyway. At eight-thirty Alison reminded Tammy of her appointment with Doctor Hoskins.

Tammy went upstairs and, after using the bathroom, applied her make-up and checked her hair. She rejoined Alison fifteen minutes later, ready for the outside world. Today Tammy had chosen jeans for a change.

The drive took just over ten minutes and they walked into the surgery with little time to spare. Tammy was called straight in by Dr Hoskins, Alison stayed with her.

"Hello again, you must be Tamara?"


"Right, Tammy, and if I recall you are Miss McPherson?"

"That's right," said Alison.

"Now Tammy, how are you feeling?"

“Much better Doctor, thanks mainly to Alison and her sister."

"Now, whilst I am pretty certain that your issue over the weekend was due to a mild case of the flu with exhaustion for good measure, there is an anomaly that can't be ruled out."

Tammy and Alison looked at each other, unsure what was coming.

"I sent your blood to the pathology lab at the Dunbar and they have queried it, asking that I submit another sample."

"Why would they do that?" Asked Alison.

"They didn't say, but I'm to take another sample today and you're to see a specialist there on Thursday at ten."

"I have another appointment at ten."

"I'm sorry but the message I received was that they will need to see you as soon as this new sample had been processed, that means Thursday morning. Now, although I don't know what is going on, I'm going to assume it is serious, albeit not a dire emergency. Therefore I'm signing you off for a week with an undiagnosed haematological condition under investigation." He wrote out a sickness form from a tear-off pad.

"I'll need to get this to my school."

"Which school?"

"St Andrews"

"That's an all boys school."

"Yes, I'm in the sixth form."

Any implied confusion on the Doctor's face cleared away quickly. "Now, I'd like to give you a physical while you're here, please undress behind the screen. Would you like Miss McPherson to leave?"

"No, firstly she's seen me naked already, secondly she's a nurse at The London."

Tammy went behind the screen and changed into the gown that was hung there, she did have the feeling that the physical had been planned. Once ready she came out and sat on the examination bed. The doctor examined her without query until he eventually reached her bare genitalia.

"Hmmmm. Your testicles haven't dropped, when was your last physical?"

"About five or six years ago."

"Was nothing said then?"


"Do you shave here at all?"

"No, I was given a Brazilian last weekend by a torturer. It was in the interest of fashion, apparently."

Alison laughed out loud then said, "Joanne?" Tammy nodded.

"Right, get yourself dressed but leave your top off so I can take that blood sample."

The doctor inserted a cannula and took five vials of blood, Alison recognised this as a full blood screening but said nothing. While Tammy was putting her clothes back on, Alison started asking questions.

"Are you thinking there's a hormone issue?"

"It's possible but I'm not qualified to say."

"What else could it be?"

"There could be a physical cause, but I can't confirm nor rule out anything here, hence the referral."

"Who is Tammy due to see on Thursday?"

"A Doctor Helen Yates, I don't know the name so she must be newly qualified or from another area."

"Does Tammy need to do anything in the meantime?"

"No, how's her appetite?"

"It's returning, she ate a good breakfast."

"Have you discontinued the paracetamol?"

"Yes, I finished it after twenty-four hours, give or take an hour."


Tammy had finished dressing and returned to her seat.

"I want you to make an appointment to see me next Tuesday."

"Yes Doctor."

Alison paused at the doorway. "Doctor, could the blood results be copied to us directly?"


"Tammy is seeing Professor Roberts from the Glasgow Royal Infirmary Gender Identity Clinic tomorrow evening and he might ask for bloods anyway?"

"I'll send them over if I have them back in time but they are for medical eyes only."

"Thank you."

After speaking to the receptionist they drove back to the house, Tammy walked inside while Alison parked the car.

She looked at the sick note she was named as Tamara Smart, this could be a problem. Her school, in particularly most of the staff, only knew Tom. The sickness certificate, as it is properly known, would have to be sent first to the school's admin office followed by the school nurse. They were all bound to ask questions and generate gossip. Tammy needed a coffee but still didn't know how to get one, however she was intercepted in the hallway by Thomas.

"Mrs McPherson asked that you see her in the study when you return., Miss Smart. Would you like anything?"

"A coffee please Thomas."

Tammy knocked then pushed the study door open. She found Elsie, the school's chaplin and another man.

"Come in Tammy, sit down."

Tammy did as asked, but was not comfortable, Elsie saw this but before anything was said there was a knock at the door and Thomas entered with Tammy's coffee.

"Now Tammy, you know Reverend Franklin and this is Mr Davison, he's the Chairman of the Governing Body. The Reverend is also a governor and you already know that I am one. We've been discussing your issue but I'd like these gentlemen to hear your opinion."

"Can I have an understanding that anything you hear in this room goes no further without my express permission?" Tammy was being quite serious.

The three nodded.

"Would it be useful if I gave you a summary, then you can ask questions?"

Again the three agreed.

"Firstly, my legal name is now Tamara Smart but I prefer to be called Tammy. Secondly the person you can see here is my true self, I've just been hiding myself for the past eighteen years, or past ten years at the school. Thirdly I want to finish my education. Fourth I'm under a GP who has signed me off for a week starting today." Tammy handed the sick note to Elsie.

She continued,"Fifth as of this morning I am now under two consultants at the Dunbar, I'll be seeing a third here tomorrow. Sixth It's time St Andrews joined the rest of the twenty-first century and admitted girls."

The two men sat stunned, Elsie had heard all this before, just not as forcibly. Tammy waited for one of them to speak. The chaplain was first.

"My, my, how very forthright young, er, lady. I believe you have been taught well, what is your preferred profession?"

"International business."

"Yes, you will be very suited, isn't the phrase 'take no prisoners' very appropriate for your approach. I think the issue is not how you will continue to fit the school, more how will the school fit you? There never has been a female student, but if you'll excuse an impertinent question, you're not strictly female?"

Elsie decided to protect Tammy. "Perhaps not Reverend, but we have received this letter, signed by Harry's daughter. I'll read it."

To whom it may concern.
Tamara Smart age 18
It is my opinion that Tammy Smart is sane and is likely to be diagnosed as transgendered when she has been able to see a specialist in this field, she will then gain the appropriate protection under discrimination and diversity legislation. I further believe that Tammy's mental health will suffer if she is forced to revert to acting as a male and as such I fully support her.
In view of this I have arranged for her to see a leading expert in gender identity within a few days.
Yours faithfully
Dr Jill Davison

Harry smiled, "she's a clever one."

"She's your daughter, Harry, I hope you haven't just realised that." Elsie was a little smug.

"Let me get this right, she supports you and isn't saying that you're mentally ill, but that you need to do this in order to avoid mental health problems, however she can't give a full diagnosis either, so you're not yet legally female. Where does this leave the school?" The Reverend was trying to find a workable solution, and struggling.

"Obviously I like what she's written, but she's my daughter so I have to declare an interest." Harry sat back.

"Do I get to say something now?" Tammy looked around the three chairs and asked Elsie for the letter, quickly reading it for herself.

"I know this letter doesn't give an absolute answer to the questions, but isn't religion like that?" She looked directly at the chaplain. "This is an indicator of what's to come, the reason that Dr Davison can't give an authoritative answer is that she is not qualified to do so, that's why I'm seeing a Professor from Glasgow Royal Infirmary tomorrow. Dr Davison is however qualified to comment on my mental health, which is excellent by the way. There may be another medical issue brewing, Dr Hoskins has referred me to the Dunbar and I'll know more on Thursday."

"Gentlemen, I think you'll find that Tammy is nothing like the quiet schoolboy who preceded her. I knew that schoolboy and I'm so pleased he has matured into the young lady in front of you. I know it will take some talking to convince a few of the other governors, but I'd like to think you can support me in allowing Tammy to complete her education. Obviously, we wouldn't like to consider the alternative, would we?"

Harry looked blankly at Elsie. "Tammy, tell them."

"I believe you know my father and his occupation? I can easily afford a few solicitors." Tammy smiled sweetly.

"Is that a threat Miss Smart?"

"No Reverend, an observation."

"Tammy, would you care to join your father in the conservatory?"

Tammy left the study, aware that she'd just stirred a hornets' nest. Now it was down to Elsie. Back in the study Elsie had one last word on the subject, "She's good isn't she, must be her education?"

Then the conversation turned to the problem with the catering manager. Jonathan Franklin asked, "did Steven persuade him to keep quiet?"

"No, and it seems that Caithness Council are going to prosecute the school for the kitchen problem unless we can convince them otherwise. That means being seen to take severe action."

"Harry, it sounds like you've made up your mind."

"Yes Jonathan, but it is Steven who employed him so it has to be Steven who makes the decision. No doubt he'll ask for your support."

"Harry, I can give moral support but I don't like getting involved in the hiring and firing department. How else can I remain holier than thou?"

Elsie laughed at that, she'd known Jonathan Franklin since he arrived at the school as a very green newly qualified Anglican vicar. The school also had a Church of Scotland minister but, given the number of English boys, had enlisted Rev Franklin to cater for them.

"Harry, when are you planning on calling a full governors' meeting?"

"Friday morning at ten, I feel it will last most of the day so the school will provide lunch."

"Friday it is then, shouldn't I bring sandwiches?"

"How very droll Elsie. Can you organise an agenda and circulate it?"

"I'll get that done this morning, I'd appreciate it if you'll start phoning all of them, they don't all check their emails and a bit of a prod might be useful."

"Right. Jonathan, could you see if you can speak to John McPherson?"

"If you insist, Harry"

"I do."

The meeting finished but Elsie remained in the study to prepare an agenda which she emailed to each governor. She then sent the sick certificate to the Head's personal fax machine. That would have to handled delicately, the number of people who knew about Tammy was growing by the minute. Her phone started ringing two minutes later, apparently half of them did check their emails after all.

Meanwhile Tammy was speaking with her father. "I don't know what this means."

"Neither do I but you're seeing a specialist on Wednesday and another on Thursday. By the end of this week you'll have a better idea. By the way, the school delivered your text books, folders and some coursework. They also saw fit to send your clothes, I'm not certain there's anything left in your room. Your male clothes have been put in storage, everything else is in your room."

"I should have expected them to empty my room, after all I can't stay there any more, can I? Only thing is, how do I get books from the school library?"

"I hadn't have thought so, can you access the library index from your laptop?"

"Yes, so perhaps I can order a book, can you call the school and set that up for me? I have real difficulty calling myself Tom for the sake of others."

"I'll sort that out, why don't you do some coursework until lunchtime."

"Right, I could do with some water but I don't know how to get that, where's the kitchen?"

"It's that small door off the hallway, on the left, but just pick up one of the phones and dial 20."

Tammy went up to her room and ordered a jug of water before settling in front of the writing table. She had several ongoing projects that needed periodic review and concentrated on these. She came back down when Elsie rang to tell her about lunch but went back up afterwards.

Richard checked on her then said he was going into town. His first stop was the local newspaper office. The editor, Sharon Pike, had called the McPherson house that morning and asked about Tammy. Richard elected to go and see her personally.

"Hello Mr Smart."

"Good afternoon, now can you tell me about this story?"

"Yes, we've been informed that one of the pupils at St Andrews, namely your son, is pretending to be a girl so he can solicit men in the town."

"Your source would be John McPherson then."

"I'm afraid I can't confirm that."

"Don't worry, I don't need confirmation. I believe that the point of this allegation is to shame everyone else for John's own mistake. I had hoped that we could talk to him and rescue his career but I see that's not going to be possible. I will not allow my daughter to become fodder for your paper and I want an assurance that you won't print this story."

"I can't give you that assurance, this is in the public interest."

"That's rubbish and you know it. I could give you the counter story but that would not do any good for my daughter either. I could also tell you things about John McPherson, but I choose not to."

"I'm sure that if there is a story we'll find it."

"Even if it's not true, perhaps?"

Richard left the newspaper office with one of the editor's business cards. He then made a call to his solicitor.

"I want an injunction against the Thurso Echo this afternoon."

"For what reason?"

"The paper is about to print lies about my daughter. This would affect her schooling and her mental health, she is under a psychologist and is due to see an eminent psychiatrist tomorrow. I also want John McPherson of 28a Upper Street Thurso on the injunction. I suggest we also name the local TV stations and radio station."

"I'll see what I can do, but as it's Scotland I'll have to bring in a colleague in Edinburgh."

"Do what you need to do."

"I will."

Richard then went to the bank, he encountered Jeremy in the foyer.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes, I'd like to see Mr Doherty, the manager."

"I'm afraid he doesn't see anyone without an appointment."

"Can you tell him that Mr Smart wishes to see him."

"I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"It's branch policy."

"Never mind, I'll find his office myself."

"Where are you going?"

Richard walked up to the locked door and slid his pass into the reader, he opened the door and walked down the corridor. He reached the manager's door as two members of staff appeared behind him.

"Who are you and how did you get in?"

Richard turned and showed his staff pass. He then turned again and walked into the manager's office."

"Good afternoon Mr Doherty. I'm Richard Smart."

"Are you the cause of the security alert?"

"Yes, and I'm afraid I'm going to ask you to suspend that Jeremy out there. If he's a customer adviser then it would be useful if he gave advice instead of saying 'no' all the time. My daughter had the same trouble."

"I'll speak to him, now what causes you to effectively break into my office?"

"I'd like to thank you personally for helping my daughter last week."

"You could have done that over the phone."

"I could, but then I would like something else while I'm in Thurso."

"Like what?"

"Can you bring up an account for John McPherson of 28a Upper Street Thurso?"

The manager typed a search into his terminal before turning back to Richard. "Yes, I've found him."

"What's the state of the account?"

"£215 overdrawn."

"He's about to be sacked from his job, so I suggest you call him in for a chat and cancel his overdraft facility."

"How do you know he's about to be sacked?"

"He's being named by Caithness Council Environmental Health as responsible for the food poisoning at St Andrews just over a week ago. The report will be released this afternoon, his dismissal will be enacted tomorrow morning."

"I see. Now, this is rather unorthodox but you are certain about this information? What is your source?"

"His employer."

"I see, I believe his account is actually overdue for review, he's missed the last two appointments. I will reduce his overdraft to £100 and write to him this afternoon, he can see my assistant on Friday as he'll probably be free then. He won't be able to use his debit card anywhere until he comes to see us."

"That will do nicely, thank you."

"Thank you Mr Smart, but please ring first in the future. I will deal with Jeremy personally, perhaps some refresher training is needed."


Richard left the managers office and let himself into the foyer, Jeremy was gone. He took some cash out of the ATM there then walked the short distance to Sarah's shop.

"Hello Sarah."

"Hello Richard, how's Tammy?"

"She's fine, but Dr Hoskins has signed her off for a week."

"Does that mean she won't be able to work on Saturday?"

"I think that very much depends on Tammy, but I won't stop her."

"Thank you, you won't believe how many people have been asking after her this morning."

"I know she is very popular already."

"More than you could imagine. Now, is there anything I can help you with?"

"I'd like to buy Tammy a nice skirt and a top, you know what she wears."

Sarah and Richard spent twenty minutes looking through the rails for something that Tammy would like. As Richard was stood at the counter paying for it a lady walked in and spoke to Sarah."

"How is Tammy, I understand she's not well and went to see the doctor this morning."

"She's just taking it easy for a few days. I hope she'll be back on Saturday. This is her father. Richard, this is Sandy, Tammy's hairdresser."

"Please to meet you Sandy."

"And you Mr ...?"


"Not Bonney?"


Sarah started laughing then stopped herself, Richard caught up with what was going on.

"Sandy, could you fit Tammy in on Friday?"

"Yes, I'm free at two."

"Right, I'll bring her down then." He picked up the bag containing Tammy's new clothes and said his goodbyes, leaving the two women talking.

He walked back to his car and drove the few miles to the house. He climbed out of his car as his phone rang.

"Mr Smart?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"Hello, I'm Jeremiah Smith of Smith, Smith and Smith. I'm at the High Court in Edinburgh but I'd like a little background information before I see the High Sheriff."

"Okay, fire away."

"What is your son's legal name?"

"Tamara Smart. She is my daughter."

"When was her name changed?"

"Last Monday."

"What is her medical status?"

"Physically male but under a psychologist who has said that it is in her interests to remain female. She is seeing Professor Roberts from Glasgow Royal Infirmary tomorrow and a further consultant on Thursday. She's currently signed off by her GP."

"What about this accusation?"

"She was not attracted to him one bit but she was frightened to tell him the truth as he was an employee at her school. She was due to tell him on Sunday to stop bothering her but she fell ill. He only met her on Friday night."

"Is there anything else?"

"Mr McPherson is about to be sacked by his employers, St Andrews School, for gross misconduct, he is however bound by a non disclosure agreement. He has, though, already spoken to one newspaper and may attempt to speak to the rest of the press."

"I'll speak to the High Sheriff in chambers in a few minutes. Can I call you back?"


Richard walked in and took the bag up to Tammy's room, she didn't hear the door open, her head was in a text book.

"Hello Tammy."


"I've got something for you." He gave her the bag.

"Thank you daddy!" She threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss. He wondered for a minute if anyone would doubt that Tammy was a girl, if they'd have seen that reaction.

"Give yourself a break, come downstairs for a minute."

They walked into the sitting room, Richard put his head in the study and found Elsie, he signalled for her to join them. He then knocked on the kitchen door and asked for coffee and biscuits. Elsie followed him into the sitting room.

"Tammy, both Elsie and myself have been working on your behalf today. Elsie, do you want to go first?"

"You have the support of the Chairman of the governing body and the school chaplain, both of whom you met this morning. Since then I've spoken to six of the other governors. Four of the rest are parent governors and can't make Friday's meeting due to the short notice."

She paused as the coffee and biscuits were carried in.

"So far as the other problem is concerned, John is being seen by the Headmaster and Harry Davison tomorrow, when he'll be sacked. Although there is a non disclosure agreement, how well he observes it is another problem."

Richard took over, "we had a call from the newspaper, apparently he's told them you were soliciting."

"He can't!"

"Unfortunately we can't gag him, not physically, but I've instructed my solicitor to obtain a injunction to stop the paper printing the story and to stop him spreading the story elsewhere."

"Will that work?"

"If it doesn't then he'll be in contempt of court. Elsie, I've also given him a small banking problem."

"It's probably best if I don't know about that."

They sat and drank their coffee.

At the same time, John McPherson was filling his car with fuel. He went to pay with his card, which was refused. Fortunately he knew he had just enough cash to pay for the petrol and assumed it was a temporary fault.

He was parking outside his flat at the same time as Richard Smart's mobile rang.


"Hello Mr Smart, this is Jeremiah Smith."

"Hello Mr Smith, do you have some news for me?"

"Yes, a temporary injunction has been granted until next Monday. He will only consider extending the injunction if a full hearing is arranged. What do you want me to do?"

"Can you firstly fax the court order to this number," he read out Elsie's fax number, "then book a hearing. We'll have the paperwork ready by Friday lunchtime."

"I'll book that now Mr Smart."

Richard suggested that Tammy went back to her coursework then went to the study to await the court order; he didn't have to wait long. Richard went back to his car with two copies of the fax and drove into town, firstly he went to see Sharon Pike at the newspaper.

"Ms Pike, I'm afraid you won't be able to print that story." He handed over the injunction.

"That was fast, just who are you exactly?"

"A concerned parent."

"This runs out on Monday, there's always next week's paper."

"I doubt that."

He next drove to John's flat, Richard pressed the buzzer, saying 'delivery' into the microphone, then activated the voice recorder on his phone. John came down shortly afterwards.

"Oh, it's you. Come to pay me off?"

"No, but I'm afraid you won't be seeing your story anywhere. This is an injunction." Richard handed over a copy.

"This won't stop me."

"I suggest you read it fully."

John looked at the first sheet, uttered a crude Anglo-Saxon word, then went indoors, slamming the door. Richard went back to his borrowed car then stopped the recording, out of sight of the flat.

Back at the house he washed and went down for dinner, Tammy joined him and was now wearing her new clothes. A few hours later Tammy was in bed asleep and Richard was finished for the day, having faxed the injunction to the BBC, Scottish TV and an independent radio station. It did no harm to be careful.

Wednesday 26th November

On Wednesday morning Tammy continued with her coursework until lunch then picked up her West Side Story script and read her part for several hours. Alison popped in to tell Tammy she would return to London, via Glasgow, in the morning using the same helicopter flight as the Professor.

In the study Elsie continued her campaigning on Tammy's behalf, whilst at the school John McPherson was served with his dismissal notice and a copy of the Council report.

When he arrived home he found a letter from his bank and a court summons obtained by the Council. He didn't bother to speak to the newspaper as he knew Richard had been there, so he called the local radio station instead. As soon as he told the newsroom about the story he was told not to call again, John’s world was collapsing around him.

Tammy was finishing another read-through when she heard the chopper touch down, looking at the clock she saw it was just before five.

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Thank you Shiraz,

Tammy does not take prisoners and neither does her father and he obviously doesn't suffer fools like John.What a disgusting
excuse for a man,I hope he really makes a big mistake and ends up in jail.Love this story.


now, that's a dad

he's going to protect his daughter, which is exactly what a parent should do.


He'll be driven to violence?

As arrogant as John is, I would not expect him to take recent developments gracefully.

Thank You


Yes, John's world is collapsing around him

The measure of the man will be how he deals with it.

He is either going to want to take his frustrations out on Tammy or he could mature into an adult and be someone who Tammy might want to be friends with. Of course, Tammy seems to be attracted to Michael right now.

I could see John attacking Tammy because he blames her for all of his problems, instead of taking responsibility for his own problems.

The Power Of Money

joannebarbarella's picture

Don't fight City Hall. Richard Smart is a formidable character and his daughter will be also.

John is a nasty young man and may step outside the law to "avenge" the perceived slight to his masculinity. Eventually, of course, he will pay the penalty if he does. I just hope none of Tammy's friends get hurt in the process.

I see John becoming violent,

Wendy Jean's picture

it seems to run in the breed. They justify themselves by blaming their victims. Mom out to be getting involved soon too.

I'm beginning to suspect that

TheCropredyKid's picture

I'm beginning to suspect that if John tries to get physical with Tammy Michael may have a few things to say.


It Appears....

My5InchFMHeels's picture

.. Dad really is quite clever. It's nice to see someone with a very good support line.

Physical problems

Jamie Lee's picture

Finding an anomaly with Tammy's blood, and the testes not dropped, perhaps Tom feeling female isn't as odd as some may believe. Especially since an appointment was made for her without consulting her. An appointment which supersedes a previously scheduled appointment at the same time.

If there is a person in great need of a health professional it's John. He's delusional in thinking he was set up in meeting Tammy. Set up to be made a fool of. This thinking is causing him problems he isn't equipped to handle, he doesn't have the resources or mental capability. He's doesn't realize he's in a losing battle to get revenge. A battle which could land him in jail if he isn't careful. Or does something stupid.

Others have feelings too.