Becoming Antonia Part 7.

missbehavin4.jpgLater that night as we both sat in the hot tub and relaxed, I had to ask Brit, who told George about my tool box covered in Billy’s work? She of course got that shit eating grin she always gets when she tries to keep a secret but can’t. I just hugged her and we went to bed for the first night as a married couple.

Becoming Antonia Part 7.
By Toni Trepasso

The reception was beautiful. Our mom’s had hired the caterers, and we had a great sit down dinner. Somehow, Brit had talked Chameleon, one of the founders of my old Fraternity, to play with his band for the entertainment. Right after both daddy, daughter dances, a man I’d never met before came up to me. He introduced himself as George Townsen the owner of the company I worked for and that he wanted to pay for the repairs to my bike.

“That’s awful nice of you, but I doubt it’s salvageable. That was a hard hit yesterday, and I doubt I can save anything but the seat off it.”

“I kind of figured that. You tool box is the one with the pictures of Billy Lane’s ‘Mis-Behavin’ bike all over it isn’t it?”

I looked at him confused. “Yes, that’s mine. Why do you ask?”

“Can you please come with me?” he asked as he offered me his hand and lead me out the door. We stepped outside just as a truck and trailer with “Choppers Inc.” pulled up, and Billy himself climbed out to shake George’s hand. George introduced me to Billy and I actually got kind of weak in the knees, finally meeting one of my idols after buying every magazine with his bikes in them, and watching every show on TV about him.

“George tells me you had a little run in with one of his trucks yesterday Toni.”

“Um, you could say that Mr. Lane.” I stammered in response.
“Please call me Billy. Mr. Lane is my father.” he laughed as he told me to close my eyes. Which I did, and could feel and hear my heart pounding as I heard the trailer door open. I heard what sounded like ratchet straps being undone, and the distinct sound of rubber rolling across a linoleum floor, (most trailers for carrying motor vehicles have this.)

“Ok, you can open your eyes now.” George told me.

I opened my eyes and had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. I was actually standing in front of Billy Lane and “Mis-Behavin” together, in the flesh and steel.

“I know it’s not the same bike you spent years building, but I hope you’ll accept this as a small token of an apology.”

I just looked at George and it took a few moments to realize he was giving me the bike I’d lusted after since I first saw it in the magazines.

“You mean she’s mine? George, I can’t. This is too much. I mean, my bike couldn’t hold a candle to this beauty.”

“No, I’ve seen the pictures, and you had a beauty yourself.”

“George is right Toni, he sent me the pictures last night, and I must say, I’m impressed. I can’t think of someone I’d rather have ride this bike. Well, other than myself of course.”

I just blushed and thanked them both. We all went back into the reception and Brit cornered me as I came back in. She had seen Billy in my magazines and knew who he was, so I introduced my wife to the bike building god, and to the man who’s name is on my pay checks. She shook both their hands and asked me where I had gotten off to. We all went back outside and showed her my new “toy”.

“Hell if I knew this was available for the one who hit your truck, I’d have never swerved when I saw it George.” she laughed to them, as I just nudged her in the ribs. We all went back in and celebrated with our family and friends, both old and new.

As the party died down, we told Billy where we lived and he agreed to drop the bike off there. Later that night as we both sat in the hot tub and relaxed, I had to ask Brit, who told George about my tool box covered in Billy’s work? She of course got that shit eating grin she always gets when she tries to keep a secret but can’t. I just hugged her and we went to bed for the first night as a married couple.

I woke up the next morning with Brit’s arm draped over me like it usually is when she sleeps next to me. We didn’t have anything to do, so I just rolled slightly to face her and snuggled with her, pulling her gently toward me tighter as not to wake her. She looks like an angle when she’s asleep, but I know she can get wild when she wants to. I just closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep, thinking about how lucky I am to have her in my life.

The sun was steaming thru the window as I woke up to an unfamiliar sensation in my crotch. I opened my eyes and realized Brit wasn’t in my arms anymore, and I was on my back. I looked down and saw her between my legs thrusting her crotch into mine. She had a series of straps around her waist, and crotch, then I saw her pull out of me, as she smiled. She was using a strap on dildo on me.

“What the hell???” I asked her confused as all hell.

“What? This? Well EVERY married couple has sex on their honeymoon. “

“Britt? Where did you get that thing? OH MY GOD! IT’S HUGE!”

I just laid there in shock as she held the faux penis with one hand. It was nearly as thick as her wrist, and looked about a foot long. I was dumbfounded that she actually had that monster in me. What I found more disturbing was I did actually like it, A LOT.

“I bought this for a wedding gift for us. I have another one if you want to use one on me later. I can show you how to use it.”

“I used to have one hun, I think I know how to use a cock.”

“No you dork, the straps. Your old one never needed straps before.”

“Oh. Um, I have to ask, why did you get one so big? I mean, that thing is a monster.”

“What? Afraid of a little cock?”

“A little one, no. THAT beast, yes.”

She just laughed at me and pushed it back into my vagina. To say I felt full would be an understatement. I felt like she was trying to shove a telephone pole into me. She went slow, only giving me a little at a time, only going deeper as she felt me relax to what I had. I just watched as more and more of the monster she was using went into me, until our hips met, and I felt the thick head brush my cervix. I winced with pain as she leaned into me.

“OUCH! What the fuck Brit? That hurts! I think it just hit something. Careful with that thing, you know I’ve never done this before. Did you have to get one so big? Don’t they make any smaller then that?”

“Sorry hun, I just thought that if it was going to be your first time, why fuck around with a dinky dink.”

“Well we should go shopping later for a smaller one. This one hurts. I think you’re hitting my hip bone.”

“No, it’s probably your cervix. I’ll be careful. I just want to make you cum before we start the day.”

“You could have just licked me like you usually do. You know THAT always gets me off.”

“Yeah, but this way, you have ammo to use on me after.”

She pulled out and put her hand around the base of the dildo. She told me this way she could make sure it didn’t go too deep. She started to thrust into me and I could feel the fire building in my crotch, and spreading throughout my body. She saw I was starting to get into it and picked up her pace. She went faster and faster as I put my legs over her shoulders. I started to pull my nipple rings and scream. She started to double pump me as my body went rigid, and with one final scream of pleasure I went limp on the bed. I was usually happy with one climax, but she kept up her thrusting forcing me thru 5 more before she let me catch my breath.

“What the fuck was that all about Britt?” I panted.

“Well I thought it was time to show you what a multiple orgasm felt like.”

“Holy shit. I couldn’t breath during that last one. I guess 4 is my limit, or are you trying to cash in on my life insurance?”

She pulled out quickly, causing me to wince in a mix of pleasure, pain and the sudden feeling of emptiness. She undid her straps and climbed next to me, snuggling in my arms and kissing my cheek.

“When you get your strength back, it’s my turn.”

We spent the rest of the day playing with the new toys she bought for us to use in the bedroom. The only break we took was to eat the pizza we had delivered, and the occasional potty break. We both passed out around midnight. Both of us exhausted, and sexually satisfied.

To be continued.

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