Princess of Russia Chapter 2

Princess of Russia
Chapter 2
By Kellen

Life in her homeland was for some reason very foreign. All she ever knew was life in the fatherland. She felt more German than Russian. She was raised in Germany by a German father. She was Married to a German officer. She spoke German. She knew Russian but she wasn’t very fluent in it. It showed when she spoke to her own people. Some words were wrong and she got funny looks. She practiced her speech many times and had a native Russian help her with the words. Her dramatic speech hours ago was a great success. The people were roused for a war against Germany. She hoped it wouldn’t come, but she knew in her heart that war was coming. The German Fuehrer wanted war. He had plans for an invasion of the motherland. It was called Barbarossa. She heard her husband discuss the plans with General Jodl and Himmler and it was frightening. It would be a war without mercy. Total extermination of her people were planed by special army unites they called the einsotgruppen. She heard them talk about mass graves, extermination of entire towns. The plan was called lebensraum living space. Extermination of the Russian people to make room for native germans to move in. She laughed at the germans living in the deep Russian winters. They would all die here. She was having trouble with it. The relatively warm German winters were nothing compared to this life above the artic circle. It got down to 30 below here. She had a feeling the German war machines would have a lot of trouble up there. She was scheduled for another rousing speech and this one was going to be a lot more serious.

She stepped out below the brilliant red stars glowing above her head. Lenin’s mausoleum was behind her. She looked at the cameras flashing in her face. She was wearing a crimson red gown for the occasion. “People of the Motherland. I have been in discussion with the counsel of Dukes and the grand duke of the Russian empire, Prince Romanov. We have all agreed to introduce the following measures. First, the Russian military is going to be at increased preparedness. Additional divisions are going to be mobilized for the protection of the motherland. Second, mass conscription is going to be introduced. All able bodied men and women between fourteen and thirty will be required. The tsar is aiming for a troop deployment of one million. Factories will increase production of the T120s and hunter killer SSNs. We have reports of German Boomers targeting our capitals. I call on our leaders to reject Ribbentrop’s proposal. That is only a trap. I know they are proposing alliance ony to betray us. Tell him no.” She walked away with her beloved son in her arms.

She went back to her manner. She told her advisers that all of the politics were giving her a headach. She just wanted to hold Rainer. The Little two year old was sleepy that afternoon. And Two year olds hated to take naps. He started screaming at her as she snuggled with her son in her ams. He struggled and screamed, “Let me down.”

“No Rainer. I know you are sleepy. You keep rubbing your eyes and you get so fussy when you are sleepy. Just try to rest and Lay down.”

He screamed louder, “Nicht Nicht. lass mich runter.”

The little boy said let me go in German. Of course, that was the only language he knew. He would have to learn Russian fast if he was going to get along here. Especially if their two nations were going to go to war. It was likely every German was going to disappear, and German speaking people. They wouldn’t have mercy on the children. Maybe hers but he would get a serious black marc and be under surveillance and restrictions for the rest of his life. She feared for his future as the son of a German general.

She said to the young boy, “You have to take a nap now. Lay your head on my shoulder Rainer and sleep.”

He screamed and got down on the floor. Then he started running and screaming as he did to try anything to stay awake. She signed, he was having a two year old tantrum. Then he started throwing stuff across the room and kicking things. Or what passes for a kick with a two year olds motor skills. It was funny to watch and she started laughing. “Rainer you are silly.” She told him in German.

“Ich liebe ditch.” He told her he loved her.

She gave her son a massive hug. “We have to start working with you on Russian, my son Rainer.

He smiled again. He loved learning new things. Then he let out an ear piercing scream that made her ears ring. He was trying to stay awake again. She wondered how he could possibly get his voice to such a high ear piercing pitch. Even she couldn’t do it. She tried for him and couldn’t quite get her voice to as high of pitch as his.

He screamed again for her to show her how. She just couldn’t do it and asked, “How can you scream so high Rainer?”

He screamed one more time and she said, “Okay that’s enough. You’re giving me a headach, Stop it.”

Just for affect and to be annoying, he screamed in her face one more time and then ran off to make more trouble. She laughed at the silliness of her son. He was so precious and loud. Now, he was getting her undergarments and throwing them around the room. She asked loudly, “Rainer can we skip the twos and go right to three. I am tired of the terrible twos.”

He looked at her as if he didn’t have a clue what she was asking. Then he got one of her dresses and ripped it. Then he was going to grab something and try to put it in his mouth when she rushed over to stop him. She asked, “why does almost everything have to go in your mouth.” Then she kissed him.

They played for another few hours when someone came to her and said, “Princess Katrina, your presence is requested now.”

She sighed and followed him out. They approached another building with the general staff of the Russian empire. They looked very upset. The Tzar approached her and said, “We have serious problems. We took your advice and rejected the german ambassadors alliance. So they sent formal proposals to Washington. President Roosevelt has signed a formal alliance with Germany. They are allied against us. The United States has informed us that they have their silos targeting our cities and their submarines are off our coast. The United States is joining the national socialists against us. What will we do?”

She was horrified. Katrina never thought the United States would support Hitler. Never in a 1000 years. What in gods name were they thinking?? Whyyy They must not know of the German Secret plans that included the jews. Katrina said, “I will go to Washington to discuss this with Roosevelt personally. Then she left.

Katrina just couldn’t understand it. She tried to grasp what she was told but it name no fucking sense. Why in gods name would president franklin Roosevelt even consider a formal alliance with Hitler’s national socialist Germany. There was no reason to even consider such a course of action. Her people were in negotiation with the United States for an alliance against Axis Germany. Now the United States had joined the Axis.

As she was planning for a trip to Washington to show their president what she knew from being in the inner circle of the German leadership. The camps and the final solution and the racial laws, she had learned that the united States Congress had decided to enact its own set of racial laws against its Jewish population. Katrina nearly wept. It seemed they knew what they were allied with, and supported the national socialist agenda. That meant that the United States now could only be considered an enemy in this war. They were an enemy of peace and justice in the world and had to be regarded accordingly. It still made no sense. In the years before, the United States was regarded as a safe haven for Jews fleeing national socialist Germany. Millions of Jews had fled to the United States seeking to avoid persecution from Hitler’s Racial Laws. What had prompted the United States to take such a horrific course of action?

Well, this changed Katrina's plan. She had planed on going to president Roosevelt and showing the American president her secret knowledge of Germanys plan against the jews. That was no longer relevant since obviously they knew and had their own plan. She was still going to go to negotiate the release and export of America sizable Jewish population to the safety of the motherland, before America decided to round them up and put them in concentration camps. They had done so for the Japanese Americans already. It was just a matter of time.

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