Happily Seduced into Girlhood

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Happily Seduced into Girlhood

by Jennifer Sue

This IS a work of fiction from my sometimes all too vivid imagination. It’s also more than a bit racy. It may not be for everyone and I most certainly do not condone the activity depicted. But sometimes it’s nice to dream that I had been Ash.

ps: I had back surgery on Nov 20 and the medications allowed me to lower my normally G ratings.

“Ashton, Mr. Hafer,” the coach sighed. “This isn’t easy but it’s better to do it now than later. Ashton, every day you’ve put everything you have into the practices. You haven’t slacked off at all. I’ll give you an ‘A’ for effort. Unfortunately you’re just too small and frankly not cut out for football. Your best just isn’t good enough for the team. I’ll start cutting next week but I don’t want to cut you. I’ve seen how the kids that get cut get harassed. Please, Mr. Hafer, for Ashton’s sake, let him drop off the team. He’s too good of a kid to go through the crap those who are cut will face.”

Craig Hafer barely controlled his anger as he drove his son from middle school football practice. He’d watched the boy practice for the past five days so he knew what the coach told him about Ashton was true. However that didn’t make it any easier to accept. Craig berated himself for the humiliation since Ashton had asked numerous times not to be made to play football. But as an ex-jock he was determined to make a man out of his son so signed him up anyway.

Ash sat by his father feeling lower than a snail. Once more he’d failed to live up to his dad’s expectations. He’d almost pissed his pants when the coach asked him to stay after dismissing the other guys. The expression upon his dad’s face as he joined the coach made his blood freeze. What he couldn’t understand was why his dad didn’t argue and allowed him to drop off the team.

Supper was unusually strained. Ash never raised his eyes from his plate as he anxiously toyed with his food waiting for his dad to lay into him. Lynne tried to talk about other subjects but neither Ash nor Craig were in the mood for discussion. When the meal finally finished, Ash quickly gathered his plates and took it to the kitchen. Then he headed to his bedroom to brood. Later, when he headed to the bathroom to prepare for bed he heard his dad laying into his mom.

“Damn it, Lynne, he’s just soft,” Craig complained. “You’ve coddled him too much!”

“Don’t you dare try to blame this on me,” Lynne countered. “The coach said Ash was doing his best and you were there! You could see he was trying his best to make the team. But you know as well as I do that his heart isn’t into sports! He tries and tries but it’s never enough for you! I’ve told you before to back off the pressure! You can’t relive your life through his! Be proud of what he’s good at doing, his academics!”

“I am proud of his academics,” Craig countered. “But it’s a tough world. Academics will only get him so far. To get ahead he at least has to have an interest in sports so he can get along with the movers and shakers in the world. I admit I’m a jock and I want my son to be a jock. But give me some credit, I did let him quit the team and I haven’t chewed him out. ”

“That’s part of the problem,” Lynne sighed. “He’s scared waiting for you to lay into him like you have in the past. You need to tell him you’re proud of the effort he put into trying out.”

“I can’t tell him he did okay,” Craig sighed. “Because I don’t believe he did okay. I know he tried his best but his best wasn’t good enough... not for MY son!”

Ashton sniffed back his tears and went to bed.

Over the next few days Ash felt as if he was tip toeing through a mine field. Craig fumed and refused to speak to his son. Lynne tried to keep things from escalating.

Craig felt like a failure. On a logical level he knew Ash was a good kid, but that wasn’t enough. Frustrated, he began stopping at a sports bar two or three times a week. The drinking loosened his self control and he began to bitterly complain about Ashton’s lack of athleticism and belittled the shy sullen boy’s masculinity and ear length hair. Ash began doing all he could to avoid his father. In turn, Lynne did her best to soothe Ash while trying to help Craig see the harm he was doing to the family. The arguing only escalated as did the drinking.

Everything came to a crashing conclusion on Halloween. Craig didn’t come home so Lynne and Ashton ate a quiet supper. When they had completed the solemn meal Ash headed to his bedroom while Lynne sullenly prepared for the trick or treaters. The last of the trick or treaters showed up a few minutes before 9pm. Lynne’s concern for Craig grew as each minute passed. A bit after 10pm there was an ominous knock on the door. As soon as she saw the policeman outside she knew he was bringing bad news. Barely holding in her tears she opened the door.

“Ashton, get yourself together,” Lynne called up to the boy five minutes later as she struggled to maintain her composure. “Your father has been in a bad accident. We need to get to the hospital as soon as possible.”

Ashton jumped into his shoes and nearly flew down the steps. One look at his mother and he knew the situation was dire. No words were needed as they flew into each others arms and sniffled. Five minutes later they were on the way to the hospital.

After parking they rushed into emergency where they were directed to a waiting area. Ten minutes later a weary doctor entered the room.

“Mrs. Hafer?”

Lynne nodded her headed as Ash fearfully clung to his mom’s trembling arm.

“Your husband is still alive,” the doctor stated softly but his face showed more than his words.

“He... he’s not going to make it... is he...,” Lynne hoarsely whispered as Ash choked back a sob.

“It doesn’t look good,” the doctor replied. “They had to cut him from the wreck. Everything below his chest has been crushed. Quite frankly we don’t know how he’s made as long as he has.”

“Can we see him? We need to say goodbye,” Lynne managed to force out.

“Ma’am, he’s in really bad shape,” the doctor sighed. “You might regret seeing him.”

“I’ll regret not seeing more,” Lynne retorted as she pulled herself together.

“Me too,” Ashton bravely added. “Mom and me... we’ll see him together.”

The doctor sadly looked at the boy. “You’re Ashton?”

Ash nodded his head.

“He’s been passing in and out of consciousness but he’s been asking to see you,” the doctor sighed. “I’ll take you back. Please, be strong for him. You’ll have time for tears later.”

A few minutes later they were lead into a private room where they saw Craig’s shattered body. IVs and monitors were everywhere. Mother and son made their way through the maze of equipment to grasp the dying man’s one undamaged arm. Simultaneously they spoke barely suppressing their sobs. “Craig, I love you.” “Dad, I love you.”

The fading man rallied and forced his eyes open. A tiny sad smile came to his lips. “Sorry,” he whisper gasped. “Drinking... all my fault... I love you both... Ash... I never told you... I was too damn stupid... I’m... I’m proud of you. Take care of your mommmmm...”

With that the monitors went into alarm and people rushed into the room. Somehow they were ushered outside and shown to seats in the hall as the alarms were silenced. Five minutes later the sad faced people began trickling out of the room. One of the last was the weary doctor.

“He’s gone,” the teary eyed doctor whispered. “We did all we could...”

“I know you did,” Lynne found the strength to reply. “Thank you for trying.” Then she looked around at the saddened staff. “Thank you, everyone. We know you did your best.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Ashton added as he clung to his mom. “At least we got to say goodbye.”

The next few days were either a whirlwind of activity or sad drudgery. Ashton did his best to help and Lynne appreciated his efforts. Several times they just hugged and she told him she didn’t think she could get through things if it weren’t for him.

The funeral was sad and well attended.

A week after the burial, checks started coming in from the insurance policies. $75,000 from work. $100,000 from the life portion of the auto insurance along with enough to pay off the loan on the wrecked truck. $750,000 from the triple indemnity whole life policy and $1,500,000 from the triple indemnity term life policy. $2,425,000 in total. Financially, they were well off. Emotional stability was an entirely different matter.

Ashton constantly berated himself for not being the kind of son his dad wanted which caused the excessive drinking which led to the fatal crash. Lynne was just as hard on herself wondering what she could have done differently to keep Craig away from the bottle. The only solace they found was his last breath declaration of love and his apology.

It was after a depressing Christmas that they pulled themselves together enough to move on. Together they decided to sell their rural home. The wooded land consisted of 20 acres butted up against a state game land reserve. They had a large garden, a large garage, ATVs, a fishing boat, and numerous other redneck adult toys. Every time they looked about the big place, they were reminded of their loss. By the end of March they sold the place but pushed off settlement until the Friday before Memorial day so Ashton could finish the school year.

They found a new home in an upscale housing development that was virtually maintenance free. After a bit of remodeling and new paint they began setting up their new home. Every weekend they made several trips ferrying their belongings to the new home.

While they were setting up the new two bedroom home the Hafers met their next door neighbors. Dr. Brenda Miller was outgoing and genuinely glad to have a woman about her age move in next door. Her daughter Cindy was the same age as Ashton. Brenda let the Hafers know the rest of the people in the neighborhood were okay but everyone kept to themselves barely acknowledging anyone. Since both kids were reticent Cindy and Ashton politely maintained their individual space.

By the third weekend Brenda invited the Lynne and Ashton over for dinner.

“Kids, I think the four of us have more in common than we don’t,” Brenda began. “First, Cindy and Ashton are the only kids in the development in their age range. You two also have had bad experiences with your fathers.”

“Ash never lived up to his father’s expectation,” Lynne explained as she detailed the collapse of the family dynamics and Craig’s tragic death. “Even when Ash did his best it was never enough. Ash is a good kid but he has no interest in sports or rough housing. He’s never had any close friends. We’re hoping moving here will give him a chance to start over.”

“Our lives were turned upside by Cindy’s father,” Brenda picked up the narration. “He wanted a son but we were only able to have one child, Cindy. Cindy loves being a girl, but her dad tried to get her interested in sports. That turned out to be an utter failure. The more he pushed, the more she resisted. When I finally put my foot down he turned to alcohol. Things went downhill rapidly. Within three months he lost his job which only made the alcohol abuse worse. He also began verbally abusing us. Cindy was so embarrassed she cut herself off from her friends. The entire experience has prevented her from rekindling those lost friendships. I was preparing to file for divorce when he caused a horrific accident that took six lives. We are now divorced and he’s serving a 30 years to life sentence for the deaths. As you’ve already learned Cindy is a girly girl, but has also become a loaner much like Ashton.”

“We think you two should give becoming friends a chance,” Lynne added.

Ash and Cindy exchanged guilty looks tinged by hope.

“I don’t like boys,” Cindy declared as she leveled a challenging gaze at Ashton. “I hate their macho posturing and arrogance.”

“I’m not like that,” Ash declared as he briefly returned her gaze then lowered his eyes. “I hate those kinds of guys too. I avoid them as much as I can. That’s why I don’t have any friends.”

“Okay,” Cindy sighed after a brief silence. “I really miss having a close friend. I’ll give us being able to be friends a chance. But if you turn out to be a jerk...”

“Cindy,” Brenda cut her off.

“Sorry,” Cindy sighed. “It’s just I don’t trust boys.”

“You can trust me,” Ash replied. “I promise.”

As the weeks passed they discovered they had a great deal in common. By Memorial Day weekend the mothers and kids had become good friends and were frequent visitors with the other.

On the Friday morning before Memorial Day they packed up the last of their things and loaded it into their SUV. Ashton was dropped off at school while Lynne attended the settlement and turned over the keys. Heading to their new home she offloaded the SUV, then went to pick Ash up from school.

Their one and a half story homes were just 20 feet apart and mirror images of the other. The front of the first floor consisted of a decent sized living, a smaller dining room, and a one car garage. The middle of the house was a corridor/stairs three feet wide. A walk through between the dining room and kitchen was along the garage wall with a door opening to the basement stairs and a door on the opposite side opening to the garage. A walk through from the living room to the kitchen had a door that led to the stairs to the upper floor (above the basement steps) and a door opposite the stairs to a powder room. The back of the house featured the master bedroom with private bath behind the livingroom with entry to the kitchen and the kitchen behind the dining room with the back door. The one car garage extended from front to back with an entrance to the back yard. The basement was finished as an ‘L’ shaped rec-room with a utility/laundry room with outside Bilco door entrance under the kitchen. The steps coming up to the half story opened onto a small landing. Straight ahead was a door to a bedroom above the garage with a dormer window facing the back yard. A short hall ran parallel to the steps to give access to the area above the master bedroom and livingroom which was open with a dormer facing the back yard for use as an office or project room. Off the hall was a bathroom with a dormer facing the back yard.

Lynne was captivated by Cindy. Being around the bubbly perky girl made her long for a daughter of her own. That certainly didn’t mean she loved Ashton less. For his part Ashton was mesmerized by Cindy, a delightful blue-eyed girly girl with straight blonde hair to her shoulder blades, who clearly enjoyed flirting with the shy green eyed boy.

The first night in their new home, Ashton was trying to get comfortable in his new bedroom. The unhappy events of the past year kept scrolling through his mind. Suddenly he saw a light shining through his open side window. Curious, he rolled out of bed to check the source. That was when he realized his bedroom window faced Cindy’s bedroom window. With his room dark he could clearly see into her bedroom. For a few moments he looked across to check out her girly bedroom. Then the door opened and Cindy came in apparently after using the bathroom.

Ashton’s mouth dropped open as his pajamas promptly tented out. Cindy was wearing a nearly see through pink baby doll nightie. The brown areolas of her budding breasts were clearly visible as were the eraser sized tents made in the sheer fabric by her erect nipples. Facing the window she innocently yawned and stretched which only accentuated her pert breasts. At the same time the short ruffled hem of her nightie rose revealing her sheer bikini panties. Upon seeing the slight indentation of her womanly parts through the sheer panties Ashton bit his lips to suppress a moan of sheer lust.

Even though he knew he shouldn’t be looking Ash couldn’t tear his eyes away from the preteen temptress. Then things intensified. After the stretch, Cindy moved her hands to first cup her budding breasts and then gently fondle them. Ashton nearly shot his load as he heard her moan of pleasure through their open windows. With a louder more intense moan Cindy closed her eyes, tilted her head back and wantonly licked her lips as her fingers began to roll and tease her erect nipples.

It was simply too much for Ashton. With the image of the sexy preteen imprinted upon his mind he closed his eyes and gave in to the inevitable. Without touching his tented PJs his penis began to jerk and spurt the seed of live. As his seed spurted, his weakened legs gave out and he fell to his knees unable to stifle his pleasure.

It took him nearly five minutes to recover. When he opened his eyes Cindy’s bedroom was dark. The cold dampness of his clammy PJs made him feel humiliated. Slowly he climbed to his feet and stumbled to his bathroom to clean up the mess and change out of his PJs. The whole time he fought an internal war between lust and shame.

Meanwhile Cindy bit her lips to silence her pleasure as she lay in bed with one hand tweaking her perky breasts while the other was quite active inside her panties. She hadn’t been sure if Ashton had been watching her until she heard his lusty moan and the sound of his knees hitting the floor. Knowing she had that effect on the boy made her own pleasure that much greater. She definitely had a crush on the shy boy. With a bit more effort she’d have Ash eating out of her hand... or anywhere else she wanted him to eat.

The preteens separately drifted off to sleep with lust filled dreams. Both looked forward to the next day.

Over the next two weeks the kids became closer. Each night Ash guiltily sat in the dark to watch Cindy. Cindy thoroughly enjoyed showing off her burgeoning femininity to Ash. Of course she’d NEVER do something like that to a regular guy, but she knew Ash was special. They spent the warm late spring days with Cindy showing Ash about town. Then one day they planned to head to the park for a picnic.

The next day Cindy wore a lightweight pink floral sleeveless sundress with a smocked bodice above a princess waist. The floaty skirt swirled saucily about her thighs with her every movement. The bodice was snug enough to accentuate her pert breasts but modest enough to keep them hidden. The skirt only reached mid-thigh which, when coupled with strappy pink sandals, showed off her long shapely legs. The outfit was sweetly innocent yet intoxicatingly breathtaking, just perfect for what Cindy wanted to do to Ashton.

Ash was nervous as he prepared for the day. Thanks to her nightly antics his initial crush on Cindy had flipped the switch to absolute infatuation. Nervously he dressed in jeans, a green t-shirt from Hershey Park, and tan sneakers. Doubts assailed his heart as he couldn’t stop thinking about his love for his dream girl. However his desire was tempered by the knowledge of his manly inadequacies. A cute girl like Cindy could never be attracted to a timid guy like him.

After breakfast Ashton went next door to meet his dream girl. When he knocked on the back door she invited him inside. Poor Ash could barely speak as he drank in the sight of his goddess. For her part Cindy gave him a greeting hug and kiss on the cheek, just as she would to a girlfriend.

“I made some sandwiches and have water bottles,” Cindy smiled after they greeted each other acting as if she was blissfully unaware of the effect she was having on him. “Do you have a back pack?”

“Sh... Sure,” Ash forced himself to answer. “Give me five minutes to go home and grab it.”

After her smiling nod he turned and dashed out her back door, almost tripping over his feet as he hurried to obey. Finding the back pack was easy. Adjusting his underwear was more difficult.

Cindy loaded the backpack and smiled as Ash manfully shrugged the twenty pound pack onto his shoulders. With her small purse over her shoulder, she took Ash’s sweaty hand and lead him out the back door. Ash nearly passed out when she grasped his hand and like a loyal puppy, let himself be led.

As they walked down the sidewalk hand in hand Ash couldn’t help but smile soppily as Cindy prattled on pointing out places of interest. When they reached the park, Cindy stopped and gave Ash a kiss on the cheek. Then she giggled and began skipping across the lawn still holding firmly to the thoroughly smitten boy’s hand. Ash had no choice but to skip right along side of her, happily giggling as much as she was.

The skipping giggling duo drew everyone’s attention. Most people smiled to see the carefree kids having a good time. It was a different story when they reached the skate park. The teens stared at the giggling preteens drinking in Cindy’s innocent femininity.

Four guys moved to cut them off and surround them. “Hey babes,” the cocky leader of the foursome said. “You girls sure look happy. We can show you a really good time.”

“Not interested,” Cindy replied a bit haughtily.

“Oh babe, I’ve got something you’d be interested in,” the jerk smirked as he grabbed his crotch.

Cindy was shocked by his action and clearly getting scared

Even though he was scared Ash stepped between the rude guy and Cindy. “Back off,” Ash bravely declared offended at the guy’s crude actions. “She’s with me.”

“Oh, a couple of lezzies,” the guy laughed as he looked Ash up and down. “Let me guess, you’re the butch, right?”

“Ash is my boyfriend,” Cindy declared as she wrapped her arms about Ash’s arm but keeping him between them.

“Yeah, right,” the kid sneered at Cindy. “You’re definitely cuter but she’s not bad either. Put her in a short dress and she’d look hot too.”

Even though scared by the confrontation, silently Cindy agreed with his assessment.

“Go to hell,” Ash spat as the months of suppressed anger and frustration overpowered his fear.

“Oh! I’m trembling,” the jerk laughed amused by the cute butch redhead’s fury. “I’ll tell you what, sweety, I’ll give you a free shot. But if you can’t knock me off my feet, you owe me a kiss!”

Ash shrugged free of Cindy and stepped up to the older and much bigger teen with his fists clenched.

“Ash, no, please don’t,” Cindy squealed as she realized the situation had spiraled out of control.

The fierce look in Ash’s eyes made the brazen teen rethink his challenge but he was in too deep to back out. Cockily he stood up straight and looked down at the shorter opponent. “Go ahead, girly. Just remember to pucker up afterwards.”

Ash was beyond reason by then as the taunts and belittlement he’d endured in the past surged to the top. A single phrase of advice from his dad floated into his thoughts: ‘Fake out your opponent’. Ash pulled his left fist back to see the teen brace for the expected impact on his right side. Suddenly Ash lashed out with his right fist connecting squarely on the left side of his jaw with a harsh THUD.

Totally caught off guard, the guy’s head snapped to the right causing him to stumble, spin and fall flat on his butt with a firm THUMP. With his arms pushed back to keep him sitting, he shook his head several times to clear his blurred vision and stop the ringing.

The other three guys had been laughing at the lopsided confrontation with the cute girls. Upon seeing the ferocity of the punch and the sound of a firm connection they momentarily fell silent in surprise as their bud fell on his butt. Then they burst into a raucous laughter pointing at their well decked erstwhile leader.

Ash was clearly shocked by what he’d done. As the adrenalin buzz wore off he shook his hand in an effort to shake off the pain.

“Ash, let’s go,” Cindy urged as she once more grasped his arm and pulled.

Ash looked at Cindy with a confused expression upon his face. Fortunately he yielded to her urging. In a moment, hand in hand, they were running away from the skate park.

A man and woman had seen the guys surround the duo and were jogging over to intervene. When they saw Ash swing and deck the blowhard they were so amazed they stopped. The fleeing pair were headed for the adults who waved them over.

Cindy directed their path to meet the adults. She and Ash were clearly out of breath when they stopped by the adults.

“Well done, girls,” the man praised as he began to move towards the boys again. “Just relax, we’ve got this.”

“We’re police officers. Please come with me,” the woman declared as she ushered the pair towards her. “Are you girls okay?”

By this time the events were catching up to Ash. Why did everyone think he was a girl? The fear and inferiority he’d always felt came back compounded by guilt for what he’d done to the boy. In moments it began to overwhelm him. Tears began to trickle down his cheeks and he began to tremble.

Cindy felt the tremble and quickly wrapped her arms about Ash as the faucets opened. “It’s okay, Ash, It’s okay. Let it out, hon, just let it out.”

The woman realized Cindy wasn’t about to let go of the openly sobbing Ash and gently guided them to a nearby bench. Glancing back the man was plainly upset by the tears and jogged toward the four boys.

As Cindy and the woman comforted Ash the man called out to the boys. “Stay right where you are, boys.” Reaching into his pants he pulled out a badge. “I’m officer Johnson and you’re in a heap of trouble. We’ve had a lot of complaints about your antics harassing girls. Now it’s time to pay for your actions.”

The four boys were soon by the unmarked police car in the main parking lot as they anxiously waited for their parents to arrive. The policewoman sat with Cindy as she consoled Ash until he regained his composure. The officer gently questioned Cindy to get their information for the report. Cindy gave their names and addresses along with their mother’s names and phone numbers. Not realizing his real gender, the officer recorded Ash as Ashley rather than Ashton.

By the time everything was wrapped up the officer escorted Cindy and Ash to the picnic area where several families were picnicking. Ash was embarrassed by his breakdown but Cindy refused to let him brood. As they ate their sandwiches and drank their water Cindy was able to bring Ash out of his funk.

“Ash, I really like you,” Cindy smiled as they held hands across the table. “The last thing I want for a boyfriend is a dumb jock. I had more than enough of that crap from my dad. I want a boy friend who will skip through the park hand in hand with me. I want a boyfriend who is sensitive and caring, not some self centered as neanderthal beating his chest. I want a boyfriend who can cry when he’s upset. I want a boyfriend like you!”

“But I just decked that guy,” Ash sniffled.

“I normally don’t like violence but sometimes it is necessary. I bet that’s the first time you ever hit someone in anger,” Cindy retorted. “More importantly, you didn’t do it to prove how tough you are. You did it for me!”

Ash blushed at her comments. Her words made him feel better about himself.

Before they finished eating they received calls from their mothers. Both had been notified by the woman police officer of the incident with the boys. They reassured them they were both fine but understood they would be interrogated when they returned from work. When they finished eating they moved over to the seesaws and swings. By the time they headed home both were smiling and once more holding hands.

Of course Lynne and Brenda had to hear all about the incident with the boys. Ashton was in tears when he admitted to losing his temper and decking the leader of the crude boys. Once more Cindy came to his defense by insisting he did it only to protect her. It was at that point the mothers exchanged knowing glances... their children were highly attracted to the other. Further discussion also brought out the fact everyone they’d spoken to had assumed they were best girlfriends with the boys accusing them of being lesbians.

“I just don’t understand why they all thought I was a girl,” Ash complained. “I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Granted, I’m not a macho jerk but I’m still a guy. Cindy and I were even holding hands! Those jerks thought I was being a butch lesbian!”

“Ash, we all know you’re a boy,” Lynne soothed. “But you’ve got to admit you’re androgynous. You’re skinny and not very tall plus you’re overdue for a haircut.”

“I know I’m not a muscular,” Ash sighed. “But I’m NOT getting my hair cut! I’m so sick of the buzz cuts dad made me get I’m NEVER going back to that!”

“I don’t like muscle bound jerks,” Cindy declared as she grasped his hand. “They remind me of my dad. Ash, I like you as you are. I like your long hair and hope you’ll grow it longer. You’re they type of boy I like.”

That made Ash blush and the mothers smile.

“I’m a doctor, “Brenda said. “People see what they expect to see. You look at yourself and see a boy. So do we. But you were with Cindy and there’s no doubt she’s a girl. Also at your age it is unusual for a boy and a girl to be openly walking in a park holding hands. They just assumed you were BFFs.”

“I’d really like to be BFFs,” Cindy sweetly smiled. “I want my boyfriend to be my best friend.”

“That’s very important,” Brenda sighed. “It’s something I learned too late.”

“I hear you,” Lynne agreed as the women exchanged understanding nods.

By the time they finished their discussion it was too late to make supper so they called out for pizza. Then they settled down to watch a movie. Ash didn’t object to watching a chick flick especially as he sat cuddled next to Cindy.

As he prepared for bed after a shower Ash couldn’t help but look over towards Cindy’s bedroom. The light was on but she wasn’t in the room. It didn’t surprise him since he knew girls took longer in the bathroom. Memories of what he’d witnessed the previous night made his PJs tent. Hoping for a repeat he guiltily turned off his lights and moved his desk chair so he could sit in the darkness and watch.

The first thing Cindy did upon entering her bedroom was glance next door. A mischievous smile came to her face as she KNEW Ash was sitting in the dark watching. With a giggle of girlish glee she raised both arms above her head before grasping her hands and giving a twirl.

Ash felt his penis jump as he watched his goddess raise her hands and twirl. The babydoll rose revealing her panties and the twirl gave him an excellent glimpse of her cute panty clad tush. Without a conscious though his hand freed his rampant erection from it’s confines. As he touched himself his breath became ragged.

Facing the window Cindy once more began to caress her perky breasts, moaning and licking her lips enticingly. Then she did a slow twirl while continuing to fondle her twin delights. When she stopped, she slid one hand down her flat tummy and wiggled her fingers into her panties. Closing her eyes and swaying her hips a wanton moan escaped her lips as she slipped her fingers into her special place while the other hand tweaked a nipple.

Gasping for breath and nearly overwhelmed with lust, Ash almost fell off the chair as he hastily reached over to his desk to grab a handful of tissues. In his haste he knocked the tissue box to the floor with a clatter. Fear that Cindy heard the noise didn’t slow his need for release nor did it avert his eyes from her sensual wanton display.

Hearing his heavy breathing Cindy knew Ash was watching her which increased her already high arousal. Hearing the scuffling of the chair and the clattering of the tissue box made her entire body tremble as tiny pre-orgasmic explosions began to engulf her. Her breath became a heavy panting as she twisted her nipple and began thrusting her fingers in out of her wet womanhood. As she felt the best orgasm she’d ever experienced rapidly approaching she opened her eyes and stared directly into Ash’s bedroom window.

Ash gasped as he saw her looking right at him but the surprise only added to his need. Losing control his fist became a blur as he brought the tissues to bear. As he exploded he loudly moaned: “CCCCINNNDDDEEEE” before sliding off the chair to the floor.

That was all Cindy needed. Hearing Ash moaning her name her body spasmed in utter delight as she melted into her orgasm as she called out: “AASSSSHHH” as her knees turned to jelly and she sank to the floor.

With their sexuality sated, both felt embarrassed about what they’d done. Of course, it took them about five minutes for the embarrassment to replace the bliss.

Cindy struggled to her feet to turn out her light before going to the window and kneeling to gaze across to the house next door. “Ash... Ash...,” she hoarsely whispered.

Ash heard her and crawled to his window and peered across to Cindy. With the lights turned off there was enough ambient light outside to allow them to see the other.

“I love you,” Cindy whispered as tears of desire flowed down her cheeks.

“I love you too,” Ash replied as he felt his heart swell.

“We’ll talk tomorrow, lover boy,” Cindy smiled. “Good night.”

“Good night babe,” Ash replied with a silly grin.

They crawled into bed quickly falling asleep with very pleasant dreams.

The next morning they were both blushing when they met. Words wouldn’t come but guilty smiles and the longing in their eyes spoke volumes. It took nearly half an hour until they were able to speak.

“Ash,” Cindy began as she blushed a deep crimson. “Tonight, can you leave your light on?”

“Yeah,” Ash responded blushing just as deeply.

With that Cindy licked her lips, leaned in, closed her eyes and gently kissed his lips. Ash’s eyes grew wide as her wet lips approached his. His heart felt as if it would beat through his chest as she closed her eyes. When their lips met he almost passed out. Pulling apart Cindy opened her eyes and smiled as did Ash. Then both closed their eyes and leaned in for another kiss, then another, and another. Without conscious thought they wrapped their arms about the other and hungrily crushed their lips together. It was Ash who parted his lips to accept Cindy’s questing tongue. Soon their tongues were wrestling. When they finally came up for air both were panting.

“I think we’d better cool it,” Cindy cooed as she gazed into his green eyes. “I really love you but we’re way to young to do more than kiss.”

“I love you too,” Ash replied as he returned her gaze falling into her blue eyes. “I guess we’d better stop. Heck, I’m not even sure how to do more.”

“Neither do I,” Cindy giggled. “But I’m sure we’ll have fun learning!”

After that they once more filled the backpack then hopped on their bikes for a wider reaching tour. Whenever they stopped they leaned together for a quick peck on the lips. The day passed quickly.

That evening it didn’t take Lynne and Brenda long to realize the kids were absolutely infatuated with the other. Again they shared supper then while the kids went in to watch TV the mothers sat to discuss their mutual concerns over some wine.

“I get the feeling they’ve already gone way past a crush,” Brenda sighed. “I was really growing concerned about Cindy being so withdrawn and isolated since everything happened with her dad. Since Ash isn’t very macho and has basically endured the same sort of agony with his dad, I guess it’s inevitable they’ve been drawn together.”

“Yeah,” Lynne agreed. “Ash was always a loner and pushed back against his dad’s efforts to make him ‘man up’. As far as I know Cindy is his first real friend. But they’re so young to be so close.”

“So how should we handle it,” Brenda asked. “I never really sat Cindy down and talked about the birds and bees.”

“I never spoke to Ash about that either,” Lynne replied. “If his dad told him anything I have no doubt it was about how a man takes what he wants.” The disgust was quite evident in her tone of voice.

“I know what you mean,” Brenda nodded. “I haven’t even been able to look at another man in that way for fear of getting into another mess.”

“Tell me about it,” Lynne declared. “But I’m so horny I’m almost ready to go lesbian.”

“I hear you,” Brenda replied. “I had a few experiences with girls in high school and even a few intense flings in college. If I could find the right woman I’d seriously consider doing it again.”

“Me too,” Lynne sighed.

Suddenly the women realized what they’d said and blushed. For several minutes they said nothing but kept glancing at the other. They both found the other attractive.

“I’m willing to give it a shot if you are,” Brenda finally whispered.

“Okay,” Lynne quickly answered. “What about the kids?”

Once more they sank into thought.

“We sit them down and tell them the truth,” Brenda began. “It’s clear they understand sexual desire. They’re smart enough to know we have needs just like they do. They know we don’t want to ever be with another macho jerk.”

“That sounds good,” Lynne agreed. “So how do we go about talking to them?”

“Lets sit them down for a talk about the birds and bees,” Brenda suggested. “We make sure they understand hetero and homo sex as well as masturbation. We talk about their wants and desires as well as all about safe sex. We offer to make sure they have what they need for safe sex. That’ll embarrass the hell out of them but also excite them. Once they realize we understand they have needs and desires and are prepared to accept that, we tell them we have those same needs.”

Lynne thought about it for a moment then nodded her head. “Let’s do it.”

They agreed to have THE TALK tomorrow after another joint supper.

That night Ashton walked nervously about his bedroom keeping an eye across to Cindy’s room. When she finally entered he smiled and stopped in front of the window. Initially Cindy smiled upon seeing Ash but then frowned and shook her head. Ash grew quite concerned as he witnessed her reaction wondering what was wrong. Cindy walked to her desk to retrieve her cell phone. Ash was clearly startled when his cell rang.

“Cindy,” he tentatively answered. “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? You are,” Cindy huffed as she turned to look at her confused boyfriend.

“Me? I’m sorry,” Ash hastily apologized. “Ahh... what did I do wrong?”

“Boys,” Cindy huffed. “I wear my cutest nightie just for you but what do you wear? Really? Puhlease! Star Wars PJs do nothing for me!”

“Oh... sorry,” Ash blushed. “These are the only PJs I have.”

“I so need to go through your wardrobe,” Cindy sighed. “It’s bad enough you wear jeans every day but those hideous PJs have GOT to go!”

“I’d change if I had anything else,” Ash responded.

“Hmmmm, I think I can help there,” Cindy mischievously giggled. “Do you think you could sneak outside? I’ll drop something I’d really like to see you wearing out my window if you can get it.”

“I’ll try,” Ash eagerly replied without ever wondering what she planned to drop. “Give me a couple of minutes.”

“Okay,” Cindy smiled. “I’ll put what I want you to wear in a bag.”

Five minutes later Ash returned to his room clutching the bag Cindy had dropped to him. She had pulled her desk chair over to the window and sat there watching him while grinning. Ash eagerly dumped the contents of the bag on his bed. Upon seeing the contents he froze. The ringing of his cell snapped him out of his shock.

“Cindy...,” he said as he answered the call.

“Come on lover,” Cindy purred. “Get out of those yucky PJs and put on what I gave you!”

“But Cindy,” Ash gasped as he swapped looking at her pleadingly and at the outfit on his bed.

“You have one minute to get those yucky PJs off and put on what I gave you,“ Cindy huffed. “If you don’t, I’ll turn off the light and go to bed.”

“But Cindy,” Ash whined.

“Fifty five seconds,” Cindy icily replied.

“Damn,” Ash exclaimed as he hesitated looking again at his bed and then at Cindy.

“Fifty seconds,” Cindy declared.

“Okay, okay,” Ash gave in. “But I’ll need more time.”

“I’ll stop the clock as long as you’re changing,” Cindy answered. “Hesitate and it restarts.”

Ash dropped his phone on the bed and began stripping his PJ top over his head. Turning his back to the window he dropped the pants. Looking over his shoulder he hesitated only to see Cindy point to her clock. With a sigh of defeat he shame facedly dropped his underwear.

Cindy smiled broadly to see his tight buns.

With a trembling hands he reached down to pick up the lace trimmed green nylon panties. Holding them gingerly in his hands he glanced pleadingly at Cindy.

Cindy smiled wickedly to see his discomfort and nodded indicating he step into the panties.

With a sigh of frustration Ash stepped into the sheer panties. As he slowly pulled them up his legs the lace and silkiness made him shiver. Much to his embarrassment his penis decided it liked the new all so foreign and forbidden sensations. He had to struggle a bit to get his embarrassing erection inside the sinful delicious panties. With a sigh of defeat he picked up the matching babydoll nightie and shrugged it over his head.

Cindy giggled as she saw him shiver as the wispy fabric settled about his torso.

Ash stood there for a moment trying to control his breathing and stem the extremely unmanly sensations that were engulfing him as the silky nightie settled about his ultra tense body. With a bright red face he once more glanced over his shoulder to look at Cindy.

Cindy sucked in her breath as she saw that clad in the nightie, at least from the back, Ash looked really cute and girly. When she met his questioning gaze she smiled broadly and gave him two thumbs up. Then she indicated he should turn about.

Ash’s face desperately implored her not to make him do that.

Adamantly Cindy again indicated he should turn about.

Lowering his head to his chest as his shoulders slumped in defeat, he closed his eyes and timidly turned.

Cindy almost squealed in delight as she saw the hem of the babydoll nightie being tented out by something girls did not have. However, outside that he looked like a girl. The desire to doll the adorable bashful boy up in her clothes blossomed in her heart.

Ash stood there silently for a few moments wishing the earth would open and swallow him. His humiliation was nearly overwhelming as the very symbol of his manhood betrayed it’s raw delight in wearing the ultra girly outfit. When he finally dared to open his eyes he tentatively looked at Cindy. To see her smiling and blow him a kiss totally confused him.

Cindy giggled upon seeing his confusion. She picked up her phone and held it to her ear.

It took a moment for Ash to understand before he hastily grabbed his phone off the bed.

“Ash, I absolutely LOVE the way you look in your nightie,” Cindy gushed.

“It... it’s your nightie,” Ash replied trying to hide his embarrassment.

“It was my nightie,” Cindy giggled. “It’s your’s now! If you want to keep peeking into my bedroom you’d better be wearing it so I can peek at you!”

“Ahhh...” was all Ash could manage to say.

“Sit in your chair, Ash,” Cindy purred. “We can repeat what we did last night only this time I get to watch you too!!”

The tent in Ash’s nightie took over as he hastily grabbed his chair and sat facing Cindy.

“Before we start,” Cindy playfully snickered. “Do you need tissues?”

Blushing again Ash reached over to grab a handful of tissues.

With a grin of anticipation Cindy put her phone down and blew Ash another kiss.

Ash returned the kiss with a guilty nervous grin and put down his phone.

Cindy wasted no time as she reached up and caressed her pert breasts.

Ash dropped his hand down to grasp his throbbing boyhood. Touching himself through the silky fabric made him moan lustily. The sensations were sinfully delightful.

The young lovers could see the delight and pleasure the other felt as they explored their sensuality which only increased their own delight. Cindy had thought she’d had the best pleasure of her life the previous night. She quickly realized that didn’t hold a match to what she experienced this night. Ash never dreamed what he wore could so influence his pleasure but he learned otherwise. When they finished, the blew each other a kiss, turned off their lights and blissfully collapsed into their beds with silly grins on their faces.

Ash was momentarily confused when he woke up to find himself still wearing the silky babydoll. As memories of the previous night flooded back into his mind the hem of nightie began to rise. With a guilty giggle he took matters into hand.

Cindy woke with similar pleasant memories. As her hands caressed her babydoll she imagined she was touching Ash. When she rolled out of bed she picked up her cell. She could hear the ring of Ash’s cell from his bedroom.

“Good morning, Cindy,” Ash smiled as he answered the call.

“Good morning to you, sexy,” Cindy purred. “Did you enjoy sleeping in your sexy nightie?”

“Yeah,” Ash replied with more than a bit of guilt.

“Mmmmm,” Cindy gushed. “Are you still wearing it?”

“Yeah,” Ash admitted.

“Goodie, I’m still wearing mine too,” Cindy giggled as she walked to the window. “Let me see you, sweetie.”

Ash didn’t hesitate as he rolled out of bed to stand in his window.

The preteen couple smiled and blew kisses as they drank in the other’s sensual beauty.

“Bring your nightie over,” Cindy giggled. “I’ll show you how to wash it. I’m sure you’ll have to wash it every morning.”

After breakfast Ash went over to Cindy’s home with the nightie in the same bag he’d retrieved from the lawn. They greeted each other with silly grins and a passionate kiss. Ash drew in his breath to see Cindy wearing a white rib-knit top and sassy white pleated miniskirt. Lace topped anklets topped a pair of white Mary Jane single strap shoes with cute one inch heels Her hair was tied into perky twin ponytails held in place by white ribbons tied into bows. Since it was lightly raining they knew they’d have to stay inside. Cindy led him upstairs into her bathroom where she showed her blushing boyfriend how to wash his silky nightie and panties.

“Ash, sweetie,” Cindy hugged him and kissed his cheek. “There is no need to be embarrassed about liking girly things. You didn’t ask to wear girly lingerie. I asked you to do it for me! Do you have any idea how much I love you for doing that for me?”

Ash shivered in her warm embrace. “But guys don’t wear girly clothes.”

“That’s because stupid macho jerks are afraid to wear girly clothes,” Cindy countered. “They’re so unsure of their manhood doing anything remotely girly terrifies them! You know how messed up society is! Our dads proved that! No one says anything when a girl wears boyish clothes or does boyish things. It’s so not fair that guys are condemned for wearing girly clothes and doing girlish things. You’re not like that Ash. You know you’re a boy. You don’t have to strut around constantly proving how manly you are. I love that we can cuddle. I love that you can enjoy wearing pretty things and still be a boy for me. You proved that last night! I love the fact you’re different from so called normal guys!”

Ash knew all she said was true but could only blush and bask in her adoration.

“I’ll prove you’re my guy,” Cindy declared as she grasped his hand and pulled him into her bedroom. “Kick off your sneakers and strip out of those yucky jeans.”

“Huh,” Ash responded in surprise.

“Take off those jeans! They’re horrid! I told you last night I didn’t like you wearing jeans and that I’d have to go through your wardrobe,” Cindy sternly declared. “Besides, I saw how cute you can look last night! Now strip!”

Ash kicked off his sneakers and slowly undid his jeans and let them drop as Cindy tugged his t-shirt over his head. Stepping out of the jeans he stood wearing only his jockeys while blushing.

“Take those yucky jockeys off too,” Cindy ordered as she opened her dresser to pick out a pair of lace trimmed peach nylon panties. “Put these on.”

“Cindy,” Ash whined in protest.

“I’ll tell you what,” Cindy smiled. “Put on these panties for me. If you can get them on without getting a boner I’ll drop the whole idea.”

“But...” Ash began.

“Now, lover,” Cindy ordered. “If you get a boner I’ll jack you off. That’s fair isn’t it?”

Ash was stunned by her offer. The idea of her touching him made him shiver with anticipation which swept away his reluctance. Turning his back to her his jockeys hit the floor. In less than a minute he was pulling the delightful panties up his legs.

“Don’t bother trying to tuck it in,” Cindy giggled as she saw his swelling erection poking above the stretched waist of the panties in the mirror of her vanity. Stepping in front of him she grasped his boner through the silken fabric. “Mmmm, so hard yet so soft and hot!”

Without resistance she used her firm grip to lead him to her vanity so she could sit in the chair. With her other hand she grasped a handful of tissues as she began to rhythmically squeeze his erection.

All too soon Ash felt his body melt as he spurted into the tissues she held over the end of his boyhood. His knees folded when he exploded. The besotted boy absolutely loved his girlfriend.

Cindy didn’t let go until she was sure she’d pumped every bit of spunk from his wilting rod. When he was soft she tucked the sleeping snake between his thighs and snugged the panties firmly about his waist to trap it there. Leaving him kneeling she scurried to the dresser and pulled out the matching pink training bra.

Before Ash could recover he felt her slipping his arms into straps as she deftly positioned the slightly padded bra about his chest before hooking the back. A quick tug on each strap and they were adjusted for a proper fit. The snugness and soft nylon cupping his boy nipples made him shiver.

After helping him to his feet she slipped a white rib-knit top over his head. The sweetheart neckline and french sleeves made his arms look girlishly slender. The top clung to his torso clearly revealing the shape of the padded breasts of the bra. Giggling with delight and intending to keep Ash too overwhelmed with what she was doing to resist she held out a matching mini half slip which he obediently stepped into. Before he could assimilated the delightful tickling of the silken half slip she had him stepping into a sassy pleated white miniskirt.

“God you look so hot I could just eat you,” Cindy gushed as she fervently kissed him. “If you’re a good girl for me I just might!”

By this time Ash had lost all resistence to whatever Cindy was doing. It all felt so naughtily delicious and she was hitting all his buttons. He offered no resistance when she sat him at her vanity. In a state of blissful arousal he shivered as she knelt in front of him to slip white lace topped anklets on his feet before adding a pair of white Mary Jane single strap shoes with one inch heels.

Standing up she grabbed her hairbrush and began brushing his hair. Brushing the front over his face she picked up a scissors and began trimming along his eyebrows.

That snapped Ash out of his mesmerized state. “What are you doing?”

“Well duh! I’m giving you bangs,” Cindy replied.

“But I don’t want bangs,” Ash exclaimed as he reached up to stop her.

“Stop that,” she ordered as she slapped his hands away. “I’m already half way there. If I don’t finish you’ll look like a dufus!”

“I’ll look like a dufus anyway,” he sniffled as he let her have his way.

“I promise you won’t,” Cindy smiled as she kissed his now exposed nose. Then she picked up the brush and began brushing his hair again, this time forming a part right down the middle. Once she’d accomplished that one at a time she gathered the hair on each side into a ponytail and secured it with a white ribbon tied into a perky bow.

It finally dawned on Ashton that she was intentionally making him look like a girl! The bra, top, skirt, anklets, shoes and now the hair...”Please Cindy stop.”

“I’m almost done babe,” she purred as she gave him a passionate kiss with a bit of tongue. “If you don’t like it when I’m done, I’ll help you change back into dreary old Ashton. But I think you’re going to LOVE being cute Ashley as much as I will!”

Ashton knew she was determined to girl him up. Reluctantly he had to admit so far everything felt good... much too good. With a sigh of inevitability he settled back to let her finish.

As instructed Ash held very still as she added a bit of mascara and eyeliner. Then it was a pink lip gloss. He shivered as he tasted the strawberry flavor he’d enjoyed on Cindy’s lips. However when she picked her manicure kit he almost bolted.

“Relax, this is the last bit and it can be removed just like the makeup,” Cindy scolded as she cleaned up his nails and painted them a glossy pink that matched her nails. When she was done she stood back with an ear to ear grin as she appraised her handiwork.

“All done,” she giggled as she pulled him to his feet.

It was only then he realized he was wearing heels. “Whoa,” he said as he wobbled and tried to turn to see how ridiculous he looked in the mirror.

“Wimp,” she playfully scolded as she stopped him from looking in the mirror. “They’re only one inch heels. There’s a full length mirror on the inside of the door.” With that she led him to her closet where she positioned him before the door.

Ash discovered it wasn’t too difficult to take a few steps in one inch heels as he stopped before the closet. He was fully prepared to see he looked like a fool.

“Now close your eyes,” Cindy ordered. “I want you to get a look at the full effect!”

Cindy opened the door and made sure the mirror was properly aligned. The she stepped beside him and lovingly held his hand. “Okay Ashley, open your eyes.”

Upon opening his eyes Ash was confused. He saw Cindy in the mirror but she was holding the hand of a cute girl dressed almost exactly as she was. It took him a moment to realize that he was the cute redhead! “Oh my God,” Ash gasped as his knees grew weak.

Cindy slipped her arm around her feminized boyfriend to steady him. “You look so hot!”

Ash didn’t know how to respond as he continued to stare at his reflection in the mirror. Cindy had turned him into a girl! It took several moments until he recovered but even then he couldn’t speak.

Cindy giggled and kissed him. “Let’s go downstairs, Ashley. I want to make out on the sofa!” With that she guided Ash out of her room and helped him down the stairs.

It didn’t take much effort to master the kitten heels. But the delightful sensations of what he wore would not stop sweeping over him. The snugness of the strap over his instep, the slight pressure of the anklet coupled with the tickle as a lace top tickled the other leg with every step, the swirl of the lace of the half slip tickling his legs, the sensual swish of the pleats as they swirled about his thighs, the all too pleasant snugness of the silky panties hugging his tush coupled with the swish of the nylon half slip as they whispered against each other, the tightness of the silky bra, the bounce of his ponytails, all combined to sweep away any boyish resistance.

Soon the were seated side by side on the sofa tongue wrestling as their hands caressed and fondled the other. When Cindy slipped an hand under his skirt to caress his panties Ash could only moan in lust. While strained the silky nylon kept his boyhood entrapped. Feeling the heat of his desire, Cindy pushed Ash onto his back and raised his skirt to tenderly kiss his thighs. Ash responded by moaning loudly and trusting his hips upward.

“Please Cindy,” he desperately gasped when she kissed his throbbing heat through the soft nylon.

“Grrrr,” Cindy growled equally lustily. “Does my pretty Ashley want me to eat her pussy?”

“Yes, oh God yes,” Ash moaned.

“Then tell me what Ashley wants,” Cindy said between quick pecks on the strained panties.

“A... Ashley wants you to eat her pussy,” Ash gasped when it dawned on him what she wanted to hear. “Please Cindy, eat my pussy!”

“Your wish is my command, Ashley,” Cindy huskily cooed as she tugged Ash’s panties down far enough to free his turgid boyhood.

Once the head was free she kissed the tip which made Ash moan and thrust his hips. She then pushed the tip of her tongue into the leaking opening, wiggling it a bit before sucking it back into her mouth to once more kiss the tip. Ash thrashed a bit and almost squealed. Then she opened her lips and drew the hot tip of his boyhood into her mouth swirling her tongue about the leaking end. Ash squealed in bliss. Next she gently chewed on the bit of boyhood in her mouth for a moment before alternating back to a gentle tongue swirl. Ash began to loll his head back and forth as he tried to push into her questing mouth. However Cindy was in total control and would not take him any deeper into her mouth. Instead she used one hand to cup and fondle his balls through the silky panties while the other stroked the nylon encased shaft. Cindy felt his balls tighten seconds before the shaft began pulsing. Ash squealed as his seed exploded into her mouth. As her mouth filled Cindy pulled partially off the throbbing tip before deftly pumping the shrinking shaft dry. Ash simply collapsed back with his mouth open as he gasped for breath.

Raising herself up, Cindy easily tucked the tamed snake back inside the panties before moving up to kiss her lover. Ash eagerly returned the kiss and accepted her probing tongue. As his senses slowly returned he realized she was feeding him his seed. However he was still in such a blissful state he meekly accepted her gift.

When she broke the kiss a string of babyjuice stretched between their lips until they were about three inches apart. When it snapped the string flopped across his lips. Positioned above him, Cindy adoringly looked into his eyes. With a smile she swallowed what remained in her mouth before licking her lips. “That tastes yummy,” Cindy cooed. “Swallow your share, Ashley.”

Without much thought Ash returned her loving gaze as he swallowed the cream in his mouth before licking his lips for the remnant there.

“Tell me Ashley,” Cindy demanded. “Did you enjoy being eaten?”

“Oh yeah,” Ash replied with a huge grin. “Now I want to eat you.”

“If you’re a good girl I’d really like that,” Cindy smiled. “Tell me, girlfriend, did you enjoy sharing my yummy meal?”

Blushing Ash nodded his head.

“Not good enough, Ashley,” Cindy demanded. “I want you to me how much you enjoyed sharing our treat.”

“Ashley loved sharing your treat,” Ash cooed knowing what Cindy wanted to hear.

“Good girl,” Cindy smiled as she leaned over to kiss her girlfriend before slipping off Ashley and helping her to sit up. “Ashley, let’s go potty and eat lunch. Then you can eat me... but only if you’re Ashley the entire time!”

“I want to be Ashley for you,” Ash replied with a nervous smile

That’s exactly what they did. When they returned to the sofa they started out kissing and caressing as they had done earlier. Only this time Ashley slid her hands under Cindy’s skirt and kissed Cindy’s thighs. Cindy lifted her tush to make it easier for Ashley to slip off her panties. She guided Ashley’s exploratory kisses to the super sensitive spots. Once she felt herself nearing completion, she flipped her skirt and half slip over Ashley’s head before reaching under to grasp the new girl’s ponytails to use as reins. Ashley’s tongue was quite fatigued by the time Cindy slumped back after her fifth explosion. With a soppy smile Ashley emerged to cuddle with her girlfriend. The blissful pair easily slipped off to a sexually sated dreamland.

Lynne normally arrived home a half hour before Brenda. After parking in the garage she entered the house only too find it empty. Ash was most likely still with Cindy. With a chuckle she shook her head, the kids had become inseparable best friends.

After quick shower and change of clothes, Lynne was ready to head next door. Just as she reached for the front door she saw Brenda arriving home. In a moment she was walking into the garage as Brenda got out of her car. The women hugged then headed inside. The house was a bit too quiet. Exchanging looks of concern, they walked through the kitchen figuring the kids were up in Cindy’s room. Both stopped abruptly upon seeing two girls cuddled together on the sofa. Cindy was one of the girls but who was the redhead and where was Ashton? As they stepped closer they noted the girls were dressed nearly alike and the distinct odor of spent passion grew.

“Oh my God,” Lynne gasped. “That’s Ashton!

Once clued in Brenda realized Ash was the redhead.

Dumbfounded they exchanged looks of ‘What the fuck!’

“I think we waited a bit too long for that talk,” Brenda sighed.

“GIRLS, WAKE UP,” Lynne called out.

Startled, Cindy and Ash jumped which caused their entwined bodies to fall of the sofa to the floor. As they scrambled apart they fearfully looked up to see their glaring mothers. Simultaneously they gasped “Mom!”

The women stood their ground silently glaring at the surprised guilty looking kids.

Absolutely lost for words Ash opened his mouth in a most fish-like manner as his eyes filled with tears of embarrassment at being caught dressed like a girl.

Cindy pulled Ash into an embrace. “It’s all my fault. I talked Ashley into doing this.”

“So far I believe you,” Brenda declared. “I hope you’re prepared to tell us EXACTLY what went on today! Now stand up so we can get a good look at you.”

Cindy quickly rose to her feet and pulled Ash to his feet as he began to softly sob and shiver. Once he was on his feet she again pulled him into a protective hug.

The mothers were amazed that Ash looked as girly as Cindy. If they hadn’t known the cute redhead was Ash they’d never have believed the girl was really a boy.

Lynne felt her heart race. In the girlish Ashley she saw the adorable daughter she’d always longed to have. In a few steps she reached Ash and wrapped her arms about her sobbing child. “I love you, Ash. I’ll always love you. While I may not be happy with some of the things you do it’ll never stop me from loving you.”

Realizing there might be a way out of the mess she created Cindy turned Ash into his mom’s embrace, then stepped back and apprehensively looked at her mom.

“It’s a good thing I love you, young lady,” Brenda scolded. “You got a heap of explaining to do.”

“I think we need a breather to collect ourselves,” Lynne said as Ash’s sobs began to subside as she looked to Brenda for agreement.

“I agree,” Brenda declared. “Cindy, take Ashley upstairs so you can clean up. Straighten our your skirts and tops and make sure you change your panties. Then fix your hair and makeup. Lynne, please call for reservations at Olive Garden in an hour. I’m going to shower and change.”

Still in his mom’s hug, Ash fearfully looked up to her face. “Mom... I can’t go out dressed like this!”

“Of course not, sweetie” Lynne smiled as she stroked his head. “That’s why you and Cindy need to straighten out your clothes and fix your hair and makeup.”

“But mom...” Ash began to plead until his mom placed a silencing finger to his lips.

“Unless you want to be in a lot more trouble than you already are, young lady,” Lynne declared as she gave him ‘Thou shalt not mess with mom!’ look. “You’d better do as you’re told! Cindy, we don’t want anyone to guess that Ashley is anything but a girl. That’s YOUR responsibility. Now scoot.” With that she pushed Ash towards Cindy giving her cute son a light spank on the tush.

Cindy saw a chance for redemption. They were still in hot water but Lynne obviously was delighted to discover her long lost daughter. Reaching out she grasped Ash’s hand and tugged him up to her room. “We need to hurry. We’ll be in even more hot water if we’re not ready on time!”

“But... but...” Ash protested as he allowed himself to be swept up the steps.

“Take off the top and skirt,” Cindy ordered as she began stripping. “Then we’ll go wash off the old make up.”

“But I don’t wanna go out dressed as a girl,” Ash whined.

“Ashley, our mothers saw us sleeping together,” Cindy explained as she grasped his trembling hands. “In the few months we’ve know each other it’s been plain your mom always wanted a daughter. She loves you but look how she’s doted on me. Now she’s finally seen the daughter she’s always dreamed of having... you my darling Ashley! By making sure you ARE that daughter tonight, we may survive the inquisition! DO you understand, Ashley?”

Even though he didn’t want to understand Ash realized Cindy was correct. They were in deep doodoo so giving his mom a daughter may make their punishment easier. With a soft whisper of resignation he answered “Okay.”

Cindy smiled and kissed his smeared lips. Then she began tugging down his skirt. A half hour later the click clack of their kitten heels on the wooden steps announced the young girls were ready. Holding hands they stepped into the living room to see their mothers dressed and impatiently waiting. Ash wished the floors would open and swallow him.

“Oh Ashley,” Lynne gasped in delight as she saw the cute redhead girl. The bangs and bouncy twin ponytails only added to her innocent girlishness. Within a few steps she swept her daughter into her arms.

Ash melted into the loving embrace.

They were promptly seated upon their arrival at Olive Garden. Cindy was accustomed to the many approving smiles her girlishness encouraged. Ashley was simultaneously embarrassed and thrilled to be the recipient of those same smiles. The doting mothers were clearly proud of their cute daughters. That everyone so easily accepted him as a girl made Ashton feel more like an Ashley. Ashley kept a close eye on Cindy and copied her every girlish move.

When the waiter came for their drink order the women ordered a carafe of white wine. When asked what the young ladies wanted Ashley blushed.

“We’ll have a carafe of sparkling white Sprite,” Cindy intoned an a clear attempt to sound adult.

The mothers and the waiter stifled giggles as the waiter nodded.

“You scamp,” Brenda smiled.

They were pleasantly surprised when the waiter returned with two carafes and four wine glasses. After placing the carafes and glasses on the table he poured the wine into two wine goblets and presented them to the women. With equal aplomb he poured the sparking Sprite into the other two goblets and presented them to the girls. “Please enjoy”, he declared as he bowed.

The four burst into giggles.

The meal was quite enjoyable and relaxed. The wine mellowed the women. Ash found it difficult growing increasingly difficult to think of himself as anything but Ashley, which was quite embarrassing.

As they drove home Lynne looked at the adorable girls in the back seat hardly daring to believe Ashley was really hers. Her heart almost broke with longing. When they arrived home they ordered the girls into the living room while Brenda opened another bottle of wine.

Cindy and Ashley sat side by side clutching each other’s arms as they waited for the dreaded ‘Spanish Inquisition’. The mothers sat side by side on the love seat silently facing their daughters as they sipped their wine.

“Tell us how Ashley came to be,” Brenda finally sighed. “Remember, we have momdar. We’ll know if you’re not telling the truth. If you lie, you’ll regret it!”

“It’s all my fault,” Cindy began. “I really like Ash. We’re BFFs. I know he’s not like other guys, but he always wears those horrible jeans and stuff. I want to kiss him but when I see what he’s wearing it just ruins the mood.”

“Anyway, ever since the incident in the park where everyone thought Ash was a tomboy, I couldn’t stop thinking about how great it would be if he really was a girl,” Cindy confessed. “I realized if he was dressed up like a girl he’d really look cute. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Then when I saw it was raining this morning, I decided to see if I could get him to dress up for me. I know he likes me really girly so I put this outfit on knowing I had a similar one. Then when he came over... I... I seduced him.”

Ash blushed deeply but clung to Cindy as the mothers frowned.

“We didn’t go too far,” Cindy quickly added. “But once we started making out, things just happened. We were both over the moon and I teased him into putting on the outfit. God it so hot! The girlier Ashley became the more I wanted her. When I was done she was shocked at how yummy she looked. We came down here and made out. Then fell asleep.”

“You did a lot more than make out, young lady,” Brenda frowned. “Making out is touching and kissing. Having sex leaves a distinctive odor.”

Cindy lowered her head and blushed. “We kissed each other... a lot... and not just on our lips.”

“Ashley,” Lynne asked as she glared at her child. “Did you put anything between Cindy’s legs beside your face?”

“J... just my fingers,” Ashley shamefully whispered.

The women stared at their children for a few minutes. Cindy and Ashley began to squirm.

“Okay, we believe you,” Brenda finally said. “Now we need to come up with a suitable punishment.”

With that the women went into the kitchen to refill their wine glasses and discuss their options leaving the kids to squirm.

The women quickly downed a glass of wine as they spoke, then returned to the livingroom with refilled glasses.

“Okay,” Brenda sighed. “First off you’re much too young to be so sexually active. However, we know that once the magical genie is out of the bottle it can’t be put back inside. While you may resist doing it again you’ll fail. That means we need to take steps to prevent you from going too far.”

“Ashton,” Lynne spoke up. “Obviously you enjoyed being Ashley so don’t even try to deny it! I have no doubt that embarrasses you a great deal. I’ll confess I loved showing off my adorable daughter tonight. I’ll also confess I want to enjoy my daughter as often as I can. I also know what’s inside those cute panties can make Cindy pregnant. None of us want that! At least not for another ten years. So, we’ve decided your punishment will be to spend the rest of the summer exclusively as Ashley.”

Ash’s eyes flew open in surprise. Fear, shame, and excitement wrestled for his emotional control.

“Cindy, your punishment will be to teach Ashley how to be a total girly girl for the summer,” Brenda continued.

It took every bit of Cindy’s self control to keep from squeeing in delight.

“That means we have to take steps to keep Ashton under control,” Brenda went on. “Since he’s able to function as a male, that means he’s started male puberty. It won’t be long until his voice changes and he starts getting all hairy and bulky. It’ll also effect the way he behaves making him more macho. If that happens it will grow increasingly difficult for Ashley to appear girly.”

The expression on Cindy’s face revealed that she found the mere idea of Ashley becoming manly horrid. Ash blushed too as he didn’t like that idea either. He was quite happy being a meek scrawny guy.

“Tomorrow we’ll all go into my office,” Brenda said. “I’ll take samples of Ashton’s sperm and put it into storage for use at a later date. If we all agree, I can then give Ashley an injection and prescription that will stop the male puberty where it’s at and then begin to reverse it. In a week or two, Ashley will find it’ll start taking longer to become aroused and longer to climax. The longer she takes the medications, the longer those times will become until in about four to six weeks your boy bits will simply stop working altogether. It’ll still feel good to play with your bits even if they don’t work. Are you both willing to do that?”

Cindy squeezed Ash’s arm and looked questioningly into his frightened eyes. “I’m willing,” she declared. “We can keep making out and won’t have to worry about going too far.”

“Ashton,” Lynne asked. “Do you want to try doing that?”

“Part of me does,” Ash shivered. “But what if I miss it?”

“Then we stop the medications and in a few weeks your boy bits will wake back up,” Brenda explained.

“Okay,” Ash said with more than a bit of reticence as he leaned into Cindy as the couple kissed. “I’ll give it a try.”

“All right,” Lynne smiled. “As of now, my daughter Ashley is here. My son Ashton is on vacation. Come give mommy a hug, Ashley.”

Cindy released Ashley who hesitantly made her way to her mother for a warm hug. Ashley sank into the loving motherly embrace knowing she would be around for the rest of the summer. The idea delighted and terrified her.

All right girls,” Brenda smiled. “Go get ready for bed. Then come down to give us a hug.”

Cindy’s eyebrows rose and her heart pounded with excitement. “You’re going to let us sleep together?”

“Yes, we were girls at one time too,” Brenda smiled. “We had sleepovers with our girlfriends.”

“In fact, while you’re having your sleepover we’re going to have one too,” Lynne added.

Ashley was clearly surprised. “You are?”

“Yes,” Brenda answered. “You two aren’t the only ones who get horny and want to make out. Now scoot!”

With that the girls giggled and scampered upstairs. As excited as they were at the prospect of curling up together the idea of their moms doing the same seemed naughtily exciting.

In less than fifteen minutes the giggling girls scampered down to hug their mothers goodnight. Lynne almost swooned to see Ashley in the green babydoll nightie

After sending the girls upstairs Brenda and Lynne adjourned to the master bedroom with a last glass of wine. The alcohol and the blatant sexuality of their offspring overcame any reluctance they felt about getting it on.


After making a sperm deposit the next morning Ashley received an injection of testosterone blocker. Cindy made sure she also took her daily blocker pill. After ten days they noticed Ashley’s boy bits were reacting slower but true to Brenda’s promise the pleasure continued.

After a month of being Ashley full time, including weekend sleepovers, no one wanted to see Ashton return. Brenda gave her another injection of blockers, then explained what giving her an injection of estrogen would do. Ashley’s hesitation was only momentary as Cindy squealed with delight upon learning the injections and girl pills would quickly start Ashley into puberty as a girl. The idea of having budding breasts to share was simply too great to resist. After the estrogen injection, Brenda tucked Ashley’s sleeping testicles into her groin, then surgically glued the shrinking flaccid boyhood to her groin using the empty scrotum to create a fake girly bottom.

Cindy and Ashley were delighted with the effect and Ashley’s panties fit perfectly. By the time school started, Ashley’s breasts were budding and she didn’t look out of place in the lockerroom with the other seventh grade girls.

At the end of seventh grade Brenda and Lynne married with Cindy and Ashley as their maids of honor.

As the years passed, so did the fear Cindy had of boys. By tenth grade Cindy coaxed a somewhat reluctant Ashley to begin double dating. The girls never went out on a date alone. Both girls found it exciting to make out with boys but were sure to keep their panties on and the questing male fingers on the outside. Of course they didn’t let the boys they liked go home with blue balls. Cindy always took care of her date first then watched as Ashley satisfied her boy.

Cindy couldn’t keep her hands off Ashley when they arrived home from those hot dates. Watching her BFF/lover’s head bouncing over a boys groin drove her wild.

As soon as they graduated, Ashley had the surgery to become a complete woman. They headed off to college and continued being roomies. Their mutual love only intensified when they finally went all the way with a couple of hunky college guys.

The guys knew the girls were lovers and between bouts they watched the girls make out as they recuperated. Seeing the girls share their seed never failed to stimulate, whether it was after oral or straight, the girls were insatiable.

When they graduated the two couples married and moved in together since Ashley and Cindy refused to be separated. They accepted that Ashley was unable to conceive. Cindy had three children and the guys accepted the girl’s insistence that they not know which of the guys was the father. Cindy and Ashley knew... using the stored sperm Ashley fathered their first child, Cindy’s husband the second, and Ashley’s husband the third. All three children had two devoted loving fathers, mothers and grandmothers.

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Rather Hot

littlerocksilver's picture

Lovely bit of fantasy.


I love happy endings!

And the children get to have genuinely loving fathers, that's the best part. Happy fairy-tale endings are where it's at. xx


pre-teen .... is not my scene but ...

... if you read this story as late-teen it works at least as well..... and for me, preferably. You have style and give fun! Nice one! xx

Without an age stated...

Hypatia Littlewings's picture

... I would place the start of this as mid-teen since Cindy has breasts yet no one thought it odd that Ashely did not. This place them firmly within the years when some girls have started to develop while others have not.


The epilogue while good seems just a bit like a rushed version of a second (maybe even second & third) part to me. And a bit of a twist, at least with out having explored more deeply Ash's & Cindy's feelings girl to girl, since however nonstandard their attraction did start out as at least partially boy/girl girl/boy lust. Part of the journey just seem to be missing. How did they both feel about Ashely loosing her penis and gaining a Vagina?

I did expect a full transformation given the title, and I did enjoy it. But I kind of feel like something was left out. Ash's journey from desiring Cindy as boy to desiring Cindy as a girl and at least some exploration of Cindy's feelings to Ash as a girl vs as a boy.

Good Story!
I just feel it could be expanded a bit.
~Hypatia >i< ..:::

PS. In general, I do think that girl with a penis is also a valid outcome, all variations are valid.

I have to agree

I have to agree with Hypatia. I thought the epilogue sounded kind of rushed. I would have been better to make it an ongoing story, as I would have liked to see Ashley's and Cindy's relationship develop, espeacily Ash being turned into Ashley.
Also you kind of made it sound as if Cindy would only accept Ash as a boy/girlfriend if he was more girly. But all in all, it was a great story, I loved it.

Some unique plot twists

Overall, I found this a fascinating story that explores some lesser-used plot elements to create a unique tale. On the other hand 7th graders should cuddle and kiss, and not try oral (both my real opinion and my reading preferences). Yes the epilogue could have been a complete story, but I prefer self-contained short stories rather than serials that drag on and on.

Regardless of reader comments you need to write what you are inspired by. Keep up the good work. This evening I will read some more of your fine work.

Titled correctly and soooo sweet

Bobbie Sue's picture

I have now read this story twice and it is still just a lovely and touching as the first time that I read it.

Thank you for posting