"What on earth are you wearing?"

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Intro - The SisterDom is a group of wonderful women who know that it is important to help their men to access and, when they are comfortable with the concept, to release their inner girlhood. These women are willing to train and transition their new-girls using a variety of simple techniques, sometimes with a touch of ‘domination’ and strong encouragement. Characters overlap between the stories.

"Andrew is a thief. His punishment is immediate and extremely effective. The real shock is how much he and Sandy enjoy the result."

"What on earth are you wearing?"


Andrew Appleby was my cousin. The relationship wasn't close but we had known each other for a very long time. He was a month younger than me and about the same size. I was fitter though and stronger too, on the other hand, he was brighter and helped with my homework sometimes. This wasn't often as we were at different schools.

He had an elder sister, Paula, who had left home two years before to go to college. They never seemed to have much in common, she had behaved like an adult from the age of about 12 while Andrew had always been very average. The three year gap seemed more like 5 or 6. Recently, his parents had moved closer to the centre of town, in fact into a neighbouring street. Because of this, we found ourselves together much more of deal of the time. I was the oldest of three daughters. First myself, Sandy Goodfellow, then my sister Fiona, eighteen months later, then my baby sister, Rachel another five years after that.

I suppose this story starts last summer. My parents worked for the Government and were away a lot of the time so I was left in charge of the house with Fiona. Rachel was on a special studies course with her school for the whole vacation and this particular week, Fiona was away too. Andrew and I were both just 16 and we were quite keen to learn about bodies from each other. We never really considered it as real sex because we never went that far. It was a lot more than ordinary 'Doctors and Nurses' though.

Anyway, last summer, Andrew and I were in the garden at my parent's house and we were getting pretty playful, if not eager. We'd tussled and wrestled, but I was a little heavier and eventually I fought him down and pinned him face down. I sat on his back to catch my breath. Just to annoy him, despite his wriggles and protests, I loosened his trousers and my hands began to stroke his bum. Suddenly, my hand froze. What on earth was this? I could feel a lacy frill on his pants. Heck, these weren't pants. They were my missing pair of knickers.

I pounced on the horror-struck little monster and spun him onto his back. I pulled down his trousers to reveal exactly what I expected. Yes, they were the red panties that had gone missing a few days before. They weren't anything special, they were quite old as the stitching had worn a great deal. In fact, it was the loose stitching which had pulled loose to release the lace into my questing fingers.

"So, what's going on here? You've obviously stolen these. How much else have you nicked from me? What do you expect me to do about this?"

He was speechless. He just lay there with his mouth open.

I raged on. I always hated anyone interfering with my clothes. To find that this feeble ghastly youth must have been in my bedroom made me furious. "I'll get you for this. I'll make you remember those pants for ever. You'll wear these whenever I see you. In fact, you'll do more than that, I'm so furious with you. If you're so keen to try on my panties - I'll make you try the lot - every damn thing. But you're not having anything more of mine. You're coming with me to the shops and you can buy your own panties with your own money."

We hurtled into the shops. In minutes, I had bought a whole range of new undies. But these weren't for me. I wasn't going to spend any more than was absolutely necessary even though it was his money. Later I could fit him into some of my old skirts and dresses, ones that I didn't care about. But I really wasn't going to have him wearing anything intimate of mine. I mean there are limits.

Throughout this mad rush, Andrew said nothing, did nothing, interfered nothing, interrupted nothing. I think it was all too sudden and too surprising.

Back at the house, I lashed out at the ghastly creature. "If you want to wear pants - well, there they are. You must have known I would hate the idea of you wearing mine, let alone stealing them from me. If panties are so exciting to you, don't you know me well enough to ask me to buy you some of your own?

“Well, here you are. And you are going to wear these damned things every possible minute of the day until I've forgiven you."

There was a long, long silence. Finally, the creature almost crawled over to the bed. We were not in my room, of course. We were in the spare bedroom, the one Andrew used whenever he stayed over for the night. As I say, he shuddered over to the bed and picked up the new panties. He picked them up as if he thought they were going to bite him.

"Well, get on with it," I snapped. "Get those things off and put on your own, your very own first pair of panties. I want to see you get moving now."

With a sudden leap, he ripped off his T-shirt and his tatty jeans. The old faded red panties came off too and I saw that he was not in the slightest aroused.

I left him putting on the panties while I went to get a couple of old dresses out of the wardrobe. Several of my old things were in there, waiting for the next jumble sale. I picked a short cotton dress from the first hanger and looked across at him to see if it was likely to fit. He was struggling with the bra. I giggled and went to help. "Look, you don't have to put it on like I do - if you can't reach the clip. You can clip it together at the front, pull it round to the back and then slip your arms through the straps. There's always two ways to do everything."

"We've got nearly a week before Mum and Dad and the others two come back. I'm going to ring Auntie Louise and tell her I want you to stay for the whole week. I'll say I've heard that there are burglars and I want to feel extra safe. She'll think I mean that I'll feel safe with a man about the house. I won't tell her that I won't feel any safer at all with a big girl like you instead." Until I found myself saying it, I had no idea that this was my plan. But I loved the expression of shock on his face as I determined his immediate future.

"I'm not certain how much to punish you. You know I can beat you in a fight - but that's not enough. You're a dirty little thief with no rights in this discussion. For a start, as I said, you're wearing panties and dresses all this week. After that, if I want to put you into skirts in the future, if I say, jump, you ask 'how high'. I want to be confident that you'll never steal my panties or anyone else's panties ever again. That'll be a start."

While I talked, the crestfallen and cowering thing finished pulling on her bra. I had rolled up the red panties to fill one side as I was never going to use them again. I found another pair to go in the other side. I made her stand up while I checked one or two dresses to see if they would fit. The third one was okay but I eventually decided on one of my more frilly skirts with a back-button blouse. I passed a pair of tights over and watched as he made a pitiful mess of putting them on. I could see how surprised he was at the sensation of the nylon catching on his hair as he struggled to pull them up. When he crossed his legs to heave at the snags around the ankle, I could see that the stretchy feel intrigued him.

Next, I pulled the creature to the dressing table. I had spent several weeks at the local beauty salon the previous spring. I soon realized that I wasn't that interested in it as a life-long career but I had also learnt quite a lot. Here was a wonderful opportunity to see how effectively I could conceal my disgusting cousin. At the time, I was still mixed up. I was still furious at his theft of my undies but I was also terribly excited at how easily he was submitting to my demands.

His hair was an ordinary brown but quite long, almost to the shoulder, so I worked on this first. It was the typical boyish tousle - so I brushed it and brushed it until it began to sweep smoothly from top to tail. Actually it was in quite good condition really. As I smoothed and fluffed his hair, I could see him looking at me in the mirror. He didn't say anything. I spent quite a lot of time on it. I tried a clip on either side; I tried a peek-a-boo style; I actually found that it was almost long enough to make a good braid. In the end, I put my hot-air brush to work to give him a really sweet page-boy style with the ends just flicked up and inwards. I then sprayed it with a lovely new perfume I had found just the day before.

I looked in the mirror to find the creature still watching me quietly. I put a cover over the mirror so that it couldn't see exactly what I was doing. I'm not sure quite why I did so but this seemed the right thing. Interestingly, the creature raised a hand as if to stop me. As the work went on, I found that it was difficult to see the disgusting Andrew in this much more elegant and feminine figure. I decided to say nothing until I had finished the makeover. I picked up the pot of nail-polish next. Again, there was no comment from my victim. Slowly, a completely new person took shape in front of me - and it was no longer a teenage boy. I had to call her 'she', there really wasn't a trace of Andrew left.

As I worked on the face and eyes, she watched silently. Every now and again, once they were dry, she stroked her shiny new nails as if to confirm that they were real. As I worked on the eyes, with the liner and pencil, I could see that my creation was getting more and more interested in the effort I was making.

At last I finished and I swivelled the chair so that she could look at herself in the mirror. Just before I took the cloth off the mirror, I leant forward and kissed my new cousin.

"Hello, darling. I'm so glad to have met you like this. I think you look terrific," and I took the cloth away.

The silence was, if anything, longer than the one when we had started the procedure just an hour or so before. There was a huge difference though. Instead of one raging angry girl throwing abuse at a wimpy young boy, there were two attractive young ladies hugging each other eagerly.

"Wow," was all my new lady friend could say as she almost swooned on the stool. "I can't believe it. I'm almost beautiful. Sandy, please say I'm beautiful. I look so, so, gosh. I feel all weak and ... I dunno. I don't want to be punished by you. I'm sorry that I stole your things. I'm sorry I got you upset, but I'm not sorry that we've found out how pretty I now look. I had no idea. If I can look like this as a girl, I want to do this more. I'm not interested in boys but, gosh. If I can look this wonderful then I want to do it every day. Do you think I'm beautiful too."

"Don't be silly, you are gorgeous, darling. I would never have guessed but there is actually a really pretty blossom inside that untidy straggly mess you normally hide behind. It's like a butterfly coming out of its shell or whatever. Do you really mean it when you say you want to do this every day?"

"Oh, yes. If I can look this good and feel this lush with just one afternoon's effort - just think how pretty and gorgeous I could if I practised every day. It's not fair. Here's me. I've been an ordinary boy for years and years and now you show me this pretty girl that's been hidden away."

It was extremely certain that we were both incredibly proud of our creation. There was no way that I wanted to destroy this new treasure and clearly Andrew was even more determined. I didn't have that many friends to go out with, certainly very few that I could go shopping with and talk about dresses, lipsticks and so on. But here I had someone of my very own who would need to spend time with me and only me. I didn't know what Andrew's thoughts were so I found I had to ask.

"What about this, then. Let's go into town and get you some proper clothes of your own. I'm still quite keen to punish you for theft, but I'm going to have to separate the old Andrew from the new one. You're now a girl, cousin dear, and I think you're gorgeous. I'm going to have to give you a new name. Can I call you Andrea?"

The girl beside me hesitated a moment, then giggled and said, "Well, I don't want to be Andrea, it wouldn't feel right. If you don't think it would be too obvious I'd might like Andi. Only you ever call me that so it could stay special between us. What do you think? No, Andi is just too obvious as well. I think that I've got to have a completely new name for the new me. If I have to have a new name, I wouldn't mind something like Fiona or Sarah. I don't like half and half names like Antonia or Nicola. They're too close to a boy's name and I really don't feel like a boy in this soft swirly skirt of yours. I want to run down the stairs and dance down the street. I want to tell all the boys what they're missing. I'm having such fun I want to share it with everybody. Can you picture it - getting all the boys wearing bright colours and swirling along the streets like butterflies. I'd love it - and I'd insist on being the most gorgeous of the lot. I think Sarah would be nice."

I thought the idea was delicious. I didn't dare tell my new girl that she wasn't alone, that I did already know of other ex-boys, new-girls and sometimes-sisters. I just hugged her and agreed that teaching brash young boys about the delights of frills was going to be such fun. She didn't comment when I said boys, but I did notice her moue of disapproval when I implied that she was both brash and young.

"Dearest Sandra, I don't want to be reminded of Andy, if you don't mind. I want to enjoy being a girl as much as I possibly can. Do you think we dare go outside? I don't want to be stuck inside on a gorgeous day like this. I want to feel the fresh air swirling my skirt around my legs. If it feels this fun indoors - it's got to be better outside."

Being very much a stay-at-home, hardly anyone in town had met Andy in his previous guise. I was so happy at the idea of taking this pretty doll into town and dressing her in the most feminine frippery and finery we could find.

"I think we'll have to improve a few things before Sarah goes in to town on her own. It should be okay if you're with me. Your makeup is good but your hair needs some more professional work."

"Golly, I wasn't thinking of going out on my own. I wouldn't feel safe. I need you to keep me in line, to tell me what to do and what not to do."

"Don't worry. You look fine to me. I couldn't possibly imagine that the figure, and I mean figure, in front of me belonged to anything but a girl. You've got a pretty face with the right amount of makeup, your hair is far too attractive to belong to a mere boy. You haven't got a thing to worry about. Except the two big problems of walking and talking like a girl. Learning to use nice girly words will be a big help, and talking more softly will give do most of the improvement on the voice. As for the walking, a proper pair of shoes will change the shape of your legs and force your hips to swivel more. An astute choice of undies will also strengthen the image we need to build. We can get some of those things this afternoon, if you've got some cash to hand."

So we set off into town. Sarah had squeezed her feet into an old pair of my shoes, but they weren't satisfactory. The station car park was very convenient for my favourite shoe shops so we stopped there. We were both short of cash, so then we window-shopped all the way to the bank. But the simple matter of getting the money almost turned into a disaster.

Without thinking, Sarah went to the counter, brought out her chequebook and asked for some money. The clerk was getting it ready when she compared the name on the cheque with the person in front of her. Clearly, this really did not look like an Andrew to her. She hesitated for a moment then wrote a quick note and passed it across the counter, "Read this and give me a ring later", she said.

We didn't dare say or do anything which might call attention to us. Breathless, Sarah and I read the note as we went out of the bank. To our amazement it said, 'The bank has arrangements for people who wear 'costume' on a regular basis. For example, we can arrange for a new chequebook. Please ring Angela on the above number.'

We looked at each other with excitement. Was it really that easy to have an official new identity. If the banks accepted such situations, what about other things. Sarah laughed, "It would be wonderful to have a chequebook and bank card proclaiming that I was Sarah, instead of that Andrew."

"Don't be so damning. Andrew wasn't so bad - look at the pretty girl he was concealing. Come on, sweetie, let's go and spend that money on shoes and things. I saw the most darling little linen dress yesterday. With your colouring it would be dreamy. Now, were you listening. That's the sort of language we girls use. You've got to practise."

As we crossed the road, I heard a voice call out, "Sandy." It was Mrs. Appleby - Andrew's mother, Sarah's mother. Hell's bells.

I couldn't run off. She was already much too close. "Hello, Sandy dear. I'm sorry to interrupt but I just saw you shopping and wanted to speak to you about Andrew. I know that you're quite close friends now, and, well, he never talks to me. It seems the days go by and we never find time to chat, let alone talk about any of the more serious topics. I need to know what his future plans are. There's work to be done to get ready for either the big wide world or a few years at college. He's got good exam results so he should be able to get a respectable job - but I haven't a clue about what he wants to do. Where does he want to work, what sort of lifestyle is he intending to have on his proposed earnings? Then I can do the proper mother-bit and help in the background. Can you come over sometime soon when Andrew is out, and we'll have a chat."

Fortunately, the angle she joined us at made put her beside Sarah rather than face to face. Pure good fortune had prevented her meeting her new daughter in the middle of the main street.

It would have been appalling to stand there in the middle of town and tell her that Andrew had made a rather significant choice that afternoon regarding his future lifestyle. On the other hand, Andrew had heard to his mother offering to help with whatever he wanted. I obeyed the Twelfth Commandment and kept my mouth shut (almost).

"Um, yes, give me a ring tonight, Auntie. We're just rushing around a few of the shops while the sales are on. Got to go, thanks." Before I had finished, I was dragging Andrew away from this incredible danger.

"Golly, that was awful," I exclaimed with a shudder. "What are we going to do?"

"You're the one making most of the decisions. We can decide what to do about my Mum later. First, you've promised to buy me all sorts of gorgeous sounding stuff. After all your talk, I'm desperate to have some extravagantly frilly panties of my very own, and I want them now. Let's not waste any more time."

"Don't get stroppy with me, young lady. I haven't wasted any of our time. I wasn't the one wearing costume in the bank nor was I the one whose mother stopped me in the street. So shut it or I won't take you into my favourite shops."

"Oh, Sandy, I wasn't being stroppy. I'm just so excited. I've got this incredible opportunity to buy and wear my very own undies. I won't need to ever wear those scratchy horrid boxer shorts again."

"Either you've decided how to manoeuvre your mother or you're being incredibly optimistic. Don't forget, you live at home and your mother does the washing and ironing. If she starts finding slinky satin panties that don't belong to her, she's going to be a mite puzzled. Your sister is hardly ever at home so who do they belong to - and they're not in her size anyway, you've got a better figure. Sorry, dearie, you can only wear your pretties when you're over here. But we can plot and plan as best we can - oooh, that's nearly poetry."

"You're right. It's only nearly poetry. Sorry, that sounded a bit catty. Yes, as long as you promise that I can come over to your place even more often. I don't think I'll ever get used to the lovely feeling of being dressed this way."

We didn't spend long in the shops as were both quite tired from the huge surge of emotions we had suffered all afternoon. And then the meeting with Auntie. Exhausting. But Sarah did find some more comfortable shoes and a very sweet costume-jewellery set of bracelet and necklace.

When we had finished shopping, we hurried back to the house. I made Sarah deal with the kettle. I quite enjoyed the uneven click, click as she tottered on her new high heeled shoes - all of 1 1/2 inches - and she complained that they were impossible to walk in - huh. While we sat down to a cup of tea, I rang Sarah's parents. "With Mum and Dad being away so much, would you mind if Andrew stayed over sometimes. These stories about burglars and so on. I'd be so much happier if there was someone else in the house."

I spoke to her father. He clearly didn't want to be interrupted so after listening to my deliberately flustered meanderings about burglars, attacks, worry, fear, police and so on, he broke in to say, "If you're going to be that wishy-washy about a few late night noises, I suppose you'll have to ask someone to stay. It might as well be Andrew, he doesn't do much round here after all except eat and sleep. He might as well eat and sleep somewhere else. If he's with you, tell him we'd like to see him a bit more often, we're not a hotel."
With no more ado, he rang off and went back to his obviously important task.

"What's he doing. He didn't like being interrupted, did he?"

"I'm not sure. Perhaps he's messing about with his stamps as usual."

Half an hour later, we were still sitting there, chatting and relaxing after our efforts when there was a knock on the door. Before I could answer it, it opened and my aunt, Andrew's mum, flowed in. She swept through into the main room, saying "I thought I'd pop over and see how you're getting on. I'm a bit concerned about this story of yours about burglars. I suppose you might need Andrew to stay over if you're worried. Where is he?"

She plumped herself on her favourite chair, then looking round she saw Sarah. "Oh my word. That's my Andrew there. Oh darling, you look wonderful. Whose idea was it? Oh I can't get over it. I'd never have guessed. Oh, please stand up and give a little twirl."

There was a pause in her excited bubbling while the clearly stunned Sarah stood and did as requested. "Oh that's so lovely. That dress suits you so well. It looks divine. You've got lovely legs and those stockings must be awfully expensive, they look so smooth and glossy. Oh, please, darling, don't look so worried. I'm not upset. When did this begin? I can't believe how gorgeous you look. Oh, I'm starting to cry."

She was nearly incoherent. Sarah stumbled over to sit beside me. We sat there dumbstruck like a pair of idiots. It was unbelievable - Auntie wasn't angry at this transformation.

After a moment, she recovered her composure and moved to sit beside her new daughter. She turned to look at her more closely then she held Sarah's head and tilted it to get a better look at the work I'd done. "Oh, you look gorgeous, you've got such beautiful eyes. Did you do them yourself or did Sandy help. Whichever, they're probably your best feature - although your hair is terrific - and you've suddenly got a super figure. Oh, you do look so pretty. I wish I'd had the nerve to keep you in skirts longer - but Daddy did get so cross."

"Wawawhat. Do you mean that I used to dress as a girl? I don't remember that."

"No, dear, you were too young, I suppose. It stopped when we moved here, you were about eight at the time. It had been more or less accidental keeping you in frills from when you were born. You came just days after I lost your sister at about a year. I had all these lovely clothes, in pink of course, so I just used them for the new baby. I think I must have had some sort of delayed breakdown. I couldn't accept that Andrea had died, so I called you Andrew and used all her lovely dresses," as she said this, her eyes filled with tears and she leant forward to put her hands in her eyes.

Andrew pulled her to him and held her, "I'd never heard all this. I knew vaguely about another elder sister but nobody ever mentions her. Is this really true - you treated me as a girl for my first years."

"Well, once it had begun, I had to keep you that way. Partly because I needed to for my own sake and partly because turning you into a boy 'just like that' would have embarrassed me with the neighbours. So, when Daddy moved jobs we eventually took the opportunity then. You were so angry. You had to have your lovely long blonde locks chopped off - I did keep one. And you had to give up your lovely dresses and undies. Daddy made you throw away your dollies too. Everything went. We blamed some of it on the removal men, you hated them for weeks, if not months. The only thing I kept was that one long plait and a lot of photographs."

"Photographs! Mummy, where are they? I must see them at once. Can we fetch them."

"Andrew, don't be so silly. Your father's at home - he mustn't see you like that. He'd have a fit."

"He might not recognise me. You didn't when we met in town!"

"That was you, was it. I was in such a hurry that I didn't look. You looked so different. All I saw was Sandy and another girl. Was that the first time you'd been out or have you been doing this for ages? Please tell me."

Her enthusiasm was infectious. We bubbled and giggled for hours finding out all about the baby Andrew and his early girlhood, while Aunt learnt what Sarah was now planning for her second girlhood. Needless to say, we didn't actually mention that it had begun as a punishment for the theft of my panties.

Eventually, we all began to tire. Uncle Dan would be fast asleep by now. Aunt had rung to say she was over at my place with Andrew and he didn't need to stay up. He was in bed already and sounded half asleep. Despite my earlier phone call about asking if Andrew could stay at my place, we all then spent some time discussing whether Sarah or Andrew would be going back for the night.

Aunt was in two minds; she wanted Sarah at home so that she could learn about her new daughter but there was the risk of her Dad finding out; on the other hand, if Andrew came over to stay with me, he/she could be Sarah more safely. In the end, Sarah had decided that on this occasion there was no real risk and she wanted to end the day in her own bed in her first grown-up nightdress. She would be Andrew lots of other times in the future. Neither Aunt or I had the energy to argue.

As they left, I stood in the doorway and waved at the two lovely women walking to their car. I was pleased to see that there was no way that anyone could have guessed that they weren't mother and daughter.

Next morning, after Uncle had left for work, Aunt went in to have a chat with her new child. "Good morning, darling. If you want, we can make a start on getting things ready. We'll have to rearrange your wardrobe and all your drawers. I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to show you what you've been missing."

"Oh, Mother, come off it. Slow down. I know we talked about my new life and I agreed to everything - but don't spoil everything by being too bold. This is new to me - I'm not going to be instantly in agreement with everything you suggest. I'm still a man inside. What I want to enjoy is the colour and the splash and the pleasure of wearing exciting clothes. I'm only dressing up as a girl - I'm not turning into one."

"That's not quite what you said yesterday - but, I agree, I shouldn't push or hurry you - and I won't. I did spend some time last night sorting out some of my clothes because they will fit you very well and the material is so lovely. Please get up and try some of them on. Then I'll ring Sandra and we will all go shopping. I've seen some things recently that were much too young for me - but for my look-alike daughter - they'll be just right. I can't wait to show you how beautiful you will look."

So Sarah modelled some more clothes for his adoring mother. And when I saw them later, I had to agree that they were indeed very lovely. Sarah looked absolutely fabulous in a cream satin dress cut on the bias so that it clung to her body. The only problem was that it was such fine cloth that every stitch of her underwear showed - talk about a visible panty-line. I was really envious. And there were quite a lot of other clothes - indeed the lucky girl already had quite a comprehensive wardrobe.

By the time I turned up, and I didn't waste much time - Sarah had several new nighties, a lovely slinky feather-edged negligee and matching slippers, and half-a-dozen gorgeous evening dresses. Aunt and Sarah had decided between them that almost none of her old daywear was worth bothering with.

After a quick cup of coffee, with no sugar for Sarah who had begun a diet at our firm suggestion, we set off for town.

Sarah wore a simple skirt and blouse which I had given her the previous day - to my eyes there was no trace of boy anymore, although to my surprise she had styled her hair with gel to look deliberately unisex. Short, crisp and swept, it did make her look lovely. To my amazement, I realised that she had been a girl for less than twenty-four hours. I kept an eye on my watch waiting for the moment when I could whisper, "Happy dayversary, Andrew/Sarah darling. Just remember, it was exactly twenty-four hours ago I caught you wearing my panties – you dirty thief ….. but now you’re such a pretty girl.”"

I chose my moment - and it was just as we reached the lingerie counter in local department store.

Sarah gasped and began to giggle. Aunt asked what it was all about, so, somehow it seemed just natural that I was forced to tell her about how the whole thing had begun. Sarah stopped giggling at once and soon was blushing to the tips of her ears as her shameful secret came out.

Aunt put on a stern expression as her child's behaviour was laid bare. "I find this difficult to believe. But I can see from Sarah's expression that it is completely true. Perhaps it's more that I don't want to believe it. I shall discuss with Sandra what punishment will be suitable. Stealing panties from your cousin. Good grief, what nastiness could we expect next. It may be true that this grubby little action has revealed the lovely Sarah beneath the filthy Andrew - but don't expect to be forgiven in a hurry. Sandra, you may stay here with me, we can sit on these chairs while we watch Sarah choose some new underwear for herself."

We watched with small smiles of pleasure as Sarah scurried off to investigate the racks of filmy, lacy satins and silks. We had taken careful measurements so she had only to choose a variety of items to match. After a while, she had several hangers hooked over her arm and came towards us to ask if we would join her in the fitting-room. By now, Aunt and I had decided on the punishment for our girl. We would ask one of the assistants to come and ensure the correct fitting of a bra for our 'girl'.

The pair of us set off to the changing room to help Sarah with her choices. I was interested to see that her taste was quite restrained, both frill-wise and price-wise. What I would describe as a variety of mid-range nice undies.

Our excited little group arrived in the fitting-room and after watching Sarah try on almost all of the pants, bras and so on, Aunt dropped the bomb. She leant through the curtain and called out, "Oh, miss, can you give us a hand here. My daughter has been complaining about the fit of her bra and we need some professional help, I think."

Sarah's previous display at blushing red were as nothing to her effort this time as the senior assistant came in. This was a woman in her late twenties, small, blonde and petite. Her eyes just came up level with the non-existent breasts of the blossomy boy-girl in front of her. The badge on her lapel said 'Josie Potter'.

Our poor Sarah hissed at me, "You can't do this."

"Too late, darling." I grinned, perhaps a little menacing curl of the lip too.

So we waited while the assistant, all unaware, prepared to help our poor young teenage boy try a succession of A-cup bras. The poor dear adopted the classic don't-look-at-me pose trying to cover her chest with her hands. I could see the assistant hiding a smile as she advanced.

"Now, come on, dear. It's my job to make every girl leave here with a properly fitted, accurately sized bra. It's quite a responsibility. For every ten girls or even older women who come to me for a fitting, there will be perhaps one who has the suitable size and shape. It quite appalling that almost every woman who comes in here is actually not wearing the right bra for her shape. I do promise you dear, I've dealt with big girls, little girls, lopsided girls and all sorts. They all leave here with a chest that feels comfortable. I want to do the same for you."

Sarah relaxed a little. Her hands fell away and revealed her naked chest. The straps of the bra she had been wearing had made marks, but it was very obvious that even amongst the others of the flat-chested brigade, this girl was really flat. What only became obvious close up, in fact as close as the assistant was getting, was that my cousin did have a very few light hairs on his chest. I hadn't thought to make him shave there too. I saw my face in the mirror and caught a glimpse of my expression. Not malicious, exactly, but quite evidently pleased that the thief might be about to get some extra punishment.

To Sarah's delight and my surprise, the assistant noticed nothing. Certainly nothing was said that revealed any anxiety.

"Now, first of all, my dear, I'll take a complete set of measurements. Then I want to try some bras that almost certainly won't fit perfectly - but they will help me judge the pressure required for a perfect fit. It doesn't depend just on how big your breasts are or aren't. We measure across the shoulders and front-to-back, all sorts. Then we look at how you breathe and so on. It does take time. Then as your breasts grow, and I do promise that they will, we will need to change the fitting to suit. I've had girls of twenty in here who are a completely different shape a twelvemonth later. If you're are actually worried about your development then you can always talk to a doctor I know who specialises in special treatments - and I'm not talking any of that silicon rubbish."

As she talked, she measured and made notes on her pad. It seemed to take only a few minutes before Sarah was fitted with a new bra. Her posture seemed to change, to be filled with a new confidence.

Everyone in the room was pleased with the new improved model. Aunt smiled her thanks to the assistant and passed her credit-card to pay for the large pile of undies. As we finished packing up, Miss Potter came back and gave Aunt a folded note with her bill. Before Aunt had time to open it and read it, she had scurried off to the other side of the department where we could hear loud voices raised.

Aunt read the note and passed it to me. I read it with the same amazement as Sarah and I had read the note from Angela in the bank the previous day. Was this town filled with women who were transforming their boys into girls ?!

"If you need assistance with teaching your lovely new-daughter the new skills she will need to enjoy her new lifestyle, please call me any evening. I welcome Sarah to the SisterDom and the benefits of Girlhood. On behalf of the SisterDom in Yorktown, Josie Potter."

"What is all this?", gasped Sarah. "What is this 'SisterDom' thing? What do they mean by a new-daughter? Does this note really mean what it seems to say?"

"It's the first I've ever heard about such a group," said Aunt. "And I thought I knew almost everything that happened in this little town. But, yes, I do think it is for true. There must be more than a few women in this town who have experienced this change of style with their men. It does sound awfully interesting. I shall ring this Josie this evening. This is a big change we are involved in here. If there is some trained help for lucky girls like Sarah - then we need to take advantage as soon as possible."

I couldn't keep the smile off my face. Having seen the improvement in my previously not-so-dear and least-favourite cousin in just a mere day - I wanted to do more. I wanted to join this team of girl-makers. There was a feeling of power in knowing that there were boys who wanted to be girls. Instead of the old girl-to-boy tomboy, there were obviously lots of boy-to-girl 'tomasinas'. I wondered exactly what it was that triggered such an interest and what these changelings thought the benefits were from such a lifestyle. I knew I was going to make a real effort to find out. After all, I had to ensure that Sarah/Andy was a real success.

We left the department in a daze. But as Aunt began to make a suggestion about going to get a bite for lunch, we went through the cosmetic section. Needless to say, there were several girls inches deep in makeup offering to do makeovers for anyone who passed. I don't think Sarah had ever consciously taken any note of what happened there. After all, why should Andy have ever had any interest in cosmetics - I don't remember him ever buying perfume for a girlfriend. But this was a new situation.

I could see her quivering with excitement. I leant over and whispered, "Do you want to have a go, dear?"

I didn't really need her to answer. "Aunt, I think we ought to stop here for a while and let them see what they can do for Sarah. She's been going on at me for advice and I'm not really a professional. Can we see what suggestions they can make."

"Well, dears, if you're that willing to wait for lunch. I'm getting rather peckish - but I would love to see what they can do for Sarah. But I don't want to be more than, say, fifteen or twenty minutes. You know how time can pass when you're being beautified."

I could see Sarah's eyes glow at the idea that she could be beautiful.

That evening, I rang Josie Potter. I wanted to know what she could do to help with our project. She had quite a few simple suggestions. I immediately adopted the idea of the perfumed pillows. Some of her other suggestions would need rather more planning and even some expenditure of hard-earned cash.


… There were a lot of telephone calls over the next few days – and then meetings at shops or over a coffee or tea somewhere. Both Auntie by herself and with me met a number of people who were involved in the SisterDom. Obviously Angie and Josie were amongst them.

The next weekend, we went over to Maria's house where the SisterDom was having a meeting. It was a good thing that she had a large house - there must have been over thirty people there - old and young. Everyone there was wearing a dress, so it was hard to tell the girls from the girl-boys. There was one clue though as we had been told to make sure that Sarah as a newcomer to this lifestyle must wear a blue necklace. I could see two others there with similar necklaces but Josie hadn't given any other clues about how to recognise the more skilled newgirls.

We arrived as a group but quite soon Aunt was taken over by another lady of similar vintage and they started talking very excitedly about their children. Clearly, this was someone Aunt already knew. I've already said it was quite a small town where we lived. I did notice a flicker of surprise as this acquaintance began to speak. I overheard the friend say, "My daughter Carol isn't with me tonight," and the way it was said left me in no doubt. Her daughter Carol was another changeover. This was interesting.

So, Sarah and I were left together - newcomers to the gang, as nervous as you'd expect. But not for long. Another girl came over and began with the usual questions.

"Who invited you and do you know anybody here already?"

Sarah said, "Josie Potter invited us."

"Oh, Josie, that's fine. She is a regular at catching recruits. Perhaps I could guess that it's because she works where she does. I'm Jackie and I've done a lot of work with Josie. If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask."

"Erm, will, I've got to ask the big question. What is the SisterDom? What do they do? How, well, you know - everything."

"You're Sandy, aren't you. Josie told me there would be a new-girl and a big-sister with us tonight. And you're Sarah and I must say that you do look very pretty. Well, let's begin at the beginning. The SisterDom is a group of people who have found that their menfolk are nicer people when they wear dresses and are allowed to express their femininity. It's well known that no girl is 100 % feminine and no man is 100 % masculine - we allow the men to relax and join with us in enjoying being a girl in a group who accept them. The SisterDom encourages boys to learn about being feminine before the peer-group pressure builds up and makes them into brutish, arrogant males. We've found that it is much easier to make this change as a pre-teen but we have got skills which can be applied to the teenager or even older. We are a self-help group really. Each of us has either made the changeover to being a girl most of the time or we have helped someone make that step. You'll notice that I don't say that our pupils become full-time girls. That's a decision that comes later. And it's not the same for everyone. We don't want to force anyone, we're not into that sort of thing. We just try to help those poor unfortunates who realize how much pleasure there is in being a girl and learning from our side of the fence how to be a girl and understand girlish things. Some of our new-girls just relax and enjoy the enormous variety of clothes that they can wear, the silks and satins, the tulle and organza. Others get a bit more girl-oriented and actually live as girls. Some do it halfway and dress as girls but stay as men for their lovers.” She blushed a little as she said the last bit.

“Interesting” I thought

"Oh come, on," interrupted Sarah.

"No, dear," said Jackie. "You are not welcome to speak unless spoken to while you are wearing the blue necklace. It should be for only your first three visits unless, well, unless we feel that you need to wait a little longer. There is a great deal to learn about being a girl and, I repeat, it is our pleasure to show you how pleasant it can be. But we do insist that in order to prevent new-girls making the more obvious mistakes, they must wear these pretty blue necklaces.

I leant over, "I've seen three girls with these necklaces. Do you mean to say that there are three new-girls here, now. That must mean there are absolutely lots of people involved."

Jackie smiled, "You've no idea. It began as a sort of game but, yes, it's true. We've trained over 100 boys in this town so that they know the enjoyment of being a girl. Several of them have married and moved away - but that only spreads the SisterDom to other towns. I must admit that some of them became more girlish than others, and a few never really enjoyed it enough to make a regular thing of it. The majority have found that dressing up is rather fun and dressing up with friends who understand their interest is even better.

I felt my eyes widen in amazement, and I heard Sarah gasp too. "Over a hundred. Fantastic. How, why, .... who"

"Now come on, Sandy, we're not going to tell you everything the first time you come through the door. We have to be a little cautious, you know. As time goes by and Sarah learns how to be confident as a girl, you will be learning along with her. There is no better way for a trainer to learn than with a willing trainee. And your aunt will be learning with both of you too. Josie is one of the two or three senior tutors in the group. We've had a quick review of your situation and we have a number of simple suggestions as to how the three of you might proceed. I do have to emphasise that this whole thing is voluntary. If you feel uncomfortable with anything, then say so. Our systems can always be improved."

"I had no idea that I had joined a 'training scheme'," said Sarah. "That sounds awfully thorough. I only started this whole thing as a game with Sandy. There was ..." She stopped again as Jackie held up her hand with one finger raised.

"I insist, Sarah. For this evening, it will be to your benefit if you only speak when specifically asked to reply. For your benefit, remember."

Sarah glared for a moment then subsided. I was impressed at the control Jackie could exert with a simple gesture. I smiled a little and she winked back at me - a mere flicker of an eyelash so that Sarah couldn't see. I liked Jackie a lot already.

"You said that you've got some simple suggestions already, that you've reviewed our situation. What exactly do you mean, Jackie dear," and I put a lot of emphasis on the 'exactly'.

"All in good time," came the reply. "There's no need to get worried. We just want you to learn some basic steps before you make any major decisions or, hopefully not, any major blunders. Just be patient for a little while yet. You really will learn a lot this evening."

So we followed Jackie round and we did learn a lot. She had said that as a trainer I would need to learn too. And was she right! Both Sarah and I learnt a great deal that night - and it didn't hurt a bit.

We learnt which shops were useful and which assistants in those shops were most willing to help. We learnt tricks for concealing any male characteristics, how to use the unisex ploy to make males look more feminine, how really to make them look like girls trying to be macho. There were some very interesting insights for me into what it meant to be a girl or a boy, for that matter. I knew that Sarah was learning too - but she began from a different perspective.

That reminds me of one key phrase that the SisterDom used time after time. It is not wrong to be a man, it is not wrong to be a girl, but they are different. Towards the end of that first evening I began to understand what they meant.

The talk was always on feminine subjects. Occasionally one girl would be asked a question by another. Woe betide the poor lass who failed to give a satisfactory answer. After a few overheard comments, I realized that this was almost invariably a new-girl being quizzed by a big sister. Although the most amusement came when the trainer herself made the mistake.

I was quite startled to see that on one occasion, the new-girl was promptly upended over the corner of the sofa and smacked quite hard on the backs of her legs. So - some trainers did use physical punishment to enforce their will.

At the end of the evening, there was a special announcement by Josie. "The group has been asked if we would be willing to host a special event to introduce younger people to the SisterDom. This would be aimed at those who are aged fourteen, fifteen or sixteen so are still at school; this would be for trainers just as much as for trainees. This would be aimed at brothers, cousins and best friends who can be assessed as having either an interest in or a need for a training period. Now no commitment has been made by us on your behalf, however a quick show of hands would help us judge what to do next, and later which plan or parts of a plan might be more suitable. So, first - are we interested – hands up, please. Yes, about three-quarters of you. Can those who were not so keen, come and talk to me about your reservations. I really do need feedback on this one. And can those who were interested do some talking in the next few days so that we can have a variety of suggestions on how to proceed. I should mention that unofficially we do already have nine trainees in this age group already. The suggestion from our trainee-advisors is that we try to expand this considerably. They are aware of the danger of taking advantage of the pre-pubescent ambivalence so common today - but their obvious success rate with those lucky children who do join us at an earlier age does merit some extra effort. Please, do some brainstorming and come back to us."

"Wow. That's a bit startling," said Jackie, who had rejoined us. "I hadn't heard anything about this. You're new at this so perhaps I should ask what you think rather than asking any of my friends who know the System already."

Somehow I could hear a capital letter on the word 'system'. I had already found that this SisterDom had several special words - new-girl, big-sister, transition, transformation, changeover and girldom were the most obvious. I was just as interested as before but now I knew that I was quite raw and ignorant in a lot of newly important areas. I realized that I was going to have to work at this new thing. Andrew's decision to welcome Sarah was making changes throughout the lifestyle of the whole family - well, me, Sarah and Aunt at least.

In the meantime, Jackie was waiting for us to give some sort of response.

"I'd never imagined there could be an organisation to help people like Sarah. Now that we know that there is, it changes all sorts of things. But this idea of having what sounds like a special children's section seems a bit too much. We've been spending our quota of lessons on sex education and it's very evident that puberty is a very difficult time. It's all too easy to make kids of that age really screwed up about the whole thing. Playing games with their whole identity does sound awfully unwise."

"I agree and I disagree, Sandy," replied Jackie. "For those kids who are sure of themselves, it can be a way to find out about the opposite sex, those scary things called girls, in a new and interesting way. For those who are obviously already interested in being more feminine, then I can see no problem in helping them too. So there's two groups who are 'safe' for us to help. The others in the middle have no real idea of their identity yet. It can be a real problem, indeed a danger to them, if we did anything as drastic as tampering with their identity. But we don't do that. We are completely against anything that drastic. We aim to show the pleasure of being a girl - there is no attempt to denigrate the male. We're ordinary people and we love men just as much as women. Where we are different is that we think men are improved by knowing more of the feminine side. It's easy enough for girls to learn how to be macho, how to posture and strut like the typical male - but we aim in the other direction."

"That's very interesting. I'd never looked at things in that way before. Do you have any comments, Sarah dear."

The poor girl looked at Jackie to check that she did have permission to speak. Jackie nodded her approval.

"It's all very new to me. All of a sudden, I do want to know more about girls from their point of view. Not the old way, you know, where I watched how they dressed and how they looked so that I could see if there were any signals that they were interested in me. Not that I ever really saw much. I can't claim a great success rate with the girls when I was a boy - but this is just so different. I have to agree that it's a wonderful project that this SisterDom is running. I see it as sort of 'How to show the man the benefits of the feminine side'. I think that if you're careful about choosing your younger pupils, there should be no harm to them. There has to be a benefit to society as a whole for more men to have a better understanding of women."

I looked at Sarah with renewed approval. Andy would never have said anything so sensible. Jackie smiled too, "That's really helpful, both of you. But I do hear your doubts about our need to take care. I'll speak to Josie later."

Soon after this, Aunt came back and we picked up our coats and set off home. All three of us had comments to make about the evening but we all agreed that knowing there was such a team of friends eager to help was a huge step forward. We also agreed that the evening had made it clear that things really had changed for all of us. Somehow, Sarah had become more determined than before. She wanted to forget Andy, except for very special circumstances. She wanted to be a girl absolutely full-time. And Aunt had gone along with this. She must have some plan to keep her husband from noticing that his teenage boy was now dressing as a girl every day. I soon learnt what she intended.

"Sarah my child, from tomorrow, we have five weeks before you go back to school. For that time, you may dress as Sarah whenever you wish subject to my decision to have you dress as Andrew when I deem it necessary. I will speak to Dan this evening and I will tell him about the theatre project that you are working on with me. I will say that we hadn't bothered him with it before but that some of the work was going to be so obvious that he should have some warning. Obviously, the theatre project is going to require you to dress as a girl for the play. It's a medieval thing in the proper style with boys playing the parts of all the girls. The producer has insisted that all the players will learn to play their parts better if they spend as much time as possible dressed up. If he asks about the play, we'll tell him the dates haven't been decided yet. What do you think, dear ?"

"Oh, mum, that'll be wonderful. I'd just love to do that for the rest of the hols. Even though I want to do more, that would be a lovely start. I'm so happy I want to dance."

"Well, that's alright for now. We'll speak about it more in the morning while we get ready for Dan to come back from his trip. We've got until seven o'clock tomorrow night. I'll call you in the morning, Alexandra. You've got some work to do too."

I nodded, stunned at the amount of organisation that had already been decided upon.

The next step was dealing with Fiona. She was just fourteen and I had no idea what she would think of this situation. Could I explain it as a game? I was quite worried. Then I thought of talking to one of my new big-sisters and asking her advice. There must be others in the SisterDom who had dealt with such a problem before. I made my phone calls and listened hard to the various bits of advice I was given.

Fiona rushed through the door just after six on the Tuesday evening. She gulped down a cold drink and then began to talk nineteen to the dozen. She was all excited and eager to talk about the great time she had had - working on an archaeological dig for crying out loud. I let her go on for a while then once she began to slow down, started with my story.

I dived straight in. "We've got cousin Andy staying with us for a while. In fact, for the rest of the holidays. We're all working on a special project which means that it's more sensible for him to stay here than at his own home. He's upstairs in the spare room getting dressed to go out for the evening right now."

"What d'you mean, 'getting dressed'?"

"Oh, it's a special project with the theatre. He's been keeping it quiet for ages. Now he's been asked to do this mediaeval thing and the director insists that the boys play the girl's parts. Since he has been told that he must learn to feel like a girl, not just dress for the part, Auntie and I have volunteered to help. For the past week, he's been dressing as a girl all day and all night. We've been instructed to call him Sarah. You just won't believe how beautiful she is now. That ghastly cousin Andy has disappeared completely. You just wait." I called upstairs, "Sarah dear, time for your evening fashion parade."

I could see Fiona sitting in the armchair, stunned into immobility by my story. We both heard the click, clack of high heels on the wooden staircase then Sarah came into the room. She was wearing the most lovely thin powder-blue summer dress. It shimmered as the green underslip caught the light. Anyone watching would have seen a lovely teenage girl in an expensive party dress. Her shoes and handbag matched the blue of the dress, her eyes matched the green underslip. I hadn't expected her to look so pretty.

Fiona was even more surprised with the reality than she had been at first. She recovered quickly though and delighted us all by getting up and, in her politest voice, saying, "My name is Fiona. I don't think we've met before. That's a beautiful dress you're wearing."

"Oh, Fi darling, thank you," murmured the enraptured Sarah. "You couldn't have made me happier. I wanted so much to be Sarah for you. I do know how much I've upset you in the past when I was Andy. But that's in the past now. I do want you to understand that I'm not the same person as I was a week ago. I really, truly do understand a great deal more about what it means to be a girl rather than a boy."

"I'm confused again," said Fiona. "Sandy didn't say anything about 'you used to be Andrew and now you're Sarah. That sounds a lot more thorough than just learning a part for a play - however o.t.t the producer may be about realism."

Fiona always was a bit quick. I moved onto stage two - the almost complete truth. I told her that Sarah had begun with the theatre rehearsal but that one of his other friends had told us that there was actually a help-group for boys who enjoyed dressing up. Sarah had gone along 'just to find out a bit more' - and had realized that it was fun to dress up for real as well as for pretend.

Then he had asked me to help and we had talked with his mum - and so - here we had our cousin wearing a dress for the next few weeks. Wasn't it fun and did Fiona want to help.

"Yes. Yes, I do. Of course I want to help. As for your attempts to set the scene, I didn't believe very much of what you said to begin with. What sort of nutty thespian is going to make his teenage actors dress as girls in order to get realism. Don't try to make me laugh. But looking at this pretty girl, I can and do believe that she is real. Yes, I can believe that Sarah wants to be real and wants to hide the ghastly Andrew from sight. I wouldn't dream of arguing, I never thought much of Andrew. But Sarah is so pretty. She looks comfortable, she looks like a nice person. She may be a bit older than me to look at – but as a girl, I've got fourteen and a half years of practice. Of course I'll help."

Sarah breathed out a sigh of relief. "Oh, Fiona darling, I'm so pleased that you want to help me. I've never had so much fun as this last week and I really do need all the help I can get." She swayed over to the sofa and sat down, sweeping her dress carefully into place as she did so. I could see how this impressed my slap-dash young sister.

Fiona saw my amusement. "If you can do this to a spotty youth like my cousin in just one week, then I'm going to have to work pretty hard to catch up. I'm not going to be left out of this show. I know that I've never been very interested in make-up and stuff before - but things have changed, haven't they."

So the evening began with all of us working carefully on our hair, our makeup and our whole display. The Goodfellow team was going out on the town and the town was going to take notice.

It was a great success. The ice-cream bar was almost the only place available - all three of us looked too young to go into a pub and we didn't want to risk it without someone older as a cover. The Mermaid was about as busy as ever, say half full. I knew a couple of the boys and I waved to them as we sat at a little table just to one side of the main window. We stayed for about half-an-hour then set off on the important stuff - window-shopping.

Character List
Andrew/Sarah Appleby aged 16
Paula his elder sister
Sandy Goodfellow aged 16 the narrator
Fiona her younger sister 14 1/2
Rachel her youngest sister 9
*Josie Potter late 20s; shop assistant
*Jackie colleague of Josie
*Angela bank-clerk

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