SRU: A Wish

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SRU – A Wish

Life is a Dream within a Dream

The waking world an Illusion

By Zapper

Synopsis: Megan and Jason are young and in love, but could life be better? They encounter the Wizard and their wishes are granted, SRU style.

Note: I've been working on two longer projects and needed a break. This story idea came to me and I want to dedicate it to SL.

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I looked over at Megan and thought about how lucky I was to have her in my life. She caught my look and squeezed my hand.


The word was easy to understand, but the inflection was slightly off. I turned my head so she could clearly see my mouth.

“Nothing. We’re almost there.”

She nodded looking excited. Then she glanced ahead and I followed her gaze. We were walking along a narrow hiking trail, one of many that the city had built over the last few years to encourage people to get out and get more exercise. This wasn’t a problem for either Megan or me. We were both avid fitness fanatics. Although, our mutual passion for fitness wasn’t what had initially drawn us together. As strange as it might seem it was the internet. I’d initially met Megan playing an online game called “Second Life” and we’d hit it off. Then we were both sort of surprised when we figured out we lived in the same city.

I remembered the first time I’d seen her, in a coffee shop. I discovered that besides being cute, she had a great sense of humor, loved motorcycles, airplanes, and adventure. The second thing that drew me to Megan was the fact that she wasn’t put off by my job. As a fighter pilot people always seemed to have a strong reaction to me. They either thought I was some kind of monster or a hero. Megan, she just shrugged her shoulders and asked if I was going to finish my biscotti.

Now that the clearing was in sight Megan let go of my hand and hurried ahead. I adjusted the backpack and followed a little slower, watching the way her butt moved in her jean shorts. I got to the clearing only a few seconds behind Megan but she’d already turned and was walking away from the trail toward the stream. I increased my pace trying to catch her and felt sweat start to run down my back.

It was an early day in spring, but the sun was bright and we’d been walking up hill for almost half an hour. The backpack I carried was military issue and it rested comfortably over my shoulders but the thirty pounds of gear still required an effort. Then Megan disappeared into the trees next to the stream. I was only a few feet behind her but it was enough to momentarily lose sight. I caught up and put my hand on her shoulder and gave it a squeeze. She glanced back at me and flashed a bright smile.

I’ve always thought that Megan’s smiles are something to cherish and I couldn’t resist grinning in response. Now that we were following the stream we had to move single file. I started to wonder if this was just going to be a huge disappointment. I knew that Megan really wanted this to work, hell, I did too. But the guy . . . the wizard . . . at the time he’d seemed so genuine. But now I had my doubts. After all magic didn’t really exist.

In my mind I could still hear the tinkle of the bell as we entered the shop in the mall. The sign said, “Spells-r-Us” and Megan upon seeing it dragged me by the hand inside. I looked around letting go of Megan’s hand and reached out to touch what felt like an actual human skull on a shelf.

“That can’t be real,” I muttered.

The air in the shop smelled a little musty and Megan sneezed, reminding me to catch up. I always felt a little protective of her in public. Even though I knew she could take care of herself. I moved up to her and saw that she was looking at an empty counter. There was a sign on the counter that said, “Be back in ten minutes.”

Megan looked at me and signed, “Ten minutes, from when?”

I laughed, but before I could answer a voice said, “Nine minutes ago.”

I blinked, how had he known Megan’s question, she hadn’t spoken, she’d used sign to ask it.

“Hello, Jason, Megan, how are you?”

Megan let out a little gasp and put her hands to her ears but I looked intently at the guy behind the counter. One second it had been empty and then he was standing there. The guy was wearing what looked like a dirty bathrobe and I felt a little alarmed. I mean who wears a bathrobe to work? But when I looked closer I saw a humor in his eyes and the look on his face told me that he enjoyed life and wanted others too as well. I felt myself relaxing.

“I’m good. Are you really a wizard?” I asked pointing at the sign.

Before he could answer Megan said, “He must be.”

The expression in her voice caused me to look down at the petite blonde next to me. When she caught my eye I could see a stunned look on her face, “Jason, I can HEAR!”

Those four little words caught me off guard. Megan was deaf. Those simple words caused my world to spin in stunned disbelief.

“It just makes things easier if we can all communicate at the same time.” The wizard said, his voice was sort of neutral but I felt an undercurrent.

“I’m convinced. Can you sell us something so that Megan will always be able to hear?”

The wizard looked at me and then at Megan. “Is that what you really want?”

Before I could respond Megan moved forward, “I think you can tell what we really want . . . without us having to say it.”

The wizard nodded, “You two are an interesting pair. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite like you. Still, I need you to speak your wishes out loud. The rules are the rules after all.”

I spoke up at once, “I wish that Megan would be able to hear. I wish for her to be happy, and for us to be together.”

The wizard nodded and looked at Megan, “What is your wish?”

“I wish for excitement, adventure, and to be with Jason.”

I was a little surprised at her words and then realized that I shouldn’t have been. Megan had the spirit of an adventurer. The wizard nodded and reached under the counter and pulled out a box. It looked like it was made of oak and he ran his hands over the well-worn surface.

“Go to a remote location, someplace in nature, and open the box. Once it’s open, make love, there is magic in the box and in the act of creation. When you are joined the magic will take effect.” The wizard gave us a piercing look, “I don’t normally speak this plainly, but this once I will. The box is a gate, of sorts, it will reach across the multi-verse and it will look through all the infinite possibilities and find who you might have been. It will form a connection between what is and what might have been and you will have your wish.”

“We’re here!”

Megan’s announcement, drew me back to the here and now. The small open area next to the stream was one we’d discovered last summer and it was gorgeous in its remote simplicity. There was a large stone in the middle of the open area next to the stream and I moved to it and dropped the backpack onto it.

I pulled out a red and white checkered blanket and handed it to Megan. As she spread it on the ground I pulled out a bottle of wine and glasses and set them next the blanket as Megan settled demurely upon it. I looked into the backpack and decided to leave the sandwiches along and pulled out the box.

I ran my hands over the worn wood feeling how smooth it was and for a second I thought I felt a tingle. Then it was gone. A part of me thought this was just a waste of time but another part remembered how convincing the wizard had been. Megan had been able to hear while we’d been in the store! I handed the box to Megan who opened it and almost dropped it. As soon as the lid opened I felt a wave of dizziness wash over me and I had to reach out to the rock next to me to steady myself. Megan looked at me her eyes filled with excitement and laid the now open box on the blanket, to one side.

“Come here.”

The words had the inflection of a person who’d never heard her own voice. I moved forward anxious to comply. I sat down next to her and she looked up at me with her big blue eyes.

“Wouldn’t it be neat if we became our characters?”

I knew what she was saying. In Second Life we’d been doing a role reversal, I was the girl and she was the guy. We were living in an urban fantasy world with vampires and werewolves. My character was a beta-wolf who’d run from the Pack. Megan was a Vampire, young as vampires are considered, but very strong. It was set in the universe of Underworld and we were lovers.

“Yeah, it would be cool,” I signed with my limited vocabulary.

Then she leaned in and using both hands grabbed my t-shirt and pulled me closer.

“Kiss me!”

It was a command I couldn’t refuse. Our lips met. Soft. Skin on skin. I could taste her strawberry lip-gloss. The kiss was slow, almost tentative, like the first time lovers kiss but then the heat grew. She opened her mouth and darted her tongue into my mouth. I could feel the heat coming off her. She’d been wearing a white V-neck t-shirt, denim jacket, and tight shorts and I could feel her body through the t-shirt. My body responded in an animalistic heat.

I ran my hands down her sides and felt her shiver in response. Then she shrugged out of the jacket and I moved forward to kiss her neck working my way up to her ears. She twisted in response the skin just blow her ear was one of her erogenous zones and she shivered as gooseflesh dotted her arms and legs moaning softly. Then she pulled my head back around so she could kiss me and I reached up to caress her breasts through the fabric of her shirt. Her soft high breasts felt amazing under my hands and I noticed that her nipples were already hard.

I felt Megan run her hand down my chest and abs to my groin and when she caressed the bulge of my cock through my jeans I felt a jolt of electricity run through me. My dick responded to her familiar touch by getting as hard as a piece of iron. Then I felt a force rush through me and I somehow knew I needed to act. I gently pushed Megan back until she was lying next to the now open box. Then I unbuckled her shorts and slowly pulled them down. She was wearing a pair of red, boy-cut, panties and I thought it was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

I moved back up slowly kissing the soft creamy skin inside her right thigh. The taste was as sweet as honey to me and I moved up kissing my way closer to her center and I heard another moan. Then I got to her fabric covered sex. I put my lips next to her’s and exhaled my hot breath into her sex.


I could tell she was excited by the sweet scent of her pussy. I ignored it, and moved to her left thigh repeating my slow kissing approach to the inner prize. This time when I reached her panty covered pussy I started licking and sucking her clitoris through the material. I felt her reach down and grab the back of my head her hands twisting in my hair.

“Don’t stop!”

The words spurred me on. Megan’s panties were now sopping wet with a mixture of my saliva and her juices. Megan wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed wanting to bring me into the emptiness within her.

“Fuck me, Jason, fuck me!”

The words were slightly off pitch but they were filled with need, with heat and desire. I leaned back and then stood up. I’m a lot bigger than Megan and looking down at her, now, I was filled with a sense of power. I was about to make the petite, busty, girl below me, mine. A strong masculine need filled me, I needed to penetrate her, to burry my hard cock into her soft sweet pussy. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my jeans. When I looked back at Megan she’d slid out of her panties exposing her sex to the cool air.

I could see that she was ready by the moisture glistening on her organ and the engorged clitoris. It was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. I moved to position myself between her legs but she sat up and put her hand to my chest.

“No, lay back. I want to be in control!”

The words sent a shiver through me and for some reason I realized I now wanted her to dominate me. I settled onto my back and she moved over me. By now she’d slide out of the rest of her clothes and her naked breasts with bright pink nipples stood out in the cooler air.

Megan grabbed my cock and it looked huge in her tiny hand as she guided the tip of it to her pussy. The first contact of my cock and her outer lips sent a thrill through me. I wanted to howl with pleasure as she slowly took my shaft into her slick wet cannel.

She felt so tight, so slick, so perfect, that for a moment, as we joined in a primordial union, I felt like we were one being. Like my nervous system and her’s had become connected through my cock and her pussy. Then the sound of thunder echoed overhead. I wondered if we were about to get rained on and discarded the idea as unimportant at the moment. Megan was now bucking up and down, building a rhythm and I felt my balls pull up in preparation to shoot a load of hot cum into her womb.

“Don’t stop!”

I heard myself scream and knew that she couldn’t hear me but she didn’t need to, because she continued gripping me with her inner muscles. Then the thunder sounded even closer I could feel it in my bones and this time Megan opened her eyes to look at me. They were wild with passion and I saw myself reflected in her blue orbs and then the thunder rolled over us again and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I felt my cock tense up and then I was shooting into her and she tilted her head back and screamed. It was a raw animal sound of a primitive powerful passion and I knew she was cumming.

Suddenly, white light filled my vision and I felt like I was falling and for an endless instant I hung suspended, in nothing, and then sensation rushed in and I was aware of the world.

I was on all fours, my hair hanging below my face and there was something odd going on in my groin. Something move inside me and I reflexively clenched down on it. Even though I tried to grip with a new perfect ring of muscles I felt it move pulling out leaving an aching emptiness. Then I became aware of hands holding my hips, ‘How odd,’ I thought, and it was odd but good. And then that powerful hardness pushed in, stretching me, causing my body shuddered in response. I felt my whole body tense up and little shocks of pleasure flowed from my groin to my breasts as they swung freely beneath me. I was cumming, the sensations were strange and wrong, and wonderful. Instead of being hard and pushing in my emptiness was stretched and filled. Instead of all sensation focused tightly on my cock my whole body was singing. Then I became aware of the pendulous flesh attached to my chest swinging about below me. ‘I have breasts,’ I thought in awe. The orbs of flesh were under the influence of gravity and the momentum of my lover’s thrusting.

“Oh, God, Don’t Stop!”

The woman’s voice was filled with passion and it took a moment for me to realize the words had come from my mouth.

“Oh, baby, you’re so tight!”

Then I felt the cock within me twitch and a heat filled my inner core and my body shuddered and clenched and shuddered over and over in response as my orgasm matched his.



I took a shuddering breath and reached up and brushed my long blonde hair to one side and glanced back over my shoulder. The too pale skin of my lover’s bare chest shone in the moon lit forest. I could feel his organ, still impaling me, as I slowly became aware of who I was.


My soft feminine voice sounded like it was filled with worry and this caused the man to focus on me. Then he grinned exposing a set of vampire’s fangs.

“Yes, my love, I can HEAR you.”

Then he gave a little thrust of his hips, “I can also feel you. And baby you feel GOOD!”

“This is impossible.”

Now panic filled my voice and I tried to crawl forward off his cock. For a second he held me and I realized he was very strong. Then he let go and stood up looking down at his masculine hands.

“It was the box, and our wish.”

I climbed shakily to my feet and with an effort of will tore my eyes from my creamy breasts. I could feel his seed running down my legs as I looked with confusion into his dark eyes.

“The box? Our wish?”

“I can hear you!”

His shout of excitement kicked my mind into gear. Megan had wanted us to become our characters and the box, while we’d been having sex, had granted that wish. Then I became aware of a knot of power inside of me and an instinct told me that if I reached for it I’d change. I’d shift into the form of a huge female wolf.

“This is impossible.”

Megan looked at me and suddenly I noticed the lust in his eyes.


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A much different SRU story.

A much different SRU story. Very dark and very old. Janice

I didn't plan it . . .

Janice, thanks for the comment. I didn't really plan it to have that kind of flavor. Interesting observation.


short story?

Sadarsa's picture

Hell, this could easily turn into a full length adventure.

Quite good, but it's begging for more

~Your only Limitation is your Imagination~

Well . . .

I might do more, but I'd have to get talked into it . . . . This story was really intended for SL and I hadn't planned to go further.

Fun story, but questions left unanswered...

Did the magic that transformed them also transfer them in to a universe like the one that their Second Life characters had been adventuring, or are they still in the other wise normal world? How will they adapt to their new lives and sexes, as well as now being supernatural creatures? The ending does leave not only those questions and others unanswered, but leaves off as a good jumping off point for future chapters. Chapters that I hope that one day your muse will inspire you to write.

Tamara Jeanne

Nice SRU story. Are they

Daphne Xu's picture

Nice SRU story. Are they still in this world? Or have they been transported to the world of Second Life? What about their friends, employers, and family? Will reality have shifted around them so that they never existed in this world, or they existed in their new forms?

-- Daphne Xu

For those who are not familiar with SL.

Hypatia Littlewings's picture

SL (Second Life) is a VR(Virtual Reality) world not a game as such although it does contain games and gaming, yet also functions as a "3D Social Network". It is filled with free form RP (Role Playing) where anyone can be anything they want and pretend and build what ever they can imagine, or just be a virtual version of their RL(Real Life) selves, or what they would like to be. There are Vampires & Elves & Aliens, Monsters Super-Heroes, Angels, Demons & Pixies, Animals, Humans & Aimee & Cartoon Characters.

There are place set aside for each specific kinds of pretend, and there are place where all of these can interact freely. If you can't create it yourself some else either already has or will for you. In addition to the social part of the "Social Networking" aspect there is also very real educational, learning & business locations and resource in this Un-Real world.

It is a whole Multiverse all in one. And, always Keep in mind if you should visit that different users use SL in many different ways.

_ _ _ _ _

Nice story!
~Hypatia >i< ..:::

PS. I have often wished I could make the magic of SL work in RL,
"Transform in to what ever you want to be when ever you wan to".

_ _ _ _ _

PPS. anyone who finds me in SL & mentions BigCloset will get a free set of pixie wings from me to add to your avatar.

I'm in SL a couple of times a week


I'm in SL a couple times a week. I'd love to meet up with you and chat!


I'm a Pixie!

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I am Fae Polymorph, a Pixie(usually), human sized(usually), named Hypatia, and I sell Wings(magic spells to turn people into Pixies) *giggles* and other stuff too, think you can find me? *giggles*

~Hypatia >i< ..:::

PS.The trick is to find the Hypatia who sells wings,
or you could just ask me. :p ;))

Of course I woud it

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hey Zapper I am here now