imagine (repost)

this is a repost of the story as encouraged
i tagged it minimal as previous time some one told i tagged it wrong
please read with an open mind and a little compassion


imagine you haven't got any friends in life, not even your little brother.

imagine your father keeps calling you Joanna, even when your name is john.

imagine you have a packed wardrobe, and they are all women clothes.

imagine walking down the streets, knowing everybody is checking you out
as you try to look indifferent wearing that short leather skirt, satin top
and towering heels.

your earrings swaying on your ears and make-up that's way over the top.

imagine your nails look like red daggers ready to strike.

Imagine when out of the blue the cutest guy in town suddenly
comment's you how beautiful your hair looks as it rest's on your butt
as he invites you for a cup of coffee.

Imagine when he rest's his hand on your lap and you prey he doesn't
feel your manhood dangling between your legs
since your father prevented you from wearing panties to allow the tip of your cock heal
from the large ring they pierced there.

Imagine him kissing you as his hand touches your breasts.

Imagine you desperately try to say no when his tongue fills you mouth.

Imagine people saw these violations and nobody cared to act on it.

Imagine your hands were gently forced behind your back and placed in handcuffs
and your top is cut from your body leaving your breasts for all to see
to further your humiliation, a woman you never seen before uses her scarf to gag you.

Imagine being thrown on the street like that with the word 'Sissy' painted on your chest
and with everybody watching your every move you try to get home fast
only to find out your parents blame you for what you are.

Can you imagine?, No!, I can, for this is my life
this is a true story of what my life had become in the hands of uncaring parents
and the actions of cruel people


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