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this is a rather strange story i wrote a long time ago and never finished until now
it dictates some strange situations and hope it makes sense

enjoy, sorcerer


I really can't remember what happened. More than two weeks are missing from my life.
Many hours I spent with the shrink, using methods like hypnosis and the like.
While hypnotized, strange things were drawn from my mind.
Even the shrink couldn't believe her ears. Let me tell you about these things.

About six weeks ago, I was driving my car, when suddenly a white light appeared in front of my car.
At the same time I hit the brakes, I felt something pulling on me, and everything went black.
I don't know how long I’ve been out, but when I opened my eyes, I noticed nothing more then a vast darkness.
Strange clicking sounds all around me, and as I tried to figure out where they came from, I also noticed that I was bound to a cold, steel table.
My arms and legs were strapped to it with some sort of iron plates, my head was strapped with something that appeared to be leather, and all of my body was covered with a rubbery type of material. Trying to get loose, something appeared beside me.
Still I couldn't figure out what, because of the darkness.
Cold slimy hands pulled at the straps, maybe checking if they still held.
Still touching my body, the hands went up, towards my face.
When I tried to scream, there was no sound. Some sort of organic ball was put in my mouth, and silenced all the noises I tried to make. Every time I tried to make a noise, or even tried to open my mouth, the ball adjusted it's size to that of my mouth.
When the hands reached my eyes, something slid off me.
It appeared there was no darkness. That something what came of my eyes was nothing more then the same rubbery substance that covered the rest of my body.
It also appeared to be alive, just like the ball in my mouth.
Little could I move or it adjusted itself to me.
The piece of rubber-like substance was very thin... Strange enough it let no light trough.
Blinking my eyes to try to get a more clear view, a strange figure arose beside me.
The hands that touched me had long fingers, seven of them, no nails what so-ever.
Attached to the hands were long, tentacle-like arms, and attached to that was a quite big body.
It really didn't fit with the arms and hands, but somehow it appeared right.
The light that shone in my eyes prevented that I could see the head, and my position on the table prevented I could see the legs as well.
The hands still touched my body, but this time they touched me with more strength.
More of those same hands appeared out of nowhere, as more of the shadowy figures came to the table. Unable to think or move, I just tried to relax, which was a hard thing to do, because of those damn hands.
Just as sudden as they came, the shadows left, leaving me strapped to the table.
The substance that covered my body started to move, and slowly it covered my eyes again. I still didn't know where I was, or what those shadows were.
A strange high-pitched sound went all trough the room I was in.
I didn't wanted to, but my dick just rose up.
Maybe it had something to do with that sound.
Again the substance on my face was removed, as were the straps that held my head to the table.
This time I could see the rest of my body. The strange substance appeared to be a lightly glowing blue stuff, which illuminated the room a little, but not enough to see clearly.
I now know what caused the erection.
A rather large machine above me had attached itself to the head of my dick.
I felt a warm fluid enter my dick which steadily filled my lower body
with a warm glow.
After a little while, my upper body was the next level to experience the same warm glowing feeling.
Next came another surprise, the rubber-like substance which completely covered me started to withdraw until it only covered my feet, hands and head, leaving my eyes free just enough to get a view at my nearest surrounding.
I couldn't look at my own body any more.
Now... I could be wrong or even be dozed by the effect of the rubber-like blindfold I had on, but I got a feeling of growing tiny
Breasts. Somehow without pain.
I felt my nipples stretch, as the fluid altered my body.
The muscles in my chest loosened and tightened again and again as the breasts continued to develop.
I couldn't believe nor accept that my body parts were being submitted for a make-over.
'I'm a man, a 23 year old man, I won't acc...' suddenly I stopped thinking, I had the strange feeling that my facial expressions
became more slender then the ones I’ve always had.
A voice appeared in my head and I could just see the face of one of my abductors, but it's mouth did not move, yet I definitely heard his voice.
I couldn't understand what this creature was trying to tell me, and my fear rose steadily.
Although I had a pretty good idea what was happening to me,
Yet I had to figure out why. I mean, why go trough all this trouble when female specimens were for the taking.
'No', I thought to myself, 'no... No... NO.'

The warmth of the fluid which was injected into my dick became somewhat hotter. It is difficult to say, but the same feeling I had earlier when my dick rose, was there again, but it appeared to be backwards somehow.
Just when that feeling disappeared, pain shot trough my lower body.
I knew what was happening.
'Oh my god!' I thought, 'My dick is shrinking!'
I felt the weight of my dick go down, until it felt like there was nothing left.
Again I heard the voice in my head, but this time I was able to understand what "IT" was saying.
'Don't be afraid' was the only thing it said.
I tried to reply, but the ball in my mouth prevented that.
The creature left the room as I heard the door open and close with a hissing kind of sound.
'Where the fuck am I, and what the fuck am I doing here!' I tried to yell. Only a mumbling sound came from my throat.
The pain disappeared as sudden as it came, and I felt some relief.
Nevertheless I was scared as hell, scared of what was happening to me.
Afraid of the mystical beings and their freaking machines.
I tried to move my hands and I was surprised that I was able to.
'They removed the bonds!' I thought.
Quickly I removed all the material from the rest of my body, took the ball from my mouth and looked at it.
The same material, filled with a thick white fluid.
Angry, I threw it against the wall, hoping it would pop open, but it didn't.
After stretching my legs, I leaped of the table, and walked around a bit. There! Someone else is here.
As I looked towards the figure on the other side of the room, fear struck me. There was no-one else. When I walked up to the mirror-like wall, I didn't see myself staring back. It just wasn't me. A young female stared back at me, made the same movements as I did. 'Damn!' I screamed, 'What have you done to me!' No response.
I looked at the reflection for what appeared to be hours. Small breasts had grown on my chest. Where once balls dangled, there was nothing, except for a bald pussy. My entire body was turned female.
The longer I stared at the picture, the more I knew I wasn't me any more. Except for my thoughts.
I had to take a leak, but there appeared to be no bowl or bucket to piss in.
'Oh hell, I just do it in the corner!' I said.
As I stood in the corner, my hands went down to grab my dick.
'Damn, I forgot.'
After I was done pissing, the door opened and two of the creatures came into the room.
Mad as hell, I ran to them, ready to bust some heads.
'STOP!' the voice in my head said.
My legs stopped instantly. They had mentally taken control of my body.
Stiff as a board, I stood there, looking straight at them.
'Let me explain' One of the creatures said. It almost looked like they read my mind.
'Yes! You've got a lot of explaining to do!' I yelled at him or her. I couldn't tell.
'Our world is in great need of males. We tried some of your female species, but somehow the combined DNA of those specimens and ours only produced females. We needed to find another way. We found it.'
'Why do you need males?' I asked him.
'Three earth years ago, a virus struck our planet, killing the major number of our males. It also changed our females. somehow they only produce female offspring. Now there are more females then males, and this problem affects the population of our home world. Our mates only give birth once in their entire life.'
'Yeah, so?'
'We visited your world for centuries, and noticed the growth of your world's population. Your female species are able to produce more offspring then ours, so we took some of them home to experiment.'
'We were right' The other creature said. 'They did produce more offspring, but they were all female, and we needed males.'
'After two years of intense research, we found the solution. We took a male from your planet, and altered his body so he would be able to give birth. This way, the combined DNA of your male species and ours, will produce males, instead of females.'
'But why me?'
'You were the most suitable.' he said.
'What do you mean, suitable?'
'You have a high IQ, which is needed, and your body is healthy. You also have dreamed you were female more then once.'
'Might be!' I replied angry, 'But that doesn't say I really wanted to!'
'Nonetheless, you were perfect.'
'Enough explaining for now, follow us.' the other creature said.
As I walked between the two creatures, I took a good look around.
'One last thing, Where the hell am I?'
'You are on our home world. We arrived yesterday. Welcome to Ma cum.'

After walking with them through some narrow tunnels we arrived in a room filled with stuff resembling bondage articles.
Rubber-like balls in various formats were stacked on a narrow piece of what I thought was wood.
'Why are we stopping here' I asked.
'Our females are not free to just walk on our planet, they must obey our every wish and command and so must you.'
One of the creatures picked up a silvery shining ball from the shelf
and put dropped it in one of my hands.
The minute it touched my skin it started to cover my entire body from head to bottom.
After it had invaded my entire body it had left five holes in the suit,2 for my eyes 2 tiny holes for my nose and one 'which I found out later' for my complete naked pussy.
Again the rubber-like substance had invaded my mouth and I was silenced once more.
I felt the material getting tighter and tighter until my body was as smooth as silk.
The material also formed some shackles on my wrists and ankles and the shackles on my wrists were forced behind my back where the bonds on my feet allowed me to make small steps.
By looking down I noticed that my feet were enclosed with some very high boots which also were made of the same material in which my complete body was wrapped.
A collar of light appeared around my neck and a long piece of rope made of the same light was dangling from my collar.
The creature picked up the rope and pulled me nearer to him and said to me 'You must obey us no matter what' and if you serve us well we might let you go to your own planet once we have enough male child’s from your body.
After he said those words to me a cold chill ran down my spine.
'Children' I thought!, and further more How much is enough. Will I ever get home and will I ever get my own body back, although this body suits me well, my figure was pretty well in all proportions.

More time to think about it I didn't have because a sudden yank on the rope woke me to reality and I was led in a what seemed to be a milk stand for cows or something similar.
My head was forced between two iron rods and my knees where spread wide with straps appearing from my suit and were bound to some wide spread wooden poles.
Then without any warning the material which covered my body, which up to now only left my eyes uncovered, slid over my eyes and left me in total darkness. In my ears there formed some snug feeling plugs which dug deep in my ears and leaving me deaf, mute and blind.
The last thing I heard was the voice in my mind telling me that this was my resting place for the night and that tomorrow my training would begin.
I wondered what kind of training they had in mind for me.
Some fluid was injected in my arm, and I felt myself doze off.
'Till tomorrow.' was the last thing I heard.

The sound of a door opening woke me up.
Footsteps sounded all around me.
My eyes and ears were yet again uncovered, and I saw five of the creatures stand around me. Three females, and two males.
I knew they were communicating with each other with a strange clicking sound.
The ball was removed from my mouth.
They seemed to be arguing about it.
Don't know exactly, until one of the male creatures turned to me and another voice appeared in my mind.
'Don't worry, the training will be very easy for you.' he said.
I tried to say something. 'Wh...'
'SILENCE! You may only speak until spoken to.' The other creature said.
Frightened by the hardness in his voice, I shut up.
'These three females will help you trough your training.
They are not allowed to speak, so don't ask anything. '
Without anything else to say, the males left the room and the females came closer.
One of them pulled a small whip of the wall, and gave it to one of the others.
Flashes of pain went trough my back. 'Oh my god! They're lashing me!'
Again and again the creature whipped me.
I felt blood flow from the places where the whip hit.

After many blows on my back it suddenly stopped.
How many blows they've given me I don't know because after the 5th or 6th, my mind went in a state of fear and I lost all track of time.
Then one of the females told me to stand up and without any command the straps which bound me to the poles withdrew and I was able to stand on my feet again.
It did cost me some effort to do it because the long stay in the bound position numbed my muscles and I could feel the stiffness in my legs.

The moment I stood straight the material which covered my body (they had told me it was called cellonite) changed from a tight cat suit to a fairly short maidens dress with high heeled shoes and again it formed some shackles around my hands and feet and a thick collar which was so high I couldn't move or turn my head so looking forward was the only option I had left.
The cellonite bonds pulled my hands behind my back and up to my collar.
A scream from the pain in my arms formed in my mouth but before it had come out a gag sprung from the collar up and fitted itself in my mouth so screaming wasn't an option any more.

I was then brought to a well lit room which, in the middle, had some sort of dentist chair they strapped me to.
In front of my pussy, a hollow dildo rose.
One woman spread my lips and another woman stuffed the dildo in my pussy.
The dildo was strapped securely into place and then I could hear and feel a humming sound coming from the dildo.
I could feel my juices starting to flow when the dildo started to suck them up and storing it in a little tank attached to the bottom of the rod.
I then knew they were storing my juice for later insemination and thus creating their male children.
Somehow it felt good, and the more the juices were drawn from my cunt, the hornier I got.
After about half an hour, they pulled back the dildo, leaving me on the table, still enjoying the feeling.
Both women left the room taking the dildo with them. No words were said between us, they just left.
I don't know how much orgasms I had, but I was still hot.
Able to use my arms again, I brought my hand down to my pussy, and started to masturbate. The feelings I got were nothing compared to the feelings I had as a man.
This was much better. I liked this.
After Coming three times more, I fell asleep.

Someone touched me, waking me up, and I saw the males who abducted me.
'Come with us.'
There was nothing I could do but follow them. the fear I had in the beginning faded away a little.
We didn't go far. Three rooms down the long hall.
Walking between the two creatures, they took me into the room.
Again it was well lit, and again a chair was placed in the middle.
This time it was a different one. This one had two extensions at each side of the chair, supposedly for my legs.
'Sit down!' they said and I sat down in the chair. Each one of the creatures took a leg, and lifted them into the holders. My legs were spread wide. Again a female creature entered the room but this time without a dildo. I couldn't see anything on the walls either, so I couldn't know what they were up to this time.
They spoke with each other again in the strange clicking sound.
The female left the room just for a few minutes, and came back holding a plate with some sharp instruments, and some rings.
Underneath a piece of cloth, which they removed from the plate were some chains. Not large ones, but they were quite long.
The machine above me came down, and stuck a needle into the vain in my neck. I dozed off again. When I woke up, I felt a little strange.
The creatures were gone again, so I couldn't ask what they had done.
Not that they would've told me anyway. 'Silence!' I still heard the harsh word in my mind.
There were no straps to hold me to the chair this time, so I stood up and tried to walk around. A rattling sound went trough the room, and when I looked down, I saw what they had done to me. Four little rings dangled from my pussy. Each one of my lips were pierced, without me knowing about it. Attached to each one the rings, a chain dangled down, which was attached to the bottom of the chair. Every time I tried to stand up, the chains pulled me back into the chair.
Shocked by these new attachments I checked my nipples.
They also were pierced, but there were no chains. I took one of them between my fingers, and pulled lightly. The sensation which went trough my body made me pull it a little harder.
'Enjoying it?' a voice said. I looked around but saw no-one.
No, that was not true. in the corner of the room, a shadowy figure arose. 'ANSWER ME!'
'Y.. . yes.' I said a little afraid of the voice.
'Good, then go on.' and the figure walked out of the room. I was alone again. Or at least it appeared like it. I didn't know if there was anybody else in the room.
As a man I wouldn't dream of ever having this done to my body because having rings in my balls would not be taken well by my girlfriend.
{thinking of that how should I explain this if I ever came home again from this ordeal}.
But being a woman now and having these rings in my vagina and breasts, it's kind of erotic.
I needed to find out what the function of these rings were, and if I knew, would I like it.
Touching them really turned me on, I even caught me pulling them softly to get a general idea of the things that could be done just by pulling them or hanging stuff on them.
'And then it hit me like a hammer.' That's what the rings are for
and a shiver came over me from delight.
I've never done this sort of things but 'I like it' she thought.

At that time I stopped talking and looked at the shrink and saw that she had carefully unbuttoned her blouse and caressing her breasts.
She was getting hot from my story, the bitch wanted it happened to her too, I think.

As I nipped from my water I continued my story.

As I tried to unlock the chain from the chair I noticed it wasn't
connected to the chair but just hanging loose beside the chair.
I looked surprised and wondered why I couldn't walk away from the chair.
I picked up the chains and started walking but didn't get far though it wasn't the chain that held me but something I overlooked or just didn't see.
I waved my hands before me to find a restrain of some kind but all I caught was air.
Disappointed I sat down back in the chair and waited for the creature to return to release me from the damned chair.

After waited a long time for someone to set me free from my invisible bonds to the chair the female creature came back in.
The moment she stood besides me, the restrains to the chair disappeared and my present outfit changed to something I felt comfortable walking with down the street.

The creature told me the insemination went well and new males were soon to be expected back on their world and I was free to return to my own world (good old Earth).

then I remembered something the woman said to me.
(and boy, I did not tell this to the shrink).
She told me the cellonite outfit would stay on me,
and whenever I was at home I would again be restrained by it.
While I was away it would change to an outfit of my choice.
The only way I could get rid of the cellonite was that some-one else freely wanted to wear it and so be bonded in it and be my slave.

By that time I ended my story 'bout what happened to me, and looked at the shrink who was at that time as horny as hell.
I told the shrink if she wanted to wear some very erotic clothing to
enlarge her feelings.
'Yes, was her answer.'
Do you want to wear the cellonite clothes? I asked again.

'Yes I want to wear the cellonite',she responded.
Then take ALL your clothes off and come stand against my belly I said. cellonite is worn skin tight.

By that time the shrink was so horny that she would do about just anything, so she undressed and she approached my belly and stood against it.

Then the cellonite began to slither from my body to hers and formed a skin tight long dress on her body.
The shrink stood before the mirror and admired her new acquired outfit which was formed by the cellonite.
She was really enjoying it and by that time I asked her if she fancied something more daring, something more restricted.

The shrink answered 'show me what it can do',and at the same moment the cellonite began to tighten around her body, her arms were drawn behind her back in a cellonite single glove, a sturdy collar grown around her neck and from that, a gag sprung inside her mouth
which was at that time open from amazement what the cellonite could do and a bit from fear of her now restricted body.

The gag filled her complete mouth which made her speechless.
The last item what was generated was a blindfold what covered her eyes and darkened her vision.
Now the shrink was completely bound and helpless.

'Have I told you the only way I could get rid of my restriction was if someone else freely took my cellonite cage', O well now you know, I said to her, and explained that from now on she has become 'my' slave
to serve me for live.

I took the shrinks clothes and put them on, I searched through her belongings to find some I. D’s.
After I found what I needed I stuffed my new found slave in the back of 'my' car and drove off to my new house, where I perfected my new identity.
I got used to my new name 'Lisa Buckling' Dr Lisa Buckling.
It had a nice ring to it as I stood before my office door the next morning and familiarized myself with my patients for that day.

Over the next few weeks I got my newly acquired slave pierced in her tits, her cunt and her tongue.
I also got her a tattoo on her ass 'property of Lisa' it said.
She must serve me in all conditions.

Somehow I was glad this all happened to me. I finally understood the way of those creatures, far away in outer space. And until someone else took her burden, she was mine.
It's good to have your own personal slave..

The End.

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