Kingston Academy Shorts #3: The REAL End

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Kingston Academy Shorts
#3: The REAL End

By Melanie E.

Want to know how Princess For Hire really ends? Here's your chance to find out!

APRIL 2nd EDIT: This was an April Fool's Joke, so if you're reading it after April 1st, keep that in mind.


"--ck? Beck? Are you alright? Beck!"

"Ugh... mwu?" I groaned as I sat up, looking around myself in confusion.

"James, call the doctor! Honey, are you okay?"

"I dink fo," I said, then spat our a mouthful of something wet and warm.

"Oh, thank goodness! Don't talk, hon, you'll get blood in your mouth."


As my consciousness returned my face began to scream at me in pain. I reached up to feel what was wrong, and found a pulpy mess where my nose should have been. I looked over to the side, and there stood my stepbrother with a bloody bat in his hand and a look of horror on his face.

Was it all just a dream? But what about Sarah? Leslie?


I started to cry as I laid there, partially from the pain and partially because of everything I'd lost.

No, no, no....

"NO!" I screeched as I shot up in my seat, the belt barely restraining me as several of the other plane passengers around me jumped or screeched in shock.

"Ma'am, what's the matter?" The stewardess asked me with concern, rushing down the isle.

"Wha?" I grumbled, my eyes hardly able to focus though I was now wide awake. Reaching up I felt my small, perfectly not-bloody nose. I was still on the plane to Dad's for spring break. I was still Beck Henderson, Kingston Academy Princess.

I was still getting called a girl.

"Umm... bad dream?" I offered, and she gave me an understanding look and a pat on the shoulder.

"Okay, hon. We're about to land anyway."

"Thanks," I told her, then leaned back in my seat and rubbed my eyes.

There's nothing worse than a Dallas ending.


HAH! It was all just a dream! And THAT was all just a dream too!

Okay, so this is a pretty lame April Fools' Day joke. Sorry.

Melanie E.

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Oh funny!

You're so BAD!!!!! Just read the Kingston & laughed. TY I needed it :D

Doc Greeneggs

Ooooh, you have a "evil"

Ooooh, you have a "evil" streak in you. So where was the shower if it was a Dallas ending? :) :) :) Loved this little interlude Janice Lynn


Can't retcon the entire thing THAT easily =P

Nice little reaffirmation of care, though I wonder why Becky's ON the plane...

I'll prolly add it to the story later

but this is her flying out to her dad's for spring break.

I mocked this all up on a spur-of-the-moment decision to "Dallas" PFH in less than 15 minutes from concept-ing to posting before our game yesterday; forgotten plot points were inevitable :P

Melanie E.


And with an edit to the preview blurb to make it absolutely clear from the get-go this was just a silly joke.

Melanie E.