Embracing Justice -chp 9

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

“Yes! Oh Yes! Yes! I get to be a girl!



Kristine’s excitement was almost infectious as she expressed her joy at her lifelong dream finally being within her grasp. What she heard next though almost sent the poor girl into orbit. Tapping Kristine on the shoulder to get her attention Dorothy smiled at the young girl joy.

“Kristine, not only is Samantha going to be your legal guardian, but she will also be your older sister as far as the rest of the world is concerned.”

“You mean I get to have a big sister? Like for real? Not some kind of cover story?” Sam along with everyone else could see that this meant more to the girl than getting to legally transition. When Kristine looked into the eyes of Sam she found something she never thought she would find. Acceptance and love.

“Yes, Kristine, I will be your big sister. As for it being a cover story, well I will be honest with you. For the most part yes; that is exactly what it is, but only when it comes to those three lug heads over there.” at Sam’s lug head crack both Bobby and Hunter voiced their displeasure. Sam and Kristine just giggled at the two men. “For me it is going to be the truth.”

“Sam are you sure about that? If you do it will mean a long term assignment with WETSAC.” Dorothy said from where she was standing by Kristine’s uncle.

“Yes, I am sure Dorothy. Hell, I don’t know what you’re so worried about? Didn’t you do the same thing for me twelve years ago?”

Holding up her hands as if in defeat Dorothy just chuckled. “Ok, I can’t argue with that. Now, David and I need to get back to the field office. We have a few things that we need to try and get a handle on. Please tell me that there are more copies of that flash drive ready to go?”

Kristine giggles as she leaves the room only to return before anyone can ask what she is up to. “I started making copies this morning after bob…um I mean deputy Everbrite, stopped to get the blank drives earlier. I currently have six full drives ready to go.” Kristine held out her hand showing the six new flash drives.

“Damn, girl you move fast. I didn’t even know you had started copying the original yet. What did you do start making copies in the car on the way over here?” Bobby said with a smile. “Oh and I told you already, Kristine, the name is Bobby. You need to get use to using our names or it’ll blow the cover story. Even here where no one else can hear us you need to use our first names, just like you would a brother.”

“He is right Kristine, the same goes for me. That is unless we can do a little editing to the cover story which in truth I think needs to happen here Dorothy.” Bat who was by far the oldest of them all there knew that the three brothers and sisters cover story won’t fly. “This is what I would suggest we use as a cover story. Seeing as how I am in my mid-fifties and the rest of these youngsters are barely over twenty five or in their early thirties I am their mother’s younger brother. This way I can still be part of this family without drawing to much attention by standing out as being too old. I become the ‘cool younger uncle’ that everyone wants to have in their family. And those four will fit in better as my nieces and nephews, than as my younger siblings.”

“So how do we explain me uncle Bat? I am barely into my teens and there is no way I can be Sam’s daughter? She would have had to have me when she was twelve or thirteen.” Kristine had seen the one hole in the cover story that Sam was dreading having to go over.

“As much as I hate to say this sis, but I get to be your teenage older sister.” The grimace on Sam’s face had both Bobby and Hunter fighting to hold in their laughter. The fact that Sam looked like she was barely old enough to be out of high school let alone drive was often very embarrassing for her. Hearing the stifled chuckles coming from Bobby and Hunter; Sam just sighed. “Alright you two go ahead and laugh. I suggest you get it out of your system now before things get super harry.”

Both young men gave into their sense of humors and started to laugh out loud. Even Bat who had been acting very much like a gentleman joined in with them. This of course set David off on his own laughing spree. The only ones who were not laughing were Dorothy and Kristine. The two women understood that while looking young is often the goal of every woman alive, appearing too young can be a pain in the ass at times.

“Alright you three knuckleheads; enough is enough. It is bad enough that I get shit at the office. I don’t need it here. Besides we have a problem that needs to be addressed.” At Sam’s rebuke all four of the men quickly got themselves under control. When they had finally stopped laughing Bat gave Sam the go ahead to lay out the problem. “As you know we had some visitors from Homeland this morning. Bobby and I are pretty sure that there is a leak in the Toledo and Columbus offices.”

“Shit! Are we safe here Sam or should we start looking for a few more bolt holes?” Bat was straight to the point. His no nonsense approach to security had saved his life more than once. He maybe old school in the way he did some things but he had always listened to his gut and those around him. He knew that Sam had far better local knowledge than anybody in the room he wanted to know her thoughts.

“For right now Bat we are safer than a babe in her mother’s arms. This neighborhood has changed so much I barely knew it when we pulled in; as for this house let’s just say that the only place more secure, that I know about, is the White House.” Sam had already checked to make sure that all of her father’s hidden little surprises were still in place. Once they were the only ones there Sam would show Kristine and the others where they were and what they were.

She was not about to show Dorothy and David some of those surprises. As much as she loves Dorothy as a sister, there were just some things she didn’t need to know. Her father knew what type of men he worked for and what some of them did for their living. After Dorothy and David left Sam quickly showed the other Deputies the security measures her father had installed during the construction of the house. To say they were impressed would be an understatement.

“Seeing as how all of us have been on the go all day long why don’t we order a few pizzas for diner?” Bat suggested.

“There is a mom and pop place not too far from here that does take out, but you have to go in and pick it up. However, it is well worth it. You won’t find a better deep dish in all of Toledo.” Sam said with some fondness. She remembered the last time she and her family order from the Dinnato’s family pizzeria. “If they are still in business get the meat loves calzone. While you are taking care of the food I’ll make sure Kristine knows where the emergency exits are.”

Sam didn’t wait for a reply and took Kristine by the hand leading her out of the kitchen. All three men could tell this was hard on Sam. But it was Bat who realized just how hard it was going to get. This was her childhood home. The last time Sam was here was the night that her family was murdered. Bat had done something that was a career killer if he was ever found out. Bat had used his rank to dig into Sam’s past. What he found both shocked and surprised him. The fact that Sam would overcome her past and become the Deputy she was now was no small feat. He knew that his niece was in good hands.

In one of the more upscale homes in Alexandria, Va. 9 am EST

Preston Aaron Carstairs III head of the Law Order and God party was not a happy man. Looking at the head of security for his party seated on the other side of his office desk Preston wanted to rip the man’s head off. Somehow, someone had broken into the main computer servers for the party. Not only had they broken in they had down loaded all of their files. Not just the public ones they showed to the courts but the illegal ones as well.

“How in the name of all that is holy did this happen Jason?”

“Mr. Carstairs, as I laid out in my report the hacker used one of our own network’s workstations to gain entry.” Jason was doing his level best to keep from telling the pompous ass that this was his own fault. Jason knew they should never have let Masterson into the party let alone the inner circle. The man was the Deputy Chief Marshal for fucks sake.

“That is not what I asked you Jason. What I want to know is why isn’t that freak in our hands? What happened with our man in Homeland? Wasn’t he supposed to take control of that freak and any evidence it has? And where the hell is that miserable excuse of a man, Masterson? Why the fuck didn’t he warn us of the Marshals taking his son in to custody? Damn it Jason I want answers here, not excuses.” Preston could feel his blood pressure rising. He knew he had to regain control of this situation. If he didn’t, the LOG party could be destroyed in a matter of days. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath to calm down Preston tried to remember what all the party had on the computer server.

Opening his eyes he looked up at Jason. “I need you to find out just how much and which of our records have been compromised.”

“Sir I have already done that, and I am sorry to say that all of our black files were copied and compromised. By all of them I mean everything going all the way back to when the Party first formed. The hacker copied all of the files dealing with our Columbia friends the street gangs, and any political dealings. They know everything we have done that is or was less than above board. To be blunt sir, whoever hacked our system has us by the short hairs and is pulling.”

“Just how bad can this get for us Jason?” asked a very worried Preston.

“If even half of what is in those files gets out I would suggest you buy yourself stock in Depends. Because if that information gets out you and everyone else in the inner circle are going be become friends with Bubba.” Jason decided to not sugar coat the situation. He knew that if that information got out they were all headed for a very long prison sentence and even the chair. They were in a very bad way, and Carstairs needed to know the truth.

“Very well. This is what I want you to do. First find out who the hacker is and make them disappear for good. Next find that freak of Masterson and take it to the farm. After sending it through the standard training program sell it to some rag head overseas. I want that thing to disappear never to be heard from again. If you have to remove the Deputies on its protection detail then do it. I want no witnesses and no loose ends. As for Masterson, arrange for him to disappear for good. When it comes to that server move all the files to one of our overseas sites. Once that is done destroy the building and everything in it. I want nothing left there that can tie me or the party to that building do I make myself clear?” when Jason nodded his head yes Preston continued. “Next I want someone to find out who leaked the information about the hit on Harrison Wright, and plug that leak one way or another. I want this mess cleaned up by the end of the week, Jason. Use whoever you have to, to make that happen.”

“I’ll make sure it gets done sir. What do you want to do with the Farm after the Masterson kid is done with training?”

“Close up shop and burn it to the ground. I want nothing to tie the party to our less than legal enterprises. Sell off our current stock and that way only the Masterson bitch will be there during its training. Set everything else up in one of the off shore sights.”

“Yes sir I’ll get right on it.” Jason knew he had been dismissed and got up to leave. Stopping at the door to Preston’s home office. “What do you want me to do about Caroline Masterson sir?”

“Find her, break her, and then sell her to the highest bidder. I would prefer to sell her to the same rag head at the same time as that step-son of hers but it will take too long and is too big a risk.”

“Sir just one more thing before I go. Do you want the current DA to have an accident?”

“Is the man a member of the party?”

“No sir. In fact he actually ran against our man in Toledo a few years ago. He may have some of the party values, but he is too much of a liberal to be of any real use to us. About twelve years ago we could have used him but he damn near blew a major case against the mob with the mishandling of a witness. He has only just now started to regain his footing in the area.”

Preston thought long and hard about this information. He could see the man in his mind. Everything that his head of security said was the man was ambitious and a real hard ass on crime. At one time they most likely could have used the man to promote their cause, but if he refused to see when to fight and when to retreat then he would be a liability. “Get rid of him and make sure one of our people takes over the case.”

“Removed to somewhere else or permanently?”


That one word sealed the fate of Donald Mallard. Later that night District Attorney Donald ‘the duck’ Mallard would die in a mugging gone wrong. Jason knew just the man to do the job one of his old Army bubbies who was on hard times. Freddie ‘the knife’ Krueger knew how to kill and make it look like a mugging gone wrong, just like Jason did all thanks to their training. Back when the two men served in the Army they were both Special Forces and trained to kill with a knife. The fact that Preston Aaron Carstairs III was one of the few who knew why the two men were discharged made sure Jason would always be loyal. In fact if it had not been for Carstairs the two men would be serving time in Ft. Leavenworth for a wide variety of crimes.

Only the fact that most of the evidence against them disappeared or was contaminated keep the two men out of jail; the fact they were still discharged with less than Honorable conditions was beside the point. Jason owed this man and so did Freddie it was time for him to pay up. As Jason ‘the butcher’ Voorhees, was escorted out of his boss’ house he smiled down at the maid that was his escort. He knew for a fact that the maid had heard everything in Preston’s office. Not that the maid would say anything. In fact the maid couldn’t say anything at all. The domestic slave was a mute. It had, had its voice removed at the Farm as part of its training. That was only one of the many special operations it had gone through. The ample bust line, tiny waist, plump heart shaped rear end, was all thanks to the surgeons at the Farm.

This maid was the perfect sales sample. Whenever one of the inner circle needed a domestic servant Preston would have them over for dinner and show off his personal servants. At some point during the meal Preston would make his pitch and some poor soul would find themselves on their way to the Farm and a life of slavery. The maid in front of him was one such individual. Four years ago this pretty little thing was a teenage prodigy at the University of Benjamin Franklin, and the son of a fortune five hundred CEO.

The disappearance of his son sent that CEO into a downward spiral of drinking and drugs. It wasn’t long before the Party was able to perform a hostile takeover of the company. Preston had targeted the company for takeover by any means necessary. To this end the boy became the first of what would become a very profitable, all though illegal, business; custom made sex slaves. The fact that Preston had the very first of those slaves and wasn’t worried about someone finding out spoke to the man’s arrogance. That and the fact that no one would believe he was the master mind behind a criminal empire that stretched from D.C. to L.A.

Once out the front door Jason turned his mind to business and forgot all about the pretty little she-male freak. Besides that is what all of those sexual deviants deserved. The fags, dikes, whores, all of them belong in chains serving real men and women he thought, right along with the rest of the so called minorities. The day slavery was declared illegal and the blacks were freed the country started down a road to ruination. Pulling out his cell phone and dialing his old friend before he ever reached his car.

The phone rang a few times before Frank answered. “Hey, Frankie. How would you like to earn a few grand?” As Jason started his car and drove away he laid out the plan to his old friend. Meanwhile back inside the house Preston Carston began making plans of his own.

He knew he had to clean up this mess before things got out of hand. The fact that his man on the inside of the U.S. Marshal Service was missing disturbed him greatly. Of all the people to go missing Chief Deputy United States Marshal William J. Masterson was not someone he could replace easily. Then there is the fact that Masterson had a direct connection to the Law Order and God Party computer servers. If any law enforcement agency were to get their hands on Masterson’s computer it could destroy him and everything he spent the last fifteen years building. No doubt about it he needed to find Masterson and his kid and make them disappear for good.

The hacking attack really worried him though. From what Voorhees told him this hacker was a real genius to be able to do what they did. If the hacker was able to get their hands on the party’s black files then he was in real trouble. What did the hacker want; that was the real question here? If they wanted black mail material they would have used it by now. No this person or persons were sitting on all that evidence for some reason. He needed to find that hacker and find them now. It was bad enough that Masterson’s freak of a son saw the hit on Wright, but he had to go and identify the shooter.

This hacker was the real threat to Preston and the LOG party. All of their plans for the takeover of the Federal Government were in those black files. Even where to find the offshore bank accounts and their numbers. With that information the IRS would tear apart the party before the sunset on the seventh day. Then there is the information on every election they had fixed over the past twelve years. Then as if the lights were coming on in a long dark tunnel Preston realized what the hacker wanted. It was power that the hacker wanted, not money. With a hacker of this caliber on his staff he could have all the dirty secrets for the opposition. He had to have this hacker working for him or dead in a landfill. Just the thought of having someone like working for him gave him a hard that would not go down.

Reaching over and pushing the call button for his newest slave Preston smiled. It was time for the new bitch to be taken for a test run. It was not long before the frightened teen entered his office. From the top of the teens head to the tip of its toes the teen was the picture of femininity. The teen was any real man’s wet dream.
Waist length black hair, dark deep blue eyes, cute up turned nose, high cheek bones, thick pouty lips, and that was just the teen’s face. At five foot six inches tall with a set of curves that gave the teen an hour glass figure the maid was a work of art. Thirty six bust line with a C-cup, twenty inch natural waist that was corseted down to seventeen inches, with thirty four inch hips. Long shapely legs that were toned from hours and hours of training at the bar perched atop of four inch high heels. The teen’s dainty feet are works of surgical wonders. The only thing that could give away the teen’s true sex was safely locked away inside of a chastity belt forever denying the slave any form of sexual pleasure.

This slave only lived to serve their master or mistress. The conditioning it received at the Farm made sure that it could only receive pleasure by serving its own, no matter how depraved the act. No matter what someone did to the slave they would never balk at what they were ordered to do.

“Has my wife given you your new name slave?” the teen shook its head no. Preston smiled at this. Reaching over and hitting the intercom button he called out to his wife. “Charlene, could you please come to my office?”
The refined and cultured voice of his wife, Charlene. Rutherford Carstairs answered him had just a hint of mischief. “May I know what this is about dear?”

“Oh just the fact that our new maid doesn’t have a name yet. Have you picked one out for it yet or do I get the honor of giving it a name this time?”

“Oh I’ll be right there dear. Why don’t you go ahead and get started with welcoming the girl to the household?” when Preston heard his wife call the maid girl he knew that this slave was to be treated as a female. Standing up and walking around his desk Preston started to rub his crotch. He was going to enjoy taking this slave's virginity. He would not be gentle either when he did. No he was going to rape this former boy and enjoy doing it.

Grasping the trembling former boy’s hand he pulls the maid over to the front of his desk. Once there he grabbed a hold of the back of the maids neck and forced the girl to bend over onto his desk face first. The maid knew not to resist, the girl had been so conditioned to following order that resistance had been driven out of her. Preston quickly raised her uniform skirt and placed the back off it high on her waist along with the uniforms petticoats. Once the clothes were out of the way Preston reached down and grabbed base of the slaves ever present butt plug. With a firm grip he yanked it out without any warning. The poor girl would have screamed if she could, but that form of release had been taken from her during the first days of her captivity at the Farm.

Preston’s attention was drawn to the door to his office as his wife entered. In her hands was a small jar of lube and a condom. The smile that came to Preston’s face at seeing the lube was not a friendly one. He knew that if his wife was bringing the lube then this slave was going to be in for a world of pain. That lube was a specially blended formula that contained a rather nasty surprise, peppermint oil. The maid will be crying for hours after this fucking, but it would know its place within the household.

Charlene helped her husband pull down his pants, and then put the condom on him so he would not suffer the burning of the peppermint oil. While she was doing this Preston poured the lube over his hand and inserted three fingers into the girl’s rectum. He spread a good amount around the rim of the slave’s rectum both inside and out. He knew the slave was already starting to feel the heat and pain from the peppermint when it started to scream. The time was right to bring this one into the household and give it a name.

Lining up his engorged penis with the slave’s rectum he smiled at his wife. “I want to thank you for allowing me to name our new addition my dear.” With that he rammed his penis home, tearing the tissue surrounding the girl’s anises. Once again the girl would have cried out in pain if she could. Preston pulled back and repeated his attack on the poor girl. With each thrust the pain became increasingly more unbearable. But with each thrust Preston was grunting out her new name. “I” thrust “name” thrust “you” thrust “Felicity.”

Once Preston had bestowed her name on to Felicity he proceeded to rape her in earnest. Felicity would never be able to forget her new name as the pain and humiliation would be with her for the rest of her life. Whenever she heard her name from that day forward she would immediately hurry as fast as she could to find whoever was calling. The fear of this happening to her again would make sure of that. It would also drive Felicity to work harder than anything else to please her owners if only to avoid this pain again.

Not to be left out of the fun Charlene walked around her husband’s desk and climbed on top of it. Once there she pulled her skirt up and her panties down exposing her sex to the slave. Placing her legs on each side of Felicity’s head she maneuvered herself so that the slave had access to her sex. With a cruel smile Charlene snapped out a command. “Lick my cunt bitch.”

With tears in her eyes the newly named Felicity began to pleasure her mistress with her tongue. Somewhere in the back of her mind Felicity had hoped to be saved from this nightmare. That hope died then and there. She knew now that no matter what happened these people owned her body and soul. She would never be able to return to being a boy again and her only hope of living was to serve these people for the rest of her life. Her only hope for any kind of life was to be the best maid she could be.

Her dreams of being a computer programmer no longer mattered. Her hopes of going to college were a pipe dream now. The dreams of finding a nice girl and settling down to have a family gone. All that was left for her now was a life of slavery and service. This was driven home as both her master and mistress both climaxed at the same time.

“That was lovely. Preston.” Charlene barely got out in her post orgasmic bliss. “We should have done this with all of our slaves. Why in the world haven’t we done this sooner?”

Panting from the exertion of raping the new maid Preston just chuckled. “The answer to that my dear is simple. You have always gotten to them before me with your strap on. Now, that you know how enjoyable this can be why don’t we start a rotation of our maids. We have five now but I have been thinking that maybe we should sell off the four real girls and bring in six fresh ones from the Farm. We currently have fifteen in training now that are ready to be sold all we have to do is place our four in the mix and bring in the replacements.”

“Oh yes darling yes what a wonderful idea. How many of them are GG and TG?” at the look of confusion on Preston’s face Charlene giggled. “I know how much you prefer the real girls to the sissies dear, but the sissies make better servants than the real girls.”

“Oh I see. I never really paid that much attention to that fact. Are the sissies really that much better at being household servants?”

“Oh my yes Preston. Why Felicity here has only been with us three days but she has already shown how much better she is at cleaning the upstairs than Tiffany. I would like to take Felicity here as my personal Lady’s maid if you don’t mind?”

“No go right ahead dear. As for how many sissies we have at the Farm that are ready for sell let me check my records.” Leaving Felicity lying across Preston pulled out and walked around to look at his computer screen. Once he had the file open for the Farm he had his answer. In fact he was a little surprised at how many slaves they did have at the Farm that were feminized slaves. Over half of the thirty slaves that were currently at the Farm were former teenage boys. Opening up the file with their pictures he turned to Charlene. “There you go love take your pick.”

A nasty look crossed Charlene’s face as a truly evil idea came to her. “Felicity, get up and come over to this side of the desk.” Preston once again looked at his wife with confusion but let her continue what she was doing. The newly minted Felicity stood up, letting her uniform skirt fall back into place, reaching over she picked up and reinserted her butt plug before stepping around to the other side of the desk. She knew better than to go without her plug, to do so would be asking for a caning. Once she was standing beside her mistress she curtsied. “Pick out your new playmates girl.” Was all Charlene said as she pointed to the computer screen.

Preston started to laugh at what his wife had just ordered Felicity to do. He knew that the poor girl had heard what they were discussing no more than a few minutes ago. She knew that each one of these former boys would soon be on the receiving end of a rape the way she just was. Oh the torture of the poor girl was perfect and it was just beginning.

Felicity knew she had to do as she was ordered or be punished. The kick in the ass was that even if she refused and was punished she would still have to pick out the new slaves. Only she would also be picking her replacement. So with tears in her eyes Felicity began to pick out the six new slaves that would soon be joining her. She knew that mistress or master would tell the new slaves that she was the one to pick them. They would hate her for what she was and would be forced to do now and in the near future.

Thinking of the other maids within the household that were there now Felicity makes her choices. A light skinned African American is her first choice; this is quickly followed by a Hispanic, and then two Asians. As she thought about the other she male slave she realized that Sally was a red head were she was a brunet. That made her next choice easy as they needed a blond to round out the group. Looking over the choices she found a burnet Slavic girl. The next one was not one she wanted to make because of her love for her grandfather, but they needed a Native American to finish the mix. Only she couldn’t find one.

It took Felicity a few more minutes but she finally found the last slave. This one was rather exotic. She had never met anyone from the Pacific Islands. She was entranced by the slave’s exotic appearance. Quickly selecting the girl she knew that she had just sealed this poor girl’s fate. Stepping back from the computer Felicity looked at her owners.

“Oh my! Darling did you see the choices our little Felicity made? Every last one of them is beautiful. Why do you reward the good little girl for such a fine set of choices and a doing a perfect job?”

Taking Felicity by the hand Preston takes her over to the couch in his office. Once there he slowly undresses the new maid. When she is naked with the exception of her chastity belt, corset, stockings, and high heels Preston removed her butt plug again only this time he was gentle and tender as a lover would be. Pulling a set of keys from his pocket Preston unlocked Felicity’s chastity belt freeing her shrunken penis.

Slowly he placed the frighten young girl on her back and slowly inserted his penis in her rectum. Once again in half an hour Felicity had a man’s penis inside of her. Only this time her master was taking his time with her. Instead of rape it was as if he was making love to the young girl.

Going from being raped to being made love to threw the poor girl’s mind for a loop. She realized that if she did as her owners wanted she would be rewarded. If she displeased them they would punish her. The next thing she knew she was becoming aroused by the way Preston was treating her. Soon she had her first orgasm in eight months. She was not expecting the first one so for her to have another one within a few minutes after the first sent her into orgasmic bliss. However Preston was a skilled lover and he wasn’t satisfied yet. He drove the poor girl to two more orgasms before he finally came himself. For Felicity the four orgasms made the girl pass out.
Getting up off their new maid Preston looked over at Charlene. Picking up the keys for the household slaves chastity belts he handed them to Charlene. “Why don’t you lock the girl back up dear? I don’t think she will be of much use for a while. Did you enjoy the show by the way?”

“Oh yes I did, I enjoyed the look of bliss that replaced the look of terror when you first took her hand. I must say though let’s not make it a habit of unlocking them shall we. If Felicity passed out from a simple fucking like that while unlocked imagine what would happen if they had that response? Why I would never get any work done around the house.”

The both of them stood there laughing at Charlene’s joke. Preston knew that he would only unlock a slave’s chastity belt in front of his wife and she would do the same for him. In all the years they have had household slaves they had only unlocked four for sex once. The other two had been unlocked four times. They both were firm believers in controlling everything when it came to slaves.

With a smile on his face Preston helped his wife affix the chastity belt to the sleeping Felicity. Once that was done he helped her to insert a tampon in the girl’s rectum to stop the bleeding there. The girl would bleed for a few days off and on but when the time was right her muscles would be more relaxed for her next fucking. In time the muscles would become so weak she would have to wear a butt plug or diapers just to keep her uniforms clean.
Both Preston and Charlene loved breaking in a new slave. Over the next few days the girls will be introduced to every type of sexually degrading act they could think of. By the end of two years this girl would be ready for the next step. A life time as a whore in one of their overseas brothels where she will spend the rest of her life sucking cocks and getting fucked up the ass. They would use the promise of SRS in line. The fact they would never allow this was beside the point.

Once Felicity was once again locked in her chastity the two of them left her there to sleep. Returning to Preston’s desk the two of them finalized the plans for exchanging their slaves for the new ones. With a smile of anticipation for the new slaves the two left the office and climbed the stairs to their bedroom where they would fuck their brains out until they too passed out.

A half hour after the Carston went to their bedroom Felicity woke up. Looking around and finding herself alone in the masters office Felicity quickly got up off the couch. Seeing the time, she wasted no time in getting dressed in her uniform. She knew that she would be expected in the dining room within the hour. Before leaving the room Felicity looked longingly at the master’s computer. On a whim she moved the mouse.

To her surprise the desktop screen appeared. The master had forgotten to lockdown or set a password for his computer. She knew she may never have another chance so she brought up the web browser. With ease she logged into one of her old email accounts. Quickly composing an email to her old online friend Kmasteron2000 Felicity sends a message for help detailing her where abouts and what was done to her. Hitting send Felicity sends up a silent prayer that Kmasteron2000 gets her message and doesn’t delete it. After ten months it was her only hope for rescue.

After wiping the browser history and performing a drive clean up Felicity logged off the computer. As she left the office she hoped that the master would not look too hard for what she had done. If she was found out it would be a death sentence. Stepping out into the hallway Felicity stopped and made sure her uniform was correct. She had already been canned once for her petticoats being too low. After making sure everything was as it should be she headed off to take care of her duties.

As Felicity went about her duties her email traveled to a very private account. One that was known by a great many people but only one of which had the password to. Once Felicity’s email arrives it will set there waiting for the owner of the account to log on. When that would be no one knew, as Kmasterson2000 was not known for checking email on regular bases. In fact no one had heard from Kmasterson2000 in over four weeks. Where could one of the best hackers be hiding and why weren’t they answering their emails? Did the Feds finally catch the elusive master of the net? Was Kmasterson2000 sitting behind bars somewhere? Had they finally given up their shadowy ways and turned legit? All of these questions and more swirled around the myth of Kmasterson2000 and no one had any answers.
------------------------- To Be Continued --------------------------------

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