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by Jennifer Sue

Riley Thomas was a skinny fourteen year old geeky boy. While he wasn’t totally bad at sports, he wasn’t particularly good either. If graded he’d be the high side of mediocre. As such most of the guys looked down their nose at him. While they teased him things never got physical like some of the nerdier guys suffered. For the most part, he simply did his best to stay out of the way and avoided drawing attention to himself.

Like most of the eighth grade guys, he was enamored by Cindy James. The only guys who didn’t worship the ground she walked upon were gay. Cindy was captain of the middle school cheerleading squad, blond, blue eyed, and quite curvaceous. She was cute and knew it. The jocks were the only ones with enough guts to ask her out while the rest of the guys just drooled and dreamed. Cindy, much to the jock’s chagrin, enjoyed publicly shooting down their clumsy/arrogant attempts at getting a date. The other girls envied her looks and appreciated her leaving the jocks for them. However, that resulted in rumors spreading that she was a lesbian.

Cindy’s mom, Linda was a lesbian. She had sworn off men after her husband, Cindy’s dad, began drinking and became abusive. The man had been a high school and college jock, excelling in sports, but never made it to the pros. Frustrated, he turned to the bottle. Verbal abuse quickly escalated to physical. It all ended when he put her in the hospital. The divorce had been ugly and bitter. The man earned fifteen to twenty in prison for repeated violations of the PFA, the last ended when he put two policeman in the hospital. Cindy wanted nothing to do with swaggering jocks or strutting machismo.

Karen Thomas had been a twenty year old college student swept off her feet by one of her professors who had divorced his second wife when she reached thirty three to marry her. She only found out later he had divorced his first wife when she reached thirty five to marry the then twenty year old student second wive. In turn he divorced Karen when she turned thirty one to marry a twenty year old student. Needless to say Karen didn’t have much use for men and she freely shared that opinion with Riley.

Riley had three half siblings from the first wife, and two from the second wife. His dad was a self-centered ego maniac who, except for child support, abandoned his children with each divorce. Abandoned by his dad at age ten, Riley’s self esteem had taken a severe blow. He simply wasn’t good enough. While Karen loved Riley, she often sighed wistfully wishing she’d had a daughter. That did little for Riley’s already bludgeoned self esteem.

It was on Black Friday of their eighth grade year, Karen and Riley were shopping in the mall. Cindy and Linda were also there shopping. Both sets of mother and child decided to head for the food court for a snack and to rest their feet. Spying a table opening in the crowded venue, both scurried to claim the spot, arriving at the same time. Seeing the competition both women prepared to stake their claim. “I saw it first,” they simultaneously exclaimed as their eyes flashed their determination.

“Linda!” “Karen!” they exclaimed together as they recognized each other. The two had been best friends in high school but had lost touch after heading off to college. Their friendship rekindled and they decided to share the table. The kids were introduced and the women caught up on sixteen years of missed friendship.

Riley was speechless as he sat opposite his dream girl. Cindy tilted her head a bit to look at him causing him to blush and lower his eyes. Cindy had seen Riley at school and they shared a few classes but they had never interacted. For her part, Cindy had just shot down half a dozen swaggering jocks in the past week who had been asking her to the Christmas Dance. She wanted to go with a guy to the dance but not with an arrogant snot. None of the boys she knew were meek enough to meet her standards. But Riley... he was meek... a predatory smile filled her face as she began to talk to him as if they’d known each other for years. Riley couldn’t believe his luck, Cindy was actually talking to him. Within minutes she drew him out of his shell.

Once she had him talking she smiled coquettishly and asked, “Are you going to the Christmas dance?”

“No, I don’t know how to dance and I don’t have date,” Riley confessed leaving it unsaid that only losers went stag.

“I can teach you how to dance,” Cindy declared brightly. “I want to go to the dance but I don’t have a date either.”

“You don’t?” Riley asked in surprise. “I heard a lot of guys were planning to ask you!”

“Yeah, they did,” Cindy sighed theatrically. “Every one of them was a jerk! I won’t go out with them if they were the last guys on earth. “I want a guy who is polite and considerate, who knows how to treat a girl with respect. But I guess those guys are to afraid to ask me. I won’t bite... unless you’re a jerk. Now if a nice guy like you were to ask me, I’d consider it an honor.”

Riley just sat there as his brain processed what he’d just heard. Was his dream girl telling him she wanted him to ask her to the big dance?

Cindy could see the wheels turning in his head and just sat smiling sweetly and waiting patiently.

Riley’s heart began to beat rapidly and he turned beet red. After licking his lips nervously he began to awkwardly speak. “Ah... Cindy... you wouldn’t want to go to the dance with me... would you?”

“I’d be delighted to go to the dance with you!” Cindy smiled brightly as she reached across the table to put her hand atop his.

A silly grin filled Riley’s face.

The mothers noted the hand holding and Cindy quickly filled them in on their date and the need to get together to teach Riley how to dance. Linda and Karen were delighted their children were hitting it off and agreed to set up a series of get togethers to teach the boy how to dance.

Over the next three weeks the families got together each Tuesday and Thursday night as well as Sunday afternoon. Riley was totally besotted by Cindy and she genuinely liked him. While she could talk him into doing whatever she wanted, she respected him enough not to push the envelope. Riley’s self esteem rose steadily but was still muted because Karen kept raving about what an adorable girl Cindy was and how she fervently wished she could have been blessed with such a child.

It had been several years since Linda had a girlfriend and Karen had been without anyone since the divorce. The women were lonely for companionship and they easily reestablished the close friendship they’d had as teens. Back then they had enjoyed frequent sleepovers and occasionally delved into innocent lesbian exploration. The more time they spent together, the closer those old pleasantries came to their memories.

Needless to say everyone at the Christmas dance was gobsmacked when Cindy arrived on Riley’s arm. The jocks were furious and the rest of the guys envious. The other girls recognized Riley as a classmate but knew nothing else about him and wondered how he ended up as Cindy’s date. The young couple was on the dance floor more than off and while Riley wasn’t a John Travolta, he wasn’t a slouch either. Plus anyone dancing with Cindy simply looked good.

The mothers rekindled friendship stuck and continued their thrice weekly get togethers. The basement in Cindy’s home had been remodeled into a gym and dance room where Cindy could practice her dance and acrobatic moves as well as hone her cheerleading skills. It didn’t take much to coax Riley into joining her. She was an excellent teacher and he an adept devoted pupil.

When school resumed it was obvious that Cindy and Riley were a couple. This didn’t go over well with the jocks who began to target Riley. With Cindy as head cheerleader, she quickly organized the pom pom fortress to protect her boyfriend. The jocks were forced to back off but their dislike for Riley continued.

As the weeks flowed onward, Riley really began to get into the dance and acrobatics as well as the cheerleader routines Cindy so ably taught. The pair grew closer, as did their mothers. Once the basketball season ended Friday nights were free so they began going to the movies. Holding hands, cuddling and kissing became quite normal for them as their attraction grew.

For the past two summers Cindy had attended cheerleading camps, each focusing on different aspects of the sport. This year she wanted to find a camp that would add more to the cheerleading experience and allow Riley to attend with her. Riley was a bit hesitant about going to a cheerleading camp but liked the idea of going away for two weeks with Cindy. Cindy assured Riley that if he successfully completed a cheerleading camp, the high school would have to allow him on the cheering squad under the Title IX funding rules that prevents sexual discrimination in sports. Needless to say both mothers were highly in favor of Riley attending cheerleading camp. They had bee looking for an opportunity to reexplore their teenage trysts and thought with the kids off at the two week camp they could freely experiment.

At the end of February Cindy found what she thought would be an ideal camp that admitted males as well as females. Centerstage Cheerleading offered a diversified program unlike any other camp.

Centerstage Cheerleading

As our society of youngsters grow into young adults what they perceive as “normal” is unclear. Living in such a commercial conscious world blinds everyone against themselves. So how can we change that? What can we do to help nourish self-appreciation back into the lives of our youth? The answer is simple; we need to culturally enhance our youths lives.

Centerstage Cheerleading is a program for youth, grades K to 10th, designed to raise an individuals awareness towards strengthening their self-esteem by using the methods of Performance Arts to enhance cheerleading. So why the Arts? The Arts allows the ability to transform and create worlds of imagination thru speech, movement and presentation. Implementing Performing Arts into the youth population will drive them to motivate themselves and each other; ultimately resulting in reaching their full potential.

Our mission at Centerstage Cheerleading is to set stage for success in the development, the achievement, and the leadership ability of our youth. To this end, Centerstage Cheerleading gives time and place to high level artistic, cultural, social, intellectual, moral, and emotional advancement of our students.

Our program focuses on the following Performing Arts genres:
Dance (Ballet, Modern, Hip-Hop, and Tap)
Speech and Diction

Camp Objectives
1. To provide a creative environment where students can develop friendships and enjoy a valuable learning experience.
2. To present the fundamentals of cheerleading so that each cheerleader understands safety measures and proper techniques.
3. To provide and educate fashion sense and guide personal grooming and presentation.
4. To expose each cheerleader to a memorable experience that allows each student to develop individually.

Daily Program
1. Warm-up, stretching exercises and flexibility training.
2. Jumps and Jump Exercises.
3. Stunts and pyramid building on safe cheer mats.
4. Motion technique/sideline chants.
5. Team building/individual goal-setting activities.
6. Gymnastics with certified instructors using fun-shaped mats and inclines to help student learn fundamental to intermediate level skills.
7. Basics of Modeling
8. The world of Fashion
9. Make- Up Instruction
10. Hair Styling
11. Fashion Shows and Photo Shoots
12. Health and Fitness

The cost of the intensive two week program was $1800 but included everything including exercise outfits, uniforms, and all grooming aids. It was held on the campus of Lindin Hall, a private Girls’ Boarding School in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Logging onto the website they read testimonials of past students as well as parents. The majority of reviews were quite upbeat and positive. Even the worst reviews, of which there were few, praised the program while complaining about the cost. While expensive, the program was impressive and coupled with the top notch reviews the mothers eagerly agreed to send Cindy and Riley. For them it was like reliving a part of their teen years when they’d both been cheerleaders!

Downloading the applications, the teens began to fill them in. That’s when the trouble began. Cindy noted with dismay the application listed classes as G, girls only, B, boys only, or C, coed. The basics of modeling, the world of fashion, the make-up instruction, the hair styling and the fashion shows and photo shoots classes were available in only G or B. G versions took up three ours of each nine hour day of the twelve class days while the B classes were only one hour each day. Specialized training in strength and catching consumed the other two hours for the boys. That meant she and Riley would be separated for three hours daily! On top of that Cindy knew the ratio of girls to boys at most coed cheer camps was about ten to one. At Centerstage Cheerleading the ratio was closer to twenty to one. The idea of having a sweet, kind boy like Riley surrounded by a mass of boy crazy cheerleaders was not pleasant. She wanted to keep him for herself!

Her frustration and disappointment led her to begin trying to concoct some sort of scheme to keep them together. At first she couldn’t see any way... but then she smiled and bit her lip. “Riley, I just realized that with the way these classes are set up we’ll be in different classes for a third of each day,” Cindy moaned. “I was really hoping we’d share all our classes! Then we’ll even be in different dorms! We’ll hardly be together at all!”

“But I only agreed to go so we could be together,” Riley frowned. “Heck, I may as well not go then. Honestly though, I’m sorta glad. I didn’t really want to go anyway. I was just agreed to go for you.”

“But you’ve got to go,” Cindy declared. “Our moms were really excited about us going and your mom was over the top about you possibly making the cheerleading squad! Heck, she already spoke to lawyer about filing a sexual discrimination lawsuit if they try to keep you off the team!”

“Yeah, I know,” Riley sighed. “I guess I’ll have to go anyway. I just wish there was a way we could be in the same classes.”

“Yeah, me too,” Cindy theatrically sighed while barely controlling an urge to giggle.

They worked on the applications for a few more minutes when Cindy gasped. Riley looked at her quizzically.

Looking at him with big puppy dog eyes Cindy bit her lip before speaking. “Riley, do yo love me?”

“Sure, I love you,” Riley replied without hesitation as he tried to figure out what she was up to.

“There is a way we can be in all the same classes,” Cindy smiled invitingly.

“No there isn’t,” Riley frowned. “I can’t take the girl only classes and you can’t take the boys only classes.”

“I couldn’t disguise myself as a boy well enough to take the boys classes,” Cindy smiled. “But it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to disguise yourself as a girl to take the girl classes! Riley is a girls name too so it’d be easy! They let you put in a choice for roommate too! Heck, we could even share a dorm room! Just imagine sleeping cuddled together every night! We could do it!” With that she threw her arms about him and began kissing him.

Riley’s head was spinning. The kisses were delightful but to disguise himself as a girl? But then being with Cindy all the time was tempting... especially sleeping with her! Still he was a guy and guys just didn’t disguise themselves as girls. But if he told her that she might think he was getting all macho which she hated. But thanks to her kisses his rampaging hormones were arguing for him to do it. “But... but our mom’s would never let us do it!”

“Don’t be too sure, darling,” Cindy gushed as she continued to hug and kiss him very definitely keeping him off balance. “You know how your mom keeps going on about how she wishes she’d had a daughter! I bet she’d agree to give it a try just to see how cute a girl you’d make! And I just KNOW you’ll be adorable! Let’s go ask them! The worst they can do is say no.”

With that she grabbed his hand and dragged him to their mothers. Riley was befuddled as he stumbled along in her wake.

Linda and Karen were surprised by Cindy’s excited suggestion that Riley attend the camp as a girl and her roommate so they could be together in every class. Enthusiastically she pointed out their desire to attend camp was strongly influenced by their desire to be together and that they wanted to attend Centerstage Cheerleading adding that it was the gender biased courses offered that stood in their way of being together. Then she went in for the kill. “I just know Riley could be made to look like a cute girl! Besides Aunt Karen, you keep on saying how much you wished you had a daughter! With Riley posing as a girl you could find out!”

Karen blushed because that had been exactly what she had been thinking once she got over the initial shock of the suggestion. Looking at Riley as he fidgeted nervously she could see he’d make an adorable girl. Still, she just couldn’t bring herself to admit it.

“You make a good point,” Linda spoke up. She really wanted to make sure the kids went to camp so she and Karen could get it on so anything that jeopardized that had to overcome. “I’m sure Riley would make an adorable girl. However, the idea of you sleeping together is not a good idea.”

“But mom, we wouldn’t go that far,” Cindy whined. “All we do is kiss and cuddle. Neither of us is ready for more than that! We’ve had quite a few chances to do more than that but we’ve been good! Please, let us do it!”

“I’ll tell you what,” Linda smiled as she winked at Karen who was clearly enamored with the idea of feminizing Riley. “Let us think about it and talk it over tomorrow.”

“Thanks, mother,” Cindy squealed as she hugged her mom then skipped to Karen and did the same. “You won’t regret letting Riley pretend to be a girl!”

Needless to say, Riley was bewildered at the prospect that their mothers were considering letting him masquerade as a girl. As they drove home he shivered at the numerous glances his mother sent his way and the way the corners of her lips turned up each time. If Aunt Linda okayed the disguise, he had no doubts his mother would leap into the idea with both feet. The idea of masquerading as a girl was scary as hell yet bizarrely enticing.

Riley was the first male Linda liked since the divorce. Still, despite the fact he was not very macho and most certainly not a jock, he was still male. The idea of having him masquerade as a girl to attend cheer camp was intriguing. The fact he didn’t vociferously object made her wonder if he was going along with the idea simply to bed Cindy. She didn’t mind him being Cindy’s boyfriend, but felt they were way to young to become sexually adventuresome. If she agreed to Cindy’s request for Riley to attend cheer camp as a girl, steps needed to be taken to ensure their sleeping arrangements went no farther than the kissing and cuddling they presently enjoyed. Ideas about how to achieve that began percolating in her mind.

Karen couldn’t get the idea of having Riley masquerade as a girl. She had no doubts he could easily assume the identity of a cute girl. Since she’d been a little girl she’d dreamed of being the doting mother of an adorable daughter. There was no doubt that she loved her son, but that didn’t cut the bitter edge from the dream that had been denied. When she rekindled her friendship with Linda and met Cindy, her heart ached even more intently for her own daughter. Living her dream vicariously through the daughter of her best friend only made her deprivation sharper. If Riley went to cheer camp as a girl, he’d need to practice being a girl so he could successfully pull it off. If she agreed to the masquerade, she’d have her own daughter for the next four moths, maybe even longer!

Cindy had a difficult time falling asleep. Scenarios of having Riley as her best girlfriend kept swirling through her thoughts. She knew it’d be easy to make him look like a girl. If their moms approved, the next four months would have to be spent teaching him how to be a girl. That idea thrilled and scared her. She remembered all too well the violence and anger of her father. While Riley so far was a great boyfriend, would he change once puberty hit him fully? Surely some girl time would take off any macho edges puberty threatened to create. Besides, if he learned to be a girl, he’d be so much more than a boyfriend! He’d understand fashions and make-up and all the myriad things girls enjoyed that guys found exasperating. Having Riley be a girl for a short time had many pluses.

Riley tossed and turned. The guy part of him was terrified of masquerading as a girl. However, his true self was intrigued by the idea. Girl’s had such a variety of clothes to wear compared to the lackluster choices guys had. They could act silly and giggly and get away with it. No one put them down if they became emotional and cried. He knew his mother wouldn’t object to him masquerading as a girl. The issue wasn’t even whether or not to object to being girlified. It was how much resistance he should put up before yielding. If he played it right, he might be able to wheedle some concessions or bribes to cooperate.

The next evening they sat down to eat supper at the James home. The discussion centered on the pros and cons of Riley masquerading as a girl. Riley put up token resistance but they all recognized it as a face saving strategy. Cindy was delighted both mothers seemed to be in favor of the ruse.

“If we do this, we’ll have to do it right,” Linda summarized after they’d cleared the dishes. “If they find out Riley is a boy we could be sued. Since we as adults knowingly sent a boy disguised as girl we might even be arrested and loose custody of both of you. None of us want that.”

Cindy began to pout as she thought her mom was going to shoot down the idea. Linda felt both guilty about the legal issues and frustrated at the possibility of finally having a daughter. Riley wasn’t sure if he was relieved or not.

“I didn’t say we can’t do it,” Linda smiled when she saw their dejection. “To do it right we need to take certain steps. The only way to avoid legal issues is if Riley was transgendered. I know a psychologist who works with transgender youth. I we can convince her Riley is confused about his gender identity she’ll start him on a treatment program that will include using cheer camp as a test zone for Riley to experiment being female. If he’s under a doctor’s care, any legal issues would be eliminated.”

“But I’m not transgender,” Riley spoke up. “Even though I’m not a macho guy I like being a boy.”

“We know that, Riley,” Linda smiled. “But you could fake it for a few months. Or don’t you want to share sleeping quarters with Cindy?”

“I’d like to share the dorm room with her,” Riley answered. “But if the doctor thinks I’m transgender, won’t she put me on some meds?”

“I’m sure she’d put you on testosterone blockers,” Linda replied. “In fact I’d insist you go on them as soon as possible so by the time you go to cheer camp your boy bits will be asleep. That way we can be sure you’ll be doing no more than kissing and cuddling. Or were you lying to us?”

“No ma’am,” Riley countered. “But going on blockers is scary. Won’t it make me sterile or something?”

“It will temporarily make you sterile by putting your boy bits to sleep like they were before puberty started,” Linda explained. “Once you stop taking blockers, your male bits will wake up and continue to develop.”

“I guess that’s okay,” Riley sighed with unease.

After that their discussion moved on to the logistics of pulling off the masquerade.

Friday after school two days later Karen and a very nervous Riley sat in the waiting room of Dr. Cassandra Trate’s office as Karen filled out the reams of paperwork. Riley checked out a ten year old girl waiting to see the doctor, She was cute in a Hello Kitty t-shirt, pleated skirt and MaryJane shoes atop lacy anklets. A girl of about twelve with her mother exited the treatment rooms to the check out desk to make their next appointment. The girl was wearing the dress uniform of a parochial school. As they were checking out The ten year old headed back for her appointment. Both girls seemed happy and had smiled at Riley. He couldn’t help but wonder if they were boys transitioning to girlhood. A shiver of fear swept him as he wondered if in a few weeks he’d be seeing the doctor dressed as a girl.

When the ten year old exited the back, Riley was called for his turn. Dr. Cassandra Trate was in her mid forties and obviously took care of herself. Nervously he sat where she indicated.

“I’ve spoken to your mother and Mrs. James about why you’re here,” Dr. Trate began. “Normally I’d have nothing to do with a scheme like this. However, Linda tells me you’re not like other boys and that you are aware that I’d put you on blockers so your male bits are shut down by the time of the cheer camp. Do you have any objections to going on the blockers?”

“Not as long as the effect is not permanent,” Riley spoke softly.

“It is not permanent,” Dr. Trate replied. “However, that is not the only thing I’d require. Between now and the time of the cheer camp I insist you have to dress and behave like a girl at all times with school being the only exception. Can you accept that?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Riley shivered a bit.

“There is no guessing, young man,” Dr. Trate retorted. “Unless you follow my requirements, I won’t approve of you attending the camp as a girl. Your hesitation tells me you’re not fully committed to this masquerade. As a qualified youth gender specialist, I must cover my butt which means you’ll have to do as I say or I can’t accept you as a patient. If you’re not my patient, you won’t be attending the camp as a girl.”

“I want to attend the camp as a girl,” Riley insisted although there was still a lack of full conviction in his voice.

“Hmm, you still have doubts,” Dr. Trate sighed. “I’ll take you on despite your doubts with one added requirement. In addition to taking the blockers, both daily pills and monthly injections, I’ll give you a progesterone hormonal implant that will last three months. Since the camp is in four months you’ll receive a second implant at the end of the three months.”

“But won’t that make me start turning into a girl?” Riley asked fearfully.

“To a certain point, yes,” Dr. Trate answered. “Progesterone will make your skin softer and will soften your body. Your tush will start filling in like a girl, your nipples will swell and itch as they become sensitive, and you’ll begin to develop small breasts. If we stop the treatments after you return from camp, the changes will slowly fade. If you decide that you like being a girl and continue the treatments, you’ll be physically feminine enough to begin the new school year as a girl.”

“I won’t be continuing the treatments after camp,” Riley replied firmly.

“Don’t be too sure about that,” Dr. Trate smiled. “I’ve used the same treatment regimen on a number of boys who weren’t sure if they wanted to be girls. So far everyone has continued to transition and are quite happy being girls.”

“The two girls that were ahead of me,” Riley asked nervously. “Were they really boys?”

“I can’t release such information due to patient confidentiality,” Dr. Trate smiled. “But I can say they came to me quite unhappy and as you saw are happy with the way things are now.” Then she called the front desk and asked the receptionist to bring Karen to her office.

A few minutes later Karen joined Riley and Dr. Trate. Dr. Trate outlined what she would require for Riley to assume the role of a girl for the cheer camp. “By accepting Riley as a transgender patient I have no choice but to place him on the same treatment protocols I do with similar patients. If you agree, I can give Riley HER monthly blocker injection, place the three month progesterone implant and give you prescription for twice daily blocker pills. As an added benefit, since she’s beginning to transition, I can have Riley immediately excused from physical education classes.”

Riley hated PE with a passion so the last offer made the negatives a lot more palatable.

Linda signed the paperwork consenting to the transgender diagnosis and allowing the blocker and progesterone treatments to commence. Riley shivered as Dr. Trate injected the blocker into a butt cheek. The progesterone implant in the underside of his upper arm made him tremble with fear. They left the office with the admonishment that except for school, Riley was to start dressing and behaving like a girl.

Once in the car Karen called Linda to give her the news. They headed over to the James home to begin Riley’s transformation with a sleepover. They’d then go shopping for his own feminine wardrobe Saturday morning. By the time they parked in the driveway, Riley’s head was spinning with the implications of what he’d agreed to do.

Even before they reached the door it flew open and Cindy rushed out to throw herself into Riley’s arms. Linda hugged the bewildered boy once they were inside. Five minutes later Riley was soaking in a tub filled with lilac scented bubbles. The warm water drew off a great deal of the anxiety he felt at embarking on his girlish adventure. As the water started cooling he realized he couldn’t postpone what Cindy and their mothers were preparing for him. After drying he gingerly stepped into a pair of lace trimmed pink nylon panties shivering with delight as the lace tickled his softened flesh and the nylon hugged his boy bits. The pink nylon shortie robe he donned enticingly caressed his torso. Taking a deep breath he left the bathroom to step into Cindy’s bedroom to be fully outfitted as a girl.

It was hard to tell who was more excited, Cindy, Linda, or Karen as they pampered Riley while submerging him in girlishness. Sitting Riley backwards at Cindy’s vanity Karen began to brush his shoulder length. She brushed the front locks over his forehead and snipped them off level with his eyebrows. The rest she parted down the middle and gathered each side into perky bouncy fountains. Karen had tears of joy running down her cheeks as she beheld her daughter for the first time. All three females were quite turned on by feminizing the bewildered boy.

Once outfitted in a saucy pleated skirt and knit Sailor Moon t-shirt they headed down stairs for a light supper. The females gently corrected Riley’s eating habits as they began weaning him from his boyish wonts. After cleaning up they adjourned to watch a chick flick as the threesome gave Riley and mani-pedi. Cindy cuddled against Riley running her hands over his girlish attire and teasing the hem of the skirt he wore. Overwhelmed by the girlishness, the new pleasant sensations, and the sensuous kisses and caresses of his girlfriend, Riley allowed himself to be swamped by the feminine bliss.

That night clad in matching babydolls, Riley and Cindy cuddled in bed. The feminized boy was amazed by his girlfriend’s passion. If being feminized brought out her passion he was willing to be girlified. In the master bedroom Linda and Karen released their pent up lust.

In the morning Riley felt like a life size Barbie as Cindy held nearly every skirt she had in her closet against him. A cute three tiered turquoise skirt won the contest which was coupled with an off white pullover sweater. The two doting mothers with their adorably cute daughters went shopping. Riley accumulated an alluring collection of lingerie and nighties. When he voiced objection at getting so much Karen shushed him. “We can pack away all your horrid boy under things. You can wear your new undies to school since you won’t have PE anymore.”

Skirts, blouses, sweaters, dresses, shoes (including several heels) as well as make-up and jewelry and pierced ears consumed the day requiring several trips back to the car. Riley was left speechless when his mother said they had a basic wardrobe with which to get started. They headed back to the Thomas home for supper and another sleepover that included a fashion show as Riley modeled HER new wardrobe as they cleared all the unneeded boy clothes from his bedroom. When they were done, all he had was one pair of shoes, five pair of socks, five pairs of pants and five shirts to get him through a week at school. Once more Riley cuddled up to a passionate Cindy as they kissed until they fell asleep.

Riley had little time to worry about how easily he was swept as if by a tsunami of femininity into girlhood. Cindy was glued to his hip as she crushed even the slightest sign of boyish resistance. Every minute outside of school was spent submerged in girlishness. By the time he returned to see Dr. Trate for his one month followup he was easily able to pull of appearing to be a girl. Dr. Trate was pleased with his progress and gave him a second shot of blockers in his tush.

At school the guys noticed the changes in Riley as well as the fact he had been excused from gym. Snide hurtful comments flew and several times Riley was checked into the lockers or tripped in the halls. Cindy had no problems setting up the pom pom fortress with the full cooperation of the other cheerleaders to protect her sweet boyfriend.

By the next monthly visit to Dr. Trate, Riley admitted he no longer had erections and that his nipples were itchy and tender. A quick exam revealed his breasts were starting to bud. Silky camisoles became a must under his school shirts. On their Friday and Saturday sleepovers, Cindy began to caress and kiss his budding breasts and encouraged him to reciprocate. Their mothers could no longer hide their trysts on the sleepover nights. The kids were happy for their mothers.

At the next monthly visit to Dr. Trate, Riley didn’t object to the blocker injection nor the three month progesterone implant. Dr. Trate filled in the medical report for cheer camp that Riley was indeed transitioning from male to female and had been rendered medically sterile as a male. Riley was finding it difficult to even remotely present as male during the last weeks of the school year, especially as he had to bind his budding breasts. Every lunch he sat with the cheerleaders who kept the ignorant guys at bay. For the last month the mothers had taken turns bringing Cindy and Riley to and from school to avoid any possible issues while walking home. Their sleepovers were quite erotic as Cindy simply loved to caress and kiss Riley’s perky super sensitive AA breasts.

When school finally ended the remaining boy clothes were quietly boxed up and along with all the previously packed boy clothes were dropped off at the Salvation Army collection station. Preparations were made for Centerstage Cheerleading Camp.

With school out Cindy and Riley were inseparable. Their mothers were clearly involved and talks about Riley and Karen moving in with Cindy and Linda began. Riley was so submerged in being a perky girl like Cindy he began to forget he was a boy. The delights of being a girly girl like Cindy were simply too delightful to resist. As they drove to Centerstage Cheerleading Riley recalled Dr. Trate’s declaration that every boy who had undergone treatment similar to his had permanently transitioned into girlhood. As he sat cuddled next to Cindy he realized if their families moved in together he wouldn’t be returning to boyhood.

The camp was everything Cindy had hoped for. The cheerleading training was superb but it was the modeling lessons that really made the camp a great experience. Her excitement and enthusiasm propelled Riley headlong into each lesson and activity. By the end of the camp he could easily do his own make-up and hairstyling, pick coordinating outfits, and knew what color palette suited his complexion. Their nights were delightful as Cindy made the most of his blossoming breasts making him swoon with delight every night. Tucked safely away in his panties his male bits steadily atrophied.

Once on the road headed home, the mothers told the girls they had moved in together and they would all be calling the James home theirs. Cindy squealed and kissed Riley knowing that there was no way he’d be going back to a yucky boy.

Truth be told, Riley didn’t mind at all. Life as a girl was far superior to what he had as a boy.


Cindy realized helping turn Riley into a girl had been extremely erotic. Riley didn’t object since he certainly was the beneficiary of that arousal. As Riley settled into life as a girl they knew the loved one another just as their mothers loved each other. As they cuddled together one night a few days after arriving home, Cindy confided that she had never felt more alive than when she’d been leading Riley into girlhood and that she was a bit saddened the adventure had ended.

After several minutes of silence she snuggled up to Riley. “You know, I think Rod Hunter would make a cute girl.”

Riley shivered. Rod was a nerdy classmate who was a favorite target of the jocks and bullies. There really was nothing in Rod’s life that made being a boy a positive experience. The more Riley thought about Rod, the more she realized assisting him to escape his tormented boyhood by heading into the soft delights of girlhood would be doing him a favor. The idea of feminizing the boy made his heart beat rapidly.

Cindy recognized Riley’s growing arousal at the idea of helping another boy transition into girlhood. “Tomorrow I’ll give Rod a call and invite him over,” Cindy cooed as she snuggled into Riley.

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way to go Jennifer Sue*winks*

quidquid sum ego, et omnia mea semper; Ego me.
alecia Snowfall


Could you submit my name as a candidate for their new hobby, please, pretty please! giggle

Dr. Tess Termi-Nate approves!

Totally made my day to see one from you that harkens back to your roots. Absolutely loved it. Most glad to see the good Dr. Trate still in business; I do hope to see more of her! If I must find a criticism to mention, it would only be that we never got to learn more about the two other girls present during Riley's first visit to Cass's clinic. Anyway, thanks for a great story!

A marvelous story

I really wish I could trade places with Riley! A fast-paced but exciting story that uses familiar themes in a creative way. This story is a great buildup for a sequel about events at Centerstage or the feminization of Rod Hunter.

I plan to read more of your stories.

Good story.

Giving me some inspiration on how to write short story. To me its more like a detailed epilogue, yet still enjoyable to read.
Cheers :)

Too fast - too much pressure

I liked the story quite a lot - but the suddenness of the changes and the sudden willingness for a love-led youth to 'go girly' is contra to all the reasons for having a RLT of some reasonable length .... and spoils the story.
Thanks for your other stories
Alys P