a dream come true chapter 2


He looked furiously looked at my mom He Told her he would talk to her later. Then asked me to watch some tv with Him? He turned on a doc mcstuffin video. Sat me in his lap to watch I snuggled tightly against him and drifted off to sleep. I opened my eyes and realized I had curled up on my daddy's lap still in my doc mcstuffin costume .My daddy said hey princess why don't you go change I went up stairs as mom passed me I changed into a a dress. Then went down to get some breakfast .Then I stopped out side the kitchen door. My daddy said to my mom had your coffee yet. My mom said yes. Daddy asked why did you tell her I wanted a litttle man? Mymom cause I was hoping that he would act like a boy. . Then my dad said I got to tell you something you know Janets son don't you .My mom yeah I thought he killed his self .My daddy do you know why. My mom no . My daddy he killed himself cutting off his own penis and bleed to death . My mom no that's terrible why. My daddy because he was like our daughter but no body not even his parents! Would listen to him and he couldn't bear being a boy anymore . Mom so why is he like that ? Daddy last time I talked to Janet she said he had gender dysphoria. It's a condition where people don't feel like the gender on the outside match.The gender on there inside . My mom and you think our son has that. My daddy I think our daughter has that. My mom why do you think he has that? My daddy afterJanet s told me about her son haviing gender dysphoria.I did some research and learned a lot . My mom but Kevin was twelve why would he cut off his own penis? My daddy evidently he was getting stiffies and since he felt he was a girl. Then he shouldn't have stiffies so he got rid of it he only was. he knew how. My mom oh my god what will happen to our son ? My daddy well threre are some treatments but right now we half to treat her as a girl and love and embrace her completely. My mom said ok what do we do next? My daddy we have to support her and defend her. My mommy ok I will then what? My daddy we need to get her to a doctor ,et her tell the world she a girl,, and let her live that Way for a year .Then change her paperwork she has a birthday coming she can come out then hopefully she can start. Kindergarten as a girl when she is five . Mommy so we had a girl . Ian't that's what we were expecting? Right nothing changed except an extra part. I then entered the kitchen and mommy made me some cereal and the prize dropped out. It was a ring with the words prettiest princess in the world mommy and daddy just stared at each other and said if that's not a sign I don't know what is. Then daddy told me I had to go to the doctor so he could ask Me some question.When we got to the doctor the doctor showed me two dolls then told me to show him which one I was.. I picked up the boy doll and put the girl doll behind the boy doll . My doctor asked ?Why I said. Because every body sees a boy but I have a heart and a head of a gir.l Then he took some blood I cried then my daddy took me to the mall he said we had to get a special dress . two For my party in four week. Passing through the mall I saw the one I wanted. It, was soft pink with lilac glitter Hearts. In different sized.It had a big puffy skirt. With a bright pink belt that tied in the in the back in a bow. With dark pink lace around the sleeves aound the neck line and the bottom of the skirt.My daddy bought it in 4t . Which mafethe skirt come down just bellow my knees. I couldn't' wait till my party . The day of my party mommy helped me get ready first I took a long bubble bath when I was bathing my daddy walked in I screamed and covered my chest crossing over my chest. My daddy said sorry I thought you where out . When I got out mommy wrapped me in a towel . Then carried me to my room I put on my lilac panties then. My light purple tights. Then my party dress. Then my mommy put in my rose gold heart earing and locket. Then she did my hair in pigtails. Then I put on my light pink Mary Jane's. Then light purple eyeshadow. Then rose pink blush and frost pink lip gloss. Then polished my nails with pink and little purple hearts. While mommy and daddy got Ready I played in my room. My daddy told me to stay in my room .Until he came and got me. All the guest arrived then. My daddy came and got me. He told me to wait at the top of the stairs until he. Annonce me. Then I heard mydaddy say . This is our beautiful daughter Brianna. Then I descended the stairs did a twirl and courtesied. The party was great me and my friends. Had a slumber it was the best party. In the four years of my life. To be continued

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