Cynthia and the Queen of the Knight, Prologue & Chapter 1

Cynthia and the Queen of the Knight, Prologue and Chapter 1

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: There are many people in the universe of The Wizard and Spells R Us who are not very happy with what he’s done to them. One transformee decides to take steps necessary to eliminate The Wizard once and for all. She gathers a group of equally disgruntled victims of The Wizard’s magic, and they try to put together a plan. Will they succeed?

This story is another addition to The Cynthia Chronicles, Volume II. Cynthia (Cindy) Brewer has graduated from medical school. Randi Lewis at age 18 is starting work on her Master of Science in Chemistry, and Charli Brewer is a freshman in pre-med at UConn. Bobbie Anderson is setting the golf world on fire having now won tournaments on the PGA in addition to her many victories on the LPGA. This story takes place several years before Bobbie and the Glass Ceiling. If you are not familiar with the stories that make up the Cynthia Chronicles, you might want to go back to the beginning with An Incremental Journey


This work is copyrighted by the author and any publication or distribution without the written consent of the author is strictly prohibited. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of the characters to persons living or dead is coincidental.


Cynthia and the Queen of the Knight



“Now that the meeting has been called to order, I would like to introduce you to two new members this evening. Barbara Boom-Boom Reynolds comes to us from Las Vegas, Nevada, and Alice Gräber who comes to us from Bentonville, Arkansas.

“Barbara, would you please introduce yourself to us; give us a little about your background and why you are here.”

“Like, well, thank you Sandra. I’m, like, a stripper in Las Vegas. I like to show off my body. Men like to put money in my G-string and feel my tits. My tits are, like, awesome; don’t you think.”

Barbara proceeded to run her hands down her body; stopping to heft her prodigious breasts. They really were quite large, and rested on her chest with very little sag. Most who saw them would swear they had to be artificially enhanced. But every woman at the meeting knew they were natural; or at least if submitted to a medical exam would be declared to be natural.

Barbara continued her tale. “I’ve been a stripper for a long time, and am, like, a two time defending ‘Best Pole Dancer in Vegas’. I really like my body.”

“Barbara, would you tell us why you are here.”

“Oh, like, I forgot. I was, like, reading the comic section, and I, like, saw this add. It said something like did you used to be someone else. I don’t have a very good memory. The doctors said it was probably because I took too many drugs, but I don’t remember taking any drugs. I don’t remember growing up. The papers say I graduated from El Segundo High School in Southern California. I think I remember being a cheer leader and fucking a lot of boys. I don’t remember my family. There are people, but they don’t seem real to me.

“Then, I, like, saw that ad, and I started thinking. Maybe, I, like, had been somebody else. I started thinking very hard.” She started to cry a little. “I think I was, like, a boy, and I was the one who was fucking the cheerleaders.

“I remember going into this, like, old shop to get a potion to make girls real horny so they would let me fuck them. There was this old man. He knew my name; except it wasn’t Barbara Boom-Boom Reynolds. I think it was Ben Reynolds, and I think I was a physics student at the University of Southern California. But that couldn’t be because, I, like, have trouble remembering my phone number.”

Barbara broke down into sobs and there were sympathetic comments emanating from the small group of women and men. Sandra led her to a chair and gave her a box of tissue.

“I know Barbara’s story sounds familiar to many of you.

“Barbara, we know what you are going through.

“Alice, would you please tell us your story while I help Barbara with her makeup.”

Alice took her place at the lectern while giving a sympathetic glance Barbara’s direction.

“Good evening ladies, gentlemen, as you know, I am Alice Gräber. Some of you may know me from that television show about my family. Unlike poor Barbara, I now remember my past very clearly. For the longest time, the memories were there; however, I was, until just recently, unable to act on them. I was always this pleasant, compliant woman who submitted to her husband’s will.

“I will be perfectly clear, he never physically abused me; however, in the 20 years of our marriage I have given him 23 children, and I am currently pregnant with our 24th and 25th. The strangest thing is that there doesn’t seem to be any end to this in the near future. My doctor says I have the body of a twenty-five year old. I don’t have any stretch marks and my breasts, as you can see, are enormous. I have not stopped nursing my children in more than 19 years. I want to tell my husband to give me a break, but he won’t let me use birth control, and I am unable to refuse his advances.

“I have a very clear memory of my past, and let me tell you, I was one piece of work. I was Alan Long, and by the time I had graduated high school I had impregnated at least six of my classmates. We were a wealthy family, and my father would make the families an offer they couldn’t refuse.

“By my junior year in college, I had impregnated an additional dozen girls and women. I was a loose cannon, so to speak.

“I found him in, as I now know, his usual haunt in a mall in Sierra Madre. My newest potential conquest was with me. I wasn’t aware at the time who he was or what the deal was about the shop. I should have realized something was up when he called us by name, and there was that huge dog that I realize now is a wolf.

“I thought it was a sex shop, and I was going to buy my newest conquest some sexy lingerie. He offered us some refreshments, and before I knew it, my girl was walking out into the mall. She had a blank stare on her face. I called to her, but she never turned. I then realized I was changing. I very quickly became a twenty year old version of what you see before you.”

“So you want to make babies and leave the mother holding the bag,” he said in a rather dark tone. “Well you are going to continue to make many, many babies, and you will never be able to abandon any of them. Your life will be difficult, but it won’t be bad. I hope you learn a valuable lesson that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren.”

“The next thing I knew I was waking up in a double wide in Dennard, Arkansas. I had all these memories that I didn’t have before. My father was a Pentecostal Church Pastor, my mother was a stay at home wife and our home school teacher, and I was getting married that afternoon to David Gräber of Rogers, Arkansas. We were both virgins.

“Our wedding night was a disaster. He would come literally in two seconds. He couldn’t maintain an erection long enough to break my maidenhead. It was five years and six children before he ever brought me to an orgasm. My husband is not a bad man. He’s just a shitty lover.

“I understand why we are here this evening and I can understand your distress; however, I don’t think there’s much we can do. Frankly, I have no desire to go back to what I was before. I love my children, and I would be very distraught if anything happened to change their existence. I don’t love my husband, and never did; however, he is the father of my children, and he is the family’s breadwinner. Well, I guess we all are since our TV show is so popular. We don’t want for anything. I am just hoping that some of our children can escape from the hypocrisy we are forced to live with.

“I want to thank all of you for giving this opportunity to talk with you, and I leave you with this. The Wizard is very strong: far stronger than any of you realize. There is nothing you will be able to do on your own to change anything that has happened to you. Your only chance at all is to put yourself at his mercy. Show him you have learned your lesson. I doubt very much that he will change you back, but he might make your life pleasanter than it is now. If you fight him, you can only lose. Be very careful.

“With that, I leave you. I have to get back to my family, and it’s a long trip. I wish you the best.”

“Thank you, Alice, I hope your journey back to Arkansas is a pleasant one.”

With that, Alice departed the meeting room, leaving the thirteen transformees to their own devices. She knew it was hopeless, but she knew they would have to find that out for themselves. As wretched as her life was, she would never do anything to threaten the lives of her children. She would do the best she could.

After a mediocre dinner at her motel she returned to her room. She had an early bus to catch from Bridgeport to La Guardia. Then it would be a long flight to DFW before catching the regional jet to NW Arkansas Regional Airport. Many thoughts raced through her mind as she showered. She examined her body. Like the doctor had said, she had the body of a twenty-five year old woman. She was a baby making machine. She was in her fourth month of pregnancy, and doing some quick calculations, she realized she’d been pregnant for more than fifteen years.

She’d left a lot of milk for her last born. Little Elizabeth was seven months old. She never had a problem producing milk for a one year old and a newborn at the same time, but it was twins this time, so she’d have to wean Elizabeth as soon as possible.

She was horny, and that was always a problem. She couldn’t refuse her husband even though the final results were seldom pleasurable. She brought herself off in the shower.

“I hope you were watching, you old son-of-a-bitch. I know you know exactly what’s going on. I figured that out right away. There was no way my husband was going to let me go to Connecticut on my own, but he did. He even gave me spending money. I’m not sure what you have in mind for them, but please don’t be too hard on them. They don’t have a chance. I know that.

“You may not be aware of it, but I bet you are. I’m not that unhappy with what you did to me. How many women ever gave birth to twenty-five children and knew that they will all probably reach adulthood. I love my children. I never want to lose the memory of them regardless of what you have in mind for me. I’m certain you are not through with me.

“I don’t know that much about the others; however, it would be nice if you gave Barbara her mind back and let her escape that horrible fate you left her to. Show some mercy, please.


“Ladies, I’m sorry that Alice didn’t work out; however, she’s not the first to cowardly retreat. Are you still with me?” Everyone but Barbara voiced their assent. Barbara was lifting her breasts, obviously testing their weight.

“We have to put an end to this evil, evil man. He has stolen our lives and the lives of countless others. For what purpose? To only satisfy his perverted sense of justice. There is only one solution. We are going to have to find him, trick him, and kill him. It won’t be easy, but I’m sure we can do it.


The Wizard turned off the big screen TV and turned to Cindy Brewer, Randi Lewis and Charli Brewer.

“What do you want us to do with them?” Cindy asked.

“Not a thing: I can handle them without a problem. I’ve probably ignored them too long as it is.

“Here’s the problem, or rather four problems,” The Wizard said as he turned back to the once again activated screen.

The young women watched as four high school aged youths appeared.

“There’s your problem.” The Wizard said. “They are seniors in high school here in Bridgeport. They are quite intelligent, but each is living with inner and external demons, some of whom you’ve already seen. They are going to have quite an adventure. You will know when to step in; however, I suspect it will be less and less as things unfold.

“Now, here’s what we need to do.”

Chapter 1

‘Another fucking school,’ Tom Isaacson thought as he walked the as yet unfamiliar halls of his new school. He’d gone through a brief orientation the previous week when he and his mother had visited as part of his registration process. It was the same thing for as long as he could remember. Every year, two years at most, they would pull up stakes and move to a new location. He could never understand why. His father, a true computer geek, was a web site designer and worked out of their home. His mother had a small import business, and she did the same. They both worked out of the home.

Tom and his father got along pretty well. Tom was very computer literate, it was hard not to be with what his parents did, and he and his father had a great time with computer games: his mother, not so much. His mother was the driven one. She seemed to be restless and was never satisfied with where they were. There was always something wrong with where they lived. It never made sense. They could live anywhere. Why not find the right place and settle down? That was a question Tom never got a satisfactory answer to. When he asked, his parents always avoided answering.

Attractiveness seemed to run in his family. His younger sisters were going to be beauties, and his parents were already worried about his fifteen year-old sister. At six feet, two inches Tom was a slender, but well-muscled young man. He was a good athlete, but never felt the desire to be a team player. He liked to play golf, and to his credit was very good. He played to a six handicap. His true love though was the natural sciences, in particular, geology. Maybe that was the good thing about moving so often. He was able to see and experience the wonderful and varied geology of his country. Most people didn’t get it, he thought. People would drive to work or wherever they went with a blind eye to their surroundings. The world was a wonderful place, and most people didn’t see it. It was just there.

“Hey watch where the fuck you’re going, geek!”

“What? Excuse me,” Tom said as he looked up to see someone with a leather vest accompanied by two others similarly dressed. There were a number of tattoos covering their skin, and Tom briefly thought about what might be hidden underneath their clothing.

“Geek, we think you need to be taught a lesson. Isn’t that right boys?”

“You bet, Mefisto. We think you need to explain to him who’s in charge here.”

Tom who was very non-confrontational, turned to leave as quickly as he could. Unfortunately, in his haste, he tripped, striking his head against the lockers. That was the last thing he remembered for a while.

“Shit, the fucking coward knocked himself out,” one of Mefisto’s companions said, stating the obvious.

“I don’t care if he’s down or not. I think I will leave him with something to think about the next time he sees us,” Mefisto said as he started to kick Tom in the groin.

“I think you should stop right there,” a very pleasant voice said catching Irving Mefisto completely off guard. It was as if a steel band was wrapped around his legs. He couldn’t take a step, and realized his cohorts were in the same sort of fix.

He turned to see where the voice came from and was confronted by three of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. They were cheer leaders. That was obvious from the uniforms they were wearing. The pleated skirts came down to mid-thigh, and revealed three pair of exquisite legs. Their light sweaters served to accentuate three beautiful bust lines.

“You and your friends need to stop this bullying, now!” the tall golden blonde said. She’d been the one who had spoken before. Her two friends, a platinum blonde and an auburn haired girl were about the same height. The dark haired girl might have been about an inch shorter; however at this point, Irving Mefisto, he hated the name, and his friends weren’t paying much attention to the girls’ differences in height.

“What’s it to you, bitch? I ought to rip those clothes off of you right here and fuck some sense into you.” In truth, he’d never had sex with a woman.

“Irving, I know that’s an idle threat. You wouldn’t know what to do if I gave you the chance, not that I ever would. Besides, the thought of having sex with a man who can’t control his bladder is something I couldn’t do.”

“What the hell are you talking about,” Mefisto said. He’d stopped shouting and was a bit concerned that he’d not been able to take a step since the cheerleaders had shown up.

“Randi, why don’t you show him.”

“Sure, sis, how about one second?”

“I think that might get the point across.”

The platinum blonde turned to the three frozen in place boys

“Boys, you are going to pee for one second.”

“I don’t think so, bitch,” one of Mefisto’s cohorts stated.

“Jesus, Clyde, shut the fuck up and look at your pants.”

Clyde looked down to see a silver dollar sized stain appear around his fly. He looked up to see that his companions had similar stains. “Holy shit, we’ve pissed ourselves.”

“We could make it worse, if you’d like,” the auburn haired beauty said. “You might be dry enough by first period that no one will notice. Why don’t you leave now before we really get pissed off? Just go away.”

The three, released from their paralysis, took off down the hall.

“Cindy, how’s Tom doing?” Randi asked.

“He’s fine. He had a minor concussion, but I cleared it up. He’ll be awake and none the worse for wear in a few seconds.”

“Cindy,” Charli whispered, “someone’s coming. We’d better disappear.” The three ‘cheerleaders’ vanished.

Tom Struggled to sit up. His head seemed to clear up pretty quickly. He looked around to see where his adversaries were.

“You okay buddy?”

Tom turned to see a strange looking boy kneeling next to him. The boy was wearing a camouflage outfit, but it wasn’t like he was trying to imitate a soldier. It was somehow different.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I think so. Some bullies were going to attack me. I think I fell. I might have tripped. I don’t remember much after that.”

“Yeah, that was Mefisto and his henchmen. I chased them off.”


“They don’t stand a chance with me.” Of course, the three cheerleaders were taking in the entire conversation.

“So, rescuer, who are you?”

“Dimitri Papandreou, at your service. Most just call me Pappy. I take it you’re new around here as you don’t know about Mefisto and his gang.”

“Yep, arrived last month. I’m Tom Isaacson. I’m a senior. My sister will be a freshman, she’s a looker. I have another sister who will be in middle school.

“So, you know the ropes around here, and why the strange outfit?”

“I’m a bird watcher. I’m going to be a famous ornithologist one of these days. I was going to go down to the estuary after school. Someone sighted a rare tern down there, and I want to get it on my life list. I have close to five hundred birds on my list. I just got here last summer, but I ran into Mefisto and his bunch down at the mall. They tried to get me, but I let them know who was in charge.”

“I want to be a geologist,” Tom replied. “I love the out of doors, too. I like to watch birds, both the feathered kind and the two legged, mammalian variety; however, for the near future, I want to be a geologist.”

“Dimitri, we think it’s time you started to tell the truth instead of embellishing everything. Until we say so, you are not going to be able to say a thing.”

The two boys looked up to see the three gorgeous cheerleaders standing next to them. “What the heck?” Tom said while Dimitri was mumbling something and grabbing at his lower jaw.

“Dimitri needs to learn a lesson. Until he promises to tell the truth, he’s doomed to silence,” said the stunning blonde, who appeared to be the leader of the group.

Dimitri was running around, mumbling and trying to pry his jaws open. He wasn’t succeeding.

“Who are you? I don’t think you’re cheerleaders. I’ve never seen anyone pop out of nothing like that. That’s crazy.”

“We’re going to be around for a while. I guess you could say we’re witches; however, you won’t be able to tell anyone. We’re going to be looking out for you. There’s quite a bit going on right now that we can’t talk about. You won’t be able to talk about it either. Right now, just go with the flow. You will be tested many times over the next few days.

“Charli, why don’t you see if Dimitri has learned his lesson?”

Dimitri was futilely trying to open his mouth while continuously mumbling something unintelligible.

Charli approached Dimitri who was staring wide eyed at her. She was actually a bit taller than he. She grabbed his hands and kissed him fully on the lips. The kiss lingered for a while. It was obvious that Dimitri’s jaw had been freed, but the kiss lingered for a while longer.

Charli finally released Dimitri, and he stepped back feeling his mouth and lips.

“Not bad, Pappy,” that was the first time anyone had used his nickname, “however, I’m not the one for you. She’s out there; maybe closer than you think. You’ll find her when the time is right.

“Classes are going to start soon, and you and Tom need to get ready for band,” Charli said while turning to Cindy.

“Tom, I’ll piggy back a little on what Charli said. There is someone out there for you, too. She, too, may be closer than you think. You’ll know when it’s time to know,” Cindy said. And with that, the girls disappeared.

“If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it,” Tom said. “Are you all right, Pappy?”

“I think so. My goodness that girl can kiss. I almost embarrassed myself.”

“What happened to you?”

“All of a sudden, I couldn’t open my mouth. It was like it was glued shut. When that girl, Charli, kissed me, it released the spell. I guess I’m supposed to tell you the truth. I didn’t save you from those bullies. Although I didn’t see it happen, I think those three did. As far as fighting Mefisto, I ran from him when he threatened me at the mall. I think I have only 200, make that 176, birds on my life list; however, if I spot those terns this afternoon, I can make that 177.

“What’s your first class?”

“Orchestra, I play the flute and piccolo. What about you?”

“I’m in Orchestra and Band, too. I’m a percussionist. I play the xylophone, marimba, keyboard, timpani, and anything else that makes noise when you hit it.

“I think that was the warning bell. We’d better get going.”

They grabbed their bags and headed for the first day of the rest of their lives.


Alright, so I borrowed the story line. It was originally written by Emanuel Schikaneder, although he may have borrowed it, too. I imagine many of you already know what story it is. Did anyone attempt to translate ‘Gräber’? That was as close as I could come to the name I was looking for.

We’ve met the first two of the four people who will become the main characters of this story. They are going to have quite an adventure. In the next chapter we will meet the other two.

This is the longest, by far, of the stories in The Cynthia Chronicles. It is a bit over 48,000 words long.

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