Doe's Merrie Melody

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Montreal….sometime in the recent past....

Doe sat up in bed. A fitful sleep at first which finally gave way to a welcomed rest precipitated by a familiar tune from one of her movies. She laughed softly at the irony, since it was merry and melodious, but not at all gentle, but almost a raucous tune that would be jarring to most.

It had been an almost whirlwind week, Doe thought. She recalled a friend of hers from the studio who seemed to epitomize that who had dropped by the night before and she laughed softly. At a time when her doctor had insisted on rest her friend had been almost too energetic, but he had meant well, and she knew he didn’t have a dimmer switch to begin with. Another friend had dropped by as well, and his laid-back if self-conscious demeanor seemed to balance them both out.

She settled back into her pillow and sighed. Thankfully the nurse made sure the lights were turned off when she left after dropping by earlier and Doe was glad for the subdued natural light from the large window of her room. It was raining softly and the sound soothed her soul.

“There you are,” her girlfriend said as she walked into the room.

“Hey, babe,” Doe said weakly. Even after a few days, the anesthetic rasp hung around; softening her decidedly ‘American’ accent. Lola leaned close and kissed her on the forehead.

“You….you sure you’re okay with this,” she thought to herself. She was so afraid in the days leading up to her procedure. Up to that point everything had been nebulous and distant. But her new top and bottom were not only hers, but Lola’s as well, in a way, and she still desperately feared rejection from the only one for whom she had ever really cared. Lola, of course, noticed the anxious look that drove the few non-operative tears that welled up in her big beautiful eyes.

“Hey…none of that.” She said as she patted Doe’s hand.

“WE decided this is what was best. I would have lost you if you didn’t go forward.” Lola paused, blinking back her own tears. Never in a million years would she have believed she’d be the girlfriend to such a famous luminary in their universe, much less the girlfriend of a brand-new girl. But she loved him enough to love her, so to speak, and that would be more than enough to see them through.

“How is the….?” Even strong medicine can do so much when as the body moves away from the pain and into healing. Doe smiled. Forgetting herself, she lapsed into the familiar.

“It ain’t so bad….” Her voice was raspy still but upbeat. She smiled.

“Sorry. Force...of habit. It’s not bad, and since it’s going to get better, I can manage. Especially with you by my side.” Doe blinked back a few more tears, and grabbed Lola’s left hand; playfully tapping the diamond on the second ring.

“Mine forever, hon.” Lola said as she leaned closer and kissed her bride.

“I love you!’

“Me too, Lola. Me too!” Doe’s eyes widened in joy as she surrendered to the kiss. A moment later a knock came at the door.

“Hello? May I come in?” Lola turned to see the kind face of the surgeon who had performed the procedures that had made Doe whole and had made Lola’s and her life complete. The woman, an elderly soul, walked up to the bed and smiled at Lola before turning her attention to her patient.

“I’ll be stopping by later today for some clinical look sees, but I wanted to drop by now just to check if you’re okay or if you have any questions. Doe’s eyes widened in glee as she smiled wryly at both of them. She may have changed, but she was still herself, so to speak as she propped herself up on her right elbow and laughed, remembering the almost maniacal tune that had been in her head.

“Ehhhh….Yeah…..just one question?” She paused for effect before finishing.

“Ehhhhh…..what’s up, Doc?”

.......That's all, folks!!!!

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