You're Beautiful Part 3: Trying out “Kristin"

You're Beautiful: Part 3: Trying out "Kristin"

By: MysteriousStranger

The girls and I returned from the concert at midnight after having a wonderful time. Kate dropped me off at my house, and I walked in the front door and went straight to bed. After all, it was a tiring, eventful Saturday night.


Waking up late Sunday morning, I found that I was still completely dressed in the clothes that I wore last night. Kate’s halter top and bra, as well as my own girly skinny jeans (with the green lace panties underneath). Not my finest moment.

I got out of bed and changed out of my clothes and took a shower. I used some of my sister’s nail polish remover as well to get rid of my shiny pink nails. I blow-dried my hair and brushed it till it shined (as I usually do). Going back to my room, I began to change. I grabbed a white v-neck tee and started looking through my underwear drawer. Nothing. I guess mom had picked them up for the wash.

Right in front of me were the green lace panties that I wore yesterday. Almost immediately, I slipped them right on. I mean, hey, they were comfortable than my regular underwear…

So there I am, standing in my room with a white tee and green lace panties on. I looked in my full length mirror and…dang those girls were right, my butt does look great. They were telling me yesterday how plump, cute, and girlish it was, and with the panties on, it looked, dare I say sexy?

No! Am I seriously calling my butt ‘sexy'? I removed that word from my head. Let’s just say it looks ‘nice’.

I figured since I was already wearing the panties, I’d throw on the jeans as well (tucking my “you-know-what” so they will fit well.

It was then that I noticed I still had Kate’s lace bra and halter top sitting on my bed. ‘She’d probably want it back…’ I figured. It was now about 11 o’clock, so I thought that I could go over to Kate’s house and return her clothes.


Once I arrived at Kate’s, I rang the doorbell, and her mother answered. “Hi dear! What can I do for you!”

“Hi I went to the Sam Smith concert with your daughter and borrowed…something…from her that I’d like to return.”

“Certainly! I’ll take that for you!” Kate’s mother said, reaching for the bag of clothes. Just then, Kate walked up to the door wearing a skimpy blue bikini.

“Hey mom it’s just my friend, I can take this.” Kate said as she grabbed the bag from her mother. Her mother then left, going inside.

“What a surprise seeing you here Tom!” Kate said excitedly.

“Well I just figured I’d drop off the clothes you lent me. Thanks for them too…I guess!”

“Oh it was my pleasure!” Kate responded sincerely, “That top looked fabulous on you!”

I blushed. “Say, what’re you in your swimsuit for?”

“Oh! I actually have some family over for a small pool party in the backyard. We’re having lunch and playing lawn games and stuff. Kinda boring actually…”

“That’s too bad. Well at least you get to enjoy some time with extended family. Anyway, I should get home to lunch.” I then started to turn around, but Kate put her hand on my shoulder, stopping me.

“Wait! I have an idea! You can stay here for lunch and join the pool party! I’m so bored and you will make it more fun!”

“Oh I don’t want to impose…”

“No please it should be fine!” Kate said. She yelled out to her mom who was in the kitchen, “Hey mom! Can my friend stay for the pool party?”

“Sure!” her mom yelled back, “the more the merrier!”

Well this will be fun! I can hang out with Kate some more, and enjoy some sun at the same time!

“My brother should have an extra swimsuit in his room. I’ll go get it, and you can just wait in my room.”

Kate led me upstairs to her room. “I’ll be back in one minute!” she said as she left for her brother’s room downstairs.

Yesterday, getting ready for the concert, I never got a chance to actually look at Kate’s room. She had posters of different bands everywhere. Lots of them were Motown artists. I can dig some of that music. On her bed was something else: another bikini. This one was a boy-short bikini. The bottoms were boy-short style and had a light orange color with a cool zig-zag design. The top was light blue solid color.

I picked up the top to see what the material was like, and just as I did, I hear “so, what do you think?”

I drop the bikini and whip around, my face red.

“It’s okay Tom, you don’t have to be embarrassed that you are just feeling material. You know, I just bought that one at the department store the other day. It was too cute to pass up.”

“Yeah it is…nice.” I said awkwardly.

“So any way I searched my brother’s room, but I couldn’t find a spare swimsuit.”

Then, very casually and matter of fact she said “you can just wear that one.”

I was shocked! “What? I’m not just going to go down to the pool in a girl’s bikini! Everyone knows I’m a boy!”

“That was what I was about to tell you Tom. I was walking back upstairs from my brother’s room, and my mom said to me, “when are you and your girlfriend coming down?”

“She…she thinks I’m a girl?” I said with a puzzled look on my face.

“Apparently! So you’re all good!”

“But, I wasn’t even wearing girls clothes! Or makeup!”

“Look Tom. You already have a girlish figure. And with those jeans! They accentuate the trimness of your legs and the…perkiness…of your tush!”

I blushed even more.

“Plus, you have long blonde hair that is well maintained. If she really looked at you, she would tell you’re a boy, but from first glance, you are all girl to her.”

I couldn’t believe this! I had never really been mistaken for a girl before. I mean, I’ve always had long blonde hair, but it was always pretty messy until this last month. I guess my grooming has added to my femininity?

“So do you want to wear it?” Kate asked.

I hesitated for a second, and then said, “it IS hot out today!”

Kate squealed with excitement. She stepped out of the room to give me privacy. I took off my shirt, jeans, socks, and panties. I slipped on the boy-cut bikini bottoms, making sure to tuck. I put the bikini top on and felt a weird sensation from looking in the mirror. With my complete lack of all body hair, It just felt very…natural.

Kate knocks on the door, interrupting my thought process, asking if I was ready. I said I was and she walks in, admiring my look.

“You go girl!” Kate said cheering.

Jokingly, I turned around and did a seductive look while wiggling my butt. We both laughed.

“You ready to go Tom?”

“Wait a sec, I might be having second thoughts about this actually…I think that I’ll be figured out.”

“Trust me Tom, you will be fine. My mom has already spread the word that my GIRLfriend is here.”

“How about you at least…put some make-up on me.” I said uncomfortably. As I had never directly asked a girl to put makeup on me.

“I would love to To— you know what? We should really think of a new name for you. I mean, I’ve never heard of a girl named ‘Tom’. Any ideas?”

“Oh…I don’t really care. Just do whatever.” I said halfheartedly.

“No! This is the name you’ll be called for the next few hours! You should at least LIKE the name!” Kate insisted.

“Okay then. How about…Kristin? I always thought that name was pretty.” I said.

“Kristin it is then! And that IS a beautiful name! Ready for your make-up…Kristin?”

We both giggled at her calling me by the new name. With that she then sat me down at her vanity.

“We’ll just do some light make-up, as we’ll be going in the pool eventually.”

Kate applied some waterproof mascara to my lashes, and then pulled out a tube of light pink lipstick that was also waterproof. I pursed my lips as she applied it.

“You’re so pretty Kristin…” Kate said in almost a whisper. I didn’t know if she was talking to herself or I was meant to respond, so I just kind of...purred.

My purring must have encouraged her some more, because she pulled out a hair brush next.
She slowly and (I suppose) sensually brushed my hair. Man, Kate really likes the girly me. However, I didn’t stop her as it felt very very relaxing.

Again Kate whispered, “What beautiful hair you have Kristin…”

That time it was definitely meant to be under her breath, as I could BARELY hear it. Wow, Kate must really love this.

We continued for the next few minutes, but I was actually itching to go outside and get some sun. “Hey Kate, you ready?” I asked.

She seemed startled, as if in a trance while brushing my hair.

“Oh gosh sorry about that! I was just so concentrated on your beautiful hair! Ready to go, Kristin?”

I nodded and we walked downstairs and out the back door to her pool deck.

“Hey everybody, this is Kristin! She’s a friend from my school, Thornwood Prep!”

All of Kate’s family members waved and smiled. They seemed like a friendly bunch. And best of all, nobody thought twice about me being a boy.

Kate and I walked over to two lounge chairs, layed out towels and laid down to tan. Kate handed me some sunglasses, assuming I will need them. I looked at the logo and they were big Coco Chanel sunglasses. Very…glamorous.

We laid out for about a half hour when Kate’s father called for lunch.

“You hungry Kristin?” Kate asked.

“Very!” I confirmed. We walked over near the grill to get some of the grilled chicken that her father had cooked. I added a side salad and fruit to my plate and sat down.

Kate and I took a seat with her two twin cousins Allie and Paige.

“This is my friend Kristin from school.” Kate said introducing me.

“So what kind of stuff do you like to do Kristin?” Allie inquired.

I don’t know why, but I never even thought about using a girl voice until now. My voice was higher pitched naturally, but still clearly sounded like a boy. I quickly thought to just soften my voice and take it from there.

“Well I like to play Tennis!” I responded.

“That’s really cool! I also play!” Paige responded happily, “Maybe we’ll play some time!”

“That would be fun!” I said, assuming it would ever happen,

So the 3 girls and I ended up talking for another half hour about school, music, and movies.

“Hey have you guys heard of that new movie “The Visit”? It’s supposed to be really scary!” Allie said.

“Ooooh I’m terrible with scary movies!” Kate said, “But they are so much fun to watch!”

We all nodded in agreement. The conversation then led to discussion of our favorite scary movies for the next 15 minutes.

“Hey would everyone be interested in going to see it tonight?” Paige asked. “It’s playing at that movie theater like 5 blocks away!”

Both Kate and Allie immediately agreed with Paige.

“So Kristin, are you in?”

I hesitated for a bit…I mean I was out dressed as a girl with Jenny and Lexie yesterday, but they both knew I was actually a boy. Going out tonight would mean that I would be lying to other people about my actual identity. But the movie did sound fun.

“You can count me in!" I said excitedly.

All three girls smiled saying that it will be a blast! I also thought that it would be a blast!

Kate, Allie, Paige and I then decided to take a dip in the pool. We all played marco polo in our bikinis and it really was a good time. “Kristin" was really enjoying “herself”.


4 o’clock came around and everyone started to leave, including Paige and Allie.

“We’ll meet you at the theater at 7:30, cool?” Paige asked.

Kate and I nodded and then waved goodbye for now and went inside to her room.

“I asked my mom if it was okay if you stayed here while we waited to go to the movie and she said it was okay!” Kate said.

“Great!" I said, drying the rest of my body off.

“Kristin, you can go ahead and use my shower if you want! I can shower downstairs!” Kate informed me.

I noticed she still called me Kristin, even though nobody was around... Oh well, probably not a big deal.

I went across the hall to the bathroom, took off my bikini, and hopped in the shower. Kate had some shampoo and conditioner that was Honey-Lavender scented. I shampooed and conditioned and left the shower, to dry off. I grabbed my towel and started wrapping it around my waist, but then stopped. I moved up the towel to my chest and wrapped it there. I want to make sure that my “Kristin” illusion still holds strong. I walked back to Kate’s room and put on my green lace panties (I mean THE panties). Kate walked in with a towel around her chest too.

"So Kristin, I think I have the perfect idea for an outfit for you tonight!" She walked over to her closet and pulled out a bright yellow maxi dress with white flowers. “It will complement your blonde hair beautifully!”

“I guess that will be okay.” I said. “But first I need my hair dried.”

She nodded and grabbed her blow drier to blow dry and brush my hair. Once she finished, She picked up the curling iron and added some long loose waves to my shiny blonde hair. Once the waves were complete, she pulled some hair back, and put my hair into a cute half ponytail hairstyle.

“You’re hair looks delectable, Kristin!!” Kate squealed.

She told me to begin my own make-up while she went to get a new pair of panties. I had curled my lashes and put on mascara by the time she returned. Kate handed me super lacy yellow panties and matching bra.

“These should go with your new dress better than those green ones.”

“But won’t nobody see them anyway?” I inquired.

“Well sometimes a girl just likes to match everywhere.”

She turned away while I put the panties and bra on. So while I sat at her vanity in lacy yellow lingerie, Kate continued my make-up with Foundation, blush, eye-shadow (which was new to me) and even began plucking a few eyebrow hairs to “clean them up” as she said.

Kate stopped the make-up briefly and handed me some yellow nail polish to put on.

“You should put it on both your fingernails and toenails! It’ll look super cute with the flip flops I’m giving you!”

Kate finished my make-up, and I was wrapping up the nail polish as she went to retrieve the dress and shoes.

I stepped into the Maxi dress and the feeling was unreal. The way it swayed over my legs, and stopped right at my ankles just felt very…free! The flip flops were also wonderful, as they gave a chance to show off my yellow toenail polish.

I step back and look at myself in the mirror. The hair, makeup, and clothes, showed me as 100% girl. Nobody on planet Earth could guess I was a boy at this point.

Kate grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eyes, tearing up a bit. “You look beautiful Kristin.” she said in the most sincere voice I’d ever heard.

“I know.” I responded. “I really AM beautiful…” I kept saying with disbelief.

It was then that Kate leaned her face in, and kissed me on the cheek. She pulled back, saw me smile, and then went in to kiss me on the lips. After a few seconds she pulled back again. She gave me a warm smile, and then said, “You ready for the movie?”

“Let’s go.” I responded.

The two of us walked out of her house and down the street to the movie theatre.

Maybe this girl stuff isn’t ALL bad...


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