Krissy's Number One Fan

Krissy's Number One Fan

by Pamela ([email protected])

"What's that show you're watching?" Mrs. Davidson said to her ten year
old son Timmy. She had left the kitchen where she had been cooking to
tell Timmy to wash up and get ready for dinner; they would be eating

"It's the Krissy show!" Timmy said without looking up.

"Is she that new teen sensation that everyone's talking about?"

"Yeah mom, Krissy is just the greatest."

Timmy's mom watched as a cute girl wearing a navy blue miniskirt and
white top was braiding the mane of a horse. As she did this, under the
watchful eye of a woman dressed in western clothes, she added pink
flowers that looked like carnations. While she worked Krissy was
telling the TV audience how important it was to treat animals kindly.
After finishing her decorating Krissy waved goodbye to the woman and
the camera cut to a dozen young girls who were waving at her. Krissy
walked over and greeted them causing the girls to jump and scream with
excitement. Timmy seemed to be utterly absorbed in the scene and his
face lit up with excitement just like the girls on the show. Krissy
said, "do you girls want me to sing a song?"

Not surprisingly a chorus of high-pitched screams greeted the
suggestion and from somewhere off camera a sandy-haired surfer-type
guy, just a few years older than Krissy and holding a guitar walked up
behind her and struck a chord. Someone handed a guitar to Krissy also
and the next minute Krissy, with the accompaniment of the surfer guy,
was singing a pop tune. Mrs. Davidson watched as Timmy moved his head
in beat with the music. She laughed to herself and said, "five minutes
to dinner." Timmy swiveled his head around quickly and said, "OK." His
mom went to tell Timmy's dad to get ready for dinner.


That night after Timmy was asleep, Timmy's mom said to his dad, "Timmy
was watching the Krissy show this afternoon."

"Who's Krissy?"

"The latest teen sensation. I've only heard little bits about her. I
didn't even know she had a TV show."

"That's what they do nowadays. Cash in on the fad as long as it

"She's pretty cute and I think that Timmy has a thing for her."

"His first crush?"


"We can't stop him from growing up."

"Ain't that the truth."


Timmy's parents soon discovered that watching the Krissy show was now
a ritual. As soon as Timmy came home from school, he attacked his
homework and then stopped to watch the show until dinner was served.

When his mother happened to walk past the TV she oftentimes saw Krissy
giving beauty tips, such as how to put on makeup, how to select a
shade of lipstick. There invariably were groups of screaming girls
that she was showing her tips to and one did not have to wait long
until she would break out into song. Usually with the same guitarist.
A couple of times there were guest singers who did duets with her.

A couple of weeks later Timmy's mom was once again summoning Timmy to
dinner when she caught the tail end of a segment that seemed to be
concerned with tips for buying trainer bras. When the show cut to a
commercial break, Timmy's mom saw that the first ad was for Playtex
bras for young girls. She stopped to watch the ad, curious to see what
Timmy did. He seemed to be as interested in the ad as he was with the
show. A second commercial was for shampoo, in fact, Krissy shampoo
that was specially formulated for pre-teen girls.

Timmy's mom said, "Timmy?"

"What mom," he turned around.

"Are you interested in the commercials?"

"They're OK I guess. I think that Krissy must make the best shampoo

"Girl's shampoo?"

"Yeah, girls must really like her shampoo. I think all the girls in my
class have some. Can you buy me some next time you go shopping?"

"Krissy shampoo?"

"Yeah mom. That would be so cool."


That night after Timmy was in bed, his mom did some poking around on
the internet and discovered that Krissy was a mega-phenomenon. She was
all the craze among pre-adolescent girls who flocked to her concerts
and adored her fashion trends and consumed whatever gossip was printed
about her personal life. Her TV show had been on for just about a
month and was at the top of the ratings. Try as she did, Timmy's
mother could not find out much information about what young boys
thought about Krissy.

She said to her husband, "I've been wondering about Timmy's
fascination with Krissy. She's become the idol of ten million young
girls but I don't get the impression that boys Timmy's age thing very
much of her. I think they regard her as too "yucky" meaning too much
of a girly-girl."

"What are you implying?"

"I'm wondering if you should have a talk with Timmy. He seems to be
obsessed with Krissy, like those ten million girls are."

"It's probably just a phase."

"He asked me to buy him some Krissy shampoo today."

"Shampoo is shampoo, isn't it?"

"Maybe so, but I do think you ought to have a little man-to-man talk
with him."

"Sure, first thing tomorrow."


At breakfast the next morning, Timmy's dad sat across from Timmy at
the dining room table. "You're mother tells me that you like Krissy."

"She's the greatest dad," Timmy said.

"Do you feel that way because of her, or because so many other kids
like her?"

"I think she's so smart and kind besides knowing so much about how to
dress cool and how to pick out the right stuff, like shampoo or stuff
girls wear like lipstick."


"Girls put it on their lips. Doesn't mom have some?"

"Sure, I guess so. You asked your mom to get some of her shampoo?"

"Yeah, she's got the greatest shampoo."

"Why's that?"

"Her hair is so nice. And all the girls in class have Krissy shampoo."

"OK, but how many boys use Krissy shampoo?"

"I don't know dad. None of the boys really talk much about Krissy.
Except sometimes they say mean things about her, like's she dumb or

"Does that bother you?"

"A little. I think she's the greatest."

"I mean does it bother you that the boys in your class don't have the
same feelings about Krissy that you seem to."

"You mean that you think I should make fun of her?"

"No, no, no. There's never a good reason to be mean like that."

"Say dad, I was wondering if you could write me a check for $9.95. You
see, at the end of the Krissy show yesterday they said that we can
join the Krissy fan club for $9.95. You get a whole bunch of neat
things including a big poster of her and a monthly magazine. I'll pay
you back out of my allowance."

"You're sure that the Krissy fan club isn't for girls only? They
didn't say anything like that?"

"No, they didn't mention that. It would be so cool to get the poster."

"I'll talk it over with your mom."

"OK, dad."


That night Timmy's mom asked her husband what had come of his
conversation that morning with Timmy. His dad shook his head with mock
exasperation. "He claims he likes her because she's so smart and knows
a lot about shampoo and lipstick, not because everyone else is crazy
about her. I think he genuinely sees her as a really nice person that
he admires. I couldn't figure out any intelligent way to tell him not
to respect or admire her. In fact, he asked me if I could write him a
check so he could join the Krissy fan club and get a poster of her."

"What did you say?"

"I said I'd ask you."

"Well what do you think about it?"

"We have to either tell him that the Krissy fan club is for girls
only, or else let him join. But there's no rule against boys joining."

"Well the whole thing is kind of silly, but it's hard to see the harm
that could come from it. I think we should just let the whole thing
work its way through his system until his interests change."

"Good idea."


Timmy joined the Krissy fan club and when the Krissy poster came,
Timmy was ecstatic and proudly showed it to his mom. "My how cute,"
his mom said as she regarded the large portrait of Krissy wearing a
pink bikini, with the word "Krissy" embroidered on the bikini part in
yellow script, and sitting on a surf board resting in the sand.
Krissy's figure was that of a young girl with small breasts and small
but cute derriere. She was smiling directly at the camera with large
blue eyes. Timmy's mom judged it to be quite tame - not overtly sexual
in an inappropriate way for the age group.

"Can I put it on my wall?" Timmy asked his mom.

His mother laughed and said, "sure, I guess it's harmless enough."

"Can I get a Krissy bathing suit?" Timmy asked.

"Bathing suit? What do you mean?"

"See her neat bathing suit," Timmy said.

"It's a girl's bathing suit, haven't you noticed?" his mom said

"But it's Krissy's!"

The logic of this escaped his mother's understanding and she didn't
know how to begin to explain the obvious to her son. She said, "well
no. You cannot have a girl's bathing suit even if it's a Krissy."

"Okay, mom."

Timmy's tone changed to one of disappointment and his mom said "but I
can get you some Krissy shampoo. I saw they're selling it now at the

Timmy's face brightened and he said, "thanks mom! I guess I'll put the
poster up now."


"Your son has a Krissy poster up in his room now," Timmy's mom said to
his dad later that night.

"Is she hot?"

"I wish. I think she's cute. She's appealing to the strictly pre-
adolescent girl population. She's wearing a cute little Krissy bikini
that I gather you can buy. Your son asked me to buy him one."

"Go on!"

"I reminded him that it's a girls' bathing suit, but he doesn't look
at it that way. To him it's a Krissy. That's all that matters."

"How bizarre. What a fixation he has on that girl. I hope you said

"Indeed I did. He seemed to take it all right, but I told him I'd get
him some Krissy shampoo."

"Shampoo is shampoo."


The next morning Timmy was delighted to wake up looking at the large
picture of Krissy starring at him. He felt that she was looking at
him, just him. By some miracle out of all the kids who were crazy
about Krissy, Krissy had decided that she wanted to be friends with
Timmy. It was because Krissy knew that Timmy understood how
intelligent, kind and beautiful she was. She knew that he felt that if
he could be her, then he could be as intelligent, kind and beautiful
as she was.

Watching the Krissy TV show had given Timmy many clues as to how he
could be like Krissy. She walked a certain way with a bouncy step and
he had practiced walking like that himself. When Krissy sat down she
held out her left hand in a graceful gesture with her index finger
pointing up and he had learned how to do that also. Over time he had
gotten familiar with the full line of Krissy brand products and he had
come to the conclusion that it was just tremendously neat that they
covered just about everything: clothes, shoes, makeup, toiletries,
luggage, sporting equipment and so much more. If he could, Timmy would
make sure that everything he owned would be Krissy. The start of his
collection would be the Krissy shampoo. He looked up at the poster and
focused on her Krissy bathing suit. It was a very nice shade of pink
and the embroidered letters saying "Krissy" were really cool. How he
would love to get a Krissy bathing suit.


A week later the first volume of the Krissy magazine came. Timmy's mom
found it in the mail when she collected it from the mail box. As she
walked back to the house she flipped through it. There were a million
cosmetic ads, ads for Tampax and Kotex. There were fashion articles
about skirts and getting your first heels. One column caught her eye:
twelve things you need to do before you kiss a boy. Several articles
were about Krissy - about her new album, about her concert tours,
about her fans. Her fans seemed to be a vast number of pre-adolescent
girls. And obviously add to that Timmy Davidson. Perhaps the time had
come for Timmy and his parents to have a big pow-wow about Krissy.


That night after dinner Timmy's mom said, "have you looked at the
Krissy magazine that came today?"

"Yeah, it's so neat."

His parents looked at each other and his mom said, "Neat? It's a
magazine for girls. What do you find neat about it?"

"It's got a lot about how Krissy is recording a new album and also I
read about where she's been traveling and giving concerts."

"It doesn't bother you that there are articles about girl things and
none about boys? For example, I saw that there's an article about
skirts: different styles this year, where to buy them and so forth.
Are you interested in that?"

"I guess girls want to know about skirts, but I like finding out about

Somewhat exasperated Timmy's dad said, "but look Timmy. Boys usually
feel sort of embarrassed to read girls' magazines."

"Why dad? I don't think Krissy has anything in her magazine that would
embarrass boys."

"Like the ads for Kotex? And lipstick?"

"I don't really know what Kotex are dad, and I don't know what's bad
about lipstick. I thought mommy has lipstick in her purse and she puts
it on."

"But just girls do that."

Timmy looked at his mom and dad. "Well maybe if Krissy had a special
lipstick then maybe I'd want to get that."

Timmy's dad shook his head vigorously as if he had water in his ear
and said, "well this has been interesting. I guess you better run
along and finish your homework."

"OK, dad."


A few days later at school, Timmy was talking to Debbie and Ellen, two
of the girls in his class. "Did you hear that Krissy is coming to town
to give a concert?" Ellen said.

Debbie and Timmy excitedly said, "when?"

"Next month. They just announced it on the show yesterday."

"I didn't see it," Timmy said.

"It was at the very end, I'll bet they repeat it today."

"My mom called me to dinner before the show was over. Thank goodness
you saw that, I've just got to go see her!"

"Me too," Debbie said. "Let's go together. We'll ask our moms tonight
and tomorrow we can plan and get tickets."

"Great!" Timmy said, "it'll be so much fun."

"Totally awesome," Ellen said.


That afternoon Timmy made a point of watching the Krissy show until
the very end and sure enough there was a brief commercial announcing
that the Krissy concert tour had added his town as one of the stops.
Timmy wrote down the date and went to the kitchen where his mom was
cooking dinner.

"Mom, Krissy's coming to town to give a concert on April 10th. Can I
go with Ellen and Debbie?"

"Wait a minute Timmy. A Krissy concert? Here? Are you sure?"

"Ellen said she saw the ad on television and I just saw it again

"This Krissy thing of yours is starting to get out of hand."

"What do you mean?"

"Well every day it's Krissy this and Krissy that. It seems like she's
the only thing you care about."

Timmy looked distraught and his mom immediately regretted her caustic
comment. "I'm sorry Timmy, I didn't mean to imply that you were
misbehaving. I know your teachers tell me what a perfect student you
are. It's just that your father and I are still having a problem with
you caring so much about a girl in this way."

"I don't understand mom. You're a girl and I care about you."

"Yes, yes of course. But it's been hard for your father and me to
explain to you that boys and girls do not share all things equally.
Some things are boy things and some things are girl things. What would
you think if Ellen or Debbie were crazy about some young boy singer
and got his fan magazine and watched his TV show?"

"But Ellen is a big fan of Teddy Tiger. He's a boy singer and she gets
his fan magazine. But she likes Krissy even more than Teddy."

"From what I know you'll be the only boy at the concert."

"It would be so neat to see Krissy in person. I think it'll be the
greatest thing to ever happen to me. I'll do anything if you let me go
to the concert."

"Well, I'll have to check with your dad. In the meantime could you get
Ellen or Debbie's mom to call me. I'd like to ask them about it."

"Sure mom!" Timmy said.


Later that evening Timmy's mom was telling Ellen's mom, "Timmy asked
me if he could to the Krissy concert with Ellen and Debbie and I
wanted to hear what your take is on this."

"I think Krissy is pretty harmless, in fact, she's been marketed as
being quite wholesome, so I think it could be fine for the kids to go.
Of course, I think that at least one of us mom's should go if not all
of us and I'm happy to go."

"I'm happy to go also, but let me be a bit more direct. Talking about
marketing, it seems that Krissy mainly appeals to pre-adolescent
girls. Am I wrong about that?"

"No, not at all. I've been bracing myself for listening to a thousand
girls screaming together when Krissy comes out on stage. It's supposed
to be unbelievably shrill," Ellen's mom laughed.

"But don't you think it a bit odd to have Timmy there?"

"I see your point. Well, from everything I hear from Ellen and Debbie,
Timmy is as much a Krissy fan as they are. The three of them talk
incessantly about her, about every little move she makes. So I'm not
the least bit surprised he wants to go to the concert."

It was clear to Timmy's mom that if Ellen's mom thought that something
was odd about Timmy wanting to go to the Krissy concert, she wasn't
going to tell her. On the other hand, maybe she and Timmy's dad were
over-reacting. Timmy was after all not even in puberty and there was
obviously a great deal of innocence about him.

"OK, fine. Then I guess you can count Timmy and me in. We just have to
find out about Debbie's mom."

"Great. I'm sure us mom's will get a great kick out of the

"And I'll bring ear plugs!"


Timmy was ecstatic when his mom told him that he could go to the
Krissy concert. His attention was then immediately turned to what he
would wear that night. As it so happened his birthday was coming up
and traditionally his grandmother would take him shopping for his
present each year. She was getting on in years, her driving was
getting a bit off and there had been some discussion between Timmy's
mom and dad as to the wisdom of her once again taking Timmy to the
mall. When they had suggested to his grandmother that perhaps they
could make the trip a family excursion this year she had declined the
offer. As long as she could walk and drive she wanted the personal
time with her grandson to buy him a nice present that he might
otherwise not be able to get. Seeing how she was determined, they
backed off resolving to be more insistent the next year if she still
insisted on going alone with him.

By the time Saturday morning rolled around when his grand mom would
come by and pick him up in her car, Timmy had decided that he would
look for a Krissy tee shirt that he could wear to the concert. He
wasn't too sure which store might sell them but he would look and
hopefully find one. When he and his grand mom got to the mall, she
made a bee line to the coffee place ordered a latte with an extra shot
and said, "honey, I'm getting a little old to trudge around through so
many stores. So why don't you take a look and come back to me here
when you find something you like and I'll go with you and pay for it.
How's that? You won't get lost will you?"

"No, grandma, that sounds super!"

Timmy headed out to look for a store selling Krissy shirts. There were
two department stores anchoring the mall and he thought he would start
in one of them and then work his way toward the other. He entered the
closest of the department stores and looked around. Where he was there
were cosmetics, hand bags and women's coats. He saw a woman with a
badge and decided he better ask her if they had a Krissy section. The
woman said that indeed they did have Krissy fashions: it was on the
second floor in the girls department. Timmy thanked her and took the
escalator up. It occurred to him that the fact that the Krissy clothes
were in the girls section must be what his mom was trying to tell him
the other day: since Krissy was a girl it made sense to have Krissy
clothes in the girl's section.

Several girls with their mom's were shopping at the Krissy display.
The first thing Timmy saw was the bathing suit that Krissy was wearing
in the poster. Unfortunately, his mom had told him he couldn't have
one. The bikinis looked even nicer first hand than they did on the
poster. He picked up one and looked at the word Krissy embroidered on
the bikini front. It was totally cool. Nearby were Krissy tee shirts
that had a large picture of her across the chest with her name written
below in script. They came in pink and light blue. It was clear to
Timmy that he would definitely get one of them.

He went back to his grandma who said, "that didn't take long. Did you
find something nice?"

"Yes grandma. I found a Krissy shirt that I'd love to have. I think it
costs $19.95."

"Krissy shirt? Is that some sort of style?"

"No Krissy is my favorite singer. It's got a picture of her on the

"Really? A picture of a girl on the front? Well I don't know why but
if that's what you want, then go get it. Do you know what size to

"I'm pretty sure I'm a medium."

"Good, let me give you some money. Here's 30 dollars, maybe there's
some other Krissy thing you want to buy."

"Great, thanks grandma!"

Timmy took the money and ran back to the Krissy display. He selected a
medium blue Krissy tee shirt and saw that it was actually on sale that
day for $17.95. That left him with about ten more dollars to spend. He
looked over the rest of the Krissy display. The bathing suit was way
too expensive besides the fact his mom said he couldn't have one. He
saw that there were some Krissy shorts but they were also too much
money. On the far side of the display he saw packages of Krissy
panties that were $9.95. Each package had a white, a blue and a pink
panty. A mannequin nearby was wearing white Krissy panties with the
word Krissy written across them in red letters on the side. Timmy held
up a package marked medium and decided that they were totally cool. He
could wear them as underwear to the concert along with his tee shirt.
That way he'd be as good a fan as anyone else. He brought the panties
and shirt to the counter and bought them and headed back to his

"Boy are you fast today," Timmy's grandma said.

"I knew exactly what I wanted. I can't thank you enough grandma. I got
the shirt and it's so neat and I used the extra money to get Krissy

"Underwear? Let me see."

Timmy took the tee shirt and panties out of the bag and showed them to
his grandma. "The shirt is a pretty shade of blue," she said, "and is
this Krissy on the front?"

"Yes, grandma and these are the underwear. They've got Krissy's
signature on them," Timmy said showing the package to his grandma.

"I can see that Timmy. But aren't they just for girls?"

"I don't know grandma. I'm going to the Krissy concert in a couple of
weeks and I want to wear the tee shirt and I can wear the underwear
also. My friends are going to have lots of Krissy stuff."

Timmy's grandma shook her head and said, "it's a whole new world out
there. When I was a girl we didn't go to concerts and we didn't buy
clothes with anyone's name on them."

"I guess things are different now," Timmy said.


When Timmy and his grandma returned home, Timmy's mom asked, "so what
did grandma buy you for your birthday?"

"A Krissy shirt and some underwear!"

"That's all he wanted was a shirt and some underwear," Timmy's grandma

"Yeah, but they're Krissy's!" Timmy said.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, they're all Krissy," Timmy's grandma said.
"Everything today must be Krissy!"

The expression on Timmy's mom's face turned sour. "You're telling me
that you bought him Krissy underwear? Krissy underwear?"

Timmy's mom opened the package and pulled out the panties. "Krissy

Timmy's grandma looked at her and shrugged. "Kids nowadays have
different ideas than us."

"They're so cool, their Krissy's," Timmy said.


Later that night, Timmy's mom and dad were in bed. "So here's the
newsflash. Your mother bought Timmy Krissy panties for his birthday."


"She was getting him a Krissy tee shirt and it turned out he had some
extra money, anyway, he ended up buying Krissy underwear. To him
they're magical because they're Krissy's, but to everyone else they're
girl's panties."

"So what did you do?"

"Well I couldn't grab them away from him in front of your mother, I
think she's confused about the whole thing and maybe thinks that the
underwear is unisex."

"So where do we stand now?"

"Panties are panties?"

Timmy's dad laughed. "Is our son turning into a little girl in front
of our eyes?"

"One has to wonder. Anyway, if you want to take away his Krissy
panties go ahead, but you're going to have to also explain why you did
it to your mother."

Timmy's dad thought it over a bit and said, "let's let sleeping dogs
lie, but if he comes home with a Krissy skirt or bra or something,
then I'll freak out for sure."


In the wash the next week Timmy's mom saw a pair of white Krissy
panties. When Timmy came home from school she said to him, "you're
wearing the Krissy panties?"

"Yes mom,".


"And what mom?"

"Are they comfortable? Do they feel like your other underpants?"

"I like them a lot. I think they're softer and more comfortable. I
also like knowing that they're Krissy's."

Timmy's mom smiled and said, "OK, whatever."

"I'm going to do my homework now, Krissy's going to have a great show

His mom wanted to ask him what made a show "great" but decided that it
was probably better not to ask since the answer might give her a good
case of indigestion.


When the next issue of the Krissy magazine came, Timmy was thrilled to
see that an essay contest had been announced looking for the fan club
member who could supply the best answer to the question: "why are you
Krissy's number one fan?" The grand prize would be an all expenses
paid trip to Hollywood and five days living as a guest in Krissy's
mansion. Besides a chance to see Krissy on a day to day basis, the
winner would participate in the filming of her TV show and travel with
her to a rock concert and be introduced on stage as the Krissy essay
contest winner. A five dollar entry fee was charged with the money to
be donated to the charitable Krissy Foundation. Preliminary screening
of the essays would be performed by a battery of high school English
teachers with the top 100 essays sent to Krissy herself to pick the
winner. In case of ties, the winner would be picked by a random
drawing of the finalists. The first line of the essay, which had to be
no more than 200 words, had to be "I am Krissy's number one fan
because ..."

Timmy was so overwhelmed by the idea that there was a possibility that
he could meet Krissy that he had to reread the contest announcement to
convince himself it was actually true. He even read the fine print at
the bottom of the page that said employees of various companies
involved with Krissy and the contest were ineligible to participate.
Timmy went to his mom and asked her if his dad worked at any of these

"Why no, he has nothing to do with them. Why do you ask?"

"Because there's a Krissy essay contest that I want to enter and you
can't if your dad works at one of these places."

"What do you have to write about?"

"About why I'm Krissy's number one fan."

His mother was about to say how ridiculous the topic was but decided
against it. There was no point in making fun of Timmy. "Are you
planning to enter?"

"If you let me. Can I?"

"Sure, there's no harm in that, as long as you promise me that you
won't be upset if you don't win."

"I'll be very disappointed if I don't win, but on the other hand I'll
be very happy for the winner."

"That's a very nice attitude to take. What is the prize if you win?"

"Five days with Krissy at her Hollywood home."

"Wow, that sounds like an incredible prize."

"I know mom. I'm going to write the best essay I can."


It didn't take Timmy long to write his essay and send it off:

Dear Krissy,

"I am Krissy's number one fan because all of Krissy's fans are her
number one fan. No one fan is more of a fan than another. We all love
her, we all admire her, we all want to do the fun things she does, we
all want to help others like she does and we all want to spend time
with her. All of her fans have the same problem in that while we know
about her we don't know her the way a friend knows about another
friend. That could happen if I had the chance to spend a week with
Krissy so I could become her friend and as her friend I would learn so
much more about how smart and nice she is and I could then share this
with all of her other fans. I am sure that Krissy would love to have
her fans know her better and I would try as hard as I could to make
that happen.


Timmy Davidson


At the Krissy concert, the moment Krissy came out on stage, Timmy,
Ellen and Debbie jumped up with hundreds of pre-adolescent girls and
ran screaming down the aisles toward the stage. Their mom's sat in
their seats watching the phenomenon with disbelief. No mother in the
hall was more blown out by the experience than Timmy's mom, as she
watched the only boy in the place join in with the girls as if he were
one of them. It was terribly disorienting since she had no
recollection of him ever acting at home other than the young boy he
was. It had been bad enough when she had first seen Timmy in his
powder blue Krissy shirt with a large doe-eyed picture of Krissy on
the front. Virtually every girl in the theater had a Krissy shirt,
about half divided between pink and blue and she had to admit to
herself that she was lucky he had chosen the blue shirt. She hoped it
meant something, but she doubted it. The only lucky thing thus far was
that Timmy's dad hadn't been home to see him when they departed.

"He's the only boy here," Timmy's mom said to the others.

Ellen and Debbie's moms tried to look as sympathetic as they could
about her plight. They would have liked to say "girls will be girls,"
at least as far as their own daughters being hysterical Krissy fans
was concerned, but that wouldn't be much comfort for Timmy's mom.


Not quite two hours later the concert was over and the three excited
kids headed home with their moms. They were so hoarse from screaming
that they could barely talk. Still, they compared notes together all
the way home. It was agreed that Krissy was even prettier live than in
pictures or on TV. Also she was smarter, funnier, wittier, cooler,
neater, sweeter and even more worthy of complete and total admiration
than before. The three moms in the car rolled their eyeballs in unison
listening to this conversation.


Over 800,000 essays were duly entered in the Krissy essay contest.
Half of these did not start with the required sentence and were
rejected. Half of the remainder were essentially illegible or so
obviously poor they were never read. One half of the remainder were
considered so poor they were immediately rejected. The 100,000
surviving essays were given 500 each to two hundred high school
teachers who were paid fifty cents each to read the essays and select
the five best of their group. This left 1000 essays that were
forwarded to Krissy's management agency. Five outside consultants were
hired who each read the 1000 essays selecting the top twenty. 70
essays made the list of at least one consultant and these were
forwarded to Krissy and her inner circle. An accompanying note
mentioned the fact that one of the essays was written by a boy.

After some discussion among Krissy's agent and marketing people it was
decided that declaring a boy the winner added a dimensionality to the
contest that they had not previously anticipated. Raising the interest
of boys in Krissy could double sales of her albums. Making it cool for
guys to be Krissy fans could be huge. Besides, all the girls except
one was going to lose anyway, so this way the fan base wouldn't be as
jealous of the lucky winner.


It was late June with one day left at school and the phone rang during
dinner time at Timmy's house. At first his dad wasn't going to answer
but when the caller ID showed that it was from California he picked up
the phone. He spent a good five minutes frozen in place with the phone
to his ear and a look of utter astonishment on his face.

"Dear are you all right?" Timmy's mom asked him.

Timmy's dad passed the phone to Timmy and said, "I guess it's for

Timmy said, "hello?"

A second later Timmy let out a piercing scream that echoed around the
house, filled it up to the rafters and sailed out into the next county
waking up the dead. "I WON, I WON, I WON, I WON," Timmy repeated it a
hundred times after he got off the phone.


Timmy had never been on a plane before so he had no way of knowing
just how lucky he was to fly first class. It was somewhat scary being
alone on the airplane, but the stewardesses knew that he was the
Krissy essay contest grand prize winner and they went out of their way
to be kind to him. For the great occasion Timmy was wearing his Krissy
tee shirt and unbeknownst to anyone except possibly his mom and dad,
he was wearing his Krissy panties. When his mom had helped him pack
for the trip she had insisted that he take only his white and blue
Krissy panties and definitely not his pink ones. She told him that
there was no way of knowing who in the Krissy household would have
access to his personal things and so it was best to not display a pair
of pink panties.

When Timmy disembarked at Los Angeles International Airport he was
greeted by a man holding up a sign saying "Timmy Davidson," who turned
out to be the chauffer of a long black limousine. The man carried
Timmy's suitcase to the limo and put it in the trunk and off they
zoomed through Los Angeles heading to the Hollywood Hills. The closer
they got to Krissy's mansion, the more nervous and excited Timmy
became as the absolute reality of what was about to happen overcame
him. When the limo entered through a large wrought iron gate into a
long driveway up to a large house Timmy was both shaking with anxiety
and oohing and ahhing with amazement at the grandeur of the house and
grounds. The grand spectacle of the residence was hard to take in. The
commanding view of Los Angeles in the distance was overwhelming. The
thought that he would be standing next to Krissy was both unbearable
and beyond wonderful. To even think that Krissy walked along these
paths, up these steps. That she lived in this actual building was

The car came to a stop and the chauffer opened the door for Timmy. The
thought that Krissy was standing right there waiting for him was so
filled with unreality that he found himself afraid to leave the car. A
man in a suit looked inside the limo at Timmy, smiled at him and said,
"Mr. Timmy Davidson, our grand prize winner. On behalf of Krissy and
her family I welcome you to Los Angeles and her house. Krissy is down
in the valley filming her show but she'll be back soon to greet you.
In the meantime, you should relax and make yourself at home."

The news that Krissy was not there felt the same to Timmy as a
reprieve must feel to a convict on death row and Timmy relaxed and
stepped out of the car. He felt like a tiny little dot in the
universe. Of course, Krissy would have to film her show. She would be
back soon. It made sense. She had a larger-than-life life and Timmy
was given the incredible privilege to watch how she lived it from a
front row seat. Timmy followed the man, who had introduced himself as
Mr. Malloy, into the house and to a guest bedroom. The scale of the
house was immense and Timmy felt like he was walking through a giant
museum. His bedroom was decorated with Krissy posters and a Krissy bed
spread and other Krissy memorabilia which cheered Timmy a bit. Mr.
Malloy said he was welcome to take a swim in the pool and that if he
needed anything, anything at all including food or beverage, to just
press a button that was conveniently placed on the night stand.

Timmy unpacked his things into a dresser and lay down on the bed. He
was Krissy's number one fan and it was a big responsibility to all the
other millions of fans out there. He could not let his nerves get in
the way of his mission, which was to become friends with Krissy, if
that were possible, and then spread the word about how wonderful
Krissy was to all those fans who didn't get a chance to be her friend.
Still, he was terrified at the reality of his being in her home and
the fact that in a short while he would hear her car come up the
driveway and then there would be no avoiding meeting her. A part of
himself that he had to struggle against secretly hoped that Krissy
would not come home and that he would go home without meeting her.
What could he possibly say to Krissy? As many times as he had
fantasized about standing next to her and talking to her, that now
seemed impossible. A great weight of fear settled over him and he
could barely move an arm or leg as he lay on the bed.

After two hours Timmy heard a knock on the door. He got up and opened
it and it was Mr. Malloy. "Krissy is coming up the hill now and will
be here in a couple of minutes. She's excited to meet you. There'll be
a little publicity shoot at the front door. Can I escort you
downstairs? Are you ready?"

Timmy's eyes were wide open with fear and he couldn't talk.

"Are you OK, Timmy?"

Timmy managed to nod his head slightly.

"Good. Follow me."

Timmy followed Mr. Malloy down to the front door and outside to the
front steps. A couple of men with cameras were standing by chatting to
each other. Timmy looked around to see where he might run to hide from
everybody. A minute later a long black limousine came up the driveway
and stopped in front of the house. Timmy felt a quivering in his neck
and then a feeling of light headedness as if he might faint. He
breathed in and out deeply. The car door nearest him opened and out
stepped Krissy. She had an enormous bright, sunny smile on her face.
She turned toward Timmy and Timmy felt himself overcome with
excitement and he let out an insane screech "Krissy" that luckily was
mostly caught in his throat. He was just a couple of feet away from
her. Her hair, her face, her fingers, her lips, her eyes, right there,
right in front of him. His mouth hung wide open and he couldn't close

Krissy took a step toward him and said, "Timmy Davidson. So wonderful
to meet you at last. You're so cute."

Timmy starred at her with his mouth and eyes wide open and shook
violently. "Oh my God, it's Krissy!" Timmy said fixated by seeing her
humanity so close to him, seeing her boundless self-confidence, poise
and charisma.

"My number one fan," Krissy said, "welcome. I'm sorry I couldn't be
here when you arrived. Has Malloy shown you around?"

Finding his voice Timmy said, "oh no, oh yes, oh sort of. He showed me
my room. It's so great. I love the Krissy posters and the blanket and

"I'm glad," Krissy said.

To Timmy she was beyond any idea he had ever had about beauty. An inch
or two taller than himself. Radiant, exuding charisma from every pore.
"I didn't swim," Timmy said

Krissy laughed. "Cute. We'll have plenty of time to swim though
there's a lot planned. Now we need to let these guys take our

A photographer arranged Krissy and Timmy near the door. The closer he
brought Timmy to Krissy the more Timmy's face darted around
alternating between fear and a kind of weird hysteria. "Smile Timmy,"
the photographer said, "let the other Krissy fans know how exciting
this is."

Timmy's face settled on a kind of pathological smile and the
photographer said, "let's smile a wee bit brighter my laddie!"

Krissy gave a signal to Malloy and he stepped behind the cameraman,
took 3 colored balls out of his pocket and began juggling them. Timmy
was distracted by the performance and when Malloy pretended that a
ball had come out of the photographer's ear Timmy laughed
uproariously. When he did so the cameramen took a steady stream of
pictures of Timmy and Krissy gaily laughing. A few minutes later the
shoot was over and Malloy came over, "that wasn't too hard was it?"

"You're so funny," Timmy said, "I didn't know you could do that."

"There's very little Malloy can't do," Krissy said.

Krissy and Malloy conversed for a few minutes about some scheduling
issues that Timmy didn't understand and then Mr. Malloy left.

"Let's hang out at the pool a bit until dinner, OK?"

Timmy stared at her and Krissy said, "I'll take that as a yes."

"Really?" Timmy said.

"Come, number one fan." She turned and entered the house and Timmy
tagged along behind her. As they walked through the central hall
Krissy said, "some old film baron had this place built. Now it's my
turn to own it. I'm sure that one day some other rising star will get

"Oh," Timmy said. He watched Krissy as she walked and he had the
distinct sense that he was in a dream. How else to explain the fact
that he was really walking through corridors and up flights of stairs
behind Krissy?

Krissy's bedroom suite was on the second floor and Timmy didn't know
if she wanted him to follow her in the room or not and he stopped
outside the door. Krissy called to him and said, "come in."

Timmy entered the palatial bedroom suite and gazed at the enormity of
the room with high ceilings, huge windows overlooking the grounds of
the estate, a giant bed in a distant corner.

"You brought a bathing suit?" Krissy asked Timmy.

He looked at her and saw that she was asking him the question like any
person would. She was real. The moment was real. Krissy smiled and
repeated herself, "did you bring a bathing suit?"

Her smile had the effect of melting enough of his fear that he was
able to talk and he said, "yeah, but it's not a Krissy suit."

"I'm not surprised," Krissy laughed.

"I asked my mom for a Krissy suit, when I got the poster of you.
Sitting on the surf board?"


"She said I couldn't get one."

"It's a girls' bathing suit, isn't it?"

"I suppose, yeah, but it has your name on it."

"Like your shirt," Krissy joked.

"Yeah. Then I saw the suit selling in a store and it was so nice. My
grandma was getting me a birthday present but since my mom said I
couldn't have the bathing suit I got this tee shirt instead which I
really like."

"I've got a dozen Krissy suits, you can have one if you want."

"Really? Can I? That's so incredible!" Timmy said.

Krissy fetched a bathing suit from a closet and gave it to him. "It's
pink, or do you want the blue one?"

Timmy held it like it was a sacred relic. "I can't believe it! Your
bathing suit." He held up the bra part and then the bikini part. He
ran his fingers over the embroidered "Krissy". "So cool. Can I wear

"Wear it? Well, sure, so long as you know it's a girl's bathing suit."

"Yeah, I know it is, but it's yours!" Timmy couldn't help but think
what Debbie and Ellen would think of him holding in his hands an
actual Krissy bathing suit that Krissy had worn. Timmy hugged it to
his chest and said, "I really want to wear it."

Krissy said, "sure OK. This is LA after all. I'll get you Krissy flip
flops and a towel also." She went and retrieved pink flip flops and a
pink towel and gave them to Timmy.

"So neat," Timmy said admiring his new trophies.

"Change in your bedroom, and meet me downstairs."


Timmy took his clothes off and put on the bikini part of the bathing
suit. He was unfamiliar with the bra part of the suit and how to put
it on. All he could figure to do was to secure the back strap and put
it on over his head as if it were a small vest. That seemed to work
fine. The guest bedroom had a full length mirror and he looked at
himself in it. To some small extent he felt that he looked a bit like
Krissy. He had been growing his hair for a few weeks and trying to
style it the same way that Krissy did, and that helped a lot. Krissy
herself was a tad bit taller than he and he also realized that for her
she probably needed the support supplied by the bra part of the
bikini. For himself it was just part of the Krissy suit.

Timmy quietly walked downstairs and waited for Krissy at the foot of
the staircase. He shivered a bit as he stood in the spacious hall
wearing just Krissy flip flops and the bikini. The large rooms and
high ceilings and intricate decorations were foreign to his
experience. He allowed himself to delight in the feeling of wearing
Krissy's bathing suit. It made him feel closer to her than he had ever
felt before. After waiting a few minutes Mr. Malloy came up to him
holding a telephone. His face had a bemused expression as his eyes
swept over Timmy's outfit. "A phone call for you Timmy. It's your

"Thank you," Timmy said. Taking the phone he said, "hello?"

"Hello Timmy," he heard his mom's voice.

"Hi mom."

"So how is it. Tell me everything."

"I'm waiting for Krissy. We're going to go swimming. The house is very
big. She's so nice. She had to work today but then came home and they
took some pictures of us. Mr. Malloy did a juggling act that made me

"Who's Mr. Malloy?" Timmy's mom said.

"This nice man who can do anything and helps Krissy out."

"What's it like to be with Krissy?"

"I can't believe how beautiful and special she is. I knew she would be
so great and she is." Timmy thought about telling his mom that Krissy
had given him a bathing suit and decided that he better not since his
mom didn't want him to have one.

"Have you met her parents?"

"Not yet." Timmy saw Krissy coming down the stairs and he said, "I
gotta go now. It's Krissy."

"Tell her that your father and I thank her for her hospitality."

"I will mom. Bye."

"Bye. I love you."

"Bye mom." Timmy shut off the phone.

"It was my mom. She and my dad thank you for your hospitality."

Krissy smiled and said, "the pool is out back."

Timmy followed Krissy past some maids who were busy polishing some
silver pots. They smiled politely at Krissy and Timmy without stopping
what they were doing. Krissy went through French doors that opened up
from a large Florida room to the outside. Nestled in a lavishly
landscaped setting was a large irregularly shaped pool that included a
waterfall on one end. Krissy sat down on a chaise lounge and Timmy
stood a distance away from her.

"Come, sit here," Krissy said indicating the chair next to hers. "I
want to get to know my number one fan."

Timmy cautiously sat down next to her and lay back in the chair. He
glanced over at Krissy and put his arms and legs in the same position
as hers. The only obvious difference between them was that his bathing
suit was pink and hers was blue. "It's so great to be here like this.
To even get to wear your bathing suit."

"Doesn't it feel strange to wear a girl's bathing suit?" Krissy said.

"No, I don't think so. Do girls find it strange?"

Krissy laughed.

"To me it's a Krissy suit and that's the most important thing. I
wanted one and my mom didn't think it was a good idea. But I don't
think anyone who's not really a Krissy fan would understand. All the
Krissy fans would understand."

"I'm glad my fans are like that," Krissy said. "I like what your essay
said about every one of my fans being number one fans. I don't think
anyone else in all the many essays said the same thing. It was a nice
original thought."

Timmy felt tears coming on, "that you would say that makes me so
happy. It's what I felt was true and I'm even more sure of it now. I
know that my friends Debbie and Ellen are as much fans as I am. I want
to be able to tell all your fans about all of this right here, how
you're so nice to be with and everything." Timmy got choked up and had
to stop talking.

"It's kind of you to say that," Krissy said.

"You're the one who's kind," Timmy said and a few stray tears came
down his cheek.

Seeing how emotional Timmy had become, Krissy said, "tell me about
yourself. So far all I know about you is your essay which is about
wanting to know me the way a friend knows another friend so that you
could then tell my fans about that side of me. I like that idea. I
have ten million girls who love me but don't really know me and you
want to help them get to know me better."

Timmy felt his heart melting and he remembered why he loved Krissy and
why he had so desperately wanted to meet her. "That's all true. I feel
like I know you so well but not really and if I could just get to know
you as a friend then I would really know you."

"But you also might find out that I'm not as great as you imagine. The
Krissy on the show and at concerts is a carefully constructed image. I
pay a lot of people a lot of money to create that."

"The Krissy I've seen on your show I'm sure is a kind and intelligent
person. Your songs are so wonderful. I love your songs and watching
you sing them on your show and then at your concert. Me and all the
other fans there just love it so much."

"My mom and dad encouraged me to write songs even before I knew how to
write or anything about music, when I was very young. It turned out
that I really enjoyed doing it and I was able to write some songs that
other kids liked."

"All your fans know that no one else can write songs like you do."

"Let's take a dip!" Krissy said and got up and dove into the pool and
swam toward the waterfall. Timmy got up and jumped in after her trying
to dive exactly the way she had, with her two arms over her head. It
was exhilarating to have this opportunity to see her up close and
learn to imitate her. Wearing a Krissy bathing suit just like Krissy
was wearing made the moment perfect. No doubt the feeling of the wet
bra part of the bikini across his chest and back was the same feeling
that Krissy felt with her wet bikini top. And the special feeling that
the low cut panty part gave him must also be the same sensation that
Krissy was feeling. For the first time ever he was beginning to know
what it felt like to be Krissy.


After they climbed out of the pool and dried off in the sun, Krissy
said, "my mom will be back any minute and then we'll have dinner.
Would you like something to drink now? Iced tea? Soda?"

"You don't have to go to any bother for me."

"I'm having an iced tea. What would you like?"

"I'll have one also."

Krissy reached over to a button built discretely into the base of a
stone lion and pressed it. A moment later Mr. Malloy appeared and
said, "what can I get for you two?."

"Mr. kill joy Malloy, we'll have two iced teas." Krissy said.

"If that's what prissy Krissy wants, that's what prissy Krissy gets,"
Mr. Malloy said and he and Krissy laughed.

Mr. Malloy left to fetch the drinks. "He's such a dear," Krissy said.
"I don't know what we'd do without him."


After Mr. Malloy delivered the iced tea, Krissy's mom came home. From
where Timmy was lying he could see her step outside and walk across
the garden towards them. She was wearing an elegant white pantsuit
with jewelry dangling from her neck and wrists.

"So Krissy, this young lady, Timmy isn't it?, is the contest winner?"
Krissy's mom said hesitantly.

Krissy laughed at the error. "I gave Timmy one of my bathing suits to

"No, no, no, how silly of me!"

Timmy had jumped to his feet when he first saw Krissy's mom and he now
nervously said, "hello ma'am."

Krissy's mom gazed at him in a slightly bemused look and said, "I'm
delighted you're here. So you've been swimming. I'm sure Malloy could
find you a boy's swim suit."

"No, I brought a suit with me," Timmy said, "but I've always wanted a
Krissy suit, since I saw it on my Krissy poster."

"Timmy's really into the Krissy signature collection and I obliged,"
Krissy said.

"Well I suppose it makes sense, you being the number one fan and all,"
Krissy's mom said. "My husband and I loved your essay. It was unique
and made some excellent points. You seem like such a lovely young man
and you're very cute! Isn't he Krissy?"

"Yes, mom."

"Thank you," Timmy said.

"It looks like you've settled in just marvelously. Has Mr. Malloy been

"Mr. Malloy is so much fun," Timmy said.

Krissy's mother laughed. "You're cute. I've got to supervise dinner.
Do you like Chateaubriand?"

"Chateaubriand?" Timmy said.


"Oh, yes, ma'am."

"Good. Dinner in half and hour, Krissy."


Dinner was in a formal dining room with Mr. Malloy serving. Timmy had
changed out of his Krissy bathing suit back into his Krissy shirt and
short pants. It was hard for Timmy not to be aware of Krissy sitting
to his side. He was aware of almost everything she did. How she held
her silverware, how she drank water, how she ate. Part of the
conversation was Krissy and her mom discussing some upcoming plans.
Her mother made some attempts to include Timmy in the conversation by
asking him questions about his family, school, friends and life in
general back home. She also complimented him on his essay and
described a little of what was to come during the week.

During dessert, Krissy's mom said, "so how did you become a Krissy

Timmy thought a few moments and said, "in biology class, Debbie was my
lab partner and one day we were supposed to dissect a frog and both of
us got grossed out and couldn't do it," Timmy stopped, suddenly
confused as to how to continue.

Timmy saw Krissy smile and her mom laughed slightly and said,
"dissecting a frog?"

"Ellen is Debbie's best friend and she and Amy were at the next lab
table. And you see, Debbie wasn't afraid to dissect the frog. So..."
Timmy got stuck again.

"So?" Krissy said.

"So I got to go to Ellen's house with Debbie and Amy to write up the
lab report. Ellen played the Krissy album and I just loved it just as
much as Debbie and Amy and I became a fan."

"You loved the Krissy album?" Krissy's mom said.

"Oh, yeah, it's my favorite. I still love it. I listen to it all the

"What's you favorite song?"

"Gosh, that's hard to say. They're all so nice."

"You like Krissy's make up song?"

"That one is funny. About putting on the wrong shade of lipstick."

"And the first bra song?"

"That one's really nice too. It's so amazing that Krissy wrote it."

"It's about girls worrying about when they'll be ready for their first
bra. Most boys aren't too interested."

"I think it's nice that Krissy can say what a lot of girls go through.
Maybe it's weird but I thought that if I ever had to worry about
needing a bra then it's nice to know that Krissy wrote a song about

"What about her song, 'Prom,' about a boy asking her to the prom?"

"I know from Debbie and Ellen that it can be hard for girls to wait to
be asked to the prom. Krissy always seems to know exactly what we're
worried about and she comes up with a great song."

"What girls are worried about," Krissy's mom said with an emphasis on

"I guess mainly girls, but I worry about a lot of that too."

"I wrote the songs in that album years ago, when I first started
writing songs," Krissy said. "Like you say, lots of girls have the
same concerns that I did and its nice that the songs can even inspire
you too."

"The Krissy album went platinum," Krissy's mom said. "So did her
second album and her third one has been doing great since it was

"I've got all of them. They're all so great."

"It's nice that a boy can get something from them."

"Ellen and Debbie and I love to listen to them. At Krissy's concert
she sang some of the songs. It was so neat."

"And it doesn't matter to you that most boys don't go for it?"

"I don't know why the guys don't like it. It's so good."

"I think you're a very unusual boy," Krissy's mom said, "because
you're honest and you're not afraid to say what you feel."

Timmy looked at Krissy. "If I could have as much talent as Krissy has
in her little finger, I'd be so happy. I'm sure that Ellen and Debbie
feel the same way."

"Krissy is so very talented. It first became apparent when she was
very young."

"We already discussed that mom."

"I'm very proud of you. I think everything that kids like Timmy see is
the real you."

There was a few moments of silence and then Krissy said to Timmy,
"most nights after dinner I like to write songs. You're welcome to
come along, or you can have some free time."

"You'd let me watch you work on a new song? That's fantastic!" Timmy

"Come to my bedroom at 8. You can swim some more now if you want to or
ask Malloy to entertain you. He knows lots of tricks."



Promptly at 8 Timmy knocked on Krissy's bedroom door and she let him
in. She was holding a guitar and told Timmy to take a seat across from
her on a sofa. "I've been working on a new song about someone letting
you down, disappointing you. I'm stuck so what I usually do in that
case is work on a different song. Can you suggest something to sing a


Krissy nodded. "Any ideas?"

"If I could write a song it would be about ..." Timmy hesitated.

"About what?"

"About how happy I am to meet you and find out that you're such a nice

"A song about finding out that someone is nice. You thought they were
bad, and then you found out they were nice. That's really great!"

"Knew they were nice, but found out they were nicer?" Timmy said

"Not a lot of drama in that one. Let's see..."

Krissy strummed a few chords and thought deeply. Then she sang:

From any angle I knew he was bad,
Getting away from him made me glad,

Then our paths crossed one crazy summer
when my heart couldn't be any numb-er

I said, please do not turn me to ice

Krissy repeated, "I said, please do not turn me to ice

Krissy stopped and said, "help me here Timmy."

Timmy scrunched his face in thought and said, "but then he just
radiated nice."

Krissy sang,

"I said, please do not turn me to ice,
but then he just radiated nice."

"Radiated nice, perfect!" Krissy said.

"This is so much fun," Timmy said. For the first time since he had
arrived he felt a little bit comfortable next to Krissy. She had
called his lyric, "perfect." It was true, Krissy was even nicer than
he had ever imagined she would be.

"This has been so productive," Krissy said. She put down the guitar.
"You've got talent Timmy. It shows in your essay and in your song
writing. I hope you develop it."

"But it's true that you're so nice," Timmy said and he suddenly felt
so happy that his eyes started to fill with tears.

Krissy saw them glistening.

"I've thought about you every night wishing I could meet you. I've
even prayed to God that I could be you."

Krissy smiled, "I suppose that's a requirement to be my number one

"I was so happy when I joined your fan club because I got the poster
that I could look at every day. And the magazines are so interesting
and gave me ideas of how I could be more like you."

"The magazine is mostly filled with tips for girls about make up and

"But those are things that you care about, aren't they?"

Krissy started to say something and stopped. If anything, this week
was not about bursting Timmy's bubble about marketing strategies.
"It's so interesting that you like anything Krissy even if it's for
girls, like my bathing suit."

"Since I couldn't meet you, trying to be like you was the next best

"I'm not sure that's entirely healthy. There are a lot of nice, unique
things about you too."

"I think being you wouldn't mean I'd have to give up being me. I mean
I'd want to stay being me so that I could appreciate being you."

"You're quite a philosopher for someone so young."

"It makes me happy to think that some part of me could be the same as
you. But all your fans feel that way. I'm sure. Many times Debbie and
Ellen and I have talked about how neat it would be if we suddenly
could be you. Debbie and Ellen have all your Krissy clothes. If my mom
let me I'd get more of them."

"More of them?"

"My grandma bought me Krissy underwear."

"You mean my panties?"

"Yes, but my mom wouldn't let me bring the pink ones with me. Just the
white and blue. She was afraid that someone would see me with pink
panties. But I just care that they're yours. I was a little sad
because I saw in the fan magazine that pink is your favorite color."

"Maybe so, but I also like blue and white."

"I'd love to own all the Krissy things. I saw that there are Krissy
pants and skirts."

"Skirts? When would you get to wear the skirt?"

"I don't know. Just having it seems so wonderful."

"They sell Krissy bras too. You want one of them?"

"Sure. I saw them in the store. They look so cool. Debbie and Ellen
wear them every day."

"Some people might think you're kind of weird for wanting a bra and

"But they're yours and you're so amazing."

"I'm a girl and you're a boy is what I meant."

"Maybe you're right. I don't know. But if my parents let me, then I'd
get all the Krissy clothes for sure. I could then be even more like

"When you get older you probably won't feel this way anymore."

They lapsed into silence and Krissy said, "I'm amazed at your honesty.
There mustn't be a lying bone in your body."

Timmy smiled. "I'm so happy I'm here I could bust."

Krissy regarded Timmy's adoration for her and said, "I think it's OK
if my number one fan wants to be like me. Come. If you want to wear
something of mine, help yourself." Krissy pointed to the closet door
where she had previously gone to fetch Timmy a Krissy bathing suit.
Timmy peeked inside seeing a suite of rooms containing clothes.

"You've worn all these clothes?" Timmy said. He had never imagined
that such a closet could exist.

"Most of them. There's a lot that goes into being Krissy. I often
can't wear the same dress twice in public. A lot of designers send me
dresses that I check out in case I could use them on the show or at a

Timmy went into the closet by himself and surveyed the first room. It
contained built in drawers from floor to ceiling. Timmy opened a
drawer and saw that it was filled with white panties. The drawer below
contained blue panties on one side and yellow panties on the other.
Below that the drawer had red panties on one side and pink ones on the
other. Another row of cabinets contained bras, one held white and pink
bras, and another had black and beige bras. He approached another set
of drawers and some of these had slips, others had stockings and
pantyhose. Another drawer had garter belts, and retro girdles and
bras. While he looked at her clothes, Timmy heard the guitar being
strummed in the other room and Krissy began singing the song they had
been working on.

In the next room of the closet, Timmy saw literally hundreds of
skirts, blouses and dresses arranged on endless hangers. On one wall
was a collection of perhaps 50 nightgowns in various colors. A small
room off of this had dozens of dresses with built in petticoats and
crinolines. and another room was filled with shoes. Timmy walked into
the petticoat room and turned on the light. The dresses were in a
range of colors. Many were pink and light blue. There was a faint odor
of perfume. It was quiet except for Krissy's singing. She was adding
lyrics to the song he had helped her with. Timmy closed his eyes and
tried to remember an image he had of Krissy that he had seen on her
show one day that was also reproduced a week later in the magazine.
Krissy had been wearing a pink and white striped dress with puffy
sleeves and a billowing skirt overlying several lacy crinolines.

The segment on the show had been about how far girls had travelled
since the days when they were supposed to just be pretty, to where now
they could be anything they wanted to be. Krissy had flounced around
in a mock up of a 1950's living room in the pretty pink and white
dress. A man and woman playing her parents had bantered with her about
her role in the family which appeared to be mainly to study hard so
she could go to college where she would meet a nice man and get
married. Then she could be a mother and teach her daughter to aspire
toward the same end. Timmy hadn't understood the significance of much
of what Krissy had been saying in the show, but he had fallen in love
with how pretty she looked. It was clear that wanting to be pretty was
something Krissy valued and now, in this room of pretty dresses Timmy
looked to see if he could find the dress Krissy had been wearing on
the show. It didn't take long for him to see it.

He left the closet and watched as Krissy worked on the song. After a
few minutes Krissy looked up at him. "Ready to go back to work?"

"Sure," Timmy said.


Timmy hesitated for a second and Krissy looked at him enquiringly.

"You said I could wear something of yours."

"Sure, have you found something?"

"Well, you wore this pretty dress on your show one time. It was about
how things have changed for girls over the years. I really liked the
pink and white dress and how beautiful you were. I saw it in the

"You want to wear that dress?" Krissy said.

"Yeah, I think its my favorite."

"Go ahead. I hope it fits you. Actually I better help you, it's a
little tricky."

Krissy put down her guitar and went to the closet. She took down the
dress and looked at it. "Sort of funny that you chose this one, but I
can see why you might like it. You'll have to wear a bra with it and
pantyhose." Krissy opened the first of her bra drawers. "I wonder what
bra would be good for you. I could give you a Krissy bra, but I've got
some really nicer ones here. Here's an Elle Macpherson contour bra
with pink lace. Isn't it pretty?"

Timmy looked on not knowing what to say. He didn't know really
anything about bras. Finally he said, "OK, that one seems really
nice." Krissy took some pantyhose from a drawer and laid the clothes
out on her bed. "Take off your shirt."

Timmy removed his Krissy tee shirt. Krissy handed him the bra and he
started to clip it like he had done with the swim suit. "No, no, no,
that's not how you put on a bra!" She showed him the proper way and
after Timmy had put on the bra correctly, she helped him put on the
pantyhose. "I'm sure you have no experience with this, am I right?"

"I've never worn a bra or pantyhose before," Timmy said. "I always
knew you'd be this kind. And now I'm going to look just like you did
on the show."

"Lift your arms over your head," Krissy said and Timmy complied. Then
Krissy arranged the dress and lowered it over Timmy putting his hands
in the arm holes. The dress had a side zipper that Krissy pulled up
until it closed just underneath his left arm pit.

"Fluff out your skirts," Krissy said.

Timmy complied. He felt wonderful. "I feel totally surrounded by
Krissy. Enveloped by Krissy. This is the happiest I've ever been."

"You need one more thing," Krissy said and went and fetched two foam
bust enhancers from a drawer and stuffed them into Timmy's bra.
"Perfect. Take a good look at yourself." She led Timmy to a large

"I think I look a little bit like you did on the show. Do you think

"Definitely, Timmy." Though Krissy was being a wee bit sarcastic, the
truth evident to both Krissy and Timmy was that Timmy did look like a
passable and very pretty girl. That kind of pretty puffed up pink and
white party dress was ideal for his slender body. It helped create a
sense of how delicate he was. Inside his mind, Timmy felt like he had
become Krissy. He was channeling Krissy. He saw himself as having been
united with her and his most daring dream had come true. He slowly
spun around looking at himself in the mirror. The skirts were amazing.
They had a delectable fullness of the same kind he had seen on the TV
show and in the beautiful picture of Krissy in her magazine.

"I should put a little make up on you. When I wore that dress the
studio had one of their best stylists work on me." Krissy fetched some
pink lipstick and put it on Timmy's lips and then spritzed him with a
bit of perfume. "You look just fabulous now. So pretty. But enough of
all this. We have to continue working on our song." Krissy picked up
her guitar and sat down on the sofa and Timmy joined her. He felt for
sure that he was Krissy and he walked like she did and sat down after
gracefully spreading out his skirts. He tucked his legs up underneath
the skirt and for the first time felt how sensuous the panty hose was.
His legs felt tingly and soft and he liked the feeling of the
stockings on his toes. If he were a cat he would be purring.

"So here's the first stanza again," Krissy sang the first stanza.

From any angle I knew he was bad,
Getting away from him made me glad,

Then our paths crossed one crazy summer
when my heart couldn't be any numb-er

I said, please do not turn me to ice,
but then he just radiated nice.

Then she played some riffs and said, "here's what I've got of the next

You think you know someone truly,
But the lives people live are unruly,

Blah blah-blah blah-blah,
Blah blah-blah blah-blah,

He promised not to turn me to ice,
I melted when he radiated nice.

"I'm stuck in the middle there. What do you think?" Krissy said.

"Could you sing the first two lines again," Timmy said.

Krissy obliged and Timmy said, "lives people live are unruly. How

His heart had grown along a hidden line
Until he knew our loves would align."

Krissy acted stunned. "My God, Timmy that's fantastic." Krissy
strummed the guitar and sang,

You think you know someone truly,
But the lives people live are unruly,

His heart had grown along a hidden line
Until he knew our loves would align.

He promised not to turn me to ice,
I melted when he radiated nice."

"How do you do it? You're really talented! Your lyrics are so

"I was just thinking that the more I became a Krissy fan the more I
knew that I would love you if I met you."

"That's sweet."

At that moment there was a knock on the door and Krissy's mom entered.

"We've written a fantastic song," Krissy said. "Timmy wrote the best
lines in it. He's got natural talent as a song writer!"

"Really now? That's so exciting." Krissy's mom said as she regarded
Timmy. "And look how cute Timmy is, dressed like a little girl. Like
Shirley Temple."

"No mom, Timmy's being a little me. It's the retro dress I wore on the
show, the one about girls in different eras."

"Right, now that you mention it."

"Doesn't it fit Timmy perfectly? Stand up and show my mom," Krissy

Timmy stood up and showed off the dress.

"Pantyhose?" Krissy's mom asked.

"And a bra with some enhancers. I think his figure is pretty close to

"Do you want to be a little girl?" Krissy's mom asked Timmy.

"I don't know," Timmy said, "but I do love looking like Krissy. I've
never been so happy."

Krissy's mom realized that Timmy was wearing perfume and some
lipstick. "You smell nice."

"Do you want to hear the song?" Krissy said.

"Sure, you know I do. What's it about?"

"It's about finding out that someone has changed for the better.
Listen," Krissy said and sang the song.

When she was done Krissy's mom said, "'radiated nice', what a catchy

"Timmy thought of that."


"And he had the idea for the song also."

"Marvelous. It looks like you two, what should I say girls?"

The question was directed at Timmy who said, "Krissy's!"

Krissy's mom laughed. "OK, it looks like you two Krissy's are having a
lot of fun. You shouldn't stay up too late. Tomorrow Krissy has to go
to the valley to film her show. Of course, the plan is for Timmy to
come along and see how its done. A car will come to fetch the two of
you at 9 sharp, so don't stay up too late. Malloy will make sure you
get out of here on time."

"Good night, mother," Krissy said and then Timmy said, "good night

After she had gone, Krissy and Timmy worked some more on their song
until Krissy said, "let's get ready for bed and then we'll sneak
downstairs to the kitchen, get some ice cream and come back here. I
want you to sleep in here every night. It'll be like a pajama party.
See how huge my bed is? We won't get in each other's way.

Krissy went to her closet and returned to Timmy with a pretty pink
nightie and handed it to him. "Here's a Krissy nightie that you can
wear. Go to your room and wash up and come back here."

"Can I wear some of your panties?"

"Oh, sure, take a handful. Enough for the week."

Timmy obliged himself taking panties of several different colors and
went back to his room.


After he took a shower Timmy put on the Krissy signature night gown
and clean panties. Looking in the mirror he decided that he had better
put on the bra and falsies if we was going to still look like Krissy.
This time he figured out how to put the bra on correctly and felt
proud of himself. Now he was pleased with what he saw in the mirror. A
sort of Krissy clone. It was nice. He picked up the pink and white
dress he had been wearing and went back to Krissy's room.

As soon as he entered Krissy's bedroom she said, "you might as well
keep the dress. I'll never be wearing it again and you love it so

"That's so nice of you," Timmy said. How wonderful it would be to go
home with this actual Krissy dress. Ellen and Debbie were going to
flip out.

Timmy returned the dress to his bedroom and then Krissy in her blue
nightie and Timmy in his pink one slipped downstairs to the enormous
kitchen to get ice cream. To anyone observing them they looked like
two girls. Whatever masculinity Timmy had was subsumed by the pretty
nightgown and the figure he cut was of a slender pre-adolescent girl.

A woman was sitting at a table in the kitchen reading a magazine when
Krissy and Timmy entered. She greeted Krissy, "can I get you and your
friend something honey?"

"Hi Florence. We're hoping to get some ice cream."

"What flavor would you like?" the woman said.

Krissy asked Timmy, "what flavor?"

"What do you have?"

"You name we've got it," Krissy said.

"Then I'll have chocolate chip," Timmy said.

"Make it two chocolate chips," Krissy said.

Florence got up to prepare the ice cream.

"Sprinkles? Hot fudge? Whipped cream?" Florence said.

"All of them!" Timmy said.

"Two with all of them," Krissy said.

A few minutes later Florence handed each of them an elaborate bowl
with their ice cream and they retreated back to Krissy's bedroom.
"Thanks, Florence," Krissy said. "Thank you," ma'am, Timmy said.

"I think Florence thought you were a girl," Krissy said on their way
back to her room.

Timmy smiled, "that must mean that she thought I was Krissy!"


Timmy spent the night in Krissy's large bed. First they ate their ice
cream, then they talked awhile. They discussed adding more lyrics to
their song. Krissy asked Timmy about his life back home. By midnight
Krissy fell asleep and Timmy lay in the dark listening to her breathe.
He felt so happy he couldn't resist having a good cry until he fell


The next morning, sunlight coming in through a window woke them up.
Krissy pushed a button on the night stand next to her bed and a short
while later there was a knock on the door and Malloy entered the room.

"Good morning, Krissy wissy," Malloy said.

"And good morning to you my boy toy Malloy," Krissy said.

They both laughed. "What can I get you for breakfast?"

Krissy and Timmy figured out what they wanted and told Mr. Malloy who
left to retrieve the food.

"I like breakfast in bed on work days," Krissy said. "It goes faster.
Today we tape the show for next week. They'll be a segment on my
number one fan. It'll feature the two of us visiting the boys and
girls gymnastic team at UCLA. They'll teach us one of their routines
and we'll try and do it. It's a lot of fun, trust me. I'll ask you
some questions about your adventure here in Krissy land and you'll get
to tell the fans what your honest feelings are."

"It sounds really neat. I'm only going to say wonderful things about
my experience here."

"There should be a surprise awaiting you at the Krissy website. Let's
check it out," Krissy said. She typed some codes into her desktop
computer and an image of her Krissy web site appeared on a large
monitor built into a wall of the room. Prominently featured was a
story about the arrival of Krissy's number one fan including several
pictures of Timmy and Krissy smiling in front of her house.

"So cool!" Timmy said. "That's from yesterday when Mr. Malloy was

"See how it lets everyone think that you're totally enjoying your
arrival here."

"But I was so scared."

"No one will ever know."

"But I'm not scared now."

"And why should you be?"


At nine O'clock sharp a limousine arrived to take Krissy and Timmy to
the studio for filming. Timmy was wearing a new Krissy tee shirt that
Krissy had given him and his own shorts and sneakers. From the moment
they had walked into studio, Timmy was amazed at how solicitous
everyone was to Krissy. She was clearly the star but she was also
down-to-earth and friendly to the staff. Timmy delighted in watching
Krissy as she was fawned over in her dressing room where she was
fitted with an outfit and makeup was applied to her face. Even more
exciting was watching her being filmed. She was absolutely in control
of herself and knew her lines and acted every bit of the star that she

At one point the director had a discussion with Krissy and the next
thing Timmy knew, he was being whisked to the dressing room and being
made up. Then he was led back to the set where he was placed next to
Krissy for a spontaneous interview of her number one fan. Before the
camera rolled Krissy whispered to Timmy to relax and be himself.
Pretend that no one else was near. Pretend that they were like they
had been when they were song writing. The memory of the wonderful time
Timmy had had the previous night writing songs and dressed like Krissy
had the desired effect and he felt relaxed and like himself. Krissy
asked him a few simple questions about his winning essay and about how
much he liked the visit thus far. Partially overcome with emotion,
Timmy looked into the camera and said that Krissy was the nicest
person he had ever known. That not only was she prettier, smarter and
kinder than he thought, but she was also terribly good fun to be
around. It was straight from his heart and the director thanked Timmy
for his sincerity. It would be a fine contribution to the show.

Once again Krissy entered into a discussion with the director and
several others involved with the filming. When they were done Krissy
pulled Timmy aside and said, "there's a glitch in the plans. The
gymnastics facility is blacked out and we can't film there today.
Fortunately we have a backup plan which is to film backstage at a
wedding fashion show. It's mainly flower girl and bridesmaid dresses
for young girls, the perfect kind of thing they like for the Krissy
show. The girls go crazy over this. Is it OK with you?"

"Sure!" Timmy said. The truth was that Krissy could have told him that
they were visiting the moon and he would have been just as excited.


On the way to the fashion show Timmy asked Krissy, "have you ever been
a flower girl?"

"Sure, a few times."

"Did you like it?"

"It's fun for young girls. You get to wear a pretty dress that you
wouldn't ordinarily get to wear."

"What does a flower girl do?"

"She usually walks down the aisle ahead of the bride, carrying flowers
or tossing flower petals."

"Cool. I'd love to be one just like you were."

"There aren't any flower boys," Krissy said, "at least not that I've
heard of. Boys get to be ring bearers or page boys."

"Do they wear special clothes?"

"Yeah, a little suit."

Timmy frowned. "Then I couldn't be like you."

"Boys don't get to wear dresses at weddings. It's a girl thing,"
Krissy laughed.


At the fashion show held in a swank ballroom of a hotel Krissy and her
entourage were whisked backstage to where a dozen young girls were
getting ready to model the latest designs in bridesmaid and flower
girl dresses. The girls could barely contain their excitement when
Krissy showed up. They were all clearly fans of hers despite the fact
they were a few years younger. Some of the girls recognized Timmy as
being the number one fan since they had seen him on the website.

The producer arranged to have Krissy sitting on a high stool with
Timmy and a smartly dressed woman named Sarah sitting to either side
of her. Sarah was the representative of the dress designer who could
supply details about the dresses. Krissy, Timmy and Sarah were given
microphones and, typical of the kind of spontaneity usually seen on
the Krissy show, the idea was to informally interview the models about
modeling and discuss the dresses they were wearing. One could not ask
for a more enthusiastic group of fans, since these were exactly the
kind of girls who hoped to be a Krissy one day themselves.

After the cameras started rolling, one of the girls said to Krissy,
"you're so much prettier that even on your show!"

Krissy laughed engagingly at her and asked, "that sounds like a
compliment, I guess! What's your name?"


"How long have you been modeling?"

"Two years."

"And is it fun?"

"Oh, yeah. It's just great. I love the pretty clothes I get to wear."

"And what are you wearing now?" Krissy asked.

"Bessie is wearing a lovely sleeveless, pink, babydoll dress," Sarah
said. Bessie twirled around and preened in front of the camera. "It's
fully lined and you can see its got multiple layers of chiffon and
soft satin." Bessie lifted up the skirts and showed what was
underneath. "It's about knee length and comes with an attached skirt
with crinoline netting for added fullness and a soft satin under
layer." Bessie twirled around again and smiled cutely into the camera.

"Today we're lucky to have with us our number one Krissy Fan, Timmy
Davidson," Krissy said. "Timmy's here for the week and we've been
having so much fun. Haven't we?"

The camera turned to Timmy and he said, "oh yes, Krissy. I feel so
lucky that I'm getting to know you."

"What do you think of the fashion show?" Krissy said.

"I love the pretty dresses," Timmy said. "I thought that Bessie's
dress was very pretty."

"I agree," Krissy said.

"I think that pink is a wonderful color," Timmy said, "and I like the
way the dress is puffed out."

"Most of our little flower girls are all puffed out," Sarah said.
"Take our next one, Tiffany for example."

Tiffany entered and stood in front of Krissy looking at her in awe.
"Hi, Tiffany," Krissy said.

"Hi, Krissy," Tiffany said.

"Tell us something that's hard about modeling," Krissy said.

Tiffany frowned in thought with a cute expression and then said, "I
think changing dresses is sometimes hard. Many of the dresses have
back zippers and they can be tricky to reach. Especially if you have a
lot of dresses to show. Oh, Krissy, I can't believe it's really you!
You're so beautiful!"

"The dress Tiffany is wearing," Sarah cut in, "is a spring classic.
The fully lined bodice is made with wedding quality heavy matte satin.
The back of the bodice zips and an irremovable sash ties in the back
to take in any extra fabric for a perfect fit." Tiffany used her hand
to indicate what Sarah was talking about as she marched back and
forth. "The skirt is fully lined and comes with an attached slip with
a layer of crinoline netting for added fullness." Just like Bessie,
Tiffany hoisted her skirts up as if to emphasize just how full they

"Just darling," Krissy said. "And what does Timmy think?"

"I can't decide if I like Tiffany's dress more than Bessie's or
Bessie's more than Tiffany's!"

Krissy laughed and said, "it gets even more complicated. The rest of
these dresses are just as fabulous. Who are you?" Krissy asked another
of the girls who had walked up to her.

"I'm Lisette."

"Does your mom help you with modeling?"

"Oh, yeah. My mom is great. She encourages me and I've just loved
doing it."

"I think Sarah wants to tell us what dress you're wearing."

"Yes, Krissy, it's a beautiful long bubble dress in a two tone deep
shade of party taffeta. The waist is embellished with a fat oversized
contrast sash that is removable. The bodice zips in the back and the
dress has a spaghetti strap shoulder. The bubble hem has an inner
layer of fluffy crinoline netting for added fullness." During all of
this, Lisette pranced and preened acting as cute and precious as she

"So what do you think of that Timmy?" Krissy said.

"Gosh, its so beautiful. I think any of these dresses would be fun to
wear. A girl would feel like a princess. Wouldn't they?"

"Is that true Lissette?" Krissy asked.

"I do feel like a princess," Lissette said.

"Do you feel like a princess?" Krissy asked another of the girls.

"Most definitely," the girl said. She was particularly pretty with
long blonde hair made up with pink ribbons.

"What's your name?" Krissy said.

"My name is Mary-Beth."

"Quite a pretty dress. I'm jealous," Krissy said laughing.

"You should be jealous," Sarah said. "Mary-Beth is wearing one of our
favorite dresses. The bodice is a fully lined satin top with a ruffle
cap sleeve and zips in the back. The skirt is also fully lined and has
a beautiful floral design embroidered over a shimmering organza top
layer. An under layer of satin is built over an additional crinoline
slip with lining. The crinoline can be fluffed to any desired

"Show us how you can fluff," Krissy said.

Mary-Beth used her hands to fluff out the skirt until it was perfectly
round and stood out in all directions.

"Wow, that's so neat," Timmy said. "This is an unbelievably cool

In due time Krissy had seamlessly involved each of the dozen girls in
a discussion of modeling with Sarah supplying information about the
dresses. Timmy was consistently enthralled by the dresses,
particularly how pretty they looked. He had to admit to himself that
many of the dresses were as pretty if not prettier than the Krissy
dress he had worn the previous evening. Since Krissy seemed to really
like all the dresses too, he decided that he would love to have a
chance to wear them. It would be nice to be a pretend flower girl and
model them one by one for Krissy. Anytime she wanted to consider a
dress to wear, he could model it and then she could decide if she
wanted to wear it or not.

When the last dress had been discussed Krissy said, "we've talked
about each of the pretty dresses and the very beautiful girls who are
modeling them. One thing I'm curious about is what is the best
foundation for wearing one of these dresses?"

Some of the girls giggled at the question and Lisette said, "I'm
wearing a Krissy bra and panties!" Several of the other girls cried
out "me too", "me too" and Mary-Beth said. "we're all big fans of you,
Krissy. Whenever we can we wear our Krissy bras and panties."

"And skirts and tees and everything," Lisette said.

"What does my number one fan think about that?" Krissy said.

"I'm so happy," Timmy said. "Everyone who loves Krissy, like I do and
all the girls here, should wear as much Krissy clothes as possible.
Her bras are great and so are her panties."

A few minutes more and the filming was over. Sarah came over to Timmy
and said, "you're so sweet Timmy. I loved what you said. It's so nice
to meet a boy can say what they feel about Krissy and her clothes. I
enjoyed what you said about how pretty our girls are and especially
about how much you loved their dresses."

"Thank you, ma'am," Timmy said. "I really had such a great time here.
So many of the dresses are incredible."

A few of the girls gathered around Timmy. "You're so lucky to be
Krissy's number one fan." Lisette said."

"I really do feel lucky. It's the greatest thing that's ever happened
to me."

"We don't know any other boys that are Krissy fans," Lisette

"I don't why," Timmy said. "She's so great."

"What's she like to be with?" Mary-Beth said.

"I've only been here a day, but I feel like I'm already friends with
her. She's so open and friendly. I really love her."


On the way back to Krissy's house Timmy said, "I can't believe how
much fun that was. Those girls were so cute and they so look up to

Krissy smiled, "all my fans are number one fans."

Timmy laughed, "it's so true. I saw what you meant about flower girl
dresses being so pretty. Girls don't usually wear dresses like them?"

Krissy said, "yeah, they're pretty special. I think most girls at one
time or another go through the flower girl thing. We get to wear that
kind of fluffy dress and allow ourselves to be as girly as we want to
be. In fact, they encourage us to be as darling, cute and feminine as
possible. Weddings are like that: girls are made up in pretty dresses
to be totally feminine and the boys are wearing suits that make them
look masculine. Often brides love the chance to be all puffed up for a
day. Latino girls also have Quinceanera where there is a tradition
that they can get a big puffed up dress if they want."

"I guess girls are really lucky," Timmy said.

"It's nice that you appreciate why girls might like being flower girls
and brides, I doubt if most boys see anything nice about it."

"I wish I could be a flower girl like you were."

Krissy was quiet for a while and then said, "Which dress did you like
the best?"

"That's easy to answer. I thought Mary-Beth's was the prettiest. I
guess I liked the cute little sleeves and the flowers and especially
how she was able to puff it up."

"Sarah said I could have any dress I wanted. You're probably a size 8.
I'll get you one."

Krissy picked up the car phone and called Mr. Malloy. "Hello darling,"
Krissy said.

Whatever Malloy said made her laugh. "Look, give a ring to Sarah from
today's shoot and tell her I want the dress Mary-Beth was wearing in a
size 8. Thanks love." Krissy hung up.

"I suspect they'll have it delivered by dinner time."

Timmy was overcome with emotion and couldn't talk. Krissy said, "it's
the least I can do for my number one fan."

Awhile later Krissy said, "let's swim when we get back. My dad should
be back from his trip so he'll join us for dinner. I want you to meet
him. Then tonight, if you don't mind I'm having my arranger/guitarist
come by and he'll help us finish up our song. I want to play it at the
concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday."

"You're so amazing!"

"Number one fan."


Krissy and Timmy swam after they got back. Timmy was excited that
Krissy had chosen to wear a pink Krissy signature bikini so he felt
that they were more like twins this time.

While they were swimming and talking near the fountain, they hadn't
noticed a man diving into the pool at the other end. Suddenly he came
up from underneath and lifted Krissy completely out of the water and
tossed her back in with a big splash. "Daddy!" Krissy cried and she
excitedly hugged her dad.

"Who's your girl friend?" Krissy's dad said. "From a distance I
couldn't figure out which one of you was Krissy."

"This is Timmy, daddy. My number one fan. Timmy, this is my daddy!"

"Timmy? Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry. I saw the bikini!"

"It's OK, daddy. Timmy's trying to be me. It's what number one fans

"I see. Well welcome to Hollywood our number one fan. I'm sorry I had
to be away on business. From the looks of things I'd guess that you're
fitting right in."

"Oh yes, sir. I had the greatest day today watching Krissy film her
show. And then we went and met some girls that were modeling dresses
for flower girls. It was so cool."

"I thought it was gymnastics at UCLA?" Krissy's dad said.

"They had some malfunction at the gym and we had to use our backup.
Timmy's right, it was a lot of fun. You know girls that age are crazy
about Krissy."

"They're going to send over a dress for me," Timmy said. "It's
Krissy's favorite and mine too."

Krissy and her dad exchanged glances and her dad said, "Ooookay. And
what else?"

"The best part is that Timmy helped me write a song last night. He
wrote the cleverest lines. He's got a natural talent."

"It's that good? What's it about?"

"Timmy thought of the idea. It's a song about thinking that you know
someone is bad and then finding out that they're nice."

"I hope that's not about you Krissy."

"Oh, definitely not," Timmy exclaimed. "Because before I came here I
knew that Krissy was nice but after I met her I found out that she's
even nicer than I thought."

"We had to strengthen the message to make a song about it."

'Good instincts," Krissy's father said. "You'll have to sing it for
your mom and me later."

"Sandy's coming over tonight and we're going to finish it. I want to
sing it Friday at the concert."


When they were back upstairs Timmy said, "what are you going to wear
to dinner?"

"Probably just a skirt and blouse. Why?"

"Will you wear a Krissy skirt? I've been dying to wear a Krissy skirt.
When I went to the Krissy concert Ellen and Debbie had Krissy skirts,
but I didn't."

"I was going to wear a mini-skirt. It's not a Krissy skirt, but we can
both wear skirts tonight, if that's what you'd like."

"If I can wear what you're wearing, then I'd love to wear a skirt."

"Let's take a look in my closet. I'm sure I've got some skirts that I
have two of."

Sure enough Krissy found two identical white mini-skirts and white
peasant tops. She also found white shoes that they could wear with the
outfit. "It'll blow my parents minds if we're dressed like twins. Very
funny actually."

Timmy didn't quite see what the humor was; it was such a delightful
prospect to match everything that Krissy was wearing. Before he went
to his room to change, Krissy said, "you've got a bra, right?" Timmy
nodded his head. "And pantyhose?" Timmy nodded. "Good, they're
necessities with this outfit."


Timmy had never worn a mini-skirt before but it turned out to be
pretty easy to figure out. It had a zipper which went in the back. So
after he had taken a bath and put on his panties, bra and pantyhose,
Timmy stepped into the miniskirt and pulled it up to his waist,
clipped the fastener, zipped it up and swiveled the zipper to his
back. He put his foam falsies in his bra and put on the blouse and
finally the shoes, which had a low heel.

He went down the hall to Krissy's room and knocked. She let him in.
They looked very much like twins. "So marvelous," Krissy said. "all
I've got to do now is fix your hair and give you some makeup and we'll
be twins."

In a few minutes Krissy had finished and she stepped back and regarded
him a minute. "The last thing is jewelry." She fetched a woman's Rolex
watch and put it on Timmy's wrist. "This sort of matches mine. Too bad
your ears aren't pierced and I don't have any clip on earrings. We
can, however, wear the same pendant." Krissy found two gold chains
with crosses hanging from them. She put one over Timmy's head and the
other over hers. "Pretty good. I think we're ready to go downstairs."
From a distance one would be hard pressed to quickly decide who was
Krissy and who was Timmy.

Timmy followed Krissy downstairs to the dining room. Mr. Malloy was
there and said with comical sarcasm, "oh my word. Two Krissys? One is
hard enough to deal with."

Krissy laughed and said, "just you wait Mr. Hoi Polloi Malloy, an army
of Krissy's will descend upon you!"

Mr. Malloy pretended to faint and then ran from the room. "He's so
funny," Krissy said.

A short time later Krissy's mom and dad appeared and they laughed when
they saw the two Krissys. "You've got to be kidding," Krissy's Dad
said. "Mini-skirt, hose? Timmy, I hope Krissy isn't forcing you to
dress like a girl."

"Oh, no, sir," Timmy said seriously. "I want to dress like Krissy. I'm
so happy that she doesn't mind."

"I think it's fun," Krissy said. "My number one fan gets to be me, so
my millions of other fans can know Krissy better than they would

"I hope Timmy's parents go along with that. I'd hate for them to think
that we're too permissive here."

"I know my mom and dad were as excited as I was that I got to be
Krissy's number one fan."

"Even Timmy's grandma bought him Krissy panties for his birthday,"
Krissy said.

"She did?" Krissy's dad said. "You're family is pretty progressive

"My mom didn't want me to bring the pink panties here, though she
thought the white and blue ones were OK."

"Pink ones?"

"Dad, they sell Krissy panties in three packs with pink, white and

"Oh, I see."

"I'm not too sure about whether or not they would let me wear Krissy's
dresses, but I know my mom told me to make sure that I did everything
that was expected of me as Krissy's number one fan. I don't think I
would be a very good fan if I didn't want to be like Krissy. I think
it's what being a fan is all about."

"And Timmy said it so well in his essay," Krissy's mom said. "I saw
Timmy last night wearing Krissy's 50's retro dress and I must say he
was cuter than a button. If I hadn't known better I would have thought
that he was Krissy."

"They're like two twin girls in those miniskirts," Krissy's dad said.

Timmy felt overwhelmed with joy and delight. "That's so wonderful,"
Timmy said. He felt like he was Krissy and being Krissy was everything
he had ever dreamt about. The feeling of the clothes on his body was
both delicious and natural. It was as if he had always been wearing a
bra and pantyhose and dresses. They felt more comfortable than any of
his other clothes. "I think I can now really let all of Krissy's fans
know what it's like to know Krissy."

"That's good, because tomorrow we're planning to have you visit a
couple of the local Krissy fan clubs if you don't mind. There you can
answer questions about Krissy and let the girls know all about
Krissy," Krissy's dad said.

"Fans," Krissy's mom corrected him.

Krissy's dad looked confused by her comment.

"You said that Timmy would let all the girls know about Krissy. But
you meant to say that he would let all the fans know about Krissy."

"Oh, yeah, right, it's possible that some of the fans might be boys,
though I'm pretty sure that the fan clubs in LA are all girls."

"No matter," Krissy said, "Timmy is perfect for the job."

"Will you be with me?" Timmy asked.

"No, I've got to go to a rehearsal and taping for the show. I also
think the plan here is to get a sense of what the fans feel without me
around. We're going to edit your experience with the fans and show it
on the show next week."

"You might end up being a celebrity," Krissy's mom said.

"Fifteen minutes of fame," Krissy's dad said.


After dinner when Timmy went back to his room he found the pretty
dress that he had asked for lying neatly on his bed. Krissy had said
that they should meet at 9 to work with her accompanist on completing
their song. With an hour to kill and the dress looking so darling,
Timmy couldn't resist and he took off his miniskirt and top and put
the dress on over his head. The back zipper was a bit of a problem,
but he solved that by zipping up the back at the same time he lowered
the dress over himself. In front of the mirror he was excited by his
feminine image and how remarkably like Mary-Beth he looked. It was
also nice to imagine that Krissy must love looking that way herself.
Timmy remembered that the skirts could be puffed out and he spent a
few minutes recreating the look that the model had achieved at the
show. It turned out not to be that hard, the dress with its built in
crinolines cooperated nicely in creating the desired effect.

Timmy sat down on the edge of the bed and picked up the phone to call
his mom and dad. His mom answered and after they said their hellos he
said, "I'm having the greatest time here. Today we went to a fashion

"Really? What kind?"

"It was pretty dresses for flower girls."

There was a few moments of silence until his mom said, "how nice. Did
you participate?"

Timmy laughed, "mom I wasn't one of the models! They're very pretty

"I know that you weren't a model," Timmy's mom said, though for a
fraction of a second she had a distinct vision of Timmy wearing a
flower girl's dress. "What role did you have in the fashion show?"

"Krissy asked me questions about what I thought of the dresses."

"What did you say?"

"Many of the them are really pretty and they're cute the way they puff
out. Krissy really liked the dresses too." Timmy looked down at his
own dress and felt happy that he had the chance to wear it.

Timmy's mom had the sense that the least she knew about the fashion
show the better. "What are you doing tonight and tomorrow?"

"Tonight we're going to finish the song we're working on."


"Oh, yeah yesterday we wrote a song together. Krissy asked me to help
and I had some ideas."

"Wow. I had no idea that you could do that."

"Krissy thinks I'm very good at it."

"Really? I'm very impressed."

"Tomorrow I'm going to visit some of Krissy's fan clubs in Los Angeles
and the girls there will get to ask me questions about Krissy. I'm a
little scared about it, but Krissy says I'll do fine. I sure hope I

"You're growing up so fast it seems," Timmy's mom said. "Anyway, I'm
glad to hear that Krissy is a hard worker and takes things seriously."

"I always told you how great Krissy is mom."

"I know you did. Your dad and I are very proud of you."

They said their good byes and hung up. Timmy lay back on the bed and
allowed himself to enjoy the delightful slippery feel of the dress
material. He would definitely have to take the two pretty dresses back
home and somehow he'd have to convince his mom and dad to let him wear
them every night.


Promptly at 9 Timmy returned to Krissy's bedroom. Krissy was sitting
at her desk next to a large window and was writing out some musical
notes and chords. She was still wearing her miniskirt and top and when
she saw Timmy she said, "my goodness how pretty you look. You see,
they sent the dress over just like I said. You look very good in it,
but we're not twins anymore."

"I'm sorry," Timmy said sounding distressed.

"I'm just joking," Krissy said. "I've been writing out the basic ideas
we had for the melody and harmony for our song. Let's go to the
studio. Sandy should be joining us shortly. He'll take it as far as
we've gotten it and orchestrate it for the band. He's very good at


Timmy was surprised to find out that there was a fully equipped
recording studio in the basement of the house. "I use this studio to
work on songs. We record them at a big studio downtown," Krissy said.

A short time later Krissy's accompanist, Sandy, entered the room. He
was the very same sandy-haired man that Timmy has seen many times on
Krissy's TV show. Debbie and Ellen had confided in Timmy many times
that Sandy was 'dreamy'. Timmy was not quite certain what they meant
by that, but it was very exciting to meet him in person.

After Krissy introduced them, Sandy said, "so what's with the little
flower girl thing? Somebody having a wedding?"

Krissy laughed and said, "Timmy's absorbing my karma by channeling me.
I think it's quite sweet of him."

"I love pretending I'm Krissy," Timmy said. "She helped me get this
pretty dress to wear. I know she's loves it and so do I."

"Is it a distraction for you Sandy?" Krissy said.

Sandy laughed, "no, not at all. I was just wondering. I guess I've
seen stranger things. So what's this I hear about a new song?"

"Last night Timmy and I wrote a great new song about finding out the
truth about someone. I think we'll call it 'Radiating Nice.' It's
ready for your magic touch. You might want to tweak the melody a bit
or add a little polish to the lyrics. Have a listen."

Krissy sang the song for him.

"Radiating nice." Sandy said. "I like that."

"That was Timmy's line. So what do you think?"

"Give me a minute," Sandy said. He strummed some chords and tried out
a few rhythms. Then he latched onto a melody that slightly modified

"Oh, I like that a lot," Krissy said.

Sandy made a few suggestions for the lyrics and in short order a
finished song emerged.

Sandy and Krissy played it through a few times until they were
satisfied. "I'll arrange it for the band," Sandy said, "and we can
rehearse it and record it before the concert Friday night. I think
it'll be a hit. A whole good new direction for you Krissy."

"I'm so thrilled you like it," Krissy said. "We'll have to get a
contract for Timmy to sign."

"What do you mean?" Timmy said.

"You'll get a good cut of the royalties, the lawyers will figure it

"It's your song Krissy," Timmy said.

"No, no, no," Krissy said. "This song wouldn't be here if wasn't for
you. In fact, I want you to start thinking of other songs."

"Let's break out the sodas and celebrate," Sandy said.


The next morning a limousine took Timmy to a hotel where the West
Hollywood branch of the Krissy fan club met. He was dropped off with
instructions that the car would come back to fetch him at noon. There
were to be about twenty girls present at the meeting which was held in
a small ballroom in the hotel. When he entered the meeting room Timmy
saw that each and every one of the girls was wearing a Krissy tee
shirt very much like the one he was wearing. A table was set up in the
front of the room with a chair for Timmy and a girl named Carla who
was the president of the chapter. Carla and Timmy faced a few rows of
seats where the girls sat.

To start the meeting Carla said, "let's give a great Krissy cheer to
Timmy, Krissy's number one fan!"

Timmy smiled at Carla and the other girls and sat down. He was
overcome with emotion at the thought that he himself had been just
like these girls until he got to meet Krissy and forever crossed over
to the lucky people who had actually spent time with her.

"Give us a few words about what Krissy is really like and then we want
to bombard you with a million questions! OK?" Carla said.

"Sure," Timmy said, his voice quivering. "I should say that I was just
thinking how lucky I am. Just two days ago I was just like you all. I
had so many questions about what was Krissy like and how I wished
everyday I could meet her and be like her and now I've spent a couple
of days with her and I feel like I know her a little bit. She's been
so incredibly nice to me, helping me to overcome how scared I was when
I first met her. I could barely keep from fainting let me tell you!"

The girls laughed and one of them said, "I'm sure I'd be the same

"All of us would," another girl said.

"She's made me feel like I'm her friend, and I don't think any one
except her would care enough about her fans to do that."

Carla said, "you seem like such a nice fan, Timmy, but there's one
thing that all of us have been wondering about that maybe you can

"Sure," Timmy said.

"Well, as you can see here, all the fans in this chapter are girls and
all the other chapters that we've been in contact with or heard about,
they're all girls too. So, I don't think we're being mean to wonder
how it is that Krissy chose a boy to be her number one fan. All the
boys that we know don't want to have anything to do with Krissy. A lot
of them even make fun of us for loving her."

"The thing is that I love Krissy and want to be like her as much as
all of the girls I've met that are her fans. My two best friends at
school, Ellen and Debbie are super Krissy fans and I spend all my time
with them talking about Krissy. We three went to a Krissy concert
together and we all have Krissy tee shirts, just like you girls do."

"That's nice but why did she pick you since you're a boy?"

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that since I feel like I'm a Krissy
fan in the same way as girls are, it's hard for me to see why I should
be considered different because I'm a boy. That's all I mean."

"Yeah, but we wear Krissy skirts and Krissy bras and panties too," one
of the girls said.

"And when we say that we want to be like Krissy, we want to dress like
her, act like her, have crushes on boys like her."

"Wear makeup like she does."

"Cut our hair like she does,"

Though the different girls were saying this to Timmy without trying to
be hurtful, the effect was to make Timmy feel ever more disconnected
from them and he couldn't stop himself from crying. He buried his face
in his hands and began to cry.

The girls stopped saying anything more and watched him until Carla
said, "we've made him cry. I think we have to give Krissy credit for
fairly judging the essays and seeing that Timmy, despite the fact that
he's a boy, really deserves to be called her Number One Fan." After a
long pause while Timmy regained control of his emotions, Carla said
gently, "we're sorry Timmy. We weren't trying to make you feel bad."

Timmy said, "I know that. The thing is that I've wanted to have Krissy
clothes, her bikini, her skirt and everything but my mom wouldn't let
me. She let me have a Krissy shirt and some Krissy panties because my
grandmother got me some, but then she doesn't really like me wearing
the pink panties."

"You really do want to be Krissy just like us, don't you?" Carla said.

Timmy nodded his head up and down. One of the girls said, "I think you
sort of answered our question. To be a boy and to be a true Krissy fan
takes actual courage. Not only is there all the frustration that
anyone would feel in not getting to meet Krissy, but you also can't
just pretend that you're her like we can."

"That's so nice of you to say that," Timmy said feeling the urge to
cry again. "But one thing that has been so nice about Krissy is that
she understands that and she's been helping me to be as much like her
as I can."

"What do you mean?" one of the girls said.

"Well, the first day when we went swimming, she let me wear a Krissy
bathing suit, the pink one with her name embroidered on it. My mom
wouldn't let me get one when I asked her."

"Oh my God," a girl said, "you actually wore one of Krissy's own
bathing suits!"

"So fantastic! I'd do anything to get that chance!" another girl said.

"Even more than that, Krissy has this closet in her bedroom that's got
like three big rooms full of clothes. She said I could wear anything
in it I wanted. So I saw this dress that I remembered she had worn on
her show and she let me wear it. She even gave it to me cause she said
she'll never need to wear it again."

"What dress?"

"It was the 1950's retro dress."

"I know exactly what dress you're talking about," a girl said and a
number of others joined her in recalling how it looked and how
beautiful Krissy looked wearing it.

"You've worn that dress?" a girl said

"Yesterday," Timmy said. "I felt exactly like I was Krissy."

The girls grew silent as they let themselves imagine what it felt like
to be wearing Krissy's pretty 1950's puffed up dress. "So neat," one
of the girls said finally.

"Krissy insisted I wear a bra and pantyhose too and she gave me some
foam bust enhancers so that the dress looked right on me."

"God are you lucky," a girl said. "That's like our perfect fantasy
with Krissy."

"Tell us about her closet. It sounds like its unbelievable."

"You walk in and you're in a room that's got all drawers and shelves.
I saw in her drawers that she keeps her panties in them, but its
really neat because she's got her white panties in one drawer, and
then the next drawer has blue and yellow panties and the next one has
red and pink panties."

"She must have a lot of panties a girl said."

"I guess that's true," Timmy said.

"What about her bras?" a girl said, "are they in her drawers too?"

"Yeah. She has another drawer with white and pink bras, and in another
I saw she had black and beige bras."

"But what kind of bras and panties does Krissy wear?" a girl said.

"She's got a lot of Krissy panties and some Krissy bras in her closet,
but also lots of other ones. I know that she really likes Elle
Macpherson bras."

"What size is she?" a girl said and she and several other girls

"Marissa, why are you being so obnoxious?" a girl said.

"Maybe Timmy knows," another girl said, "do you?"

When Timmy had taken off the Elle Macpherson bra he had read the tag
saying it was a 34B. "I'm pretty sure that Krissy wears 34B bras."

"Cool. Tell us more," a girl said.

"One section of the closet has pantyhose and slips and in another I
saw she has girdles and other things like that." A tittering of
laughter went through the girls at the word 'girdle.'

"Girdles?" Carla said, "Krissy wearing a girdle! How funny that is."

"I guess I'm not too sure about girdles," Timmy said.

"You should ask her why she has them," one of the girls said.

"She told me that a lot of clothes comes from her show and the movies
she's been in. Maybe she had to wear a girdle with one of her

"The 50's dress for sure. That's what girls wore back then under their
clothes to get a nice figure."

"Next time you wear your dress Timmy you should wear a girdle under

"OK, I'll ask Krissy about that."

"You haven't finished telling us about Krissy's closet.

"The second room in her closet is filled from floor to ceiling with
skirts and blouses and dresses. All kinds of wonderful clothes. And
then there's my absolute favorite part of the closet. It has her
really pretty dresses like the 1950's retro dress I wore. The dresses
in this closet have petticoats and crinolines and ribbons and lace and
they're mostly pink and white and light blue and peach colored. Krissy
knows all about how to puff up the skirts. She took me to a fashion
show for flower girls and they had the most incredible dresses. The
models were very pretty girls, and they looked so cute in their

"I'd die to spend one minute in Krissy's closet," one of the girls

"We all would," another girl said.

Hearing the girls say that made Timmy appreciate the incredible
privilege he had of being able to wear anything in Krissy closet.

By the time Timmy had to leave, the club members and he had become
good friends. They had shared many stories about their experiences at
Krissy concerts, about things they had seen on her TV show, about
articles in her magazine and about what they thought of her various
Krissy clothes. The general consensus was that her panties were the
best while her bras were pretty good, but would be better if they came
in more sizes. For some of the girls the shoulder straps fell down
rather easily. All the girls loved the Krissy bathing suits though
they wished they came in more colors. Before he left, Timmy promised
he would keep in contact with the club through the internet, and he
would make sure to tell Krissy about his experience that afternoon. He
would even ask her to send them a personal message, but he wasn't sure
if she would be able to do that or not.


That night Krissy and her parents took Timmy out to dinner at a trendy
restaurant in Beverly Hills. Timmy was aware of many passersby turning
their heads and looking startled when they saw Krissy. After they were
seated Timmy could see other diners stealing glances of Krissy. Every
so often during dinner a fan would come up to the table to ask Krissy
for her autograph. No matter how awkward the moment Krissy smiled and
made an effort to be nice. She said to Timmy, "it's not always easy
being Krissy. I have to sacrifice some of my private time, but the
alternative where nobody cares is probably harder."

"We try to go out at least once a week. It helps keep Krissy in the
public's eye," Krissy's mom said. "Tomorrow in the LA Times they'll be
a mention that Krissy ate out at this restaurant. There might even be
a photograph and it'll probably say that seated with her was Timmy
Davidson her number one fan."

"I'd love to have that photograph," Timmy said.

"We'll get one for you right now," Krissy's dad said. He signaled the
waiter to come over, "can you get a photographer here?"

"In a flash," the waiter said. A few minutes later a photographer came
by who had them pose for several pictures. He took a picture of Krissy
and Timmy together and then Timmy with Krissy and her parents."

I'll mail them to you," the photographer said and Krissy's dad gave
him his business card.

"I guarantee that the picture of you and Timmy will be in the paper
tomorrow," Krissy's dad said. "The photographer will get a couple
hundred dollars for his effort."


Krissy and Timmy were lounging around in her room the next morning
when Mr. Malloy brought the paper in to them. "Look at the first page
of the entertainment section," he said. Krissy's dad was right. There
was the picture of Krissy and Timmy with the caption, "Krissy dines
with NOF, Timmy Davidson." Krissy laughed. "We're responsible for a
new word, NOF. You're my NOF. Pretty soon you'll be a celebrity all by
yourself. Particularly when our song comes out and every one knows
that you helped write it."

"I don't think I should be a celebrity," Timmy said.

"If people ask for your autograph, what will you do?"

"I don't know. I guess I'll sign it, but I'll tell them there's no
need to have my signature."

"You'll be surprised the way some people see it differently than you

"I guess you're right," Timmy said. Being Krissy's number one fan was
something he could understand and wanted to do as good a job at as he
was able. Being a celebrity wasn't something that he desired.

"Tonight is a rehearsal for the concert. I have some appointments
during the day. I hope you don't mind hanging out here by yourself and
then we'll go together tonight to the rehearsal. You can swim or sit
by the pool. OK?"

"Sure, I don't mind."

"Why don't you spend the time thinking of songs. Sketch them out and
we'll talk about them later. OK?"

"Sure, that'll be fun."

"Good, so you're all set for the day. I've got to get dressed, help me
pick out something to wear."

"Can I? That's so cool," Timmy said.

Inside her closet, Krissy asked Timmy, "what outfit do you think would
be good?"

"I don't know, Krissy. I love all your clothes. Anything you've worn
is so special to me."

"Why is that? Aren't they just clothes?"

"Yeah, they're clothes but when any of us see you, we see you wearing
clothes. So those clothes are special because they've set up the way
we see you. Also, you picked them out to wear, so they must mean
something to you. It's not like a pencil or something where any one
will do. Your clothes are special." Timmy paused and said, "I must
sound dumb."

"No, I find it interesting. This is one of the reasons why we thought
of the number one fan contest - we wanted to understand how the fans
think about Krissy. I think I'm most interviewed about the clothes I
wear so clearly they must mean a lot to everyone. I think that is
definitely the case with you."

"I guess so, it's like when I see your panties and bras," Timmy said
and opened a drawer with bras and then one with panties, "or your
skirts or dresses and blouses," Timmy ran his fingers over some of
them in the next room, "or these really pretty dresses," Timmy took
down one of the dresses with a crinoline and hugged it as if it were
Krissy herself, "and your slips and pantyhose and your pretty shoes
and your purses and all these things that I know are yours that you
wore - all of these things were part of you at some time. Your bra was
around you or you had a skirt on and it hugged your hips and so
they're now part of your history. When I wear some of your clothes
then I've become you in a teeny way because then I've worn that same
skirt so the skirt has a memory of both of us. We share that memory."
Timmy stopped again and then continued, "I think I may sound stupid
saying this, but I'm sure that every girl I met at the fan club
meeting would understand what I'm saying right now and feel the same
way as me. They would love to have a chance to wear your bra or dress
or something so that they would have shared it with you. It makes your
fans feel really close to you."

"And you being a boy must make it more difficult."

"I guess it would be except that you've let me wear your clothes."

"But your parents wouldn't let you buy most of the Krissy clothes."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

There was a pause and Krissy said, "so what do you think I should

"Should I pick you out a bra?" Timmy asked.

"No, I think I can do that part myself. Just select a dress for me to

"OK," Timmy said. He looked through the large assortment of dresses
until he found a light pink halter dress and said, "I love this one!"

"Good choice," Krissy said. "I like that dress too, I'll wear that

Timmy fetched it for her and handed it to her. "Thanks," Krissy said
and sensing a slight hesitancy from Timmy she said, "and you can go
ahead and pick out a dress for yourself too. I know you want to."

"Oh, can I Krissy!" Timmy said excitedly.

"Yes, as I told you before, you may wear anything you like. I have an
impossibly large wardrobe that keeps growing all the time. You're
doing me a favor by taking some of the clothes for yourself."

Timmy resumed looking at the huge collection of skirts and dresses.
The truth was that he wanted to wear practically every dress he saw.
He took another look at the room with the fancy dresses and saw a
light blue shiny dress with a large skirt. He held it up to look at
and brought it to Krissy who was putting on her dress.

"This one is so pretty," Timmy said.

"I wore that dress in a show we did about early 19th century court
dancing. It's strapless, so you'll need a strapless bra to wear it."

"Strapless?" Timmy asked.

"Without straps. Look in that drawer over there," Krissy said pointing
to one of the drawers in the bra section. Timmy opened it and looked

"To the right, you see those bras? None of them have straps."

Timmy saw a light blue lacy bra and fetched it out. "How do I put this
one on?" Timmy said, and how will it stay up?"

Krissy laughed, "you put it on like any bra, so you hook it and then
swivel it around. The problem for you is that normally a girl lifts it
up to capture her breasts, which then keep it from falling down, but I
guess you can't do that too well. On the other hand bras like this are
made of a special gripping material which helps them stay up. I'm sure
that the blue dress will keep it from falling down anyway so there's
no reason to worry."

Timmy put on the bra the way Krissy had described and after he
inserted the foam padding the strapless bra seemed to want to stay in
place. "I think you're right," Timmy said, "I feel secure in it and I
don't think it will fall down."

"Good," Krissy said and walked over to Timmy and said, "zip me up,
will you?" She turned around and Timmy gently raised the back zipper
of her dress. "Now let me help you with your dress."

"Before I put it on," Timmy said, "I was wondering if you think I
should wear a girdle with it. The girls at the fan club yesterday were
telling me that for the pink 50's dress a girdle would have been
appropriate since women in the 1950's almost always wore girdles under
dresses like that."

Krissy smiled and shook her head slightly. "If you want to wear a
girdle go ahead. Do you know where they are?"

Timmy nodded his head and went into the closet to fetch one. The
girdle drawer had about a dozen girdles in it. These were clearly far
more complex than the other clothes and it was hard for Timmy to make
much sense of them. The garters hanging from most of them and the
bulky zippers confused him. The open bottom girdles did not appear to
have a unique top or bottom. Gingerly Timmy selected one girdle that
was light blue and took it out to show Krissy.

"What about this one?"

"Perfect," Krissy said. "Do you need help putting it on?"

"Yes, it's so confusing."

Krissy laughed and said, "come here. You wear your panties underneath
it. This kind is an open girdle so you don't have leg holes." She
took the girdle, arranged it, had Timmy step into it and forced it up
his legs. With his small bottom it was relatively easy to get it on.
"If you had a bigger butt like a girl does, then it would be harder to
get this on." When it was up to his waist Krissy zipped up the side
zipper. "You wear stockings with this and not pantyhose."

"Stockings?" Timmy said.

Krissy got some from her closet and showed Timmy. "See, you put these
on your toes and roll them up your legs to your thighs. The garters
attached to the girdle hold them up. It's a great invention," Krissy
said and laughed. She helped Timmy put on the stockings and clipped
the garters for him.

"There you go Timmy, so cute. Now we can put on your dress."

With Krissy's help Timmy lifted the dress over his head and lowered it
over his body. Krissy had to tug a bit on the bodice to get it past
his bosoms but in short order it was perfectly arrayed over Timmy. His
dress also had a back zip which Krissy raised up.

"Very, very pretty," Krissy said, "you know I could easily imagine
that if my NOF had been a girl we'd spend much of our time just like
this, trying on clothes, that is unless she wasn't close to my size. I
guess we're lucky that you're my size."

"I'm glad you feel that way since I want to be exactly the way you
expected your number one fan to be like."

"How do you like the girdle underneath the dress?" Krissy asked.

Timmy took a few steps walking so as to see how the girdle felt. "It's
nice. It gives me a feeling like I'm somehow all together in one
piece, more solid. It's hard to describe. But I really love the
stockings and garters. They feel really cool."

"You should find a pair of blue heels to go with the dress," Krissy
said. It didn't take Timmy long to find an appropriate set of heels
that fit him. "Good. Here's some pearls to wear. They'll look really
nice around your bare neck and shoulders." Krissy hung a few strands
of pearls around Timmy's neck and fastened them. She said, "you do
really have such pretty shoulders and smooth skin. Now fix up your
hair and put on some makeup and you're ready for the day. If you want
to swim later you'll probably have to get Malloy to unhook the pearls,
unless you can figure out the latch yourself. It's a bit complicated."

Side by side Krissy and Timmy fixed their hair and put on make up.
When Krissy was done she rushed out of the room to leave for her day's
work. Timmy stood admiring his image in the full length mirror. It was
a dress he distinctly remembered seeing Krissy wear on her show. At
the time he had been amazed at the wide skirts and how they had flowed
from side to side as she walked. He remembered how she had lifted up
the skirts to sit down exposing a mass of lacy crinolines underneath.
Now he would have this wonderful dress for the entire day and he could
pretend he was Krissy all day long.


By mid morning Timmy decided he would lounge down at the pool and have
his lunch there. He allowed himself the luxury of gracefully walking
through the house in his blue dress pretending he was Krissy: a Krissy
from a bygone era. He encountered Mr. Malloy at the foot of the stairs
who said, "Madam Krissy, is there anything I can get for you?"

"Nothing now, my dear Mr. Malloy, I am on my way to the pool. I shall
pass my time poolside."

"As you wish, Madam. Ring when you desire lunch."

"I shall," Timmy said.

When Timmy stepped outside he saw that it was as beautiful a day as it
had been every day that he had been at Krissy mansion. He settled
himself on the chaise lounge that Krissy had sat on the other day and
spread his skirts out around himself. He looked out over the pool and
beautiful gardens and relaxed. He would spend his time thinking of a
topic for a new song. The first thing was to pretend he was Krissy
through and through and he concentrated on turning every part of his
mind into thinking the way Krissy did. It was a lot harder than he had
imagined. Over and over again he came to the same point: he wanted to
be Timmy pretending to be Krissy and not actually be Krissy herself.
He needed a universe in which there was a Krissy that he could use as
a comfort, as a guiding light. He would always be happiest serving
her, taking cues from her. It was why she was Krissy and he was Timmy.

He shifted position on the chair and heard and felt the layers of
crinolines slide around him. The girdle offered him a steady and warm
presence over his mid-section. It was delicious wearing Krissy's
clothes. He now had three gorgeous dresses of hers to take back with
himself. He would hang them up in his closet and every chance he had
he would wear one or another of them. Maybe he would even have Debbie
and Ellen come over to his house and he'd let them each wear one of
the dresses and they could all pretend to be Krissy together. Of
course, he would have a hard time deciding which of the dresses he
would wear.

Timmy reminded himself that he was supposed to think of a topic for a
song. After awhile he decided that the next song he wrote with Krissy
would be about how people often have to get used to living without
things that they really care about. Even worse, they sometimes have to
live without things that they can't live without. The truth is that
before he came out to Krissy's he had learned to live without actually
knowing Krissy. Now, when he went back home, he'd have to learn to
live without her, even though he knew he couldn't live without her
anymore. But maybe, just maybe having her pretty clothes with him
would make it possible. He hoped and prayed that his mom and dad would
understand and allow him to have days just like this beautiful one
when he would dress up like Krissy and pretend he was her.


Several hours before the concert Krissy and her entourage including
Timmy arrived at the Hollywood Bowl. Timmy was one of the privileged
few who were allowed in Krissy's dressing room. Besides him, Krissy's
mother was there as was Mr. Malloy who was busy making sure every
detail of Krissy's preparations were done perfectly. Also in
attendance was a women in charge of the wardrobe and one in charge of

According to Krissy, the rehearsals of the new song had gone very well
and the band was excited about its premiere. In fact, they were sure
it was going to be an immediate sensation. Consequently, there was a
special spark of energy in the dressing room as Krissy looked forward
to wowing the crowd with something very new and special.

For his part, Timmy was shaking like a leaf. Not because of the song,
but because Krissy had told him that after the first couple of songs
she would have him come out on stage and be introduced to the crowd.
In fact, the Hollywood bowl held more than 17,000 people and after
Timmy had seen the view outwards from the stage, felt sure that he
would not be able to handle the pressure of some many eyes focused on
him. Krissy was firm in her insistence that he would be just fine.
Every one was looking forward to meeting Krissy's NOF and he could not
disappoint them.


Minutes before the show was to get underway Timmy peeked out from the
wing of the stage and saw the vast audience of young girls that filled
every seat in the Hollywood Bowl. The lights suddenly went out and a
spotlight appeared on the stage. A high-pitched scream began in
different far reaches of the bowl and built second by second as the
spotlight began moving in circles around the stage as if searching for
Krissy. Suddenly the lights went out again casting the bowl in pitch
blackness and a fraction of a second later the spot came on at the
exact center of the stage where Krissy stood wearing a white dress and
white shiny boots with fringes. The audience exploded into unearthly
screams and Timmy had a hard time not joining in with the screaming.
He so wanted to scream along with the girls to let Krissy know how
much he loved her.

In a few seconds the lights went on behind Krissy revealing her band
and they launched into one of Krissy's trademark songs. Probably not
since the Beatles almost a half century before had there been so many
screaming adolescent girls in one place. The sound was earsplitting
and every adult in the venue shook their heads in disbelief and
covered their ears. Many of the girls in the audience jumped up and
down and shook their hands in beat with the song and Timmy could not
resist doing the same himself.

The screaming was so persistent it was not obvious that the girls were
even listening to the music, though when the first song ended there
was a jump up in the volume of the screaming suggesting that perhaps
at least some girls had been listening or trying to listen. Krissy and
the band launched into a second song which was greeted pretty much
like the first one. As the second song ended Timmy knew that he was
going to have to walk out on the stage and greet Krissy's fans.
Somehow, someway he would do so because it meant a lot to Krissy.

Krissy held up her hands as if to signal the audience to quiet down.
Very slowly the intensity of the shrill screaming waned until Krissy's
voice could be heard through the speakers. "I love my fans!" Krissy
said and the screaming went back up again. When it quieted down again
Krissy said, "I want to introduce you to Timmy Davidson." There was
some screaming which quickly subsided. "He wrote a wonderful essay in
which he said that he and all of you are my number one fans!" The
screaming started over again. Before it died down, Krissy signaled for
Timmy to come onstage.

Timmy shuffled out onto the stage and looked out on the vast audience
of screaming, adolescent girls. He had never been so frightened in his
life. Krissy stood next to him and put her arm over his shoulder and
hugged him. She said, "wave" to Timmy and he raised an arm and waved
at the crowd. Into the microphone Krissy said, "is there anything you
want to say to your fellow fans?"

She put the microphone directly in front of Timmy and shaking like a
leaf he said, "I love you Krissy!" It took all of Timmy's resolve not
to run off the stage and Krissy put her hand on his back to reassure
him. "Thank you for being you!"

The girls screamed again and then Krissy said, "Timmy helped me write
a new song that you're going to love. It's about finding out that
someone is different than you thought they were."

Krissy said, "thanks," to Timmy and he walked off the stage waving as
he went.

"I want you all to really listen to this song," Krissy said and the
screaming went down a few notches. The band started up and Krissy
starting singing.

Krissy's mom greeted Timmy in the wings and said, "you're so brave, it
takes a special person to stand in front of 17000 people."

"Thank you," Timmy said feeling utterly relieved that the experience
was over.

He listened to his song and realized that it was quite good. Sandy had
done a good job arranging it for the band. It was catchy and flowed
and was even poignant, particularly when Krissy sang, "radiated nice."


By midnight Krissy and Timmy were back alone in her room. Timmy had
put on the pink nightie that Krissy had given him and she was wearing
short print pajamas. They lay in her large king-sized bed. It was
their last night together. Krissy said, "it takes me a while to unwind
after concerts so if you want to go to bed now it's OK."

"I want to stay up with you if you don't mind."

Krissy indicated for him to come closer to her and Timmy slid over.
They had never really touched before and now she put her arm over his
shoulder and Timmy curled up next to her with his cheek lying on her
bosom and feeling her feminine warmth surround him.

"If there is a heaven," Timmy said, "this is it. I hope this moment
never ends." Krissy held him a bit tighter. He continued, "I don't
know how a person can have this much happiness. It boggles my mind."

"How sweet Timmy. I've grown fond of my NOF. Our song is destined to
be a mega-hit which means that we'll surely have lots of occasions to
see each other again."

"But I'll have school and I live so far away." The fact of the matter
was that ever since he had met Krissy the thought had been growing in
him that he would not be able to be happy again unless he could be
with her. Back home he would long for her and his life would be empty
and miserable without her.

"You'll be surprised how things that one day seem impossible become
easy the next day," Krissy said.

A short while later Timmy fell asleep in Krissy's arms and she gently
moved him to his side of the bed. Not long after that she fell asleep


The next morning Timmy stood outside the front door of the mansion. A
limousine was waiting for him. Krissy's mom hugged him and gave him a
sealed manila envelope. "You make sure to give this to your mom and
dad when you get home. Don't lose it. Your parents may have some
questions and there are phone numbers inside they can call. OK?"

"Yes ma'am."

"We've so loved having you. You're truly Krissy's number one fan and
you'll always be so far as we're concerned."

"Thank you, ma'am," Timmy said.

Krissy's dad was next to say goodbye. He shook Timmy's hand and
reiterated what his wife had said about the envelope. It's very
important. Don't lose it!"

"I won't."

Next Mr. Malloy said his goodbyes and finally it was Krissy's turn.
Timmy and Krissy walked a little distance away from the others. Tears
started gushing down Timmy's cheeks. "Hey NOF, be brave. We'll see
each other again. You know that. We've got a lot of song writing to

"I know that Krissy. But I would spend every minute with you if I
could. I love you so much."

"I hope you're new suitcase doesn't give your parents a fit. Are you
really sure it's OK?" Krissy had packed the three pretty dresses, the
swim suit, the nightie, the shoes, bras, panties all of her clothes
that she had given him into a large new suitcase to take home with

"Everything in there is Krissy's. They'll understand how much having
Krissy things means to me."

"I hope you're right."

They embraced one last time and Timmy was off.


It is an understatement to say that Timmy's dad was unhappy to see
what was inside the extra suitcase that Timmy brought home from his
week as Krissy's number one fan. He blew up, he screamed, he ranted.
He wanted to know "what kind of idiotic morons is Krissy's family that
they would allow you to dress like a girl?"

"I wasn't dressing like a girl," Timmy said through his tears, "I just
wanted to be like Krissy. All the clothes she gave me are things she
has worn on her show or have been on her show."

"There is no difference between dressing like Krissy and dressing like
a girl. I'm going to sue the pants off of the them! Conceited
Hollywood assholes!"

"They're not like that," Timmy said but it was no use.

Inside of a few hours Timmy had gone from heaven to hell. His dad and
mom said that all his Krissy clothes would be given to charity.

After a miserable dinner Timmy cried himself to sleep.


Later that night Timmy's parents lay in bed next to each other. "I
can't believe what happened there. Timmy dressing up in puffy dresses
with crinolines. Prancing around as a girl. I guess it's our fault for
not nipping the Krissy thing in the bud."

"Live and learn," Timmy's dad said.

"What was that manila envelope Timmy handed you when he came home,"
Timmy's mom said.

"I didn't open it yet. I think its some publicity pictures." He
fetched the envelope from downstairs and came back to bed and opened
it. Inside was a letter from Krissy's lawyer describing the enclosed
contract. Since Timmy was a minor, his parents would have to sign. The
contract concerned the forthcoming payments for his contribution to
the song "Radiating Nice," and also future songs he might write with
Krissy. A good faith payment of $50,000 dollars was enclosed.

Two minutes went by as Timmy's parents reeled with bewilderment at the
contents of the envelope. Finally Timmy's dad said, "we might have
been a bit hasty in judging Krissy. There's enough money here to get
him half way through college."

"He might earn far more than that. That's only a down payment!"

"You'd better apologize to your son," Timmy's mom said.

"And you too! And so what if he wants to pretend he's Krissy?"

"It's not such a big deal, is it?"

"Did you see that Krissy had sent falsies home with him? It'll be a
little shock to see him wearing bras."

"Or all fluffed up in pink and satin and crinolines."

"Timmy kept screaming that those clothes were his lifeline."

"I think we'll have to accept the truth of that."

"He's probably lying there awake right now in agony."

"Or else cried himself to sleep."

"Let's go in there and make things right."

"Good idea."

The End

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