Perfume works for boys

"I enjoyed working next to the perfume counter. After I said that I didn't believe perfume had any effect, Sandy proved to me that this wasn't true!" Perfume really does work for boys.

Intro - The SisterDom is a group of wonderful women who know that it is important to help their men to access and, when they are comfortable with the concept, to release their inner girlhood. These women are willing to train and transition their new-girls using a variety of simple techniques, sometimes with a touch of ‘domination’ and strong encouragement. Characters overlap between the stories.

It was fun working in the big department store. I got on really well in the food department then after a month I was moved to leather goods. Briefcases, wallets, belts and so on. It was next door to the massive perfume section so I found that I was often included in their conversations.

Sandy worked the counter nearest me. She had started only a few weeks before me so she knew how hard it was to become part of the team. I had been in the same class at school as her younger sister, Fiona. I had never really got to know Sandy that well as her circle of friends was quite different from her sister's - despite the gap being less than two years. So, there we were the two newest in the department, and as teenagers we naturally found ourselves spending time together. It was fun because I used to do much the same with her sister Fiona just a few months before at school. There the reason for our being 'different' was that she didn't do several of the ordinary girl subjects, she did metalwork and mechanics, and I was new in town and almost the smallest sixth-former in the place. Not the same reason but your peers at school don't need a big reason to decide that you are 'different enough'.

The two of us were chatting one day and we got onto the subject of perfume. Well, it was Sandy's job to know all about it. I was just an ordinary teenage youth - all I knew was that my occasional girlfriends wore different sorts of scents and pongs according to some vague response to advertisements.

As the conversation went on, Sandy grew quite pained at my comments. "Alex, we girls certainly do not buy just in response to glossy adverts. As a supplier we actually do know that some scents work better for some girls than others. Yes, maybe the adverts are carefully and expensively aimed at specific groups – but that doesn't mean that the science of scents is any less valid. There's a lot of science goes into it. They've worked out different aromatics and esters and pheromones, all sorts of chemicals. They can even mix them up and make a perfume that is especially good for a redhead to attract men."

"I can't believe they can do it that accurately," I interrupted.

"Are you arguing with me? I have had to study all this stuff before I can sell it."

"I'm not exactly arguing. It may be that they've told you these things so that you believe them. That means you can tell the customers what they expect - and you're totally confident and believable in what you say. Don't forget, I've done the basic salesmanship course as well."

"I can't accept that they would lie like that. But if you feel that
strongly about it we could try a little experiment."

"What sort of experiment? This sounds a bit dodgy to me."

"My first statement was that scientists had designed a perfume so that redheads could attract men. You are a redhead. It makes a pretty obvious test-case to me. We teach you how to attract the boys, then we add the perfume. If you are more successful with than without, then the perfume works."

"You've got to be joking."

"Er, Juliet, if you remember, I did see the performance you did at the school play. You know, when the teacher decided that since Shakespeare had an all-male cast, he would do it the same way. I saw how good you were as Juliet. I can't see any problem. Are we going to argue about this, Juliet."

"Don't be so silly. That was over two years ago. I've changed a lot since then. And I would prefer it if you used my proper name, thank you, which as you know is Alex. That's a boy's name."

"I won't comment, much. Except to say my name is not Sandy but Alexandra. There is almost no speck of difference between Alexander and Alexandra. Anyway, that's beside the point. I've offered to prove the efficiency and effectiveness of my products with a simple experiment. What have you got as an alternative?"

"I had no idea this was a competition, Alexandra."

"Well it is now, Alexandera. My proposal is to test this new Hot Red scent on you, or rather with you. I expect your agreement in the morning. If you don't agree I'm sure that your department boss will be delighted to know that you're an experienced actress."

I didn't like that idea. Mr. Parsons was much too active in local theatricals even though he had only been in town for a year or so. I won't accuse him of being a queer as a nine bob note, but he was renowned for his enthusiastic assistance at the theatre. He helped with costumes, he even helped with stage make-up if no one else was available. He helped with prompting, with stage-management and with the lighting too. Even though I had enjoyed acting at school, I felt I was now past that sort of pretence. I was not eager to be brought to his attention. I felt I had more important things to do with my spare time.

In the morning, Sandy bumbled up beside me and twinkled, "Made your decision yet, Red? I've been making plans all night."

"I haven't the faintest idea what to do. I'm not interested in dressing up as a girl but on the other hand I definitely don't want Mr. Parsons to get me joining his theatre. I snookered if I do or if I don't. You've got me trapped."

"There's no need to get so worked up about it. As far as I'm concerned it's just a little game between us. If you join in and practice hard, we can get it all done by the weekend after this - which gives us ten days or so."

"Why such a hurry?"

"Because there's enough time to practice and there's a small party at Jane's on the Friday and at Beth's on the Saturday. We can test you with and without perfume on the same set of boys. I've got it all worked out."

"Unfortunately for me, it sounds rather like you have," I muttered.

"How can I disagree," Sandy trilled. "I think we can have a lot of fun with this. Now, what we'll do is have you come over to my flat straight after work. I'll have got a few things ready and we can start getting you ready for the big experiment."

"It would appear that you have done a lot of planning. It doesn't seem that I have much choice."

"Of course, you've got a choice. You can either put a lot of effort into the project or you can embarrass yourself unbelievably thoroughly. Sounds like a choice to me. If I was feeling callous, I could suggest that you're on the extremely pointed horns of a dilemma. But I'm a dainty sweet blonde who would never say anything like that. So, Red, it's all agreed is it? Um, so, I'll take it that silence is consent."

I kept my mouth shut. I was in deep doodoo already and I was certain that whatever I did or said, Sandy would get me to obey her demands. By hindsight, I should have ignored her and then refused to assist Mr. Parsons. But at the time, it seemed that Mr. Parsons and his feeble theatre was the worse option.

After work, I eventually turned up at Sandy's flat. She was livid. "Where the heck have you been? We've got a short enough time to get this sorted as it is without you being hours late."

"Come off it, Sandy, I'm only a bit late, and I've brought a bottle."

"What on earth do you think we'll be doing this evening. We won't be having a party. You're here to work. Now come upstairs and get started. I've got a few things ready, but I need to check your measurements first. Then you can have a shower while, if necessary, I go back to the store. Chop, chop, get into that shower. Here's some special washing stuff, use it all over, legs, arms everything everywhere except your hair. When you're done, there's some basic clothes on the spare bed. I should be back by the time you're ready."

I found that I was doing exactly as she said without a single protest. I stood still while she measured me up, down, left, right and sideways. She smiled as she noted down the numbers. "Fine, I need to check a few things but for now, get into that shower."

I had the shower and found that all my body hair was swimming down the drain. This was appalling, I was more naked than I'd ever been in my life. Amazingly, everything instantly felt different - the feel of the water, the towel - very strange. Once I had dried off, I went into the bedroom to find a whole range of things laid out on the bed. I was fascinated. I was an ordinary teenage boy so I'd never had much access to girl's clothes. I did have a sister but she was twelve years older than me. My girlfriends had been pretty casual so I'd never known any of them long enough to get close or intimate. This was actually the first time I'd ever been able to handle panties or undies in complete freedom. I'd passed through the lingerie department of most shops in town but you can't be particularly obvious there. I was making the most of the opportunity when Sandy came back in.

"Oh, I thought you'd be out still. I was just getting going," I said in a slightly panic-struck voice. I hoped that she hadn't seen what I was doing.

"Don't lie, I saw you fondling and stroking those pretty pants. There's no time for that, get them on. And don't pull faces at me. You agreed to this after all."

I had already noticed the effect on my hairless body of the towel - but the feeling of the panties was incredible. The glossy satin glided up my deliciously smooth legs giving me the most ecstatic sensation.

Sandy saw my expression and grinned, "I knew that'd get to you. Enjoying the feel of your own panties, aren't you? Well, that's just the start. Now stand still while I put the bra on for you. That feels different doesn't it?"

No answer.

"Thought so. Now I'll put on your suspenders and you can relish the sensation of rolling the sheerest stockings up your elegant long legs."


"Stop smiling like that. This is supposed to be hard work for you. Tho' just getting dressed isn't the hard part. Yet."

I couldn't help it. The sensation as those stockings rolled up my legs for the first time was fantastic.

"Come along, Red. Now we start the hard work. Sit down while I start work on your makeup. You have to learn how to do this for yourself."

While I was sitting quietly getting my first introduction to the exciting mysteries of paint and powder, there was a knock on the door. Who on earth was it? I sat there petrified. Sandy said, "Come in, honey." .... and in came her sister Fiona, my schoolmate.

"Hello, sis. What's up? What did you ask me over for? How's it all going? I can see you're hard at work already. You're doing a great job. Come on, tell me." As usual, Fiona rattled out a flood of questions but her soft voice went hushed as she finished.

Then she burst out once more but with a questioning tone, "When you said one of my schoolfriends was coming over for a private teach-in about makeup, I couldn't think who you were talking about. Especially when you said you knew her as 'Red'. But unless I'm much mistaken, I recognise this dolly bird as my old mate, Alex. She looks byooootiful and those eyes are gorgeous. Aren't you excited, Alex?"

For the first time, I turned my apparently gorgeous eyes on another girl. "I had no idea what was going to happen. Sandy twisted me into what she calls this 'experiment' and now she's exposing me to everyone." I felt myself flaming scarlet and near to tears.

"Oh, Alex, don't be so worried. Sis shares everything with me. When she said you were working on the counter next to her and the arguments you kept on having - I suggested she dare you like this. Don't you remember those chats we used to have in class. You'd argue one way, I'd argue the other - then next week we'd try to find a way to prove it, whatever it was, somehow. It's just a continuation of our old game. I think it's wonderful. We're giving you a chance to learn about the boy-girl relationship from the other side of the fence. Don't deny you're excited by the idea?"

As she said this, her sister's hand was stroking my legs

My two tormentors insisted that I could stay in the second bedroom, which was actually Fiona's room. They would double up in Sandy's king-size bed. I felt almost guilty at the pleasure I got of snuggling into a bed where my old schoolmate rested her gorgeous blonde curls. I also felt guilty at the wonderful sensation of the satin nightdress. I felt guilty about how much I was enjoying myself. The two girls tucked me up in bed and smiled down at me as I began to fall asleep.

As a final incentive, Fiona sprayed the room with expensive perfume to increase the girlishness that would invade my brain while I slept. Sandy had mentioned a key item in her plan to make me feel more committed to the experiment. This was a tape recording she had made the night before. I fell asleep with the tape whispering in my ear.

Throughout the weekend, Sandy insisted I wore the miniature earphones. As we walked along the street - she changed the tape so that it would suit the activity - 'Feel the lovely skirt swish', 'Enjoy the tug and stretch of the suspenders' etc.

When we sat to watch the afternoon movie - instead of the sports - the tape continued its trickling message - 'I ache to have long, sexy hair,' 'I must sit with my knees together', 'I love the smooth, waxy rub of my lips' ... I could feel my masculinity being erased, drip by delicate, insinuating drop.

It was amazing. We worked really hard all weekend. I spent every spare moment with Sandy and Fiona. At first I wasn't happy that Fiona was involved. She had known me really well as a schoolboy. It didn't feel right having her help me dress as a girl. I kept remembering the cosy chats we had had - discussing the other people in the class. Fi had often asked for help in understanding the motives and comments of the other boys. I had asked some questions from my side of the fence about the other girls - but I hadn't been as advanced or as forward as my new playmate.

I grew to love the attention they lavished on me. I would sit at the vanity mirror while one would brush, plait, weave and adjust my hair while the other attended to my nails or my makeup. Even though they were doing the work, I had to concentrate really hard to learn each step of the process.

After all, I was still a boy inside. I had no idea about the complications of nail varnish - how hard it was to apply neatly, how long it took to dry, how easy it was to chip. As I learnt each fascinating facet of femininity – my interest grew. I began to ache for the day to end and we could begin another lesson. I tried as hard as I could to conceal my pleasure from my two assailants - but they couldn't help but notice the occasional smile of delight as I looked in the mirror or admired a well-stockinged leg. All the while the tapes continued their insinuating yet adorable indoctrination.

On the Sunday morning, Sandy was showing me how to apply lipstick for the nth time. I was getting better at it but still not up to her professional standards. She took off the earphones and said, "Alexandra dear, we've got to make some decisions. We've tried you with all sorts of my clothes and they fit you quite well. But, as far as I can judge, there's nothing that really suits you for a party. We're going to have to go shopping with you. So there's two questions - well, not really two. The first question is 'are you ready to go out as a pretty girl for the first time' - I've decided the answer to that one is Yes. The second question is about money. I've not got much in my account at the moment - I'm willing to help you choose what to wear but I can't afford much - what do you want to do about it?"

I wasn't ready for this so I didn't answer immediately. "I don't know. I'm actually enjoying this a lot and it rather adds to the fun that you're letting me wear your clothes. But, buying clothes for a party isn't what I would normally do - even as a boy. As a girl, I can guess that it's more important so I suppose we've got to get something suitable. As for money, I've got plenty."

Without realizing it, I had committed myself - I was willing to spend money on myself as a girl.

Sandy kissed my cheek and patted me on the shoulder. "I didn't know how to ask. I could see that you were having fun, but I didn't know if you were having enough fun to spend some money. Will we have enough money to buy you just a dress - because I actually want to buy you your own shoes, stockings, undies and everything."

Sandy's excitement got to me. "Alright, but there's got to be a limit. It's the savings I was keeping for a leather jacket. If we're doing this for a whole week I probably would be more confident in stuff that fitted exactly – although your clothes fit pretty well. Yes, alright, Sandy love, let's go shopping. What do you want me to wear?"

"Oh, I'll think you'll do in that skirt and blouse you've got on already. They suit you just fine. Are you happy with those? You're not desperate to flaunt yourself in anything special? You pulled a bit of a face then."

"Not really, no. This is fine. It's just that a skirt and blouse seem so ... ordinary. I would have expected you to make me dress up in something more obvious."

"You're not thinking straight. This weekend isn't to make you feel sexy and so on, it's to make you feel comfortable and confident as a girl. We've got until the end of the week when we try you at the two parties. You've got to be sufficiently confident that you can relax. If you're on edge and all twitchy, we won't be able to judge the effect of the perfume. That's the whole point of the thing. So, would you feel more relaxed in something else? You're the one who makes this particular decision?"

"Fine, I see what you're getting at. No, the skirt is fine. I wouldn't mind if you told me to wear that pretty blue dress but, no, this is fine."

"That's good, sweetie. I'll just get you polished off and we can take you on your first outing. Fi, get yourself sorted, slowcoach, we're all going out in fifteen minutes."


So that first glorious sunny Sunday morning, Alexandra came out. Almost at once, the girls insisted on going into town for an introductory tour around the shops with their innocent new-girl. To my surprise, I felt remarkably relaxed about it. Really. I was totally confident that my makeup covered any trace of masculinity. My hair was short but Fiona had given it a thorough rearrangement so that, even to my eyes, it looked pretty. The shoes were almost comfortable after wearing them so much of the last few hours. From top to toe, I felt sleek and shiny. I was already, er, 'hooked' on the wonderful feeling of stockings and suspenders. I didn't know how much better I could look after another week's effort but, to my amazement, I actually felt eager to parade my new-found charms.

The other two relished my obvious excitement. They pointed out other girls in the street so that we could giggle and whisper about how awful (or pretty) they looked. They dragged me from shop to shop as we raced round the town checking on all the frocks and frills that I would need for the party. As Sandy had said, most of her clothes would fit me quite well, but nothing she had looked right for a party-dress. So I looked with newly opened and glamorous eyes at the gorgeous range available to the new me.

It must have been dreadful for the others. I had no idea what I was looking for. Eventually, Fiona sat me down on a chair. "Look here, you. I know you're having fun but we don't have time to look at everything. We're here to find you just a few things to make you feel sexy and attractive. So, I know how your mind works after all the chat at school - you're the same size and colouring as that Jenny you used to drool after. Find what you'd like to have seen her wearing to look nice. If Sandy and I think it's suitable for you, we'll let you buy it. Now, come on, just be a bit more sensible."

Eventually, the three of us finished with a complete outfit which we all agreed on. Sandy eventually did agree that we hadn't done every shop after all; there were still two more to visit at the far end of town. This caused some good natured banter as we rushed home to dress me up in my new garb.

I had chosen a delightful mid-blue dress with cream and dark-blue trimmings. Fiona had found a complete set of underwear to match and Sandy, to complete the teamwork, had found a fabulous pair of half-heel sandals in exactly the matching dark and cream colouring. As we found each component of the ensemble, we hugged and kissed with delight. Almost the longest time was spent with me going round and round the accessory counters - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, on and on and on. I couldn't find the right thing. Eventually we gave up. Perhaps one of us would find the right thing during the week. All of a sudden, there in the window beside us was the perfect thing. A gorgeous velvet & fake turquoise choker, with earrings too. I leapt into the shop before the others could stop me. They followed behind smiling with pleasure.

"Yes, I'll have those, please," and I insisted on wearing them home.

When I arrived at work on Monday Sandy gave me yet another new tape. She must have worked extra hard on this one. The message was alternately subtle and coarse. Sometimes, the whisper would tease me about how hard, cruel, clumsy, insensitive and rude it was to be a boy, the next sequence would remind me how nice it felt to wear panties and stockings beneath my department store uniform. Sandy watched as the new tape continued to attack and destroy me.

I couldn't work out how Sandy found the time to make these tapes. They were brilliantly tuned to the activities of each day so she must have been making the tapes as she planned the next day's events. But she had to work so hard with me and Fiona that she must have been sleeping for bare minutes each night.

On the Thursday night, once more a new tape. Sandy clipped it into the machine while I sat ready for another lesson in makeup.

Sandy said, “This is the last time I'll be doing your makeup. Next time, tomorrow afternoon, you have to do your makeup yourself. I'll do your party makeup because that's got to be special. There's exactly 24 hours before the first party - and you'll have to be able to tidy yourself up on your own. Me and Fi will be nearby but we can't be obvious. I've put a bit more effort into this tape, so you'll have to listen extra hard.”

Yet again the wondrous whisper in my ear worked it's deliberate magic - again almost too quiet to hear so I found myself concentrating more and more closely .... "I love satin," the sultry voice murmured. "I love the feel of satin against my skin. I adore the feel of my lovely skirts swirling around my stockinged legs. I enjoy the firmness of my legs when I wear high heels. I feel so soft and gentle. I pleasure myself by wearing exotic undies. I groan with ecstasy when I dress in filmy knickers. I ache for the boys to kiss me and taste my lips - and I know that it is my lipstick they enjoy. I hear my earrings tinkle as I walk" . . . . . . on and on and on. This tape was going into much more detail. It was making me react more strongly than before. I squeezed my legs together with excitement. I was getting more and more aroused and all I was doing was sitting there listening to this deliciously appalling tape.

Fiona and Sandy both knew the effect the tape was having on me. Sandy continued perfecting my makeup while Fiona added her skills to my delighted indoctrination. This time, obviously, they could both hear the tape for her hands stroked my stockinged legs when the tape described that luscious sensation. When the tape talked of the wonderful constraint of the bra, her fingers rubbed along the bra-straps before stroking my aching nipples.

I had never felt like this before. Somehow, I doubted if I would ever feel like it again. A second time couldn't be this good. I was in no doubt that there would be many more times when I would try to, be desperate to, be aching to feel that good. I was a weak and defenceless toy in their expert hands. I heard a voice groaning, "Yes, yes, please. Oh that feels so good," and I realized it was me.

I opened my eyes and succeeded in pulling my fevered spirit together. "What have you done to me? I didn't believe it was possible to get so excited, so desperate, so ....., I don't know the words."

"Don't worry, dear. You've just had one more step in your 'instant' introduction to being a girl. On a good day, we do feel that good, those are the words that thunder through our hearts. We need you to be as much of a girl as possible as soon as possible, so we made that tape. From the stunned expression on your face and the amazing lump in your panties, it has worked wonders. Fiona didn't believe me when I said it would be the quickest and most certain way to persuade you to try your hardest in the experiment, but it seems to show promise."

The day of the first party was at hand. We had taken the afternoon off to prepare thoroughly. Sandy was keen to take me shopping for a few last minute extras. She told me that even though I was getting used to wearing a bra, for a party I had to be a bit more realistic - so she gave me these strange wobbly jelly-like fake breast things to put into my bra. The effect was fantastic. They felt a bit strange against my skin until they warmed up - then I could enjoy the feel as they bounced and jiggled on my excited chest. She also insisted on making me wear a tight strap, she called it a gaff. It would hold me tight. As we bought it, she whispered with a giggle, "instead of 'Lo and Behold' it'll be 'Hold em below'."

I smiled back then, but when she made me put it on in one of the changing rooms I lost my smile. "That's awful, Sandy. It really aches."

"How would I know. The girl said that it'll wear off soon."

"Damn right it'll wear off. It's going to erase it completely, it'll be ground down to a stub at this rate."

"No, you daft wench. The pain will wear off after a few minutes. It'll make you much more confident against discovery. She said it'll be fine."

"Sandy, what sort of girl knows about things like this? It ain't exactly normal wear for either a girl or a boy. It's a pretty specialised market."

"Oh, I sort of asked around and got to hear about it. I didn't mention any names or anything. There seems to be quite a number of people into dressing up when you investigate."

"You don't mean it. You're telling me that there's other boys doing this. That sounds awfully odd. Aren't they just drag queens or queers and stuff. I don't like the sound of it. I'm doing this for fun. I've got no interest in boys - I like girls too much."

"Nothing of the sort. From what I've heard there's all sorts. Sure some of them are homosexual and dress up to attract men, but most of them are just boys - and men - who have found an excitement and an attraction to wearing girls' clothes. They're just like you - they think it's fun."

"It still sounds pretty strange. What else have you found."

"Oh, this and that. I've found out that there's several shops in the area who aren't averse to helping out with a little masquerade. There's a place that does wigs, if you're interested. And there's some other places too. But for this experiment, which after all is only until the weekend, we don't need to bother with them."

So we went on from shop to shop. Sandy bought some extra makeup and allowed me to choose a handbag to go with my dress. I chose a gorgeous little white leather bag with dark brown trim. The dress that I was to wear on the Friday was a lovely pale brown linen princess-style dress. It had a dark-red-brown and black braid as a highlight down the front and across the fake side-pockets. I was rather pleased at how good I looked in it and Sandy had commented how the braid exactly matched my hair. She constantly remarked on how fabulous the colour was and how important it was to look after it properly. She even took me into her stylist for some advice on how to style it most effectively. They wanted to give me a perm but eventually decided against it. I was half-pleased about this. The idea of a full-scale treatment was rather exciting but the idea of turning up to work with a girlish hair-style atop an ordinary boy's face and clothes was ghastly.

For the Saturday, Sandy had chosen a lovely red jersey skirt and a thin cotton blouse. I hadn't liked the idea of wearing anything that flimsy but with my new jell-form breasts I knew that I would have no problems. I felt myself blink inwardly. Was I really telling myself that being out in public dressed as a girl with lots of people taking a close look at me, that this was going to be no problem. I couldn't believe it. I decided to keep this to myself for a while until I understood these odd sensations better.

The next few hours passed with all three of us getting ready for the first party. All of a sudden we were walking down the path. Sandy was in the lead with Fiona and me behind. We were all wearing similar coloured outfits. Fi wore a favourite skirt and blouse, while Sandy wore a gorgeous frothy floating dress. As I said, I wore my new linen outfit. On purpose, we looked a bit like sisters. To such an extent that I looked much more like Sandy than Fiona did. Because of this, we had decided to pass me off as a cousin. My hair was much redder than my new sisters, but both had a typical red-brunette colouring.

In the end Sandy had used her own lipstick on me rather than the one she had purchased especially for me. She said that it was actually a better match for the outfit. I liked the idea that we were sharing the same lipstick, I had liked it even more when we had shared a quick mouth to mouth peck to celebrate the success of the new outfit. I had felt a surge of raw sex cut through the excitement of the moment. I was sure that Sandy felt the same for she drew back with a jerk and turned to tidy the desk so that she couldn't meet my eye. This was almost unexpected after spending almost the whole week with her without more than a moment or two of such emotion. Perhaps I didn't understand her as well as I thought.

We were gladly welcomed at the party, which was at a local hall rather than at Jane's flat. I had met her during the week as 'the cousin from London' so she air-kissed all three of us and dragged us off to meet some other friends. I was horrified for a moment to be separated from Sandy, but Fiona managed to get back to my side after a moment. "I decided to stick with you for a moment, Red. I'll be able to tell you a bit about the girls and boys you'll be meeting tonight. But I'm here to party too, so I won't be with you all the time. Anyway, this is Barbara and William, they're pretty much of a twosome, next we've got Patrick, he's in the local rugby club and a bit of a star. If you know nothing about rugby, he'll tell you too much as soon as he's encouraged. Tonight he's brought Carol so that's fine for now. Then Jane says these two are Jordan and Derek - I don't know anything about them. Then we've got Alice, my favourite brunette bombshell, just beside you."

I said hello to each of the others and soon found myself in a conversation with the two boys and Alice. I found it strange after years of looking up to most of the other boys to be looking at them so much more eye to eye. I hadn't guessed the effect of the heels. I found that the wine was keeping me relaxed and confident - but Fiona was keeping a stern watch on the amount I was drinking. She had warned me of the effect of getting careless or silly. I enjoyed talking to the two boys but they really had nothing to offer. After a while Alice took me off to the ladies as a standard cut-off manoeuvre.

She laughed to me as we pranced away, "They'll be a bit hacked off that we've moved away but they're pretty dull aren't they?"

I couldn't and didn't disagree. We spent several minutes tidying ourselves up. She asked me to check if her lipstick was straight and offered to check me over. She also commented that I wasn't wearing a very strong perfume, 'did I want to borrow hers?' but I refused her kind offer. I liked Alice, I felt very comfortable with her. I realized that I was feeling different about girls now that I was wearing a dress. I suppose that meant I was also going to feel different about boys.

Alice made me see this more strongly as we went out. "Let's see who we can find. I feel like dancing and so we need to find a partner for you too."

She smiled as I mumbled, "I'm quite happy just chatting."

"Look, you're new in town, so it's my duty to find friends for someone as pretty as you. With that gorgeous hair, even if it needs to grow out a bit, you're going to be very noticeable. Use it, girly, like I use my curly brown locks."

I smiled at her willingness to help the new girl in town. I wasn't going to enlighten her about exactly how much I was 'new'. The party went on like parties do. Sometimes I found myself back in a group with Sandy, sometimes with Fiona and once or twice with the ever-dancing Alice. I didn't spend much time dancing. Despite Alice's claims that my red hair would attract boys, I began to feel a bit of a wall-flower. I couldn't join in the discussions about football and so on that the boys were having. I didn't know enough to join in with the girls. After all, look at what had happened by talking about perfume with a colleague at work.

The party began to slow down and the three of us left. Sandy noticed how uninterested I was looking and tried to cheer me up. “Honey, you did marvellously. Jack told me how pretty you were and he did dance with you at least twice. And John was quite taken with you two. He kept on asking why you hadn't been over to see us more often. Do you want his phone number?" she teased.

At last, I began to cheer up. "I'm sorry but that was awfully hard. I didn't know any people, certainly not as a girl. I couldn't join in and it got to me a bit. I didn't have any worries about being detected as a girl though, so that makes me feel better. But I'm not looking forward to tomorrow night."

"Ach, don't fret. The experiment allows you to wear perfume tomorrow and I expect there to be sufficient proof that it will work it's scientific magic. The dress has been chosen to be just as mid-range as tonight's combination so the only new ingredient will be that luscious Hot Red that we chose that first afternoon."

I grinned back at my instructor. "Yeah, I suppose so. But I'll still be glad when this is over and I can relax properly back into comfortable slobby clothes." I was so tired that I almost missed the glance that flicked from sister to sister.

The next evening was so, so different. As before, I relaxed into a lovely hot bubble-bath in the late afternoon. Then I shaved my legs as I had the previous weekend. I had already grown to love the feel of soft feminine clothes swooping along my smooth skin. I wasn't keen on shaving under the arms - if I ever did any sport it would be a horrible giveaway - but Fiona insisted and I did like the clean feeling it gave me.

As the deadline grew closer, I put on my wonderful new satin underwear. Sandy said that the orange-gold was deliberately chosen to show through my blouse and this excited me a lot. I found that the sight of the straps through my lovely soft top was, er, pleasing. Fiona came in as I was finishing.

"Oh, that looks lovely, Alex. I wasn't sure how much help you'd need. But I can see you've done pretty well so far. Shall I just watch while you begin your makeup. If you need a hand just ask, but I think you should be able to do a lot of it yourself by now."

I shrugged. "Why not, but do watch carefully. I'm not going to do my eyes myself, I don't feel confident about them and Sandy did promise to do them herself."

Fiona sat on the bed and watched with a small smile as I preened, painted and polished my new camouflage. After a while Sandy came in and joined her on the bed. After a few minutes, she stood up and joined me at the vanity desk, "That's going fine, but I need to do your eyes before you finish. Then Fi can fluff up your hair a little as a final thing."

I enjoyed her doing my eyes. I had grown to love each step - the stretch of the skin as it was pulled so that the waxy crayons could smear their gaudy colours, the dust of powder, the weight of the mascara, even the tweezing of errant eyebrows. I smiled as she finished her work and Fiona stepped forward with her comb and brushes.

When they had both finished and I was allowed to look in the mirror, I gasped. "Golly, I thought I looked pretty good before but I look, oh dear,.." and I swayed with emotion. The two darlings caught an arm either side.

"What's up? Are you alright?"

After a few seconds, I recovered. "No, I'm fine. I just didn't believe that I could look that good. I was so surprised. I know that I looked quite pretty before but that girl in the mirror, she was beautiful. I couldn't cope for a moment."

Sandy leant over and kissed the top of my head. "Didn't you realize how gorgeous you look. I don't think Fiona or me would have worked nearly so hard if we hadn't seen the pretty creature we could create. Yes, Fi?"

Fiona nodded. "It was going to be a bit of a laugh, then we saw how great you looked and so we tried harder and harder to make you look good and feel good and enjoy the whole thing."

Sandy made me wear the newest tape all the way to the party. All the way there, my brain was being teased and excited, 'I love the feel of these new stockings', I feel so pretty', I know that the boys will admire my breasts - will I let them kiss me', 'I want to dance and skip on my lovely shoes - showing my long sexy legs to everybody', I want to flaunt my expensive perfume', I love being a girl', I enjoy being a girl', on and on and on. Fiona sat beside me in the back of the car. She stroked my stockinged legs and teased her fingers through my hair. As she tickled and stroked I found that my ears were an interestingly erogenous zone. I smiled more and more.

As we joined the party, Sandy told me to get that smile off my face, "You look like the cat that swallowed the canary. You can't come into a party like that, you'll cause a bloody riot. Just take a deep breath and sloooow down."

I was glad of her advice. Those tapes continued to have an amazing effect on me. We went into the party which was at Beth's house. Her young sister Jackie was there. The party was to celebrate her arrival in town, after living with her parents in the South. Beth had a few older friends but mostly the party was made of people she wanted the twenty-year-old Jackie to meet. Jackie was my age almost to the day, our birthdays were just a month apart. Even though we had only met the night before, she kissed me enthusiastically, or at least as much as she could without smudging either of our makeups. I was getting used to these mid-air kisses. As we separated, she said, "Oh, Alex, are you wearing that new Hot Red. It's just right for you."

This was the effect throughout the evening. There was no doubt in my mind that Sandy's experiment was a success. I was surrounded by boys all evening. It was impossible to refuse every dance and I was soon exhausted. I was with Robert when he saw that I was beginning to flag. He stayed by my side for the rest of the evening, fending off other boys determined to drag me to the dance-floor. He told me that he did have a girlfriend already, but she was away at college with him, but I was clearly in need of a guardian angel for the evening and he was volunteering. If I did recover, he might ask me for a dance now and again as payment.

I felt totally comfortable with Robert. He was taller than me, even with my high heels on. After a while I did feel more energetic and since the music sounded so good, I accepted his offer of a dance. To my horror, as we stepped onto the floor, the music changed to a slow dance. Robert grinned at me and said, "I'd be silly to waste this opportunity - anyway a slow dance will be less tiring for you." With that, he swept me into his arms and we began to circle the floor.

I was tired. After a moment or two my head was resting on his chest and my arms were around his shoulder. I enjoyed the feeling of support he gave me. I could feel his hard chest against me and realized that he must be feeling my soft chest against his. I wriggled for a moment then stopped, aghast at my thoughts. He sighed in my ear, "I love the perfume you're wearing. What is it?"

That damn perfume. "It's called Red," I said. I wasn't going to admit to calling it Hot Red. "It's new," I murmured. I had found that a quiet voice was much the most effective way to conceal myself. Fiona and Sandy had spent ages encouraging me to talk gently. I relaxed a little more, this boy was being so kind and thoughtful.

As the dance ended, Robert escorted me back to our table, then he left me there for a moment while he fetched more drinks. I was waiting there when there was a tap on my shoulder. As I turned I said, "No sorry, I can't dance with you my boyfriend is getting me a drink." It was Sandy.

She grinned back. "Oh, so we're already talking about boyfriends are we. That's pretty quick work. Oh, don't grouch. I know you were just exaggerating to avoid another dance. I have been watching you all night. You're alright with Robert, he'll look after you. Just came over to say we'll be leaving in an hour or so at half past pumpkin. See you later." With that she flitted off to her own pleasures.

I sat back in the chair for a moment, then reached down to slip off my shoes. Robert came back at that moment. "Giving your feet a rest? Don't blame you. I tried on my mum's shoes when I was about twelve. My brother dared me. It felt awful - I couldn't wait to get them off. How do you get used to them?"

I wondered how he would feel if he knew that I hadn't worn the pointy, shiny, glorious things until a week before. That I was as much of a boy as him. Well, perhaps not exactly as much anymore. I grinned at him, "It's one of the things we girls do to entice and attract real men." I was shocked at how comfortable I felt saying this to him.

We chatted for a few more minutes then just sat companionably as before. When a decent dance came on again, I offered to join in but Robert suggested we wait for a while. I should have guessed - he was waiting for another slow dance. It had the same effect as before. We circled the room slowly with me feeling snug and secure in his arms. I didn't dare guess what Fiona and Sandy would say to me on the way home. Another slow dance followed the first. By the end of the third slow dance he had his hand on my bottom and I couldn’t believe the sensation of having someone else stroke my satin-clad buttocks. After a paralyzingly exciting moment, I told him to take his hand off as that was ‘going too far’. The fact that I could feel a hardness pressing into me at the front was, I was certain, also
‘going too far’.

With a farewell glissade across my electrified panties, he took his leave. He smiled into my eyes and said, ‘I’ll just take my time, with my glorious red lady.”

I flinched as I felt Robert kiss my forehead. I lifted my head to say something and before I could speak he was giving me a short kiss on the lips. I was more than shocked, I was stunned, startled, all the rest. Before I could react, he stopped and smiled at me. "I've got to go any moment, but I thought my girlfriend wouldn't begrudge you a little kiss before I went. She's not here and you were the prettiest damsel in distress."

How could I argue with a silver-tongued charmer like that. "Yes, well, you should have behaved yourself better. But I'm not upset, too much."

He didn't answer with words immediately. He just pulled me tight and squeezed. "You really are lovely, Red. I think with your red hair and that Red perfume, I'll remember you as Double-Red. I'll enjoy that. Let's have one more dance and a proper farewell - then I've got to move."

I wasn't quite sure what he expected for a 'proper farewell'. I'd deal with that when he had to go. For the moment I was enjoying myself too much – perhaps I had had a glass of wine too many, perhaps I was affected by my own perfume.

So we danced yet another slow dance and as it finished we had, apparently accidentally, drifted towards the door. As it finished, Robert pulled me by the arm into the next door room. For some reason, it was almost empty and we found an empty settee. I sat bolt upright, determined to avoid anything silly by Robert. After a moment, he sat up beside me. "I've really enjoyed this evening. And I'd really like to keep in touch. So thanks once again," and he pulled me to him and gave me a proper kiss. His tongue tickled my lips, skimming across my lipstick. After a moment, I took a breath and he took the chance to fence his tongue against mine.

I wasn't enjoying this, I think, and I pushed him away. "Get off, don't do that. I enjoyed dancing with you, but slow down. I'm not wanting that. Stop it."

Almost instantly, he stopped and pulled away. He kept tight hold on me though and held me tight into his chest as he said, "I'm sorry about that. Shouldn't have done that. But I mean it when I say I'd like to keep in touch. I've got Sandy's number already from Beth, so I'll give you a ring when I'm back in town, right."

I couldn't say much, I was dizzy from drink and emotion. "Well, if you've got my number, I'll have to deal with it when you ring, won't I? But I'm not pleased that you got so macho all of a sudden. I remind you of Eliza Doolittle's famous line 'I'm a good girl, I am'. So think about it before you call, heh."

"Sorry, Double-Red. Yes, I mean it. I am sorry but I will give you a ring soon," and my new friend led me back to the main room, pecked my lips once more and departed into the night. Almost instantly, Fiona and Sandy were by my side.

"What happened? We lost you for a moment. What have you been up to? Do tell." Their fiendish quiz went on and on as we sped back in the car.

"What do you mean, he made you kiss him. You can't make someone kiss you. Are you telling us that he forced your lips open or that he was too fast for you, that you couldn't dodge in time. You're just an eager little trollop desperate for the boys to rub their hands across your silky bum and all. And when I say all, you obviously do mean 'all'. You're in trouble you are."

"Oh, Sandy. I don't want this experiment to end. I don't want to do this just for this weekend. That tape made me realize how much I've been missing. Can't you find some way so that we can do this more often?"

Fiona leapt forward and glued her lips hungrily to mine. "I'm so glad, Alexandra. I've been so worried that you wouldn't enjoy our game. And now it seems that you've been enjoying it as much as we have." She sat back. "Oooh, I've never kissed a girl wearing lipstick like this before. Did that excite you as much as it did me. Oh, I almost feel a little lesbie. No, sorry, perhaps that came out wrong. That almost sounded like me accusing you of being a les - saying I wanted to feel you - and that can't be true with a bulge in your panties like that. No, I meant it the other way round. Oh God, this conversation is going wrong with every sentence. I do not want it the other way round, I do not want anything to come wrong. I'll begin again. I really enjoyed kissing you and smearing our lipsticks together. If it means that I'll have to kiss girls more often in order to get that sensation - I'll do it."

"Don't be silly, sis. If you like sharing lipstick then you just have to persuade more guys to wear it for you. Easy."

Fiona grinned at both of us, "I guess that's right isn't it. If I love
lipstick, I just have to persuade others to wear it. That might be fun. Don't you think it's been fun, Alex?"

"You be careful, Fi. You may find that not every man is as flexible and suitable as me. I was scared silly at first, but the help you two have given me has paid off. At last I feel happy with my new image. I think when I offered to buy the dress with my own money - that was when I made the first commitment to my new life. I enjoy this too much, I don't want to stop. Will you two wicked manipulators stop grinning and agree to help me with the rest of my life?"

They did agree. We made plans. Alex left my job at the shop next Friday and on the Monday Alexandra started work. To my delight, my first job was in the perfume department. From something Sandy said, I had expected to begin in the menswear department - that would have been horrid and very difficult.

For my twentieth birthday, I have a wonderful party for Alex and the family and a better party for Alexandra and her new friends.

In the next few weeks, the two Goodfellow girls told me about the SisterDom. It became clear that there is actually a system to what they do and a group of people willing to help. This fascinated me and I found that there are occasions when I could help with their work. For instance, Robert kept on pestering me. Fiona suggested I took steps to cool him down. So I introduced him to silk underwear. He liked it more than I expect. Soon he was wearing silky undies all the time.

Later, I met up with Jenny again. She didn't recognise me of course, but I found I was still attracted to her.

I got to know Jackie well too. She had an amazing story to tell. To my amazement, I understood her situation completely.

On another occasion I met Sandy's cousin Sarah while we were up in town, Rachel, the youngest Goodfellow sister, had come to stay with two of her friends, Joy and Faith. So there was a big group of us going to the shops, going to the pubs and clubs.

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