Embracing Justice -chp19

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

“You know something Bobby I foresee a long and fruitful partnership between us.”

Chapter 19

The office of Dave Earp 1:30 current time.

“Why thank you, David. I was hoping that I could work with you and your deputies. Now, how long until I can see your witness?”

“If you are not opposed to late nights I would suggest that we do it after work and after you have had a chance to get dinner. That way it will give my deputies enough time to get ready for your arrival.”

“Um… David why such a long wait? Can’t you just phone them and let them know we’re coming?”

“Unfortunately the answer to that is no. the only way we have of staying in contact is by an email system that was setup by the deputies themselves.” David saw no reason to tell Bobby that it was Kristine who set up the email system. “I can send them an alert or emergency email if something goes wrong and they’ll get an instant notification but that is for emergencies only.”

“Oh… in that case give me a call once you know they are ready for me.” David could tell that Bobby had no problem with having to wait. “I don’t know about you David but I have wanted to take down those people for over two years now. Having to wait a few more hours is not a problem for me, just so long as we get them.”

Of the DA’s that David had work with over the years he had come to place them into two categories. The first were the ones just out to get some time for the criminals, these were the ones he called ‘Wheeler dealers’. The second type was the ones he loved to work with, the ‘Crusaders’ and Bobby Ironsides was most definitely a Crusader. David knew that she was going to do her best to put the LOG behind bars and out of business for a long, long, long time. Bobby in the meantime was digging inside her purse. When she finished she handed a business card to David. “Here are all of my contact numbers and emails addie. I’ll be in my office until five then after that I’ll be down at the Club and Cuff having a drink with Commissioner Bernard Fife with the Toledo PD.”

“Watch out for that man Consoler he is a real ‘Love ’em and leave ‘em’ type. I swear that man has a new girlfriend every other week.”

“That sounds like my cousin alright. Yes I am Barney’s cousin, so I should be safe enough with him. I know for a fact that his mother my auntie wishes he would marry a nice girl and settle down and raise a family. Personally I think the man just needs to find a decent boyfriend and get laid on a regular basis.”

“Damn Bobby you definitely know your cousin. Now if there is nothing more I can do for you right now.”

“In fact there is David. It seems that I have a little problem you might be able to help me with.” She pulled out a file from her brief case. “I received this request from the Provost Marshal from FT Bellamean this morning concerning a joint operation between the base MP’s and our deputies. Can you fill me in on what it is about?”

“That is about part of the LOG case, Bobby. Before you ask yes it is a joint operation and yes I gave them permission to use the MP’s at Ft. Bellamean. The reason is all on this flash drive. I’ll save you the time of reading through everything on here and give it to you in a nutshell. It seems that the LOG has been able to corrupt a good deal of Law enforcement members. Everybody from the Marshals, FBI, or any other Federal Agency all the way down to the local Police Departments have someone who is on the LOG’s payroll.”

“Mother of God. Just how big of a mess have I inherited from that clown Mallard?”

“To be honest with you Bobby and not put too blunt a point on it, a shit storm. The corruption in the alphabets and PD is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you read what is on this file I think you may want to hand this case off to someone else.”

“Damn is it really that bad, David?”

“I won’t kid you Bobby. When you leave here you can expect heel toe bodyguards from now until this case goes to trial and then a little more. As it stands right now, I will most likely lose two of my best deputies when all is said and done to the Wit-Sac program along with the witness they are protecting. And that is not a joke Bobby. I have already talked to your boss and he approved the bodyguards for you and anyone else you need to prosecute this case. I will tell you this much, don’t read that file before you eat.”


“What’s on that flash drive will destroy any appetite you might have. It did for me and I have seen some sick ass shit out there as a deputy.”

“Damn. Will seeing as how this could ruin my dinner I’ll save that treat for after I meet the witness. Do you have anything else for me?”

“Yes I do Bobby. I need to know if you have your CWP.”

“I sure do David. Had it ever since I worked with the DEA. I haven’t needed to carry for a while now, but I take it that I should start again?”

“No offence Bobby, but not having your sidearm with you is really stupid. From now on you will carry your sidearm. I will make sure your boss knows that you’ll be carrying.”

“Why David, you would almost think that you actually care about me.”

“Bobby I just don’t want to go to another funeral for a prosecuting district attorney. I have been to one to many in the last few months with Mallard being the latest.”

“I understand where you’re coming from David. I’ll be careful. I’ll be waiting for your phone call bye for now.” with that Bobby got up and left David’s office. Once the door was closed David sat back in his chair. Pulling out a pack of cigarettes and his lighter David lit one and thought about the conversation he just had. That and the woman who just left his office.

“I hope like hell you don’t get yourself killed out there Bobby Ironsides. We need more DA’s like you on our side. You may just be the one to pull this off and shut down the LOG.” Reaching over to his computer David opened the secure email file that he was sent by Kristine. Quickly he typed in the request to meet between the new ADA and Kristine. Once he had hit send he sat back and thought over the case and the number of operations that were currently going on. He had heard from Larry Hurwitz that the Post Provost Marshal at Fort Bellamean was more than willing to help with the raid of the Farm outside of his post. From what David had gathered the PM for Bellamean was really pissed off over what he was shown in the file that Larry had hand carried to him.

Then there was what the Cyber Crimes Division was digging up on the LOG severs. What Kristine had found was nothing compared to what those boys and girls were finding. The shear amount of illegal activity the CCD boys and girls were finding was staggering. Everything from money laundering to child pornography and everything in between. The LOG party was heading for a fall one way or another. If they aren’t put of business in the Political arena the heads of the organization will still wind up doing time for all their crimes on RECO charges. So much time that the boys over in Organized Crime have a pool going for the amount the judge will have to hand down. David was more than surprised to find that they have been able to keep a lid on things so far. He was more than a little afraid that one of the agents involved so far would have informed the LOG party leaders. So far not one peep of what the Marshals are doing has reached the Party leaders ears. He only hoped that things stayed that way.

Down in the heart of the Federal Building where the network severs sit, the spy for the LOG party is about to make that possibility disappear. Hidden deep inside the operating system of the severs was a nasty snooper program. One designed to hunt down and trace any unusual emails or instant messages. Once it had the messages it made a copy of it and sent the copy to the private home and office computers of Preston Carstairs. There the message would sit waiting for Preston to either turn on his computer or open it up. That message held not only the information of the meeting but where it would take place. The spy that David was looking so hard for was not a human but a computer virus that was disguised as an Operating System patch installed by the IT Department Head over two years ago. The program was by now so in grained that it would take a team of MIT graduates months to find.


At the home of Preston Carstairs 2:15 pm….

The constant pinging of an incoming message that comes from the computer grabbed Preston’s attention. “Damn it! Whatever it is had better be fucking important.” Reaching over he moved his mouse and then clicked on the email icon. When the program opened up he saw that it was a relayed message from the US Marshals office in Toledo, Ohio. Looking down at the maid who was on her knees servicing him at the time. “Get out maid. And make sure no one interrupts me.” the maid knew that she was being dismissed for some reason but having been broken for so long did exactly what she was told. She knew better than to wipe her mouth in front of the master and just hurried out the door. Even though she had closed the door to the master’s office as she exited she could still hear enough on the other side.

The more Preston read of the email the happier he became. Hitting a button on his desk pager he signaled for one of the household servants. One that was unlike the rest of his slaves. Outside in the hallway the maid that was told to make sure he was uninterrupted saw the IT slave coming down the hallway. The maid didn’t have to be told to let this slave enter the master’s office. Stepping aside she let the latex cat suit wearing slave into Preston’s office.

Preston looked up as his IT slave entered his office and gave a simple command. “Find out where this ip address is.” The slave sat down at his desk and proceeded to carry out its order. Unlike the rest of the slaves that lived and worked in the Preston Household this one knew was without a gender identity. To everyone it appeared as a sexless living doll. The only indication that there was even a human being behind all the rubber were the eyes. Eyes that lacked even the most human of emotions. They were dead to the world. For all practical purposes the slave might as well have been a robot. Within a few minutes the slave had the real world address for the ip address that received the email. Turning to Preston the slave pointed to the screen and awaited its next order. “Leave me.”

As the IT slave left his office Preston just smiled. He gained a rather perverse sense of pleasure from knowing that behind all the latex that covered his household IT slave was once one of the greatest minds that MIT had ever produced. The young boy would have gone on to become a true asset to the Intelligence community if he had not been scooped up by Preston’s men and transformed into the slave it was now. A slave that was at his beck and call to do whatever he desired, so long as it was in the cyber realm. Returning his attention to the computer screen he smiled the smile of a true predator. There in front of him was not only the time but the place that the DA was meeting with the witness he wanted dead. The last loose end needed to tie up the mess that William Masterson had caused him and his people. Grabbing the disposable cell phone he kept in his desk he dialed a number from memory.

When the connection was finally made he didn’t waste time with a greeting. “Bullock I have the address for the safe house.”

“Go ahead and give it to me.”

“1125 White Sails court. Oh and one other thing. It seems that the prosecuting DA will be there tonight. Make sure you take care of them as well.”

“Right no witnesses. Total burn job. I know what you want Preston. You just leave the planning to me. I and my men know what we’re doing. I call you when it is all over with.”

The phone went dead in Preston’s hand. He knew that if he tried to call Bullock back that he would be the one needing a security detail. Sandy Bullock was not known for letting people micromanage his jobs. The last man to do that wound up as a corpse with no name in the county morgue. Setting down in his chair he thought about the fact that his head of security has not checked. It could only mean one thing. That Jason and his team were dead and there was nothing he could do about it. Thankfully Jason had taken care of two of the problems he was sent to take care of, even now Caroline Masterson was arriving at the Farm.

Soon she will be undergoing her intake processing and training as a slave. Preston was looking forward to seeing how much she brought when it came time to auction her off. As it was the slaves that were already at the Farm were going for more than the usual price by more than half. Preston did regret having to close down their slave business stateside but it was far less hazardous to operate something like this overseas. Not to mention profitable.

Oh sure there were the locals that had to be paid to look the other way, but the price for kidnapping new slaves was half what he was paying here in the US. So either way he will still make more money south of the border than in the States. With that fool Masterson dead in prison and his wife now a slave, and their child soon to be dead everything was looking up in his mind. The only outstanding problem he had was that damn hacker that broke into their secure black sever. If he could only find that person they would either be dead or another IT slave like the one that had just left.


South side Toledo at the safe house of Sandy Bullock 3:00 pm.

Finally they had a solid location for their target. Sandy Bullock was a professional mercenary to him the idea of having to hit the five possible safe houses that belonged to the US Marshals was not ideal. Now that he had a solid location for the safe house they were using he could refine his attack plan. He knew that Carstairs didn’t want any witnesses and to do that he needed to know the lay of the land.

Sitting down and pulling up the county planning commission maps for that area on his laptop Sandy smiled. According to the map that he was looking at the neighborhood the target house was located in had few homes in it. In fact the nearest house to the target was far enough away that his men could surround it without alerting the neighbors. Looking closely at the house itself he found that the lot backed up to a wooded park area. The more he saw the more he liked. The fact that the nearest police station, thanks to budget cuts, was over twenty minutes away was a real bonus. Another bonus was the fact that the local PD was stretched to the limit making the response time for that area over thirty minutes, almost three quarters of an hour. Then add in the fact that most of the people in that area don’t feel like getting involved in everyday crime. As far as most of the people in that area go it is best to keep their noses out of other people’s business.

The more he saw of the area the more he liked their chances of coming out of this very wealthy men. The only thing he didn’t like was the two additional targets. Not that it would matter in the long run to him or his men everyone at that house would be dead before it was all over with. It was the fact that Carstairs was getting two bodies for free that bugged him. Sandy didn’t mind the killing if he got paid for it, but it was the principle of the matter. He wanted to charge for the two new targets, but he had already set the price and it was no use in trying to renegotiate the deal. “Oh well no use in crying over spilled milk.”

Looking over at his men as they went over their equipment and weapons Sandy smiled. Fifteen men were more than enough for this job, now that he knew where and what they were about to hit. In a matter of a few hours five US Deputy Marshals, one District Attorney, and one States Witness would be dead. That was all there was to it, and no one was going to change that fact. His men were the best in the business. They knew what was at stake here and there would be no mistakes when the time came.

Getting up he walked over to the table they were all working at. “Ok boys listen up. Here is what we’re facing. At the time of the attack there will be five trained law enforcement personal at the target location. They are our only real opposition in at the target. When we go in target them first and take them down hard and fast. Next up is the alarm system. The damn thing is so old that it is not funny. From what I have been able to gather the house has been sitting empty for the last twelve years, so we can pretty much figure that it is obsolete. Now for the good news. The property backs up to a wooded lot that is part of a city park. The next thing is the nearest neighbor is over two hundred yards away, so we don’t have to worry about their being any nosey neighbors calling the police as we surround the house. Speaking of the police we have around forty to forty five minutes before the first ones show up.”

“Excuse me sir. But how do you figure we’ll have that much time? Even with us using silencers those deputies won’t be, someone is going to hear the gun play.” Asked one of younger men.

“That is a good question Hill. Thanks to the city and county budget cuts the local PD has been slashed to the bone. In short gentlemen what we have is an over worked and under paid police force with not enough man power to be everywhere at once. Thanks to our employer I have the standing route schedule for all the patrols in that area. As it stands right now the patrol car that covers that area makes one pass every four hours. Once at the beginning of shift and once at the half way point. Other than that they never come anywhere near our target A.O. so we should be hassle free for forty minutes at the minimum.”

“Thank you sir. I have one more question and it concerns the Deputies. Are any of them trained in SWAT tactics?” Hill asked Sandy.

“According to the Intel given to me by our employer only one of them has any training at all. That one man is a former Army MP and for the last few years has been working with a female partner in fugitive retrieval running down bail jumpers and escapees. Now the last time I looked every man here is just slightly better trained than some R.E.M.F.* military police officer.” The men all laughed at the R.E.M.F. reference. They all knew that Rear Echelon troops received nowhere near the training as real combat troops. Every man in the room was a former Marine, Paratrooper, SEAL, or French Foreign Legionnaire. None of these men had ever seen a desk outside of CQ duty or something along that lines. No these were all combat hardened troopers and they were more than a match for the deputies. “Now any more questions gentlemen?” Sandy waited a few minutes then continued.

“Now where was I? Oh yes team assignments. All right this how we’re going to hit this joint. I want team one with me. We get the joy of going in the front door. Teams two and three are to take the sides and cover the windows there. If anyone tries to come out those windows blow them away. Remember we’re getting paid to leave no witnesses. Team four the back door is all yours. Come in hard and fast when you hear the signal. Oh and by the way that signal will be me blowing the front door off its hinges. I figure that if we come in hard and fast it will all be over before anyone has a chance to get to their sidearm. We do this right gentlemen and we all go home in one piece to a nice fat retirement check.”

“When do you want to hit the house sir?” First Sergeant Holloway asked Sandy.

“I figure around twenty two hundred hours Top. That way most of the neighbors will be inside their homes and the cops will be on the far side of their patrol route well away from where we’ll be when we hit the target. And the sun will have been down for at least three hours.”

“We’ll be cutting awful close on the time for all the targets won’t we, Major?”

“I don’t really care Top. We’re not getting paid for the last two, Top. If they’re there then fine we do ‘em. If they’re not then oh well that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I am not going to push our time table forward so Carstairs gets a freebee or two. I don’t know about you but I want to retire to a nice little beach somewhere south of the border.”

“You know Major that sounds like one hell of a plan.”

“Why thank you Top, it’s nice of you to say so.” Sandy looked down at his wrist watch, then back up at his men. “Alright people we head out in four hours. Get some rest and feed yourselves. Then make sure you have everything and a ready to high tail it out of this city. Because when we leave here tonight we won’t be coming back. So if you forget something then it stays here, or you come back on your own for it. Now, is everyone clear on the fallback safe house if anything goes wrong? Not that it should, remember this is a simple smash and dash operation gentlemen, no heroics, understood?”

“Sir, yes, sir!” they all shouted at the same time. These men knew what was at stake and there would be no mistakes on their part.

“Thank you gentlemen, it has been a real pleasure to work with you all. Carry on.”

The fifteen man team turned and went about their assigned duties to make sure everything went according to plan. Sandy knew that breaking the team up into four man groups was not the best tactical decision but this wasn’t a war. No this was an assassination pure and simple. He had the best men for this type of job, every last one of them were cold blooded killers. He only wished he could get ahold of his old friend Jason Voorhees. Now there was man for this kind of a job and a wizard with a knife. If only he wasn’t off the grid right now. Sandy knew that something was going on with his old friend, but he didn’t know what that was.

Once this job was done and over with Sandy promised himself that he would take the time to find out what happened to his friend. He owed Jason his life, it was the least he could do. He knew that if he had just dropped off the face of the Earth Jason would move heaven and hell to find him. That was what men who share in the brotherhood of war did for each other. The idea of no man left behind was not just a marine ideal, but one that all military men and women followed. He was going to be damned if he would just leave Jason to rot someplace without trying to find out what happened to him.


At Sam’s old home 2:00 pm.

Bobby was the first one to hear the alert for an incoming email on Sam’s laptop. Putting down the M4 rifle he was working he reached over and clicked on the email icon. When it opened he saw that it was from his boss David Earp. After reading the email he decided to let Bat and Hunter know first. “Bat, Hunter, we need to have a little powwow.”

“What’s up Bobby?” hunter asked from in the kitchen. Bat just looked over at him from the dining room table.

“We’re going to have visitors tonight after dinner. It seems that the new ADA wants to talk with Kristine about the case. It says here that David is going to bring her by around seven tonight after the two of them have had a chance to get something to eat at the end of their day. It seems that this new ADA doesn’t want to draw too much attention to where we’re holding Kristine.”

“That doesn’t sound like that big of a deal mono. Just send the standard reply okaying the visit.” Hunter told him from where he had stepped into the door leading to the kitchen.

“Don’t be such a dumb ass Hunter! Think for a change damn it!” Bat snapped at him.

“What?! All I said was for Bobby to send the all clear. What’s wrong with that?” Hunter was almost whining in his answer to his partner.

Bat just shook his head and sighed before looking up at the young man that had been his partner for the last two years now. “Hunter, will you use that head of yours for more than a hat rack. Think about who all is here right now. How do you think we explain them to David and the ADA? For Christ sakes we know for a fact that two of our ‘guests’ are trained assassins.”

“Bat, the answer to that is simple. When the ADA and David get here we politely inform them who the DeMarco’s are. If David gets too nosey we tell him that Annette DeMarco saw Sam walking the fence line and recognized her from their childhood days. So naturally she had to see her oldest friend and closest person to a sister. Annette could have blown Sam’s cover so her, her mother and her daughter are now here in protective custody. Yes I know it’s flimsy and violates about fifty regulations, but are you going to go down stairs and tell those women that they have to leave? I have no problem following you into a meth cook house Bat, but if you’re going to do that then you’re on your own partner. Before you ask the answer is yes. Those three women scare the crap out of me, especially the old lady.”

Both Bat and Bobby laughed at Hunter’s explanation for why he didn’t want to go tell the DeMarco’s to leave. When Bobby looked at Bat the man shook his no meaning that he wasn’t too hip to the idea of tell them that either. Bobby had seen what Sam could do with a knife last night; the thought of facing off against one of her teachers was terrifying. With this silent acknowledgement the vote was unanimous. The DeMarco’s were staying.

“Ok then if they are staying we need to come up with a better cover story for them if the ADA and David start to get nosey. I am pretty sure I can get a few of the guys in IDs to work something up for them, but we really need a cover story for them. You got any ideas besides the one you put forth Hunter?” Hunter just shrugged his shoulders as Bobby looked over at Bat. “Well, how about it Uncle Bat? Do you have any bright ideas?”

“There will be no need for you to come up with a cover story gentleman. In fact I and my children have things well in hand as far as that goes. The will be no cover story as we are turning states evidence in the case against the LOG party. I am fairly certain that your ADA will be over joyed at having more than just one witness in her fight to take down that corrupt organization. Between myself and my daughter we have enough material to really hurt the LOG party in ways they’ll never recover from. Oh those flash drives are nice, but I know for a fact that judges and juries prefer something they can see, feel, and understand. And that gentlemen something we can provide.” All three had turned to face Maria when she started talking to them. Now she had their undivided attention. “I’m letting the girls take a short break. If I may make a quick phone call I can have everything you need to show the ADA that I and my children belong in your Wit-Sac program.”

Bobby pulled his cell out of his back pocket and tossed it to her. “Here go ahead and use mine. I figure that I owe you for what you and Annette did the other night. Besides if things go right you, your daughter, and granddaughter will most likely be the ones to take in Kristine as you all disappear. I will be honest with you here and now. Sam has a real hard-on hate for the people behind the LOG and if she has her way there will be blood.”

“You’re wrong Bobby I don’t want blood, I want their souls. There is no jail, prison, or hell hole we can find that will serve to hold those people. The only thing that they deserve is a bullet. If I have to be the one to deliver it, then so be it. I won’t lose any sleep over putting these scumbags in a landfill somewhere.” Sam said from the top of the stairs heading down to the basement. All three of the men in the room turned to look at her with a whole new attitude. “The crimes of the LOG go back too far for them to have just started their climb to power. If my hunch is right the leaders of the LOG have been playing a very long game. Kristine’s involvement has just forced them to step up their plans a little, nothing more and nothing less. I would be willing to wager a month’s pay that even if we do take down the current leaders and don’t show that the whole party is corrupt that the LOG will just come back stronger than before.”

“Calm yourself Samantha. Once I get ahold of Ann and have the needed files delivered there won’t be anything left of the LOG when all is said and done. Now please go back downstairs I shall be with you girls in a moment.” Sam just looked at Maria and did as she was told. Once Sam was out of the room Maria looked back at Bobby and the others. “Gentlemen, I was afraid of this. It seems that Samantha has finally put two and two together and come out with the national budget, when it comes to the LOG party. You see one of the files that will be here shortly concerns the deaths of Sam’s family.”

“OH shit! This is not good. Does Sam know about that file?” Bat asked in very real concern.

“I do not think so, but from what she learned the other night from Jason Voorhees it would not take her long to figure out that the LOG party had her family killed. She once made a promise over her dead family in this very living room. I would not put it past her to try and fulfill that promise now. There is only one thing that will stop Samantha Justice from getting her revenge for her family and I am afraid that it will happen for real this time.”

“Excuse me here Miss Maria.” Maria looked over at Hunter with sad eyes. “What stopped her the last time?”

“Her death at the hands of an assassin.” Looking at the three men Maria told them of how she and her daughter had witnessed the death of Joseph ‘Joey’ Capizeo on the courthouse steps twelve years ago and the long road it took for her and Annette to make it back. Then a sad smile came to her face. “There are times like this that an acquaintance I made was around. Her interest is a bit fickle though.”

“Who are you talking about there Maria?” asked Bat. “I hope it is not another contract killer.”

“Oh no. why you might have heard of her, her name is Lyssa Kordenay. Professional ballet dancer and runway model.”
Bobby looked up at her and smiled. “I don’t know about these two ma’am, but I definitely know the young lady. All thanks to my sister, Cindy.”

“Wait your sister is Candice Bright?”

“She sure is, Maria. I am kind of surprised that you would know her though. How did you and Lyssa meet, if you don’t mind saying?”

“Oh Robert you are truly a joy to know. The answer to that is simple. I had the pleasure of working with her back when I was the choreographer for the Cincinnati Ballet Company. She was passing through and wanted to speak to one of the dancers. A Russian girl named Svetlana that studied under her at Bolshoi.”

“Damn, talk about a small world.” Was all Bobby could say. “What I want to know is how could a ballet dancer and model help in this situation?”

"Prima Lyssa is a bit of a mystery. Sometimes problems and troubles just seem to go away after Lyssa appears. Some used to slander the woman. Saying that she only danced and modeled occasionally to keep herself desirable as a discreet mistress. I do know this. Lyssa likes favors. She collects them like some do with stamps or coins. So said from a Russian dancer I met, 'Any favor asked by the Ghost Legend is to be granted; without question or objection.' She's held in that high of regard," Maria said, "She's also a very harsh instructor I've been told; by many. I assume Candice met her through work?"

Bobby nodded, "They met in Tokyo three years ago for a runway show. Candice said Lyssa was intense and seemed to have no fear or anything like that. Even when the men from the Yakuza were around. She'd just stare them down until they looked away from her. Some of the models were more scared of Lyssa after that."

“Yes she is a most intriguing woman in all regards.”

---------------------- To be continued. --------------------

The Lyssa Kordenay name used with permission from Alecia Snowfall.
*R.E.M.F.: A derogatory Military slang term for rear area and non-combat personal Rear Echelon Mother F*@*er.

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