MB2- Momma's Children

.MB2 Mommas Children

Written by Dauphin
The long awaited sequel to Momma's Boys. Isabella know visits a boy and a girl who are unhappy. She thinks she can make them happy
"Is the second part better than the first, this is at least different" Diana
"I never did like continuing stories, but i was begged and begged for this one!" Dauphin

MB2 Mommas Children

I am getting older, but Society is not learning. I am Miss Isabella and I know many of you read the first story about me called Momma’s Boys. I know people hated me when they read this story, thinking that I forced one boy to be a sissy and another boy to act like a baby. They think I was too dominating. Some thinks I should even be put in jail. I don’t think that people understand how I helped these young people. The oldest of them is now 16 and very happy. You see that is my job, to help young people that are unhappy or some that have gone along the wrong path. I am just an ordinary woman that sometimes is a teacher, or sometimes governess. I was a doctor with one family and you read where I was a ballet teacher. So you see I am just a person that wants to help in my own special way, using the special powers that I have.

Now I was being sent to help a new family. I had my little suitcase and my umbrella. It was a mother that thought her son was impossible. My instinct told me by reading what she wrote was that she needed my help more than the boy. The thing is that I find many parents do not know how to raise children, they are amateurs. They seem to be so afraid of doing things that might show they are a failure. If you walk into a bookshop, you see a hundred books about how to raise children. In the olden days, children were able to stretch and play in trees and explore the world. Parents learned from the mistakes they made. Nowadays, we pack children in cotton wool and keep them inside all the time. We are afraid to leave them outside.

The house was on Sunshine Avenue 689. This was not really a job for me. I liked jobs with more of a challenge. I was walking down Sunshine Avenue looking at the numbers of the houses. A sixth sense told me that I was needed somewhere else. I looked at the houses on this street; they were all that I call upper-class houses. The people her obviously had no problem wondering where the next meal would come from. They were most likely in the top 2% of the wealthy people.

I stood outside Sunshine Avenue 666, and I had that funny feeling again. My mind was telling me that this place needed me more than the other place. I was looking at the well-kept house when suddenly I heard what sounded like broken glass. It was a doll that was just thrown through a window. I suppose that is one way to throw things out. I looked at the doll on the ground, which was a typical doll a princess girl would love to own. It had a nice frilly petticoat dress on. I looked up towards the window. A girl who was 11 stood there and had tears flowing down her cheeks. I could see she was dressed in a t-shirt. I wanted to go up and give her a hug, as childhood is too short for tears.

Then I saw her brother cycling in the driveway. He put his bike where it should and fixed it to where he thought was the right angle. He looked up at his sister and I could hear him sighing. He went to the doll and picked it up. It was as if the doll was alive for him. He consoled it and hugged it. I could hear him say that things would be better. It was cute as he rocked the doll back and forth in his arms.

In the meantime, I looked up at the sister. She was looking at her brother in disgust.

This house needed me more. I could not put my fingers on why they did, but deep down I knew I was needed here. I lifted my worn out a suitcase and walked to the front door and rang. It was the girl that answered the door...

“What is your name,” I asked?

“Fiona,” she said, “Mum won’t be home until later”

“Then I will speak with your father”

“He doesn’t live here; he got tired of Mum earning more money than he does”

I lifted my suitcase and walked into the house. I sat down on the Sofa while Fiona and her brother sat down on the chairs and wondered who I was.

The boy's name was Cory and they were twins. They lived alone with their mother and were often left alone, as she worked a lot in some multinational company. They asked me why I was here, and I told them that patience is a virtue. All will be revealed. I also told them that it was wrong to invite a stranger into the house. You never knew what their intentions were!

Then I heard the door open and a woman appears in the sitting room. She threw her bag and jacket down and laid a laptop carefully at the table. She was a well-dressed woman who obviously kept many top designers in the business. Her hair looked like any business executive and she didn’t have too much or too little makeup on. She saw her two twins sitting and then in a tired voice asked them did they not have a deal that she would have one hour of quietness when she came home. Then she looked at me and asked who I am.

“I am the new Nanny here. I will take care of the twins when you are working”

“I never wanted any nanny. They are 11 years old; they can take care of themselves!”

I sighed and reached into my blouse and took out a necklace that had a green gem on it, “You do need a nanny, don’t you?”

Their mother stared at the gem and you could see her eyes become wider. “Well, I suppose I could use the help. I am so happy you are here. You do not know what it’s like being a single working mother, and it’s hard to do well at work when your children want your time.”

I sighed and said that I would do my best. Both Cory Fiona did not look that pleased. This happens when a nanny comes; they think it’s a sign that they will be seeing less of their parents.

My next job was to observe further. Why did my sixth sense trigger when I passed this house?

The first thing I noticed was that their mother opened her laptop as soon as I was finished. She was obviously working on something important. The children went to their rooms and were as quiet as a mouse.

After an hour, their mother called them and the twins came down like they were soldiers. Their mother then opened a bag that was delivered 10 minutes earlier. It was food from a restaurant. They were not eating at a table. Their mum continued to work on her laptop when the children sat on the floor watching TV.

They watched TV after eating until their mother noticed them. She then told them it was time for bed and they both obeyed with a kiss on the cheek. I could see that Cory had a wet patch in his pants, so I reminded him to go to the toilet before he went to bed. This made his mother sigh and say not again.

Fiona asked her mother if she could come home later the next day, as there was football practice.

“Are you a cheerleader?” Her mum asked

“No way! I just like watching them practice”

“You are too young to be looking at boys!” her mother said.

Fiona rushed up to her room.

I gave them some time to get ready for bed and then I went up to tuck them in bed. They both had tears in their eyes.

This would be a challenge.

The next day I still observed as I had to know how and where I could help. All I knew now was that they were both unhappy and no child should go to bed with tears in their eyes.

I was in the small room in the attic that their mother gave me. I took out a special golden plate that I had put it on the table so it was standing up. I then chanted some magical words and smoke came from the plate, and then it was like there was a small TV screen on the plate.

I could see that Fiona woke up. She slowly got out of bed and walked around. She tried finding clothes in her wardrobe. She threw all the dresses and skirts on the floor. Then she found some jeans. She saw there were flowers on these and threw them on the floor. In the end, she found some cargo pants that she used once to paint. She put these on and a t-shirt.

The screen on the plate shimmered, and I saw Fiona at school. Her friends were talking about make-up and clothes. Fiona just stared at them without saying anything. When they asked her if she would skip with them, she said she was tired and would sit on the bench.

Close to where she was on the bench, there were some boys talking about how well Manchester United did at football the day before. Fiona said she thought they played well. This was the first time she spoke today. The boys just laughed at her and said what does she know.... as she is a girl.

On her way home, you can see that she cried as she passed where the boys were playing football.

When she came home, she plopped on her bed and she started crying. A half an hour later, she got up and walked to her mirror. She took off her top and she looked at her chest. I could see she was thinking if she was developing bumps as a girl in puberty does. She took a knife and pretended to cut them off. Now there is a tear in my eye.

The plate shimmer again, and it showed Cory in bed. He was holding the doll with one hand and had a thumb in his mouth with his other hand. His mother then came in before she went to bed. She took the doll from him and threw it in the rubbish bin.

The plate shimmered again and he woke up. He panicked as he could not find the doll. He looked around and found it in the rubbish bin. He took the doll and once again consoled it. He then tucked it into his bed. He rushed to put clothes on him.

The phone rang. It was his dad. He asked if there was an exam today. Cory said they are getting results. His father said that was good and reminded Cory to ring when he had the results.

The plate shimmered again, and I was surprised while Fiona went to a public school, Cory went to a private school for boys. He was quiet all day. During sports class, he just stood and watched. It looked like he was very afraid to speak.

The exam result came. Cory looked at it and then rushed to go below a tree where he started crying. He wrote a text to his father, “Sorry I did not get an A. I got a B. I will do better next time”

When Cory came home, he went to his room and hugged the doll and cried.

I have seen enough. I went down to their mother and said that we had to speak. She told me that she had no time, as she had a deadline for a report that was due the next day. I asked her did she not realize that her children were sad and depressed. She looked at me with anger in her eyes. She told me to speak about it later, and besides, it was now my job.

My job….

Now I knew why I was wanted here,

I walked up to my room and called the children up to me.

“It looks like I am your governess, and I have noticed that you are both sad and depressed. It won’t be easy for you, but I am going to change your lives in lots of ways and nearly turn them upside down. You will have to do everything that I say”

“Why should we?” Fiona asked

“… What happens if we don’t?” asked Cory

I gave them each a glass, and opened an old bottle and poured a drink into each glass and told them to drink it.

Cory looked at it and said that it was blue.

Fiona said gross and refused to drink it.

I waved my finger and suddenly lightening appeared in my little attic room. Both children must have jumped a meter and drank the potion.

Cory asked for more, and I said that too much could be bad at the moment

Five minutes went and I told the children that they should go and lay down, as they most likely would be tired. They both yawned and went down to bed, and were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow

The next day, both children were still asleep. I told their mother that they would be home from school.

And the next day was the same. This seemed to worry the mother, which was a good sign. She asked if a doctor should see them. I calmed her down and said that the doctor could do very little for them and promised that they would get better.

I showed her a box and said it was a present. I said it was a family treasure. This must have shocked her that I would give her a present. She opened it and it was a ring with a green stone. She put it on and seemed to like when it started glowing.

The doorbell rang.

I answered the door and asked who the man was.

“My name is George. I am the twin’s father. I need to speak with Cory. I promised him that we could play football while we have a talk”

“I am sorry that Cory is sick in bed”

Then I heard a voice. It was Fiona. She was awake which made me very happy. I could see the changes in her already. She told her father that she could play football with him.

Her father hit the door with his fist. He was mad.

“I am sorry that Cory is sick in bed”

I heard a voice. It was Fiona. She was awake which made me very happy. I could see the changes in her already. She told her father that she could play football with him.

Her father hit the door with his fist. He was mad. “There are try-outs for football, and he needs to be ready. Every time I tell him to practice football, he makes up some excuse and this will most likely mean that he will be looking at the others and not have a position on the team!”

“Can’t Fiona play football with you?”

“She is only a girl. Tell Cory that when I come in a few days, we will practice!”

Their father walked off, and you can nearly see steam running out of his ears.

As for Fiona, her eyes were wet as if she wanted to burst out crying. I could understand her, as her own father just said that she was “only” a girl.

I looked at Fiona and told her that it would be a good time for a talk. She knew what I wanted to talk about as she was feeling her hair all the time

“Your hair is shorter, and your body will not develop as a girl. This means there is no need to plan to cut yourself.”

“W-Why? How?” Fiona wondered how she knew she wanted to cut her boobs.

“I am a woman of many talents. Do not worry about being a girl. Just be yourself. Do what makes you happy”

“I am happy, what will my friends say when they see my hair looks like a boy and they are growing boobs, what do I tell them when I have none and never will have any?"

I was about to ask her what friends she had when Cory came running out to the sitting room. He had changed quite a lot during his few days sleep. Now he had hair that was long enough for a ponytail. He looked worried as if he had some disease. I explained to him the same as I explained to Fiona. I told him that he would no longer experience the puberty a boy experiences, and most likely any hair that he got on his privates would disappear. He could also expect his voice to stay high pitched as well as his private part gets smaller.

Both children were in an uproar. I should have done what I usually did, and told them just to accept it, as they could experience worse things. However, I was not dominating them. I was giving them a present. Something that deep down they needed. They would have to accept this in time, or they would have worse problems. They looked at each other. Fiona was the first to speak and said that when she saw Cory, it was like looking at herself.

Then the front door opened and it was their mother. Both children ran to her and told her how I changed them. Their mother did not believe in magic and was trying to think of a reasonable explanation. Then the green ring lit and she said, “You both look better now than what you were. At least you are alive. Do not complain and thank the nanny.”

She then looked at me and asked would I take the children out of her hands as she had a hard day at work. I sighed but had to smile when Cory told his sister that she now looked like him, which made the children giggle.

The next day, the children were getting ready for school. Cory was more worried than his sister, as what would the other boys say about his hair now? He tried to take scissors and cut his hair. As he was raising the scissors to his hear I took out my necklace. The gem lit up and the scissors became green for a few seconds. Cory could not cut his hair. It was like stone. This made him upset. I walked in and the poor boy was in tears saying that the hair gets in his eyes and besides that, the others will tease.

I gave him a hug and told him everything will be OK. I then started to brush his hair, which he liked; in fact, he said that he loved it. I then took a band with a small ribbon and tied his hair in a ponytail. He could now at least see. A tear started to come to his eye and I told him that if they tease, it’s them that had a problem. I questioned him if the school could get any worse than the hell he had every day up to now? Cory looked at me, which made me blink as he did look like a girl. He told me it was not his hair. He wet the bed again. His sheets were wet.

I gave him a hug and told him I would take care of it.

Both children were gone, and I got my viewing plate ready. I started looking at how Fiona’s day was. She wore a cap that covered her head. She didn’t speak with the others and just observed at what everyone else was doing. During class time, she was told to take off the cap. There were snickers when people saw her hair and one girl asked her where she got her hair cut, was it some men’s barbershop. The teacher snapped the ruler on the desk and said some girls hated having long hair and some girls looked nicer with shorter hair.

Later, the girls were standing around the notices and said there were going to be ballet class at the Church. The principal came by and said she hoped a girl from our school would apply. Some girls laughed at Fiona, saying that it would not be her as she was no longer pretty enough. Then they started complaining it was on the other side of the town.

Some smoke came from the plate and I could see Cory and how he was doing. Needless to say, some boys noticed his ponytail and started teasing him, especially when they saw the ribbon. I felt like making them all to ballerinas, but Cory had to learn to be strong. He didn’t say a word when they teased him and during lunch, he just hid beneath a train.

A few hours later, Fiona was the first one that came home. She was so happy to see her mother home. She shouted with joy as she announced that there were football trials at the football club and she wanted to join.

“They do not allow girls to play football sweetie. Besides that, your dad will forbid it. He wants Cory to play football.”

Fiona looked like she was going to hit something. She just went to her room and hid under her bed.
After supper, I called Cory to the room. I told him that I had a solution to his bedwetting problems. He told me he knew I was a witch, and I could put a magic spell on him. I laughed and told him I just have talents, But I could not solving bed wetter problems my using any wand. I told him we had to do this the old-fashioned way. I told him to lie on the bed. I then took off his pants and then underwear. He blushed but did not complain. I could see he was right; his privates had already shrunk to be quite small. I then took out a diaper and put it under him. This made him cry and even scream. I was ready for this and took out a pacifier and put it in his mouth. I don’t know if it was the shock of having a pacifier in his mouth or the fact it secretly comforted him, but he stopped screaming while I put the diaper on him.

After, I lifted him down to the sitting room just in his t-shirt and a diaper, with a pacifier in his mouth. I picked up one of his sister's old dolls so he could hold it. We sat on the rocking chair down in the sitting room. I didn’t speak with him, but I transmitted my thoughts to his head, “I know your sister and mother are staring at you in a diaper. I know you are 11 years old. However, you have been wetting the bed and this will keep you dry. You have been wetting your bed for a reason. I think you do not want to grow up and you really wish you were a baby again. The fact is that they make you feel more secure”

I knew these words would ring in his head as if he was getting subliminal messages.

The doorbell rang, and the twin’s father came in. He was about to tell Cory that the try-outs for football were in a few days’ time, and hard for anyone from his class would be there. He then looked at his son sitting in the chair wearing a diaper and sucking a pacifier with his hair in a ponytail.

“What is the meaning of this? Why has my son not got a haircut and why is he sucking a pacifier, and is that a girls diaper he is wearing?”

“The Nanny is taking care of them. She is a blessing here, I have more time to do my work. Who cares if he has long hair? Many rock stars do and he wets the bed... do you want to wash the sheets?” their mother said

“Our son looks like a sissy baby! I expect you to change the way they are getting raised, or I promise you will have more trouble that you can deal with!”

I had to sigh and wonder how to adults could have been in love and make such beautiful twins and now hate each other. The worse thing is they spoke about Cory as he was not there.

I decided to tuck the children in bed before I went to bed myself. Cory was sound asleep, and so was Fiona. I knelt beside Fiona and held my necklace above her head. It started glowing as I whispered in her ear that she could play football and say she was him. This would solve her and Cory’s problems. I knew that these words would repeat in her head all night.

I lay down and figured another day was done.

The next morning, Cory came skipping in my room. “The sheets were dry and these diapers worked. I feel like a baby and my diaper is wet, but I slept well. I just wish that the accidents I have at daytime would disappear”

I was smiling as he was standing there in a sagging diaper and he still had the pacifier in his hand. I walked behind my privacy screen and rubbed my necklace and within a few seconds, I was dressed.

I told him it was time for breakfast.

Their mother was already gone to work. Fiona was very silent as she sat. It looked like she was blushing and having a hard time in saying something. I told her she might as well spit it out. She looked at Cory and said that he was going through a hard time with his wetting and dad expected so much of him. Then she said she had a crazy idea that they could trade. If he did her ballet, she could play football with him.

There was no reaction from Cory. He was sitting a little uneasy at the table and was after spilling some food down on his clothes and even managed to spill some juice. I looked down and seen my necklace glowing and then seen the distress on Cory’s face. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t even hold a glass or a fork.

I told Fiona that we could speak about it when their mother came home and I tried to cheer Cory up by telling him that we would be going shopping after school today.

The day went fast while they were in school. I took a taxi outside town and picked Cory up at school. He told me that he wet at school and besides that nothing, much happened.

At the mall, I bought some T-shirts and jeans as well as briefs. They were the boyish clothes I could find. Cory didn’t look like he was enjoying that. Then I bought some baby bottles and more pacifiers and bibs. I also bought an old-fashioned doll with the nicest white dress on it.

We then sat down on a bench looking at some ducks. I tried to explain to Cory, “The boy clothes are not for you. However, the baby things were. Whether you like it or not, your body is acting more and more like a baby every day. We call this regression. You can fight it or---“

“I-I think I should fight it. Daddy would hate the idea of me being a baby again or acting like one. He thinks I should be tough”

“The problem dear is that you are not tough. You are a delicate flower born in the wrong body. These expectations are making you regress, as you cannot cope with being tough.”

“The wrong body?”

“You will understand as time goes by. Otherwise, this doll is for you. You always sneak one of your sister’s dolls. I want you to own your own doll.”

“Nanny, this is hard to say, but do you think I can do ballet?”

“We will discuss that when we get home”

That night at dinner, Cory said Fiona could pretend that she is him at football and he will pretend he is her at the ballet. At first, their mother laughed and said it will never work. The children looked so disappointed. I rubbed my necklace and then seen the mothers ring start to shine. She then said that she was thinking things over and it could work. The problem is people knew that their hair has changed. Fiona said no one would go to football and no one from her class goes to ballet.

I told them I would make sure no one knows they have been switched.

The next evening, Fiona came running through the door and had a huge smile on her face. Cory came in behind her and went to his room.

I told Fiona that I should go to Cory and see why he is sad. Fiona pouted and said she needed to tell someone. She went to the football trials that afternoon. She was asked to kick the ball, and then try to get a goal and then block the balls from coming in the goal. The coach said that “he” had a special talent, and he would love to have “him” on the team. The only embarrassing time is when he had to write the name down. Fiona nearly told the coach her name but ended up saying, Cory. I smiled at that.

Cory, on the other hand, was sad. He had an accident in his class. It was a Maths class and he suddenly felt that there was a puddle on the floor. Everyone teased him and called him piss pants and baby. When he went to the nurse, she got mad at him and said that he was too old to wet his pants. Cory put his head on my shoulder and started crying. I offered him the pacifier and he put it in his mouth. I promised him I would sort it out tomorrow and I would take him to ballet class.

The next morning, the children came down to breakfast and Fiona snickered while Cory looked shocked. I told him that the high chair was for him. He didn’t complain but couldn’t get in it. I lifted it and said it would be easier to eat. I then put a bib on him and he started to eat. In the end, I gave him a bottle of milk. He never did complain or even ask why I was doing this.

I could hear him and his sister in the bathroom getting their hair ready for breakfast. She now helped put his hair in pigtails as she was more used to it than he was. She asked why he lets me treat him like a baby. There was silence and then he said, “She is a witch. Do you want to make her mad? A baby is better than being a frog”

I took the taxi that afternoon to the school. Cory was waiting for me. I told him to wait and went to speak with the nurse. I told her that she was doing a nice job. I gave her a present as a thank you. She was about to say that she could not accept presents. However, when she saw it was a ring with a green gem, she smiled and said thank you. I smiled as I went out the door. It was a white lie that she was doing a good job, but I was sure that she would do one now.

I took Cory to ballet. Everyone was in the changing room. I took my necklace out; I smiled as pink butterflies flew out of it and flew all over the room. The girls thought they were so pretty. It was as if they were dancing. Then they all suddenly disappeared. I could see that Cory was afraid as there were some girls from his sister’s school. However, they all started calling him Fiona. The butterflies made them see what I wanted, and that was not Cory. This calmed him down and even though he was in tights and a leotard, he thought that ballet was fun. On the way home he said that he felt like he was a bird, flying through pink clouds. He also admitted that the tights felt like pink clouds were around his legs.

The next day, Cory came home from school. You think he would have been happy that it was weekend. However, he walked past his mother and gave me a hug while he was crying. He wet his pants again, and when he went to the nurse, she put him in diapers. Some at the school noticed them and he was teased endlessly. I put a pacifier in his mouth and it calmed him down.

That night, he was sad as well, as he came into my room complaining that he could not sleep. He told me that his chest was itchy and he couldn’t sleep. I told him to take off his pyjamas and took out a nightgown which was pink and had a nice picture of a unicorn on it; I pulled it down him over his shoulders. He whispered it was a girl, but I just smiled and said that it suits him and it will help his growing boobs. He looked at me, and said in a frightened voice, “Boys do not have boobs”. I gave him a hug and said that he is a special boy, and his body is adjusting to what he should be.

The next morning, I went to Cory and woke him up. I told him that I had a solution for his wetting. He laughed and smiled and told me that he bet that my solution was to wear diapers all the time. I smiled and laid him back on the bed. He already had a pacifier in his mouth and within 10 minutes he had a diaper on. I told him that he had to wear a diaper, as he was getting teased for wetting his pants. Cory could see the logic in that.

However, when Fiona came in, she could not see the logic.

“You know that people at school will tease you that you have diapers on?” she said

“They will tease Cory no matter what, as he will wet his pants if he does not wear them”

“He needs to see a doctor. He is becoming more and more a baby girl every day! He always has a pacifier and carries that doll you got him. He uses bottles and now diapers and a nightdress”

I looked at Cory, “Cory, you were unhappy when I came here. The fact is that I think you are a girl born in a boy’s body. The reason you are acting more and more like a baby is that your body is regressing and wants to start life over as a girl. In other words, you are acting like a baby to restart and now be the princess that you should have been. Are you happier now?”

“I-I love my doll and I never slept so well because this nightdress is so comfy and pretty. I love unicorns. I always use my pacifier because it makes me feel better. I know I have to wear diapers, as I hate getting teased. I am teased at school for my long hair and wetting, but at least I am happy when I get home. I can’t wait until my ballet show, as I like pretending I am Fiona.”

I continued, “And Fiona, it’s not like you are the same as other girls. Many would say that you are a tomboy. But I bet you like when the boys at football think you really are a boy. You are a boy in a girl’s body, and why should we not consider you a boy and treat you like a boy? Why should you not consider yourself a boy?”

“I do think sometimes I should be a boy,” she whispered, “I think God made a mistake that I was made a girl. I always felt sad that I was a girl. But since you came, my body has stopped developing as a girl and now I look more like a boy. I have no boobs and I am even starting to grow a boy’s thing down below. I am happy about it as I feel more comfortable with my body, but everyone will always think I am a girl, and that hurts.”

I saw the mother at the door. She listened to it all. She had a tear in her eye. I asked her did she want to sit and talk with us. She said that she had to work.

It seemed as the weekend went very well as the air was cleaned and both children admitted they were happier now, at least at home. Things went great until Saturday night.

I was sitting with Cory in my lap. His father came in and started to shout, “Why is my son not only having pigtails, but sitting in a girl’s nightdress and diaper, and drinking from a baby Bottle? What the hell is happening here? You should be ashamed Cory as I am ashamed of you! But do not worry; I will do something about this!”

He went out and slammed the door.

“Why do I have to get my ears pierced?”

“You have a ballet show coming soon, and earrings will make you so cute when people watch you prancing around.”

“I will be teased!”

The man at the jewel shop interrupted, “You are a big girl now, and you can see that it didn’t hurt and they make you look like a princess! My own daughter got them when she was still in diapers”

I smiled and I think I knew by the look in the man’s eye, that he already saw the diaper bulge in the jeans. I could see that Cory was a bit confused. The man called him a girl and thought he was a girl. Whatever the case, Cory looked in the window and seen that he now had studs that were not hidden because of the pigtails. You would never guess that he was a boy.

That night, the twins were silently doing their homework when their mother came into the house. She said that she needed help as she went shopping. The children were shocked as they noticed that she went shopping for food. The whole kitchen was full of food that could feed an army. It was funny to see her making food. It ended that we had burnt chicken and soggy French fries, but I could see that this was the best meal the children ever had! They were sitting at the table with their mother, and she was smiling and talking with them

She looked at Cory that was in his highchair with his bib on. Then she started crying and then spoke to her twins, “I have been so bad and bitter for such a long time. I wanted a perfect life with a perfect family and job. Your dad left me and I could see that you two were not happy. I didn’t know why so I buried myself in my work. I got promotions and more money. I hardly ever saw you two get sadder and more depressed. It was only when nanny came that I once again started taking notice of you two. Hard not to when you looked like you switched bodies and my daughter plays football. In the meantime, my son looks like a girl, now with earrings I see. He also does ballet. At the same time, he is basically a baby, with a diaper on in a high chair. At first, I was ashamed of this, but as time went by, I could see that you both were happier. The good news is yesterday I told my boss that I would resign and get a job with fewer hours. Today he told me that he did not want me to resign and he said I could work at home for fewer hours. This is a second chance where I can be a mother to you. I hope you will give me a chance.”

Both children smiled and said of course. My work would have been done here except I could feel that both children were not sure if they were happy or not.

The next day, Cory was practising his ballet. It was the only time he did not wear a diaper. I sat down and watched him dance. It was nice to see him stretch and move his body in such an eloquent way. He looked so cute in his leotard and tights and tutu. It was nice to see the way that he flew around as if he was a little fairy flying around. I smiled at how graceful he looked and the smile on his face.

“Do you like ballet?” I asked

“I love it. It is now that I feel like myself. I love when I wear these clothes and when I dance, I feel like the whole world disappears and everyone is happy”

I smiled.

Just then Fiona came in after her football practice. She was smiling and very cheerful-. She sat down and was ready to burst out with the news. However, she was polite to let me finish praising her brother. After, she let her good news out. “We were told today who would be on the team for the important game. I was picked to be on the team. I am so happy about this! I thought I would be a substitute, but I am allowed to play! The game is in 11 days’ time. I hope everyone can come”

“That is the day of my ballet show”

This was not good. However, their mother suggested that we first go to the football game, as that was over before the ballet show started. Then we could rush to the ballet show. The problem was that it Cory could not make it to the football game, as he would have to get ready for the ballet show. This made him sad; however, this was the best solution

Fiona continued, “I am not done yet. I met this boy since I started football. He thinks I am a boy and my name is Cory, but we get on well together. We have a lot in common. Anyhow today, we were resting during a break and he told me that he thought I was his best friend, and we should visit each other more often!”

“I am so happy”, her mother said, “It seems like you finally have met your first friend.”

“The problem is that he said we should have a sleepover. I often forget I am a girl when I am with him. But I cannot hide the fact that I am a girl if we have a sleepover, even if my… err… thing is growing below”

“You are getting boys parts?” Cory asked as his sister blushed. I then had to explain to them that they will become more like the opposite sex, but Fiona will never become a 100% boy.

Their mother wanted to get back to the topic at hand. She told the children that they will cross that bridge when they came to it. Until then they could cuddle on the sofa and see a film.

I smiled as I seen the family sitting on the sofa looking at the sofa. They were all smiling and even though they were not saying much, they were together. I left them and went to bed as I seen Cory’s mother gives him a pacifier.

The next day was the weekend. The children were surprised when their mother said that they would be going to the zoo. I smiled at this as both the children were so happy. They had to get prepared. Cory put his hair in pigtails and put some pink shorts on as well as a t-shirt with a unicorn on it. I thought that Cory looked so pretty, and he had a smile on his face. He didn’t think that he looked more like a girl than a boy. He was just happy, even when his mother took the changing bag for his diapers.

Fiona, on the other hand, was a bit sad. She looked through all her clothes and couldn’t find any clothes. I told her to wait and showed her the bag of clothes Cory and I purchased a few weeks before. I told her I think it’s now time for these as she is ready. She started opening the bags as if it was Christmas. I smiled as I seen her smile getting larger, “Look, Mum, no frills, no pink and no stupid girl pictures! These are boy clothes and now they are all for me!” She rushed and put on some jeans and a t-shirt.

The twins went with their mother and I stayed home. It seemed as if the family was happy, but I still had work to do.

I walked into Cory's room and opened a big black bag. I lifted the green gem in my necklace and as lit, the room lit it up and Cory’s furniture shrunk and disappeared into the black bag. Then I put a pink box on the ground and tapped it a few times and a new bedroom appeared. My work was now done. I decided that it was time to sit on a chair and drink a nice cup of tea.

The children came home, and they were smiling. I looked at the mother and she was also so happy

“You should have been there nanny,” Fiona started, “There were animals of all sorts. I loved the snakes and the tigers and the lions. The lions were eating raw meat. Which looked a lot like the food mom makes... giggles. We walked around all day and it was great that no one teased us or wanted us to be perfect!”

“I got tired, “Cory said, “So this zoo man comes and asks mom if she needed a stroller for her daughter. At first, I thought it was Fiona he was talking about. Then I found out that the stroller was for me. I didn’t get tired as mom or Fiona pushed me all over the zoo. No one teased that I had a pacifier in my mouth or when I drank from the bottle. In fact, they thought I was pretty. Mum and Fiona also told me a lot about the animals. It is a shame that they are locked in the cages.”

“That is a true sweetie,” their mom said, “I was so happy about today and I promised that we will be doing this far more often. I didn’t have to worry about work or worry that my children were not happy. For the first time in a long time, I felt like we were a happy family. I am proud of you all. The thing is now that I am so tired. I think that we should just get a Pizza tonight and watch a Disney film.”

While we waited, I told them that I had a surprise in Cory’s room. We all rushed to Cory's new room. It looked like he was in a state of shock. Fiona was giggling under her breath. The room had a white and pink carpet. On the walls, there were pictures of Justin Bieber and One Direction. There was a box of dolls and another one with clothes. There was a dollhouse that was huge. There were a changing table and diapers beside it. Finally, there was a crib that had pink ribbons on them.

The twin’s mother looked worried, “Cory, maybe you should have your own room”

I moved my lips, and this made Cory say what my lips were saying, “Mom! Nanny went through so much trouble. She made me a girl’s nursery and I know why. I have acted more and more like a baby and a girl. This is because I feel more safe and secure. It is also because I feel like I am being reborn into the person that I am meant to be. Nanny says that I am regressing.”

Just then the phone rang. Cory took the phone

“Hi, daddy!”


“Today we went to the zoo with mom. It was so fun. I got tired, so they put me in a stroller”

“I know I am 11, but I was so tired of walking”


“I will be ready for football”


“Yes, I do wear diapers, but I need them right now. I won’t be wearing them to ba… I mean football!


“Nanny gave me a new bedroom”


“I don’t think you will like it. There is a bit of pink in it”


“I don’t know where Fiona is. Let me see…. ….. She is cutting her dresses with scissors.”

We could all hear the father shouting on the other side. He was saying to get rid of me, as I was making them all crazy. He hung up without even saying goodbye.

We all rushed to Fiona’s bedroom. There was cloth everywhere. She had scissors and was cutting all the clothes she had. There were shreds of cloth everywhere. Her mother asked her what she was doing.

“Nanny got me clothes so I no longer need my old ones. Cory told us he is being reborn. So am I! I am no longer a girl. I am no longer a tomboy. I am a boy. This means I do not need these clothes!”

This made us all smile.

The next day Cory said it was fine that his sister cuts his clothes. But the fact is that he could have used them. I looked at him pretending to be confused. Cory must have trusted me a lot because he said without hesitating that Fiona had a lot of nice clothes and this also meant dresses. He looked at me and then blushed as he explained he said he would like to wear dresses. The fact is when he wore boy’s clothes, they felt so itchy. He asked if this was part of him being reborn, the fact that he wanted to wear a dress. I nodded and said it could be.

I then picked up some magazines and a small pink box. I told him to cut all the clothes that he wanted and to put the cuttings in the pink box. Cory must have done this for a few hours. Then he gave me the box and told me that these are the clothes he wanted. They were dresses that were very pretty. Everything from party gowns to summer dresses. He also had tunics and shorts, jeans with flowers, t-shirts with the cutest pictures on them. He had tights and panties (for when he grew up he said). He had nightdresses, leggings. It looked like he thought about everything. I held my necklace above the pink box, and the box turned green. I then gave him the box. He was disappointed as the box was empty. I could see his eyes water with tears.

I told him to look in his wardrobe. The clothes that he wanted were there.

Just then Fiona came into the room. She was smiling once again. I remembered when I came that the children never smiled. She told us that the boy who was her best friend found out the truth. At practice, she said she had to go to the toilet. So she went into the boy’s room and found a stall. Then she sat down and done her business. When she looked up, she saw him staring at her in disbelief.

“I am so happy you are a girl. I thought that I was gay” he broke the silence

“I am not a girl. It’s just hard to explain. I am a boy. Please do not tell the others”

He jumped down and walked into the stall and gave her a kiss, telling her if she considers herself a boy and feels like a boy, well so does he. He didn’t love her because of her body. It was because of what she was on the inside. He loved her and he didn’t care if this now made him gay.

Fiona said that she had a boyfriend, and he considered himself gay because of it. She also loved him and giggled when she said that this must make her gay.

The day of the game came. Cory went to ballet to get ready. I went with him. But I showed him my special plate, so he could see his sister playing football. He was surprised at how well she played. She got several goals. Every time she got a goal, she gave this boy a hug. He must be her new boyfriend. It was strange that everyone was shouting Cory, but everyone thought that she was Cory. When the game stopped, I put away the plate and helped Cory get ready for his ballet show.

He looked so pretty in his tights and tutu. Just as the show started, his mum and Fiona came in. Fiona had red eyes and had obviously been crying and her mum looked very worried. I asked her what the problem was, but she said let’s just watch the show. Needless to say, Cory was as graceful and elegant as any ballet dancer could be. He did not make one mistake and I thought it looked great as if he was nearly flying on stage.

We met him on the stage. He was talking with Fiona.

Their mother then explained to me, “The football game went great. However, when we were in the changing room, George (their father) came in. Fiona was just sitting with a towel over her. At first, he was so happy and proud that his son done that well. Then he lifted her up to give her a hug, When he sat her down, her towel fell off and then he got mad, asking why Fiona was there, why was a girl allowed to play? The others said that Fiona was a boy until he said she just thinks she’s a boy. The strange things as there suddenly appeared pink butterflies and they all fell to the ground as they were dying. The others could now see that she was a girl. As for my husband, he looked at me and said that I now went too far. He stormed off. I am afraid what he will do.”

Just then, some policemen came in the door. They came up to me and told me I was under arrest for child abuse. A social worker then handed their mother some papers and went over to the children and told them they will now be living with their dad.

The last thing I saw was the children crying and screaming. Their mother was also crying. Their dad was the only one with a smile on his face.

They put handcuffs on me and lead me out.

TV News Clip 1

Public outrage

“Hello, I am Madison Shine, reporting outside the county jail. We all have been paying attention to the case where an East European woman has been arrested for child abuse.

At the start, we have learned that she was a nanny to a pair of twins. She convinced the boy that he was a girl and more like a baby. So when she was arrested, he was wearing dresses and lived in a baby’s nursery. The boy was 11 years old. Many are outraged that he would be treated like he was a baby and feminised to the extent where he acted and thought like a girl.

As for the girl, we have learned that she was a tomboy, and the nanny’s reaction was to treat her like a boy. There have even been charges that the girl unknowing was given male hormones.

Their dad had noticed the nanny doing these things, and tried to convince his former wife to fix the problem. However, he told me that the wife was so busy with her job that she never cared about them.

There has been a public interest in this trial. People are outraged that the children would be made into something that neither nature nor God has intended them to be. People thought that these children would be confused for the rest of their lives.

In a poll, while 60% thought it was OK to be a transgender, 82% thought that the nanny influenced the children in a negative way and should be in prison for child abuse.

TV News Clip 2

More joins the queue

Madison shines here reporting for DNN news. The trial against Isabella is about to start soon, however, things are not going her way.

It seems like hundreds of people are selling stories to the media how she ruined their life. It seems like Miss Isabella had been all around the world and is responsible for many things. Many have said that they have a transgender disorder because of her; others are saying that she has made some people commit suicide.

A few have told the media that she has helped them and she showed them a road to the happiness they would never have considered.

An analyst has told me to be careful of everyone that comes forth, “Some have been saying that she is a witch, while others saying she is an angel. Some of these people just want 5 minutes of fame, and for that, we have to be careful. If justice is to work, these allegations have to be investigated.”

The discussion is still going on if it is abused or not. From what I can find out, the twins that are involved in this case are very unhappy. Their father is trying to teach them how to be “normal” and they are not accepting this. In fact, the son has warned that if his hair is cut, he will harm himself.

TV News Clip 3

Mom wants custody

Today, a few weeks before the trial of Miss Isabella starts, the twin’s mother has asked the court for full custody.

The mother had a strong case, stating that she was left alone with the children, while the father just visited once in a while to tell the children what he expected of them. She told how he stressed her son that he had to be good at Football and often didn’t even say a word to their daughter.

The mother explained that she had new working hours, and the family were happy until the day they were split from each other. Now she knows they are very unhappy and their father does not understand that they have a gender identity disorder and wants them to be like other children.

The judge admitted that the mother has done some right things, however, it had yet to be seen if she let Miss Isabella harm the children. This will be shown in the court case that was starting soon. He would decide on the custody after the court case.

The mother told me she is disappointed, and while she understands the judge, she does not like seeing the children suffer.

TV News Clip 4

Trial Starts with the twins father

Madison Shine here outside the courthouse. The trial started today with the twins father. It is after all the reason why we are here. The defence bombed him with questions that gave us the impression that he never had time for the twins, and never raised his voice or commented when it was obvious that they were sad. It was also mentioned that he put a lot of pressure on his son to play football.

When asked if it was wrong if a boy did ballet, he nearly flipped out and said it was only for gay boys. The defence passed a smart remark that it would be the end of the world if he was gay.

The prosecution then tried to fix the damage that the father caused. He talked about the fact that their mother was always busy with her work and never had time for the children that were depressed. The nanny came and she used the children’s unhappiness to convince them they were the opposite sex. He explained how the change was slow and at the end, he had to put a stop to it. He told the jury that he believed that the children were unhappy because the mother was so busy and never had time for them.

The father said even if there was a possibility that they had a gender identity disorder, he asked would it not be strange that both would have it, and was it normal for an 11-year-old boy to be in diapers?

He told the Jury that the children are not happy. He is trying to fix their cross-dressing problems and they do not like this. He thinks they have Stockholm’s syndrome.

Our analysts K. Manny said, “It seems like the prosecution won this day, although I doubt that anyone would like the dad after today. One has to feel the sorriest for the children.”

TV News Clip 5

She made my son a girl!

A mother was called to the stand today. Nanny Isabella was her son’s ballet teacher 5 years ago. Her son should be 17 now. However, the jury fainted in their seats when they saw a picture of the son. He was 11 and looked like an 8-year-old. The fact was that he was not a boy. He had the body of a girl, he also wore diapers.

He was like any other boy. He got in fights and so forth. One day she (the mother) got this ring which made me decide to send him to ballet. The mother had constant thoughts of sending her son to ballet, in which she did at the end. Slowly but surely she could see her son behaving more, but he also became more and more like a girl. She could also see that her son was unhappy. He stood up to Miss Isabella and she didn’t know how Isabella did it, but her 11-year son became and acted like a baby girl. He did everything that a girl would and what a baby would, even wear diapers. He even got smaller and his body changed to a girl’s body

If the mother thought something was not normal, she would get all dizzy and then think they should listen to Miss Isabella. It was like they all did and done what Miss Isabella wanted.

When Isabella left town, the mother took off the ring. It was like suddenly her eyes were open. She could see the damage Isabella done. Her 12-year-old son now had the body of a girl, and he was just like a baby

The mother concluded she would never make her son a girl or a baby, and believed that Miss Isabella was a witch.

The defence tried to soften today’s testimony to the fact that her son is happy. However, the mother reminded everyone that this was not her wish.

Analysts K. Manny told me that today’s testimony was disastrous for the defence. The trial could as well be over now.

TV News Clip 6

What does the law say?

Today the prosecution had some expert testimony. The bottom line was that some children have gender identity problems. Children know by the time they are about three whether they are boys or girls. They can say "I am a boy" or "I am a girl". A child does not understand until about the age of six that he or she will always be a boy or a girl. Before that children think their sex can be changed. It is usual for preschool boys and girls to dress up in clothes of the other sex as a way of trying out what it is like to be a man or a woman, a father or a mother. Generally, this kind of cross-dressing does not last. It is part of all of the child's play activities, and not any more important to the child than other play

However, in some cases, it can last and a child could believe he or she is the opposite sex. In this case, parents should be supportive. Parents need to be supportive and accepting, especially when society does not always understand transgender children

The experts have spoken with the family and the nanny. They believe that the twins are transgender. The twins have not had support from their parents. At the moment, their mother understands, but their father does not understand. He is afraid his son will be gay.

Being transgendered is not illegal. However manipulating a child to be the opposite sex and in Cory’s case, being a baby as well could be classed as child abuse.

In 2014, A Florida mom and her live-in landlord forced her son to wear a dress as punishment for wetting the bed, authorities said. The two marched the crying 10-year-old outside in a low-cut blue princess gown so his friends could see, the child’s disgusted grandmother said. The parents were arrested for child abuse.

As for Cory and Fiona, they believe they were never asked. Things happened and they agreed to the things after. They were happy when they were the opposite sex but life is very hard now

It was the expert’s view that this is a case of child abuse, and from the stories of Nannie's old children she took care of, it is obvious that she abused children before

K. Manny our analyst says this was another win for the prosecution. The fact that many feel the children were forced or manipulated is child abuse.

TV News Clip 7

Fiona Attacked.

There was not much action in the court today; however, the news was about one of the twins, Fiona.

A source from her school said that Fiona was at school today. This is despite the fact that the teachers advised her dad to keep her home. Everyone knows that she is involved in the trial and that she is more than a tomboy. She has been teased at school and beaten up in the toilets.

The toilet bullying was hard. Fiona walked into the girl’s toilet and was slapped and told to go to the boy’s toilet. She was sent back and forth between one and the other toilet. In the end, the poor girl wet herself and was spat upon and kicked by the others.

The staff said she should stay home from school as she does not need the extra stress. Her Dad did not agree, telling the school she should be more like a girl, so she would not be beaten up.

Today Fiona came to school; however, she cut all her hair off.

An expert told me that this could be a huge cry for help and at the same time be defiance. Whatever the case is, it seems like the girl was going through hell at the moment.

TV News Clip 8

From the mouth of the victim.

Hello, Madison Shine reporting here from the Miss Isabella trial. Today was a surprise as the prosecution called Cory to the stand?

Cory told the court how he was unhappy. All his life he liked pretty things such as clothes and toys. He told us he used to take his sisters dolls and wonder what it was like to be a girl

Cory admitted that his mom had never time for him, and he could not speak with his sister. His Dad never helped, as he only wanted him to do things that boys do, like playing Football. His Dad never told Cory that he was proud of him or he loved him. He wanted the boy to be tougher.

Cory felt alone in the world. He always felt afraid and his sister’s things gave him security. The worse thing is he knew he was not like other boys. He had no one to talk with.

This was until Nanny came along. The prosecution then asked if he wanted to be a sissy. He admitted that he never considered it. He was often surprised when a change happened, such as he was told to wear a dress or he would have to wear a diaper.

Cory was asked if he liked it. He admitted to the court that he did not like the changes. He knew that he would be teased at school and was afraid that he would be beaten up. He told the jury that he never stood up to Miss Isabella, as he thought she was a witch and was afraid of her.

The defence then asked what life is like now. He said in a low voice that he felt sorry for Fiona and the troubles she is having. He doesn’t like that all this is in court and the media. He is not allowed to do ballet anymore and his father threatens to cut his hair after the trials. All his clothes were in the attic so he has to wear boy’s clothes.

There was not a dry eye in the court as he said that he knows that Miss Isabella was trying to help him. He also felt happy when he was a girl. The one thing that he needed was a friend. He whispered as he told the court that he wanted to be a girl.

K. Manny tells me that this testimony can go anyway. The prosecution must have won some valuable points. Cory did admit that he never wanted to be treated like a girl. He felt like he was forced to. The question is it child abuse when he ended up liking it and feeling it was best for him?

TV News Clip 9

Who is Isabella?

The prosecution called its last person to the stand. It was a shrink that has spoken with Isabella.

The Jury heard that Miss Isabella was a woman that did not have a lot of patience for children. This being said, she did no try to hurt them. She did care about children.

She did admit that she did not give the children any choices, but how can they choose something that they do not know? How do they know what could make them happy if they never would ever think about it? This was the logic that Miss Isabella had.

The Shrink told some background about Miss Isabella that shocked the courthouse. Isabella was born, but his name was Isiah. You could hear a pin drop as the shrink repeated that Isabella is a male. He was raised by his granny for the first 6 years. During this time, he was raised as a girl, wearing petticoats, dresses and everything a girl would wear. When he was 6, he moved in with his aunt who tried to treat him as a boy. This leads the young sissy boy to be depressed. So much so that she nearly committed suicide.

Granny came into the picture again and gave the young boy lessons in magic plus some green gems that can be used as mind control.

The boy then made his aunt sort of a puppet or a silent maid. He was now in control of her. He changed his body to a girl’s body. However, he was teased at school for being a sissy. The young Isabella just got revenge as the people that teased her suddenly had to wear diapers all the time

Isabella could not have children, so she dedicates her life to helping others.

The shrink said she has a strong imagination to believe she could do magic. She most likely had a sex change. She was also a dominant lady that could through threats and fear forced children to change. It was usually what occupied her mind the most, making them believe they had gender identity problems and being happy and more behaved when changed.

However, did they like the changes? Or were they forced to accept them? Or did they just want to make Isabella happy?

K. Manny tells me this was very damaging to the defence, as it now looks like Miss Isabella had helped children out of revenge.

TV News Clip 10

The battered princess speaks?

Today the defence started to try to fix the damage of the last few weeks. They have called the other twin to the stand. She was wearing a cap to cover the hair that she cut. She did not smile during the whole testimony.

Fiona told the jury that life was always hell and it is hell now. She knows she is a girl. And just does not like the princess things and the way girls act. When she was small it was bearable, however, she was afraid of being a teen. Then she would have to be interested in boys and wear make-up plus her body would develop. She told the court that she planned to cut them off.

She did not mind when nanny said it was OK not to wear girl clothes or not. The thing that surprised her the most was when her hair got short and she was told she would not grow breasts, as she was giving a puberty block. She was happy about this.

She was worried that her brother was a sissy and that he started wearing dresses. When she tried to cut his hair, the hair just grew again. She felt that he should have stood up to her, but he was afraid.

Fiona was very happy, as she was allowed to do and wear what she wanted. It was only when she was sent back to her dad that her life became like hell. He did not show any love, but had so many rules, because he was trying to make the twins normal again.

K. Manning tells us that this would show that the children were not damaged, so where the child abuse, plus Fiona is was happy with the changes.

TV News Clip 11

Mother learns

The trial today was a testimony by the mother. Nothing new was said that we did not know about. She never had time for her children but when she changed her working times, she was a lot more with her children. She, of course, noticed that they were different and dressed and acted in the gender they were not. She did not consider counselling as they were happy.

She even allowed them to trade places playing football and ballet but thought it would be easy if they pretended to be each other.

The one funny fact brought to the trial was that she never remembered that she hired Miss Isabella.

K. Manny said this was the testimony that really did not help anyone.

TV News Clip 12

The Witch speaks

The final testimony came from Miss Isabella. She said the last few weeks were hard for her, as she felt like her work was not appreciated.

This made the prosecutor ask why it should be appreciated as testimony showed that she forced children and never gave them a chance. Isabella said that she sometimes punished them by showing them an alternative way to live. Take that boy that we heard about. He was getting into fights and he would have ended up as a criminal now. She had shown him his feminine side, and he fought her. Then she had to regress him, so he would find it easier to learn the right values. Today he is happy. He does not get in trouble.

Isabella told her she cared for the children she looked after. It was not being wicked or destroying their lives. In fact, most of them were happy. She asked how happy do the twins appear to be now when they are being forced to be something they are not.

When asked if she was a witch, she answered does she get burnt at the stake if she admitted it?

TV News Clip 13

The verdict

Today the judge gave his verdict.

He started with the mother, saying that she has contributed to the twin’s unhappiness. She put her work before being with them. He also said she should have laid conditions down with Isabella, and when the mother could see some strange changes. Like the twins accepting they should be the opposite sex. The judge then said that she changed, and found more time for them. He questioned if the twins happiness was not largely due to this? He told the mother that he would hope that one day she could get custody, but remember she needed help.

As for the twins father, the judge said that he had very little to say. He said the relationship that he had with his children were based on how well they lived up to his expectations. He demanded the twin’s obedience and that they are what he liked them to be. They were more trophies to him than children. The fact that they were both unhappy now shown that he was doing something wrong.

The judge then said that he thinks that Fiona was a lovely child, and had many bright sides. He considered that she had transgender identity problems, and wondered why no one ever got her counselling for her. He believed that Isabella helped her find her true self, but this could have been done with counselling and letting Fiona decide herself

As for Cory, he believed that he was in doubt what the matter was. It could be a transgender problem. The fact that he felt comfortable and secure while wearing diapers led the judge to believe that Cory had anxiety problems, as he was afraid of growing up or being without others. The thing was that he should have got help.

The big question was Miss Isabella. The judge started by saying he felt that she wanted to help children. But it seemed like she did not think that boys could be good. She made most she took care of into sissies. She seemed this was the only solution was to make them to the opposite sex, and if she could to infantilise them. The judge said that she never gave the children a choice, never got their views or professional views. She forced this on the children. The judge found her guilty of child abuse and sentenced her to a few years behind bars

The court case may be over, but the effects will last a lifetime.

TV News Clip 14

One year after.

Madison Shine here again. Remember the trial against Miss Isabella. Let’s see what happened to the people involved, now that a year has gone.

Shortly after the trial, Miss Isabella disappeared. The prison guards said one day that when they came to her, they suddenly felt as if she walked out. So the prison guards escorted Miss Isabella out of the prison. She has not been seen since. The prison guards said they knew what they were doing, but they felt as if she should not be there.

The Twins mother and dad felt very bad after the trial. They went to court again and fought over custody. It was when Fiona cut her arms with a blade that they met at a restaurant and discussed things. This must have gone well because they met more while they discussed the twins. It ended that the dad moved back home.

The parent got counselling for both children, and although it was very hard for the dad, he did what the counsellor suggested.

Fiona is now allowed to dress as a boy and do what boys say. She is good at playing football. She is not told she is a boy or girl. She will decide this at some stage. At the moment she has a puberty blocker that blocks the female hormones and we have been told that she wants to get male hormones now.

Cory has also got counselling. He wears boy clothes but has lots of girl toys and things like bears and bags. His bedroom is girly. He still wears diapers and does not want to potty train. He is getting help with his confidence and social skills, as well as medication against anxiety. He still does ballet.

Both twins now go to a small private school where they say they have friends.

As for Miss Isabella. Who knows where she is….

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