Homo Sapiens version 2.0

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Homo Sapiens version 2.0

©2015 — Foxxe Wilder

Due to a few supporting comments and much thought I've decided to put this short story back up.
Now PLEASE REALIZE that this IS FICTION, and speaks of various theories etc. So please do NOT go ape shit on me for "scientific inaccuracy" as one foolish reader did! You will save your own embarrassment



How it happened, no one knew for sure. To the western hemisphere it happened over night. To the eastern hemisphere, it happened during the afternoon.

It was postulated that some sort of galactic dust storm passed through the earth's orbit. Others theorized that it was some sort of odd solar flare radiation. Even others suggested that it was the result of a virus, uncovered from the melting of the arctic and antarctic ice fields due to global warming.

Whatever it was caused by, after the initial panic of the previously male population, the world became a much different place.

All over the world men were changed into women. Only a very few were spared and in the beginning no one understood why they were spared. Oddly enough there were also a few women that had changed into men.

Eventually scientists would discover, after extended psychiatric and psychological testing upon the men left over as well as the newly converted men, that there was a level of understanding of people and a level of tolerance that only they possessed.

The newly converted men had all been mothers, having given birth about 10 years previous to the conversion. As time wore on humanity, such as it was, would also discover that all of humanity would be born female, grow up as female and could only become male after a certain understanding of human nature and achieve a level of social tolerance and social achievements. They would also be mothers for at least 10 years and only then the alteration to masculinity would be triggered by an internal drive; a personal desire to become a man.

Mankind's morality had been rewritten overnight. Misogyny and gynophobia were things of the past. The very notion of gender dominance was gone, never to return.

The future still had men in it but they were far wiser and far more understanding than they had been in the previous 200 millenia of homo sapien's history on earth.

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Interesting Proposition

littlerocksilver's picture

Fish, Frogs and Lizards can do it. This could work out very well.


Thanks, I've been of the

Thanks, I've been of the opinion for many years that if guys were born as female and progressed through female life to become males, this world wouldn't be so screwed up! :)

It Would Only Make a Slight Difference

Girls and Women can be as nasty to one another as boys and men, I think it would be better still if ALL humans were born as complete hermaphrodites,

Besides that doubling the odds for survival after a total collapse of civilization, which seems to be inevitable quite soon, the way these semi-sentient naked apes are behaving, it would finally achieve an Understanding for everyone of what it feels like to be of the other gender !

People would also be able to really love themselves, which is the first step without which it is impossible to love others !


A few of the biggest

A few of the biggest differences socially between the female and male is that "big boys don't cry" causes a LOT of anger issues in guys plus guys have that problem with extreme excess of the aggression hormone.

But you are correct, women can be catty but it's not actually all that often. Take your average bar or pub. You can guarantee at least ONE fight per night between men, but only one fight per month with women.

I've been in both worlds in my lifetime and the male is FAR MORE violent and arrogant than anything I've experienced as a female. As far as the "hermaphrodite" situation, I'd have to actually see one to believe that it could happen at all. (the 2 hormone systems constantly battle for dominance.) I feel that complete conversion from one system to another is a bit more realistic than the idea of both existing in the same package

There is nothing wrong with loving yourself, this is true, but gods forbid that you get CAUGHT while doing it! >;D

Ah, if only it were true. to

Ah, if only it were true. to paraphrase the King of Siam "so let it be written, so let it be done". Done up in skirts and dresses that is. Along with a few pairs of trousers or jeans for the other side.

I'll bet rape totally

I'll bet rape totally disappeared. Yes why not, after all our DNA has a lot of lizard in it.
Think of it, more malls would need to be built. to accommodate the doubling of shoppers


Also, big differences between

Also, big differences between men and women. When two men meet, they wonder if they can 'take' the other man. When two women meet, it's where did they find those shoes ?


I agree

or... "I LOVE it! Where DID you get that top?" (this is actually something I say about once a month these days)