My Super Secret Life-36.

My Super Secret Life-36.

Chapter 36

My Super Secret Life-36.

Chapter 36

Sunny me inside though is livid…there’s this girl part of me that is so pissed beyond measure that she’s such a heartless bitch. That part’s been asleep for the most part lately but I can feel it, not like a sentient side of me but something in the core of where I started is really offended.
I know it’s sexist and stuff but part of me inside just can’t get over that sort of utter disregard for the lives of others.
My jaw’s clenched and I’m breathing a little forced calm and evenly but I’m keeping my cool.
It’s really, really hard when there’s no one that they can spare here cleared for this kind of thing here in Paradise City. So I have to go with her and into the ambulance with the EMT’s and make sure that she’s secure as we head to The Tower.
I almost leave…we’re in the aero-ambulance and lifting off when I see and explosion a few blocks away on the roadway.
I don’t though see worse as I see a flicker of white and blue that’s Champion catching a car in midair.

*And Now…

I look out the window wondering if that’ll be me ever?

I want to be good like that, I want to be a better man because…well because I made a right royal mess out of starting out as a guy.

We get out of sight and I sit back down and I look at the girl. There’s something in her face, something calm and with her injuries she should be doing like twinges of pain right?

“Awake huh? That was pretty fast.”

She doesn’t move for a few seconds as I look at her and then her eyes open. They’re green this pale but almost glowing green. She smiles and it’s this sweet yet sardonic smile…Yeah I’ve had that smile just like that myself. “You’re quick.”

“You’re under arrest.”


“You have the right to remain silent.”

“Oh all business aren’t we Titan?”

She’s heard of me?

She keeps that perky little smile. “I have a computer big guy, you’re on the network.”

“You have a right to appeal for legal counsel; this is not a guarantee of said council as you have engaged in acts of terror.”

That’s true actually, especially for villains with like her that used powers or weaponry to cause the sort of damage that…that well just happened.

That’s not just assaults or property damage that’s classed as acts of domestic terrorism.

She looks at me amused and she moves so as to sit upright and she winces some. “That wasn’t terror big guy that was just a little skirmish.”

“Do you understand these rights as I have explained them to you?”

She grins at me. “Yes, I understand Not-siffer.”

“You’re psychotic.”

She nods. “Yes, yes I am.”

“You’re going to prison.” I don’t like het I really don’t like her.

“Maybe, that’ll all depend.”


“Oh things, I have one of those lives where anything can and usually does happen.”

“Is that an excuse to break the law?”

“Not my laws, I’m just getting back what’s mine.”


“Oh The Government owes me huge for pain and suffering Titan and I’m going to collect especially if they won’t pay.”

“A lot of people thing that the government owes them, you wouldn’t be the first. You do know that you can get a lawyer or more than one and do whatever you need to do in the legal way.”

She looks at me. “Not an option.”


She just smiles at me. “You’ll never know.”

I was expecting the kick or the attempt since her feet were kind of in that position to fight and I’m swatting her legs away and I’m using some force to it too and she’s hissing as it hurts or at least stings and then she did something in her mouth and she sprays this red mist in my face and eyes and it burns…really bad and the next thing I know she’s punching me and I feel them and I’m trying to fight her off and I can’t see and it’s burning to breathe and I yell.

“She’s out of the cuffs!”

I hear the driver and the guards stopping in the air and I hear them coming back and I holler. “No don’t at them!”

I hear the doors close. And I’m wiping at my eyes and I can see but like blurrily yet and she’s panting and looking at the cops who shut the door to come back and she looks pissed.

“You okay Titan?” One of them asks.

She’s actually not fighting anymore not even trying to and she’s glaring at them and at me.

“Yeah, I’ll be okay I think it’s some kind of pepper spray stuff.”

I look at her.

She glares at me. “I fucking hate smart cops.”

I wipe some more and spit out some of the stuff…it’s definitely a pepper stuff…it tastes like it or something and I look at her.

“Yeah…not so smart but I do actually own a TV it’s not like this kind of stuff hasn’t been done all the time.”

She makes a face and it’s this sort of sour one and she spits too. “You’d still be better off letting me go.”

“Well not going to happen sister.”



“It’s Kait-Sith.”

“Oh…so that’s why the mask and stuff.”

“Yeah well it’s a thing.”

“Okay whatever.”

“Awe bro you mad?”

“I’m not your bro.”

“It’s a saying sweetheart.”

“I know I’m not playing your games and neither will the police.”

She looks like she’s trying to find something to say that’s smart mouthed or snarky and we land the aero-van and there’s other officers on the coms with the driver and the other guy calling in the escape attempt and when the doors open we have several other officers in heavy armor and we get out and they re-cuff her and we start doing the perp walk into the lower part of The Tower and there’s some press there with cameras and hover cameras and they’re snapping shots of us and me with the red crap all over me.

Diamond and the others are just ahead of me and her and we’re taking a whole other hall to powered processing, and it’s sectioned off like airlocks and they only allow one meta/anthro through at a time to go through the various stages of getting processed.

Kait has this blank expression on her face almost like she’s not ignoring me but she’s definitely, definitely taking everything in.

Shroud’s there and I thought he was up in Ark city doing something and he’s ignoring everyone but her and that lasts until we’re cutting some of her stuff off of her.

She looks at Shroud and she smiles. “Hello Big Brother.”

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