The Promise (Part 3)

Charlie’s small, delicate hand slowly touched the soft, smooth skin of her cheek; letting it brush aside a dark lock of hair that had fallen into her view. Her wide, almond eyes stared back at her in a bewildered expression, barely feeling the cool draft that tickled across the her sensitive nipples. Each one stood one end, fully erect and sending small spikes of pleasure through her.

Her fingers slowly rose up to her chest, lightly brushing up against one of the stiffened areolas. A soft-throated moan quickly escaped from her pouted lips, her body shivered from the foreign feeling. Her heart sped up in response, beating loudly against her chest as her breath refused to leave. Her eyes fluttered for a brief but pleasurable moment before snapping open.

“W-wow! So that is w-what that f-feels like,” She remarked in a low whisper. “How do women deal with t-these things?”

Charlie’s mind began to wander a bit at the unusually opportunity before, peering at her naked form in the mirror and the small spike of pleasure that had come from it. She gently bit her lip as she felt a bit of a draft between her legs. A cool, damp feeling that spread with each slight grinding of her hips. A soft scent slowly wafted into nose, a familiar smell of honey and dandelions that began to soothe her mind once more. With barely a thought, her body guided itself onto her bed and spread her legs widely, exposing her dampening snatch to the cool air.

One hand slowly found its way onto her chest, slowly caressing and playing with erect nipples; causing more of her soft moans to escape from her lips. Each touch sending jolts of pleasure through her body as her hand began to massage her firm breasts. Her body writhed in pleasure as she leaned up against the back of the bed, propping herself high enough to see herself in the mirror. The sight of the strange woman fondling herself in her bed only added more to the pleasurable feeling between her legs.

“O- oh my g-god… T-this feeling… M-maybe I shouldn't…” she whispered, as the heat in her snatch began to build.

Her other hand soon started to worm and snake it way towards her moist slit, gently rubbing across her skin. Her fingers soon found their destination as they gingerly touched the wet opening. She quickly brought back her hand and watched in amazement as slightly thick fluids stuck to her fingers. The smell of honey and dandelions quickly engulfed her mind, her vision becoming hazy as the fingers slowly but surely reached towards her waiting and panting tongue. Only one drop fell upon her tongue, but it was the final trigger as her greedy tongue quickly set upon the rest of her sticky-sweet fingers.

“Mmhm!” she cried out as her eager tongue hungrily licked her fingers. “I-I r-really shouldn’t b-be doing t-this… B-but it f-feels s-so…” Her words drifting off as her body acted upon its own impulses, pushing her horniness even further.

The sweet taste of her own sex danced upon her tongue as her hand grabbed at her breasts with greater fervor. Her other hand soon made its way back towards her waiting sex, throbbing with need for something more. With a bit of dexterity she could barely fathom, her fingertips danced across her slickened clit; her body tensing up suddenly as a greater bolt of pleasure shot through her. A deep-throated moan roared out from her mouth as her whole body tensed up. Her eyes clenched shut as her fingers continued to work their magic, and a nearly continuous wave of jolt after jolt rocked her body.

“I-It's coming! S-something's coming! O-oh G-god!” she groaned loudly as the wet sounds of her fingers entering her sex filled the room.

She soon gritted her teeth together as the pleasure began to build, her back arching up as her fingers rapidly plunged in and out of her sex. Charlie quickly gasped out loud as the feeling of something entering her for the first time overtook her senses. Each finger wormed away at her opening while one still managed to brush her clit. Soon, the cacophony of fingers and breasts squeezing took their toll on her body. With a great burst of pleasure her body began to spasm and jerk about, her hips unconsciously humping away at the air as her fingers shoved themselves as deep as they could into sex. Her other hand clamped down onto her nipple, squeezing it for all it was worth as a loud cry filled the air. Her body continued to jerk and twitch as her eruptive orgasm washed about her body.

Soon, her body fell to the unkempt bed; free from the clothes she had kicked aside during her little exploration. Her body glistened with even more sweat as it refused to budge even an inch. She was content to lay there in the damp sheets, smelling of her own handiwork. Her chest heaved with effort as she tried to calm herself down, letting herself fall from her natural high. Soon her eyes slowly but surely closed and she drifted off into a deep sleep.


For a moment, everything seemed peaceful as she slowly peered around her the now well-lit room with a pair of squinted eyes. She ran a hand through her soft, long hair, unconsciously setting a few stray strands behind her ears as she sat up. However, the moment she sat up, her body quickly protested, sending numerous aches and pains through her limbs. Only a soft hiss came from her mouth as she gingerly tried not to move.

However, the familiar ringtone of Charlie’s phone suddenly through the silent room, forcing her to groan softly and rub her eyes at the disturbance. She rolled off her now dried and soiled bedding and landed with a loud plop and a grunt. Her head pounded with a massive headache as she wandered about the room, covering her eyes from the bright light trying to enter the room. The catchy but annoying ringtone rang again, its shrill tune cutting into her ears and causing her to wince again.

“Ah… my lord…. I can’t believe this…” She whispered as she finally found her phone.

Out of pure instinct, she unlocked the screen and answered the phone.

“H-hello?” She asked absentmindedly before realizing which voice came out of her mouth. Her eyes widened in shock as she began to panic.

“Well Charlie, I’m surprised you decided to try the suit on so quickly. It seems I picked the right person after all.” A familiar voice remarked as Charlie barely heard the response. A moment later, her mind finally clicked and the owner of mysterious voice became clear.

“Mrs. Frederick?! H-how? Why?” She began before suddenly stopping.

“Those questions are not too important at the moment, my dear. However, what is important is that you come over here today. There are a number of things we need to discuss.”

“W-what about Joe? Isn’t he going to be there? How do I explain this?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that my girl. He will be heading out on a trouble call today, and will be out all day. He has arranged for a nurse to care for me if I need help. I might be sick but I’m not completely useless. Please come over Charles, there is much we need to discuss.”

“Alright, u-um just let me take this thing off then. Um how did you do this again?” She asked, however, Mrs. Frederick’s voice quickly cut off her own thoughts.

“Actually I think you should come over here the way you are. I think it will help you adjust to your new form much better. Don’t you think so?”

“U-um… I guess so…” she replied gingerly, her voice seeming to act on its own, saying something different then what she had originally thought.

“Well, I am glad that you agree then. Please be here by ten o’clock, Charles.”

“B-but Mrs-”

“No buts now my dear, my son won’t be away from home forever. And I am pretty sure you don’t want to run into him without us speaking first.”

The call quickly clicked off before Charlie could react, as she stood there dumbfounded and naked in the middle of the room. Just as her mind began to dwell on the conversation she just had, a most peculiar smell wafted up into her nostrils; her eyes quickly widening while her face scrunched up into a scowl. A musky scent of old honey and sex along with sweat filled her nose as she quickly gave her own armpit a smell. She looked over her body as she realized how much of mess she had made the previous night.

Her body was caked in a combination of sweat and dried vaginal fluids, along with some of the semen her male self had released before the transformation. She made a quick beeline for the bathroom, grabbing a nearby towel from the floor. Entering the small shower, she quickly turned on the water and hopped in the chilling stream of water. The sharp, freezing sensation was almost immediate as she suddenly cried out in shock, her feminine scream filling the small apartment. The cold water danced atop her sensitive skin, sending numerous chills down her spine.

“I-it never bothered m-me this m-much b-before,” she muttered as her teeth began to chatter, trying to push through the freezing shower.

She quickly grabbed at the single bottle of soap on the soap rack and cursed out loud as it refused to surrender last drops. She threw the bottle against the tiled wall and grabbed the bottle of men’s shampoo, using it as a substitute. Her nose quickly wrinkled as the strong, masculine scent of her shampoo filled the shower. Gritting through the event, she quickly finished up and hopped out the shower.

Grabbing her towel, she quickly wrapped it around her waist, leaving her pert breasts exposed to the cool air. Her nipples quickly stiffened the moment she left the shower as her breasts swayed around uncontrollably with each step. The soft feelings of the cool air made her nipples stiffen up once more, begging for attention.

“How do women deal with this crap?” She asked no one as she held her bare breasts with a spare hand, feeling her erect nipples brush against her hand with a slight moan. “Come on, go back down.”

She quickly made her way over to her bed and quickly dried herself off, taking extra time to deal with the wet mass of hair atop her head. Every couple of second, a small curse or insult could be heard emerging from her lips. Before long, she stood dry before the pile of older clothes; contemplating the greatest of all immortal questions.

“What should I wear today?”

She quickly discounted her male clothes, as most were much larger than she currently was. Instead she looked over the pile of older clothes, wrinkling her nose over the outdated styles. These were clothes she would have sworn her grandmother would had worn; still she pulled out a simple bra, and a black dress with numerous flowers patterned over it surface.

As she picked up the bra, something unusual happened as her arms suddenly left her control and attached the bra with little to no effort. Within seconds, the cream colored bra softly nestled her ample breasts; she sighed as their weight sat comfortably against her back. The dress followed quickly afterwards, quickly throwing the skirt of the dress of her head and slipping her arms through the sleeves as if it were second nature. Charlie soon regained control of her body as she looked over the phantom limbs handiwork.

“Well, that went pretty well. Maybe a bit too well but I can worry about that later,” She remarked as she grabbed a pair of modest heels.

She quickly donned the white shoes, and grabbed a small barrette for her hair as well as her phone from the bed. She hopped in front of the mirror, taking in the sight with a small smile as she fixed her hair into a simple low ponytail.

“Oooh, not too bad. Not too bad girl.” She made a quick pose before the mirror, playfully blowing a kiss to herself as she winked one of her almond shaped eyes.

Despite looking like someone who just emerged from a time capsule, Charlie could not deny the attractiveness of her current form. She tried a few more poses before looking back over at the nearby clock.

“Oh dear, I’m late!” She said before running out the door, grabbing her keys from the nearby hook and slamming the door shut behind her.

The drive over to Joe’s house was thankfully uneventful, slowly pulling into the driveway before quickly hopping out of her car. As she walked up to the door, a feeling suddenly entered her mind, something that nagged her to no end. However she knocked nonetheless, waiting to hear Mrs. Frederick’s familiar voice.

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