The Crush: Connecting

"Will, what do you think, should we put some makeup on Gordon?"

I looked over to the next workstation at Sara, Joanne, Liza and Gordon, "Gods no, every time I look at him as is I have to remind myself he is a guy, doing that would make it even harder."

"What is wrong with that?"

"Gord, if you were a girl I would be all over applying to be your boyfriend, you looking even more like a girl would make it harder for me to resist reacting to you like a girl." The bell rang ending the class and we all got up to head out, some of the other girls in class making snide comments on Gordon's appearance.

I heard a commotion ahead in the hall and looked up, saw Gary, Steve and Joe laughing at Gordon on the ground in obvious pain, Gary saying "stay out of my way faggot."

Every went blurred in a wash of red as I leaped forward, snap kicking Gary's knee backwards, punching Joe in the jaw then kicking Steve in the balls before the red receded. Collecting Gordon's books from where they had fallen then helping him up, "You are going to the nurse's office, that pain says you are injured."

"My parents will kill me if I go there, they are the ones that injured me."

I pulled out my cell and sent a text to my case worker with Children's Services, 'Need someone to the Nurse's at Burnaby South, accusation of abuse against parents made, by injured student. Claims injures caused by parents.' "We will fix that problem," I responded, "That should not be happening at all." My cell chimed with an incoming text, '2 minutes.'

We stepped into the nurse's office and when she looked up, "Children's Services will be here shortly, claims of parental abuse have been made."

"What do we have here?"

"Hi Ms. Johnson, my classmate said his parents caused his injuries. I saw him in pain after 3 bullies pushed him down and helped him up then brought him here, texted you right after he told me his parents are the source of the injuries. The bullies also need medical attention now. For the record, I'm going with Gordon to hospital."

"Lets take your shirt off Gordon and take a look," from the nurse as she stepped forward.

Shocked gasps filled the room when the bruising and broken ribs came into view. "Do you have any idea why would your parents do this to you?"

Gordon nodded, "It started 2 years ago when I told them I am a girl not a boy," came in a whisper as he shrunk backwards glancing fearfully at me.

"Hey, Gordon isn't a very feminine name, do you have one that you prefer," I gently responded.

"Pasqual," in a barely audible whisper.

"OK," Reaching forward and gently lifting her face from staring at the floor while moving closer and giving her a kiss, "Consider that my application for that position I mentioned just before class ended."

Feeling Will's fingers lightly pressing up on my chin I looked up, my insides lurched when he kissed me and told me to consider that his application, taking ass deep a breath as I can, "I think the application needs reviewing," then kissing him back.

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