So You Want To Be A Nurse - Ch. 01

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tranny nurseSo You Want To Be A Nurse?
Michele Nylons

Chapter One – Bound to Her Calling

Males make up around 10 percent of the nursing workforce in the UK. Nurses are typically regarded as female and males in nursing can find themselves referred to by the public and patients as 'male nurses' or 'murse' to distinguish them from other nurses. After the Second World War, large numbers of male nurses moved into the work force as they were demobilised after the war and had gained medical experience join the profession. In 1951 male nurses joined the main nursing register.

But these facts don’t explain the prejudices male nurses underwent in the late 1950’s and early 60’s. Modern history has painted nursing as a career for women, and in so doing has led to stereotypes that discriminate against male nurses which deterred males from entering nursing, and made it difficult to recruit males to help ease the nursing shortage.

In 1957 Michael Nyland was one of the few male nurses working at Chelmsford Memorial Hospital. Although he had graduated second in his class he still suffered from workplace discrimination from some of the other hospital staff, particularly the doctors and even from the female nurses. The doctors considered him a man who didn’t have the intellectual stamina to become a doctor and the some of the nurses ostracised him as a sort of freak who should have taken a real ‘man’s job’ not undertaken a profession that was really ‘women’s work’.

Michael had been employed at Chelmsford Memorial Hospital, or CMH as the staff preferred to call it, for just on three months.

But Michael did have a secret. Yes he was a man, with male sexual appetites, but he had developed a predilection for female undergarments. He fondly remembered seeing his sisters and his mother clad in petticoats, suspenders, panties, stockings and high heels as they dressed innocently before him, he being the youngest of the family.

His fetish increased and became more compelling as he grew older. He secretly stole his sisters and mother’s discarded undergarments and used them for masturbatory purposes and even began secretly wearing them under his male attire. This fascination increased during his internship as a trainee nurse where his female classmates wore these garments under their nurse’s uniforms.

In these early days of Male nursing, men shared the same changing rooms as their female counterparts; hospitals simply labelled the change rooms as ‘Doctors’ and ‘Nurses’, never really taking into account the influx of male nursing staff. As a consequence, Michael was required to use the nurses change room and couldn’t help sneaking furtive glances at the female nurses slipping into their starched white uniforms, exposing their undergarments, which usually consisted of full slips, suspenders and stockings

Although he tried to suppress his fetish, he became a ‘snowdropper’, stealing female undergarments from the laundry or from the nurses’ lockers when he thought it was safe to do so and wearing them under his uniform.

And so during his third month at CMH we find Michael standing at his locker dressed in his starched white trousers and long-sleeved smock adjusting his Nurses fob watch and then combing his hair in the mirror affixed to his locker door. CMH had placed a privacy screen separating him from the rest of the nurses in the change room; but the reality was it didn’t provide much in the way of privacy. It was one of the discarded screens they used between the beds in the public wards and as everyone knew they didn’t conceal much, so he used this as excuse to go to the toilet cubicle to change.

Michael always, changed into his uniform in the seclusion of the toilet cubicles where the doors ran from floor to ceiling providing complete privacy. He had to really, because under his uniform he was wearing a satin bodice, suspenders, panties and recently, a pair of expensive sheer stockings he had stolen from Matron Holliday’s locker.

Amanda Holliday was one of the nurses who gave him the most grief about being a man in a what she considered to be an all female profession and he had taken great delight when he had lifted the obviously expensive hosiery from her locker earlier in the day. Michael was always the first to show up for work so he could rummage around the nurses change room to see if there was anything worth snowdropping.

“Fuck me I’ve lost another pair of me best sheers!” Amanda exploded as she slammed her locker door closed.

“One of you cunts is stealing all me best knickers and stockings and it’s going to fucking stop!” she screeched to the oncoming shift of nursing staff.

Michael secretly smiled when he heard the outburst.

“Are you fucking sure that you didn’t leave then at Doctor Lovejoy’s flat last night?” Polly, a more junior nurse, sniggered loud enough for the rest of the oncoming shift to hear.

“Well fuck you love; if you had been with Doctor Lovejoy you would know that he likes to fuck his nurses with their stocking on,” the Matron retorted.

This was met by howls of laughter and giggles by the nurses, most of who had been fucked by the incredibly handsome, but hopelessly fickle Dr James Lovejoy M.D.

Dr James Lovejoy M.D. was the latest of the string of interns who passed through CMH on their way to better paying positions, seeking lucrative placements at more prestigious private hospitals, whilst fucking as many nurses as they could during their tenure at CMH.

Dr James Lovejoy M.D. liked to fuck his nurses in their uniforms. It was one of his peccadilloes, he was sometimes found coming out of a vacant private ward or even a storage closet, adjusting his flies followed by a nurse adjusting her tunic or straightening the seams of her stockings.

Michael listened to the nurse’s chatter but remained calm as he finished his prep before going on shift.

“Maybe it’s the male nurse,” Polly giggled.

“Maybe he wants to not just act like a nurse; maybe he wants to dress like one,” Polly laughed.

The whole of the oncoming shift laughed along with her and Michael blushed.

Michael carried out his usual routines as a junior nurse on staff and Amanda, being the senior nursing sister, made sure he got most of the shitty jobs. Bedpans, prescriptions and bed baths made up most of Michael’s shift, even though he had qualified as an operating theatre nurse during his training.

“Nyland, OP four, now!” Matron Amanda Holliday screeched.

Michael was extremely happy, at last he would be assisting in an operating theatre, the vocation he had trained for and was eminently suitable but had been denied due to the prejudices of the senior nursing staff.

Michael arrived at the OP and was told to prepare to assist Dr Lovejoy with a minor procedure. Amanda would be the Circulating Nurse, overseeing Polly who would be the Scrub Nurse and Michael who would be the Instrument Nurse. There would also be an anaesthetist, Dr Brian Marron, an older gentleman who was known to be short tempered and very staid in his ways.

The operation went precisely as planned until just before closing.

“Hold this clamp for me please Nurse,” Dr Lovejoy instructed Michael, sarcasm evident in the inflection of the word ‘nurse’.

Michael was extremely close to the doctor now and was very aware of their proximity. He began to sweat, not only because of the theatre lights but because he was sporting an unwelcome erection. The silky feel of his undergarments and nylon stockings against his flesh kept him in a constant state of semi-arousal and as a consequence Michael often found himself becoming fully erect at the most inopportune times.

Dr Lovejoy evidently slipped whilst making what was to be his last incision and suddenly an arterial spray of blood erupted from the patient dousing both him and Michael.

“Fuck! Fuck! Clamp! Clamp! Nurse!” Michael’s training kicked in and he quickly handed the doctor the appropriate clamp.

The wound was quickly clamped and a stitch repair effected and in a few minutes the patient was closed. Dr Lovejoy might be a skirt-chaser but he was also a very good doctor. Then Michael heard the words that would change his life forever.

“Fuck, we will still have to decontaminate you,” she instructed.

“Dr Marron, Polly, come over here away from those two.”

Michael stood there stunned. He knew this was the contemporary drill when a patient’s bodily fluids breached the integrity of the protective surgical gloves, scrubs, masks, caps, and over-boots. The drill was to try to keep all of the contaminated material in one place, remove those not contaminated, then move the contaminated people to the scrubbing area for decontamination. This situation was fast becoming Michael’s worst nightmare.

“Dr Lovejoy, Nurse Nyland, remove your outer garments, drop them on the floor and retire to the scrubbing area. I’ll bring out the patient with Polly assisting, then call in the decontamination team.”

James Lovejoy had already dropped his surgeon’s scrubs and was pulling off his trousers to reveal a pair of rather fashionable boxer shorts. He quickly removed his tie and shirt and stood in his boxers and vest.

“Come on Nurse Nyland,” Matron Holliday screamed at him.

Michael slowly removed his trousers and everyone gasped when his stocking-clad legs came into view.

Michael was glowing red with embarrassment when he took off his shirt and stood before them dressed in his satin bodice, suspenders, panties and a pair the expensive sheer stockings he had recently stolen from Matron Holliday.

“He’s a fucking noncer,” cried Dr Lovejoy.

“This is quite inappropriate,” cried Dr Marron.

“He stole me fucking best sheers,” cried Matron Holliday.

“He’s got a stiff willy,” Polly screeched pointing at the erection tenting the front of Michael’s panties.

“Oh my fucking god!” Michael screamed and ran from the operating theatre.

He stooped in the scrub room and was ripping off his lingerie when Matron Holliday appeared.

“Don’t you dare ladder my fucking stockings! Slow down and take them off slowly,” she said calmly.

“Now look here. I know you’re embarrassed but there are far worse things that have happened here a CMH, believe you me. We once caught a doctor fucking a corpse in the morgue for fuck sake.”

“But I’ll get sacked for sure,” Michael sobbed, handing Amanda her stockings.

“Sacked. You’re fucking joking! We haven’t got enough nurses as it is,” she replied.

“But, and this is a big but; your arse now belongs to me. You put one foot out of place and you will feel my wrath,” the Matron warned.

“But what about the others?” Michael cried.

“Well Dr Lovejoy loves nurses in stockings but not you I’m afraid,” she jibed.

“He does however having a raging hardon for one Matron Amanda Holliday however so he will keep shtum because I will tell him to.”

“Dr Marron hates anything controversial or likely to bring CMH into disrepute so he too will keep quiet.”

“And ditsy Polly will do whatever I tell her to do,” she concluded.

“Now get showered, put on a new uniform and for fuck sake leave the nurses knickers alone you pervert,” she scolded.

Matron stormed back into operating theatre where she gathered all the staff together.

“Ok; this is how we are going to deal with this,” she started.

The next couple of weeks for Michael were hell, waiting for his secret to be exposed. He walked around on eggshells but there were no snide remarks from the other nurses or doctors but he did get the odd poke from Dr Lovejoy and Matron Holliday.

For example a few days earlier Dr Lovejoy lifted Michaels trouser leg and commented.

“Socks today Nurse? No stockings?” he jibed.

Amanda gave him every dirty and demeaning job she could dream up and she had made him buy her a pair of expensive stockings every week.

Michael was still wearing lingerie and nylons at home but obviously refrained from wearing such attire at work.

All was well enough and Michael thought the incident might all be over with until one day Matron summoned him.

“I need you to attend to a patient in one of the private rooms, room 206.”

“Just a bandage change and bed bath,” she said dismissively.

Michael entered room 206 and was a little surprised to find the room was in darkness. He reached for the light switch and felt a little prick at the base of his neck. He’d been in nursing long enough to realise he’d just been injected with a hyperdermic but that was his last thought before he blacked out.

Michael woke up and realised several things were wrong. To start with he was bound to a hospital bed; his wrists tied very tightly behind him to the steel bed frame, he couldn’t move his hands at all. Even more disconcerting he soon realised that he was dressed in his favourite lingerie: full-slip, suspenders, stockings, panties and he could feel that his feet were in a very unfamiliar pair of shoes. When he looked down he saw that below his slim stocking-clad ankles his feet were shod in black high-heel pumps.

He was also aware that his hair felt different, it was longer and he had a fringe. Someone had put a wig on him. But more perplexingly he could taste lipstick on his lips and was aware that someone had put something on his face. He appeared to be wearing makeup. He was also aware of the very sensual aroma of perfume that surrounded him.

Still groggy he looked around the room. He was still in room 206 as best he could determine; beside the bed was a basin sitting on a stand, the kind the nurses used to shave patients prior to surgery. It was full of soapy water, hair and a razor.

A vanity screen was set up in the corner of the room and beside it was a chair over which was draped his uniform, under which were his shoes and socks.

It dawned on him. Someone had shaved him, the luxurious feel of the undergarments and stockings were accentuated because his body was freshly shaven. Someone had applied cosmetics to his face, bewigged him and dressed him as a woman. As exotic as this felt, his feelings of trepidation were not abated. Someone had done this to him and him tied to a bed.

His immediate thought was that this was going to be a very embarrassing practical joke likely organised by Dr Lovejoy or the Matron; that the entire shift of hospital staff would be invited to come and laugh at him.

“What do you think Nurse Nyland?” he heard a familiar voice.

He looked over to see Matron Holliday wheeling over a full-length mirror. She was wearing her nurse’s uniform but it wasn’t right. Her hair was coiffured differently, it was let down and brushed out, her tunic was unbuttoned to reveal what looked like a satin bustier, the hem was way to short, revealing the dark welts of her fully-fashioned stockings and she was wearing high-heels as opposed to the regulation nurses soft-soled shoes. Also her makeup was too heavy and dramatic to be acceptable for work.

As the mirror came closer, eventually coming to rest at foot of the bed, Michael was astonished to see his reflection. If he didn’t know better he would swear that he was looking at a sexy, voluptuous woman tied to the bed. Clad in silky full-slip, satin cami-knickers, sheer hose, high-heels; her makeup professionally applied and her hair coffered. She looked like a slattern, with her red lipstick, rouged cheeks, heavily mascaraed eyes, black kohl and gaudy pink and blue hued eye shadow crowned by an impossibly blonde ‘Marilyn Munro’ style wig.

“Say hello to Nurse Michele Nylons,” Amanda whispered dramatically.

“What the fuck?” Michael stammered.

“Shh, shh Michele, this is just the first part of your training.”

“You wanted to secretly dress like one of us; even went as far as stealing our underwear to do so, well now you know what it looks and feels like to be one of us,” she jeered.

“What the fuck Amanda? What do you think you’re doing?” Michael hissed.

“We all had a meeting. All of us who witnessed your pathetic humiliation in the operating theatre and we decided that if you really want to be a nurse then we should assist you to go the whole way.”

“There is really nothing you can do. We will tell the administration about your predilection for crossdressing if you try to resist. Did you really think that you would get off that easy?” the Matron sneered.

“What are you doing? This is crazy?” Michael stammered.

“Well first off I’m going to help you feel more comfortable dressed like a woman as that seems to be your secret desire. Then we will discuss what happens next a little later. Now lie back and relax and let Matron do what she does best,” Amanda smiled.

Amanda walked up to the bed and put out a hand, her fingernails were painted bright red and she slowly raked them along Michele’s legs.

“You love the feel of nylon stockings on your legs don’t you Michele? Don’t they feel so more sensuous against your skin now that you are shaved?”

Michele couldn’t help but delight in the feel of the woman’s feather-light touch on the cool nylon; it was exquisite.

“Yes I thought you’d like that,” she whimpered.

“And what about the sensation of that lovely satin slip on your soft flesh?” her other hand stroked the bodice of the white satin full-slip.

She ran her fingers over Michele’s chest and belly and she shivered as a delightful exhilarating feeling coursed through her body. She could feel herself harden.

“And. Oh my! What is this? Does your cocquette like the feel of these satin knickers? Are you getting aroused? Are you getting horny Nurse Michele?”

Amanda gripped Michele’s penis through the satin cami-knickers and gave it a brief tug, which made Michele gasp.

“Oh yes she likes that. Look! She’s making a little wet spot in her knickers,” she sniggered.

Michele was perplexed, she really didn’t understand what the Matron was doing to her but she knew that this was the most amazing sexual encounter she had ever experienced.

It had just dawned on Michael that he was now thinking about himself enfemme; as Michele rather than as Michael. Then Amanda lowered her face to Michele’s. Her breath was sweet, her face was beautiful in the heavy makeup. Amanda lowered her lips and kissed Michele, gently at first, just a light brush of lipstick against lipstick and then a lingering peck that slowly evolved into a full French kiss, as she slipped her tongue into Michele’s mouth.

Michele responded and tried to kiss the Matron harder but she withdrew.

“Doesn’t it feel so feminine and exotic, lipstick lips against lipstick lips?” she whispered as she gently squeezed Michele through her knickers.

Michele knew that everything was wrong but she had never felt so sexually aroused before. Of course she often became stimulated when she crossdressed in female undergarments, but being fully feminised was like a sensory overload. Matron’s ministrations amplified the sexual excitement to an extreme level.

Michele surrendered and she groaned as lust coursed through her body. Her penis, encased in the satin camiknickers, being gently squeezed by Amanda, was engorged and throbbing.

“Oh god!” she whimpered.

Amanda smiled and lowered her face once again and kissed Michele passionately and Michele responded in kind; their tongues explored each other’s mouths and Michele lifted her groin to encourage the Matron to keep squeezing her swollen member.

“Yes you like it don’t you Nurse Michele,” Amanda cooed.

“Oh god it feels so good,” Michele moaned.

“You will like this better,” Amanda Holliday whispered.

She lifted her face from Michele’s and Michele turned her head to watch her as the Matron lifted the hem of her uniform to reveal the dark welts of her fully-fashioned stockings. Michele gasped at the sight Amanda’s creamy thighs framed by the black lace suspended straps and then a pair or red satin panties came into view; definitely not regulation nurse’s attire.

“You like what you see don’t you,” Amanda giggled reaching out and squeezing Michele’s panty-clad cock again.

Then Amanda climbed onto the bed and straddled her helpless captive. She lowered her crotch so that her mound pressed against Michele’s penis and slowly gyrated. Michele groaned and pushed up against her nemesis, her satin-clad cock rubbing against Amanda’s panty-clad pubis.

“Don’t you come yet,” she hissed and lowered her face once again and kissed Michele passionately.

The Matron was experiencing just as much as pleasure as Michele as she slowly ground herself against her junior nurse. Her panties were soon soaked with vaginal juices and Michele’s camiknickers were equally soaked with preseminal fluid.

The two sexy nurses ground against each other moaning and groaning, kissing and tonguing each other into a frenzy of lust.

Suddenly Matron Amanda Holliday ceased her passionate assault on Nurse Nyland and hopped off the bed.

“Oh my! I nearly went too far,” she gasped.

“She’s ready doctor,” Matron called out.

Dr James Lovejoy emerged from behind the screen. He was naked and sporting a huge erection.

He bound over to bed and leaped on to it before Michele could comprehend what was happening.

Dr Lovejoy knelt on the bed and held Michele’s legs up, ankles together, with one hand, whilst with the other he opened a leg hole of her cami-knickers and stabbed at Michele’s anus.

Michele screamed.


“Sssshhh! Nurse; do you want someone to come to the door? What would they think?” Dr Lovejoy grinned, his face visible to her between her upraised legs.

“You always wanted to be a nurse; a real nurse, not a trouser-wearing boy-nurse, and you know what I like to do to nurses. I think you’ve wanted this for a long time but you just never knew it!” he hissed.

Michele was stunned and began to struggle against her bonds and, tried to kick her legs free of Dr Lovejoy’s vice-like grip.

“Some fucking help here please Amanda; we have this planned meticulously so please don’t forget your part,” he hissed as he fought against the struggling transvestite trapped underneath him.

Matron had been watching fascinated but came out of her reverie and stepped forward with a tube of lubricant, which she slathered over James Lovejoy’s rampant member.

Michele was just about to scream again and was struggling against her bonds when the head of Dr Lovejoy’s penis pierced her sphincter.

Even though the man’s penis was well lubricated the pain was incredible. Michele moaned and bucked in agony as Dr Lovejoy rode with her, not letting her eject his cock.

“Ohhh my god it hurts!” Michele whimpered in shock.

“Shhh Nurse; relax and let the Doctor treat you,” Dr Lovejoy sniggered.

“No! Take it out!!!” Michele moaned.

Michele was experiencing a deep burning sensation combined with spasmodic twinges of intense pain from her sphincter. She whimpered and wriggled trying to expel the intruder from her back passage but Dr Lovejoy held on matching her movements.

“Stop it!!!” he hissed; and slapped her face.

Michele stopped struggling and lay still, sobbing.

“Look honey, the worst is over I promise, if you lie still and let me; I can make this experience special for you. Or you can keep struggling and I’m going to fuck you anyway but it’s going to hurt.”

Michele realised that she was powerless and she would do anything to stop the excruciating pain that was coming from her sphincter. She sighed and lay still; her wrists tied to the bedhead, legs pushed up in the air; her anus pierced by Dr Lovejoy’s penis. She was miserably uncomfortable and she was only just bearing the pain of the penetration. But she was smart enough to know that fighting was only going to make the pain worse. She tried to relax her sphincter but her instinct was to try to push against the object invading her anus; not to accept it.

“That’s it nursey,” said Dr Lovejoy as he felt Michele’s sphincter spasm as she tried to relax it.

“It will be ok I promise.”

Michele was quietly sobbing but at the same time she forced her inner muscles to relax. Amazingly the twinges of intense pain began to subside; she still felt the burning sensation around the entrance to her anus but it was tolerable.

“Ok Michele; stay relaxed, I really don’t want to hurt you,” Dr Lovejoy soothed.

Millimetre by millimetre Dr Lovejoy slowly pushed himself inside Michele; he took his time and whenever Michele flinched he stopped and soothed her. Matron stood close by and liberally smeared lubricant on his shaft whenever he stopped until his cock slowly disappeared inside Michele’s rectum, then she stepped away to watch. Michele felt full and intensely uncomfortable, the urge to expel Dr Lovejoy’s penis was immense and she had to concentrate to prevent her internal muscles from contracting.

Once Dr Lovejoy had his girth buried inside Michele’s anus he lowered her legs so that they now rested over his shoulders. He looked down at her tear stained face and smiled.

“It’s ok Nurse; you’re doing fine.”

Michele’s only response was another silent tear. She had stopped sobbing and now and only mewed softly when she felt a twinge of pain, but now that she had learned to relax her sphincter she didn’t feel the excruciating pain she had previously. Even the burning sensation had subsided; she just felt full.

Dr Lovejoy continued to press slowly forward cooing and encouraging Michele to stay calm and relax her anal constrictor muscles. When he had all of his shaft inside Michele, he sensed her internal muscles respond and she gasped. Being a doctor, James Lovejoy knew what it was and it was not pain. His glans had found her prostate. Her reaction was pleasure not pain.

Dr Lovejoy knew better than to rush; he took his time gently rocking his buttocks from side to side his scrotum resting snugly in the valley between her creamy soft buttocks. He lowered his upper body down and as he slowly wriggled his penis inside her to stimulate her prostate and he kissed her. Michele began to respond and kissed him back.

After the burning sensation ceased Michele just felt full; she wanted to evacuate the object that was invading her back passage but she forced herself to relax. The invading member slowly forced its way deeper inside her but because Dr Lovejoy was using copious amounts of lubricant there was very little pain. Dr Lovejoy was cooing and encouraging her and she began to relax.

She felt Dr Lovejoy’s glans rub against an area inside her that suddenly caused waves of intense pleasure to course through her body. As his penis stimulated her prostate, rings of pleasure ran up and down her insides; her sphincter responded and loosened and began to emit its own tingling ripples of pleasure. Michele gasped.

When Dr Lovejoy lowered his mouth to hers she kissed him back, deeply, passionately. She drove her tongue into his mouth and lifted her buttocks up off the bed and pushed herself up against him; her legs moved around his waist; she locked her ankles together and held him against her. She felt totally feminine lying underneath this man; wantonly giving herself to him.

They fucked slowly but passionately taking their time; Dr Lovejoy easing his penis in and out Michele’s anus with long slow thrusts as she raised herself up to meet him. There was no fervent thrashing or pounding; just firm, slow deep thrusts providing the maximum stimulation for both of them. They said little to each other, the fucking was accompanied by one long passionate kiss.

Matron stood a few feet back from bed enjoying the spectacle; her fingers inside her panties rubbing against her hard clitty

Michele felt him orgasm; his cock was fully embedded in her, his scrotum tickling her buttocks when he shuddered and wriggled his member inside her as it pulsed and throbbed. She could feel his ejaculation; jets of hot sperm pulsing from his penis into her tight anus. He was kissing her wildly now, their tongues entwined, lips mashed, their teeth occasionally cracking against each other with the passion of the kiss.

Michele moaned as her own orgasm shook her body and she felt her semi-erect penis begin to pulse and expel her issue. Matron Holliday stepped forward and slid a hand between their bodies and milked Michele as she ejaculated, flooding her camiknickers with her hot semen.

Dr Lovejoy lay on top of Michele, supporting his weight on his elbows as they both slowly came down from their orgasms. He placed little soft kisses on her lips and kissed her on the eyelids and stroked her hair. Michele felt feminine and fully sated. She felt that she knew what it was like to be a woman who had just been made love to.

Then Dr Lovejoy broke free of their embrace and rocked back on his haunches. He viciously slapped Michele across the face.

“You fucking noncer! I knew you were a fucking gay Nancy faggot. What a fucking slut!” he hissed.

“Did you get that! Did you get all of it? Did you get the sissy nurse begging to be fucked?” he bellowed as he dismounted leaving a trail of glistening semen on Michele stockings as it dripped from his tumescent penis.

To Michele’s horror, Polly emerged from behind the screen holding an eight-millimetre movie camera.

“Oh yes doctor; I got it all,” Polly said enthusiastically.

To be continued.

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My now deceased wife was a

My now deceased wife was a career Nurse, (1962 to 1996).
She once told me that it took men coming into the field to finally start getting the pay and working conditions and respect that Nurses deserved; as men would not put up with the low pay, conditions and disrespect that women Nurses had to work with and under. The main character's backstory says it all, trained in the military and coming home from the wars. Additionally, many doctors were also returning from the wars at the same time and had worked with the male Nurses and knew their expertise from the battlefield aid stations and field hospitals.
She herself, got into the occupation because of Nurses and Doctors who treated her as a child, young adult, and adult (22) after she was 75% burned over her body at age two.
I have known some excellent Nurses, both women and men, and I have known some not so good ones as well.
Will be interested in seeing where this story goes since Michelle has now been introduced to complete womanhood it does appear.

what a hypocrite the doctor

what a hypocrite the doctor is he calls Michael a gay faggot when he was tied up and had no choice but what does that make the doctor since he initiated the rape knowing full well that Michael wasn't female.

Nice story. Was there a

Donna T's picture

Nice story. Was there a Chapter 2?