The Coven

fourgirls.jpgThe Coven
by Anon Allsop

Here is another story I found of mine, so I knocked the dust off of it. She's old, but I think worthy enough to post.

The four girls sat high in the bleachers watching the two men leaning against the fence that separated the fans from the players. Of the girls, one was desperately hurt and enraged at one of the spectators below. The boys were watching the game yelling encouragement to their friends on the team oblivious to what was transpiring a mere twenty feet above their heads.

All four were in agreement that something needed to be done; it was just that each was thinking of varying degrees of punishment. When one of their coven was harmed they would all enter into the fray and either destroy or ‘reeducate’ their foe or foes (as in this case) with a vengeance. Anyone who knew these girls would pale, had they only known the thoughts that simmered in those beautiful minds.

The oldest and leader of the "Sisterhood" as they liked to call themselves, was Tara. At eighteen and a senior she was in her final year of the Sisterhood and would be off to bigger and better things. Tara was known for her calm and rational thinking, never taking advantage greater than the situation warranted.

Kathy and Shawna were twin sisters and juniors. Voted in the coven on the same day three years ago, and are considered the moderates of the little group. They both are a bit more vengeful than Tara, but of the three, they are the decision makers.

The last is Jen the sophomore, at 15 she was the newest inductee and the one who has the biggest bone to pick with Heath and Chad. It was she who agreed to the date with Heath a few short months ago, even against the warnings of both Kathy and Shawna.

Once he had her alone, Heath made his advances against her will and left Jen in the predicament she was currently in. Her anger is seething with Heath but she is also bitter with Chad since he knew what had happened and did nothing about it. Even when she approached Chad about reporting Heath to the authorities, he would have nothing to do with it... after all; Heath was his best friend as he said so to her face.

So, between the four of them they had decided that their verdict would be here and now... today. Each of them knew that the small fetus currently growing in Jenn's womb would have to be included. None wanted to see an innocent harmed... but all wanted to see that Heath and Chad paid for this digression against one of their own. They had their plan, now just needed to implement it.

First the twins would get their crack at the pair, then Jenn, followed by Tara who would tie up any loose ends. The four drew out a small circle on the seat between them and in the center they placed a short candle. As they lit the candle, they crowded around it to prevent the slight wind from blowing it out. One by one, all closed their eyes. The time around slowed nearly to a stop as the four continued to softly chant their spell. The boys below frozen in time, still leaned on the fence.

Kathy spoke in a soft tone as she started her portion of the spell... "He will become a she and the breasts will bloom, smooth the legs - eager the womb. Soft and fair, lovely and young, each breath forward the two become one. He will stay by her side, knowing who she once was, but unable to force himself away."

Shawna continued... "She will become what she refused to acknowledge, round and full from lovers loin. Blond and long will be her hair, graceful figure beyond compare. With lustful desire she will be complete, always eager for lover’s meat." The girls chuckled in unison, quickly overcoming the brief moment of brevity to continue. "Always will he be aroused when he is near, growing hard for lover dear... And try as she might – she the fair, will be unable to resist his lustful leer."

If the fence leaners could move, the changes would have happened in the blink of an eye but with the time frozen like it was, each change developed rather slowly. Chad didn't change much, only because of the nature of Shawna spell; he was extremely horny and aroused. Meanwhile, the brunt of the changes was happening to Heath.

If Heath could speak he would have been screaming for his very life! His body felt as if it were on fire, contorting and becoming a feminine vessel. He was feeling pulling on his head and chest, while his waist and groin was in an unbearable amount of discomfort.

He would have been in shock as his viewpoint went from about two feet over the fence to just inches above. His height dropped from well over six feet tall, to slightly over five foot. He felt tickles run down his neck as if a hundred spiders started crawling at the same time; only it was the caress of the long blonde mane that would reach nearly waist high. The one thing he did notice was his hands slimming down and becoming more and more delicate. Feminine nails becoming narrower and elongated, extending past his fingertips. He felt his shoes loosen as his feet narrowed and became smaller; his socks sliding down to his ankle, his calves no longer had the mass to hold them up.

He could feel a strange sensation of the continued weight applying itself to his chest, the more the other changes intensified, the more weight he seemed to feel. His breasts were developing, not as a mature woman but rather as a buxom young teen. In overall appearance, he looked to be somewhere around fifteen or sixteen. His hair continued to cascade down his back until it reached midway between his shapely shoulders and slender waist.

Through their minds eye, the coven of the Sisterhood could see these changes taking place while in reality they never opened up an eye. Their smiles broadened as Chad almost uncontrollably, started to grind his growing erection against the fence. Heath was looking more and more feminine with each passing second, he wouldn’t be able to lay claim to being male much longer.

Softly the coven continued to chant their spell as the clothes that Heath was wearing slowly began to change and morph as well. His jeans transformed into a very feminine style with no belt line and much lowered hips. The bottoms flared out and slowly began the long climb upward. The sweat sox he had been wearing became no show stockings and exposed the sheen upon gloriously smooth lithe legs.

The undershirt he had been wearing slowly began to rise up from his waist, exposing his torso only to become a sexy and provocative push up bra, the button down shirt he had on over the t-shirt, drew itself together and morphed into a sexy ultra feminine shirt, thin enough that you could still make out the bra beneath it. His white briefs started to lower toward his crotch looking more like a bikini panty than what they were just moments earlier, the color turning from white to neon yellow. The top of it was visible just over the waistband of the short denim skirt he now possessed. His tennis shoes started reducing in size until they finally fit his smaller feet. The color changed from dirty gray to a brilliant white, the sole thickened into a very feminine look.

At that moment Jen decided to make her portion of the spell known, her voice shook with emotion as she started invoking the changes to Heath. "Your face will become stunning with large eyes; your lashes will be long and sexy. Your mouth will become fuller and kissable and very soon know the ways to pleasure your man.

You will be young and naive but eager, well beyond your years. Your voice will be soft and innocent, sexy and sweet. You will think of only your man, Chad. You want him in every possible way... to feel him in you, pulsing with his seed.

Your mind will alter, forever locked as a she. In the mirror you will see, for from this day forward - Heath will cease to be. Heather is your new name; from a nice family you will be... only strict your family, as soon you will soon see. For now from my womb to yours, a child will come from your lovers pulse. Your male self gave me a child now I give your female self- mine."

The girls could see that Heather would be a stunning woman because as a young teen she was already quite beautiful. Slowly she turned her shoulders to face Chad who was by now so very horny he was bulging out his jeans. As the spell Jen invoked, took hold, he also turned to face Heather. The two lovers embraced and kissed deep and passionate, even if he was reluctant to do so.

Chad pressed his groin to hers as she draped her arms around him. Although there was no actual penetration, he lifted her to meet his loins and started moving his body with the rhythm of sex.

From Heather's mouth came soft gasps and moans as she started rocking in the rhythm of her mate. Still fully clothed, the two lovers looked as if they were performing some kind of ritualistic and sexual dance. His hand was at the small of her back, her hair cascading over it as she lifted her face toward the heavens in ecstasy. He started grunting hard and pushing even harder, as her lustful mews and breathy pants only pushed his arousal even higher.

Suddenly, her head was back and she was pressing her round breasts toward his face. Her movement happened so quickly that he nearly dropped his grasp upon her. Heather by now was panting and pleading for him to go faster. At that very moment then, he shuddered and exploded. Her voice sounding much like steam escaping from a radiator... Yes - Oh God... yes!

As her soft chanting ended, Jen waved her hand and the growing fetus within her positioned itself in Heather's womb where it would remain until the day of its birth. Heather placed her hand on her stomach, knowing full well that what they had done had an unexpected result. The little flutter of their child entering her unprotected womb - suddenly brought her fully to her senses.

Slowly she backed away from Chad with a look of horror on her face. In her mind she had just made love to her best friend. This was impossible as she couldn't possibly do this... she was a guy... wasn't she?

Chad shook his head and also looked confused, but that was quickly forgotten. The spell now working it’s magic, he felt himself starting to become aroused for this young gorgeous teenager in front of him.

He smiled at down at her, looking upwards toward him. Slowly the captivating beauty found her reluctance to the towering man in front of her ebb. She had to have him inside... again.

Tara smiled approvingly, she couldn't have done better. This would quash Chad's hopes of a great collegiate career in basketball. Now he would be committed to work for the child he just sired and the woman he loved.

Heather future dreams would be devastated, as her parents would make her keep the infant growing in her belly – for as part of the spell, it was the responsible thing to do. Being a sixteen year old and mother would be very tough on her as well. No more trips to the mall to buy clothes, but rather trips to the market to buy diapers and formula.

But she would persevere; she was now a VERY responsible young woman. Slowly, Tara opened her eyes and each girl did the same... she gave them all a knowing look. She didn't want the child punished for what the parents had done. So for the child Tara saved her spell.

"The baby will know an undeniable love from both parents; they will provide the child with trust and understanding. He or she will learn to love by the example that her parents have set. Heather and Chad will marry and shower her with brothers and sisters. We have ruined the lives of Chad and Heath... but Heather and her husband won't remember that reality... now only will they remember this one."

All four girls turned and watched the young lovers walk down the track toward the exit. Chad with his arm around Heather's waist- Heather with her arm linked around Chad’s arm, her slender hand caressing the slight baby bump she now was developing. As they pass, people couldn't help but feel pity for the young family... she is just too young to be a mother – but at least they had love.

The End

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