My Summer in Pantyhose Chapter 13

Synopsis: Jamie spends the evening at Megan's house.

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Thanks for all the support and comments. No, I'm not ending the series, far from it, but this chapter does introduce a major change in the story. When I began, I had no idea the story would get so long or become so popular. Writing in the first person worked well initially but it has become limiting. All subsequent chapters will be written in third person. This will allow more perspectives to be presented and, I hope, will enrich the story.

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Chapter 13

Megan and Jamie disengaged and dried their eyes.

"I don't usually cry that easily," remarked Megan. She reached out and took Jamie's hand. "I'm sorry if I hurt you. It won't happen again."

Jamie felt like he was going to cry again so he just nodded. He took a deep breath, hoping that a change of subject would douse his emotions with cold water. "I have something to ask you."

Megan raised her eyes and squeezed his hand.

"One of my mom's friends is having a barbecue on Saturday. She said I could bring a friend and I was wondering if you would like to go."

"I would love to. It's this Saturday?"

"Yeah. I don't know the people very well so I kind of need someone to talk to."

"You are so shy Jamie. It's kind of cute."

"That's just how I am."

"Don't apologize. It's one of the reasons I like you. I was so intrigued when you started wearing pantyhose. It doesn't seem like something a shy guy like you would do."

"My mother kind of pushed me into it."

"I thought she caught you?"

"Well, yeah. But she's the one that pushed me to wear them all the time."

Megan smiled at Jeremy as he fumbled through his explanation. "I think you gave in rather easily. But that's okay. I think your mother is helping you to become who you really are."

"I guess so."

"Do you want to ride bikes for a while?"

"Sure." The pair walked to the front of the house. Megan waited by her bicycle while Jamie went inside. He kicked off his sandals then slipped on some tennis shoes. Normally he would have put on socks but why do I need socks if I'm wearing hose he thought. "Mom," he shouted as he walked through the house toward the door to the garage. "I'm going to ride bikes with Megan."

"Okay, be back before dark," she answered.

"Did you two make up," asked Julie as he passed her.


"Young love. How sweet."

Jamie didn't have time to spar with his sister. He had a real girl waiting for him in the driveway. He wheeled his bike out of the garage and the pair headed down the street with Megan leading the way.

"Do you have any money?" she asked. "I thought we might get some ice cream."

Jamie admitted he didn't have any with him. He had been so excited that he had forgotten to grab his wallet.

"Let's stop by my house first then."

Jamie followed Megan down a cul-de-sac and up the driveway of a large, two-story home. He had no idea what Megan's parents did but they seemed to be fairly successful at it. They dismounted their bikes and entered through the front door.

"Hey Mom," shouted Megan. "I'm home."

Jamie followed Megan's example and removed his shoes in the entry hall.

"Come meet my Mom," said Megan. Jamie followed Megan through the living room to a sunroom at the back of the house. Megan's mother was reading a magazine in a whicker chair as the pair padded across the hardwood floor. Jamie noted the house's stylish decoration and wondered if Megan's mother was an interior decorator like Mike's mother.

"Hey Mom. This is Jamie."

"Hello Jamie. I think we attend church together." Megan's mother quickly looked him up and down, noticing the nylon covering his toes.

"Yeah, we do," Jamie responded.

"Is it okay if we have some ice cream?" asked Megan.

"Sure. Don't forget to put it away."

"Okay, where's Melissa?"

"She's downstairs with Carla watching TV."

"That's my sister," Megan told Jamie. "We're going to get some ice cream then go downstairs."

"Okay." Megan's mother watched the two teenagers leaving the sunroom, paying particular attention to Jamie's legs.

"My sister left out a tub of ice cream the other day. We had to throw it out. And it was my Dad's favorite."

"Too bad for your sister. Where's your Dad?"

"I think he's playing golf." Megan opened the freezer. "Vanilla? Rocky Road? Cookie Dough? Or chocolate chip mint?"

"The mint."

"That is so weird. That's my favorite too."

"Great minds think alike, I guess."

"Something like that. I think it means we're going to get along great together." Megan retrieved some bowls and spoons then scooped ice cream for both of them.

Jamie sat on a stool at the island in the middle of the kitchen. He watched Megan working on the ice cream and wondered if this was really happening to him. "Do you need any help?" he asked.

"No. You're the guest." Megan put the ice cream away then grinned devilishly. "Can you wait here for a minute?"

Jamie nodded. He looked around the kitchen while he waited for Megan to return. Everything looked new and shiny, from the granite countertops to the utensils hanging above the island. Megan returned a few minutes later.

She stretched out her left leg and pointed her toe to give Jamie a good look at her nylon-clad leg. "Do you like?"

"Yes." As far as Jamie was concerned Megan had the most beautiful legs.

"I figured since you were wearing pantyhose, I should be too."

"Your legs look really good."

"Thanks. Come on, let's go downstairs. But whatever you do, don't spill your ice cream on the carpet. It's white and new."

"Maybe we should eat it here."

"Don't be silly. Just be careful. Hey, what brand of hose are you wearing?"

"Leggs, sheer energy."

"Me too. Are they your favorite?"

"It's what my Mom usually buys."

"I love the way they feel. And they last longer."

Jamie carefully followed Megan down the stairs, noting the white carpet. The television was quite loud.

"Can you guys turn that down a bit?"

Melissa and another girl were sitting on the floor a few feet from the television. They were watching a manga-style cartoon.

"Talk louder," Melissa retorted. Both girls laughed.

"This is my sister," Megan said to Jamie. "She's a ten-year-old pain in the rear. Her friend isn't much better."

"Hi Jamie," said Melissa. "Are you Megan's new boyfriend?" Both girls giggled.

"I don't know. You'll have to ask Megan." Jamie did not know what to say but he was certain that sounded lame.

"Ignore them," said Megan as she stepped in front of the TV to adjust the volume downward.

"Why are you wearing nylons?" Melissa asked her sister.

"Because I want to," responded Megan.

Jamie followed Megan to a couch at the end of the room. Jamie sat at one end while Megan sat at the other. She sat with one leg under the other that she stretched along the length of the couch with her nylon clad toes nearly touching his thigh. Megan and Jamie were soon lost in conversation as they ate their ice cream. Megan asked him about his hobbies, his friends, and his family.

"Oh my," shrieked Melissa as both she and Carla collapsed in paroxysms of laughter.

Megan looked at them with obvious annoyance. "What's wrong with you two?"

"Did you know," Melissa began then looked at Carla and launched into another fit of giggles. Jamie had an idea what the giggles were about.

Megan knitted her brows as she continued to stare at her sister. Melissa finally got control of herself and managed to produce a complete sentence. "Did you know he's wearing pantyhose?"

Jamie was used to this sort of thing now and would have ignored them, but Megan refused to let her sister's antics go unchallenged. "Yes, I know he's wearing hose," Megan fired back. "And I think they look good on him. Come on Jamie, let's go up to my room."

Jamie followed Megan who stopped in front of a cabinet. "Do you want to play a board game?" Jamie assented and Megan opened the double doors to reveal an extensive collection. As Megan named some of the options, Jamie glanced over his shoulder at the two girls who were smiling at him, still on the verge of giggling.

"How about chess," Jamie suggested.

"Chess?" asked Megan. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I play it on my computer a lot."

"Okay," said Megan as she raised her eyebrows. She pulled out what appeared to be an expensive, solid-wood chess set. Jamie followed her, admiring her legs as they ascended the stairs.

"We're going up to my room Mom."

"Keep the door open."

"I have to keep the door open when I have boys over," Megan told Jamie.

"Oh." Jamie followed Megan up a stairway to the second story. He wondered how often Megan had other boys over. He hadn't thought much about competition for her affection. But if her auburn locks and graceful, athletic body excited him, it must be exciting other guys as well. He knew he shouldn't ask but he had to know. "Do you often have boys over?"

Megan looked back at him and smiled. "Why? Are you jealous?"

"I don't know. I just wondered."

Megan laughed. She led him into a well-kept room that screamed confident girl. Jamie tried to take in all the details. He had never been in a girl's bedroom other than his sister's. Her bed was a white, wooden-frame double covered with a pink and blue comforter. A stuffed bear and cat were posed against the pillows. Her room also boasted a dresser and vanity, both in white with pink and blue accents. Beneath her window was an elegant wooden desk with a laptop on the blotter. The walls were adorned with a bulletin board covered with pictures of her friends and concert tickets. Above her bed was a poster of the U.S. women's olympic volleyball team. On the opposite wall, a very muscular, dark-haired man stared down at Jamie.

"My cousins gave me that for my birthday last year," said Megan.

"Oh. The ones we went to the movie with?"

"Uh-hmm." Megan put the chess set on the floor and Jamie helped her set up the pieces. They laid on their stomachs as the game began. As they moved their pieces around the board, Megan would push her auburn hair back and Jamie had trouble not staring down Megan's top, which gapped slightly, at the lace of her bra. Jamie considered himself a more than competent chess player. He always won against his sister and mother, and he had even beaten his computer once on the difficult setting. Jamie quickly realized that Megan was no push over as she grabbed the initiative, and he found himself on the defensive. "Got your queen," she said smiling.

"You didn't tell me you were a grand master."

"Hardly. You should play my dad. He played in tournaments in college. Check."

Jamie castled. His king was safe now he thought. In a corner behind three pawns.

"Checkmate," announced Megan. Her queen had taken a pawn and was now attacking his king. "Nope, you can't take it. My bishop's protecting it."


"Didn't think a girl could be good at chess?"

"No. I just didn't expect you to win so easily."

"Want to play again? I'll let you go first."

"I don't think it'll make much difference. Maybe we should just talk some more."

They put the chess figures away and sat on the floor, leaning against her bed with their nylon-clad legs stretched out on the floor.

"I'm sorry about my sister and her friend laughing at you. I'll smack her later."

"It's okay. I'm getting used to it. Once they get over the initial shock people seem to not notice anymore."

"It's great you have the guts to wear pantyhose. Most people wouldn't have the confidence to do something like this."

"My mother had a lot to do with it."

"Maybe she knows you better than you know yourself."

Megan's mother stepped into the doorway. "Jamie, your mother called. She said you're supposed to be home by now."

Jamie looked toward the window and noticed the waning daylight. "Crap. Is she really mad?"

"More concerned than angry," Megan's mother answered. "I'll give you a ride home."

Megan and Jamie followed her down the stairs. "What about my bike?"

"I don't think it'll fit in the trunk."

"We'll put it in the garage," offered Megan. "You can pick it up tomorrow."

Tomorrow, thought Jamie. This couldn't have worked out any better if he had planned it. Now he had an excuse to come back the next day. Moments later they were headed toward Jamie's house. Megan and her mother were in the front seat while Jamie sat in the back. Megan gave her mother directions.

"Jamie wants me to go to a barbeque with him on Saturday. Is that okay?" asked Megan.

"I think so. Did you enjoy yourself Jamie?"

"Yeah. The ice cream was great. Thank you."

Megan's mother smiled. At least he's polite, she thought.

"See you tomorrow Jamie," said Megan as Jamie got out of their car.

* * * * *

"Julie," called Jamie's mother. "Get the phone please."

Julie detached herself from the television and trudged to the phone. "Hello? Oh hi Grandma. Sure, just a minute." Julie put down the phone. "It's for you mom," she shouted on her way back to the television. "It's grandma."

"Hi," said Jamie's mother. "Is everything okay?"

"Oh yes, I'm fine. I wanted to talk to you about Jamie."

"He's not giving you problems is he?"

"Oh no, he's been a very sweet boy and so quiet. I'm worried that he's getting bored."

"Okay. Did you have something in mind?"

"Well I just got off the phone with Lucelle. You know her, she runs The Fabric Barn. Anyway, she's been complaining that she needs some part-time help for the summer. Do you think Jamie would like to make some money?"

"I'm sure he would like to make some money. I doubt he will want to hang around a fabric store. What would he be doing?"

"Stocking shelves and inventory I think. Probably anything that the other women don't want to do."

"Well, it's okay with me. How many days a week?"

"She said three mornings a week, perhaps more if it works out well."

"I talk to Jamie about it when he gets home. He's out with Megan right now."

"That's the girl he had lunch with? She seemed to be a nice girl."

"Yes, they had a bit of a spat but I guess that's been patched up. I suspect he will be quite interested in having some more spending money."

"Lucelle wants to interview him tomorrow if he's interested."

"I'll make sure he looks nice."

"I'm amazed at how complacent he is about all the new clothes."

"He has shown a bit of resistance. I'm not going to push him anymore other than a few suggestions. We've already given him a lot to think about. I think he's making progress on deciding who he wants to be. I suspect this is as confusing for him as it is for me."

"I'm sure it will all work out. He's a good boy at heart, and he's making new friends."

"He's so excited about getting to know Megan. I just hope she doesn't get bored with him and break his heart. She's more mature than he is."

"That's part of growing up."

"Well, I'll talk to Jamie and let you know what he thinks in the morning."

* * * * *

"He seems to be a nice boy," said Megan's mother as they drove back to their house. "What did you two do up in your room?"

"We played chess. I won."

"So is Jamie a friend or a, uhm, boyfriend?"

"Mom! Why all the questions?"

"I assume you know he was wearing pantyhose, so I wondered if he's . . ."

"No Mom. He's not gay. He just likes to wear nylons. I like to wear them. Why can't he?"

"Well, it's a bit unusual."

"Melissa and Carla were mean to him. We had to go up to my room because they kept laughing at him."

"I'll talk to her."

"He's a friend, if that makes you feel any better."

to be continued

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