In Too Deep - II, Ch 1

Dana and Sloan lie together, clinging to each other as if they are drowning. Each of them wrestles with an inner fear. They know that their lives have been irrevocably changed. Neither is certain what the future holds. Neither can they tell whether the events of these past few weeks will destroy the life they have built together.

For each new beginning is preceded by an ending.

~~~~~ ¥ ~~~~~

Sloan sleeps fitfully, as Dana soothes his brow, lightly brushing her fingers through his hair. This is the man she fell in love with. This is her soul-mate, the man who makes sweet, gentle, tender love to her. The man who has always put her pleasure first. The man who has shared her heart and her bed since their junior year at UCLA.

Her eyes take on a faraway look as she reconciles that image with the sight of Sloan as a woman, dressed in the most feminine costume, her full breasts heaving, on her knees as she serviced Matt Sharp's rigid manhood. She compares these two people. Matt, the strong-willed Hollywood director, forceful and demanding. Sloan, the soft and gentle giver, submissive and yielding.

She could feel the heat rising from her loins as she recalled the soft caresses of Danielle, Matt's wife, and partner, as she whispers into Dana's ear, each word burning into her soul, driving her wild with passion.

"Watch her, my sweet slut. Isn't she amazing? Look at the way she serves her Master.
Look at the hunger on her face. I know what you are thinking. I can feel your jealousy. You wish you were her, don't you, my pet?"

Dana's knees, so weak that she fell back into the tall woman's embrace. Shivering with excitement.

"All in good time, my sweet pet. All in good time."

As Dana's body shudders in a mini-climax, she closes her eyes and struggles to sleep, wondering what the morning will bring.

~~~~~ ¥ ~~~~~

Matt and Danielle Sharp are up with the dawn. Matt is the first to rise, taking care of his immediate needs in the bathroom, he playfully slaps his wife's ass, jolting her awake.

"Rise and shine, sweet cheeks!"

"You fucking bastard," she growls. "Does the word 'Bobbitt' ring any bells in that misogynistic transom that you call a brain?"

Matt smirks at his wife. "I'll put on the coffee while you can have first dibs on the shower."

"What about our guests?"

Matt leaned down to kiss her forehead, "Let them stew a little bit. I'm sure we can sort things out over breakfast." With that said, he strode confidently out of the room, leaving her to consider their new potential pets.

Danielle had specifically chosen Dana and Sloan several months earlier. She had a reputation for being impulsive and mercurial, both in temperament and in temper. It was an image she cultivated, and it suited her. She was the brash and headstrong partner while Matt was cool and calculating. As a movie producer and head of Dark Fantasy Films, it allowed her to project a dominating image. Her statuesque height and lithe figure make it easy to visualize her as a queen bitch with brass balls. It also makes it much easier to find playmates, as she and Matt have a very active and extroverted sex life.

~~~~~ ¥ ~~~~~

Sloan awakens to the smell of coffee and bacon. As his mind struggles to work out where he is, he realizes that his wife, Dana is spooning against him, her hand cupping one of his breasts. He takes a few moments to consider how easily he has accepted this fact. It no longer seems that odd to wake up to a pair of soft pliable mounds on his chest. Being a method actor, Sloan has been immersed in his role as Taylor, personal assistant to Danielle Sharp for several weeks.

As his mind sorts things out, he gasps as the events of last night hit him like a ton of bricks. He remembers everything. The slinky and sexy feeling of wearing the 'Carnaval Angel' costume. The exhilaration of flirting and teasing during the Sharps' party. The musky scent of Matt Sharp. The texture of his rigid cock as Taylor kissed, licked and suckled it, savoring each heady sensation. The gasp from Dana as she entered the bedroom to the tableau of her husband as a woman, orally servicing a man.

The rest is a blur. She remembers the sight of Danielle, caressing Dana and nibbling on her ear. Dana's lust-filled eyes as she watches. Matt's hands firmly grasping Sloan's head as he feeds her his turgid shaft. The hot, thick taste of his cum as it empties into her mouth, a taste both repulsive and satisfying.

"Good morning" Dana's words are punctuated as she kisses Sloan's neck, nuzzling below the ear.

Sloan turns to face her. His own face reflecting a myriad of emotions.


She places a finger to her husband's lips, "Shhh. It's okay."


She wraps her arms around her feminized husband and begins to coo softly as he cries into her shoulder. It takes several minutes before he quiets. His breathing returning to normal.

"Sloan, listen to me, please. I love you. You. All of you. These last few weeks have been like a roller-coaster. I know that we have changed. Our relationship has changed. I know we have a lot to deal with, but we can deal with it. Our love can survive this."

"I hope so." He whispers softly. "I am so afraid."

"Me, too."

~~~~~ ¥ ~~~~~

The young couple arise from the bed and begin to prepare themselves for the next chapter in their lives. After a quick shower, they find clothes on the dressing table for them to wear. Dana chooses a pair of jeggings and a soft peasant top. Sloan selects a light sundress with a bright blue hibiscus print.

After brushing their hair and adding a few light touches of make-up, they descend the stairs to face the next trial.

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